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KoRn being korny (funny moments 2)

  • Опубліковано 18 гру 2020
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  • @adamflores2326
    @adamflores2326 2 роки тому +1441

    In fieldy’s book he said Jonathan Davis was such an awesome dude with zero ego. Jonathan will always be my favorite

    • @dead6975
      @dead6975 2 роки тому +10

      Was? Did he die?

    • @adamflores2326
      @adamflores2326 2 роки тому +41

      @@dead6975 no was just saying.

    • @tylerdurden6901
      @tylerdurden6901 2 роки тому +2

      I always thought Ralph malph was the best

    • @nonaford9350
      @nonaford9350 2 роки тому +5

      I had 2 teachers that met him and said he was full of it

  • @doctordangerdeath1806
    @doctordangerdeath1806 2 роки тому +1449

    damn, can't believe they got Mickey Mouse to play Blind with them one time.

    • @ms.gamerladyharlow6871
      @ms.gamerladyharlow6871 2 роки тому +44

      Disney, take more notes. Please. 😂

    • @katyxboo8922
      @katyxboo8922 2 роки тому +39

      I hate you, my mom is sleeping next to me and I’m wheezing really hard

    • @zeph8692
      @zeph8692 Рік тому +13


    • @idontkn0ww
      @idontkn0ww Рік тому +4


    • @hayley3756
      @hayley3756 Рік тому +4

      @@routebeer LOL

  • @paladin_felix
    @paladin_felix 2 роки тому +1122

    I love it how every member of Korn is just a child inside a grown male body

    • @grindcoreninja6527
      @grindcoreninja6527 2 роки тому +18

      Same with a lot of metal bands.
      The Black Dahlia Murder are ridiculous.

    • @d0g_spt92
      @d0g_spt92 2 роки тому +6

      It's true

    • @crock540
      @crock540 2 роки тому +37

      Especially munky

  • @kolby_cooper
    @kolby_cooper 2 роки тому +430

    Whenever Jonathan laughs or chuckles like at 2:16 or 6:27, I swear, my life gets so much better

    • @katyxboo8922
      @katyxboo8922 2 роки тому +38

      Same, but it’s the microsecond at 9:00 to me

    • @kolby_cooper
      @kolby_cooper 2 роки тому +7

      @@katyxboo8922 THANK YOU

    • @Ryan-jn3vk
      @Ryan-jn3vk Рік тому +13


    • @BoringOats
      @BoringOats 8 місяців тому +1

      you should hear him when hes puking red wine

    • @winglessfairy564
      @winglessfairy564 6 місяців тому

      I’m so glad he didn’t die young

  • @gustavovieira7708
    @gustavovieira7708 2 роки тому +1163

    people: metal is satanic
    head: i b o u g h t a l e m o n

    • @palomamelo1012
      @palomamelo1012 2 роки тому +6

      Im de 100 yeahh

    • @brittanyc.1991
      @brittanyc.1991 2 роки тому +6

      He was referring to a p.o.s. Car he bought lol

    • @miaupapus1111
      @miaupapus1111 11 місяців тому +3

      @@ms.gamerladyharlow6871 what

    • @atargetcartontheground9930
      @atargetcartontheground9930 5 місяців тому +7

      @@ms.gamerladyharlow6871 reminder that you said this

    • @pissbottle63
      @pissbottle63 5 місяців тому +5

      @@ms.gamerladyharlow6871 are you embarassed tbat you said that. i hopr you are

  • @m3t4l.h34d
    @m3t4l.h34d 2 роки тому +221

    that little ‘hee hee’ after jon finished the piano was the cutest thing

  • @whereswesker
    @whereswesker Рік тому +186

    Brian looks the most intimidating but he's the like a puppy the most, likes to play around and surprisingly very childlike, and so is munky and jon, they're really like children in a good way

  • @_Dontbenosey_
    @_Dontbenosey_ 11 місяців тому +57

    Munky is like the most innocent guy you wanna protect at all times. Like leave him alone… He was all chillin in his little hideout spot on the bus then Fieldy came and exposed him😂

  • @UnknownAutist-pb6ml
    @UnknownAutist-pb6ml 2 роки тому +469

    0:34 We need a complete version of "Blind" but the vocals are from Fieldy.

