Korn - 2013 World Tour rehearsals

  • Опубліковано 29 вер 2013
  • Korn gets ready for their first tour with original guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch back in the band after a 8 year hiatus...
    Directed by Sébastien Paquet


  • Ribula1
    Ribula1 5 місяців тому +27

    Isn't it mind blowing that with this band you can actually hear the bass?

  • Land Mine
    Land Mine 2 роки тому +167

    KoRn got me through my darkest time when I was abused and had to steal food to survive; love you guys!

  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith 8 років тому +679

    brian is so more energetic and an actual person now that he has cleaned up.

    • King Keltic
      King Keltic 3 місяці тому

      @demo1337 I'm still sober going on 12 years without "God" and I'm doing just fine. I'm mentally strong I stay sober because I want to.

    • demo1337
      demo1337 3 місяці тому

      @King Keltic well I'm glad you are sober but I'll tell you I did the sober thing with out god I use that word for the lack of a better term and it didn't end well. Hope it ends well with you maybe work on that acceptance thing huh? Some of us just can see more then what is here on earth and I aint talking about the stuff you hate. Because I don't do religion either but I sure as shit know this isn't all there is.

    • demo1337
      demo1337 3 місяці тому

      @Sean PA pretty sure its adderall

    • Freddy Herrmann
      Freddy Herrmann 5 місяців тому

      Are these comments indicative of the IQ of average korn fan?

  • Tevolo52
    Tevolo52 5 років тому +1548

    He "had" 2000 of those guitar picks. I don't know how many he has now but I know 1 of 2000 is right here in my room.

    • Edgar Tomas Carrillo Delgado
      Edgar Tomas Carrillo Delgado 3 місяці тому

      🙋🏻‍♂️me too! green pic of fieldy and eagle of munky!

    • cup
      cup 7 місяців тому

      Don't you dare lose that

    • Jeremy Hilton
      Jeremy Hilton 9 місяців тому +1

      I have one..

    • HUFFDAD7
      HUFFDAD7 Рік тому +1

      I got 2, from Summer Sonic Shanghai. yay!

    • DZ3OA
      DZ3OA Рік тому +1


  • patton303
    patton303 7 років тому +500

    Welch is just clearly a guy who just simply loves playing the guitar.

    • Teal'c From Chulak
      Teal'c From Chulak 2 роки тому

      he may loving it. but he's way more tattoos, drugs and eyeliner.

    • Douchy McDouche
      Douchy McDouche 3 роки тому

      @ENNERVOOL #liferegrets

      ENNERVOOL 3 роки тому

      @Douchy McDouche Those are tattoos.

    • Akame
      Akame 4 роки тому +6

      And writing great books

  • The Traveling Psycho Ward
    The Traveling Psycho Ward Рік тому +53

    4:13 the exact moment brian truly rejoined korn

  • Alanis 死t
    Alanis 死t 6 років тому +135

    Brian always being the funniest guy in the band

  • Damien Nestor
    Damien Nestor 10 місяців тому +6

    I saw korn when they supported slipknot in Dublin, they were one of the best acts I’ve ever seen

    • Damien Nestor
      Damien Nestor 9 місяців тому

      @marco neijenhuis I saw Metallica too they were brilliant, but seeing all three together must have been out of this world

    • marco neijenhuis
      marco neijenhuis 10 місяців тому +1

      @Damien Nestor I saw Korn and Slipknot in Amsterdam while they where oppening for Metallica that whas great shit

  • Gohanburner
    Gohanburner 4 роки тому +22

    Watching these guys live makes me want to learn how to play the guitar...was such a sick set.

    • Art Powers
      Art Powers Рік тому

      @DB Workshop believe it or not, a lotta rhythm Maiden licks are easy.

    • Art Powers
      Art Powers Рік тому

      @DB Workshop nah, you wanna start with structure. Korn is full of great riffs but their structure comes from JD. they fully explain it as they were trying to come up with cool sounds like Mr.Bungle

    • DB Workshop
      DB Workshop Рік тому +3

      @Art Powers if it's "mediocre" then it's a good place to start. Starting with "better" bands like Iron Maiden will just frustrate people and discouragr them

    • Art Powers
      Art Powers 2 роки тому

      Lol best to start with a different band as these guys are medicore at best on guitar....

