The Darkest Band in History (Mayhem)

  • Опубліковано 30 тра 2023
  • Mayhem are one of the most controversial metal bands of the last few decades, today we look at the insane life of their equally controversial co-founder, Euronymous.
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  • Deburke321
    Deburke321  2 роки тому +1134

    New episode of Morbid Musicians on Charles Manson is out now -

    • Mellow _
      Mellow _ 2 роки тому +10

      Yea bro I seen ur whole video and the title is wrong, this is not the darkest band in history not even close, look up "Silencer" they make this guy's look sweet fr fr

    • Ed Patch
      Ed Patch 2 роки тому +8

      You should do nattram

    • stephanie kievaughan
      stephanie kievaughan 2 роки тому +3

      Goat snake is my favorite band i was a groupie of theirs hopefully you cover them in a documentary

    • joe smith
      joe smith 2 роки тому

      I'm like ed gein jumping on stage, for Jeffery Dahmer, saying 'charles manson, you are not a real muderer'

    • Kristin deKalands
      Kristin deKalands 2 роки тому


  • TheCinderquill
    TheCinderquill Рік тому +7638

    The reason Dead was so obsessed with death and morbid things is that, supposedly, when he was a child he was bullied to the point of getting a ruptured spleen. He was taken to hospital, and for a time was clinically dead. After that, he became obsessed with the idea of dying, and believed he was a walking corpse. He was one of the first to wear corpse paint, so he could reflect his obsession, and would carry a dead crow around in a plastic bag so he could smell it before going onstage and sing "with the stench of death in his nostrils." A really interesting, tragic, and disturbed man

    • Dimmu666ist
      Dimmu666ist Рік тому +121

      He just wanted to get attention

    • hello there
      hello there Рік тому +739

      @Dimmu666ist alright buddy

    • KlingonCrafted
      KlingonCrafted Рік тому +1307

      @Dimmu666ist that kind of mentality is why people don’t get help for mental illnesses. It’s always “oh they’re doing it for attention” and then when they commit suicide it’s “what a tragedy, if only we saw the signs”

    • Sad Moron
      Sad Moron Рік тому +297

      @Dimmu666ist hi, that isn't how it works but okay

  • Evan Swenson
    Evan Swenson 2 роки тому +13687

    So basically, Dead was someone who desperately needed help, Euronymous was a narcissistic and sociopathic cult leader and Hellhammer and Necrobutcher are the two guys who are desperately trying to keep everything in check. What a band

    • Sarienn
      Sarienn Рік тому +486

      That's a proper fitting nutshell. Makes the most sense of it all.

    • NightTripper
      NightTripper Рік тому +896

      Then chad Varg comes along and takes no shit from the narcissist

    • Rat Flail
      Rat Flail Рік тому +877

      Dead was beyond saving. He probably had Cotard's syndrome that started from brain damage in his childhood. He seriously thought he was dead.
      It's sad because he was the most likable guy in the band.

    • George Hernandez
      George Hernandez Рік тому +370

      @Rat Flail he had the most talent , best smile and wanted to best for the band.

    • Zoë Evans
      Zoë Evans Рік тому +64

      True - and the description of this dynamic pretty much fits every rock band ever.

  • Chancellor Palpatine
    Chancellor Palpatine 2 роки тому +11831

    This is what my family and friends imagine when i say i like Nirvana, Metalica and Black Sabbath

    • Ajax Max
      Ajax Max Рік тому +826

      This is what my family imagines when I say I like Oingo Boingo

    • Mia Roseberry
      Mia Roseberry Рік тому +119


    • Roky Erickson rocks
      Roky Erickson rocks Рік тому +309

      Black metal
      Death metal
      Speed metal
      Heavy metal
      Punk metal
      Acid metal
      Psychedelic metal
      Fantasy metal
      Grunge metal
      Gothic metal
      I could go on, but you get the idea.
      Metal is everywhere.

    • Ajax Max
      Ajax Max Рік тому +133

      @Roky Erickson rocks oingo Boingo

    • Blithering Rando
      Blithering Rando Рік тому +106

      I mean, ozzy bit multiple animals, snorted ants and lapped up his own pee in public...

  • Haida Way
    Haida Way Рік тому +3441

    The whole story around Dead's suicide is just insane. And the fact that his suicide was used as an album cover... I just hope Dead didn't have any living family members that had to see that.

    • Bman628
      Bman628 Рік тому +160

      He did at the time he died his dad and hin sent letter i think about going to some house to see them

    • Cyros Ubod
      Cyros Ubod Рік тому +174

      His family did seen it many times especially in deads tombstone

    • Mon Mothma
      Mon Mothma Рік тому +271

      He has a little brother who one day just came across that cover in a record store. The brother has to take precautions searching the net or he would see it all the time.
      (It was fans who made the photos into an album cover, not Mayhem themselves, but taking those photos and making them available to fans was of course bad enough.)

    • Cyros Ubod
      Cyros Ubod Рік тому +48

      @Rdawg what “they” its only euronymous found his body and that brain eating part is not 100% real

  • King Nidge
    King Nidge Рік тому +1136

    Mayhem is what happens when you can't separate artistry, pageantry and fantasy from real life, for some reason these guys got sucked so far into the fantasy world they created that they took it too seriously and too far and this ended up happening.

    • Cyros Ubod
      Cyros Ubod Рік тому +40

      d R their one member called dead had cotard syndrome its not so easy as u think or edgy but they really felt like they are actual dead person

    • Gordian
      Gordian 2 місяці тому +18

      Some people believe a guy who was tortured and murdered on a cross is the son of god.

    • Steve Miller
      Steve Miller 24 дні тому +4

      ​@Gordian and never existed

  • Ultamik3y and his Honda Civic
    Ultamik3y and his Honda Civic 10 місяців тому +333

    Mayhem is just every stereotype your grandma has about metal music condensed into one band

    • Mortar_money
      Mortar_money 24 дні тому +2


    • y
      y 17 днів тому

      @Mortar_money fire emoji fam. dab back fam

  • wraithfinder
    wraithfinder 2 роки тому +12288

    I’m convinced this whole culture in the Scandinavian regions was birthed out of a general lack of sunlight in those areas

    • moxy picture
      moxy picture 2 роки тому +550

      Rogue Comedian vitamin d deficiency

    • Bobterje
      Bobterje 2 роки тому +1119

      Being a scandinavian i can tell you this. I'ts cold, and dark here in midgard. Has nothing to do with vitamin D, we just want to die in battle and go to valhalla to warm ourselves on some mead to escape the cold.

