Metal Drummer reacts to Mario Duplantier (Gojira)

  • Опубліковано 28 бер 2022
  • Reacting to Mario Duplantier drum solos :)
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    Video edited by Tyler Asselin & 66Samus and was made possible thanks to Patreon support from Ashe Cordiner, Christopher Sanchez, Braden Ward, Carl Egan, Christian, Petropolis, Even Vangsnes, Ben Nickless, Kyle Castronovo, Sean Farmer, Timothy Bush, go_licpgm, Shane Lomboy, Raymond C. Ortega, Patrick Trumble, Harrison, Tim Stump, Benjamin Gleason, John N, Preston Tabor, Joakim Jakobsson, jose miguel sanchez carmona, Matto137, Lee Hunt, Dominick Gonzales, Micah Gallagher, Dustin Morris, Anders Wedholm, CJ Wagoner, Brian Begnoche, Heather Eliason, GillRigged, Kirill Sviderskyi, Dionicio Terrones, Lilli Dilorenzo, Benedikt Brixius, Shawn Tillett, Steve Peterson, Nick Eustaquio, Jedidiah Patton, NintenJoe, Dave Klem, Christoffer Jaremo, Dylan Wells Anthony, James M Bonds, Garrett Morton, Kalebmp12, James Holt, Les Foy, DeeSlice Dime, Monte Traher, Michael Counsell, Michael Murray, Colin Fitzpatrick, PowerChugger, Paul Reszczynski, Puppies On Acid, Alex Rips, Tony Antoniou, Tev, Toxic Duck, Cseh Donát, Billy Payne, Scott Warren, Coin Crazy, Martin Gregurich, Victor Atroshchenko, Jordon Howe, hudson672, Michaël Testé, Paul Mason, Gavin Mackrill, Joseph Jimenez, Grindhead Jim, Seamus Gleason, Casey Carroll, Alexander Toivonen, Cooper Dustman, Lainel Orbera, Mike Wells, Vicky Grandy, Burt213, Patrick Thunder, Deanna Hockenberry, Cole Dockter, Matthias Strecker, Rob Baber, Korben Dallas, B17Nightmare, Lyndxn, Alec Stair, gnarlyranger, Matthew Sewell, Max Matone, Christoph Allmendinger, Jacoby Barnhill, Ondra Musil, Remi Kiwior, James Jesko, Adam, Justin King, Jan van Huizen, Kenny Johnston, Rob Fernandes, Michael J Coyne, Zachary Barton, Derek Schroen, Tomas Reyes, Mark Townsend, Ken Wade Jr, Joe Becker, Tatoposte, Mateusz Zelnik, Jason Rager, boysef, Felix Kuhn, MetalMusicianIT, Max Justice, Mike Silvestri, Miller Beer, Tomer Mandelbaum, Brandyn Kilpatrick, Scottie Bizzle, Daniel Lindemulder, Nick DeVincentis, Justus JT Gilfillan, Corey Allgood, A Smith, Stanley, Chris, Steven Taylor, Julien Vermeiren, Drumstick Pony, bgl314, Brandon Ruschill, Max Johnson, Ablazed Wasteland, Dante Escobedo, Linda Davis, and many others.
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  • 66Samus
    66Samus   +189

    How 'bout dat Mario blast!? 💦🤤

  • no
    no  +578

    Mario is easily one of the greatest drummers alive and will be remembered as one of the greats long after he's gone.

  • Dragons Dwell

    Mario is one of the most unique drummers ever, and honestly the cleanest live drummer I’ve ever witnessed. To be fair, his commitment to practicing is second to none.

  • Mindgame_Hagi

    Mario invented his own blast beat.

  • Daniel Laurent

    This has to be a fake video, Mario has a shirt on.

  • djpylloz
    djpylloz  +136

    I love that his eyes are closed the majority of the time. Being one with his kit, feeling the groove.


    I’m a metal drummer watching a metal drummer react to a metal drummer

  • bellyOfaTiger

    Somehow Mario makes drums sound melodic. There's drum beats, there's rudiments, and there's Mario Duplantier.

  • Chris Rea
    Chris Rea  +467

    Such a fantastic drummer. Pretty sure the "Mario Blast" you mentioned is called a "butterfly" roll. You don't ever really hear them that clean, though.

  • Vee Noir
    Vee Noir  +193

    I love Mario's little diamond plate splash. It's like something Vinnie would do

  • warnerww83
    warnerww83  +128

    His drumming is so integral to driving their sound that I can almost hear exactly what the rest of the band would be doing. This dude is just ridiculous.

  • Zachary Micah

    I'm not a drummer, I can hold a decent beat, primarily a guitarist, but I enjoy the heck out watching drumming badassery!

  • Still Bitter

    This dude is one of a kind. The complexity of his beats are often not recognizable by ear. Videos of him playing that stuff are helpfull so you really see whats going on. He musst be aware of every hit's velocity with a certain technique. What a monster of a drummer!

  • JMcKMedia
    JMcKMedia  +36

    His practice routine every day of doing double bass for an hour straight is a testament to the machine he is. And to think he doesn't even flex with his double bass skills on these solos! He's a legend 🤘🏻

  • Matt Lathan Drums

    Mario is insane. Found Gojira a couple years ago and he definitely made me appreciate a quality > quantity mindset. He just comes up with some of the tastiest stuff and it’s not easy by any means but he’s not going absolutely insane most of the time. Super clever and involving all limbs and polyrhythms, can’t go wrong if you like metal and groove.

  • Ettore Cassetta

    Despite the crazy technicality, I believe what sets Mario apart from other contemporary drummers is his ability to weave a sense of flowing narrative into his playing that's quite rare in a drum solo.

  • Dimi Petrov

    Absolute genius behind the kit. You can clearly hear that he’s taking lots of different inspirations. Always a pleasure to simply watch and listen to him master the drums

  • Suzuki750Rizla

    Honestly the best part about his solos is there is still a groove. Some drummers drop a super technical eye popping solo that in the end sounds like shit because they are trying harder to impress the audience than making music.

  • Kavinicus
    Kavinicus  +24

    Saw Gojira live for the first time this year and they played so well. Mario was so energetic and had so much passion when playing live. Seeing this just makes that performance that much more impressive knowing how he plays 🤘