Metal Drummer reacts to Mario Duplantier (Gojira)

  • Опубліковано 28 бер 2022
  • Reacting to Mario Duplantier drum solos :)
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  • 66Samus
    66Samus  Рік тому +217

    How 'bout dat Mario blast!? 💦🤤
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    you will not regret it :)

    • Of Wolf & Man
      Of Wolf & Man Рік тому +4

      Really interested to know what that spring contraption is? 🤔

    • Josh Simmons
      Josh Simmons Рік тому +1

      At 12 and a half minutes it makes it look like your head is on his shoulders

    • Ossi Balle
      Ossi Balle Рік тому +1

      Some sick beats and signatures for sure.
      Also check out Damien Schmitt doin the colab with the russian fusion fellas, the ending in that piece features Damiens amazing ingenuity.

    • Evan Davidson
      Evan Davidson Рік тому +3

      super mario never dissappoints

    • Declan Eldridge
      Declan Eldridge Рік тому

      hey Samus I recommend reacting to wanja Groger el Bahee

  • Conundrums._
    Conundrums._ Рік тому +1034

    Mario is one of the most unique drummers ever, and honestly the cleanest live drummer I’ve ever witnessed. To be fair, his commitment to practicing is second to none.

      TREE FIDDY Рік тому +21

      To be fair

    • Crappy.G
      Crappy.G Рік тому +43

      He's a shaolin monk of drums

    • Rising Son
      Rising Son Рік тому +32

      He is a deity which was sent to play drums in earth.

    • Conundrums._
      Conundrums._ Рік тому +8

      @Rising Son French Apollo

    • Gareth Jones
      Gareth Jones Рік тому +8

      Him and Dave McClain are stupid amounts of underrated

  • no
    no Рік тому +767

    Mario is easily one of the greatest drummers alive and will be remembered as one of the greats long after he's gone.

    • 420Crim
      420Crim Рік тому +24

      As well the sounds and messages they've created (Gojira)

    • The Drone Downunder
      The Drone Downunder Рік тому +8

      Don't wish him away just yet 😉

    • Anthony Venedicto
      Anthony Venedicto Рік тому +5

      I swear Mario shouldn't even have a second bass drum if he can go ape shit on just 1

    • Jeremy Hempel
      Jeremy Hempel Рік тому +2

      He looks fairly young I think he has a lot left in his drumming career

  • djpylloz
    djpylloz Рік тому +240

    I love that his eyes are closed the majority of the time. Being one with his kit, feeling the groove.

    • requillE
      requillE Рік тому +4

      that's how you can tell someone is feeling the music :D whenever i do vocals, i am 90% of the time eyes closed. Usually if the song isn't too complicated, i play it with eyes closed on guitar. Also recently noticed while playing drums i tend to play with my eyes closed whenever i get to a groove i really feel.

    • Jeremy Hempel
      Jeremy Hempel Рік тому

      I play with my eyes closed alone but it's weird watching

    • djpylloz
      djpylloz Рік тому +1

      @requillE same. When I'm on the kit or just listening to a new song and grooving the eyes close naturally. Sont even think about it

    • Joshua Cromley
      Joshua Cromley 11 місяців тому

      Same experience with guitar. Some of the best stuff I ever came up with was random improv when stoned and meditating

    • Hyra Elle
      Hyra Elle 11 місяців тому

      Brain more effecient eyes close.

  • Daniel Laurent
    Daniel Laurent Рік тому +1111

    This has to be a fake video, Mario has a shirt on.

    • astrozombie
      astrozombie Рік тому +5

      dont you mean Matt Pike? ;)

    • Antony the Old Dog
      Antony the Old Dog Рік тому +7

      Quality comment...🤣🤟😎

    • Aleksi F.
      Aleksi F. Рік тому +52

      No, the shirt is there to limit mario’s power.

    • WillB
      WillB Рік тому

      @Aleksi F. haha

  • warnerww83
    warnerww83 Рік тому +182

    His drumming is so integral to driving their sound that I can almost hear exactly what the rest of the band would be doing. This dude is just ridiculous.

