Korn - Freak On a Leash (Official HD Video)

  • Опубліковано 24 жов 2009
  • ”Freak on a Leash" by Korn in HD
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    Something takes a part of me
    You and I were meant to be
    A cheap fuck for me to lay
    Something takes a part of me
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  • Sam H
    Sam H 3 роки тому +27811

    It's weird to think that one day this will be considered old people music

    • Chicago Touch
      Chicago Touch 3 роки тому +598

      Is Jimi Hendrix old people music? Lots of people over 65 love Hendrix. Yet young musicians still model off Hendrix and others from that era, so yes... it's funny to see big change. Eventually, young people will have to get off on Lawrence Welk. It will be the only legitimate way to rebel existing cultural fixations. For those of you too young to remember Welk:

    • Stray7
      Stray7 3 роки тому +1541

      I mean, it's already over 20 years old...

    • save Ukraine
      save Ukraine 3 роки тому +753

      If it's not already 🤔

    • demi bk
      demi bk 3 роки тому +123

      Какая-то мрачная дама people in their 30s/40s grew up with this kind of music. that’s hardly old lol

    • eddt430
      eddt430 3 роки тому +312

      I'm still 21 when I listen to this. Shit man. Nothing can touch it.

  • MetaBallStudios
    MetaBallStudios 2 місяці тому +2101

    This music will always be eternal

  • miguel 10k challenge with 0 video
    miguel 10k challenge with 0 video 10 днів тому +219

    A message to the future generations. Don't let this song die. 🤝

    • Seth
      Seth 9 днів тому +6

      ill let it die

    • imnotaspy
      imnotaspy 6 днів тому +3

      @Seth trying to piss people off are we?

    • Renekor
      Renekor 6 днів тому +1

      @Seth Noooooo

  • Mia Butler
    Mia Butler 4 дні тому +21

    It's 2023 and I'm still listening to Korn cause they are one of the best rock bands out there! 👏🏽🖤🤘🏽

  • Debbie Prokop
    Debbie Prokop 3 місяці тому +322

    My children were eighteen, sixteen and fourteen when this album came out. I really didn't know anything about Korn, was still listening to Zeppelin, but I heard my daughter playing this and it was exactly 3:06 when Jonathan screams "GO" and then that tune kicked in for me and I immediately found myself in the zone!!! Have been a faithful listener ever since. Zeppelin can still steer me to a stairway to heaven, but Korn, they light a fire in me that rocket's me to the moon!!! Thanks kids mommy still likes! ; )

    • Theycallmeobama
      Theycallmeobama 3 місяці тому +5

      How old are you man? If you dont mind me asking

    • Mammon Tustado
      Mammon Tustado 2 місяці тому +12

      You're one of the cool moms. High five!

    • Amanda Prichard
      Amanda Prichard 2 місяці тому +11

      For some reason I was thinking you were a daddy till I read the last part lmao but I'm a 27 yr old mommy who recently discovered them and I love them! 😊

    • Desiree Oliver
      Desiree Oliver Місяць тому +5

      You sound like a fucking awesome mom!

  • brecovers
    brecovers День тому +4

    This was out when I was a kid and it would scare the crap out of me. Now I’m older these songs have such good messages and the videos.

  • BanjoFrog
    BanjoFrog Рік тому +3174

    The breakdown at 3:04 still gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it. This song will forever be a damn masterpiece.

    • Jack Swanson
      Jack Swanson Рік тому +75

      Best drop ever!

    • Buff Kirby
      Buff Kirby Рік тому +38

      Yeah it’s my fav part lol

    • Huib Piguillet
      Huib Piguillet Рік тому +57

      Always turn up the volume for it hahaha

    • Luigi Vasquez
      Luigi Vasquez Рік тому +25

      I remember the first time I heard this song at my neighbors house , I was about 6 years old 🤯

    • Avi Tech
      Avi Tech Рік тому +36

      The bass drop at 2:37 always gets me.

