Metal drummer reacts to Drummer at the wrong gig

  • Опубліковано 15 лис 2021
  • Metal drummer reacts to Drummer at the wrong gig
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    You guys are amazing. Thank you so much!!


  • 66Samus
    66Samus   +718

    I hope you laughed as much as I did.

  • The Mad Drummer

    I really appreciate the kind words. I'm a HUGE fan of your playing (and the channel). I'm often here for the Friday Hang (OHHH YURRR). A lot of your subscribers have mentioned Shannon Larkin. When I was 16 years old, I opened up for Shannon. Seeing him live changed everything for me. I've mentioned him in practically every interview I've ever done. He's even invited me to several Godsmack shows, and we've hung out backstage. I say this all the time, but meeting guys like Shannon, Portnoy, Lombardo, Hoglan, has honestly been the highlight of my life. All the other stuff is just "nice." LOL Thank you again for the very kind words. It really means a lot. 🙏

  • cremno
    cremno  +687

    I think the most impressive part is how tight he is, even when he plays like that. And the sound itself remains the same. Close your eyes and you won't even know the guy is going crazy. It's insane.

  • Jack Blood

    Imagine the hours of practice he must have behind his back to do ALL THAT and not lose a beat.

  • ajhatti2011

    This guy is the most entertaining drummer. Obviously the song is way too easy and he has played it over 100,000 times.

  • E K
    E K  +1

    I am not a musician, but I know talent when I see it. The people who hired the band at all these gigs got their money's worth for sure.... Great video.

  • Alencar Fardin


  • Ove Kindvall

    Steve is such an amazing drummer. All that flailing around, and he doesn't miss a single beat. Not a single one. None.

  • Justin Cronan

    The master level stick tricking is one thing. Like this is by far the best showmanship I've ever seen. But to do it in perfect time and still maintain dynamic fluidity is almost unfathomable. This dude is absolutely unreal.

  • Nic Gundy

    The amount of choreography Steve has implemented is awe inspiring

  • John Red

    These guys are great. I like that it's not just a drummer who knows some fancy tricks, they have entire routines. The more you see them the more you realize it's not a drummer at the wrong gig, he is at the gig he should be at.

  • Karl Sloman

    Steve's playing is superb. His use of the Moeller and Gladstone techniques is phenomenal. I have shown this video to many students and explained that to perform at this level takes immense skill.

  • Jedi2016

    All that and he never misses a single beat. Phenomenal.

  • Edvin Parmeza

    I'm still shocked how that drummer is still an underground musician, instead of being a global rock star

  • Kimmy

    Not only he is a great drummer. He is very easy on the eyes. Great talent.

  • Duane Peterson aka ROADKILL

    This drummer is a blast, he's the one to watch onstage, and makes everyone laugh there asses off!! He's awesome

  • Jason Sheets

    I've seen a bunch of his videos. I don't think the audience has any comprehension of just how much concentration and talent is involved in what the drummer is doing. If they did, he'd get a standing ovation. To do all those tricks AND keep perfect timing is just insane. It's hard enough not rushing a song live. This is a guy that has mastered his craft through years and years of dedication and practice.

  • Joe Troutt

    I just recently discovered Steve Moore and was blown away at his skills and impeccable timing. Never have I ever seen someone have such an interdependence as him to be able to do things that would totally go against the timing of the song but still keep it perfectly in time.

  • James McDonald

    One of the most impressive performances on the drums ever.

  • DavePainkiller

    I've always refered to this guy as the "Chris Farley drummer" and it still holds up to this day.