4 Ways We Use Strawberries

  • Опубліковано 5 чер 2023
  • We make 4 different dishes using strawberries and talk about it!
    Recipe Alvin made:
    “Fresh Strawberry Milk Recipe | HANSE”
    • 리얼 딸기 우유 만들기 Fres...
    Recipe Andrew made:
    Strawberry Parfait with Olive Oil Cake
    Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller and Sebastien Rouxel
    Inga’s recipe inspired by:
    Easy Homemade Strawberry Fruit Leather
    Baked by Rachel
    Strawberry Leather
    Epicurious | Shelley Wiseman
    Recipe Rie made:
    いちごのコクテイル (Strawberry Cocktail)
    Jun'ichi Nakahara
    0:00 Intro
    0:50 Alvin - Strawberry milk
    4:23 Andrew - Strawberry parfait
    14:28 Inga - Strawberry pomegranate fruit leather
    19:48 Rie - Strawberry cocktail
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  • raj dey
    raj dey Рік тому +3426

    This series/channel is basically Andrew's development arc.

    • lq 616
      lq 616 Рік тому +39

      underrated comment

    • Wandisile Somdyala
      Wandisile Somdyala Рік тому +20

      I was thinking about the very same thing!!

    • Kluivert Tchicolo
      Kluivert Tchicolo Рік тому +37

      Yes! I mean, when my boy said "parfait" 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Sherlock Holmes
      Sherlock Holmes Рік тому +5

      What do you mean??

    • Kanade
      Kanade Рік тому +34

      yea worth it is his flashback story why he become cook, he remember his memory with his friend steven then now is ATE is his development arc

  • Sam 1057
    Sam 1057 Рік тому +1913

    Okay here's an idea! Add Rie's boozy strawberry to Andrew's Parfait, top that up with Alvin's Strawberry Milk and garnish the whole whole thing with Inga's Fruit leather strips! A good name for this would be Death by Strawberry!

    • Molly’s Cozy Kitchen
      Molly’s Cozy Kitchen Рік тому +43

      I absolutely LOVE that idea!

    • Prasi Girish
      Prasi Girish Рік тому +41

      Seems like a dream to a strawberry loving addict like me ✨👄✨👌

    • NokChamp
      NokChamp Рік тому +28

      The idea of each of them providing a key aspect of a dish seems like a pretty fun idea actually.

    • Prudence Gunawan
      Prudence Gunawan Рік тому +5

      That's exactly what I thought!! Put them all together y'all!! ^w^

  • Ben Beare
    Ben Beare Рік тому +2209

    These 4 should make a cookbook of all their recipes for everyone to have, that would FLY off the shelves!
    Just to clarify, this cook book would be some of their own recipes and recipes they like that others own and they would just give credit to the original creator. I think everyone can agree we watch this people we love the food, but more importantly, the people involved.

    • Dinda
      Dinda Рік тому +16

      i will definitely preorder it right now

    • Alfian
      Alfian Рік тому +23

      but their recipes are from other books, so it will be like a compilation of recipes?

    • Ma. Sofia Alberto
      Ma. Sofia Alberto Рік тому +2


    • Venessa Fagan 🇯🇲
      Venessa Fagan 🇯🇲 Рік тому +2


    • Shamika Tapasvi
      Shamika Tapasvi Рік тому +15

      But if you wathc closely, mosty none of the recipes they make are developed by them. They're following someone else's recipe.

  • Cassiopeione
    Cassiopeione Рік тому +5187

    Since Rie is finally incorporating alcohol in her dishes again, why not have an alcohol episode? Hmm? Thoughts? Anyone?

  • Angel
    Angel Рік тому +600

    love inga and alvin's culinary contrast - inga usually makes out of the box, experinental dishes that always turn out amazing! while alvin perfects classic familiar dishes and makes it gourmet

  • Riki
    Riki Рік тому +580

    Love how everyone's faces lighted up when Rie talked about her son. They all love him so much 😇

  • NiNi Na
    NiNi Na Рік тому +265

    You are always so kind and appreciative of each other, I love that. And nobody rolls their eyes when e.g. Inga says "homemade muscovado syrup" or Andrew gets excited about exactly hitting 50 grams of egg. You always support each other, you are such a gift to the cooking community and the internet.

