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BROKEN - The Music Video They Don't Want You to See

  • Опубліковано 20 лис 2022
  • In 1993, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails set out to make the most disturbing collection of music videos ever made, the result was the short movie "Broken".
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    Music from Myuu, Trent Reznor and Kevin Macleod.

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  • @rev949
    @rev949 Рік тому +1702

    I had a friend who managed to get a bootleg VHS of this back in the mid-90s. Imagine a bunch of 14 to 15 year old goth kids gathered around an old CRT TV getting scarred for life.

    • @MaitreMechant
      @MaitreMechant Рік тому +100

      peak 90's

    • @Daniel-kx4sy
      @Daniel-kx4sy Рік тому +19


    • @curtisgiesbrecht8325
      @curtisgiesbrecht8325 Рік тому +72

      You listened to NIN I the 90s and had friends? Kidding!

    • @Dorisasaurus1133
      @Dorisasaurus1133 Рік тому +46

      I can say that I proudly had the bootleg video vhs from the 90’s and I also can proudly say that my goth friends and I used to huddle around my parents old tube television in their living room too. Ahh youth in the 90’s was Joyful 😅

    • @chitlitlah
      @chitlitlah Рік тому +21

      I got it in the 90s too. It may not have been an official release, but it wasn't just copied to a blank VHS either. I was surprised to learn recently that it wasn't official.
      I only ever watched it once, but even after about 25 years, I still remember parts of Happiness in Slavery and Gave Up that were pretty disturbing. It's as close to a real snuff film as you can get.

  • @Skaatje
    @Skaatje Рік тому +911

    You don't make art for TV. You make art because you need to.

    • @crackasmilezenpyre7901
      @crackasmilezenpyre7901 Рік тому +11


    • @Yodascloaca
      @Yodascloaca Рік тому

      I farted and sharted and it looked like Jesus

    • @Yodascloaca
      @Yodascloaca Рік тому +6

      The stain that is

    • @Sniff738
      @Sniff738 Рік тому +30

      Reminds me of that Alan Moore quote.
      Even following it up with "if the audiences knew what they wanted, they would become artists and not audiences".

    • @SlyHikari03
      @SlyHikari03 Рік тому

      Damn right

  • @iain2080
    @iain2080 Рік тому +737

    A great point which you didn't touch on was the man on the table in "Happiness In Slavery". He was Bob Flanagan an artist who lived with and died from cystic fibrosis. He used sadomasochism to free himself from the pain of CF, there's a great documentary on his life and his death. The lyrics of that song and the fact he was in the video is phenomenonal as it was so relevant to his life. The freedom he found in pain and the happiness in the slave relationship he had with his partner. I don't know why but I've found it so inspiring, he made something from a terminal illness in art, pain and love. So glad Trent immortalised him in a way which reflected Bob's life.

    • @w4shep
      @w4shep Рік тому +38

      Excellent summary ! I didn't know this about the video until now. Thanks.
      I've had CRPS for 10 yrs now and I find the brutal tribute to Bob Flanagan somehow 'uplifting' - not the right word, but the best I can come up with.

    • @themaidofmiddleearth
      @themaidofmiddleearth Рік тому +10

      Yes! I remember reading up about Bob Flanagan.

    • @hauntedsoundlab
      @hauntedsoundlab Рік тому +19

      I saw Bob's movie "Sick" back in the day at the theater. Needless to say there were probably less then half the amount people left by the end. Pretty intense stuff.

    • @iain2080
      @iain2080 Рік тому +10

      @hauntedsoundlab yeah the "If I Had A Hammer" scene was something else so I can see why people would leave if they didn't expect graphic imagery going in

    • @Miadoe-fd8cj
      @Miadoe-fd8cj Рік тому +5

      I apologize for the late response.
      Thanks for the introduction to this awesome man. I looked him up and really admire him. I sure would have added him if I knew about him. Very cool introduction and thanks. You're a real stand up guy. I like your style!

