KoRn Lost, Kunt, and Mr. Rogers Live 1996 Rare Extended Footage

  • Опубліковано 17 бер 2011
  • Here is KoRn performing Lost, Kunt, and Mr. Rogers during a soundcheck back in 1996. This is slightly extended footage of the Kunt and Mr. Rogers footage I previously posted with the addition of Lost, which has never been seen until now!!! This is very rare footage and is the only known video of these songs being played! These are not the full songs, but it is still awesome to see such rare video and three of the rarest KoRn songs being played all at once!!!
    1. Jonathan Davis messing around on drums.
    2. Lost
    3. Kunt (Extended Footage)
    4. Mr. Rogers (Extended Footage)


  • Matteo Barca
    Matteo Barca 7 років тому +211

    David, what a drummer.

    • pizza
      pizza Місяць тому

      underrated for sure

    • Jonathan Daley
      Jonathan Daley 10 місяців тому +2

      @KS Highlights BIAS is awful

    • Omar Ruiz
      Omar Ruiz 2 роки тому +2

      Interesting that they skip the screaming parts of Mr Rogers (you know what I mean). That song is insanely emotional. I wish they could have played It live. Oh well

    • Shawn N
      Shawn N 2 роки тому

      I agree. I know all of the first two albums by heart, it’s not difficult but it fuckin rocks

    • KS Highlights
      KS Highlights 3 роки тому +7

      @JamesGames101 Look up BIAS his new and much better band

  • TheBrillyx
    TheBrillyx Рік тому +40

    The audio recording of 90’s cameras were no match for Korn’s intense distortion

  • Irish Domer
    Irish Domer 9 років тому +64

    mr rogers...one of my all time fave songs. always wished they would've done it live. this is cool to see that song being played

  • Chris Cole
    Chris Cole 3 роки тому +23

    I'm 40 now was there in the beginning , can remember thinking back then , man these cats are so before their time , and still feel that way! A friend of mine in my late teens introduced me to a recorded tape , " yes cassette " tape version of debut album, followed them ever since, I'll never forget the first time I herd " arE YOU READY!!!! " For the first time and my mouth dropped , that was my introduction to Korn.

    • Itzycat_____69
      Itzycat_____69 8 місяців тому

      Same exact thing happened to me. My buddy had a cassette tape in 1996, Been a fan ever since.

    • Lance Roark
      Lance Roark 2 роки тому +1

      My stepbrother came home with a signed photo from them in 1996. I didn't start listening to them until 2000.

  • Sollertis
    Sollertis 6 років тому +22

    why don't they ever play this live.. this I can say is my favorite song by Korn

    • Eduardo Miranda
      Eduardo Miranda Рік тому

      Lost ua-cam.com/video/uigs3oR-xbw/v-deo.html
      Kunt ua-cam.com/video/-LDRibEWObk/v-deo.html

    • Eduardo Miranda
      Eduardo Miranda Рік тому +1

      @D did they played kunts! ?

    • D
      D Рік тому

      They do play it live I've seen them twice and they played it.

    • Statueteeth TV
      Statueteeth TV 5 років тому

      Justin Aguiar why cause you hate mr rogers

  • FPThatsMe35
    FPThatsMe35 2 роки тому +5

    The fucking drums on Mr. Roger are INSANE!!! I’ve always wanted to see David bang this shit out live! You can tell Jonathan love that shit too lol. Can’t believe I didn’t find this video sooner. Fuuuuuck!! Good shit, man.

  • Lethal Dosage Videos
    Lethal Dosage Videos 5 років тому +21

    simply the BEST KORN YEARS 94-97 thanks so much for filming uploading this

  • kornmemorabilia
    kornmemorabilia  11 років тому +21

    One of the rarest KoRn videos ever!! :)

  • Ben Perper
    Ben Perper 8 місяців тому +1

    God damn david we miss you its so cool to see Jonathan vibing with the drums too man god i miss this era even though I was 1 when this shit came out i def love this era of korn so much

  • SloppyChrisCovers
    SloppyChrisCovers 8 років тому +48

    the look on head's face at 3:11 is priceless

    • Mystiiic
      Mystiiic Рік тому +1

      He did start meth in 1996-2004

    • arii
      arii Рік тому +3

      @General Reaper i don’t think so he said he was doing meth in his early 20s

    • General Reaper
      General Reaper Рік тому +1

      @Justin William not in 1996 he wasnt. He didn't start doing meth until 2002

      HELLBOY 2 роки тому +1


  • Jafni A
    Jafni A Рік тому +6

    How I wish they still play Kunt. It is a very fun song..