  • Георги Георгиев
    Георги Георгиев 16 днів тому +39

    Something takes a part of me
    Something lost and never seen
    Every time I start to believe
    Something's raped and taken from me, from me
    Life's gotta always be messing with me (you wanna see the light)
    Can't they chill and let me be free? (So do I)
    Can't I take away all this pain? (You wanna see the light)
    I try to every night, all in vain, in vain
    Sometimes I cannot take this place
    Sometimes it's my life I can't taste
    Sometimes I cannot feel my face
    You'll never see me fall from grace
    Something takes a part of me
    You and I were meant to be
    A cheap fuck for me to lay
    Something takes a part of me
    Feeling like a freak on a leash (you wanna see the light)
    Feeling like I have no release (so do I)
    How many times have I felt diseased? (You wanna see the light)
    Nothing in my life is free, is free
    Sometimes I cannot take this place
    Sometimes it's my life I can't taste
    Sometimes I cannot feel my face
    You'll never see me fall from grace
    Something takes a part of me
    You and I were meant to be
    A cheap fuck for me to lay
    Something takes a part of me
    So fight, something on the ming-a-boo
    Fight, some things they fight
    So something on the ming-a-boo
    Fight, some things they fight
    Fight, something on the ming-a-boo
    No, some things they fight
    Fight something on the ming-a-boo
    Fight, some things they fight
    Something takes a part of me
    You and I were meant to be
    A cheap fuck for me to lay
    Something takes a part of me
    Part of me
    Part of me
    Part of me

  • esequio calzada
    esequio calzada 3 місяці тому +43

    This is one of the first rock songs I heard growing up and it's still a banger!! Timeless song!!!

    • ArcticAngel1
      ArcticAngel1 2 дні тому

      I don’t want this to sound racist, but don’t they kind of look like a bunch of black people with their afro-like hair with the exception of the drummer? 😅

  • Visca el Barça•
    Visca el Barça• 3 місяці тому +237

    2023 and this still hits like it just came out!! 🤌

  • Sharon Harvey
    Sharon Harvey 10 днів тому +4

    I'm 49 and I still crank this up to full volume 🤘🤘🤘❤❤

  • Ozymandias ➊
    Ozymandias ➊ 6 місяців тому +5844

    *A message to the future generations:*
    _Don't let this song die._

    • PVP Cash
      PVP Cash 6 місяців тому +20

      I agree

    • Kimberly Ann
      Kimberly Ann 6 місяців тому +14

      Same thing he said..K

    • High Octane
      High Octane 6 місяців тому +16

      @Kimberly Ann working on it. dont even like it but still listen.

    • the hurt chicken
      the hurt chicken 6 місяців тому +4

      True bot bot

    • Kimberly Ann
      Kimberly Ann 6 місяців тому +4

      @the hurt chicken wth no chkn chkn on a leash ....legendary lol I am who are u what is ur name etc.where u at who u with whatcha doing? Times tickin'

  • Fikey
    Fikey 7 днів тому +10

    I was a teen in college when this came out. It was on heavy rotation on MTV and to this day it's still the coolest thing I've ever heard. So unconventional as is the entire album. You bet your backside my anticipation for the album's release was really intense. Even the album cover art and video are so original and iconic.
    It took Nu-metal to breathe new life into a stale genre stuck in its own convention and I lament what it became. But at least all the phony copycat candy floss died at the wayside and Korn are still going.

    • Joosh
      Joosh 6 днів тому

      Yeah, but now we have Imagine Dragons! 💀

  • Dakota Lawhorne
    Dakota Lawhorne 27 днів тому +116

    This song is exactly how I feel right now, one of the best songs they made 🤘

    • aemivs
      aemivs 20 днів тому +4


    • Rin Angel
      Rin Angel 16 днів тому +2

      Me too but we live and let live.....something was raped and taken from me but I got over it...pray for me.🥺

    • The GodDamn Batman
      The GodDamn Batman 16 днів тому +2

      ​@Rin Angel don't worry. It will be ok ❤❤❤❤🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Rin Angel
      Rin Angel 15 днів тому +2

      @The GodDamn Batman Thank you

    • The GodDamn Batman
      The GodDamn Batman 14 днів тому +1

      @Rin Angel ❤️😊

  • southern 'merican
    southern 'merican 14 днів тому +1

    just got goosebumps for some reason. but this does take me back........

  • Isaiah Voss
    Isaiah Voss 4 місяці тому +84

    Time goes by after 25 years this song was released. I wasn't even around when this banger released but it's a nu metal masterpiece until this day. I may not be a fan of Korn but this song is still relatable to many people.

    • Texas Swift
      Texas Swift 3 місяці тому +1

      I was sliding rails on in-lines back when this song was released. That seems like forever ago now.

