Metal Drummer reacts to Dennis Chambers hearing TOOL for the first time

  • Опубліковано 14 чер 2022
  • Watching Dennis Chambers hear/play Schism by Tool for the first time
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  • Chris Hexx
    Chris Hexx  +416

    The fact he only listened to the drumless track beforehand was seriously impressive. The clip of him appreciating Danny's drumming afterwards was lovely as well. Really enjoying Drumeo's uploads.

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  +737

    LOVE this video and we LOVE you, Samus!

  • isgrimner
    isgrimner  +229

    Now I want to see Danny Carey reacting to Dennis' interpretation.

  • Максим Петрушин
    Максим Петрушин 14 годин тому

    Капец...как это вообще возможно? Я сто раз послушал и не могу повторить это, а он с первого раза въехал. Аплодирую стоя!

  • N_I_N X
    N_I_N X  +237

    So Larnell gets to play Enter Sandman and Dennis has to play Schism? Thats unfair lol. Seriously. He listened to it once.Once.A drumless track.And then went straight for it. And he fucking nailed it. He truly is one of the greats. Now we need some brave - very brave - drummer to hear/play for the first time one of Dennis tracks.That’d be cool.

  • edulinares

    They threw the guy right into the fire. Bro didn't even flinch. Brushed it off and KILLED IT. What a badass. Also love how he gets more and more into it and is really grooving at the end with a massive smile on his face . Just awesome.

  • Michael Gray

    You can tell he is not familiar with the song. A few times there he caught himself on an odd time measure. But the cool thing is he just casually filled it in and didn't miss a lick. Not his schtick but he grooved with it anyway. Very cool.

  • Dratfod
    Dratfod  +40

    As a drummer who struggled with tool songs because my bandmember always wants to jam to toolriffs. I can appreciate how fu**ing good that was. Mad respect

  • Nathan Taylor

    You know the craziest part of all of this, he actually nailed some parts without hearing the drum track.

  • ModeusMoon

    I love how he says he doesn’t hear the bass, when it’s the main instrument you hear throughout the track. Tbf though, not many people would notice Justin acting as basically another guitar, instead of a more usual bass role. It’s one of my favorite parts of Tool lol

  • JayFreezyHD

    DUDE Dennis figured out that linearly in his head on the fly and then got the feel spicing it up further as he went. True musician

  • David Bentley

    I wish they would show in the video, or a follow-up video, him reacting to hearing the drums that go with it.

  • R R
    R R  +15

    The fact that Dennis can come up with something that fits just there, on the spot prooves to me that he is so skilled, what a mad beast.

  • Darius Lange

    This performance was insane

  • AM
    AM  +38

    Yep, I liked it. It was impressive. Very fun and cool. What I like hearing is A drummer not hearing their part. Then doing there interpretation based on the music genre and what they feel is right for the song. We need more of these! It’s interesting to see how someone else would have played it.

  • Darkroom Dragonmaid

    There’s so many new textures that Dennis brings to this take on the song. It’s seriously a work of art to behold

  • Brian Rubin

    He looks comfortable doing that. A true master of time. Excellent drum adlib

  • Arthur Allsopp

    As much as this is Tool, it has a serious pocket to it. Something a Funk drummer like Mr Chambers can play all day even if it has some odd time in there. As He just demonstrated. Great interpretation. Such an Awesome player.

  • Marii Nito
    Marii Nito  +120

    Dennis is definitely in a class of his own. And I already knew he would kill it, but it's still amazing how much he flowed seamlessly through all those different time signatures.

  • GrimOne87
    GrimOne87  +14

    This was such a blast to watch it always amazing to me to watch someone step out of thier comfort zone and own it as Dennis did here