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Croatias Most Disturbing Musician (Satan Panonski)

  • Опубліковано 28 лют 2024
  • Satan Panonski is a Croatian musician, poet and artist who has often been labeled as "The Croatian GG Allin", however he is much more than that. Today we will be looking at his insane life and art.
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  • @deburke321
    @deburke321  3 роки тому +432

    Hope you guys enjoy this video! Very little is known about this man so I wanted to do my best to create a somewhat cohesive timeline that can serve as an introduction to Panonski and his music. If I'm correct (and I might not be lol), this should be the first video on UA-cam ever done about Panonski in English, so if I made a few mistakes that's the reason why. Anyways, I hope you guys have a good day and I'll see you soon!

    • @Vixysix
      @Vixysix 3 роки тому +5

      Awesome!! Thanks!!

    • @babakazi808
      @babakazi808 3 роки тому +10

      I just recently heard of japaneese noise music. Sounds a little punk at times too, but do you think you could do a video on this? I heard they get pretty crazy and a bulldozer crashed through the stage as part of a set injuring people in the crowd lol

    • @donmacpherson5498
      @donmacpherson5498 3 роки тому +10

      Loved this.
      Never heard of him until now, so well done.
      I am extremely intrigued.
      This man is instantly one of my heroes.

    • @mariozilic3250
      @mariozilic3250 3 роки тому +9

      Hello Deburke, friend of mine from Vinkovci where Satan comes from, he knows the brother of Satan Panonski, and he told him that Satam was murdered by Croatian army because he was always telling to people that he will slaughter the Serbs. He sad:" Do you know what I will do to the Serbs, if I am already cutting myself on the stage

    • @knightwing5169
      @knightwing5169 3 роки тому +5

      Holy crap Deburke! I was not expecting another video from you so soon. Keep up the good work, dude.

  • @nullcorporation2332
    @nullcorporation2332 3 роки тому +2547

    Not as Half as scary as Canadas Most Disturbing Musician 'Celine Dion'

  • @amatije
    @amatije 3 роки тому +1960

    So glad that someone who's not from Croatia/Serbia is talking about Satan Panonski.
    He was such a nice man outside the stage. He bought me a beer one time before his concert and we had an interesting conversation. I was just a little girl back then but I'll never forget how kind he was. He was worried about me and a friend because we were young and alone at a punk concert. He told us to let him know if we had any problems that night.
    Thanks for the video!

    • @FabioDish
      @FabioDish 2 роки тому +21

      and how the concert was??

    • @vedranboneta
      @vedranboneta 2 роки тому +40

      bio je na mdmi

    • @milanbetmen4646
      @milanbetmen4646 2 роки тому +10

      ozzy osbourne is an insect for kečer

    • @JAMBI..
      @JAMBI.. 2 роки тому +35

      He wanted to do you

    • @jupitershanty
      @jupitershanty 2 роки тому +74

      That's a LOVELY story. I wish more people were that way. Cheers

  • @vidukadavor
    @vidukadavor Рік тому +185

    I knew Ivica, or Satan Panonski, even though I'm 10 years younger and I'm from Zagreb.But playing guitar in 'Majke', I met all the Punk Rock musicians who came from Vinkovci to Zagreb during the war.
    I experienced everything until I was 17 years old playing concerts all over Yugoslavia, but I will never forget how scared I was when I saw Satan's first concert in Kset-Zagreb. There was blood everywhere.He cut himself madly, I ran to the upper gallery out of fear.
    But later, when I met him, I saw that he is an intelligent and creative man, just a little crazy 😅
    I have an interesting story. His backing band were mostly members of the very young band 'Pokvarena Mašta' from Vinkovci. They are my generation, so much younger than him. I later played with all of them in Majke and to this day I play with some of them in 'Kojoti' .
    Ivica was gay, and everyone in Vinkovci knew it , including his brother Vlado,( because of whom he killed a man). So Ivica and his brother Vlado came to the first gig of Pokvarene mašta in Vinkovci, when they were still teenagers. And when Vlado (who is straight) first saw Vanja, the bass player (with whom I play to this day), said to Ivica:
    'Fuck,Ivica, this kid is prettier than my wife, I would fuck him too!' And Satan answered him: No! I don't touch fellow musicians!' 😅 Later, Vanja played Satan's last concert in Sarajevo, before the war.
    I'm glad I got to know him well, if only for a short time and I'm sorry he died.Don't believe all the Bullshit stories about his death.Even today his relatives don't know what exactly happened.And his death was never investigated. It's very shady businesses.
    Greetings to everyone from Zagreb, Croatia!