  • Gabriel Trentin
    Gabriel Trentin 3 роки тому +4

    David é o maior

  • patrick galvin
    patrick galvin 3 роки тому +7

    classic and i miss david they need him back its not the same

  • N0ddyFl3x
    N0ddyFl3x 2 роки тому +4

    I wish they did mr rodgers live more often

  • Mario Ibarra
    Mario Ibarra 10 років тому +8

    That snare drum tune is the shit

  • The Hiver
    The Hiver 9 років тому +1

    Oh God how I loved these artists.

  • Rock Your Face
    Rock Your Face 10 років тому +2

    The people who work with them are so lucky!!

  • Abe
    Abe 2 місяці тому

    David could beat on them damn drums. I like korn nowadays but you can tell he was kinda the heart and soul the more you listen to their old stuff. Blew out his wrist a few time cause of how hard he played. one of the GOAT drummer imo

  • BrewCityMike
    BrewCityMike 2 роки тому +4

    These songs are very rarely played live. They were played regularly in '96/97 but after Follow the Leader came out you never really heard them again.

    • Sugarsore
      Sugarsore Рік тому +3

      @Jafni A Nine Inch Nails is always playing deep cuts and songs that were never played live.

    • Jafni A
      Jafni A Рік тому +5

      They are lazy to play rare songs. Same with all other bands. They always rotate the same setlist. So boring.. bands should shuffle their setlist every year.

  • korndawg711
    korndawg711 10 років тому +2

    Jon you are such a goofball. love this, thanks so much for uploading! and fieldy's hair, awww its so short! i think it looks pretty good :) though i must say whoever filmed this was a little trigger-happy with the invert button :P

  • crazylegs31
    crazylegs31 3 роки тому +2

    I wish over the 35/36 KoRn shows I’ve been to that I wrote down their set list. My first show was in Jan 96 opening for ozzy. Aug 10 can’t come soon enough. Alice In Chains, love them too.

    ARIEL CALZADA 4 роки тому +5

    i love them so much

  • Nino Falletta
    Nino Falletta 7 років тому +54

    I wish David would get back with KORN already. I saw a post on Facebook today that said that David said he wishes he would have joined KORN for their 20th anniversary tour.

    • andré pereira
      andré pereira Рік тому +2

      He probably will never play with them again. Still, he is forever the best drummer Korn had. His work speaks for him.

    • mika666
      mika666 Рік тому +1

      @crazylegs31 plus dave cant even play like he use to. Ray drums circles around him. And come 2023 he’ll be in the band longer then dave.

    • crazylegs31
      crazylegs31 3 роки тому +10

      Nino Falletta David has lawsuits against them. I don’t think KoRn wants him back anytime soon. Growing up as a kid I loved him. The reality things change and people move on. Ray, their new drummer is amazing. Much love for both drummers.

    • dominic hocutt
      dominic hocutt 3 роки тому

      @Danny H just can't the current drummer

  • Miguel Govea
    Miguel Govea 9 років тому +1


  • i am going to urinate in your v-bucks
    i am going to urinate in your v-bucks 9 років тому +10

    The video is rare, poser. Also, Mr. Rogers is fucking rare live.

  • William Hamill
    William Hamill 10 років тому +4

    This is awesome

  • Rock Your Face
    Rock Your Face 10 років тому

    they get to just sit around and listen to good music!!

  • martin bjeld
    martin bjeld 9 місяців тому +1

    those drums!

  • Drifting Away
    Drifting Away Рік тому

    Damn I miss these days..I was like 6 but I still miss em..

  • 790757 6743
    790757 6743 3 роки тому +142

    Everyone's wearing Adidas 😂😂

    • paisteuser06
      paisteuser06 7 місяців тому

      They cycled through their endorsements during their album eras.

    • Sloedwn
      Sloedwn Рік тому +3

      That’s how it was back then baby 🤘🏻 the good ol days

    • Dark Jedi
      Dark Jedi Рік тому +2

      @N0ddyFl3x And on later albums, Pony.

    • kevb313
      kevb313 Рік тому +4

      Literally Johnathan and one random fella in the video are the only ones wearing Adidas 🤣👍

    • N0ddyFl3x
      N0ddyFl3x Рік тому +7

      @KingOfKings Which is when they started there nu metal sound follow the leader is when the deal with puma was made

  • mufasalord
    mufasalord 10 років тому +2

    omg this is way back, even fieldy and head have no tats

  • NarizSangrante
    NarizSangrante 11 років тому +2

    Rarest KoRn vid I've ever seen. Thanks for uploading, bro.

  • Ramón Alvarez
    Ramón Alvarez 11 років тому

    you're the man!!! thanks!

  • Joe Graven
    Joe Graven 2 роки тому

    Korn is Life

  • corkey04
    corkey04 9 років тому +38

    I always thought JD was the hot one. Him and Munky.