    • Jeremy Hempel
      Jeremy Hempel Рік тому +4

      I just wish there was more cowbell

    • m1k0sh1 _
      m1k0sh1 _ Рік тому +12

      Right? It's amazing how he can still hold his own style yet you can instantly identify that he's Gojiras drummer. That type of style is extremely rare. His skill translates to solo orchestration flawlessly.

    BLU EGO BEATS Рік тому +357

    I’m a metal drummer watching a metal drummer react to a metal drummer

    • Chad
      Chad Рік тому +71

      I’m a metal drummer reading a comment from a metal drummer watching a metal drummer react to a metal drummer.

    • Daniel Romeiro
      Daniel Romeiro Рік тому +56

      I'm a metal drummer responding to a metal drummer reading a comment from a metal drummer watching a metal drummer react to a metal drummer

    • M3rcury's Laboratory
      M3rcury's Laboratory Рік тому +16

      so much hot metal drummer on metal drummer action in here

    • Mike
      Mike Рік тому +3

      Well I've metal ' of em!

    • Bruno Dolores
      Bruno Dolores Рік тому

      I...I'm dizzy!

  • Mindgame_Hagi
    Mindgame_Hagi Рік тому +661

    Mario invented his own blast beat.
    i vote for the baguette blast

    • TU42
      TU42 Рік тому +6


    • Matt Kennedy
      Matt Kennedy Рік тому +45

      Whale blast?

    • 420Crim
      420Crim Рік тому +30

      The duplantier duplicate duo

    • The Relle
      The Relle Рік тому +6

      The french blast.

    • Mike
      Mike Рік тому +24

      I supose the reference is bread, but (drum) sticks are called "baguettes" in french

  • Chris Rea
    Chris Rea Рік тому +529

    Such a fantastic drummer. Pretty sure the "Mario Blast" you mentioned is called a "butterfly" roll. You don't ever really hear them that clean, though.

    • vipersix3
      vipersix3 Рік тому +14

      I comment because
      1. I think you’re right about the blast beat
      2. We have the same last name
      3. I’m also a drummer!!

    • Jeremy Hempel
      Jeremy Hempel Рік тому +6

      I comment because I'm bored

    • Dave Reid-Watts
      Dave Reid-Watts Рік тому +4

      Flo Mournier does it like a mother, both are amazing

    • Anthony Venedicto
      Anthony Venedicto Рік тому +2

      I've never heard a blast like that. I can honestly do it with my eyes closed after I watched Mario

  • Ettore Cassetta
    Ettore Cassetta Рік тому +36

    Despite the crazy technicality, I believe what sets Mario apart from other contemporary drummers is his ability to weave a sense of flowing narrative into his playing that's quite rare in a drum solo.

  • Vee Noir
    Vee Noir Рік тому +213

    I love Mario's little diamond plate splash. It's like something Vinnie would do

    • Jeremy Hempel
      Jeremy Hempel Рік тому +5

      Not too far off

    • Anthony Venedicto
      Anthony Venedicto Рік тому +3

      I get what u mean. I've never seen it before but it's great for accents or rythms

  • JMcKMedia
    JMcKMedia Рік тому +51

    His practice routine every day of doing double bass for an hour straight is a testament to the machine he is. And to think he doesn't even flex with his double bass skills on these solos! He's a legend 🤘🏻

  • bellyOfaTiger
    bellyOfaTiger Рік тому +74

    Somehow Mario makes drums sound melodic. There's drum beats, there's rudiments, and there's Mario Duplantier.

  • Matt Lathan Drums
    Matt Lathan Drums Рік тому +95

    Mario is insane. Found Gojira a couple years ago and he definitely made me appreciate a quality > quantity mindset. He just comes up with some of the tastiest stuff and it’s not easy by any means but he’s not going absolutely insane most of the time. Super clever and involving all limbs and polyrhythms, can’t go wrong if you like metal and groove.