  • @Gamer_Unknown-rl2jj
    @Gamer_Unknown-rl2jj Рік тому +116

    7:51 literally had me dead. I swear jonathan is one of the funniest human beings alive

  • @daddyg871
    @daddyg871 8 місяців тому +36

    “I bought a lemon 🍋.” Wise words from Brian

  • @lil7179
    @lil7179 2 роки тому +159

    5:44 I remember I started crying of laughter when I saw this joke for the first time

  • @judahenjoyseducation4549
    @judahenjoyseducation4549 2 роки тому +287

    0:06 already fucking dying of laughter. "Got the Life" was played so much on MTV they prob got sick of seeing it lmao

  • @superkornfreak1
    @superkornfreak1 2 роки тому +206

    “I bought a lemon” will always get me

  • @garagedays2988
    @garagedays2988 Рік тому +79

    My dad said he can relate to Korn and their music .
    Rest easy dad ,love you.

    • @Gamer_Unknown-rl2jj
      @Gamer_Unknown-rl2jj Рік тому +7

      moment of silence for this person's dad. rest in peace.

    • @garagedays2988
      @garagedays2988 Рік тому +2

      @@Gamer_Unknown-rl2jj thank you so much, much love

    • @jazsminp1362
      @jazsminp1362 11 місяців тому +1

      @@Gamer_Unknown-rl2jj 🙏🙏🙏

    • @Deeznuts4
      @Deeznuts4 9 місяців тому

      May your dad rest in peace

  • @crysvicious
    @crysvicious 2 роки тому +357

    Absolutely no one :
    Munky:" I don't wanna go on stage with half a poop in my body "

    • @IllusionaryUsername
      @IllusionaryUsername Рік тому +15

      Munk's got a point. An NBA star shat his shorts in the middle of an NBA finals game. He faked serious injury to cover it up & came back in the game.

  • @korn9689
    @korn9689 Рік тому +38

    I love korn when ever I’m sad or something I watch these or listen to korn they are an amazing band I love them

  • @ms.gamerladyharlow6871
    @ms.gamerladyharlow6871 2 роки тому +191

    0:16 Baby face mister Davis can shred. Good god, I was born the wrong generation. I'd marry 90's Jon in a heartbeat.

    • @Yo-fx1fl
      @Yo-fx1fl 2 роки тому +18

      Me too

    • @winglessfairy564
      @winglessfairy564 Рік тому +9

      Same here

    • @metalmegan13
      @metalmegan13 5 місяців тому +1

      that was also the time where he was heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol. it’s really sad that he went through that but it seems like 90s jon wouldn’t be the most fun to be around

  • @argpalauanbruh
    @argpalauanbruh 2 роки тому +206

    3:23 greatest clip of all time

  • @marianna6412
    @marianna6412 2 роки тому +132

    5:18 me laughing after remembering a joke that I made 6 years ago

  • @darwinmitchell7549
    @darwinmitchell7549 2 роки тому +26

    These are the days when people were not judged by others. Heavy metal people are awesome and great to be around 😊

    • @samys2792
      @samys2792 Рік тому +1

      not judged? lol, people were judged for listening to korn and other nu metal bands

  • @garrettroberts7339
    @garrettroberts7339 Рік тому +21

    Nostalgia is through the roof. I miss 90's Korn so much...

  • @asteriiaowo
    @asteriiaowo Рік тому +43

    8:53 JD's laugh dude LMAO

  • @samo7499
    @samo7499 2 роки тому +63

    The "I bought a lemon" made me scream laugh

  • @boneappletea3858
    @boneappletea3858 2 роки тому +371

    Back when everyone said everything was gay all the time.