    • Bobterje
      Bobterje 2 роки тому +7

      Rogue Comedian XD

    • Bobterje
      Bobterje 2 роки тому +183

      Rogue Comedian We do live our lives as best as we can before pass. Do come if you like mountains. Nature is a beauty in Norway if you dont go to the cities. The cities are gray and boring (except history) but the mountains are awesome some sightseeing.

    • Renato Medina
      Renato Medina 2 роки тому +10

      Thats correct.

  • Adam Davis
    Adam Davis Рік тому +2590

    This is what my parents were worried about when I just wanted a Korn album

    • Jay Shyne
      Jay Shyne Рік тому +12


    • Kushana
      Kushana Рік тому +13

      korn is very commercial

    • Adam Davis
      Adam Davis Рік тому +134

      @Kushana I'm aware

  • ShimmiPenguin
    ShimmiPenguin Рік тому +3673

    My mom went to university in the same place as mayhem were based for a while. It was a well known challenge to go over to Varg and ask for a lighter to light a cigarette. Kinda crazy how my mom got her cigarette lit by a murderer

    • Me Lk
      Me Lk Рік тому +45


    • Ryan White
      Ryan White Рік тому +75

      Low key took out the trash imo

    • xXHunterXx
      xXHunterXx Рік тому +170

      And then the cigarette clapped.

    • GlockT3ch
      GlockT3ch Рік тому +9

      Dit Tey clappd

  • SakicFan2284
    SakicFan2284 Рік тому +760

    Chapters For Your Convenience:
    2:08 - Early Days
    4:29 - The Beginning of Mayhem (1984-1988)
    6:48 - A Man Named Dead
    10:54 - Dead is Dead
    15:32 - Varg Vikernes
    18:52 - The Death of Euronymous (22:36 - 26:00 Varg's Interview)
    28:24 - The Album That Ended It All

  • Steve Tyrell
    Steve Tyrell Рік тому +6619

    These guys just needed a cup of hot chocolate and a blankie

  • Nelson Torres
    Nelson Torres Рік тому +383

    "To be part of this nonconformint scene, you must conform to these rules"

    • Marshall Webb
      Marshall Webb 2 місяці тому +2


    • 🍂autumn stupidity🍂
      🍂autumn stupidity🍂 Місяць тому +17

      literally the goth kids from south park😭😭

    • Spoopy Mug
      Spoopy Mug 8 днів тому

      Like I know what conformit even means

    • Laggy
      Laggy 4 дні тому +1

      @Spoopy Mug We're not conforming to your conventional spelling

  • neekbot
    neekbot 2 роки тому +23385

    This is what happens when bands don’t do drugs

    • SoldadoRyan Br777
      SoldadoRyan Br777 2 роки тому +2095

      This is wrong but so fcking true

    • Ghost Fighter
      Ghost Fighter 2 роки тому +704

      Mayhem is real extreme black metal band

    • SongWriterSaturdays
      SongWriterSaturdays 2 роки тому +200

      Yeah I think he'll do more like this.
      This is like Mad Lads with music.

    • David Zedner
      David Zedner 2 роки тому +36


    • SC2Klepto
      SC2Klepto 2 роки тому +27


  • R. H.
    R. H. Рік тому +813

    I wished Pelle had gotten the help he needed. This is so tragic and sad. I always wonder how his future would look if there would have been serious and professional support for Pelle's problems. I feel sorry for this tortured person.

    • tupakkaonhyvaa
      tupakkaonhyvaa 9 місяців тому +24

      These kind of people are waaay past the point where "help" would work.

    • AshAintCorny
      AshAintCorny 6 місяців тому +8

      @tupakkaonhyvaa yeah. He would probably kill the therapist, then himself

    • AshAintCorny
      AshAintCorny 6 місяців тому +1

      @Aaaaaie i am not very smart indeed

    • WinterCriesSilverRain (ya, tumblr's my philosophy)
      WinterCriesSilverRain (ya, tumblr's my philosophy) 4 місяці тому +17

      @tupakkaonhyvaa I'm sorry, but the only one that gets to decide how broken someone is, is that own person. And even in that specific scenario, that decision should not be taken lightly and shouldn't be seen in a positive light.
      People have gone through horrific lives and still got to a point where they could live on and even enjoy their lives, meanwhile others go through more "minor" (that can be huge in their minds) issues that cost them their lives. That's why however broken you are, before giving up you should at least try to get help, because everyone deserves at least one chance and humans have very strong willpower in general. It may sound mean, but giving up on life also takes a lot of determination and it's certainly not easy. You have no idea how much therapy or some healthy guidance can help someone, I assure you.
      Are there cases of people so out of it where help couldn't do much? Yes. However, I believe that's a very small percentage and people usually don't know just how powerful they can be. And even if in this case he was one of those "broken beyond help" cases, we'll never know because he didn't get help. So please don't decide for others.

  • K Nature
    K Nature Рік тому +744

    It's crazy that this band is still very much active. And their last album was released just three years ago.

    • Bloodshot Red
      Bloodshot Red Рік тому +115

      Is it really still the same TRUE MAYHEM? It's basically an entirely new band with necrobucther and their new album sucks

    • no one
      no one 8 місяців тому +6

      @Bloodshot Red agreed

    • lucid
      lucid 6 місяців тому +8

      its not trve anymore tho

    • Dame
      Dame Місяць тому +1

      @CP@TRZYK only their albums with dead are good

  • mallowmarsh
    mallowmarsh 2 місяці тому +93

    unfortunately i think the members of the band were disturbed and needed help but instead of finding it they found each other and exploited their dark feelings for their gain and when that wasn’t enough they took it way too far. i hope their families are doing well and i hope others use their story to learn that help is important, so is being surrounded by people who help better you.

  • Solider from Tf2
    Solider from Tf2 Рік тому +595

    The fact people think that this is what all metal is like is just sad. 98% of metalheads are very chill people. I'm a fan of deathmetal and every other deathmetal fan I've met were great people.

    • Solider from Tf2
      Solider from Tf2 Рік тому +20

      @Pokahman I'm a metal head and I have no problem with people listening to what they want. I might not like rap or pop but I still respect them. Everyone has their own taste. You problem met some deathcore fans. There are alot of them and they are super annoying. If I had a dollar for every time a deathcore fan talked shit about my taste in metal music I would be a millionaire.