  • Still Bitter
    Still Bitter Рік тому +76

    This dude is one of a kind. The complexity of his beats are often not recognizable by ear. Videos of him playing that stuff are helpfull so you really see whats going on. He musst be aware of every hit's velocity with a certain technique. What a monster of a drummer!

  • Zachary Micah
    Zachary Micah Рік тому +201

    I'm not a drummer, I can hold a decent beat, primarily a guitarist, but I enjoy the heck out watching drumming badassery!

  • Alardith
    Alardith 11 місяців тому +13

    I once saw Gojira live and the band before them played 20 minutes over their time slot
    So the whole band played every song faster so they could fit their whole set in time
    Gojira is amazing

  • Dimi Petrov
    Dimi Petrov Рік тому +61

    Absolute genius behind the kit. You can clearly hear that he’s taking lots of different inspirations. Always a pleasure to simply watch and listen to him master the drums

  • Steve C
    Steve C 10 місяців тому +14

    As a bassist all I feel is sympathy for Jean-Michel having to play perfectly tight to these insane beats. I can't even work out where each bar starts let alone count the beats.

    • Semaj_502
      Semaj_502 6 місяців тому +5

      Honestly I think it's a testament to Jean-Michel's ability as a bassist and the tightness of the band overall that Mario not only never leaves the bass in his dust, they're so tight and in synch 100% of the time you'd think they shared a brain.

    • Ben Gough
      Ben Gough 6 місяців тому +4

      @Semaj_502 and that bassist....he is ACTIVE live

  • User3641
    User3641 Рік тому +16

    1:42 solo 1
    4:52 solo 2
    8:17 solo 3
    10:59 solo 4
    14:05 solo 5
    Mario Duplantier = Gsus of Drums
    Love you Mario

  • Renato Garcia
    Renato Garcia Рік тому +12

    I guess that what makes Mario's solos so amazing is the fact that he is not just trying to throw out the hardest technics he knows, like teh most of drummers do when playing a solo. Mario is actually trying to make something musical, harmonical, and not just throwing out fancy technics

    • Semaj_502
      Semaj_502 6 місяців тому +1

      Yeah he always seems to go for what feels good. The man's eyes are almost never open! You just know his letting his feel lead.

  • Suzuki750Rizla
    Suzuki750Rizla Рік тому +16

    Honestly the best part about his solos is there is still a groove. Some drummers drop a super technical eye popping solo that in the end sounds like shit because they are trying harder to impress the audience than making music.

  • Kavinicus
    Kavinicus Рік тому +26

    Saw Gojira live for the first time this year and they played so well. Mario was so energetic and had so much passion when playing live. Seeing this just makes that performance that much more impressive knowing how he plays 🤘

  • Cecil Williams
    Cecil Williams 9 місяців тому +8

    It's his precision that blows my mind. Every live performance sounds like the studio recording. Not many musicians can do it.

  • shadowboy813
    shadowboy813 Рік тому +119

    The bending sticks are from something called "rolling shutter."
    The camera's sensor is not read all at once (that's called a global shutter). The camera's sensor reads top-to-bottom (or bottom to top). This means either the bottom (for top-to-bottom reading), or top (for bottom-to-top reading) of the frame is slightly earlier in time.

    • Void
      Void Рік тому +13

      No no's bread sticks.

    • Jeremy Hempel
      Jeremy Hempel Рік тому +3

      Very tasty ones at that

    • Shadow Productions
      Shadow Productions Рік тому

      shutter speed like he mentions in the video directly reflects the rolling shutter though (and motion blur)

    • shadowboy813
      shadowboy813 Рік тому

      @Shadow Productions Rolling vs global shutter is a difference at the sensor electronics level. Even with an electronic shutter, most cameras will still have rolling shutter effects. It's because the cause is at sensor readout and not due to the physical moevement of the shutter curtains. Smartphones, for example, do not have any mechanical shutters and still suffer rolling shutter. It's because the pixels are read row-by-row, and not all at once, as they would be with a global shutter.