    • @rudifx2523
      @rudifx2523 Рік тому +12

      I don't know about everyone else here, but I know You Viduka and I really Respect everything you've done and what you're still doing for the Croatian Rock scene! I believe that everything you wrote is true. The punk rock scene in Vinkovci at that time was by far the best in the whole of Ex-Yugoslavia, and later in Croatia. And when I think about it, you are the only person who is not from Vinkovci, and you played the guitar and wrote songs with all of them .Because you are the best! Greetings to Legend!

    • @pokojnitoza8495
      @pokojnitoza8495 Рік тому +6

      OH YEAH! A big salute to the legendary guitarist.
      I don't want to bother you, I'm just curious. Have you ever played with Satan Panonski?

    • @vidukadavor
      @vidukadavor Рік тому +7

      @@pokojnitoza8495 Hey, hello Tozo! :) I didn't play the Gig with Ivica, unfortunately. But for that legendary performance with a lot of bands at Vrbik in Zg. 1990, he had the idea that Bare would play the bass for him( and that was very funny,) I would play the only guitar and Korozija from Majke drums. And we even had one rehearsal in that line-up. And that sounded very interesting. Korozija and I keep everything from falling apart, and Bare and Satan try to make everything fall apart haha 😁​​ And we were supposed to play that gig in a week time, but Korozija didn't show up at all, and Bare was 2 hours late for the gig. So Fuck it, there was the band Nepopravljivi from Vinkovci and they followed him at the end. Satan wanted me to join, but without Bare it wasn't so much for me fun. Today I'm a little sorry that I wasn't.

    • @nikolajurenic87
      @nikolajurenic87 9 місяців тому +4

      Viduka legendo hvala ti za sve zakon rifove od kojih me zbog benganja danima vrat bolio. 91' sam godište, obožavam majke i kojote iz devedesetih, satana sam glazbeno upoznao u tinejđerskim danima, i dan danas si ga pustim da se "ispraznim" kako bi on to rekao. Trese lupa udara od kad zajašio sam zmaja i postao razuzdan i lud! Rock on!

    • @Trt-Mrt-Smrt
      @Trt-Mrt-Smrt 8 місяців тому +1

      i da dodamo Kawasaki 3P

  • @ghostx697
    @ghostx697 3 роки тому +673

    Given what we know, he seems like the exact opposite person of GG they just shared similar marketing.
    The fact that GG would shit on himself and not bathe for days after and Satan would clean up immediately after a show tells you all you need to know.

    • @lewisaino
      @lewisaino 2 роки тому +37

      With that you know their personalities.

    • @crazydud3380
      @crazydud3380 2 роки тому +55

      Yeah, nothing alike other than the self-harm during live shows, but GG wasn't the only other artist to do that (Mayhem, and some other black metal acts from that time).

    • @alicemarksman8888
      @alicemarksman8888 2 роки тому +42

      @@crazydud3380 Even Marilyn Manson self harmed on stage. It's pretty sad that it's becoming mainstream to do it or seen as cool in the alternative scene. There's still tons of comments applauding him for it, encouraging, and a sht ton saying that it was bad-ss or similar things.

    • @electricink3908
      @electricink3908 2 роки тому +5

      GG died from a heroin OD , while Satan Panonski died defending for his country.

    • @criticalmass6249
      @criticalmass6249 2 роки тому +39

      GG was also saving his country... by taking all the super strong heroin so others in his country won’t be able to OD, quite admirable really.

  • @basedsouljah
    @basedsouljah 3 роки тому +430

    There is like NO INFORMATION ON THIS MAN. Huge huge huge shout out to you bro

    • @lukadebeljak2485
      @lukadebeljak2485 3 роки тому +14

      There is a lot of information about him online, and I do mean a lot

    • @zaynes5094
      @zaynes5094 2 роки тому +3

      @@lukadebeljak2485 There is and there isn’t. Im sure if someone wanted to dig deep they could. As weird as this may sound, while I am very much Batman in the sense that I do not believe in killing, I do believe that those that hurt innocents, those that hurt/abuse children, or neglect their own, those are the ones that deserve a fate worse than death, but I also am a firm believer in that those that hurt others get what they deserve.

    • @lukadebeljak2485
      @lukadebeljak2485 2 роки тому +9

      @@zaynes5094 what are you on about man? I found a whole pdf file of his childhood, how he was friends with my father (ma fathers full name was in the file, he also told me often about Satan). There is a shit ton of informatiom, from old letters to conspiracies. I agree with you on the second half of your comment but what the fuck does that have do to with anything

    • @zaynes5094
      @zaynes5094 2 роки тому +1

      @@lukadebeljak2485 You a Brit? I’ve only met one Brit in my life and they talked with a very broken accent. And, I don’t know. Call me Mr. random but I just like how he thinks about those bad types. I always akin evil people to that of a roach, easy enough to find, but incredibly hard to kill once found. So I don’t think he’s too far off from the truth in that regards.