  • Naw Fields
    Naw Fields 8 років тому +12

    Zac is so cool, i love the background he gives in each song.
    Also -against my nostalgia- i love Ray Luzier more than i liked David Silveria.

    • CyPha SaRin
      CyPha SaRin 8 років тому +4

      @Lucait He was, and at times i miss him, but one look at his facebook page, where he rants like a sour teenager, i then remember why he is not with Korn anymore, these guys grew up, became closer, and he just became a bitter asshole. i hope that changes one day, i hope he can move on from his issues and fix the friendship, but i never want him back, not IN the band, we have Ray now.

    • Lucait
      Lucait 8 років тому +2

      no way man! :) david had a better sound and he was such a creative drummer

  • PCTR
    PCTR 7 років тому +522

    man they age very well imo

    • Freddy Herrmann
      Freddy Herrmann 5 місяців тому

      Korn are fantastic genius's of much original substance and style..
      And class. Obviously you ain't but a taint.

    • JelloPuddinPops
      JelloPuddinPops Рік тому +1

      @Nick Amato Yea, why did you click it of you hate them so much

    • leafs2234
      leafs2234 Рік тому

      I think it's just the power of music lol

    • Nick Amato
      Nick Amato Рік тому

      @JelloPuddinPops I saw it up there so I clicked on it. Any more questions?

    • JelloPuddinPops
      JelloPuddinPops Рік тому

      @Nick Amato someone is a little upset. Quick question, why are you watching the video if you hate them so much

  • Natasha Avital
    Natasha Avital 8 років тому +6

    Watched them on Monsters of Metal in São Paulo and it was, as always, freaking awesome. It's great to see Head back in the band! Their only mistake was choosing Somebody Someone for the medley with Shoots and Ladders. They took the beginning of Somebody Someone from us and that sucks.

  • DarkDefender2112
    DarkDefender2112 2 роки тому +4

    Korn had a fresh and unique sound to bad they never explored a more progressive sound after their debut album it was rinse and repeat.

  • Edgars Grazulis
    Edgars Grazulis 3 роки тому +3

    Great to see how a SUPER band is working behind the scenes. Even getting blood on their instruments. Literally!

  • Doomzie
    Doomzie 5 місяців тому +4

    I love them all so much ❤❤they make me smile

  • Escaltra Olsdal
    Escaltra Olsdal 2 роки тому +8

    Fieldy and Head are so funny. They're my favorite members of the band

  • CK112
    CK112 3 роки тому +2

    Korn is a Truly Epic and Legendary Band in my humble opinion and I love their music, energy, and style!! Just Thinking out loud!!!

  • 0 0
    0 0 8 років тому +1

    i think this was one of the best tours they did in a long time, really great setlist i had a blast seeing them

  • R S Telford
    R S Telford 8 років тому +5

    Although I've grown up and moved on to different music I can honestly say that Korn's 2001 show in Dublin is, to this day, the best show I have ever seen.

  • Stiaan Du Plessis
    Stiaan Du Plessis 2 роки тому +4

    Probably the best guitar-pair in the world right now!! 💪💪

  • Aussie_Philosopher
    Aussie_Philosopher 2 роки тому +2

    Love Korn !!! Sounding better than ever!

  • Fletcher the guitarist
    Fletcher the guitarist 2 роки тому +1

    your first 2 albums blew me away, so awesome to see you guys playing them again! thanks for keepin me goin with ur music guys!

  • mikeekorn
    mikeekorn 8 років тому +11

    i totally agree, tour rehearsal videos are my favorites. i love to see how they picking he setlist.

  • lsnicket94
    lsnicket94 8 років тому

    Loving it! They sound so great, even on songs they wrote 20 year ago.

  • Marco Mesquita
    Marco Mesquita 8 років тому +4

    after all these years it´s good to see all members together again, Frikkin amazing \m/
    let´s rock

  • DIYTechnician
    DIYTechnician 8 років тому

    Oh yes!!! Hard to believe it's been 8 years. Brian helps give Korn their edge. These guys are one of the greats!!

  • Lauryna Šidlauskaitė
    Lauryna Šidlauskaitė 8 років тому

    I even got teary eyed seeing Head back... Damn, I love this. Too bad I won't be able to see them live!

