Influential Metal Drummers pt 2

  • Опубліковано 22 лют 2016
  • 16 more drummers who have influenced the heavy metal genre in some way or another. Part 3 is coming in a few weeks!
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  • Brady Kent
    Brady Kent 5 років тому +473

    Picks Damage Inc as the song to represent Metallica... so much respect gained

  • The Portrait Dude

    Can we appreciate that this dude recreated some of the most well known beats from absolute legends of percussion and made it look easy? Holy crap dude - respect!

  • Topher Jarfar
    Topher Jarfar 5 років тому +16

    Can't tell you how nice it is to see Gar Samuelson get some love. Dude is a monster behind the kit but was so underrated.

  • Certified Poop Dealer

    Thanks for putting Bill Ward on the list. He’s by far one of the greatest drummers ever, and was at the very start of heavy metal.

  • Scott Enosh
    Scott Enosh 6 років тому +10

    Im really glad Gar Samuelson made it on the list. IMO, he is (was) one of the most underrated drummers in metal. He was way ahead of his time. Peace Sells was the first time I heard the "machine gun" effect, and it wasn't until a few years later that Sepultura's drummer incorporated it (a bit sloppy too).......then along comes this dude named Vinnie Paul.....that guy took "machine gunning" up a few notches. But it was Gar that started it.

  • MetalMissile
    MetalMissile 3 роки тому +263

    Full Song List:

  • Goettcke
    Goettcke 5 років тому +6

    Paul Mazurkiewicz (Cannibal Corpse)

  • Mert Gurcan
    Mert Gurcan 6 років тому +1

    Nic Barker from Dimmu Borgir has brought a new level of technical virtuosity to black metal drumming still resonating in the likes of contemporary Dark Funeral and Behemoth. IMO he deserves a spot.

  • Umur B
    Umur B 6 років тому +2

    Great work , great drum tone !

  • The42car
    The42car 4 роки тому +2

    Nice to see some love for Lars! He's not the best, but overall, he's a great guy and NOT a bad drummer. He made magic with simplicity and being different.

  • Uwwalōniz Skadwaz
    Uwwalōniz Skadwaz 2 роки тому +1

    Pete Sandoval was also in Terrorizer, a Grindcore band from California who broke up in the late 80s, I believe. His performance on their record "World Downfall" is amazing. That album has some of my favorite drums of any metal albums

  • isca ban
    isca ban 6 років тому +340

    So glad to see Aaron Kitcher on this list.

  • David Sarmiento
    David Sarmiento 6 років тому +4

    I was really really really REALLY happy that you brought up Sean Reinert in the video! It's pretty funny when I talk to people about Death and mention Sean Reinert WHO was in Death on the album called" Human". Some people only knew Gene Hoglan, Richard Christy, Bill Andrews, and Chris Reifert. But can you mention Rick Colaluca from WatchTower, he wasn't that big but he sure did influenced Fates warning, Dream Theater, Cynic, Atheist, and Death before and a lot of people don't know that.

  • metfan4l
    metfan4l 6 років тому +69

    Fuck yeah, nice to finally see some love for Raymond Herrera. By far one of

  • Jambax
    Jambax 6 років тому +1

    +1 for Kollias! Definitely wanna see Mario Duplantier in the next one, one of the most creative metal drummers there ever was.

  • 6672rock
    6672rock 6 років тому +4

    Best blast beats and double bass drumming I've heard in a long time! Keep tearing it up Samus!

  • Pher
    Pher 5 років тому +1

    Nice to see Alex Van Halen getting the recognition he deserves

  • Kénôse
    Kénôse 5 років тому

    Would love to see you play an entire Reinert-era Death song. That Suicide Machine part was impeccable.

  • Conner Morgan
    Conner Morgan 6 років тому +3

    Killer video! Loving these. I'd love to see John Dolmayan in part 3!

  • smoke rain
    smoke rain 6 років тому +283

    Nick Menza (Ex Megadeth) he is an awesome drummer