  • StormDrown (Jorginho)
    StormDrown (Jorginho) Рік тому +8

    Fun fact: he actually on puts on a shirt when he doesn't want the room to explode. It's purpose is to contain his power. That's why he takes it off when playing live.

  • Matty_T33
    Matty_T33 Рік тому +40

    Dude Mario is just amazing almost like the modern day Alex Van Halen

  • Matt
    Matt Рік тому +28

    Those drums are tuned so well!!

  • Benjamin Gross
    Benjamin Gross Рік тому +2

    Never realized he was this good. Not a fan of gojira, but am now a huge fan of this dude. 💪

    • nick ciccaglione
      nick ciccaglione 5 місяців тому +2

      Then you've never really listened to Gojira

  • GlassThirdEye
    GlassThirdEye Рік тому +2

    The one thing that blows me away about Mario is the level of effortlessness and precision at which he plays. He plays with such grace is the only way I can describe it.

  • Alo Capyspe
    Alo Capyspe Рік тому +94

    Dear Samus, I stumbled through the internet watching a Drumeo Video of Larnell Lewis to end up on your channel. I'm not even into drums or drumming videos especially, but man I do like your videos. You are very appreciative of other people's skills, seems like you have the same adolescent humor as I do, and sometimes you even seem to throw in some drumming knowledge, which I wouldn't really know, just assuming here.
    Thank you and please keep doing, what you're doing :D

  • L S
    L S Рік тому +13

    He is absolutely legendary, thanks to Samus I've been able to expand the amount of bands that I listen to. I just recently started to listen to Gojira but I'm already in love.

  • Myles Ryder-Fletcher
    Myles Ryder-Fletcher 8 місяців тому

    Being one of the the best metal drummers on the planet ... You're so humble about other drummers. That shit you do with Devin Townsend especially on Aftermath is next level

  • cyborg playz
    cyborg playz Рік тому +3

    I just got home from a gojira concert earlier tonight and I can confirm that Mario is one of the best and most unique drummers of the time

    FRANK 11 місяців тому +2

    Easily the best drummer in metal. He's very percussive and gets some mad fills in pllaces I wouldnt think of putting them. I've been listening to Gojira for over a decade. I remember walking to high school listening to heaviest matter of the universe. Absolutely love them

  • Jeremy Dehart
    Jeremy Dehart 9 місяців тому +1

    I’ve met and seen some great drummer’s in my 39 years of living but damn, this guy is a beast!!!!!!!

  • Mullipolli
    Mullipolli Рік тому +1

    Mario is a man of power and endurance. It's absolutely insane to see what he can accomplish on a solo.

  • Fercholain
    Fercholain Рік тому +15

    Fuck yeah Man, Mario is a fantastic drummer, he's on my all time top 5 favorites with Gene Hoglan, Alex Bent, Dave Lombardo and Nicko McBrain, for sure!

  • Anthony Venedicto
    Anthony Venedicto Рік тому +22

    I've been waiting for this. I freaking love Mario and his drumming. I actually started trying metal drumming because of him

  • Dra Groch
    Dra Groch 8 місяців тому +2

    Mario Blast needs to start being used in songs. If as a fill then lots of it.

  • Claude Vi'Eaul
    Claude Vi'Eaul 10 місяців тому +1

    The amount of rhythms and grooves within each solo could easily provide enough inspiration to make an entire album for any band - well, anybody *but* Gojira 😜🤘

  • WillB
    WillB Рік тому +2

    I got a metronome out for the first one. He was all over the place. :( All over the place IN TIME. Just going for a cry. AND ffs, I am a bass player. wtf?
    stunning. Just stunning. for me he is up there with my other faves: Krupa, Collins (early) and Moon...