  • Aleff Designer
    Aleff Designer 2 місяці тому +13

    Essa música é uma obra prima 18 anos depois continuo curtindo

  • Ako Ni
    Ako Ni 6 місяців тому +2881

    when you get older these songs aren't just "fun" to listen to anymore.
    They will creep up and hit right in the heart.

    • Living In Interesting Times
      Living In Interesting Times 6 місяців тому +76

      I find that when you go through trauma as a child somehow it feels worse when you are older.

    • 9ineDz
      9ineDz 5 місяців тому +20

      So true those memories and moments we had during these days just bring you back to a point you wish u never left from

    • Angel june
      Angel june 5 місяців тому +6

      @Living In Interesting Times this💯

    • Sector7Solutions
      Sector7Solutions 5 місяців тому +55

      Yeah the boom dah dah boom na na ee na part just really penetrates to the soul now

    • Ashley Briones
      Ashley Briones 4 місяці тому +1


  • Kyle Harvey
    Kyle Harvey 2 місяці тому +29

    Man i cant explain how much i Love these guys they have been my favorite band ever since day one for me I've seen them twice in early 2000s Born in 1987 i can sing almost every song word for word just a huge fan

    • 19 87
      19 87 2 місяці тому +3

      Also born in february 1987 and yes its music of childhood🔥

    • Jami
      Jami 2 місяці тому +2

      1987 most iconic band of our generation. I asked for it for my bday and it came in my Easter basket ironically from my stepmom because my real mom wouldn’t buy it for me. #millennial

    • Kyle Harvey
      Kyle Harvey Місяць тому

      @Jami that sucks man im not gonna poke fun at that hope all is well with you these days i remember going with my father to walmart buying a korn CD that was a HUGE mistake on my part stupid edited BS

    • axsuriaa_
      axsuriaa_ Місяць тому

      @Kyle Harvey why was it a mistake (if you feel like telling me)

    • Kyle Harvey
      Kyle Harvey Місяць тому

      @Axsuriaa_ walmart only sold Edited CDs if i went to a actual music store nothing would of been edited out

  • AJ Dyer
    AJ Dyer 12 днів тому

    I remember when this song came out in high school, it was everywhere, and for that reason I've deamed myself old, great.

  • Braulio Pérez Cutlhi
    Braulio Pérez Cutlhi Місяць тому

    2023 aún escuchando Korn,🇲🇽 Queretarock

  • Prosveshenie Moe
    Prosveshenie Moe 24 дні тому +14

    Так же качает как и больше 20 лет назад . Вечно и мощно.

    • Dasha Kulsha
      Dasha Kulsha 23 дні тому

      Обожаю голос Джонатана Дэвиса ❤

  • José Da Costa
    José Da Costa 2 місяці тому +12

    que diferencia verlos como GENTE que canta BRUTAL con tremendo ritmo y no soin unos freak shows como ahora veo que son los rockeros de hoy día que ni se entiende que rayos quieren decir. Siempre bestiales, clasicos por siempre

  • P.
    P. 16 днів тому

    This takes me back to middle school when it came out. So iconic

  • Rhonda
    Rhonda 2 роки тому +4378

    My son loved you all so much.He was murdered in May of 2016.All I got is memories and you guys are a big part of that.When I miss him I listen to you and makes me feel that he is here.Love it and won't ever forget how my son rocked hard to you.Thank you for the memories.

    • idekathispoint
      idekathispoint 2 роки тому +407

      May your son rest in peace my condolences are out to you and your family. 🙏

    • Queen of Punt
      Queen of Punt 2 роки тому +183

      I'm so sorry

    • Queen of Punt
      Queen of Punt 2 роки тому +159

      Sending out hugs to you, you're such strong lady and i know it's hard:( I teared up after seeing your comment. I'm with you if you ever need anyone to talk to. We're all here for you. Also sending strength and prayers your way.

    • reuniteireland
      reuniteireland 2 роки тому +88

      Sorry to hear about his death. The music will live on hopefully as a positive memory for you.

    • Rhonda
      Rhonda 2 роки тому +98

      I will never get tired of listening to them.Im in my 50s and they will always rock in my heart forever.Much love to you all.Truly great talent.