    • tupakkaonhyvaa
      tupakkaonhyvaa 9 місяців тому +3

      Chill people my ass! 🤣 Everybody is crazy nowadays.

    • Omik Dhawan
      Omik Dhawan 6 місяців тому +2

      People's that listen to black metal. Call all other metals as trash. Me myself

  • DTF Band
    DTF Band 2 місяці тому +43

    I remember reading about this Varg guy in a revolver magazine when I was in highschool. The story was nuts. Made us all think Norwegian black metal was the most hardcore thing in the world. Also told about how his prison let him out to visit family and go on hunting expeditions etc. Varg didn't have it bad during those years. Crazy that he's just out now living his life.

  • Junglehunter677.
    Junglehunter677. 2 роки тому +9832

    Mayhem is to blame for a lot of the stereotypes about black metal fans. No, Lynda, I don't burn down churches.

    • JackAttack
      JackAttack 2 роки тому +574

      That and stupid people who thought that rock music was satanic during the 80’s

    • Eduardo Lopez
      Eduardo Lopez 2 роки тому +403

      @JackAttack they thought that because they heard about Mayhem on the news and immediately thought all metal and rock was satanic

    • Eduardo Lopez
      Eduardo Lopez 2 роки тому +17

      @JackAttack but i agree with you

    • Rädiøactive
      Rädiøactive 2 роки тому +38

      True but the music still good

    • Morbid
      Morbid 2 роки тому +233

      @Eduardo Lopez people been calling heavy metal music satanic before mayhem was a thing such as Black Sabbath being called satanic

  • Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid
    Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid 2 роки тому +902

    I know this band did a lot of controversial things but the thing that stuck out to me?
    The band showing concern over Dead's behavior over harming himself while Euronymous came off as someone who was enabling this behavior for his own enjoyment.

    • Jazmyne Dunn
      Jazmyne Dunn Рік тому +79

      It's really quite sad. I recently learned that Euronymous had sent the photos to a record label or something and on one of the records, a photo of Dead's suicide was the cover.

    • Michael S.
      Michael S. Рік тому +61

      I just found out about the theory of Euronymous being cause of death for Dead, meaning he could’ve killed him.

    • A nut
      A nut 11 місяців тому +29

      And to top it off he used Dead's actual photo after his suicide for album cover, talk about top tier psychopath...

    • Smilin Madman
      Smilin Madman 9 місяців тому +3

      @Jazmyne Dunn that EP became one of their largest albums sold due only to the cover. It's an EP that due to is controversy, is generally counted as a main album.

  • cssnedd
    cssnedd Рік тому +1763

    In the 90’s:
    USA: “Hey we have Marilyn Manson, they’re pretty evil!”
    Norway: “Hold my bone fragment.”

    • Alyx of D'Sparil
      Alyx of D'Sparil Рік тому +58

      What kind of find amusing is that Marilyn Manson's first album came out two months after Mayhem's. One is creepy and the other is almost disturbing in context. Two totally different vibes (and sub genres obviously)

    • vampireboix
      vampireboix Рік тому +12

      @Alyx of D'Sparil but Marilyn has not done shits like Mayhem has done

    • Thomas Rhodes
      Thomas Rhodes Рік тому +54

      @vampireboix well going by recent allegation, in terms of crime, evil and disturbing behaviour, manson waayyyyy outdoes everyone in mayhem tenfold. he’s a legit monster

      MOE-GUNZ-JACKSON Рік тому +26

      Marilyn Manson actually had a point to their music and antics. The music was conscious too which is why people were always taken aback when Manson did interviews and realized he wasn’t dumb.

  • Jesterr
    Jesterr 9 місяців тому +78

    I am not a fan of Black Metal as a genre, as I prefer to listen to secular music, but I do find the story of Mayhem to be quite fascinating. There are so many unusual occurrences and people that were all involved with this same band. For anyone who is interested in the study of Psychology, there is certainly a lot to be learned from the various members of this band.

    • cecil
      cecil 20 днів тому +2


  • Jayme Splendid
    Jayme Splendid 2 роки тому +293

    12:19 he also rearranged some items like a knife and possibly even his brain around the body before taking pictures. Only one picture is known to have been "published" and was used as the cover of the bootleg 'Dawn of the Black Hearts' which clearly shows the items in full yet very suspicious view.
    Euronymous was asked by Dead's family (and friends) to destroy them which he later claimed he did but lied. After Euronymous' murder, his father, accidentally found the rest of the pictures while going through his flat to collect his dead sons belongings and destroyed them.

    • bubbles
      bubbles Рік тому +8

      I think he Also moved the body

    • Zach Jones
      Zach Jones 6 місяців тому +1

      How do you know this

    • GanymedeXD1984
      GanymedeXD1984 5 місяців тому +1

      Yeah … plenty of assumptions …

    • David Saul
      David Saul 16 днів тому +1

      Well since the body obviously didn't move itself after death if there were pictures of it in multiple positions then clearly someone else moved it, with Euronymous being the likely culprit. I don't know if any other pictures have ever actually been seen though as proof or if it's just the father claiming this.

  • Muhammad Huzaifah Mohamed Salim
    Muhammad Huzaifah Mohamed Salim Рік тому +50

    Man I love reading the comments. Being an extreme metal fan, I can tell you this was just a small one off incident. In fact, Mayhem just got inducted into the Norwegian Historical hall of fame (the surviving members minus Varg). There are lots of black metal bands that are awesome dudes. And yes Venom maybe one of the inspirations for black metal but Metallica, Slayer, Bathory and Mercyful Fate definitely led to many kids wanting to play faster and more ''evil'' music back in the 80's.

  • Jennifer Jones
    Jennifer Jones 2 роки тому +3412

    I always wondered what Dead would've done for the Black Metal scene if he would've been able to fight his depression. He had a lot of talent and passion.

    • FuckinAntiPope
      FuckinAntiPope 2 роки тому +227

      @Andrei Gabriel Blaga you didn't read his letters he wrote to his penpal. He didn't Plan on killing himself from the beginning on, he still had dreams and things he wanted to do in life

    • FuckinAntiPope
      FuckinAntiPope 2 роки тому +173

      European Guy yea, he wanted to draw comics. Imagine the awesome things he could have done in Metal and art.

