My FIRST TIME Watching BILL BURR! | "no reason to hit a woman - how women argue" (REACTION)

  • Опубліковано 30 лип 2022
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    My FIRST TIME Watching BILL BURR! | "no reason to hit a woman - how women argue" (REACTION)
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  • Brett Pereira

    Bill takes uncomfortable topics and breaks them down with logic. He is a genius

  • Overworked IT Guy

    Bill is and always will be one of the GOATs of Comedy.

  • Wes Papes
    Wes Papes  +129

    Bill Burr is a modern legend. If you haven't seen his Netflix cartoon "F is for Family", go watch it. Sadly it's over but it's one of the funniest animated comedies with a good amount of character growth.

  • Max
    Max  +128

    This is one of bills best bits, don't worry about offending people. You keep doing your thing man.

  • Keith Harrelson

    One of the best bits I've seen of Bill was the Philadelphia incident. He was part of a comedy show, and the crowd was tough. They were booing the comedians before him. When he came out, he blasted the whole town of Philadelphia, and everything they love and cherish for 15 minutes. It is brutal...but hilarious.

  • Stop And Smell The Roses

    I’m a 48 year married woman and Bill Burr is a great therapist 😂😂 love it!

  • 05weasel

    I think what a lot of people miss in this (even though he says it several times) is that he’s not saying you should hit women. He’s saying the opposite. But he’s saying that women do things that if a man did it you’d kick his ass but because she’s a woman you just don’t do it.

  • Jessie Jessie

    "I never wanted to do that" - If you're married long enough, at some point, the thought will cross your mind.

  • xDarkTrinityx

    Female weighing in here, I love Bill Burr. He's one of my favorites. My bf and I got to see him live recently too and my face hurt from smiling. He just knows how to handle uncomfortable topics by bringing himself into it or talking about how it relates to him.

  • will
    will  +2

    You literally can't go wrong with any of his bits. Hell even just watching interviews with him is gold.

  • Colonel B
    Colonel B  +30


  • Zack Zaharko
    Zack Zaharko 16 годин тому

    Bill Burr is comedy gold. He’s one of the best in the last 20+ years of stand up! Awesome reaction!

  • Samwise
    Samwise  +24

    Bill Burr is hilarious! You should check out his “women failed the wnba” routine

  • StormCrowYo

    If you have a good heart, a good center, and practice as you preach, don't ever feel bad about laughing at some jokes, man. Comedy is the best way to approach many sensitive topics, and it needs to remain so.

  • Kael Invictus

    We find Bill Burr's brand of comedy funny because we can immediately distinguish reality from the absurd.

  • Tyler Warwick

    Bill Burr is easily in my top 3 favorite comics, he's one of the few that have managed to get me to throw my head back and laugh like an idiot... good times.

  • Ron S
    Ron S  +7

    I can't believe you haven't seen Bill until now. It seems like every reactor on YT has already done it.

  • Bella

    Definitely wanna see more Bill Burr!! Also, at the end when you describe your sense of humour I immediately thought “watch some Jimmy Carr standup!!!” He’s brutal 😂😂😅

  • bleachdragon88

    Bill Burr, Tom Segura, Dave Chappelle and Andrew Schulz. All hilarious comedians that aren’t afraid to say what they think. That’s the way comedy should be!

  • Crystal Ann

    Bill is EASILY in my top five.