  • João Pedro Silva Dantas
    João Pedro Silva Dantas 3 місяці тому +23

    Conheci o rock 2005 através do meu tio (padrinho), korn era banda favorita dele ano passado 2022 perdi ele, e korn sempre me fará lembrar os momentos que tive com ele! Gratidão ❤

  • Cynthia Candela
    Cynthia Candela 2 місяці тому +9

    KORN🤩🤩🤩los fans latinoamericanos y de lima Perú los esperan con ansias!!!!...como me remonta a esas épocas del colegio con sus videos en MTVLA....🤟🤟🤟larga vida al rock y al metal siendo 2023....siempre presente🤩🤩🤩💜💜

  • izzie
    izzie Місяць тому +13

    listened to korn all the time when i was... 15-25, now in my 40s and still love them, still resonates with me and fits me

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 3 місяці тому +12

    Korn came out when I was 4, but thanks to my uncle who was in high-school at the time they came out. He got me on this kind of music, now I'm 32 and korn is still the shit and they're still killing it

    • Zeno_Gaming
      Zeno_Gaming 15 днів тому

      Massive respect to your uncle, man. Korn just hits that spot kinda like SlipKnot or S.O.A.D.

  • Peter
    Peter Місяць тому +7

    I'm 26 years old but when I was a small child I remember seeing the room with all the sun rays and the bullet going through the town....It took me over 20 years of having those images stuck in my head until I finally stumbled upon here to see what I've been questioning the whole time. The song is good as ever and will stand the test of time.

  • Stuart Saint
    Stuart Saint 10 місяців тому +2688

    That riff after the "GO!" is a killer

    • Dex
      Dex 9 місяців тому +83

      It's like intense acceleration from standstill.

    • bunny dumpling
      bunny dumpling 8 місяців тому +11


    • mmMmichaelJacksonNnn
      mmMmichaelJacksonNnn 8 місяців тому +33

      Neck currently hurting rn 😅

    • ON!ON
      ON!ON 8 місяців тому +16

      Bro I just had one of the most intense goosebumps ever in that moment

    • Alejandro Suarez Werner
      Alejandro Suarez Werner 8 місяців тому +8

      a *painkiller?

  • Victory! Comics
    Victory! Comics 3 місяці тому +19

    Saw them live in 2021, they didn't miss a step. The greatest rock concert I've been to.

  • Marcos
    Marcos 18 днів тому +10

    La nostalgia de escucharlos antes y ahora, será un apreciado recuerdo futuro. 💀💀

    • ArcticAngel1
      ArcticAngel1 2 дні тому

      I don’t want this to sound racist, but don’t they kind of look like a bunch of black people with their afro-like hair with the exception of the drummer? 😅

  • amy lee
    amy lee 20 днів тому +14

    When I feel depressed, I will listen to Korn's music. It reminds me of my youth when there were no problems 😢

    • aemivs
      aemivs 20 днів тому +2

      Omg Yesss me tooo

    • LaegWorld
      LaegWorld 19 днів тому +2


    • _Scorpio
      _Scorpio  16 днів тому +2


  • Will D.
    Will D. 3 місяці тому +12

    These guys owned 1999. You'd put on the rock radio stations and their songs were on so much. Damn this is still so good.

  • Ellis Whitworth
    Ellis Whitworth 2 роки тому +2956

    When I was 16 I played this all the time, yesterday I heard 2 16yo playing this from their phone. I’m 37 now

  • Jesús Alberto Escalante Reyes
    Jesús Alberto Escalante Reyes 9 днів тому +20

    Timeless classic.

  • Denise Siddon
    Denise Siddon Місяць тому +17

    Almost 47 years old now and still play it regularly 🖤

    • _Scorpio
      _Scorpio  14 днів тому

      Keep it up! I'm almost 40 and still listen to it!

  • Tifa Ann
    Tifa Ann 26 днів тому +48

    I am so greatful for this song & for Korn as they helped me greatly as a youth dealing with abuse 💛 💖 I am still here and going strong! 🎉 thank you

  • Juliana Rodrigues da Silva
    Juliana Rodrigues da Silva Місяць тому +7

    música de verdade 😍

  • Feral Cypher
    Feral Cypher Рік тому +1143

    I remember when this debuted on MTV. It immediately had heavy airplay. This video was always amazing. I love the animation and artistic direction they took. Definitely a classic!!

    • Nazri Buang
      Nazri Buang Рік тому +2

      Lies again? Harvard Barcelona Orlando

    • James Rudland
      James Rudland Рік тому +13

      Todd MacFarlane did the animation and visual effects.