  • Ronin
    Ronin 2 місяці тому

    I have never heard anything like that. The most innovative and technical drumming I’ve ever heard. So amazed. 😮😮😮

  • Bartman954
    Bartman954 Рік тому +25

    No matter what day I'm having, you never fail to make my day and make me smile and laugh. I love you brother.

  • mathew yerry
    mathew yerry 5 місяців тому

    I love how he isn’t just going super speed base drum over and over . Even tho he could totally just peddle the whole time to fill space . He’s all crazy with the rest of the kit in ways he isn’t usually using the kit on stage

  • Sympozium
    Sympozium Рік тому +1

    Awesome drummer and very down to earth person , i had the pleasure ( as a south west of France guy ) to play drums on a crappy kit with him in a local studio like 14 years ago , remember playing parts of 'Love" from Gojira to him and taking a coffee just chilling , time flies man but he's as stunning as ever , thanks for your reaction to a cool beast !

  • Shrub Plays
    Shrub Plays Рік тому

    His buzzroll is much cleaner in his latest compared to his earlier solos!

  • Ronny DarKo
    Ronny DarKo Рік тому

    This is how you tell someone something incomprehensible and they understand. Dude is telling a story through each solo.

  • 0innerself0
    0innerself0 Рік тому +1

    Most marking thing is he plays eyes wide closed. He knows perfectly where anything is and never misses a hit. That stuns me. And, oh god, what energy. Give me a show drumming with such an intensity, you'd have to take me to the hospital with half an hour of performing. After all the crap I made of course.

  • Shafiq Jan
    Shafiq Jan Рік тому +4

    He is the reason I am a Gojira fan. When I go to shows I find a spot where I can see the drummer's hands and feet along with the bass player. That is what I need to see...

  • Richard Cassel
    Richard Cassel 8 місяців тому +2

    I also cracked up at the cowbell part in #3. I was thinking, "There's no one he can weave anything else into this...*tink*".

  • the bare foot Drummer
    the bare foot Drummer 4 місяці тому

    Mario has to be one of the most creative and underated drummers ever 🤟🤟🤟

  • Josh Allen
    Josh Allen 2 місяці тому

    Gojira and Archspire are my all time favorite metal bands. I would love to see a collaboration between the two.

  • Commuting in Atlanta
    Commuting in Atlanta Рік тому +1

    So many times, I listen to drum solos that just want to technically fill the space with everything they can perform. Mario intensely understands that music is about the space in between. You have to leave some white space for you listeners or it just becomes noise. Today I heard a Maestro. My life has been blessed by Mario.

  • ThinkForYourself
    ThinkForYourself Рік тому

    That kit sounds absolutely incredible. Toms don't get tuned any better than that

  • Vince Moffitt
    Vince Moffitt Рік тому +6

    Shout out to the overhead mics in his videos. No triggers and only one video where you can see some mics on the kit. Incredible sounding kit mixed with outstanding dynamic playing. Mario has mastered his craft... Amazing!!

  • Rhonda Drew
    Rhonda Drew Рік тому

    Mario’s drumming was the initial interest for me to start listening to Gojira.. His power and passion is evident, the unique time signatures, he’s a true technician of his craft.. I don’t know anything about drumming but I can appreciate pure genius and talent 💪🏼.. he has decimated all known boundaries .. 🤘🏻❤️..

  • Joseph Laurich
    Joseph Laurich 11 місяців тому +2

    66samus your Reactions to these are Priceless and you made my Day man thank you. keep rocking My dude i love your Drum Covers

    • 66Samus
      66Samus  11 місяців тому +1

      Thank you Joseph!!

  • Tim Kilbourn
    Tim Kilbourn 10 місяців тому

    When they makes it look easy you know they are good. This guy is epically good.