    • strade
      strade Рік тому

      me 2

    • BerbyIsTheWordy
      BerbyIsTheWordy Рік тому +3

      I always thought David and Head were the hot ones then probably Jonathan and then Munky and last Fieldy . No homo

    • Dia’s Asleep by Dawn
      Dia’s Asleep by Dawn 2 роки тому +2

      @ZOLPICESP correct. Lol. Sorry, no offense to him, but he always gave me creep vibes.

    • Mr.666
      Mr.666 2 роки тому

      It was jon and dave

      ZOLPICESP 2 роки тому +3

      poor Fieldy, nobody like him

  • PearlJammer07
    PearlJammer07 4 роки тому

    Great footage wow.

  • Jamison Whelan
    Jamison Whelan Рік тому +1

    Definitely rare

  • mike james
    mike james 8 місяців тому

    this is real korn they kinda lost there way after this album

  • etcbyte
    etcbyte 11 років тому


  • KrisG419
    KrisG419 11 років тому

    Awsome nice footage to see. Thanx

  • Jac scot 2
    Jac scot 2 Рік тому

    1996 1997 korn is the best kind of korn

  • 25Rosser
    25Rosser 11 років тому

    the only problem in mr rogers is like balance the volume i guess i cant really hear jon in it and the guitar kind of needs work as well but since 96 theyve become better musicians they could probably do it now

  • Benjamin Balmaceda
    Benjamin Balmaceda 11 років тому +4

    great that happened to the other demos of life is peachy?

  • MrParkerman6
    MrParkerman6 4 роки тому +9

    When the sound is recorded with a Tomato

    • peaner083
      peaner083 3 роки тому +4

      That was the 90s bud....didn't really bother us either.

  • Jason Peters
    Jason Peters 2 роки тому +2

    Generation X last generation that mattered

  • Georgina Palacios
    Georgina Palacios 7 років тому

    Korn live rare footage from this past moments funiest old memorables davis head munky fieldy origins mr.rogers songs the other peoples watching in the place

  • Matthew Lohman
    Matthew Lohman 9 років тому

    Hi we meet again, I just changed my profile pic. Yes I love KoRn to death.

  • Eduardo Miranda
    Eduardo Miranda Рік тому +1

    0:36 Lost
    2:28 K@#ø%!
    3:25 Mr. Rogers

  • thegame890
    thegame890 9 років тому +16

    I read somewhere that Korn played Mr. Rogers once and according to Jonathan it sounded like shit. This doesn't sound like shit to me...

    • FPThatsMe35
      FPThatsMe35 2 роки тому +2

      thegame890 the way the vocals overlap each other on the chorus wouldn’t make it that good live. The back up vocalist, which was always head, would have to play a major part in that chorus if they played it live and it just wouldn’t sound the same because it’s not Jonathan’s voice... At least, that’s what I think.

    • Trumpinator
      Trumpinator 5 років тому +6

      heard that too. They should do a life is peachy anniversary tour. And i love ray's drumming but bring david back. David is one of the original members.

  • daniel blanco
    daniel blanco 10 років тому +1


  • Sasu
    Sasu 3 роки тому +18

    4:09 " Im baaaack,ya missed me? " - annoying camera man

  • Matthew Lohman
    Matthew Lohman 9 років тому +6

    Dude, my 2 favorite bands are KoRn and SlipKnoT. Bro. EPIC!!!! Slipknot is not crap, whoever said that is stupid. They are great and besides all the screaming in Slipknot, Corey is a good singer. We are like music brothers. Sorry if that sounds stupid. (:

  • Jason Peters
    Jason Peters 2 роки тому

    25 years later, style still same

  • Jass Shady 8
    Jass Shady 8 4 роки тому +8

    3:05 LOL !

  • Squiggly48 09
    Squiggly48 09 2 роки тому +1


  • Karl Power
    Karl Power 9 років тому +14

    why ruin this footage with stupid filters?? ffs!!!

    • Jacob Boone
      Jacob Boone 4 роки тому +13

      It was the 90s. And back then they were called Modes. Not filters. 'Negative Mode' is what you are seeing. It was cool and new back then...on cassette tape recorders

  • Brandon Green
    Brandon Green 6 років тому +5

    Great vid but the filter flashes on Mr. Rogers was annoying as fuck.....

    • Strictly Criminal
      Strictly Criminal 6 років тому +1

      Completely agree it was fucking annoying me lol

    • MrKredski
      MrKredski 6 років тому +3

      +Kozmo Kramer - true that, the "negative" filter is shit, my eyes burn. This might be acceptable for few seconds, that was too much.

  • Matthew Crossland
    Matthew Crossland 7 місяців тому +1

    who was the camera guy? i need a name and address.

  • Bobby Lynch
    Bobby Lynch 2 роки тому

    They looked burnt out.

  • UncleJohn72
    UncleJohn72 10 років тому

    @cReePyLunatic Yes, it could have Pretty thrown in along with it.