    • @lukadebeljak2485
      @lukadebeljak2485 2 роки тому +2

      @@zaynes5094 im from croatia man, and yeah I agree

  • @heavenlyrose3774
    @heavenlyrose3774 3 роки тому +403

    I felt bad for him when he started talking about how he cuts himself to relieve some of his pain. He seemed like a nice, damaged man who had too many demons.

    • @blebleh666
      @blebleh666 3 роки тому +6

      Thats why prople cut themselves. To kill the pain

    • @ScoobyShotU
      @ScoobyShotU 2 роки тому

      @UCBiJ3VKFC2qSItQ4e59QdxA lol that's stupid as fuck u cause physical pain to end mental pain like this is coming from someone who can't get out of physical pain I've broken 50 plus bones had 20 plus surgeries and I promise u nothing mental can cause the pain I've been threw and go threw day to day ppl like u make me sick

    • @noseexplorer
      @noseexplorer 2 роки тому +27

      @@ScoobyShotU a lot of people do that as an unhealthy way to cope. And obviously the pain of self mutilation is not nearly as painful as breaking bones. So comparing the two makes no sense.

    • @rizeorfall
      @rizeorfall 2 роки тому +3

      @@ScoobyShotU do you remember when you Shit your pants at Greg’s house? That was hilarious! For real I came hard to that image.

    • @perkosherrigh7243
      @perkosherrigh7243 2 роки тому +2

      More like a attention seeker

  • @sharpen81
    @sharpen81 3 роки тому +540

    I'm from Croatia, and it's really cool that someone from the west heard about him, since he is still pretty obscured even in Croatia (or Balkans). I think video covers main aspects of the story, but just wants to add some corrections. First one is about pronouncing his surname - it should be pronounced like this Chulyik. Just put it into google translate and you'll be good :). Second one is about his reasons to go to war. Basically he was a pacifist and against the war, but in his own words, he said something like this: "The village I was born and where my family lived was attacked. So I couldn't just watch someone trying to kill my mother, I had to fight". As for reasons on his death, yeah, the most widespread explanation is accident, but we will never know for sure. He is buried in Vinkovci, and some punk folks still visit his grave. PS You could also make a video about Goran Bare & Majke (Mothers). Goran was a bass player in Satan's band, but now is fronting his own band Majke that makes really quality music and are definitely more popular than Satan. But Goran also has interesting story of his own. You should check it out ;)

    • @mucjka
      @mucjka 2 роки тому +3

      I also have to mention that there is a wide spread story/myth, that he was shot while charging an attack on a tank with a knife.

    • @B.C.M
      @B.C.M Рік тому

      Goran Bare & Majke-the best rnr band in the World 😉👌

    • @Tomislav_B.
      @Tomislav_B. Рік тому +3

      Čuljak, nije Čuljik

    • @derraucherhase123
      @derraucherhase123 Рік тому +2

      @@Tomislav_B. Haha even croatians are fighting about the pronunciation

    • @johnjohn37371
      @johnjohn37371 Рік тому +4

      He didn't mention it, so maybe you can tell me, and I apologize for my ignorance...how big did punk music get in Croatia? Was there an influx of English and American punk or was it mostly homegrown? And how big was rock music in general in the late seventies early eighties? Was it a club level thing or were there major bands touring? Again, I'm sorry for my ignorance, just curious...

  • @joker-mo8cb
    @joker-mo8cb 3 роки тому +866

    He's a lot more caring then gg and not near as ruthless.

    • @HankStellae
      @HankStellae 3 роки тому +3


    • @joker-mo8cb
      @joker-mo8cb 3 роки тому +12

      @@HankStellae 💩

    • @HankStellae
      @HankStellae 3 роки тому +14

      @@joker-mo8cb lol, the best organic lube...

    • @joker-mo8cb
      @joker-mo8cb 3 роки тому +24

      @@HankStellae gg allins favorite!!

    • @HankStellae
      @HankStellae 3 роки тому +14

      @@joker-mo8cb hahaha, the whiskey and heroin made it all slippery...

  • @sunolili862
    @sunolili862 3 роки тому +420

    the balkans is a wild place for music.the most obscure shit is going on here and we may never know half of it

    • @user-rj3cu5zt8q
      @user-rj3cu5zt8q 3 роки тому +34

      Wdym? Im from here and nothimg obscure in music is happening

    • @Fabio-Galante
      @Fabio-Galante 3 роки тому +42

      Nothing special ,as of right now ,everyone is following European trends. And 30 40+ years ago , you had a lot of rock bands following the steps of american rock bands.

