KoRn Band Rehearsal #2 1996 Rare Footage

  • Опубліковано 5 бер 2011
  • Here is a KoRn Band Rehearsal from back in 1996! This is extremely rare footage of the band performing some of their best songs off of the Self Titled Album and the Life Is Peachy Album! The highlights are a Deftones "Bored" Cover and some of the best footage ever of the band playing "Ass Itch" and "Ball Tongue/Lodi Dodi"! Again, this is unedited footage! This is one of my favorites! Enjoy KoRn fans!
    1. Chi
    2. Divine
    3. Jam
    4. Fieldy Singing Blind w/Jonathan on Guitar
    5. Porno Creep
    6. Deftones "Bored" Cover
    7. Ass Itch (Great Footage)
    8. Ball Tongue/Lodi Dodi (Great Footage)


  • Real Slim Bobby
    Real Slim Bobby 3 роки тому +300

    Am I the only one who thinks all the guys in korn need to film a video of themselves watching all this old Footage on UA-cam and reminiscing about the early days. They’d probably even stumble across a few things they forgot about. I think that would be so dope. I wonder if any of them are even aware that there’s so much of this rare footage on the internet.

  • Emi Chavez | Ongaku音楽
    Emi Chavez | Ongaku音楽 2 роки тому +91


  • Jack Rockwell
    Jack Rockwell 6 років тому +559

    Ass Itch is one of the most underrated Korn songs

  • Jrsam25
    Jrsam25 4 роки тому +343

    The groove of David is something you can't replace

  • Freddie From iCarly Official
    Freddie From iCarly Official Рік тому +65

    I absolutely love the sight of Fieldy telling Jon how to play the song when he doesn't even play guitar for the band, yet butchers the vocals. Fucking classic.

  • followfornothing
    followfornothing 6 років тому +286

    Fieldy singing Blind was priceless! Thanks for sharing.

  • RISlotGirl

    JD has the best voice and sweetest smile that melts me every time

  • Shaggy Tatum
    Shaggy Tatum 9 років тому +68

    That Deftones cover was actually pretty sick

  • TheRubbaRazza
    TheRubbaRazza 4 роки тому +455

    Is Munky even capable of aging?

  • Soul | 영혼말
    Soul | 영혼말 4 роки тому +123


  • arii
    arii Рік тому +23


  • Daniel H
    Daniel H 6 років тому +360

    I really hope i'll be a band member of a metal band in my next life

  • Lewis Garrison
    Lewis Garrison Рік тому +30

    goodness. Even when they're just fooling around on their instruments shit sounds like a total heavy hit.

  • Spanky Jeffro
    Spanky Jeffro 6 років тому +148

    Having toured in a band, I can safely say that 90% of sound check is goofing off and randomly jamming, haha.

  • korndawg711
    korndawg711 11 років тому +26

    8:30 and 12:45
    funny how jd reacts to the camera, i love his smile... priceless stuff, thanks so much for sharing it with the korn kommunity!

  • murilo
    murilo 6 років тому +127

    Silviera was such a badass drummer, I would lose my mind with such a badass playing drums in the same band as me. Incredible beats and energy!

  • The Potato
    The Potato 6 років тому +57

    Feildy should become a singer his vocals are on point and fucking amazing

  • HeyitsPiper
    HeyitsPiper 8 років тому +11

    This is so dope..Glad I found this..Fieldy singing is hilarious! KoЯn \m/ Dave was so awesome... miss him :(

  • Wyatt Hatch
    Wyatt Hatch 8 років тому +184

    Ray is a great drummer and all, but David just fits them much more better.

  • kjohrdn
    kjohrdn 11 років тому +2

    Roger, Words can't describe how I feel. You sharing these SUPER rare videos is fucking great. I love you! lol. After all these years of being a fan and all the show's I've gone to seeing this and all the other videos shared makes me that much more of a fan and makes me fall right back in love with this band more then I was before (if thats really even possible LMAO) I truly appreciate you posting these...and I hope that you may share more that you may have (if any). Thank you so very much!