    • Darq V
      Darq V Рік тому +2

      Hunter Vonnegut the best underground band on earth is The Treatment OKC. so underground that there's very little evidence of their existence online. the band gave me a mixtape last year of the album they made 20 years ago. it's so damn good, I want to spread the word about them but their album isn't even on the internet! it's on a CD lmfao.

    • Paradigmshift22
      Paradigmshift22 Рік тому

      Hell yeah, I guess we're old now eh..

    • T
      T Рік тому +5

      @Darq V If you load the CD into your computer, you're usually able to copy the music files onto your own. Then you can upload them to a SoundCloud and show people this unknown masterpiece.

  • Voodoo Opaque
    Voodoo Opaque 2 місяці тому +8

    They where ahead of there time and had a unique sound to them.
    that’s something I would like to hear more in the modern alternative scene

  • Júnior Santana
    Júnior Santana 4 місяці тому +8

    Música e clipe mais épicos já criados.

  • Angel 84
    Angel 84 Місяць тому +17

    Way too ahead of the times and literally a perfect example of a perfect album

  • James Cardella
    James Cardella 3 місяці тому +11

    Korn started a music revolution for the teens out there during their era. I made great friends, had great times and spent a lot of money on Kik wear and jnco jeans. When bands stop being in the mainstream radio play you appreciate them a lot more.such good times with the great music they made and how it contributed to giving the teens a sense of belonging.

  • Anastasia_December
    Anastasia_December 2 дні тому +1

    KoRn is a masterpiece

  • Kim king
    Kim king 6 місяців тому +1772

    I’m 62 and just recently discovered this song. Now it’s always in my head. Love it!

    • Zedetnik
      Zedetnik 6 місяців тому +91

      you, dear sir, are a champion!

    • sfgiants5486
      sfgiants5486 6 місяців тому +35

      i was in 8th grade when this came out, wasn't into rock at the time but this song was like opening the floodgates for me.

    • huff
      huff 6 місяців тому +10

      this is a beautiful story, rock on man! 🤟

    • Jc
      Jc 5 місяців тому +5

      Check out “wake up hate” from Korn👍

    • Sierra
      Sierra 5 місяців тому +8

      Discovered this song at 8 (latchkey kid haha) and it changed my life. Korn has no age! Love this

  • Lil Mick 🐊 Dundee
    Lil Mick 🐊 Dundee Місяць тому +91

    KOЯN kicked off the greatest genre and paved a way for many great bands to follow. Glad I was able to watch all this unfold in person. Being a 80s baby I believe we came up in the best time in music, for all genre's

    • Valvrhan Raven
      Valvrhan Raven 26 днів тому +3

      En Europe entre les musiques rave et le hard rock, métal.. La meilleur période musical !

    • Psychedelic Narwhal
      Psychedelic Narwhal 16 днів тому +2

      How'd you get the r backwards

    • Krissy moon
      Krissy moon 15 днів тому +2

      u did come up in the best time of everything, i wish I was born in the 80s instead of the 90s, i was too young to enjoy anything and now everything is garbage and a cash grab lol

    • g
      g 12 днів тому

      ​@Psychedelic Narwhal Russian keyboard Я

  • dem
    dem 3 місяці тому +10

    It's been six years since I started listening to Korn, without a doubt it's the best in the world

  • Meep Atrus
    Meep Atrus Місяць тому +6

    this song always gives me memories like getting drunk way underage, playing poker with my mums adult friends, trespassing for an ‘adventure’ and going down sketchy ally ways with my friends as a teen. These memories are all so vivid when this song plays:)

  • Frejborg
    Frejborg 2 місяці тому +253

    Honestly, one of the coolest music videos ever made. Extremely well produced with attention to detail, and great effects.

    • Ζoia
      Ζoia 25 днів тому +5

      Do the Evolution by Pearl Jam gives off the same vibe with the old-school animation. Check it out.

    • Brad Silvers
      Brad Silvers 20 днів тому +1

      Type in BULLETS POV Freak on a Leash..awesome

    • southern 'merican
      southern 'merican 14 днів тому

      this was back when music videos were worth watching !

  • ☆ William Bl00m ☆
    ☆ William Bl00m ☆ 20 днів тому +1

    god i LOVE this song and the music video with it

  • Rowdy
    Rowdy 2 роки тому +2667

    This song is timeless. Still hits just as hard in 2020

  • AudioDollar
    AudioDollar 12 годин тому

    This nu metal music is a sonic assault on the senses. It's heavy, aggressive, and absolutely captivating.