  • Bhargav B
    Bhargav B Рік тому +313

    This was super fun. Earlier episodes of this series had a zoom class kinda vibe as an undertone. This one has a cheerful/jovial vibe. The playful jokes and all.

    • Rex
      Rex Рік тому +9

      Breakout room fun time =))

  • DannasaurusRex
    DannasaurusRex Рік тому +222

    My sister has been a qualified pastry chef for over 17 years, and she recommends raising the bowl to mix the ingredients at the bottom too. 😂😂

  • Samantha Justine Zamora
    Samantha Justine Zamora Рік тому +108

    My family also does Alvin's version but with a twist. A family "recipe"
    We mash the strawberries (leaving in some chunks),
    and instead of turning it into a compote and adding sugar, we simply add condensed milk already (no milk necessary at this point) and mix it together
    And then top it off with ice.
    Leave it in the fridge to chill, or you can put it in the freezer for a couple of hours if you want it to turn into sort of an ice/cream or sorbet type of texture.
    We do it every summer and it's always a hit.

    • Ainsley Jordan
      Ainsley Jordan Рік тому

      sweetened condensed milk or no?

    • Aisha Mapara
      Aisha Mapara Рік тому

      We do the exact same thing!

    • wpc456cpw
      wpc456cpw Рік тому

      This. Sounds. DELICIOUS!!!! 😍 I’m going to try making this!!!!

    • Kadie Blaine
      Kadie Blaine Рік тому

      @Ainsley Jordan probably so that its sweet. They said they dont add sugar :)

  • hayleydid
    hayleydid Рік тому +184

    For anyone who was hoping for a savoury recipe from Inga and was disappointed, look into Strawberry, basil and feta salad! Very popular and definitely savoury :)

    • Clément
      Clément Рік тому +2

      Not really tho

    • hayleydid
      hayleydid Рік тому +1

      @Clément Not really what?

    • Clément
      Clément Рік тому +2

      @hayleydid Yeah !

    • hayleydid
      hayleydid Рік тому +2

      @Clément What??

    • Ainsley Jordan
      Ainsley Jordan Рік тому +2

      yes with balsamic vinegar and olive oil :)

  • Molly’s Cozy Kitchen
    Molly’s Cozy Kitchen Рік тому +317

    You should do "4 ways we use buckwheat flour"! I love buckwheat flour, it's so versatile and it's great in savory or sweet baked goods.
    Edit: Andrew and Rie both used Harry's Berries!! Harry's berries are incredible!

    • TheGoodWitchLuzura
      TheGoodWitchLuzura Рік тому +1

      One of them could make buckwheat blinis?

    • Molly’s Cozy Kitchen
      Molly’s Cozy Kitchen Рік тому +1

      @TheGoodWitchLuzura Oh, nice! Yeah, that would be awesome, too.

    • Den I//Noble Russkie
      Den I//Noble Russkie Рік тому +1

      @TheGoodWitchLuzura buckwheat blini canape with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, and dill is one of the all time elite foods

    • wpc456cpw
      wpc456cpw Рік тому

      @Den I//Noble Russkie fugggg that sounds delicious 😍

  • jillmiranda07
    jillmiranda07 Рік тому +78

    This is such a great series. I hope they make more of these. I'd love to see them do staple ingredients (rice, eggs, soy sauce etc) and some specialty ingredients (maybe something mostly used in their culture/childhood or something suggested by a viewer).

    • audrey🌳🌙
      audrey🌳🌙 Рік тому

      yesss id love some where they do rice and beans and stuff like that. so theres more ideas to use up stuff in the pantry

  • Aikaaa
    Aikaaa Рік тому +98

    Andrew's parfait is insane! Love how he challenges himself to create something complicated. I want to do the same and I'll start by buying that book!

  • yesitsme
    yesitsme Рік тому +62

    It's cute that Inga and Alvin would complement/acknowledge each other. 💙

  • CaliH Han
    CaliH Han Рік тому +3

    The Bouchon Bakery book is so inspiring and has a lot of ambitious, fantastic recipes! Love to see the parfait here

  • Wolfing It Down
    Wolfing It Down Рік тому +125

    I love seeing how each of you think when processing a culinary challenge

  • Meg Brezinski
    Meg Brezinski Рік тому +21

    An audible “yay” everytime a new video comes out ! I think anyone really into cooking would love Manresa’s strawberry gazpacho and fig leaf curd. It’s savory sweet and vegetal with both a crunchy and smooth mouthfeel. If nothing else, the cookbook is gorgeous. Thanks for all of the great recipes!