    • darkin
      darkin 2 роки тому +130

      European Guy He also always dreamed of visiting Transylvania, he liked reading about vampires

  • Zaun Amorphous Combatant
    Zaun Amorphous Combatant 2 роки тому +337

    i like how most metal band members are pretty wholesome and then we got guys like these who aparently represent metal

  • Oh No Bro
    Oh No Bro Рік тому +188

    I do not listen to black metal (in fact I dislike the genre), but I find this band’s history to be very interesting. It’s honestly fascinating that there was an actual band with members this crazy. Watching this really gave me goosebumps.

    • sinisterSalem
      sinisterSalem 10 днів тому

      You're boring if you don't like black metal

    • Zee
      Zee 3 дні тому +1

      @sinisterSalem or just not a loser

    • grimch᭕
      grimch᭕ 16 годин тому +1

      ​@sinisterSalem goofy ass Eddie from Stranger Things pfp

  • hhlentz
    hhlentz 9 місяців тому +49

    This was so well made and informative. A lot of this band’s history is confusing and all my questions were cleared up here! Thanks for making this.

  • CupcakKe Poosay Slurper
    CupcakKe Poosay Slurper Рік тому +39

    What's so mind-blowing to see is the band members' pictures and interviews years later. It gives me some sense of sobriety and makes me think, "their old days are so behind them now"; and really makes you think about the wild and crazy things that the high of being young, makes us do.

  • Babak Khezri
    Babak Khezri 11 місяців тому +99

    that smile of Varg while hearing his conviction scared me to death.

    • alek
      alek 8 місяців тому +4

      I find it cute.

    • vivian
      vivian Місяць тому +2

      @alek 😨

    • Macbeth'n'Cheese
      Macbeth'n'Cheese 28 днів тому +1

      ​@alek congratulations

  • GiDD
    GiDD 2 роки тому +5964

    I was the one who found my mom dead after she committed suicide and I would never in a million years think “lemme snap a quick picture”
    That’s disturbing af

    • Asteroth666
      Asteroth666 2 роки тому +217

      it's not the same tho... that's an emotional bond made whilst Dead and Euro had a, if you could call it, professional connection to their nature and belief in the movement

    • Hannah Weatherly
      Hannah Weatherly 2 роки тому +690

      That’s horrific that you had to experience that. I’m so sorry that happened. And also, regardless of the relationship... totally agree with you.. that’s disturbing.

    • GiDD
      GiDD 2 роки тому +433

      @The Diana Syndrome cool. thanks for that.

    • Cheerio Totoro
      Cheerio Totoro 2 роки тому +187

      @Asteroth666 don’t try and justify it tf

  • The Crimson One
    The Crimson One 2 роки тому +60

    I think apart from the video it's important to note that while Mayhem was undoubtedly at the center of the insanity in the black metal scene, they were not the only ones raising hell. Faust, the drummer for the legendary black metal band Emperor, killed a man in 1992, and Jon Nodtveidt, guitarist and vocalist for the Swedish band Dissection, was convicted as an accessory to murder along with his friend, the two of whom belonged to the same Satanic cult, the Temple of the Black Light, then known as the Misanthropic Luciferian Order. Nodtveidt later committed suicide in a Satanic ritual in 2006.

  • Oleksandr Byelyenko
    Oleksandr Byelyenko 2 роки тому +299

    I do not regret Euronymus death. He wasn't a good person. And this video shows it.
    To use bandmate's death to promote the band is sick.
    But doesn't mean I fully support Varg in this matter.

    • Macias712
      Macias712 Рік тому +60

      TBH varg was just as bad

    • Jazmyne Dunn
      Jazmyne Dunn Рік тому +8

      Euronymous had also sent a photo of Dead's suicide to be a cover to a song, it's on Google, and very disturbing.

    • Pilot Turtle
      Pilot Turtle Рік тому +3

      @Jazmyne Dunn The album cover right? That was made from recordings of shows, by I believe a Columbian guy

  • Penguincamp
    Penguincamp 10 місяців тому +35

    Something I want to highlight is that you can tell just how big of an impact Euronymous made when he used Dead's suicide as propaganda. If you look at all of the major black metal groups from that time, most of them either started in 1991 or played so-called "trendy" death metal until 1991. You can look at Immortal, Darkthrone, Burzum, Emperor, and Satyricon, and they all formed or changed their style to black metal in the year that Dead died.

    • John Wayne
      John Wayne Місяць тому

      Black metal is terrifying it crazy he got killed by his own band member

    • Elize Good
      Elize Good 23 дні тому

      @John WayneIt’s kinda his karma for goading and encouraging someone that clearly had serious mental problems to kill themselves. So, me personally, I don’t see Varg killing him a bad thing, he seemed like a bad person
      So it’s not really terrifying as long as you’re not someone who’s horrible and lets everyone know that you’re trying to kill someone, so that even they know and they come ready to defend themselves! He was the one going around, trying to be hard, saying that he’s going to kill him! If that person then gets the upper hand, what can you say really? He was asking for it in a way

  • Nicholas Palacio
    Nicholas Palacio Рік тому +746

    Lesson of the day: mental health is real. Watch out for your friends, it all starts in your upbringing and the influences you choose to be around. Obviously these guys were sick and had no better guidance in their life.

    • Alex 2125
      Alex 2125 Рік тому +3

      😂😂😂😂 i'm crying lmao

    • Alex 2125
      Alex 2125 Рік тому +9

      Normies are so funny

    • ally Silman
      ally Silman Рік тому +50

      @Alex 2125 wow so edgy

    • Alex 2125
      Alex 2125 Рік тому +2

      @ally Silman i was not trying to be edgy . It's just so funny to see how some people react to mayhem's story 😂

  • Newt Grey
    Newt Grey Рік тому +17

    The band’s name is actually quite fitting given what happened. The definition of Mayhem is:
    “violent or damaging disorder; chaos”.

  • S6N 6F G6D
    S6N 6F G6D 2 роки тому +8535

    so this band actually is how most people think of metal bands.

  • Beastly-bee
    Beastly-bee Рік тому +493

    “I finished him off “ sent chills down my spine ..

  • d4n ִ
    d4n ִ 2 роки тому +83

    I came across Mayhem’s song called Freezing Moon and I loved it. A few months later, my boyfriend told me about Mayhem and I was lost asking things like “who?” “What are you talking about?” And then he sent me a link to one of their songs and I clicked and listened. Then it clicked that I’ve listened to them and I didn’t know anything about them ;-; such chaos to sum it up.