    • @hamzatufek534
      @hamzatufek534 3 роки тому +4

      As a Bosnian(BALKAN COUNTRY) i confirm that

    • @Occult_Gibbet
      @Occult_Gibbet 3 роки тому +4

      A good place to start would be YT user @Dronemf.S

    • @jevtamjdc5516
      @jevtamjdc5516 3 роки тому +21

      @@user-rj3cu5zt8q Vidi, mnogo zavisi od toga u koju se rupu zavučeš i gde odeš,mnogi su na našim prostorima, na žalost u turbo-folk-u i ostalim govnima, i zaslepljeni time ne spoznaju podzemlje,ne spoznaju NAS

  • @debilana100
    @debilana100 3 роки тому +255

    In april 1991 we played a gig with Satan Panonski in Slovenia and i had some conversation to this man. I was 18 at that time. Very interesting person. I remember asking him if there is gonna be some blood and cuttings on the stage and he reply me he's not doing this anymore. The gig was chaotic anyway (4 bands played that evening) and i belive there must be a video somewhere in the archive of Slovenian national TV station. I know it because there was a video reportage few days after the gig. I saw it on TV.

    • @aleksandarsasokotnik9310
      @aleksandarsasokotnik9310 2 роки тому +6


    • @RealDJStew724
      @RealDJStew724 Рік тому +5

      Try to get a copy and upload it please

    • @lukepoposek3548
      @lukepoposek3548 Рік тому +1

      My grandparents are Slovenian, and this man's story makes so much sense to me... I feel his pain, his angst, his sorrow... What can we do in a world so violent, when all we want is peace. Thank you for sharing your story! I would love to hear more about the punk scene in my native country.

    • @alexthebirb6966
      @alexthebirb6966 Рік тому +1

      I gotta ask my uncle if he knew about this guy because he was the only one who really listened to metal and punk in my entire family

    • @Kritikalhit-uf8ez
      @Kritikalhit-uf8ez 2 місяці тому

      Where you guys aware of gg allin at the time?

  • @maddio998
    @maddio998 3 роки тому +359

    He’s much more articulate than GG ever was.

    • @70zenboy
      @70zenboy 3 роки тому +28

      GG not articulate? How about “Pulled out my
      Burning pecker and out came the puss” for a lyric huh? That’s pure poetry.

    • @dreammule
      @dreammule 3 роки тому +6

      Thats not poetry. Thats mearly a man simply stating what one does after a night of shooting up someone else's dope and playing a round of "How many rapes can the whores take".

    • @daniele.7438
      @daniele.7438 2 роки тому +8

      GG would give this guy the pain he looking for and explode shit all over him . Either way for being a creative force on the other side of the world cheers and RIP Satahn

      @THICCTHICCTHICC 2 роки тому +31

      GG was surprisingly articulate when he wasn't on drugs though. Which wasn't often of course, but everything I've read of him seems to indicate that there was a smart man underneath 3 layers of shit and blood.

    • @christopherst.christopher2836
      @christopherst.christopher2836 Рік тому +5

      Listening to the man's own words, I think GG had a well-developed mind obscured by emotional scarring and an endless appetite for attention (especially attention expressed as fear, outrage, or disgust). I'm not trying to defend the man's specific actions, which would be a foolish use of time, but maybe to understand some of the man himself. He's always fascinated me, even though he was (proudly 😸) a shit-stained degenerate who mostly made lame music.
      Also, I think it's funny, and maybe a little sad, that a video about Satan Panonski has more discussion about someone else.

  • @robertor6289
    @robertor6289 3 роки тому +637

    Fun fact: when he was a teenager, older people were scared of him when they saw him on the streets and yelled something like “Go aways Satan of Panonia.” He liked it and used it as a stage name.
    P.S. “satahn” is the right pronouncing of Satan on Croatian language (it’s not Satin as many people say in the comment section)

    • @mbvteleshaka4366
      @mbvteleshaka4366 3 роки тому +8

      that was so fun

    • @tinataylor3385
      @tinataylor3385 3 роки тому +32

      It's Sotona iz Panonije. I'm from Croatia.

    • @KattMurr
      @KattMurr 3 роки тому +5

      Thank you for the clarification! I was wondering if the name was pronounced properly...

    • @AliceSpaxxx
      @AliceSpaxxx 3 роки тому +9

      I am from Croatia and as far as I know it's called Sotona!!!!

    • @hobbitsodomizer7301
      @hobbitsodomizer7301 3 роки тому +2

      @@tinataylor3385 Legenda iz Panonije :-). With Drinking Skull one of my favorite (mada nisam voljel punk on mi je bil brutalane dober).

