Metal Drummer reacts to Larnell Lewis hearing "Enter Sandman" for the first time

  • Опубліковано 24 січ 2022
  • Watching Larnell Lewis hear/play "Enter Sandman" for the first time
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  • 66Samus
    66Samus   +315

    Oh YURRRR! Larnell is 🙌

  • Roger Walker

    This song should be little challenge for a guy who learned an entire set of complicated jazz music by reading the sheet music on a single airplane flight to fill in for the drummer of Snarky Puppy.

  • Shane Richey

    This video is great. I’m going to be honest, I’m not familiar with either of these guys, so when I saw the title I thought it was going to be a reaction video…which always chips away a bit at my good feelings toward humanity. And this looked like a reaction to a reaction video, so how could I not hate click?

  • Gerald Augustus
    Gerald Augustus 21 день тому +116

    I went to school with Larnell (yazz skuul) and %100 believe he had never heard that song. He grew up in church and in the gospel community, where you could easily grow up without hearing a single metal song. He's also a rad dude, I don't think he'd put it on. Him getting it that quick is just.. yeah. Big ears, insanely musical. Man's a monster.

  • ThePereubu1710

    "How have you never heard this song?" A guy who has spent his entire career playing, learning and listening to jazz and R&B and who, probably, rarely listens to music outside his preferred genres when he isn't practicing, playing or teaching. I bet there are a lot of jazz classics I don't know!

  • FitzAF
    FitzAF  +272

    I love how he looks like a normal guy, then at the end of the first chorus of playing... the spirit of metal... joins him. 🤘

  • Zoozercat tacrezooZ

    He's probably thinking "imagine how good this song could be with a drummer".

  • meat sloth

    His fills make the song better haha. Lars is now the 4th best drummer in metallica

  • Mister Sonnen

    I usually don't believe when people claim they haven't heard such songs before, in reaction videos but this dude seems super genuine

  • - -
    - -  +63

    Different POV, it’s extremely satisfying to re-listen to a well known song and hear a breakdown like this. Gives a whole new appreciation for how much talent everyone in Metallica brought to creating this song.

  • Poor Finian

    I'm in my late 50s and, I can honestly say I've never heard "Enter Sandman" either.... Which isn't to say the song wasn't blasting from some passing car or someone's window at some point in my life, but it certainly didn't register with me. It's also fair to say that because metal was never my thing, I'm sure I never heard it on the radio either. People listen to the genre they like, so it's logical they're rarely exposed to something different -- especially if that genre isn't the type played into elevators, etc. So given my own experiences, it's totally believable that this jazz musician had never heard the song...

  • Christine G

    I think the thing I love most about watching this is the change in his expression/posture as he begins to play. He opens with an expression of pure concentration, but by the time he hits the first chorus, he's clearly in the zone, just letting everything flow. It's a joy to watch!

  • Chanakya Umesh

    I like that he made the song his own with the fills and flair he performed with.

  • Pedro Henrique de Abreu

    I love Larnell's calm, elegant demeanor. He's like the Bob Ross of drumming.

  • Eric Roth
    Eric Roth  +62

    Dude killed it and even when he got the ending reversed it was still amazing. And he did stuff that I don’t know that Lars could do.

  • E.J. Leonard

    This is a great lesson in how to play a part of a song "accurately" enough to be recognizable as "the song" while still being an individual personal expression of style and approach. Great lesson for anyone learning to play, write, and perform. That it can be done both `properly' and `your own way' at the same time!

  • Emek Dulgeroglu
    Emek Dulgeroglu День тому +2

    It is a simpler metal song than the others. But he is a talent for sure

  • jacob pacheco

    Larnell is an amazing musician, as a fellow drummer nowhere near his talent, his understanding of song structure and flow is impeccable

  • Roem TV
    Roem TV  +37

    I know this might sound weird to some, but this video brought me to tears. I just love how music can bring us together regardless of where "the sun shines down on us, on this planet." Thank you for making this! Made my day.

  • IIZyphusII
    IIZyphusII  +995

    The only reason why I believe him that he hasn't heard Enter Sandman before is because he's so good that he has absolutely nothing to prove