Metal Drummer reacts to Dorothea Taylor (Godmother of Drumming)

  • Опубліковано 31 тра 2022
  • Reacting to Dorothea Taylor, the Godmother of Drumming
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    Metal Drummer reacts to Dorothea Taylor (Godmother of Drumming)
    Video edited by Zygo Media & 66Samus and was made possible thanks to Patreon support from Ashe Cordiner, Christopher Sanchez, Braden Ward, Carl Egan, Christian, Petropolis, Even Vangsnes, Ben Nickless, Kyle Castronovo, Sean Farmer, Timothy Bush, go_licpgm, Shane Lomboy, Raymond C. Ortega, Patrick Trumble, Harrison, Tim Stump, Benjamin Gleason, John N, Preston Tabor, Joakim Jakobsson, jose miguel sanchez carmona, Matto137, Lee Hunt, Dominick Gonzales, Micah Gallagher, Dustin Morris, Anders Wedholm, CJ Wagoner, Brian Begnoche, Heather Eliason, GillRigged, Kirill Sviderskyi, Lilli Dilorenzo, Benedikt Brixius, Shawn Tillett, Steve Peterson, Nick Eustaquio, Jedidiah Patton, Dave Klem, Christoffer Jaremo, Dylan Wells Anthony, James M Bonds, Garrett Morton, Kalebmp12, James Holt, Les Foy, DeeSlice Dime, Monte Traher, Michael Counsell, Michael Murray, Colin Fitzpatrick, PowerChugger, Paul Reszczynski, Puppies On Acid, Alex Rips, Tony Antoniou, Tev, Toxic Duck, Cseh Donát, Billy Payne, Scott Warren, Coin Crazy, Martin Gregurich, Victor Atroshchenko, Jordon Howe, hudson672, Michaël Testé, Paul Mason, Gavin Mackrill, Joseph Jimenez, Grindhead Jim, Seamus Gleason, Casey Carroll, Alexander Toivonen, Cooper Dustman, Lainel Orbera, Mike Wells, Vicky Grandy, Burt213, Patrick Thunder, Deanna Hockenberry, Cole Dockter, Matthias Strecker, Rob Baber, Korben Dallas, B17Nightmare, Lyndxn, Alec Stair, gnarlyranger, Matthew Sewell, Max Matone, Christoph Allmendinger, Jacoby Barnhill, Ondra Musil, Remi Kiwior, James Jesko, Adam, Justin King, Jan van Huizen, Kenny Johnston, Rob Fernandes, Michael J Coyne, Zachary Barton, Derek Schroen, Tomas Reyes, Mark Townsend, Ken Wade Jr, Joe Becker, Tatoposte, Mateusz Zelnik, Jason Rager, boysef, Felix Kuhn, MetalMusicianIT, Max Justice, Mike Silvestri, Miller Beer, Tomer Mandelbaum, Brandyn Kilpatrick, Scottie Bizzle, Daniel Lindemulder, Nick DeVincentis, Justus JT Gilfillan, Corey Allgood, A Smith, Stanley, Chris, Steven Taylor, Julien Vermeiren, Drumstick Pony, bgl314, Brandon Ruschill, Max Johnson, Ablazed Wasteland, Dante Escobedo, Linda Davis, Scarlet Midnight, Master Gamer 2008, Evan H, Mark Cerundolo, Uncle John, Andrew Emann, Logan Black, Al Francis, and many others.
    You guys are amazing. Thank you so much!!


  • 66Samus
    66Samus   +190

    Ohhhhh YURRRRR!!

  • SchlumiBenLuschi

    In my experience, metalheads are often the sweetest people. Watching you celebrate her is so wholesome. You gave me big smiles.

  • Julia Tobiason

    It’s so cute how she dresses and looks like a grandmother yet is musically youthful and surprises the crap out of everyone. Those whom have played percussion have huge respect for women like her ❤️‍🩹

  • mria621
    mria621  +425

    People forget we old people are just teenagers inside our minds! Just turned 59 yesterday, and this makes me ridiculously proud! And I’m not even part of the video! 🤣👵🏼

  • Matthew Knight

    The thing she kills me with is the economy of movement. I played with an old-timer jazz drummer named Art Anton in the late 90s after he retired to my hometown of Yakima. He was the same way. He would absolutely kill the doubles, just looked like he was sitting rock still and absolutely blowing the crowd away. He was far and away the best drummer I had the honor of playing with during my jazz days. I didn't know it at the time but he had played with a lot of the greats including Stan Kenton and Frank Zappa.

  • kim t
    kim t  +362

    She's amazing! I started playing when I was 7. I will be 59 on July 1, so she has me by 7 years experience... I would love to have a drum off with her! What a ball that would be! Two “mature” ladies battling it out!

  • PJ
    PJ 14 днів тому +7

    Love how she refuses to overplay. She just PLAYS. So solid.

  • Cod Boi
    Cod Boi  +1

    I love her she plays at my school for the orchestra all the time she is so sweet

  • Polyester Specter

    Dude, I love your infectious enthusiasm and positivity. I really appreciate how you celebrate/recognize her talent.

  • Lee Greenaway

    I love it when youtube recommends something I might not have sought out. Your commentary and reaction, teamed up with Dorothea's amazing playing made a great watch.

  • Arika
    Arika  +40

    Watching her is a breath of fresh air. She is absolutely awesome.

  • sonjajade
    sonjajade  +71

    It always makes me so happy when people realize old ladies can really dig heavy metal and play with the same heart and passion as long haired rockin dude

  • Jamil Angon

    "If you don't have the talent, just spend 100,000 hrs to be good at it."

  • K Rob
    K Rob  +876

    Something I don’t see discussed enough is how she’s minimized her movement to maximize her agility to adapt to a songs demands. It’s something a lot of drummers don’t discuss is getting older and adapting to getting slower and weaker with age. Compare her arm movement to the average drummer and you’ll see what I’m talking about when comes to the strength of her hits.

  • Sean Woodburn

    She is clearly awesome but was definitely preceded as Godmother by Joani Hannon who was the only real musician in the all woman band in 'Some Like It Hot'.

  • xandardrax

    This reaction video is the most wholesome thing I have seen in a long time. I needed some positivity in my life today. Thank you for reminding us that there is decency in the world after all.

  • Pat Donnelly

    I bet you she played with a great drumline in a drum corps at some point. All the snares and quads in the DCI have the same stoic face., and use the same terms as she does. They all do wacky tricks to get their paradiddle skills down.... This woman is incredible!

  • Chris Ethridge

    Dorothea is an awesome musician and person. I remember she worked in a local music shop here I used to buy my drumheads from and drool at all the new stuff I couldn't afford lol. I had the pleasure of chatting with her from time to time and she even jammed on some electronic drums I was checking out. Needless to say, I was amazed lol. Super nice and crazy talented. It's so cool you did a vid on her and even cooler to see she is doing well.

  • Debra Marshall

    As a female new to the drums, she just melt my heart, I love her ❤

  • Joseph Berg

    My grandmother was born in 1917. She played the Snare Drum in catholic school. At 12yrs old. she let Me play on Pots and Pans with Pencils when I lived with her. For My 15th Birthday she bought Me a 5 piece starter kit. She passed away in 1998. Thank You, R.I.P. Nanny Jones