  • @ejsinner1520
    @ejsinner1520 Рік тому +98

    “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”-Cesar Cruz

  • @Bsquaredplus2
    @Bsquaredplus2 Рік тому +337

    Trent Reznor is an absolute genius. We are lucky to live in a time where he is alive and producing music.

    • @jayhunter76
      @jayhunter76 11 місяців тому +13

      Yes how fortunate we are, we really are so lucky, and special to live alongside this man. Wow, imagine life without him, where would we be, we are SOOOO lucky. Lucky us, yay!

    • @brianpinion5844
      @brianpinion5844 11 місяців тому +2

      thats what i thought till i went to see him and was arrested on the spot! seams at the time ohio had a problem with people smoking pot ! lol well worth it , story for the grandkids lol

    • @DorisBrown-qe7pd
      @DorisBrown-qe7pd 8 місяців тому +4

      He's a sell out

    • @KlausBahnhof
      @KlausBahnhof 5 місяців тому +1

      @@DorisBrown-qe7pd 🙄

    • @JM-ij1om
      @JM-ij1om 5 місяців тому +1

      My thoughts exactly 💯

  • @AtrocityEquine01
    @AtrocityEquine01 Рік тому +171

    I remember having a copy of _Broken_ on my iPod Classic, it had the missing scene of "Help Me I'm In Hell" (which is often the best known bootleg) and being so mesmerized by it. I still to this day respect Trent Reznor for having the balls to essentially make both the EP and short film as a middle finger to TVT for screwing him over.

  • @denverruff1024
    @denverruff1024 Рік тому +181

    So, growing up in the 80s and 90s, I was a HUGE fan of N.I.N. One of the best out there, for edgy music back then. You missed Fixed. The album just after Broken. I was in line to buy every album from Pretty Hate Machine to The Downward Spiral. Fixed was after Broken. Then Downward Spiral, then Further Down The Spiral. Anyway, glad people are still taking interest in N.I.N. Trent is AWESOME. I've seen him alone and with the band, both are amazing.

    • @87JordanC
      @87JordanC Рік тому +3

      he didn't mention them because those are remix companion albums that accompanied the original releases. they are not considered mainline NIN albums.

    • @timmay73
      @timmay73 Рік тому +3

      Yes fixed is a remix album, but it does have excerpts from the film. It would have been worth a mention

    • @DeadInside-ew8qb
      @DeadInside-ew8qb 8 місяців тому +1

      And a bajillion “halos”

    • @lucaskuczek
      @lucaskuczek 2 місяці тому

      Reptilian is his best remix

    • @-Siculus-Hort-
      @-Siculus-Hort- 2 місяці тому

      i did that also!!

  • @MrZeroTerrorRide
    @MrZeroTerrorRide Рік тому +58

    I think it's worth mentioning that in the clean video for gave up you do have a young Marilyn Manson, but also a young Richard Patrick who was a touring guitarist for nin and Brian Liesegang both of who went on to form filter. Reznor's influence on nineties music goes beyond just nine inch nails.

    • @Harry-sf5lc
      @Harry-sf5lc Рік тому +6

      correct me if I'm wrong but Richard Patrick's brother was in terminator 2 right?

    • @FigmentForever
      @FigmentForever Рік тому +2

      @@Harry-sf5lc Yes

  • @Karnegis
    @Karnegis Рік тому +30

    I bought a bootleg VHS copy of Broken that also contained uncensored videos from The Downward Spiral from a record store in the mid 90’s. I had to wait for my parents to fall asleep before I could play it in the living room. My sister and I watched it and we looked at each other in disbelief afterwards. We weren’t sure if the torture scenes were real or not.