  • Aj Dennis
    Aj Dennis Рік тому

    I'll definitely have to check Gojira out man this blew my mind how good he is with just one foot Man 🤘 You're reactions crack me up man keep up the great work man

    • ChaseTheDrums
      ChaseTheDrums Рік тому +1

      Gojira is about to make your brain explode

  • Mats Andersson
    Mats Andersson Рік тому

    One helluva drummer. Never heard anything like it before 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Ulfhed Tyrsson
    Ulfhed Tyrsson Рік тому +16

    I love how bros kit just vibrates the entire time like a fricken seismic black hole reactor

  • Astrolopitekos
    Astrolopitekos Рік тому

    I just can’t get over the snare rim close up. What a beast 😱

  • Jeremy Dehart
    Jeremy Dehart 9 місяців тому

    I’m a drummer myself and that guy’s speed is insane! The quad’s he is hitting, and the double bass kicks. Wow 😳 I’m jealous🥹😢😭🤣👍

  • golotdub
    golotdub Рік тому +2

    I just fucking love Mario's drumming. First album of Gojira, Terra Incognita, is one of my all time favorites (in my opinion their best) and his drumming on that album is out of this planet \m/

  • David Grenfell
    David Grenfell Рік тому

    Mario is definitely in the upper echelon of drummers. So unique and amazing to watch live.

  • Aaron Levy
    Aaron Levy Рік тому

    Jeez, I feel like he approaches these solos like a Multi-Percussion solo. Just insane!

  • Jamie Platt
    Jamie Platt Рік тому +25

    Mario is just a monster behind the kit!!!

  • Benjamin Clutter
    Benjamin Clutter Рік тому

    Your reactions never get old because they’re epic. 🤘🏻

  • Daniel San!
    Daniel San! Рік тому

    Mario is in my top 3 drummers of all time! Extremely talented and unique. 😃

  • JacksContent
    JacksContent 9 місяців тому +2

    When you see the close ups on his drums, you can literally see the marks that this guy has left on those drums

  • Harry Digital
    Harry Digital Рік тому

    Very nice drummer, personally dont like drum solos but this guy is awesome on that. Really love the rare beats he plays 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Nick Knee
    Nick Knee Рік тому +2

    This guy is nuts. I only recently got into Gojira, but the first thing I noticed from listening to they're latest album was the drumming. I'm a big Neil Peart, Jimmy Sullivan and Matt Halpern fan and I instantly grabbed a hold of Mario's playing and cherished it, and I'm not even a drummer.

  • Jesus0nSteroids
    Jesus0nSteroids Рік тому +12

    The drumsticks bending is because of an effect called "rolling shutter", and yes it's because the sticks move faster than the camera captures images.

  • David Alonzo Jr
    David Alonzo Jr 6 місяців тому

    Your reaction was awesome Samus! Mario is my top favorite drummer. I'm trying to learn some of those beats.

  • SoonAfterOfficial
    SoonAfterOfficial Рік тому

    There's no words or ways to measure it but I've never heard a drummer who has such feel, everything he adds on a song is just perfect and satisfying it's insanity

  • 420Crim
    420Crim Рік тому +2

    So.... Mario is showing us he can do that double kick with one foot imagine the speed if he merged his other leg and it's yet to happen on a Gojira song since these came out and I bet their next album is gonna be heavy heavy like fmts heavy

  • caleb caperton
    caleb caperton Рік тому +2

    Mario's facial expressions remind me of the drummer from Moon Hooch a lot, that guy is a blast to watch

  • mrxsneakyxsim
    mrxsneakyxsim Рік тому +1

    Absolutely a master of his craft with these solos and all the great Gojira songs he plays on.
    For a future reaction, I'd be interested to see your reaction to Aquiles Priester's half hour Hanger Medley that he uploaded a little but ago. Another absolute machine of a drummer.

  • ScumbagLemo
    ScumbagLemo Рік тому +3

    Mario literally delivers the most tastiest drum fills and just overall drumming that always makes me cream enough to fill a box of cream filled doughnuts. How big is the box? The answer is yes.

  • Stewart Mcleod
    Stewart Mcleod Рік тому

    If you like Brann Dailor and Mastodon, it would be sick to see you react to his play through of Ghost Of Karelia. The fills he lays down over some extended double bass sections are crazy. I mean, at least crazy to me. Brann always seemed to have some pretty impressive "flim flim flammity flim flams" as Brent Hinds described it.