    • HardwareFahrrad [YTP]
      HardwareFahrrad [YTP] 8 місяців тому +9

      Oh no!!! That is not very good, now you are cursed by Mayhem. That means Varg is gonna come to your house with a lighter and some cigarrettes. To prevent this from happening, you must buy ALL albums Mayhem EVER made and also sell everything you own and give me the money. Only then are you gonna be truly freed from the curse...

    • Frost
      Frost 2 місяці тому +1

      freezing moon is a good song

    • d4n ִ
      d4n ִ 2 місяці тому

      @HardwareFahrrad [YTP] LMAO

    • HardwareFahrrad [YTP]
      HardwareFahrrad [YTP] 2 місяці тому

      @d4n ִ Yeah, Varg is still angry that back in 2014 when he got invited to Church BBQ, my best buddy FitMC ACTUALLY attempted to give Varg a "Hand-job" and during the meal, Varg got so into it that he completely forgot all of his surroundings and he confused FitMC's hand with a steak so he attempted to grill it with a lighter. He accidentally burned down the entire Church though and FitMC got framed as the real reason the church burned down but Varg said that he will take responsibility and said that he will accept his invitation to spend time in one of the prisons of the Russian police, also called the FSB. During the prison R@P€, Varg accidentally burned down the entire prison and now Varg is banned from attending prison. That was so cruel of the prison to ban him from being inside a jail cell if he wants to! I feel offended about that to this day because now Varg can't meet his best buddies from prison anymore and do the butseggs with them.

  • Green_Spagetti_ Man
    Green_Spagetti_ Man 3 місяці тому +8

    I remember back when I listened to mayhem I was obsessed with the mystery of it all, with it being so psychology horrific I was extremely interested in these guys lives, one of my friends warned be about being open about liking them at the time, me being me I just wanted to look cool, and now on can't even imagine why I liked them anymore, I feel a sense of shame. These days I'm writing songs of my own trying to be more proactive with it rather than just edgy to be edgy

  • GhostyToasty
    GhostyToasty Рік тому +24

    This is wonderfully done and I am glad to see someone speaking about it in a very well put together fashion that genuinely, I could listen to over and over again. If it weren't for the Lords Of Chaos movie that I had put on because of a recommendation. I just had to know more. And this really helped break it down further.

    • My Celly Weighs a Ton
      My Celly Weighs a Ton Рік тому +1

      The movie is entertaining, but not the best representation of their real life events.
      The author of the book/and producers/director were battling with (the surviving members of) Mayhem for years before the movie went into production.

  • Asgads Prime
    Asgads Prime 13 днів тому +2

    crazy how such a load of tragedies and insanity is basically the blue print for a whole music genre, all by one band

  • DrSipp
    DrSipp 2 роки тому +2044

    I understand if you like a genre of music but when you get to the point where your music becomes a weapon of destruction and harm, it’s no longer music. You’re just leaving a dangerous cult

    • Painless
      Painless 2 роки тому +62

      There’s a strong and strange power in that that I’ve never imagined though. Shows the real level of influence that artist have when blindly followed by the youth.

    • hippiecheezburger
      hippiecheezburger 2 роки тому +18

      I feel like the movie just makes for a good plot as showing Euronymous bringing up this rising black metal scene only to become a victim of the very thing he helped create. By the time he was starting to change his whole “image”, it essentially got him killed

    • random
      random 2 роки тому +3


    • Alice Díaz
      Alice Díaz 2 роки тому +1

      Oh like marilyn manson ??

  • 《Thee Sweet Science》
    《Thee Sweet Science》 Рік тому +21

    You did a phenomenal job of expanding on the depth of this music, this band, and the people involved, yet while making it to the point, without losing the depth to it. Also good job of expanding on how Euronymous had layers to him, yet kind of a ridiculous fanaticism to him as well. Ya exposed alot.

  • Ladidott
    Ladidott Рік тому +17

    My friend told me this story! I wasnt sure about what band it was but the story stood out when he told me about the band members suicide and the suicide note, aswell as the friend taking pictures of it, to later use it as an albumcover. So facinating, yet disturbing to see these events in the story as a whole

  • Devil
    Devil Рік тому +5

    This along with the Video by Resonant Peak is probably one of the best summarys of Mayhem's history that I know of which are here on youtube. Definitely a great video. Even better to some extent than some of the more professionally made documentarys about the band. Although its important to mention that there really aren't many big budget documentarys about Mayhem in the first place.

  • Björn Heiden
    Björn Heiden Рік тому +101

    I feel bad for Dead...he was my favourite of them all, he had such a nice smile and beautiful hair. Depressing.

    • S3r0t0n1n
      S3r0t0n1n 6 місяців тому +3

      Mine too! If only he had gotten help

    • backoffpeer
      backoffpeer 5 місяців тому +10

      @S3r0t0n1n I doubt "help" would do much. The guy was basically insane and suffered from Cotard's Delusion.

    • S3r0t0n1n
      S3r0t0n1n 5 місяців тому +12

      @backoffpeer good point, but I don't think he was insane, I think Euronymous was way more insane than Dead ever was

    • Madi
      Madi 4 місяці тому +7

      This video just happened to pop up in my recommended. I only just found out who this band was and the members. After learning what happened to Dead, I was so pissed off. He seemed like a great dude and it’s sad how shit his mental health was.

    • Macbeth'n'Cheese
      Macbeth'n'Cheese 28 днів тому

      ​@backoffpeer medical/psychiatric help is, surprisingly, also help

    IRUNASSAULT Рік тому +4

    I’ve heard about Varg in a lot of Paganism discussions and watched a few of his old UA-cam videos. I always knew that he killed a guy but never really looked into it, I never knew he was in a black metal band either.
    Suddenly here I am years later and as soon as I saw his face it clicked.

  • Cornelius Quinn
    Cornelius Quinn 2 роки тому +5474

    Never heard of Mayhem, never listened to Black Metal, yet I just watched this whole video.

    • michael
      michael 2 роки тому +50

      What are your thoughts?

    • Charlie Edwards
      Charlie Edwards 2 роки тому +232

      Don’t listen it is literal ear rape

    • Scheeemz
      Scheeemz 2 роки тому +426

      @Charlie Edwards Strongly disagree, it's kind of an acquired taste tbh

    • ru yuxi
      ru yuxi 2 роки тому +20

      Me too, I’m scared af wTching this

    • Sauce
      Sauce 2 роки тому +129

      @Scheeemz black metal sucks period. if you like this kind of music i recommend therapy :)

  • Dominick Deejay
    Dominick Deejay Рік тому +108

    I’m surprised he didn’t mention that one of the photos that Euronymous took of dead’s body was used for their 1995 live bootleg album Dawn Of The Black Hearts

    • Bape
      Bape 6 місяців тому +1

      He used suicide via gun?