  • Arya Gupta
    Arya Gupta Рік тому +32

    this is literally my current favorite YT channel:'')
    the production, the creators, everything is just spot on !!

  • wening nawangwulan
    wening nawangwulan Рік тому +63

    Watch this series, when they cook at their own home make me feel "i also can cook this"
    Loveyou guys

  • Suomi Nalle
    Suomi Nalle Рік тому +20

    Rie being agressive over parfait is full on my favourite thing 😂❤️ ”you know where I live!”

  • Tozer's Kitchen
    Tozer's Kitchen Рік тому +20

    you should do oats! they are so versatile, I'd be so intrigued to see what you all make!

  • eli
    eli Рік тому


  • Jason Dai
    Jason Dai Рік тому +25

    The green leafy top of the strawberry is called the hull. So when you are removing it, that process is called hulling the strawberry :)

    • Alvin Yung
      Alvin Yung Рік тому +1

      This is fact. There are specific gadgets and tools sold as strawberry dehullers too which removes the hull as well as the *pith* which is that inner core, usually white, that Rie removes by using the tip of her knife!

  • Jacob Peeb
    Jacob Peeb Рік тому

    These recipes look bomb 😋 also Alvin don't sell yourself short, you are really good at what you do 🙂❤️

  • Elisa Maia
    Elisa Maia Рік тому +7

    Rie, if you're reading this I recommend you store your strawberrys in an air tight container or an old jam jar, it lasts longer 💕

  • Montana
    Montana Рік тому +7

    I love this type of conversational show. It’s almost like a class presentation which I just think is kinda fun and exciting haha!

  • Alaiddin Emre Özyurt
    Alaiddin Emre Özyurt Місяць тому

    09:46 the way Inga says Custard is so adorable lol
    She‘s so cute
    I swear Rie, Alvin and Inga are some of my favourite people on the internet

  • Cindy&BenForever
    Cindy&BenForever Рік тому +1

    Tip, if you're making the strawberry milk cut up the fruit thinly and cover with sugar then leave overnight (generally something you can do with most fruit for jam)
    It's also yummy to put on ice-cream just like that

  • JM_9_WI MA
    JM_9_WI MA Рік тому +33

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they have to incorporate each other’s dishes into one afterwards ? Just a thought for when they can do it in person :)

  • Angelina Sanchez
    Angelina Sanchez Рік тому +15

    Yess !! I love HANSE’s recipes for flavored milks, her banana and strawberry milk recipes are amazing 🌸

  • Acadian Bacon
    Acadian Bacon Рік тому +1

    I'm always most excited for Andrew's part because it's lovely to see everyone really get into whatever it is he decided to make.

  • Dhisa Yustiara
    Dhisa Yustiara Рік тому +5

    I really appreciate how Andrew always trying a new things that he's never tried before
    I like Alvin because he gave an easy recipe to try at home, basic and delicious, that's what we need for easy home cooking.
    I always waiting Rie to use alcohol for the recipe even tho I can't drink, she is so "I C O N I C"
    And Inga, her recipe is so extra like usual and that's what I love her and she is always appreciate her mother recipe and really kind to share it.
    Love this Fantastic4 of kitchen and food

  • Nina McKay
    Nina McKay Рік тому

    I love how Birda custard powder is such an exciting product. In the UK, almost every household has a tub of it somewhere!

  • Naomi
    Naomi Рік тому +2

    i love how every episode, the three/four dishes that they make can combine to form a 3/4-course meal or a perfect dish

  • fortytwocents
    fortytwocents Рік тому

    If the stand mixer isn’t reaching the bottom of the bowl, you can turn the screw in the front of the machine to bring the bowl closer to the mixer! There’s an article on Serious Eats about that :)

  • Giovanny Gomez
    Giovanny Gomez Рік тому

    Rei will always make the video 10x better. 100/10 I love these videos

  • Pikachord
    Pikachord Рік тому

    I absolutely love making strawberry and basil cookies or strawberry lemonade Madelines when I get the chance. But these all looked so yummy!!

