Metal drummer reacts to Nyango Star

  • Опубліковано 27 гру 2021
  • Reacting to Nyango Star - is he overqualified for the job!?
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  • 66Samus

    Ohhh Yurrrr!

  • ZakkiLowe

    He is an apple that was possessed by the spirit of a cat. Seriously, that's what he is. It's awesome.

  • Gabe Fritz

    he's a cat character who represents a small town whose main source of economy is a giant apple farm/farms. the whole purpose of nyango star is to make kids want to eat more apples. it benefits the local economy and keeps the kids healthy i guess.

  • Silverion

    The most interesting fact about these mascots is, apparently, when they are in the costume these people ARE the mascot. Some western news company was interviewing a representative of the district Nyango Star was from. They asked him who was in the costume and he got visibly uncomfortable and waved off the question/played dumb. I think they said it's bad luck to acknowledge there's a human in the costume or something.

  • grievousx

    So the drummer in the suit's name is Nao Kawakita, and she's the drummer for the band MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, who played one of their songs (Shimi) with her in costume in the middle of this video, she's a fuckin' legend honestly!

  • Bob Sacamano

    I always wished we got a shot of the crowd here. I can just imagine a bunch of little kids crying and then that one having his first involuntary headbang and wondering what was happening to his body.

  • 紅Takato
    紅Takato  +201

    Nyango is indeed an apple. "Nyango Star" is probably a pun on Ringo Starr, since "Ringo" in japanese means apple, and since it's an apple cat, he added the "Nyan" there, as it's the onomatopeia for cats meowing in Japan.

  • Crystal Music

    FYI, the beginner drummer is Brett Chang, a violinist from TwoSetViolin. He has this series of videos attempting other instruments and miserably failing, super hilarious, howver, he's one helluva violinist :3

  • DavePainkiller

    Those cymbal grabs absolutely kill me.

  • VGA Port Authority

    I went down a rabbit hole with these mascots, turns out there are kind of a lot of them, and many of them represent their city or municipality in one way or another. It's weird but also super sweet.

  • Denden
    Denden  +793

    The band he was playing with the slow and heavy was Maximum the Hormone, you gotta check that band out. Fucking brutal! The drummer is a mom with great licks!

  • AleJJtheNinja

    The thing that kills me is that Nyango is going so hard, smashing the sticks with the confidence of someone who knows what they're doing, who's done this for years and loves every second of it.

  • WickedWilliWonka

    Can we all appreciate the fact that these guys are really sweating below these layers of fur, yet still provide us with the most speedmetalist drumfills of all times. Thanks.

  • Chanandler B○nG

    That stop and go at

  • Bad Radish
    Bad Radish  +276

    i feel like legendary drummers pass the nyango star costume along to each other, each taking a turn with it... embracing its power... purifying their souls... realizing they know nothing about the true nature of drumming... and unzipping as enlightened beings

  • Grindhead Jim

    I once played a grindcore set in a rat costume once. This is next level.

  • Aviral Aryal

    Nyango plays awesome, everyone assumes it's a "he", believe me, it's a "she". Her name is Nao Kawakita.

  • Timothy Ward

    To all that do not know, She is 46 year old Nao Kawakita. She is amazing. Drummer for Maximum the Hormone.

  • FadingDuch

    That's not a "costume". It's the restraint keeping humanity from seeing (and hearing) his whole power which we are not yet ready for.

  • Clonemace
    Clonemace  +232

    When you bring a double bass pedal to a children's concert, you know sh*ts about to go down.