  • Marcos Positivo
    Marcos Positivo 3 роки тому

    That´s what I really love about music, being in the lab and enjoying the whole process of making music!! Awesome!!

  • Legato Modi
    Legato Modi 3 роки тому

    the inventiveness of the guitar parts in Korn are so underrated. they sound so out of tune but still so musical on top the rthym.

  • Matt Bennett
    Matt Bennett 2 роки тому +6

    I just wanted to add some history in response to this vid- Korn opened with Blind at the Danzig, Marilyn Manson, Korn tour in 1995. (This show resulted in me hearing Korn for the very 1st time. They were immediately my favorite band. I was 12. Korn is still my favorite band today......I'm 37.) 🤘 (I owe my stepbrother for that one. Danzig was his fav band at the time.)

  • eaglewitharifle
    eaglewitharifle 4 роки тому

    Man this band had the biggest influence in my younger days. I admire them so much now

  • Robert Landrum
    Robert Landrum 3 роки тому +10

    God I love Brian and so happy he found his way back home

  • Def Leppard RockBrigade Community
    Def Leppard RockBrigade Community 8 років тому +2

    absolute awesomeness

  • 7Pines Knives
    7Pines Knives 2 роки тому

    These guys are awesome. They have such great vibes with each other

  • Philip Reed Wallace
    Philip Reed Wallace 3 роки тому

    I saw you guys on this tour. I was so glad to see Brian back. Y’all are a great band. And you guys still rock!!! Come back to Nashville soon please..

  • MTLmusicianpage
    MTLmusicianpage 8 років тому +293

    Wow the band really cleaned up there act, no drugs or drinking in this video.

    • UF
      UF 11 місяців тому

      Tell that to Rammstein

    • leafs2234
      leafs2234 Рік тому

      @Heather A if there christian I don't believe that alone going to keep you off drugs but it probably helped.

    • RichardMetalFan
      RichardMetalFan 3 роки тому

      neolitchic *their

    • Mister Scrotus
      Mister Scrotus 6 років тому

      +arthurkitchen good luck with your 60's

  • Drum Beats Cray Cray To Death
    Drum Beats Cray Cray To Death 2 роки тому

    So Happy For You Guys! Awesome New Album, My whole family loves it!👍❤

  • Paul
    Paul 2 роки тому +33

    6:57 Fieldy’s bass sounds so cool

  • Michael Boyd
    Michael Boyd 8 років тому

    This made my day. Kudos to KoRn!

  • projecktchaos
    projecktchaos 8 років тому +2

    Awesome! I love the old songs! Woooo can't wait!

  • Holdington
    Holdington 8 років тому +620

    Too bad we don't get to see the actual rehearsal instead of them playing songs they're done rehearsing. And only clips of them.
    Give me 2 hours of uncut, real band, rehearsal tape. THAT'S interesting to watch-

    • CHE
      CHE 2 роки тому

      Yea Most def'!

    • Toady
      Toady 2 роки тому +2

      The cabbage.

    • guitarFAIL
      guitarFAIL 3 роки тому +16


  • InThis Life
    InThis Life Рік тому

    Love the music but forgot what brilliant musicians these guys are. Professional entertainers.

  • AleksandreY
    AleksandreY Рік тому +3

    "ARE YOU READY?!?" by Head sounds DOPE AF!

  • Mr Dee
    Mr Dee 3 роки тому

    Korn will always be the band of my youthness

  • Sabbat
    Sabbat 2 роки тому

    Really digging the fellowship. Looks like alot of fun, plus getting paid and reaching alot of people's lives in a great way. Way to go guys.

  • A Anddone
    A Anddone 8 років тому

    Love & know all those songs! If there's extra time always add another that real fans know & want to hear (or do that crowd suggestion thing)

  • Malia Reynolds
    Malia Reynolds 3 роки тому +19

    Yay.... Brian head Welch! His journey with God has been awesome. So happy to see this reunion!

  • Israel Robledo
    Israel Robledo 5 років тому

    my favorite band ever of all time !!! korn!!!!!