  • helen AU
    helen AU 2 місяці тому +6

    got into Korn in 90s, here I am 65 and still love them

  • BostonBlues
    BostonBlues 2 місяці тому +5

    this was my favorite music video on MTV when I was young, truly miss the times when all songs came with a mini movie to go along with them ❤️

  • Joao lazaro Bastos
    Joao lazaro Bastos 3 місяці тому +23

    Fez parte da minha adolescência i Love You korn

  • Julio Sánchez
    Julio Sánchez Місяць тому +8

    Está música me recuerda cuando tenía una edad de 7 año y la ponía en un radio a toda gaver y vea y mis amigos le gustaba el vídeo y ahora tengo 38 años y todavía la escucho viva el rock alternativo lo mejor dela vieja escuela

  • •Always Barcelona•
    •Always Barcelona• 2 роки тому +8169

    This song makes me want to break in someone's house and toast all their bread and put it back in the bag.

    • TheParkerparkerShow
      TheParkerparkerShow 2 роки тому +91


    • Horse
      Horse 2 роки тому +357

      This song makes me want to eat the skins of all the KFC pieces then leave them in a bucket

    • krystal
      krystal 2 роки тому +39

      felt that

    • TMZ News
      TMZ News 2 роки тому +101

      that's actually evil

    • •Hail To The King•
      •Hail To The King• 2 роки тому +9

      Visca BARÇAAAAAAAAA💙❤💪

  • Scoot_
    Scoot_ 2 місяці тому +12

    Korns Music Has Helped Me Get Through My Depression. There Will always be a special place in my heart for them. ❤

  • Christina Miller
    Christina Miller 20 днів тому +2

    Its 2023 and this still hits ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Gregory Felten
    Gregory Felten 18 днів тому +1

    24 years and this video is still as bad ass as when it premiered

  • It’s_Hammer_Time
    It’s_Hammer_Time 4 місяці тому +17

    My mid teens right here.. 40 now and this tune still kicks my ass… where did the time go.. going to search some deaftons and anthrax now 😍

    • AlexaRae83
      AlexaRae83 4 місяці тому

      Ahhhh yes Deftones!! Man I miss the music of my younger days. 😊

    • Generic Name
      Generic Name Місяць тому

      Kerrang and Q bruv you know what I mean mate

  • Edwin Revival
    Edwin Revival 2 місяці тому +8

    Uno de mis temas favoritos de esta banda... 🔥🔥🔥

  • Yung Rich Cricket
    Yung Rich Cricket Рік тому +1899

    Still one of the heaviest breakdowns of all time. If you’re a true metal head/like deep riffs, then it’s almost impossible not to headbang at that part

    • SmashBrosPip&Pop
      SmashBrosPip&Pop Рік тому +43

      I was already headbanging when the intro hit

    • Sebi Cross
      Sebi Cross Рік тому +24

      Now I am not saying that there are heavier ones but like listen to deathmetal/deathcore then tell me this is the heaviest

    • Fresh Squeezed Lightning
      Fresh Squeezed Lightning Рік тому +5

      Listen to Dangerous or Fault Line by August Burns Red. Much heavier breakdowns that really induce the headbang lol

    • schnabulator
      schnabulator Рік тому +13

      have you listened to panteras domination over 30 fuckin years ago?

    • kaldo
      kaldo Рік тому +20

      @schnabulator This song is almost 30 years old too, you know

  • Guild Acoustics Blake
    Guild Acoustics Blake Місяць тому +10

    The lyrics at 2:42 really spoke to me on a spiritual level.....

    • Youssef EL HALAOUI
      Youssef EL HALAOUI 28 днів тому

      I always skip this part I cant stand it

    • Will cotterill
      Will cotterill 28 днів тому +3

      @Youssef EL HALAOUIi hope you’re having a bad day

  • Deputy JRook
    Deputy JRook 3 місяці тому +11

    I'm proud to say I remember when Korn first became popular 🖤

  • kdog
    kdog 11 днів тому +2

    3:05 one of the hardest drops in numetal, gives me goosebumps every single time

  • CYB3R2K
    CYB3R2K 17 днів тому +4

    Only recently realized how fucking awesome and creative this music video was... Miss the early 2000s Mtv era.

  • Fabiana Freire
    Fabiana Freire Місяць тому +37

    Desde a adolescência que curto Korn.