  • @roxywolf1983
    @roxywolf1983 6 місяців тому +18

    2:32 ✨wE'rE A lOt gAyeR tOo✨
    2:25 I bought a lemon 🍋💖
    2:49 CRAZY CAR RIDE!!
    7:52 ✨yAa hAAa✨
    9:06 he sounds like my aunt's dog when someone is coming into her house XD
    9:33 SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (spit and corrupt sounds included)
    10:00 Jonathan: thats huUUuGe Head: dont bodyshame people :'(
    10:12 punching and a moan
    10:17 silly dance by Head
    10:37 HOMER'S HERE!!!!!! 🐐
    10:56 slipknot weird laugh

  • @loveinskool
    @loveinskool 4 місяці тому +8

    I ❤️ JDEVIL
    7:47 HIS LAUGH ☹️

  • @aubrimathews2346
    @aubrimathews2346 2 роки тому +188

    "people in metal bands are scary satan worshippers with no souls"
    people in metal bands: 1:34

  • @briansanchez5238
    @briansanchez5238 2 роки тому +44

    Fieldys laugh gets me all the time 😭😂

  • @tuketsu0733
    @tuketsu0733 2 роки тому +77

    Me singing in the shower 0:33

  • @theboilaroi776
    @theboilaroi776 2 роки тому +16

    Jon needs a break out of everyone in the world that man works so much for the band and his fans and kids same with the rest of the band

  • @taraschuprynka9135
    @taraschuprynka9135 2 роки тому +64

    Thank you, love you my korn family ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  • @samualthehumanperson7677
    @samualthehumanperson7677 Рік тому +14

    I dunno why I find this so fludunkin’ funny.

  • @nelliesilvers1210
    @nelliesilvers1210 2 роки тому +56

    Arrrre Yooouuuu Readyyyyyyy?!!🤘🏻
    Those Korn boys have definitely got the life. Life is peachy for them for sure👌🏻.
    I MUCH prefer their earlier albums and own them all but their last couple have some good songs. One of the best bands that got me through some really tough times in the 90s.

  • @the_master_of_beans
    @the_master_of_beans 2 роки тому +212

    3:22 When me and the boys listen to Korn

  • @zamecksaryja
    @zamecksaryja Рік тому +18

    Take me back to those days again. What a fucking time to be alive

  • @jessicably3
    @jessicably3 2 роки тому +13

    Love this! I wonder if Korn wonders how they became so popular when they are so normal. Just a gift from God.

  • @finnallydeadd3296
    @finnallydeadd3296 3 роки тому +602

    Fieldy: I'm so bļïñđ

  • @D4K4MVPrescott
    @D4K4MVPrescott 2 роки тому +16

    Shows just how good the musicians are in their normal positions.

  • @ave9962
    @ave9962 Рік тому +17

    2:26 | Jonathan is like : “Get the fuck off of me bitch.” 😭

  • @daroachdoggjr7497
    @daroachdoggjr7497 2 роки тому +95

    fieldy singing gives me life

  • @nik_nikkii
    @nik_nikkii 6 місяців тому +5

    the entire korn south park episode was just hilarious to watch through and through 👍

  • @slammingbrutalhead8943
    @slammingbrutalhead8943 2 роки тому +62


  • @ghoulsimms3410
    @ghoulsimms3410 2 роки тому +35

    They're all children and I love it

  • @fritobeankip
    @fritobeankip Рік тому +29

    3:25 this is for real me and my best friends at 2am blasting KoRn and Slipknot-

  • @stellarzoneproductions
    @stellarzoneproductions 2 роки тому +27

    9:02 that 1997 interview is a gem. The band cracking up at "Munk music" lmao

  • @debbietrefry6697
    @debbietrefry6697 2 роки тому +11

    Thank you!! That was hilarious 😆😅😂🤣😹😂🤣 I remember watching those on MTV.....Wow!! Thanks again ✌️🤘💜 Haven't had a good laugh in a while 👊💓✌️🤣💜

