Using A $329 Toaster For 30 Days

  • Опубліковано 4 чер 2021
  • From toasting fluffy milk bread, to leftover pizza, to stale baguettes, and so begins a beautiful relationship, between Inga, a certified bread lover, and Balmuda the Toaster.
    In case you were looking for the toaster, here's a link:
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  • Cynthia Chang
    Cynthia Chang Рік тому +1

    I feel like Inga is the only person who could rlly use this toaster to make the price worth it

  • Manjusha Iyer
    Manjusha Iyer Рік тому +2

    Inga: I really love bread.

  • Nellinda Sage
    Nellinda Sage Рік тому +860

    Inga: "I ate a bit of the croissant and then saved it for the next day."

  • Lewis
    Lewis Рік тому +5

    “Hi guys, it’s Inga and I’m not using this video as an excuse to get a $329 toaster as a work expense!”

  • Lance Navor
    Lance Navor Рік тому +2

    This is pretty much Worth It: Toasters but it’s just the last price point

  • Lucas Teong
    Lucas Teong Рік тому +2

    "Why I'm marrying a $329 Toaster" would be a more appropriate title.

  • brandobond
    brandobond Рік тому +251

    I eat toast every day so I tried to order this from Amazon Japan. After a few weeks it still hadn't shipped so I ordered a Cuisinart Steam/Convection Toaster oven instead for about half the price! It is bigger, has more functions, and after some experimenting makes amazing toast (just like this one where it is crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle). It also has a large water tank for the steam modes and so there is no messing around with tiny cups or adding water every time I use it!

  • Michael Samson
    Michael Samson Рік тому +934

    Good old bakers technic: place a tray with water under the tray of bread or croisant you are toasting, water will evaporate hydrating the product while the heating coils are going to crisp the edges (might wanna flip in between if oven fan is unavailable), also might save you the 329dollar price

  • viola rebora
    viola rebora Рік тому +515

    I seriously love her energy, i could have listened to her talking about bread for hours

  • Nat
    Nat Рік тому +1

    The only one who would taste the difference would be my wallet😅

  • Bird Girl
    Bird Girl Рік тому +105

    I see Inga truly loves bread and pastry, so I see no issue with her buying a 329$ toaster. I love seeing her so happy, just makes me happy 🥰

  • Casey Pierson
    Casey Pierson Рік тому +284

    Omg this makes me want fresh toast so badly. I spend 8 hours this morning shaping two sourdough loaves…but have to wait until tomorrow to bake them. It’s killing me.

  • William Frampton
    William Frampton Рік тому +113

    I usually just spray my sourdough bread with some water and toast it. Does the same thing as this as the fraction of the cost. Obviously there is some missed settings but now I can afford the rest of my meals for the month lol.

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams Рік тому +31

    Seriously, how can Inga eat that much bread and stay so thin and cute? 10000% jealous!

  • I. Tan
    I. Tan Рік тому

    My mum’s hack was to sprinkle a few drops of water onto the tray before starting to toast any bread/buns/pizza/croissants/bagels... we’d achieve roughly the same effect (crisp outside, moist inside, though maybe not as ‘gourmet perfection’ as described) on our $40 toaster oven and have been doing this since we were kids! I’d even roast broccoli or salmon in the toaster oven for WFH meals for one...

  • Sanahal Moirangthem
    Sanahal Moirangthem Рік тому +149

    Inga is one of those people whom I can tell is nice just from her voice.

  • Abigail Ruschaupt
    Abigail Ruschaupt Рік тому

    I hate that it’s so expensive but it’s really cool that this can help stop food waste, not throwing away bread or pastries because they’re stale is a thing of the past!

  • Sohini Thota
    Sohini Thota Рік тому +191

    me: "there's no way i'm going to watch all 20 minutes of this"

  • rich rebs
    rich rebs Рік тому +83

    Its like when I reheat a whole loaf of bread, I spray it with a bit of water all over before putting it in an ordinary oven to reheat/toast. The water freshens it up and adds moisture at the same time, preventing the bread from drying out. No need to buy a pricey small kitchen gadget. But then to each his own.. 😊

  • Captain Sloth
    Captain Sloth Рік тому

    I think Inga is the only person that I could watch talk about a toaster for 20 minutes.