  • Paul .G
    Paul .G 2 роки тому +1728

    From the weird beatboxing to the "GO!" has to be the smoothest transsition ever.

    • Lori Littel
      Lori Littel 2 роки тому +17


    • Spencer Clarke
      Spencer Clarke 2 роки тому +43

      That's why it's called MUSIC it's the only reality we have that's in accord with the cosmic orders of the universe

    • EaT YoUR CerEal
      EaT YoUR CerEal 2 роки тому +18

      @Debra Abrams nah

    • burnt spider
      burnt spider 2 роки тому +27

      It's such a good build up like you know the go is coming

  • OlderSnake
    OlderSnake Місяць тому

    Sometimes I cannot take when bands like this won't even swear in their songs

  • phongstar
    phongstar Місяць тому +2

    Korn has like the only singer to be beatboxing on his own song. Korn was like one of the trailblazers back then for 90s hard rock. Insanely popular and successful.

  • heidijo86
    heidijo86 2 місяці тому +6

    This is the song/album that really kicked my love for Korn into hyperdrive. I always find myself playing this entire album and Issues when I wanna feel like I'm 13ish.

    • ArcticAngel1
      ArcticAngel1 2 дні тому

      I don’t want this to sound racist, but don’t they kind of look like a bunch of black people with their afro-like hair with the exception of the drummer? 😅

  • Andres Lopez
    Andres Lopez 22 дні тому +2

    Simplemente gracias Korn!!!!

  • Yannie
    Yannie 3 місяці тому +7

    Que temazo ya es! Estaba en mi playlist y me llamó tanto la atención la parte de pom pan man 2:39 que no paró de escuchar🤣 y ahora es de mis favoritas🤟🎧

  • God Is Great
    God Is Great Рік тому +1420

    I'm still listening to this is 2022! And my Dad took me to see them live, Greatest Concert EVER!!!

    • Alysha Halligan
      Alysha Halligan Рік тому +9


    • Corinne Adair
      Corinne Adair Рік тому +7

      I took my dad to see them it was awesome

    • Christina Null
      Christina Null Рік тому +8

      Their coming to huntington, wv in march of 2022 and even if it kills me, i will be seeing them! Hope you and your Dad had an awesome time!

    • ParcormasterYesIknowIspelleditwrong.
      ParcormasterYesIknowIspelleditwrong. Рік тому +2

      congrats on making it back alive!

    • Shadowfury
      Shadowfury Рік тому +3

      born early 90's and i just love nu metal and alternative metal sooo muccch, they're still amazing

  • CJ, mas também é do rock
    CJ, mas também é do rock 3 місяці тому +10

    O Brasil ama o Korn👍🏾🤝🏾🤘🏾❤️❤️

    • Maicon Cartman
      Maicon Cartman Місяць тому +1

      A única musica que presta!😂😅😅😅

  • Ricardo Enrique
    Ricardo Enrique 3 місяці тому +4

    he estado esperando un remaster de estos videos por años !!!

  • AtlantaCHOLO285
    AtlantaCHOLO285 5 днів тому +1

    This right here hits my soul!😤

  • Shane Denny
    Shane Denny 8 днів тому +5

    Super video from a super group. Korn kills it!!

  • Dank Tanks
    Dank Tanks 2 місяці тому +11

    This album cover will forever live in my head. Thank you dad. Always love you man.

  • Killer Pumpkin
    Killer Pumpkin 2 роки тому +752

    It doesn't matter if you prefer Black, trash, doom, heavy or death, we all love KoЯn

    • Subliminal
      Subliminal 2 роки тому +5

      Killer Pumpkin.. I like that. :) (Your username.)

    • Marisan Aguilar
      Marisan Aguilar 2 роки тому +5

      Agree ❤❤

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      TKMMA 2 роки тому +11

      Bum minimumba bum midamada

    • Valentin Stefanov
      Valentin Stefanov 2 роки тому +6


  • Helmut Dschulnigg
    Helmut Dschulnigg 2 місяці тому +8

    This song was part of my high school years. KORN was one of a kind at that time and has so many good songs.