  • @KOD2001
    @KOD2001 2 роки тому +97

    5:19 HE’S HIGH AF HAHA

  • @devsuhag7039
    @devsuhag7039 2 роки тому +11

    Jon playing home sweet home would be one of the wholesomest shit I've seen in a while

  • @zaynebonshire4860
    @zaynebonshire4860 2 роки тому +58

    5:18 Brian looks stoned! 😂

  • @sadboymetalhours3720
    @sadboymetalhours3720 2 роки тому +28

    watch how hard i can obsess over this band oh my-

  • @arden7137
    @arden7137 2 роки тому +10

    This made my day, Thank you so much for this!

  • @carlabastidas5997
    @carlabastidas5997 2 роки тому +33

    0:33 when I tell you I PISSED MYSELF LMAOOOOOOO💀💀💀

  • @emiq386
    @emiq386 3 роки тому +113


    • @damf5488
      @damf5488 2 роки тому +1

      But dont scream please

  • @Neidermeyers_Mind
    @Neidermeyers_Mind 2 роки тому +46

    Doctor : Lo siento mucho, pero solo te quedan 12 minutos de vida
    Inmediatamente yo :

    • @eranodelpum9752
      @eranodelpum9752 2 роки тому +4

      Me escuchó dos canciones de tool XD, pero estos chabones no tenian ni la más minima pelea XD

    • @Mr.Agux.27
      @Mr.Agux.27 2 роки тому

      JAJSJA si

    • @henrymathis943
      @henrymathis943 2 роки тому

      .........huh? 🥴

  • @UrFavoriteFreak444
    @UrFavoriteFreak444 21 день тому

    Jonathan has got to be one of the funniest people alive Lmao

  • @lashawndapruitt3022
    @lashawndapruitt3022 2 роки тому +14

    Thank you for this! This made my week!

  • @aresmiii6066
    @aresmiii6066 2 роки тому +52

    3:22 that was lit

  • @kornsin
    @kornsin Рік тому +3

    One of my favs in my collection is the Who Then Now VHS. Also, Fieldy's laugh is icon to me.

  • @brianjankowski4419
    @brianjankowski4419 2 роки тому +10

    This brings me to Grade school into middle school. That sounds lame I know. My older brother was into them first and sharing room I was surrounded by koRn and all the top bands of this era.

  • @sweetangel6630
    @sweetangel6630 2 роки тому +24

    you have footage i have never seen before in here!!! how is this possible?!?!?! lol i love these so much! thank you for brightening my day

  • @yeah_hunter
    @yeah_hunter 2 місяці тому +2

    "I love u JD but u press ur hair too much", got me dying

  • @BlvckFyreMusik
    @BlvckFyreMusik 2 роки тому +29

    “Metal bands are evil, violent worshipers of Satan”
    Actual metal bands : “were alot better musicians this time around…we’re also alot gayer this record😅”

  • @somewhat_crazy
    @somewhat_crazy Рік тому +10

    God I love korn

  • @danielstarciuc845
    @danielstarciuc845 2 роки тому +125

    Her: hes probable with another girl
    Me and the boys: 2:46

  • @fabrizioalessandro6218
    @fabrizioalessandro6218 2 роки тому +6

    Buen video brother nuevo sub y sube mas de Korn👌👌

  • @ShadeRaven222
    @ShadeRaven222 2 роки тому +11

    F***ing love this band. Fav band of the 90s

  • @alejandritalapiedrita6171
    @alejandritalapiedrita6171 2 роки тому +129

    X: Fieldy, hablas español?
    Fieldy: lsknfqnbdjw Arroz con pollo 😀

  • @halce
    @halce 2 роки тому +1

    muy bueno amigo me encanta!