    • Dominick Deejay
      Dominick Deejay 6 місяців тому

      @Bape yeah 😕

    • GanymedeXD1984
      GanymedeXD1984 5 місяців тому

      @Dominick Deejay Nope … it was a rifle …

    • Titanaside
      Titanaside 3 місяці тому +1

      The image is brutal so don’t look up mayhem album

  • Lord Trigon
    Lord Trigon Рік тому +20

    De Mysteriis dom Sathanas is certainly the most significant album by the band (arguably the most important album in Black Metal history) but Ordo ad Chao and Daemon are also highly recommended too, Attila perfects his unique/odd vocal style and the music throughout both is sinister and terrifying with nightmarish atmospheres.

  • Djolymoly
    Djolymoly Місяць тому +2

    i saw the movie of this band, now im asking myself who tells the truth, because Varg is telling that Euronymous attacked him when they were signing the contract for the Band split, while in the movie, they're showing us that Varg was the first one to attack, because he thought that euronymous would kill him sometime in the next time. In the movie, euronymous was trying to talk with varg and was trying to prevent Varg from killing him. I dont know what to think of this whole band, i think this is the biggest mystery in the band

  • CarbajalQZ
    CarbajalQZ Рік тому +51

    It is after watching this documentary that made me discover Black Metal now I can’t stop listening to it. Lots of good underground music out there.

  • Cheezy
    Cheezy 2 місяці тому +1

    As a person who is a very sirface level metalhead with bands like gojira and slipknot, this story really makes me sick. I understand the depression and wish these guys just got the help they needed instead of being misguided by taking everything so literally in metal

  • MDK
    MDK 2 роки тому +2577

    Euronymous was an edgelord who got others to do things he wouldn't do himself. Dead gave the band their notoriety.

    • ayy sasuke
      ayy sasuke 2 роки тому +185

      varg also gave them notoriety somewhat

    • the Chuck Rast Channel
      the Chuck Rast Channel 2 роки тому +15

      @ayy sasuke yes. You could say that.

    • Knight Wing
      Knight Wing 2 роки тому +5

      But what about the skull necklace thing?

    • MDK
      MDK 2 роки тому +31

      @Knight Wing story goes he did that but as far as I know from interviews not one has ever been seen or presented as hard fact so I'm gonna say just more bullshit

    • Totoro
      Totoro 2 роки тому +9

      @MDK There 2 are members of Gorgoroth that have one. I'm pretty sure the guy from Emperor who stabbed someone had one also

  • 《Thee Sweet Science》
    《Thee Sweet Science》 Рік тому +15

    The way you ended with "and some of them probably didn't mind" as varg sat smiling at the camera ... Brilliant, man!

  • Snow
    Snow Рік тому +19

    This is what happens when a band doesn't take psychedelics

  • The God Emperor of Mankind
    The God Emperor of Mankind 19 днів тому +3

    Burzum, Mayhem and the whole Norwegian scene at the time was wild

  • NugSoVile433
    NugSoVile433 Рік тому +51

    People blame Mayhem as a whole, it was mostly euronymous who convinced everyone to do stuff

    • Ava Mancino
      Ava Mancino Місяць тому +1

      True. As well as Dead’s mental health. Dead actually had a rare disorder where you don’t believe you’re human. Dead adopted the nickname “Dead” because he thought he was actually dead that’s also why in his suicide note he said “I’m not human. This is all a dream and soon I will awake” Dead’s story is extremely tragic

  • b
    b 11 місяців тому +13

    Ive never been the same since learning about Dead. What a fucking legend. His whole persona/image is so deep

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 роки тому +8073

    Fun fact, Dead used to bury his clothes, leave them for a week then dig them up and wear them to gigs so it gave the impression he was a freshly exhumed corpse. I've read the book about Mayhem and if you're a true black metal fan, it's a good read.

    • A Guy
      A Guy 2 роки тому +159

      Wallys World no u

    • Wallys World
      Wallys World 2 роки тому +310

      @A Guy True, but black metal as well

    • ozko
      ozko 2 роки тому +24

      @Wallys World ok

    • Bloopbee
      Bloopbee 2 роки тому +26

      Whats the book called? Id like to read it

  • 4th Lensman Of The Apocalypse
    4th Lensman Of The Apocalypse Рік тому +4

    I was in an Oi! Band that hailed from High Wycombe UK and was friends with a guy that ran if not but one of the first UK black metal labels, Candlelight Records. So I became acquainted with quite a few of the BM scene inc Emperor, Mayhem and Burzum (Count Grishnack) I was a a few years older than most of them and when all these horror stories came out I was genuinely shocked as they all seemed so young. I include Emperors drummer stabbing the gay guy. Pretty sure when I met him, it had already happened and he hadn’t admitted/been caught for it then...
    Crazy times, crazy people...

  • My Celly Weighs a Ton
    My Celly Weighs a Ton Рік тому +11

    I love how they fulfilled every sensationalistic stereotype that made it possible for people (who were gangstas/thugs/drug dealers) to accuse me of being a "satan worshipper" in high school.
    Even though, I'm not a satanist.

  • Dylan R.
    Dylan R. Рік тому +3

    Black metal isn’t really my type of music, but man studying the stuff behind the music for different bands is beyond fascinating.

  • BiLLz614
    BiLLz614 Рік тому +13

    So weird! I just watched the gg Allin one and wondered to myself... if you would have covered mayhem and it popped on the que right after lol. Never really listened to them... but heard this story a few years back. And it stuck with me. They ended up using dead’s death photo on one of their album or demo covers I heard as well early on. Weird stuff.

  • Johnny Strife
    Johnny Strife Рік тому

    This band is so phenomenal to this day. They really understand the soul of rock and roll.

  • Falcon Ranger311
    Falcon Ranger311 2 роки тому +5792

    Can't be darkest band in history when everyone can see it.

  • Abigor Anathema
    Abigor Anathema Рік тому +74

    I'm assuming you're a metal fan, but I did want to say I appreciate you not talking down to the music. Like stating that Burzum made some of the best atmospheric black metal. You don't qualify and say something like "... for black metal." You just say it's good. I appreciate that.