    • The Reverend
      The Reverend 4 роки тому

      UncleJohn72 pretty didn’t come out until ‘98 which was after this album

  • Georgina Palacios
    Georgina Palacios 7 років тому +1

    never see this video of korn from tree songs

  • Sinx_yt #saveukraine
    Sinx_yt #saveukraine 6 місяців тому

    I love korn and I am 11 years old If I will fix the inverse pictures

  • Joshima
    Joshima 11 років тому

    I love you.

  • rebd00mer
    rebd00mer 2 місяці тому

    This would have been really awesome but the camera turd kept going to black and white and then zooming in really close....

  • szubek47
    szubek47 10 років тому +11


  • pizza
    pizza Місяць тому

    so many people at the show

  • Jamison Whelan
    Jamison Whelan Рік тому

    Lots of distortion

  • Ramón Alvarez
    Ramón Alvarez 11 років тому +1

    @liquidsnakexxxxxx Jon, not John.

  • oh Yex
    oh Yex 3 роки тому

    What China does David have inch and everything

    • Slendji
      Slendji 3 роки тому

      I wish I knew

  • Jamison Whelan
    Jamison Whelan Рік тому


  • Georgina Palacios
    Georgina Palacios 7 років тому

    Jonathan no idea how plays on drums is hard teaching its jocking from camera

    • The Reverend
      The Reverend 4 роки тому +1

      Ma DixieWrecked fields didn’t sing Cheech Marin sang and he just did “backup” vocals

    • The Reverend
      The Reverend 4 роки тому +1

      Georgina Palacios he played Earache My Eye on Follow The Leader

    • Dude FromTexas
      Dude FromTexas 5 років тому +2

      Georgina Palacios yes he can. Jonathan played drums on the hidden track from follow the leader and fieldy sang lyrics.....momma talking to me try to tell me how to live...lol was bad ass live of course

    • TheTruth1126
      TheTruth1126 5 років тому +5

      that's actually not true,he learned how to play drums first.and he recorded drums for a lot of the issues album

  • Jamison Whelan
    Jamison Whelan Рік тому

    Now crowd

  • N0ddyFl3x
    N0ddyFl3x 2 роки тому

    The reason KoRn is because Jon said Mr Rodgers sounded horrible live

    • N0ddyFl3x
      N0ddyFl3x 11 місяців тому

      @Miss Chicka I agree that's why I only listen to there 90s stuff and every once in awhile untouchables.

    • N0ddyFl3x
      N0ddyFl3x 11 місяців тому

      Oh and one more thing they were huge in the 90s. Look at Woodstock and Family Values 98 people loved them and many still do. They were HUGE way bigger than most bands get.

    • N0ddyFl3x
      N0ddyFl3x 11 місяців тому +1

      @Miss Chicka There first 4 albums were unique and did extremely well. From their they aren't horrible just not the same and they have problems during interviews cause all the hardcore drugs they did. Jonathon has a lot of talent in his voice it was better in first four but it's still good. I do hate Ray Luzier tho. Munky and Head do unique songs they aren't based on shredding guitars just making it sound different unique but if you ask me they are talented I have seen them play hard songs on guitar they just wanted to invent a dif style/sound. Fieldy is one of the most talented unique basses ever he uses the slap perfectly. It sounds percussiony sometimes and like a bass other times I'm sure it's a mood thing. The band is overall a success that took to many risks and pushed their fans too far overboard. Yes they are a good band with talent and yes they aren't the best. But they changed music and inspired many. Jonathon singing daddy was a gateway got others to open up about sexual abuse on their albums. They created a genre whether they wanna agree or not and many bands followed in there steps. So they are a great band who took it too far and now people look down on them.

    • N0ddyFl3x
      N0ddyFl3x 11 місяців тому

      @Miss Chicka you saying Korn is bad rn?

    • N0ddyFl3x
      N0ddyFl3x Рік тому

      @Sugarsore ya sorry

  • xantiherox
    xantiherox 9 років тому +12

    rare songs? dude life is peachy isn't rare for REAL fans.

    • Alyus Dickey
      Alyus Dickey 5 років тому +8

      xantiherox rare to be played live

  • lockdown v.7hate
    lockdown v.7hate 4 роки тому


  • Gonzalo Rodriguez
    Gonzalo Rodriguez 2 роки тому +2

    KoRn today sounds awful because David is not there... :(

    • andré pereira
      andré pereira Рік тому +1

      @CornBeef Yes, they evolved to awful

    • CornBeef
      CornBeef 2 роки тому +3

      They don't sound awful because David's not there... Their sound just evolved over time.

  • Mik rokorg
    Mik rokorg 11 років тому

    @cReePyLunatic proud and or layla

  • Jamison Whelan
    Jamison Whelan Рік тому