  • @margaritopineda3490
    @margaritopineda3490 2 роки тому +61

    Sid from Slipknot actually did wind up stealing the outfit at 10:53

  • @scyenna.showtime
    @scyenna.showtime 8 місяців тому

    KoRn has not changed at all, KoRn being KoRn 😅

  • @wicked_player5935
    @wicked_player5935 2 роки тому +6

    Subscribed right away. More korn!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @VacationFB
    @VacationFB 2 роки тому +24

    3:00 - 3:08 is the best fuckin part LOL

  • @angelinathedrifter
    @angelinathedrifter Рік тому +4

    Tes guy's are...😂😂 jus hilarious..love tem

  • @d0g_spt92
    @d0g_spt92 2 роки тому +12

    Normal adults: *paying bills and having kids or married*
    Korn members: *I b o u g h t a l e m o n*

  • @karp7747
    @karp7747 Рік тому +4

    I kinda feel bad for David, sometimes I feel like he was excluded from the group or like I feel like he was always trying to fit in w the band

  • @sircharlescv
    @sircharlescv 2 роки тому +6

    Love ya Korn !

  • @cheraalwine5132
    @cheraalwine5132 2 роки тому +67

    When you talk in the library
    The Liberian: 9:34

  • @NelsonWin
    @NelsonWin 2 роки тому +18

    I love Munky. 😂❤❤

  • @seantaylor2190
    @seantaylor2190 2 роки тому +21

    All dreams have meaning
    My dreams 6:39

    • @Deeperintotheskin
      @Deeperintotheskin Рік тому

      Dude im so glad im not the only one who likes this song he was singing lol Mmmm mmm mmmm

  • @beengone6188
    @beengone6188 2 роки тому +1

    Fucking love these guys

  • @ScrewlooseMS
    @ScrewlooseMS 2 роки тому +9

    KoЯn is best band 🖤
    So is slipknot

  • @Mob557
    @Mob557 4 місяці тому +1

    Bro that clip where they were dancing was to funny

  • @himeco7622
    @himeco7622 3 роки тому +9

    lmao this is epic 😎👌

    • @holographiconsumer3996
      @holographiconsumer3996  3 роки тому +2

      s-senpai qué hace aquí? 👉👈

    • @himeco7622
      @himeco7622 3 роки тому +1

      @@holographiconsumer3996 viendo un video buenardo 👀👌
      wait, ¿me llamaste senpai-? aAa- 👉👈

  • @volkssturm1142
    @volkssturm1142 10 місяців тому +1

    0:32 had me dying.

  • @ithinkiwoulddie9196
    @ithinkiwoulddie9196 Рік тому +8

    Jonathan is so cute

  • @jssc8795
    @jssc8795 3 місяці тому

    brian's natural hair omg

  • @xxnighttimexx7645
    @xxnighttimexx7645 Рік тому +2


  • @djfacebones8621
    @djfacebones8621 8 місяців тому +1

    Anyone else remember when Korn was good?

  • @ch40zch40z
    @ch40zch40z Рік тому +5


  • @curhs_light
    @curhs_light Рік тому

    3:59 fav part also the one where Fieldy (I think) is talking to a little monkey plush

  • @chrisg4rr377
    @chrisg4rr377 2 роки тому +5

    Man i want the album by Fieldy

    • @Bus_Driver117
      @Bus_Driver117 2 роки тому

      He made an album back i. 99 or 2000

  • @basketkase404
    @basketkase404 Рік тому +5

    3:22 when the boys put on koRn

  • @UnknownAutist-pb6ml
    @UnknownAutist-pb6ml 2 роки тому +14

    3:25 Look at David

  • @Arron-S
    @Arron-S 2 роки тому +41

    If meth was a band....

  • @HentaiTrapLord
    @HentaiTrapLord 2 роки тому +21


  • @futurescrub1517
    @futurescrub1517 3 роки тому +48

    3:53 😂😂

  • @randombassist0527
    @randombassist0527 3 роки тому +17


  • @fabiohubert
    @fabiohubert 2 роки тому +4

    aguante KoRn!!!!

  • @ms.gamerladyharlow6871
    @ms.gamerladyharlow6871 2 роки тому +61

    2:01 Cute