  • @jreschke5
    @jreschke5 3 роки тому +789

    One was named Jesus Christ and one was named satan. Pretty wild

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  3 роки тому +109

      Haha didn’t even think of that, they’re kindred spirits

    • @amnesia2558
      @amnesia2558 3 роки тому +77

      Yeah and gg hated everyone and loved himself, and satan hated himself and loved everyone else.satan said he cant hate anyone but he has to punish ones who want to harm his town,mother or brothers

    • @mkeflynn9542
      @mkeflynn9542 3 роки тому +10

      That would be with a capital "S"

    • @vedranb87
      @vedranb87 3 роки тому +17

      @@deburke321 Wow... With this in mind you could definitely make a follow-up video about the symbolic representation of the entire modern Christian world through the lens of these two people, their attitudes towards the world and the resulting irony.

    • @nelsonx5326
      @nelsonx5326 3 роки тому +15

      And one tossed the name away while the other created his.

  • @markopanic6371
    @markopanic6371 3 роки тому +155

    It's always surreal to hear someone talk about a niche thing you know about, especially if it's from a english speaking youtuber I've been subbed to for these kind of stories.

  • @RazorChampion99
    @RazorChampion99 3 роки тому +87

    Nice to see rather-unknown artists get some recognition through your videos. I think it would be a challenge if you tackled a entire sub-genre of music, giving a overall retrospective about how these bands portray their image, their live performances, their singing techniques like either growls or melodies etc. For example, I recommend the metal genre with their 20 billion sub-genres like Grindcore, Pirate Metal, Death Metal, Funeral Doom Metal etc etc. (Seriously, there are loads of sub-genres; even sub-genres within sub-genres). Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  3 роки тому +19

      Thank you! And yeah I try to talk about the genres and the impact these artists have on it whenever I'm covering somebody. Like in my video on Mayhem I talked a lot about Black Metal in general and mentioned a few other bands that influenced the genre. Maybe down the line I'll covere a full genre, my brother was actually in a Folk Metal band so I've learned a lot about the interesting sub genres of metal through him.

    • @RazorChampion99
      @RazorChampion99 3 роки тому

      @Stanley Broniszewski Grindcore is basically death metal + metalcore, Pirate Metal is heavy metal + pirate themes and lyrics and Funeral Doom Metal is symphonic black metal + funeral/death themes and lyrics.

    • @lars38010
      @lars38010 2 роки тому +2

      Uh don't you mean Death Metal+Hardcore Punk?
      I mean Grindcore has been influenced by way more, than just those 2 but still.
      Also isn't Pirate Metal just part of Folk Metal?
      And isn't Funeral Doom Metal, Death-Doom with funeral dirge music?

    • @uwujaki
      @uwujaki 2 роки тому

      @@deburke321 0

    • @somewhatsomething4882
      @somewhatsomething4882 2 роки тому +2

      @@RazorChampion99 dude grindcore was around long before metalcore so to say grindcore is metalcore and death is kinda putting the cart in front of the horse.

  • @no-prophet
    @no-prophet 3 роки тому +76

    Man, I loved his music when I was a teen. I still have his tapes stored somewhere. "Albums" were called "Nuclear Olympic games", "How a punk defended Croatia" and "Ljuljajmo ljubljeni ljuljičasti ljulj" which translates "Swinging beloved purple ljulj", ljulj means weed or drugs in general. He was found dead during the civil war but the most told story around here is that he was killed by Croatian paramilitary forces. Another one is that he accidentally killed himself. I don't know which one is true, if any, probably very few people know. His name was Ivica Čuljak, pronounced something like Iwitza Choolyak.

    • @your_belief_vs_everything
      @your_belief_vs_everything Рік тому +2

      I have much respect for him, the fact that he took up arms to defend his home ....most people now both kids and young adults, have no care for their nation(people/ethnic tribe).

  • @dariodzimbeg
    @dariodzimbeg 2 роки тому +65

    As a Croatian, i may say that he was really famous in his way! Older generations still, to this day, quote his lyrics in various situations.

    • @TeacherJuanMQ
      @TeacherJuanMQ Рік тому +2

      Can you please quote some? I'm really curious about it.

    • @hrr597
      @hrr597 11 місяців тому

      ​@@TeacherJuanMQ yo mama gay

    • @jasamfilip8691
      @jasamfilip8691 9 місяців тому +1

      @@TeacherJuanMQ From the song 'Pioniri Maleni' (1st verse):
      "When I was seven years old
      they put a red scarf around my neck
      it was tight, I was drowning
      I still have trauma today"
      It's about growing up while being obliged to be a member of Yugoslav communist youth called 'Pioniri' (Pioneers). The kids famously wore a red scarf and a blue/white uniform - the Yugoslaw flag colours.

    • @lcd284
      @lcd284 9 місяців тому +1

      Traumu?! Kao poslednja generacija pionira 82 .. ne seri!!

