I Only Made Korean Food For 24 Hours

  • Опубліковано 1 кві 2021
  • From making delicious fried chicken to slurping on a super satisfying bowl of black bean noodles, Inga spends a whole day making only Korean recipes, written by the amazing Maangchi.
    Thank you to Maangchi!
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  • About To Eat
    About To Eat  Рік тому +4

    Only just noticing the sugar around my mouth at the end there after devouring that fluffy kkwabaegi... But thank you once again to Maangchi, who I've learnt so much from throughout my life. What type of cuisine should I make next? - Inga

  • Shreya Sachan
    Shreya Sachan Рік тому +9

    Everytime Inga does the 24 hour challenge, the dishes last her a week 😂

  • Baby Star BTS
    Baby Star BTS Рік тому +4

    i dont even understand how people in korea are skinny. lol i’d gain 10 pounds from just 1 day of eating korean food. these are so good!

  • Aline Kim
    Aline Kim Рік тому +412

    As a Korean, I truly enjoyed this. Even I couldn’t have made all these dishes by myself at home..props to you Inga! well played👏🏻👏🏻

  • Victor Hua
    Victor Hua Рік тому +635

    i'd love to see Inga try out different vietnamese food for 24 hours. or any southeast asian culture tbh, i think it'd be fun!

  • Shannon
    Shannon Рік тому +896

    Maangchi's fried chicken is the favorite around my house. Literally everyone gets so excited when they find out that's what they're having for dinner. I think we'll be having it this week.

  • UUSY Productions

    This might be super late but when picking Tofu, especially Korean Tofu from grocery stores, even though it says firm, in Korean it says "부침용", which means its for pan frying. You should look out for ones that say "찌개용", which means "for stew". It is labeled soft but still firmer than normal soft tofu outside of Korea. Also, the main difference between Jajangmyeon and Jaengban Jajangmyeon is that normal Jajangmyeon the noodles are not stir fried with the sauce and the sauce is poured on top. The sauce is also slightly different and is usually not thickened with a corn starch slurry for the Jaengban Jajangmyeon.

  • go fly little akuma
    go fly little akuma Рік тому +513

    Maangchi is like everyone's Korean mother... I love her so much

  • Temi Francia
    Temi Francia Рік тому +1

    Ingas deeper voice does things to my brain

  • Swan Gaming
    Swan Gaming Рік тому +1

    Inga is like that student who is the most beloved by the teacher •-•

  • Shamzy♡
    Shamzy♡ Рік тому +609

    Could you do Kenyan food it's a whole different culture with amazing cuisine and in my opinion one of the best in Africa

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee Рік тому +64

    I loved learning that "jja-jang" means "fry the sauce"! I don't think we Koreans use it in that way lol -- "jja-jang" is just really used as the name for the black bean paste. LOVED this episode!

  • Federico
    Federico Рік тому +30

    I really like this format. I'm a chef and you never get into hospitality for money, almost always for passion. So being able to learn about so many new recipes in just one video is both fascinating and refreshing. Keep up the good work. 👍🏻

  • And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu

    This video was like a 23.50 minute ad for Maangchi's book and it succeeded because I NEED it.

  • Hedvald
    Hedvald Рік тому +47

    Would be so fun if you try out Norwegian foods 🇳🇴 like «fårikål», «rømmegrøt», «lefse» and «tilslørte bondepiker» 🙌🏻 it’s all so good and possible to make in America 😅

  • AquaS.venti 『 』

    The food looks so good. Especially the rolled omelete(it's so neat how you easily fold them in an oval pan) and the jjangmyeon. The dessert looks really fluffy. I also just wanna appreciate you for following the recipes exactly by the book and using top notch ingredients for the video.

  • Thoughtspresso

    It's delightful to see you so engrossed in the recipes of one of your favorite chefs/cookbook writers. Maybe when you're done with the world cuisines series, you could do 24hrs from a single cookbook, featuring your favorite chef, or the favorite chef of your fellow presenters on ATE. Like I'd be glad to know who Andrew and Rie's favorite chefs / cookbooks are, and would be nice if they give you a quick conversation about their favorites from the cookbook!

  • Devipriya Emani
    Devipriya Emani Рік тому +56

    Whenever I watch Inga, I want to be friends with her.... She emits positive vibes 😊

  • phantom bride
    phantom bride Рік тому +30

    her successes in following these recipes give me happy tingles especially when she's enjoying the meals

  • Enoxix
    Enoxix Рік тому +1

    You always make such tasty meals!!