I Tried $249 Korean BBQ Takeout

  • Опубліковано 19 лют 2021
  • Juicy marinated meat, pickled side dishes, fresh vegetables… It’s all about the epic spread. The second of a three part series featuring unique takeouts in the city. In this episode, I'll be learning about, and having a great time with The Original Butcher's Feast® from Cote.
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  • About To Eat
    About To Eat  Рік тому +1

    Maybe it’s already kind of obvious that I love Korean BBQ a lot, but this was such a fantastic experience, and I enjoyed this so much! Thank you to COTE for sharing their behind-the-scenes with us, and I still can’t stop talking about that diamond cut. Please look forward to the next episode that’ll come soon, which will feature some really delicious chicken sandwiches and cocktails 👀 until then!

  • UtotheJ
    UtotheJ Рік тому +2

    Inga is always so genuinely charismatic... a very inviting energy, which is perfect for food videos

  • Rowel Buan
    Rowel Buan Рік тому +3

    Alvin's camera work is top notch

  • moonchild kath
    moonchild kath Рік тому +3

    me, a vegetarian with no money: i'm going to buy this

  • somin tan
    somin tan Рік тому +601

    I wanna ask alvin: How does it feel like seeing Inga savouring all the appealing food and not being able to have a bite?

  • enflans
    enflans Рік тому +585

    Just wanna give out some "TMI" points as a Korean who's lived in NYC for 4 years and has been to Cote a few times. As great as Cote is by itself, I just wanna point out that it's not completely 100% authentic "Korean", but rather keeps the traditions (diamond cuts are common) with a slight touch of fusion and upscale qualities (dry aged whole steaks) that's more friendly towards foreigners. Having said that, many Korean places in NYC can be like this, but Cote really takes it up a notch (as per the price range).

  • Ásafe Silva
    Ásafe Silva Рік тому +1

    Inga: For four but I can eat a lot, Alvin is also here, he'll help to shoot

  • Yua
    Yua Рік тому +48

    I love how Inga is just enjoying food by herself while Alvin is just watching her enjoy it😂

  • ivy lachey
    ivy lachey Рік тому +267

    inga being excited over the crossword puzzle is the most wholesome thing ever

  • Mared A
    Mared A Рік тому +73

    I love that Alvin gets to slice the meat for Inga to eat. This also reminded me of pre-pandemic times when Inga and Alvin went to that Vietnamese barbecue! Would love to see them together! 😉

  • Roisin Hart
    Roisin Hart Рік тому +28

    I love Inga. She's so chill and genuine. I really love this series. Her appreciation for food is infectious. ❤️🙏

  • The Primest - The Money Channel
    The Primest - The Money Channel Рік тому +426

    Who else loves this new series?

  • francisanthonyh _
    francisanthonyh _ Рік тому +16

    꽃 (pronounced as "kkot" in Korean, which sounds similar to COTE) means "flower" + the flower imagery on the logo is very simple yet so good. gotta love the creativity 🌸

  • Elizacoco
    Elizacoco Рік тому +90

    I appreciate so much how she chews so quietly with her mouth closed. Watching Try Guys is painful. This was great food content hahaha.

  • Alicia Yip Wei Zhen
    Alicia Yip Wei Zhen Рік тому +562

    "for 4...But you know, I can eat a lot", honestly I can relate to that too😂 who follows serving proportions😳

  • Geekstep
    Geekstep Рік тому +8

    There's something so wholesome about seeing Inga gush over good food. Kind of feels like hanging out with friends too

  • angel gabel
    angel gabel Рік тому +12

    So nice I love these episodes but it would also be nice to see both of them eating together and experiencing the meal as one keep on doing these episodes I like following you guys I wish we had stuff like this in Chattanooga so we can order the food

  • Obsidian 72
    Obsidian 72 Рік тому +688

    Im a simple man, I see Inga and Alvin I like

  • Andrea j.b.
    Andrea j.b. Рік тому

    That chef seemed so nice, he wasn't all serious but the info came across well. He just seems like a genuine nice guy :)

  • Charlie
    Charlie Рік тому +27

    Inga, your excitement in this video is just delightful!