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KoRn Daddy Neidermayer's Mind Demo

  • Опубліковано 17 жов 2011
  • Here is the song Daddy from KoRn's 1993 demo tape Neidermayer's Mind! This was ripped in 320 kbps direct from the demo tape and redone for best sound! MP3's are available for download on KoRnMemorabilia.com! Enjoy!


  • @hellhoundz_133
    @hellhoundz_133 5 років тому +33

    Damn this sounds a lot creepier

    • @alithiummusicarchive7869
      @alithiummusicarchive7869 3 роки тому +4

      ah...i see your a true korn fan as well... i saw you in Danny TEU 's comment section as well

  • @DeadPixel1105
    @DeadPixel1105 Рік тому +16

    Korn is crazy for not using the chorus from this version. The chorus on this demo is way better than the album version.

    • @Nimogen55
      @Nimogen55 Рік тому +3

      That's because this version was actually called "Follow Me" but they changed it to Daddy, or something like that, not really sure but i think that's the story behind it, that's why the chorus is a bit different.

    • @leadme2thebliss21
      @leadme2thebliss21 Рік тому +1

      I prefer this demo version over self titled for sure. I wish J.D would've held back emotionally a bit on the 1994 version. I'm all about artistic freedom though and I love how J.D explores his dark side but man that was just too much, I wish he recorded the vocals just like this version. Daddy (1994 version) could've been a really good song (not saying it's bad) but it could've been much better and made the album as a whole a much better experience if J.D would have approached his vocals differently. Just my opinion.

  • @nicolegomez4049
    @nicolegomez4049 6 років тому +48

    This version is more creepy than the other☹😕

  • @agushoebill
    @agushoebill 5 років тому +19

    This version is so creepy and it makes you so uncomfortable that it makes me like it a lot man

  • @alithiummusicarchive7869
    @alithiummusicarchive7869 3 роки тому +16

    this ones alot more...unique...but in a creepy way...i like the revisions they did on the official album release, except for that part at 0:40...it wouldve fit nice in the official one

  • @D11zzEY
    @D11zzEY 11 років тому +12

    Very nice quality! :)

  • @CelestialValentina
    @CelestialValentina 11 місяців тому +4

    This sounds so creepy..

  • @Phantasmanull
    @Phantasmanull 12 років тому +16

    how did you get this?!

  • @cherrybomb5551
    @cherrybomb5551 5 років тому +26

    This sounds like a nightcore

  • @unitocarp
    @unitocarp 11 років тому +6


  • @Zombiez.RulezXxD
    @Zombiez.RulezXxD 3 місяці тому

    1:57 ..... That part and its crazy how this is scarier than the one that was actually produced, ik this was made a long time ago, but still

  • @Lions1102
    @Lions1102 Рік тому +3

    why does Sully Erna is singing when he says "Follow me"

  • @l_Larissa_Mello_l
    @l_Larissa_Mello_l Рік тому +1