KoRn Astoria Theater London, UK 08/21/96

  • Опубліковано 8 кві 2011
  • Here is one of my many favorite old school KoRn shows! The camera angle starts off behind David, but shortly moves to the side of the stage for a great view of the show. This show was filmed before their Life Is Peachy album came out. Enjoy KoRn fans that have not seen this awesome show!


    1. Blind

    2. Ball Tongue/Lodi Dodi

    3. Divine

    4. Need To

    5. Clown

    6. Low Rider

    7. Shoots & Ladders

    8. Backstage Before Encore

    9. Faget


  • cetoilavache
    cetoilavache 4 роки тому +15

    I can't fucking understand, why this video has so little views and comments...this is pure GOLD. Old KoRn was so awesome and raw and David was INSANE on the drums!

  • kornmemorabilia
    kornmemorabilia  10 років тому +6

    Here is another awesome old school KoRn concert for you all! Enjoy!

  • Knight who says ekyekypatangzoompoing

    Good old times of Korn!

  • Thtree
    Thtree 4 роки тому +9

    dudeeee, this is GOLD right here!

  • legion beast
    legion beast 4 роки тому +4

    ohhh my days that gig was wild, I got to meet them, rude, I was 14, sick as, no offence to their new stuff but this low fi jazzy down tuned was dope! agggrh!!! bless to the bid dude

    • legion beast
      legion beast 4 роки тому

      I am selling my signed ticket on eBay though,got pics too

  • Paolo Miele
    Paolo Miele 7 років тому +6

    i was there one of my best concert ever

  • theoriginalthrash
    theoriginalthrash 10 років тому +5

    when david used a piccolo snare, KoRn was KoRn !!!

  • ryanbubba1000
    ryanbubba1000 10 років тому +1

    this is great!!

  • TweeZy
    TweeZy 2 роки тому +1

    Thank you for this footage! Sick!👍

  • Agent NumberOne
    Agent NumberOne Рік тому

    such a shame not enough media exists, I was there, It kicked ass

  • linapleachimPL
    linapleachimPL 2 роки тому +3

    David was fucking great!

  • Flesh1998 K
    Flesh1998 K 2 роки тому +2


  • Rob Bobcat
    Rob Bobcat 9 років тому +3

    I was there, went to work the day after with a black eye :)

  • Taddz
    Taddz 11 місяців тому +1

    Is this the same camera guy that thought the negative film effect was the best thing since sliced bread and did it every 2 seconds in other old KoRn videos lmao

  • kornjulio millan
    kornjulio millan 10 років тому +3

    silvera is a mounster

  • Mario
    Mario 10 років тому

    joj, vrati me u vrijeme kad sam bio lud ko patata!

  • McLovin brutouski
    McLovin brutouski 3 роки тому +3


  • RoCk Solid
    RoCk Solid 10 років тому

    Haha guy fucking hopped on stage at 1:14

  • Jean Profite
    Jean Profite Рік тому +3


    • Jean Profite
      Jean Profite Рік тому

      @Legionary Listen him on Breaking In A Sequence (2020) 👍:

    • Legionary
      Legionary Рік тому

      He was at his best around this time.. 1st 2 albums, and he still had a little left on FTL.. Afterwards, producers and injuries ruined him

  • Georg SU
    Georg SU 8 років тому

    9 minute, wats song?

    • Mimi
      Mimi Рік тому +1

      Might be a little late, but its Lowrider 😄