  • Openyoureyes
    Openyoureyes 8 років тому +4

    omg this is just awesome!! they look so happy together c':

  • Black Mesa Cake
    Black Mesa Cake 6 років тому +5

    what you guys did with the old song and changing them, that was far from sabotage. hearing those old songs done in new styles made the new shows so exciting because it breathed new life into songs I was used to hearing a specific way for years and years. I do hope one day you go back to experimenting with the old songs and changing them for the crowd!

  • Denny Rodriguez
    Denny Rodriguez Рік тому

    im just glad that Brian is back in the band, they needed him back so BAD!! Awesome im glad they're back again

  • Ephagon
    Ephagon 6 років тому +4

    So awesome guys. All of them are so damn badass. I love Heads dreads! So freaking long!

  • Fabian Illanes
    Fabian Illanes 4 роки тому

    geniales! q buena banda !

  • daniel Goad
    daniel Goad 19 днів тому

    i love that they have to listen to their albums to remember the songs and relearn them.

  • Nuno Bértolo
    Nuno Bértolo 3 роки тому


  • jaedonk
    jaedonk 3 роки тому +2

    0:54 that “are you ready?!” Really moved me in a enthusiastic and special way.

  • Kenneth Bailey
    Kenneth Bailey 7 місяців тому

    You need to read the book he wrote and makes this video here even more amazing it’s even happening. Great band

  • vulf
    vulf 8 років тому

    More videos like this! I love them

  • Tobi Heisenberg
    Tobi Heisenberg 8 років тому

    Love you KoRn !!!!

  • Pyrochexmix
    Pyrochexmix 6 років тому +337

    "My strings are pink like Reggie's!" DAMMIT HEAD

    • hi
      hi Рік тому

      @BiRDiEMusic *D* *A* *M* *N* *I* *T*

    • BiRDiEMusic
      BiRDiEMusic Рік тому

      @hi *D A M N I T*

    • hi
      hi 2 роки тому +1

      7:27 more like that

    • funk
      funk 2 роки тому +1

      @[Player1] just a stupid meme posting that everywhere 🤷‍♀️

    • [Player1]
      [Player1] 3 роки тому +2

      @Justin Budach ???

  • Sons & Sons
    Sons & Sons 4 роки тому

    A presença desse baixista é muito massa,a banda continua boa mesmo com a saida de david,mas com david era melhor,tinha sua diferença.

  • TheAllanfreak
    TheAllanfreak 8 років тому

    back to the roots! more videos like this please!!!!! \\m//

  • Jake Park
    Jake Park 6 років тому +9

    it gave me chills when head said are you ready

  • Nitrobladex
    Nitrobladex 2 роки тому

    I can see why picking out the songs would be very very hard for them lol they’re awesome

  • ajs715666
    ajs715666 6 років тому +48

    I'm so glad head is back!!!!!!!!!

  • Nub Nub
    Nub Nub 6 років тому

    I'd love to be in that room with all of them just rockin out🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • Adalberto Sampaio
    Adalberto Sampaio 8 років тому +20

    Man i like to see head that happy and excited about coming back to korn and do their stuff ;)

    VEXARI 8 років тому +12

    finally!! yes that's the way to go
    I've been only to one Korn show in my life couple of years ago, and I left disappointed on how they butchered their old songs.
    So happy they can realize this now, and respect their own previous work as it was.
    If they keep this approach, I would be much more excited to see them again if I have the chance.

  • ninja turtles fan
    ninja turtles fan 2 роки тому +2

    They'r very cool and chill guys. Good to see

  • Maxime Jean
    Maxime Jean 8 років тому +2

    so good to see them back together 'cept for David but still, having Head back is big, eager to see them in 2014!

  • Brandon Bockman
    Brandon Bockman Рік тому

    Love how calm and nice they are in real life now that they're sober.

  • MetalMakesMeEargasm
    MetalMakesMeEargasm 8 років тому

    Fucking amazing, very cool that he was secretly recording before announcing his return!
    Head is amazing, Korn rules!

  • tgchan
    tgchan 5 років тому +1

    I would love to watch more things like this.

  • Tom Helligram
    Tom Helligram 8 років тому +6

    'HEAD' is crazy dude and he has a style! Awesome t-shirt! I can't wait to show!