  • Hooon Chyeah
    Hooon Chyeah 2 роки тому +22

    These videos are fascinating I was a huge fan of black metal when I was in high school being in my 30’s now I always like to go back and listen

    • Lashae Smith
      Lashae Smith 2 роки тому

      Dimmu borgir is what i keep going back to. Crazy black metal pirates lol

  • Rue jules
    Rue jules Рік тому +24

    This is CRAZY!!! as a person who grew up in the middle east we had no such genera as black metal or the media representation of it, So watching this documentary was very much eye opening ngl. thank you!

    • Terryisintrouble
      Terryisintrouble  2 місяці тому +2

      Dude im a middle eastern n there are a bunch of metal bands here ofc non of them are crazy like mayhem but they exist but unfortunately there not as well knowed

  • GoofyAhh INC
    GoofyAhh INC Рік тому +5

    The Lord of chaos had major holes due to the band members not complying to testify so the directors had little to work with. One major misconception was in the movie they said "hail satan!" But this was a shallow as Varg had answer and cleared up a few things in his own youtube channel filling some gaps.

  • Jacob Todd
    Jacob Todd 9 місяців тому +3

    this story is a black metal classic, and a great intro to the history of the genre but idk if it compares to nazi pedophiles n shit in other bands, like inquisitions frontman for example, or like the guitarist of emperor stabbing a guy in the woods like 30 times and citing serial killers as inspiration (i think). also theres a lot of rumor about nattramn from silencer, not a lot of proof but the most ambiguous being his vocal technique of cutting his wrists in studio to sound like a dying animal and trying to (and succeeding depending on the story) murder someone with an axe. theres a lot of other shit out there too, its not really dark or anything but windirs vocalist, valfar, died in a sudden blizzard in 94. lot of death and degeneracy in black metal almost to a comedic extent lmao

  • Captain Deadeye
    Captain Deadeye 2 роки тому +1425

    To see Varg so calm and collected when discussing the murder is so chilling.

    • Noah Upton
      Noah Upton Рік тому +56

      If you think that’s chilling….look up serial killer interviews. They laugh and re-live it

    • trmnl
      trmnl Рік тому +126

      not so chilling when you know about the person he killed lmao

    • Orange Juice
      Orange Juice Рік тому +39

      varg did nothing wrong only by law

    • Erin Gursky
      Erin Gursky Рік тому +95

      @Orange Juice Varg did society a favor.

    • joe
      joe Рік тому

      @trmnl who did he kill?

  • PC Principal
    PC Principal Місяць тому +1

    Remember y’all, you can’t choose your family but you CAN choose your friends

  • Ali Murray
    Ali Murray Місяць тому

    I personally love it. I love that it scared people. It's incredibly sad about dead and euronymous. I wonder what they would've gone on to do.

  • Jupiter Shanty
    Jupiter Shanty 2 роки тому +18

    When I was younger I was afraid to admit I listened to Mayhem. Ahhhh, the clarity of age.

  • sazomuerte360
    sazomuerte360 Рік тому +5

    One bit of info that you forgot to mention which I think is interesting amd morbid at the same time. When Euronymous found Dead he fixed his corpse and took a picture with it and he used it on one of their bootleg albums Dawn of the Black Heart. Awesome video btw.

  • Mag Tinfal
    Mag Tinfal 2 роки тому +3266

    And to think that just 30 years before all this people were saying The Rolling Stones was a bad influence

    • BeansmaCarter
      BeansmaCarter 2 роки тому +39

      They are. Deeply satanic band. You don't have to be super heavy to be satanic worship music. If it's not of the Lord. It's of the adversary.

    • DzY - 1119
      DzY - 1119 2 роки тому +179

      @BeansmaCarter Fairytales, dude. It's all bullshit. lol

    • Dylan Rus
      Dylan Rus 2 роки тому +8

      Not even thirty years lol

    • GHOUL
      GHOUL 2 роки тому +71

      @DzY - 1119 i Mean Mayhem doesnt glorify Drug Use, alcohol and getting STDs lol

  • RowStone
    RowStone Рік тому +15

    I lived thru that. The community decided we were all satanists. Police started cracking down on us. I had many people call me a hater of God and wanted to beat me up. It caused a small war in children listening to music.

    • GanymedeXD1984
      GanymedeXD1984 5 місяців тому

      Children listening to music? What music?

    • goofy
      goofy 6 днів тому

      @GanymedeXD1984 donowalled

  • liltwistofcaine
    liltwistofcaine Рік тому +13

    Very nice series man, glad I found it. Seen most of the stories before… a lot, and you still found shit I hadn’t heard.

  • nonamebill
    nonamebill Рік тому +3

    This makes me think of when I was 8 and watching TOTP. And me and my dad saw Keith Flint from the Prodigy for the first time in the firestarter video. I remember my dad being outraged and saying that he (Keith) should be locked up. Imagine what his reaction to these would have been. They actually did need to be locked up.

    • GanymedeXD1984
      GanymedeXD1984 5 місяців тому

      What dad did say such stuff? Mine said … thats cool stuff …

  • Quimbus
    Quimbus Рік тому

    The first time I heard of Mayhem my friend had showed me an album I didn’t care for it it’s not my style but I thought the cover was fake. He had told me “it’s a black listed album of one of their singers suicide. I’m glad I saw this video bc it definitely made why he took that picture and put it on an album cover make sense even tho I don’t agree w it…great video man

  • I’m just me Don’t worry
    I’m just me Don’t worry 4 місяці тому +1

    Bro Mayhem is one of the strangest “murders” I’ve ever heard about. Not just because of the outcome. But just in general the way it happened.

  • Majorbrawl1178 6
    Majorbrawl1178 6 2 роки тому +13007

    you forgot to talk about the fact that they used dead's suicide photos as an actual album cover

    • AntsnRoaches
      AntsnRoaches 2 роки тому +922

      "Dawn of the Black Hearts"

    • Nuno Carvalho Guerra
      Nuno Carvalho Guerra 2 роки тому +1681

      Yeah, for me that´s the most extreme story of them all....he was their friend and they lived together

    • Bored Megatron
      Bored Megatron 2 роки тому +545

      That was a bootleg album.

