Keanu Reeves Trained 4000 Hours For JOHN WICK

  • Опубліковано 6 сер 2022
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    Keanu Reeves Trained 4000 Hours For JOHN WICK
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  • Colonel B
    Colonel B  +296

    Keanu Reeves is next level - not only for the acting commitment, but he's also one of the NICEST people in Hollywood. He flies commercial, talks to fans, one time a small flight was cancelled and he paid for a shuttle bus for the rest of the passengers and rode with them to get to their destination. He never says "I don't have time" and always takes pictures and is welcoming. He lives like a normal person and that makes him even more endearing. What a legend.

  • jake10175
    jake10175  +123

    It’s actors like these I respect that they put in so much work and effort to their character. Henry Cavill is a fan of the Witcher and he honored the character and Peter Jackson respect Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings

  • ptschafer
    ptschafer  +16

    Being around firearms my whole life, and doing competitive shooting, it's obvious that Keanu put a lot of time and work in to his practice/training. Keanu and Tom Cruise seem like the only two real action stars left in Hollywood that really go next-level to up their own game to serve the movie the best.

  • Jackson Chien

    Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise are easily the most dedicated action stars of modern cinema. If you think this is crazy, Tom Cruise put himself and his costars of Top Gun Maverick through months of pilot training so that they could properly react while they were in the jets. And the Mission Impossible movies are basically just Tom's excuse to do whatever batshit insane thing he happens to think of on the day.

  • Jim Porkroll

    This and the fact that they actively show John and other characters reloading their guns in the movies is why I love John Wick. A gun combat expert did an analysis that I saw awhile and pointed out the reload thing, that many films and TV never show it. Now I'm always looking for it.

  • myproject13

    Outside of John Wick, Keanu Reeves is a gun enthusiast. He is simply amazing when it comes to guns and is very competitive.

  • Beastcoaster

    Such a difference in 35 years -- You want to be John Wick, I wanted to be Ted Theodore Logan, and I am sure millions wanted to be Neo -- the fact that he has transcended generations (and still looks relatively the same) is pretty amazing :)

  • Joe M
    Joe M  +36

    This is what makes him an amazing actor, he properly becomes the character. Helps that Keanu is a living legend

  • wraith1117

    Said it before, but. It's kind of funny that the nicest person in Hollywood is also the most deadly. Kidding of course. But if real shit broke out somewhere, I wana be on team Reeves. Just saying.

  • Brian Juergensmeyer

    The "Two to the body, one to the head" is a shooting drill known as the Mozambique Drill. It's supposed to simulate two shots to the upper center chest and an evaluation to see if the threat has stopped. If not, a third round is fired to the cranial vault. It's a very common drill to see incorporated into IDPA (possibly USPSA also) competitions.

  • Casey
    Casey  +5

    This is part of why I love Keanu Reeves. He is so real and actually learns the skills/things he does in movies. I think it makes the action 10 times better to have it be realistic. And the fact that he is just a cool guy.

  • Lee Tiner

    I've seen videos where police officers and military guys actually complimented his technique and training. Not only his firing and accuracy, but his draw skill. Was just cool to see professionals take notice.

  • Gillieshooter

    when I first saw this I saw a man who was tired of hearing praise and wanted some critique. Perfectionist or not, he wanted to improve beyond where he was and to do that he needs to acknowledge where he has room to make changes. Impressive as his skills are, I almost felt bad that he is trying to say no I messed up here and his cheer squad is just there saying he's perfect.

  • Daniel Tyszka

    Fun fact. Halle Berry did the same 😃 there is also video of her training

  • Max
    Max  +18

    Keanu is the man , dude really puts in the work. Also : that two shot to the body one to the head is called the Mozambique drill.

  • john raygun

    All heart, he has always seemed to really care about people, his profession, his hobbies and I have always had a lot of respect for him, even back when he was “cheesy”. I believe he is an amazing individual and if I miss judge him he is a much better actor than I thought lol❤️

  • Jason McEwen

    It IS a whole other level... that's a skills training centre, not your usual range. Pretty wild when your job basically means you have to train as an assassin, and develop your skills to the highest level...

  • Marvin Murcia Jr

    Keanu Reeves is literally next level. He’ll go to the extreme to master his craft and it paid off. Keanu is the best actor I’ve seen and I love his movie. The man is literally the character he’s playing. He make his character very believable and real. It is amazing to watch and amazing. Keanu is one of one and there will never be another one like him

  • Mike Payne

    One of my all time fav actors and humans on this planet! He is simply awesome. So humble you would never know he was a A-lister cause he doesn't act like one at all! He just cares so much for people around him. I love almost every movie Reeves has been in he gives 300% to every roll! Canada's best export hands down lol!