  • RebelY
    RebelY Рік тому +1

    I love the fact that there's no music, you just enjoy a nice and pure conversation.

  • Becky D
    Becky D Рік тому +2

    Inga: my mom said to make it because it’s expensive
    Also inga: uses expensive ingredients 😂

  • mugen _-_
    mugen _-_ Рік тому +1

    Isn't it ironic that Alvin has all this 100hrs, 72hrs recipe videos on UA-cam but for this series he always makes the simplest dish with the least amount of effort and time. Anyways I'm loving that Alvin can now chill after binge watching his struggles from those giant food he does on tasty 😂

  • Ida Moore
    Ida Moore Рік тому

    I love this series! It's always surprising and inspiring and really beautiful - in the artistic shots of the food and the really sweet and meaningful conversation. Thanks guys

  • Katarína
    Katarína Рік тому +10

    In times when I could eat strawberries I loved to make strawberry milk like Alvin did. I thought everyone knew that’s how you make it. But sometimes I just blended raw strawberries and milk and that’s yummy too. Love all of you guys 🥰

  • NoEnvyNoFear1
    NoEnvyNoFear1 Рік тому

    I usually make like a strawberry pie sort of. It's a pie crust in the bottom and then you melt chocolate over that, add marzipan in a thin layer when the chocolate has hardened, sliced strawberries and then an elderflower whipped cream. Super nice for summer!

  • chrysalis1391
    chrysalis1391 Рік тому +87

    Love love love this series and everyone involved!

  • aberu
    aberu Рік тому +1

    fresh strawberry milk tastes so good! i hate the taste of artificial strawberry especially in milk-- so when i tried the fresh one, it blew my mind. i also made fresh banana milk once and it was really good.

  • VioletSkies
    VioletSkies Рік тому +4

    Rie if you have strawberries that have gone kinda mushy but aren't rotten you can make a strawberry tart tartan or a strawberry upside down cake with some lemon zest in it. Delicious. Also there's always the backup plan of jam which will keep for years.

  • Giovanna Soares de Araújo
    Giovanna Soares de Araújo Рік тому

    Someone needs to introduced Andrew to brazilian Strawberry Caipiroska (witch is basically a version of Capirinha made with vodka and fruit other than lime, so you can use strawberry, passion fruit, kiwi… suit yourself)

    EEDNIX Рік тому +6

    A tip for Andrew! You can adjust the height of the kitchen aid beater. There’s loads of helpful videos on YT on how to do this. Based on the buttercream section, I think you’ve got clearance to lower the beater without hitting your bowl. Hope this helps!

  • Chloe Galloway
    Chloe Galloway Рік тому

    I am so allergic to strawberries but these recipes are so delicious looking.

  • giantsdms
    giantsdms Рік тому +4

    I would to see artichoke being used as a common ingredient, it has such incredible versatility and amazing chemical uniqueness that tricks your tastebuds! I love the content! Keep it up

  • pinn pechs
    pinn pechs Рік тому

    alvin is so relatable. he watches cooking tree, he watches hanse but the difference is, he can cook like a 5 star michelin but i can’t😭

  • cello 24
    cello 24 Рік тому +2

    In my family we do a rhubarb tart with vanilla milk cream et strawberry on top, perfect for summer !

  • Clarice 96
    Clarice 96 Рік тому +4

    another really great episode, I would love to see more fruit/ vegetable specific videos :)

  • Sam Greenslyfox
    Sam Greenslyfox Рік тому +6

    I use a egg crate to store my strawberries this way they don’t touch and bruise quickly. They last double the time in the fridge. 💛🍓

  • Adrian
    Adrian Рік тому

    They should do a tell us what you made avocado video, would love to see what they do with that :))

  • Snow_flake
    Snow_flake Рік тому +130

    I was expecting Inga to make something savory lmao

  • ManuGumi
    ManuGumi Рік тому +1

    My last strawberry recipe was a jam I made. Half strawberries, half cherries, used dates as sugar and "canned" the jam to make it last longer. Love it :)

  • Federico
    Federico Рік тому +3

    Andrew, not only you have to incorporate the creme patissiere and the butter cream gradually, but it's better to do it with a spatula. If you whisk something that has already been whipped, you are gonna release all of its air and it's not gonna be as firm as it's supposed to be.