    • @4md17
      @4md17 8 місяців тому

      ​@@lcd284 nažalost, mnoga djeca su bila odgajana da gledaju na to kao traumu

  • @lolplavi1556
    @lolplavi1556 3 роки тому +173

    Im from the city where Satan Panonski(Ivica Čuljak) started everything he was born in Cerna small vilg. next to Vinkovci. He was man with very very good in painting but he wanted to be a singer. First group he was in Pogreb X and he was know as a singer who cut him self to bone destroy bottels of beer on hid head and too much more things.. he got his name Satan Panonski when he got home from hospital and some granny say to him
    ,,Go away Satan of Panonian" he liked that name started using it.

    • @tompanoname3579
      @tompanoname3579 3 роки тому +3

      And you can add that he was bisexual.

    • @JennaLeigh
      @JennaLeigh 3 роки тому +2

      Thank you for adding that context!

    • @pissypixiesplayland70
      @pissypixiesplayland70 3 роки тому +2

      So am I correct that tha channel owner is mispronouncin' his name as Satin insteada like tha Devil = Satan???

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    If I may, it would be great to hear about shock actor Thistle Harlequin, whose UA-cam and Devianart pages are still up, following his health decline like eerie monuments.

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    There is a myth about him from the time he was in the Croatian army. The legend goes that he captured a Serbian soldier, and instead of killing him, he undressed himself and started cutting himself while saying to the imprisoned soldier, "I'm doing this to myself, imagine what I would do to you." The soldier had a heart attack and died on the spot. Well, that is what the legend says, anyway.

    • @realfuckingcarrot
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      Its obviously just a legend,lots of fucked up shit happened back then that was a 100% worse than this,but a cool legend for sure.

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      That is truth...for Serbian soldiers..Satan(Ivica Culjak)Kecer II,is be very dangerous Man.!!!but genius Artist😉

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      That is 100% true, my friends father served army with him. He had a wire around his throusers where he was collecting enemy ears that he cut off off them.

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    I once played in a band called Drop Dead in Novi Sad, we were opening for Pogreb X, the first band of Satan Panonski. They were telling me stories about him, how was he like and how he died. It was such an experience to talk to people who knew him personally and who played with him.

    • @your_belief_vs_everything
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      Is it the Drop Dead that was around in the late 90s and mid 90s? Kind of like punk/grind? When I was living in CO Springs in 1998/1999 Drop Dead played in our house. Or they were going to, or something weird like that. We had a commune type house, lots of people living there, always new people coming and going. Train hoppers and gutter trash. The usual.

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    My dad met him during the war when he (my dad) was in hospital because he got wounded and so he said to me that Satan came to his room where were other wounded soldiers and he just pointed at my dad and said "You, do you wanna go for a beer" and my dad said that he couldn't walk because of the wound and so Satan took my dad carried him on his shoulders outside of the hospital across the street to a bar and drank beer with him.

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      Thank you Dave I really appreciate it, I've loved making this series throughout the year and I'm excited to make more, it's definitely more creatively fulfilling than anything else I've made on UA-cam so comments like these really mean a lot!

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    I was told that he was shot by military police on the orders of the government. May he rest in peace.

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      It's not surprising

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      Probably Very true but incredibly heartbreaking 💔

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      That one is just a myth, like the one that he died trying to fight a tank with a sword. There are three reasonable things that could have hapend:
      The first one is that he was shot and killed by the enemy.
      Second one that it was a accident, you see, Ivica has carried smg rifle named "Šokac" like many croatians in that period of the war due to lack of arms for defending the country. It was the cheap pourly manufactured copy of soviet ppsh. Due to lack of quality and speed of production it was known for malfunctioning and unreliable safety lock that sometimes worked and sometimes did not, you take that and the fact that he wasn't a trained soldier you could take in the consideration that he possibly shot himself.
      And the third thing that could have happend was that someone killed him as a vengeance for the man he have killed with a knife prior to the war. I would put a bet on the first or the second theory.
      And now, why that story is a myth and scifi is for a couple of reasons. He died in the middle of the war in 1992, when every soldier (the fact that they would allow a man that was hospitalized in the mental hospital fight) and every gun (just like Šokac) counted and it would continue being important to the end of war. People that opposed the goverment or the ruling party or president wasn't killed or arrested (and he didn't even opposed it). He wasn't involved in smuggling or any criminal activity. He didn't turn on his own army. I think that's enough proof

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      Ne pricaj gluposti haha

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      ​@@gorangajo8543 "Čuljak died in 1992 while still a Croatian soldier during the War of Independence.The cause of his death is unknown. It is rumored that he died after slipping and accidentally discharging the gun he was carrying. This was confirmed by Vlado Čuljak, Čuljak's brother."

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    Great video!!

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    Thank you kindly for taking the time to try and help inform us about such a riveting story and unique character that was Satan.

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    I've never heard of Satan Panonski before, but I am a GG Allin fan. I'll be looking into more of Satan's work.