    • ArcticAngel1
      ArcticAngel1 2 дні тому

      I don’t want this to sound racist, but don’t they kind of look like a bunch of black people with their afro-like hair with the exception of the drummer? 😅

  • Jay Miller
    Jay Miller 2 місяці тому +6

    This video still holds up on its own almost 15 years later

  • Jamie Heinbach
    Jamie Heinbach Місяць тому +2

    I love music, almost every kind from rock country rap etc. But out of everything i listen to this will always be my favorite song ❤❤❤

  • farfetched
    farfetched 3 місяці тому +10

    I've been listening to Korn since I was kid, there music will never get old to me, their music has helped me thru many things, sometimes their music was all I had, love them.

  • Elise Ureste
    Elise Ureste 3 місяці тому +2

    Fucking legendary!!!! Can’t believe I got to see this in concert 😍🔥🔥🔥

  • Barcelona Forever
    Barcelona Forever 2 роки тому +1652

    This song makes me wanna cross the road without holding my mum's hand.

  • Chowder Pilot
    Chowder Pilot Місяць тому +1

    With the pace nailed down by the superb rhythm section of Reginald Arvizu and David Silveria, Brian Welch has the space to weave his hypnotic riffs but he saves his guitar's real power until 'that' moment at 3:06 when he drops the wall of distortion down and grinds that four-chord progression over and over like a wave grinds over the submerged reef that tripped it. This track's originality, ferocious groove, and ability to surprise still hold up after almost a quarter century. Mad respect.

  • gabriel carter
    gabriel carter Місяць тому +6

    God i love his voice 😌

  • Jean Perez
    Jean Perez 2 місяці тому +2

    To think that when this song came out I was 7 years old and today, March 15, 2023, I still listen to it because it is a true success.

  • aaron versionwo
    aaron versionwo 2 місяці тому +22

    This film clip (since I loved Korn as a kid) inspired me to get into 3d graphics. The first thing I rendered was a 3d bullet flying through the air. Which got me into photography. All my friends were in bands so I photographed bands. I got good at music photography and so I started photographing at music festivals. Then got the opportunity to photograph Korn at a festival. It's crazy how the universe works.

  • Victor Tavarez
    Victor Tavarez 2 місяці тому +3

    Uno de los mejores videos del rock. me gusta desde el primer dia por alla por el 2001. cuando lo vi.

  • Eduardo Sandoval
    Eduardo Sandoval 2 роки тому +927

    Let's be honest. Everyone loves this song for this 3:05 one of the sickest breakdowns of any nu metal song

    • YoshimitsuThePartyNinja
      YoshimitsuThePartyNinja 2 роки тому +57

      I'm honestly willing to go so far as to say it is the single best breakdown to come out of Nu Metal. The buildup and release is outright perfect.

    • K0teL
      K0teL 2 роки тому +39

      Actually, I'm here for the sake of 2:37 .It reminds me of when I was Australopithecus.

    • Chris P. Bacon
      Chris P. Bacon 2 роки тому +1

      I've heard way better son

    • Eduardo Sandoval
      Eduardo Sandoval 2 роки тому +14

      @Chris P. Bacon lets see this better you speak of

    • Cuzjudd
      Cuzjudd 2 роки тому +15

      @YoshimitsuThePartyNinja metalcore think they know breakdowns. Korn invented the breakdown

  • Vlad
    Vlad 4 місяці тому +6

    Korn my beloved, been listening to this song since i was 6 years old, im currently 16. Awesome band considering my mom showed them to me.


    One of the Best songs in 90s🤘👍

  • Fahad Zahoor
    Fahad Zahoor Місяць тому +34

    3:05 how did they produce such heavy guitar sound??? I've never heard anything like that before.

    • Nicsmovies
      Nicsmovies Місяць тому +3

      Drop tuning- Also see: Kyuss

    • pablocarvp
      pablocarvp 29 днів тому +9

      believe or not, a good bass mix does more than half the job when comes to heavy parts. like in this song

    • telephonic
      telephonic 28 днів тому +2

      @pablocarvp Word.

    • NatureShorts
      NatureShorts 28 днів тому +1

      I always thought that part was awesome.

    • Fim
      Fim 28 днів тому

      @pablocarvp bass is doing nothing for that riff, you can hear it in the background doing slaps or whatever. It’s just a lot of layered guitars pushed forward in the mix for the breakdown.

  • ScrapzGD
    ScrapzGD 4 місяці тому +7

    i dont care if this is old, its a banger and i will always love this song, from my childhood

    • KoRn
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    • KoRn
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  • Ty Clays
    Ty Clays 2 місяці тому +2

    Personally this will never get old