    • Jenny Taylor
      Jenny Taylor 2 роки тому +87

      I was just gonna ask that , if that was same band lol

    • F. VT
      F. VT 2 роки тому +619

      Dude, i justed searched for it... im speechless

  • S3r0t0n1n
    S3r0t0n1n 6 місяців тому +5

    Honestly, I really like dead, he's my favorite. Of course, he did some bad things, but he's still my favorite, I feel like if he had gotten help he would really go somewhere. He was really talented

  • Silver G
    Silver G Рік тому +1

    I loved all this story, as a criminal story and as also a story about satanism and the criminal and "sadic" psychology. In this story there is the "triad": a suicidal - a victim - a killer. And also the black metal music as a background. Everyone says Euronymous pushed Per to suicide. Therefore, if it was so, we can say that Euronymous was a sadic who pushed Per to suicide, although Per was already depressed enough. Therefore, Euronymous was a victim of Varg and Varg was the killer, after Per committed suicide. This was the "triad" of this story. Personally, I am sorry about Per Ohlin !!! He should not have died ! And he should not have remain in Norway for so much time, but in my opinion he should have returned in Sweden for a while, as a "work break", at least for a few weeks, because his depression was becoming a serious problem. Regarding to Euronymous, I do not know if the gossip is true or not. I mean, I do not know if Euronymous actually pushed Per to suicide or did not. Regarding to Euronymous, I think that he was really a great musician and a f***ing genius. Also Euronymous did not deserve to die ! Especially, to be killed in that way ! Everyone says Euronymous was a kind, polite and good person, but a sadic person with Per, because he bullied Per over and over. If it was actually so, I think Euronymous was an evil person anyways, but he did not deserve to die anyways !!! For me, there were two victims : a "victim" because of his madness, namely a suicidal and a second victim, because of a killer named Varg Vikernes. May these two victims rest in peace !!! 🥺🎶🤟 P.S. I do love the black metal music and obviously do love the Mayhem band from '88 to '90 ! 😊

  • DisherWasher
    DisherWasher 3 місяці тому +3

    Let’s just press F to Respect Necrobutcher and Hellhammer, for tryin to take the Mayhem out of … well…Mayhem!

  • Miranda Killer
    Miranda Killer Рік тому +6

    I hope more people see this over that movie that came out a while ago. I know movies love to romanticize death, but they made the relationship with Dead look like love.

  • ImYourFather
    ImYourFather Рік тому +11

    I love how the album deathcrush sounds. It’s very punk but also too much hardcore to be labbeled as ounk.
    Sounds a lot like nirvana if nirvana was extreme

    • Gaius Octavius
      Gaius Octavius 7 місяців тому

      The 8th of April… three years to the day

  • ElliYeet
    ElliYeet 2 роки тому +1888

    I can’t really tell who was more evil, Euronymous or Varg.
    Both of them really did messed up and horrible things.

    • ElliYeet
      ElliYeet 2 роки тому +351

      Very Likely. But don’t forget that Euronymous actually took photos of Dead’s Body and also used Dead’s Death to further strengthen his career by not admitting he forced Dead to go insane.

    • Retog
      Retog 2 роки тому +177

      @ElliYeet well he didn’t “force” Dead to go insane. Dead already suffered from mental illness. Euronymous’ influence wasn’t good but he didn’t “force” him.
      Murder is still worse than taking photos of your dead friend for an album cover.

  • DedEddie
    DedEddie Рік тому +1

    The movie is sooooo good and is really heavy with actually showing dead's suicide and euronymous's murder. Definetily a worth watch and see just how screwed up everything was. Great vid by the way, just missed the part where they actually had his suicide as an album cover as well

    • Destiny amaya
      Destiny amaya Рік тому

      whats the movie called?

    • DedEddie
      DedEddie Рік тому +1

      @Destiny amaya Lord's of Chaos

  • Uba
    Uba Рік тому +3

    Euronymous made necklaces out of Dead's skull fragments and gave them to black metal community members he considered "trve." One such skull fragment sold at auction a year ago or so.

  • Keara Zarrillo
    Keara Zarrillo 7 місяців тому +1

    i wish i could go to one of their concerts and see it live

  • Primal Dawn
    Primal Dawn Рік тому +11

    Oslo is 7hrs and 59 minutes from Bergen not just a spur of the moment decision to just run across town, it's nearly across the country from each other. So Varg definitely had time to rethink this plan of action.

  • Your Local Potato
    Your Local Potato 9 місяців тому +2

    I think Mayhem is the only metal band that isn't full of wholesome members. You know Cannibal Corpse, all super nice guys, Abbath, a man with so much humor and then there's Mayhem, which is essentially that what non-metalheads think metalheads do all the time.

  • To Moffel
    To Moffel 2 роки тому +1861

    Nevermind the music, the image and everything around that. But a dude so casually talking about a murder he comitted let alone by stabbing a man in the skull, not showing any sign of shame, guilt or trauma. That gives me goosebumps

    • 5KM5K
      5KM5K 2 роки тому +129

      Well from vargs point of view he was doing preventative self defense, maybe more comparable to killing enemy soldiers in war so that they wont kill you. I don’t know how much of Varg’s story is true but if this was the case, it is understandable why there would be no feelings of guilt or shame.

      CHIEFS WIFE 2 роки тому +130

      He killed someone who planned his murder, not sure I would care either

    • Ricardo666
      Ricardo666 2 роки тому +65

      He was and probably is actually proud of what he did.
      Now do you get the same goosebumps when rappers boast about their crimes and murder in Hip Hop songs?!

  • Darkcyde85
    Darkcyde85 Рік тому +56

    There's only one person who surpassed Mayhem in terms of going to the extreme on stage and that's GG Allin.

    • Sorry Not Sorry
      Sorry Not Sorry Рік тому +1

      Any links about him? Heard some... strange things about him.

    • Hi Wifi
      Hi Wifi Рік тому +1

      @Sorry Not Sorry Not sure what you mean by links but the same guy that made this video has a vid on gg allin if that’s what you meant.

    • Pete K
      Pete K Рік тому

      @Sorry Not Sorry there is a documentary about GG on Netflix

    • Omar Lopez
      Omar Lopez Рік тому +1

      Edwin Borsheim from Kettle Cadaver surpasses GG Allin. There's even a documentary about it.

  • Forgettable
    Forgettable 2 роки тому +3

    I love black metal.
    Please keep up the good work.

  • Dan Hintz
    Dan Hintz 7 годин тому +1

    euronymous was a square as a youth--a jock and a straight A student, very respectful of his parents and authority figures. many who knew him felt his black metal overlord persona was 110% overcompensation for his milk toast upbringing.