I Only Ate Pixar Foods For 24 Hours

  • Опубліковано 1 січ 2021
  • From Remy’s ratatouille, to Riley’s least favorite broccoli pizza from Inside Out, I challenged myself to only make and eat some of Pixar’s most iconic foods for 24 hours. A tribute to the amount of attention and detail Pixar puts into their films, and also, just personally, from one Pixar fan to another, what better way is there to celebrate some of the world’s best animated films and shorts?
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  • Inga Lam
    Inga Lam Рік тому +6

    is it obvious that I’m kind of obsessed with Pixar.. there were so many more I wanted to do 😭

    TEAL3AF Рік тому +339

    I thought I was the only one who thought the broccoli pizza looked appetizing 💀

  • Jason Enrico
    Jason Enrico Рік тому +659

    not gonna lie, i felt really betrayed when i learned that About To Eat is still part of BuzzFeed.

  • BugHwi
    BugHwi Рік тому +6

    You should do Harry Potter food next!

  • Linda Moulton
    Linda Moulton Рік тому +622

    Holy smokes, that Broccoli Pizza looked AMAZING

  • Rushati Mukherjee
    Rushati Mukherjee Рік тому +464

    Ratatouille the movie made me realise how much I appreciated the art of cooking and it's my all-time favourite animated movie. Inga did SUCH an amazing job of recreating it - and I feel like I might try to make it at home now!

  • vishnu priya
    vishnu priya Рік тому +3

    Can you try Indian foods for 24 hours ? It would be really exciting

  • Avery Graham-Howard
    Avery Graham-Howard Рік тому +34

    Every time Inga makes something she ate growing up it's infused with so much love and nostalgia, watching someone make bao and talk about her experiences with her family is so sweet!!

  • Elissa Glick
    Elissa Glick Рік тому +481

    Fentons is actually a historic Ice Cream shop in Oakland, not San Francisco. It opened in 1894. They did open another location in Vacaville in 2007. Not trying to be rude or anything because Inga probably didn't know it's in Oakland, I just wanted to mention it because it is such an iconic spot for both locals and tourists. The Fentons shop in the movie is even modeled after the original shop on Piedmont Ave. If you ever find yourself in the Bay, I HIGHLY recommend coming to Oakland and visiting. The ice cream is truly amazing (just be prepared for a very long line 😂).

  • nishchaya nish
    nishchaya nish Рік тому +1

    The way inga poked the pizza dough and made the "uhuhu" sound.. is so similar to the signature "happy alvin noises" in his videos. Cyuuuuteee

  • Alysa Ceron
    Alysa Ceron Рік тому +500

    try a country's dishes for 24 hrs too 🤗 id love to see PH-food-wise, it wouldn't taste so foreign for you, asian cuisines, i believe, taste quite alike. :)

  • Bonilyn Teh
    Bonilyn Teh Рік тому +1

    Y'all, inga's little "hmmm" when she ate the icecream 🥺

  • Maggie RB
    Maggie RB Рік тому +27

    French girl here, I love your ratatouille, it seems delicious and your prononciation is on point! Also about the having a dessert just after diner, don't worry, it is normal to feel like sweet after a french dish, we almost always have one. For the memories, french kids don't like ratatouille, because as most child, they don't like veggies too, I remember going to the theater to see a film about a rat with the name of my most hatred school lunch on the trailer (it wasn't a very good start 😂) and falling in love with Pixar through the movie, and having water in my mouth when they served the ratatouille. I still disliked eating ratatouille until growing up, and it is now a dish i enjoy. So don't worry, most child memories around the dish isn't a "Madeleine de Proust"^^

  • Heather Bailie
    Heather Bailie Рік тому +18

    When I taught Core French, I needed to keep the kids interested, so we did movie studies, and lots of cooking. When we did Ratatouille, we made both the confit & a traditional ratatouille, then the kids had to write which one they preferred and why. They all liked the confit better, mainly because they said it was more fun to make! (Side note: I was amazed that they loved frog's legs for another unit!)

  • Alice Liddell (Allucyna)
    Alice Liddell (Allucyna) Рік тому +121

    French girl here, actually the "ratatouille" you see in Ratatouille is called a "Tian" or "Tian à la provençale". It's the same ingrediants but plating and cooked in a different way! :)

  • I'm a Furry
    I'm a Furry Рік тому +85

    I love how Inga always stays true to her heritage

  • cee loves bangtan
    cee loves bangtan Рік тому +11

    the amount of dedication and research Inga puts into a video like this is insane and adorable, love you Inga!! ❤

  • The Dexter
    The Dexter Рік тому +28

    Inga just created one of the most beautiful pizzas I've ever seen.

  • Maddie
    Maddie Рік тому +338

    Same in Indian families when our parents call us they usually ask "have you eaten? "/" Are you eating well? "/" Is your stomach full? " 😂 just like you explained was in the Chinese culture 😇

  • Alicia Norris
    Alicia Norris Рік тому +2

    I actually love it so much that you mix the pork in a clockwise motion 😊 in kitchen witchcraft, that's how you infuse positive feelings into cooking! 🥰🥰😍