    • @keepmeposted
      @keepmeposted Рік тому +4

      My parents got me that VHS for Christmas not knowing what it was, of course. One of my friends got it too. Yeah that scene is distribuing Haha

  • @brittanyr9471
    @brittanyr9471 Рік тому +33

    Ooohhhhh my man Trent. The Fragile will always be my favorite, but Broken is 🤌🏻

  • @scottdaugherty8065
    @scottdaugherty8065 11 місяців тому +87

    When Trent was like 18-19yrs old I believe, I met him several times. Never had and actually conversation with him but my friend and I was in a band together and playing a lot of venues that we would either see Trent before our shows or after our shows. We were a metal band more like a Metallica type back then and Trent would always be handing out copies of his demo tapes. I swear I've never seen a guy hand out so many cassette tapes and he wore like a trench coat and how he had so many in his coat I'll never know but he was immensely driven. Always did everything himself, well at the time anyway. But he would go to show after show after show and pass out his demos. He pounded the pavement like no one else I'd ever seen. I wish my band back the had half his drive cuz we were decent. But as much as I seen him around he never really talked much and I'm not gonna lie cause he's famous and made it but at the time I really didn't get him music. It was over my head I guess, but it was industrial with heavy synth or keyboard but real heavy. His lyrics I remember liking but I was more of a regular two guitar, bass, drum and vocal kinda guy. But my band did a small east coast tour and Trent well you know dominated the world. I really learned to love his music, though it's still not my real genre but I wish I could of told the young me to talk to him. Other than the what's up. He ended up getting a guitar player that didn't live far from me, the guy from Filter. I just know that from what I learned being around people that work ethic can rub off on you and sometimes if you play with others outside your little box it can open up doors. I'll just never forget what a hard working young dude he was. Always pushing. So if any you young guys wanna really make it and you actually read this trip down my memory lane, then take this out of it, Trent was opening a new genera of music, he did not care what you said about it, he believed in it and worked his ass off to make his dream happen. What a true talent. Sorry for rambling on.

    • @JohnWayne-vf5bs
      @JohnWayne-vf5bs 10 місяців тому +3

      Nine inch nails is so legendary so influential

    • @gagaringagarinovic2600
      @gagaringagarinovic2600 10 місяців тому +3

      pretty cool story :)

    • @JohnWayne-vf5bs
      @JohnWayne-vf5bs 10 місяців тому

      @@gagaringagarinovic2600 have you heard of the industrial metal band the American Head charge

    • @gagaringagarinovic2600
      @gagaringagarinovic2600 10 місяців тому

      @@JohnWayne-vf5bs i know about them but i think ive never heard a song from them

    • @JohnWayne-vf5bs
      @JohnWayne-vf5bs 10 місяців тому

      @@gagaringagarinovic2600 they best song is just so you know

  • @Aaron-zh4kj
    @Aaron-zh4kj 10 місяців тому +16

    Really thankful for this video. I'm a pretty big NIN fan, but I've never wanted to endure a scarring just to experience the Broken film or "Happiness in Slavery". You kinda summarized it and showed a few of the watchable parts. I've seen the "Help me I'm in hell", "Pinion", and "Wish" videos, but it was good to see the Broken film outlined and layed out.

  • @the_incoherent
    @the_incoherent Рік тому +206

    I've been listening to Nine Inch Nails for something close to two decades now. Eventually as a teenager I began writing and playing music myself. I've been successful and unsuccessful in the years since. But the older I get, knowing all that we do about the label disputes and control issues, the more I respect Trent for going from Pretty Hate Machine straight into the absolute monster of a project that is Broken. The absolute middle finger at a time where it was all too easy to take advantage of artists.

  • @thomasobrien1841
    @thomasobrien1841 Рік тому +14

    And remember folks: this is the same guy who did the music for Soul

  • @rubaidaallen2764
    @rubaidaallen2764 Рік тому +435

    I’ll never get over the fear and disgust I felt when I saw it. I’m scarred and traumatized for life. I heard that when Reznor saw the final product he freaked out so bad and initially wanted to trash it, but in the end decided to put it out anyway. Happiness in Slavery and the Broken video are two of the most disturbing things I have ever seen.

