How I Cooked 20 Pounds of Tomatoes

  • Опубліковано 20 сер 2021
  • My new favorite thing to do: make a bunch of recipes that all feature the same ingredient to try to get better at cooking that ingredient. This time it’s tomatoes. - ANDREW
    Featured recipes -
    Homemade Silken Tofu:
    Caramelized Tomato Tarte Tatin:
    Chinese Tomato Egg Stir-Fry:
    Thakkali Curry:
    Pasta al Pomodoro 2.0:
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  • Karla Rao
    Karla Rao Рік тому +3

    I love how Andrew speaks like a poet finding beauty in his surroundings.

  • Alyssa VanDerMeid
    Alyssa VanDerMeid Рік тому +1

    I’d be very interested to see an episode on pumpkins in the fall. It’s an ingredient that is often forgotten about but yet easily available around Halloween. I’ve personally never used it for anything other than pumpkin pie and seeds, but I’d be interested to discover what else you could make with it.

  • Federico Lo Iacono

    That "this dish was sitting in my house, not getting made, all this time" bit really hit me... Like, there's a world of possibilities within our grasp, which only needs our effort to be materialized... Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but when Andrew speaks all poet-like about food, these kinds of thoughts begin to form :P

  • Ramesh Krishnan
    Ramesh Krishnan Рік тому +113

    "Thakkali curry" is a part of my childhood memories from Kerala, India :) My mom makes killer Thakkali curry! Pro tip => Add a dash of sweet tamarind extract and a bit of jaggery/ palm sugar to take the dish up a few notches. Plus, save the curry leaves and don't add them while stewing the tomatoes, but stir them into the spluttered spices/ fried onions later. My mom also adds some ginger/ garlic to the while frying the mixture.

  • Secret Forreddit
    Secret Forreddit Рік тому +349

    This proves how much I like Andrew's videos: I despise tomatoes in every form, yet I watched the whole thing!

  • gb
    gb  +43

    I love how on Worth It andrew is like "OMG this has SALT on it, Best thing ever created wowiwowoww" and on this channel he talks like "hm, the flaky outside really compliments the contrast in the juicy filling. The light sweetness paired with this buttery flavor highlights the colors and reminisce of summer. Hot Pockets are truly a genius invention in the dense culinary landscape"

  • Jackie Cunningham
    Jackie Cunningham Рік тому +1

    I always love watching Andrew cook because even if he isn't the "best" cook, he sees food as art and thinks about all the components just like an artist would.

  • Rhea G
    Rhea G Рік тому +69

    I tried making Pasta al Pomodoro 2.0 at home today. It was absolutely delicious! So rich and creamy and healthy. I'm from India and my mom has been advised by her doctor to not eat any kind of spice because of a medical condition. It's so nice to find a recipe so flavourful without the need for spice. Thank you Andrew!

  • Zeph Belinski
    Zeph Belinski Рік тому +42

    For the Gazpacho, one thing we usually do in Andalusian households is to add a slice of stale bread, soaked in water, so that it thickens it a little bit. This was a very popular post-war thickening agent!

  • Leena Fatima
    Leena Fatima Рік тому +514

    andrew being star struck over the "tarka" technique in the curry recipe while every brown/desi household does it every day with their pulses and rice dishes. <3

  • Miguel Brache
    Miguel Brache Рік тому +28

    Hey I just gotta say your videos are seriously high quality. When it comes to cooking channels on UA-cam I find sometimes creators will fall into this trap of being too “clinical” in a sense- they cut out the romance of cooking to make a more punctual video. This has its purpose, of course, but damn you talk about food that makes me really excited to cook. It’s very inspiring and relaxing how you take your time with your videos! Thank you!!

  • Devika R
    Devika R Рік тому +92

    Thakkali curry is like one of most commonly made lazy day curries here in Kerala. I'm surprised that I saw a local dish being made by Andrew 😄😄

  • Maddys0n
    Maddys0n Рік тому +1

    I'd love to see you do this with carrots. Especially to make that carrot steak. I've been really wanting to try to make it and would love to see another person make it and find out better tips.

  • Adam khan
    Adam khan  +15

    "there's a certain emotion that takes place when you eat something really good and your mad at how good it is"

  • inesvgbct
    inesvgbct Рік тому +38

    I'm so grateful that Andrew decided to make gazpacho. In Spain in summer we eat it all the time, it's sooo good, one of my favorite meals!

  • SaskiaSketches -
    SaskiaSketches - Рік тому +31

    Dude, thank you so much for so many awesome vegetarian and vegan dishes! I recently became a pescatarian (will be cutting out fish later) and I’m so excited to try these cool recipes!

  • lylangel
    lylangel  +30

    "This dish was just sitting around my house, not getting made for all this time." I love this series for this very reason! Thank you andrew!

  • Unicornz AlltheWay
    Unicornz AlltheWay Рік тому

    Andrew Andrew this series never disappoints ! It is literally the warm, intelligent, subtle flex of culinary expertise and appreciation of things in kitchen life I didn't know I needed ! Special shout out to your video audio editors / crew - quality superior - magnifique !

  • Hailey Wang
    Hailey Wang Рік тому +2

    he is the guy in the math word problems...

  • Zachary Loh

    This takes me back to the beginning of Worth It where Andrew is the preassigned skeptic. To see his appreciation for food grow in the way that it has is nothing short of heart warming. A proper fan of his he shall have in me.