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      Satan's work, after all, is all around us every day. 🥴

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    everyone in these parts of the world, balkans, everyone who stepped into underground music at least, knows about satan panonski. he is most respected from black metal and extreme punk population here. he is still a very misterious even in countries where he was from, which adds to obscurity of it all.
    and his artistic live act can be compared to gg allin to some point, shock value at least. but not so much in other spheres. satan gave more creepy and eerie vibe, or the vibe that SDBM gives you. he was a punk but really philosophical, lonewolf and poetic kind of guy. if you think about it, pretty much a contrast to gg allin's character. also music and lyrics were pretty much different.
    panonska hrvatska (panon croatia) is a continental part of croatia. so name "panonski" in croatian is like an adjectiv, and the meaning of the name would be something like "satan from panon". but pronunciation is not classic "satan" like in english, its sa-tan, or like someone else in the comments said sah-tan.

    • @bleedingsun6271
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      Thank you so much for this ! I'm from Tunisia I would be really interested in discussing this !

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    But this guys interesting, im compelled to dig into his art and recordings... maybe work some into my punk/goth remix projects.
    Subbed to see some more lesser known obscurities from ya!

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    Holy fucking god, i never ever thought i was gonna see a Satan Panonski video, I spent my teenage years studying his music, I was the only one in ym circle of friends that liked it... Greetings from Croatia

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    There's a book called "Prijatelj" ( "The Friend" )made for Zdenko Franjić label "Slušaj Najglasnije" which was essentially the label that carried out Satan Panonski, and many ex yugoslav bands that started from scratch and had music and music only. Of course, "Slušaj Najglasnije" is now no more, cos Zdenko was all about music and little about money. Still, it stays a cult label among afficcionados. Beside that, there is a documentary "Oči u Magli" that is tightly related with this topic.

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    Thank you for this. I knew of him for years but could never recall the name or country he was from. There definitely is not enough documentation on him so this is awesome to see.

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    izvrstno! great job! in the 80s, there was a great deal of fine art, especially in music all over the Yugoslavia. Better than ever!

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    I love your documentarys. But must ask, why do you pronounce his stage name Satin, like the fabric rather than Satan (say-tin) like you know the devil?

    • @pidakin9012
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      That's how his name is pronounced in Croatian

    • @jakeDS665Bitch_Respect
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    • @WorldsBetterWithoutMe
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      @@pidakin9012 that would make sense, i thought maybe a monetisation issue.

    • @deburke321
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      That’s mostly the way he pronounced it in the documentary and there’s actually a moment where it seems like someone on the radio says “your names Satan?” and he responds “No Satin, satin, you’re wrong” or something to that effect
      Although I could’ve misinterpreted that it’s hard to tell, either way the spellings obviously Satan so I think either one is alright to use

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    There is a fine line between creativity and madness. Throughout history, many of the so called "masters of their art have also dealt with mental issues. Van Goh severed his ear, Einstien would not stop working to relieve himself, as he thought it was unecessary, he had 7 sets of the same clothing, so he would not be distracted to choose. Satan Panovski is a prime example of this condition. Incredible creativity, self pecieved and clinical madness. I wish there were more information about his life and art. It sounds as though were it not for his untimely death, he would have been a force to be reckoned with...

    • @owayeow5131
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      Men who incline towards creative endeavors score very high in neuroticism and very low in orderliness on average.

  • @daveroth9168
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    ....my most sincere thanks for your effort in drawing some more of the world's attention (such as it is) to this artist, i for one may never had heard tell of him without your generosity with your time ...cheers...

  • @igorsvacic217
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    So, I went to voulonteer on some floods a couple years ago into the region where he was born and where he is burried. And, since I was there for 10 days or so, I went to find his grave, just as a hommage to my young days as a punk rocker. I was pretty surprised how much of a cult following he has. There were small items from ALL ARROUND Europe. And, he is burried in really small cemetery, it aint on coast or tourist areas of Croatia, it is really far from everything. Like 95% of ppl thatvisited his grave went there with that purpouse in mind, you can bet there wasnt a lot of ppl like me who were there and than visited the site on a side note.
    The very day I was there two guys from fucking Norway came to visit. A guy and his girlfriend actually.
    Left a small quote of his written on a candle, left thanks for his participation in our defending forces in war, thats it.
    About his tragic end. He was NOT killed by other soldier, nor croatian nor serbian side (both were circulated theories). He didnt commit suicide. It wasnt an accident.
    It was murder. Revenge for his actios on that Meri Cetinić concert (not his own, as stated in the clip).
    This is 100% valid, and 100% true. I can even give you a name of a killer, but I did promise I will never say it.
    Furthermore, there are footage of two more concerts (even three, cant be sure right now). There is a book also, titled "Čizme slobode" (the boots of freedom).
    the name of his band Pogreb X translates as "burrial X"
    -" My nationality is punk-rocker, my profession is a friend. I am Peter Pan, a Satan from panonian valley."
    vratit ćeš se Kečeru!