  • Laura Wilson
    Laura Wilson Рік тому +9

    I had a dessert at a wedding once where the strawberries had been done in whiskey and black pepper like Rie's, served over good vanilla ice cream!

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez Рік тому +5

    Strawberry milk is dope i saw another video with the same process and its honestly perfect for making sure strawberries don't go to waste

  • Rhea G
    Rhea G Рік тому +5

    I was low key hoping that Inga would straight up make a savoury dish with strawberries

  • a t
    a t Рік тому +1

    something about this channel is so calming i love how different the recipes are.. some are simple some are complex

  • Alejandro Martínez Reyes
    Alejandro Martínez Reyes Рік тому

    In this kind of episodes, I always feel like Rie is the one who has the simplest recipes. 😂

  • Arlia Lozada
    Arlia Lozada Рік тому

    i just love everyones wholesome energy and passion in this video ☺️💜

  • Mia LoTempio
    Mia LoTempio Рік тому

    I love HANSE's videos! Very aesthetic ASMR baking and drink recipes 🍓

  • My45
    My45 Рік тому +1

    Yo Andrew was soo meticulous as usual. And it looks delicious 🤤

  • Farras Ramadhan
    Farras Ramadhan Рік тому +14

    always love to see the creation of you guys!!
    by the way, about Andrew's stand mixer, there's a way to adjust the gap between the whisk and the bottom of the bowl by tightening/loosening the screw at the hinge between the head and the body of the stand mixer. hope it helps 😊

  • Rephaiah Appiah
    Rephaiah Appiah Рік тому +2

    awe they got so excited to see the birds custard powder 😂 its very common here in the uk to find supermarket

  • Shira Yaniv
    Shira Yaniv Рік тому +1

    Hey I love you guys and I think you should totally do *4 ways to use brown sugar*

  • Nur Khairah
    Nur Khairah Рік тому +1

    I’m just surprised they’ve only *heard* of Bird’s custard powder🤣 It feels like an important item in the Malaysian home baker’s household. It’s used a lot in making biscuits, I usually use it to shortcut custard, aaand sometimes if I’m out of cornstarch for fried chicken, I substitute that with custard powder instead🤭

  • Aprilia Nindy
    Aprilia Nindy Рік тому

    That strawberry milk looks delicious 🤤 I grow strawberry on the rooftop so I could use the recipe. Thank you.

  • M fer
    M fer Рік тому +2

    I love Andrew's dish, he made the most effort and crème mousseline is so difficult! He did very well for experimenting

  • Julia Smith
    Julia Smith Рік тому

    What we do for our strawberries, we cut it up, put some condensed milk and some nestle cream. You chill it for 4 hours, you have a creamy dessert. ❤❤

  • Technicyan
    Technicyan Рік тому +3

    I love how always enthusiastic Alvin is

  • Nasha Levy elle él
    Nasha Levy elle él Рік тому

    I love you guys

  • Sophia P
    Sophia P Рік тому

    I love how their recipes are so different from each other and all seem simple yet complex and elegant.

    • freestinje
      freestinje Рік тому

      Andrews ain't simple... But you right

  • Kp Mich
    Kp Mich Рік тому

    I love the fact that Inga cleans her fruits for real girl keep it up ✨

  • Siri Komarla
    Siri Komarla Рік тому +31

    Andrew's explanation skills and his voice will make anything and everything interesting!

  • beescream
    beescream Рік тому +2

    haha hearing them all get excited about birds custard powder is somehow really adorable. it's so common here in the UK but I guess not so much in the US!

  • Melissa Dieudonne
    Melissa Dieudonne Рік тому +1

    I smiled the whole time. I absolutely love this channel & this series. And strawberries!

  • Jacob Marion
    Jacob Marion Рік тому

    My favourite strawberry recipe is cut strawberries into chunks (halves make them look like little hearts so great for Valentines!), put into a container, adds lots of sugar, and leave in the fridge for two days, shaking once a day and maybe adding a little more sugar if it's not really wet. Once the strawberries have kind of broken down a bit and the liquid has become syrupy, pour over top of vanilla ice cream, there's just something about the strawberries and vanilla that works so well together. Also can be used in a strawberry pavlova, my favourite, but I use whipped cream instead of ice cream for that so cut down on sweetness.

