I Tried $800 Sushi Takeout

  • Опубліковано 5 лют 2021
  • A sushi lover's dream come true. The first of a three part series featuring unique takeouts in the city, and in this episode, I'll be learning about (and tasting!) a beautifully crafted temaki box from Masa.
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    Masa Takayama


  • About To Eat
    About To Eat  Рік тому +3

    A big thank you to Chef Masa and the team at Masa for working with us! It was such an amazing experience to be able to learn all about the thought and process that went into this temaki box. I'm keeping that hand-drawn illustration with me forever. The next episode will be airing two weeks from now, what do you think the next takeout will be? 👀 And if you know any interesting takeouts in your city, let us know!

  • Emmanuel Ivan Perez
    Emmanuel Ivan Perez Рік тому +8

    The sushi master's passion for his career is immaculate

  • Fenimorka
    Fenimorka Рік тому +2

    i am

  • Rafael Correa
    Rafael Correa Рік тому +1

    love how they never talked about Masa being one of the few restaurants in the US that have 3 michelin stars

  • malindarayallen
    malindarayallen Рік тому +651

    This isn't just a meal, it's an edible work of art.

  • aberu
    aberu Рік тому +2

    the boxes are so expensive yet they just make sense-- you're paying for art and experience. and there are so. many. fishes. i am drooling.

  • King 13en
    King 13en Рік тому +173

    You can see really see the quality of these videos.... I know he’s behind the camera, but I want to commend Alvin’s cinematography, it’s stunning as always, andaccentuates the beauty of the food and the experience

  • Lenny Gith
    Lenny Gith Рік тому +3

    The aesthetic of everything in this video is confoundingly stunning. The food, the location, and all involved...then there is me, seated on my bed looking like I got my clothes from a lost and found bin.

  • Mei-Mei M.
    Mei-Mei M. Рік тому +241

    Alvin’s videography is AMAZING. I love his style haha. And Inga’s personality is like fresh rain. And the dishes were immaculate and beautiful. You can really see Chef Masa’s love for his creation!! Thank you for such a cool video

  • rieskimo
    rieskimo Рік тому +617

    Chef Masa's diligence and passion is so apparent. He looks like he would be successful at anything he applied humself to.

  • Paige Peach
    Paige Peach Рік тому +81

    Chef Masa is such a precious soul. You can see the happiness in his eyes when he smiles♥️

  • Josh Maree
    Josh Maree Рік тому +579

    Masa is famous and known throughout the world, actually. I had the honor of attending a seminar taught by him

  • Jacob Adams
    Jacob Adams Рік тому +33

    The way the chef lights up about his food, in the midst of a

  • asher
    asher Рік тому +1

    Always love Inga and Alvin together hehe

  • leavetheturtle
    leavetheturtle Рік тому +292

    This is it. This is what I want. Gorgeous cinematography, excellent editing, amazing food, and equally amazing people with truly some of the most interesting, enjoyable, and natural moments and interviews I've seen. Massive props to the whole About To Eat team-your sincerity of interest in every video, along with the lovable "I'm a real person" moments that stay in the cut, makes for some top-tier content that leaves me ravenously wanting more.

  • watever328
    watever328 Рік тому +611

    Honestly was waiting for a moment where Alvin gets to try it like Adam does in Worth It

  • Tess Crelli
    Tess Crelli Рік тому +91

    You're not just paying for the sushi, you're also paying for the experience.

  • tk5gum
    tk5gum Рік тому +57

    I could listen to Masa talk for hours. It's so heart warming and just so much love for the food he is producing.

  • Vea Agustin
    Vea Agustin Рік тому +77

    my heart melted when I saw him draw for the instructions, its the purest thing😩😩✨

  • Nhat Really
    Nhat Really Рік тому +3

    Me, eating 7 dollar chinese food: ahh yes. culture.