    • @ROSE6450
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      Što je to bilo vezano za koncert meri cetinić?

    • @ROSE6450
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      Is there a big difference with Croatian/Serbian??

    • @reggiekrager5411
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      @@peternagy-im4be Serbians, Croatians, Montenegrins and Bosniaks all speak the same language, called Serbo-Croatian, which was also the main official language of Yugoslavia. Except for a couple of regional words it's pretty much the same language in all three countries and they can all understand each other. Slovenian is a completely distinct language though, and people in North Macedonia speak a regional version of Bulgarian.

    • @user-xr9kj6by3u
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      @@peternagy-im4be i'm Serbian and what Reggie said is correct. people from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia are all mutually intelligible, it's basically the same language (compare american, british and australian english basically). Macedonian, i need to really focus to understand it, but we can communicate if we speak slowly enough. Slovenian is very different and i can barely understand it (which is a shame as i think it's a beautiful language)

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    • @milanmiljus823
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    • @domagojvrsaljko6161
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      Eeveetza Choolyak

    • @Akislav1990
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      @@domagojvrsaljko6161 yes, Eveetza/Eveetsa is spot on. But I would go with Choo-yak instead, since the L is so silent. It would be pronounced by an american as Čul jak, and not Čuljak.

    • @vedranb87
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      @@Akislav1990 "LJ" is similar to "LL" in "Mallorca", and yes, Brits and Americans pronounce it "Mah-yaw-kah" or "Mai-or-kah" respectively", so I guess Choo-yak could be the way to go.

  • @coreywittenborn5162
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    He seems nothing like GG Alan really, more like an individual struggling with existential strife and a passion for art!

  • @lukalegcevic5300
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    Interesting. I was a part of Zagreb's punk scene in early 2000's and back then the most commonly believed theory about his death was that he was shot by MP's when they tried to arrest him for human rights violations. Allegedly, he was torturing POW's but cutting him self in front of them saying "If I can do this to myself imagine what I can do to you".

    • @gipsybulldog3286
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      There's even stories that he cutted POWs ears and made necklace out of them.

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      Thank you! I don’t have a blog or anything at the moment but I am going to continue to write these episodes on this channel 😊

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    As a Croat I want to try to tell you how to pronounce some words, even though our language is very difficult for foreigners. His name should be read as Eevitsa Tschoolyak, and his hometown is called Vinkovci, pronounced as Vinkovtsy. At the beginning of his career he was known as Kečer (pronounced as Ketscher), which is Croatian word for wrestler. His first band was called Pogreb X, and pogreb means funeral in Croatian. Satan Panonski means The Satan of Pannonia, and Pannonia is the old name for Slavonia, the part of Croatia where he came from. He was clearly mentally ill, but he managed to turn that into a sort of creativity. And his death is mysterious, there is even a theory that he was killed by his colleagues because they were afraid of him. Also, his nationalistic attitudes were probably just a gimmick, something he was using to shock people. He is nowadays considered a punk icon and a very influential Croatian musician. And there is another cult musician that comes from Vinkovci, his name is Goran Bare. Beside some great songs he made with his band Majke (Mayke, meaning The Mothers), he is infamous for being the most well known heroin user in Croatia. Us Croats like to make fun of his drunken and drugged up public performances, but he is nevertheless one of the most respected rock musicians in our country.

    • @djuraster
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    Even though I was never really into Croatian old school punk, I've heard stories from the guys from Vinkovci (Satan's birthplace) that GG Allin and Satan Panonski were actually talking to each other somehow. I don't know how, why and when, but it seems quite "fictional" to me. It might be possible tho...

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    It goes that one day in the trenches he suddenly stood up and started walking towards the Serbian lines. His comrades started shouting at him and asking where was he going and he said that he was going over to Serbs to buy some rakija (Balkan home made booze) because the one they have is probably better than the crap Croats currently had. He walked over there, no one shot at him and after about half an hour came back with a canister of booze completely unharmed. When asked what happened there he replied "nothing, I asked to buy some rakija and they had some to sell". By the urban legend it happened about a month before his death.

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    • @romandoo
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  • @Jugoplastika
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    Welcome! Ivitsa Chul'ak - a punk by nationality, a friend by profession, mentally injured, humanist, Slavic G.G.Allin, a twisted freak, a vivid masochist, a poet, a singer, a paint artist, a maniac depressed patient, a patriot, an idol for 3.5 anonymous, and simply a good man.
    P. S. Dig for his songs, photos, videos and bring it HERE!

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