  • Wei Zheng
    Wei Zheng Рік тому +1

    Like how Alvin always comments on the good camera/video shots 📸

  • daniella echeagaray
    daniella echeagaray 10 місяців тому

    Literally my favorite show!! I learn so much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lyss
    Lyss Рік тому +6

    as someone who's allergic to strawberries i can't wait to see all of the different meals that could kill me 🤩

  • Vics
    Vics Рік тому +7

    Alvin's inspiration is basically from UA-cam and I can see his creation is the most simplest one here meanwhile Andrew is showing off his talent 😃

  • Farrhan Nyong
    Farrhan Nyong Рік тому +1

    I'm more of a chocolate instead of strawberry person but these recipes look so good. 😍😍

  • Elena Rodriguez
    Elena Rodriguez Рік тому

    First of all, I didn’t know people washed strawberries without adding salt to the water. Second, my mom makes a similar (nonalcoholic) recipe to Rie that’s just cut strawberries with honey and a dash of orange juice. I’ve grown up having it every summer since I was 4

  • With Me JAPAN
    With Me JAPAN Рік тому +8

    Although Japanese people are usually very meticulous and we measure every single thing specifically, the recipe Rie-san uses was so rough! I know it’s a Japanese guy’s recipe but it seems to be more like grandma’s recipe! Would love to try the strawberry cocktail 🍓❤️

  • Danibelle 7
    Danibelle 7 Рік тому

    More desserts please!

  • Robert Beurre
    Robert Beurre Рік тому +1

    I personally think that strawberry milk tastes better after you put it in the fridge overnight, it tastes a bit more like yogurt

  • XO_Esmee
    XO_Esmee Рік тому

    I love this combination I’ve always loved each of them individually and in pairs but all four of them together each different styles

  • ScarletScarlet
    ScarletScarlet Рік тому +1

    This is my favorite food show now, love the chilled calm vibe.

  • Cano
    Cano Рік тому

    after seeing rie's dish I was thinking in my head like "this recipe is definitely not for her child" and then inga said the same thing 😂 that's why rie needs some ideas

  • Shayri
    Shayri Рік тому

    Oh strawberry milkshake is made similarly at my home too. We candy/jam the strawberries in winter, & then just put it in milk, & sometimes replace 1/3rd of the glass quantity with vanilla ice cream, & then blitz it in Mixer. Comes out nice & thick & natural pink.
    You can do the same with mangoes & chiku too. My grandmother makes candy preserve of peaches too but we only use that in ice cream, but it might be a nice addition to ice tea.

  • shineeejy_
    shineeejy_ Рік тому +5

    finally! i've been waiting for a new vid of this series to come up, i love watching you guys make different dish and talk together :)

  • Edwin Adrianta
    Edwin Adrianta Рік тому

    Thank you Andrew for the inspo. I just made the olive oil cake using your recipe. It is easy, fool proof, and delicious.

  • Sarah Shepherd
    Sarah Shepherd Рік тому

    With Korean style strawberry milk, you want to crush them with the sugar and a pinch of salt to help them break down into a good texture and cook off the moisture very quickly to maintain the fresh flavor. You really should add vanilla too. If you let the milk and syrup sit in the fridge for a day or two and then add cold finely chopped strawberries when you serve it, it gets even better.
    Also, strawberries are actually not berries, they’re part of the rose family so they should have a floral note.

  • shvat26
    shvat26 Рік тому +1

    Thank you for a lovely set of strawberry ideas. Here's another wonderful strawberry DESSERT that may appeal to you all, but maybe especially to Rie. It's a bowl of strawberries with freshly ground BLACK PEPPER. I first enjoyed it as dessert years ago on a visit to Montreal. I serve it with fresh berries and heavy cream (simply poured or whipped), but it can also be served in other variations (with added basil, sugar and/or a liqueur). But the essential is the pepper - which one tastes both on its own and because it somehow brings out more of the strawberry flavor.

  • capybab
    capybab Рік тому

    yes to strawberries + balsamic vinegar!! chopped strawberries + a little brown sugar and balsamic vinegar is one of my favorite snacks!