  • Above Below
    Above Below 10 місяців тому +2

    I appreciate how none of this is synced up, I feel like we should be watching this... and this makes it better to watch

  • Eric 0000
    Eric 0000 Рік тому +4

    1:45 sounded so good , short but nice full Korn sound

  • Plaid Dad
    Plaid Dad 2 роки тому +1

    All of their best songs are the ones they DON’T play on the radio. Ball tongue, clown, Sean Olson (The Crow: City of Angels soundtrack)

  • Temptor
    Temptor 4 роки тому

    i love these guys. saw them at the sick and twisted tour back in 2000, then i saw them last night, they TORE it apart!

  • Ms. Blue
    Ms. Blue 4 місяці тому +1

    I was in the crowd in LA the vibe was out of this world.

  • P. Narbal
    P. Narbal 8 років тому +12

    man dont know why they look embaraced listening to Chi, it is one of their BEST songs ever!

    • Sad Sushi
      Sad Sushi 2 роки тому

      Prolly just surprised with the fact it got no chorus XD

  • Rose Ophelia Shepherd
    Rose Ophelia Shepherd 4 місяці тому +1

    the work they put into their show obviously paid off, as my sister said Korn blew Slipknot away, with just the music, music that she didn't even like but was stunned by the performance

  • Elizabeth W
    Elizabeth W 6 років тому +4

    The end just cracks me up. I'm glad they are back together. They all seem in a good place.

  • Borgirl83
    Borgirl83 3 роки тому +2

    I had to watch the last part like five times. Brian's scream... priceless! hahahah

  • justin815
    justin815 Рік тому +2

    i love this, brians like a awkward stepdad

  • Mario Cipriano
    Mario Cipriano 8 років тому

    We should get a live CD/DVD out of one of the headlining gigs on this tour.

  • Holden
    Holden 3 роки тому

    Look at that setlist. Proof that Korn's first album was far and away their best work.

  • alphatatsumaki
    alphatatsumaki 8 років тому

    6:10 I was trying to tell Zack that same thing when he was in Australia. To elaborate, he adds that volume of ethereal effects and soundbed that Head and Munky have been doing with their guitars since the beginning.

  • mt2oo8
    mt2oo8 7 років тому +727

    "I don't wanna play, I wanna watch!"

    • Metal Mania
      Metal Mania 8 місяців тому

      -Brian Welch 2013

    • boljmor Boljmor
      boljmor Boljmor 3 роки тому +1

      mt2oo8 1

    • Autumn
      Autumn 3 роки тому +8

      He's so adorable ❤️

    • Cagatay Ocal
      Cagatay Ocal 3 роки тому +12

      mt2oo8 love your enthusiasm 😂

  • Salome W.
    Salome W. 8 років тому +6

    Head's "DAMN IT" at the end... LOVE. ♥

  • cereal4u
    cereal4u Рік тому

    My first concert was their issues tour my sister took me to. Albuquerque New Mexico .. papa roach and power man 5k ... they opened with falling away from me .. the screams alone when Brian was over extending the opening riff was deafening to my 12 year old virgin ears.. I could feel Fieldys rattling bass shaking my body .. but it was definitely one for the books!!!

  • Mikey Seney
    Mikey Seney 6 років тому +4

    The thing head said at the end had me in tears😂😂😂

  • David Baeza
    David Baeza 6 років тому


  • Martin Hopkins
    Martin Hopkins 8 років тому

    Pleassssse put "Thoughtless" on the setlist. Hands down one of the best Korn songs and is sooo underrated for some reason!

  • Hemir
    Hemir 8 років тому +2

    IMO, without any 1 of them on guitars, it won't sound like the korn that i loved.. now that head is back, all the records they did without him could turn into something really good with head on additional guitars. Munky and head's combination really sounds very good. That's my own opinion k...

  • WD113
    WD113 2 роки тому +7

    7:24 setlist is FIRE

  • Stephen nicholas
    Stephen nicholas 8 років тому

    Korn is the furthest thing from the "coolest band" but they have their own sound, which I respect.

  • Lix Bammo
    Lix Bammo Рік тому +1

    Korn forever!

  • Full Frontal Lobotomy
    Full Frontal Lobotomy Рік тому

    Amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Brodacious
    Brodacious 3 роки тому

    You've gotta be on point to remember all those songs in the right order.

  • João Lucas
    João Lucas 8 років тому

    More videos like these. PLEASE!