I Only Made Indian Food For 24 Hours

  • Опубліковано 21 тра 2021
  • From making creamy butter chicken with homemade naan to trying the iconic and incredibly flavorful pav bhaji, Inga spends a whole day making only Indian recipes by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Vahchef and more.
    Here are the recipes used in the video:
    Pav Bhaji by Sanjeev Kapoor
    Restaurant Style Butter Chicken by Kunal Kupur
    Tawa Naan by Manjula’s Kitchen
    Chicken Biryani Restaurant Style by Vahchef
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  • About To Eat
    About To Eat  Рік тому +4

    This was such an eye-opening experience, and I learnt so much along the way - that naan though!!!! Very excited to explore more, and I know I only barely scratched the surface here, so please do share if there's any of your favorite recipes that you think I should try? - Inga

  • yuktha Battula
    yuktha Battula Рік тому +9

    As an Indian u can't believe how satisfied I am with this video. People always mess up Indian food and it pains to watch them but yours truly was great. Thank you soo much Inga. And also really appreciate your research.

  • Nathaly Kim
    Nathaly Kim Рік тому +169

    I am not even Indian, but I could tell she tried really hard to be accurate and appreciative of the Indian cuisine, I felt the respect and the work she put behind the scenes and I am getting happy just by reading people's positive comments!

  • AgRiMoR
    AgRiMoR Рік тому +994

    I love how she actually followed every step and not like other western chiefs who put 2 or 3 spices and say that's enough....

  • edwin
    edwin Рік тому +2

    she said she's gonna FINISH her food AND clean up...

  • Priyanka Singh
    Priyanka Singh Рік тому +588

    The reason naan didnt stick to the tawa was because it still had oiliness from the butter that was used for pav. Tawa needs to be completely oil fre for the naans to stick, as i faced the same thing when i tried this method for the first time.

  • Korean Ladka
    Korean Ladka Рік тому +1

    Look so yummy☺

  • Madhupriya Ghosh
    Madhupriya Ghosh Рік тому +5

    I can't believe she made naan, butter chicken and biryani all in the same day! And this was her first time cooking these dishes. Respect ❤️

  • Bhawana kumari
    Bhawana kumari Рік тому +349

    You made three dishes in a single day hats off to you😭 even an indian can make only one dish cause making indian dishes is really exhausting and back aching we can't even think of making of all this in one day 😭 until it's so so so special occasion , really hats off ❤️😭

  • Nayanika Roy
    Nayanika Roy Рік тому +313

    This video was so engaging I didn't even notice that it was almost half an hour long! I mean that's some quality content right there, I was pretty amazed by your skills throughout the whole process. At times even Indians are unable to pull off cooking such complex dishes with as much ease as you did <3

  • Melvina Deb
    Melvina Deb Рік тому +61

    She’s so respectful and kind and appreciates Indian culture. It’s so refreshing to see!

  • Saumya Mishra
    Saumya Mishra Рік тому +219

    The way you didn't gave up trying to make a perfect naan , literally hands down to you . ❤️

  • Imtiaz Mohammad
    Imtiaz Mohammad Рік тому +44

    This is the first time I saw someone using chopsticks to cook biriyani! Our world is a global village indeed. This gives really good vibes. Wish every human on the planet lives in happiness and harmony. And Kudos to you Inga, you nailed it! ♥

  • Ria_PseudoVev0
    Ria_PseudoVev0 Рік тому +4

    Inga studied up like a beast for this video . All the references are on point . This was the most someone tried and appreciated . Kuddos to the shopkeeper for guiding authentically .

  • Aditya Nair
    Aditya Nair Рік тому +145

    When your Indian food video can make an Indian person's mouth water, that's when you know you did it right. And I promise you there were some drooling mouths out there, including mine. Awesome job Inga.

  • Armughan Aymen
    Armughan Aymen Рік тому +87

    The way she ended her meal with masala chai just brought tears to my eyes. Perfect. Just perfect.

  • be cause I'm batman
    be cause I'm batman 14 днів тому +1

    YOU MADE EXACTLY ALL THE DISHES I IMAGINE I'D EAT IN A DAY IN EXACT ORDER I IMAGINED! As an Indian, I approve the methods, dedication and your skills. Extremely satisfying 💕

  • Aishwarya Nikam
    Aishwarya Nikam Рік тому +26

    I have seen so many foreigners attempting Indian Food right from home cooks to celebrity chefs but I've never seen anyone get it right. Not even Gordon Ramsey.

  • Myron Danielle Montefalcon
    Myron Danielle Montefalcon Рік тому +112

    watching this at midnight is the worst decision I ever made.

  • Kunal Kapur
    Kunal Kapur Рік тому +12

    Loved watching you cook. Cheers.