    Not only is Mario the king of his castle, this engineer is the Luigi to his princess stealing escapades 🔥

  • Elon Zuckerbezos
    Elon Zuckerbezos Рік тому +1

    I don't care what you think, but this 1:47 sound is pure ASMR.

  • Joseph Weaver
    Joseph Weaver Рік тому

    What's crazier is that at 5:25 he is playing RKLK rather than just RLKK. Insane.

  • m1k0sh1 _
    m1k0sh1 _ Рік тому

    So much variety and orchestration on the kit. I love "Minotaur," but won't falsify that it's better than the others. He's a blessing to the art.

  • meat sloth
    meat sloth Рік тому +6

    He looks like he just goes into a trance. Like how much muscle memory can you possibly have that you’re playing these with your eyes closed haha

  • Alan Bevington
    Alan Bevington Рік тому +1

    I gotta tell ya... My day mega-sucked but this vid made me literally lol. Thank you for that 66!!!

    • 66Samus
      66Samus  Рік тому

      sorry to hear you had a bad day, but always happy to help!!

  • Thomas Davison
    Thomas Davison 8 місяців тому

    Dude you are the best reaction dude on UA-cam hahaha. I don't even really play drums much but you are just fun to watch man.

    • 66Samus
      66Samus  8 місяців тому

      thank you so much Thomas!!

  • Weirdly Sawbones
    Weirdly Sawbones 4 місяці тому

    Wow. all I can think of saying in relation to Mr. Duplantier's solos here is I find his rhythms both smooth and off kilter, although that just comes off sounding like an oxymoron.
    Our friend here clearly has his own unique internal clock.
    I am beyond impressed.

  • B Dubs
    B Dubs Рік тому

    Too many hilariously awesome moments to mention just one. But that snare rim tho... 😂😂 Legendary

  • The Explorographer
    The Explorographer Рік тому +2

    6:01 So cool to see someone do this. One of the things I used to practice back in the day!! Great to see your reaction to it as well!

  • John Brennan
    John Brennan Рік тому +12

    6:15 that slide off the ride hit into the floor tom is one of my favorite techniques. Almost never seen anyone else do it. And I doubt it can be done any better than this lol.

    • Anthony Venedicto
      Anthony Venedicto Рік тому +1

      I've done it as well and it is so fucking easy that it's evil. Once you can build up that coordination you pretty much have it in the bag

  • EzG007
    EzG007 7 місяців тому

    Mario is such a good drummer it’s funny how good he is

  • astrozombie
    astrozombie Рік тому

    the spring looking thing is a morfbeat. dude creates some crazy ass cowbell type shit for percussionists/drummers, check em out, his stuff is nuts

  • brian99xt
    brian99xt Рік тому +1

    Wasn't sure if anybody mentioned it in the comments (too many to go thru...) But the first drum solo is (or loosely based on) "Pray" from their Magma album. Great live song too!

  • Kenn C
    Kenn C Рік тому

    I’ve listened to a little bit of gojira but gawd damn I’m gonna listen more now cause this man is incredible

  • Hayden Kinley
    Hayden Kinley Рік тому +2

    bruh Mario's solos tell stories all on their own.
    It was always fascinating to me to watch drum performances, but while I have interest in learning the instrument, I'm primarily a guitarist. From my position, none of the solos I've watched over the years were as gripping as Mario's, he's absolutely amazing!

  • Felipe Belizan Lopez
    Felipe Belizan Lopez Рік тому +21

    favorite band, favorite drummer, favorite youtuber, great video!!!

  • SuperCrow50
    SuperCrow50 4 місяці тому

    He reminds me of Neil peart alot I forgot who said it but they said his solos tell a story and you can feel it and follow it! Mario is one in a million!!

  • Hussam J
    Hussam J Рік тому

    Unreal drumming…one of the best I’ve ever seen