    • @ghostfrieza2904
      @ghostfrieza2904 Рік тому +22


    • @kenloggins9539
      @kenloggins9539 Рік тому

      Grow a pair

    • @JunkYardCardGuy
      @JunkYardCardGuy Рік тому


    • @jaygopinath1694
      @jaygopinath1694 Рік тому +48

      Lol trust me there is a lot worse on the Internet

    • @JunkYardCardGuy
      @JunkYardCardGuy Рік тому +24

      @@jaygopinath1694 LMAO.....Cattle Decapitation's "Forced Gender Reassignment" will probably always be the 1st music I think of, with...ummm... "nastiness."

  • @BlackWolf812
    @BlackWolf812 Рік тому +40

    I remember being introduced to NIN in 96 via a video game called Quake. I was hooked. Shortly after that I stumbled across the Broken video on a Warez site. It took several days to download it because I was on dial-up. I remember it being extremely disturbing in true NIN fashion.

    • @anthonybernero9720
      @anthonybernero9720 10 місяців тому +1

      Reznor recently released the Quake soundtrack as a NIN record.

  • @IknowIamkindagreat
    @IknowIamkindagreat Рік тому +155

    I was one of those weirdoes who dug underground shit. My VHS collection was weird, and this was part of it. I love messed up shit, and all I will say is, watched it once and only once. Pre 'found footage' it really felt like snuff. Watching it on shrooms didn't help.

    • @danieldemayo6209
      @danieldemayo6209 Рік тому +11

      Going out on a limb here but when I was a kid my dad had a huge collection of VHS tapes he had dubbed. There was one with a black and white cover made up on it that someone must of gave him. The movie was about this guy that died (in a jet crash I think) and he’s stuck in this psychiatrists office while he comes to terms that he’s dead. This is coming from my 8-10 year old memory. We got rid of the collection years ago and I could never figure out what it was. Ring any bells? Haha thanks

    • @IknowIamkindagreat
      @IknowIamkindagreat Рік тому +6

      @@danieldemayo6209 let me do some digging
      It MIGHT be The Jacket with Adrian Brody...MIGHT be,. prolly not

    • @danieldemayo6209
      @danieldemayo6209 Рік тому +4

      @@IknowIamkindagreat thx. It’s bugged me for years. my google searches prob have me on a list trying to look it up lol

    • @gbear2253
      @gbear2253 Рік тому +5

      I was an athlete who always adored and admired the dark, different kids! I still see them as the cool ones!

    • @danieldemayo6209
      @danieldemayo6209 Рік тому +4

      @@IknowIamkindagreat I looked up the jacket. Def not that since it looks like it came out in 2005. The tape was def from the early to mid 90s.

  • @chaoswitch1974
    @chaoswitch1974 Рік тому +25

    I've been listening to NIN since 1990. I went to the screening of Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan at the Chinese theater in Hollywood after Broken came out. There was definitely an audience for it.
    I wanted to add I first saw NIN at the first Lollapalooza, and last at PrimaVera Festival. Both in LA.

  • @gemfyre855
    @gemfyre855 Рік тому +9

    In 2018 the official Nine Inch Nails channel uploaded the unedited video for Happiness In Slavery. It stayed up for an hour or so before UA-cam realised.

  • @waynebedlam65
    @waynebedlam65 Рік тому +87

    Trent Reznor is a genius. I was a teenager in the late 80s through the mid 90s. NIN is a part of my life's soundtrack

    • @JohnWayne-vf5bs
      @JohnWayne-vf5bs 10 місяців тому +2

      Nine inch nails is so legendary and influential

    • @planbnewssource8259
      @planbnewssource8259 7 місяців тому +3

      Your I little older than me but samesies. Something always brings me back to the nails....I just want to know where all my old shirts went

  • @iced.autumn
    @iced.autumn Рік тому +28

    So happy to see a video from you :) Loved it! It was cool hearing about all of this because I never followed NIN very closely. Very interesting!

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  Рік тому +5

      Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • @cody2493
    @cody2493 Рік тому +19

    I've watched the Broken video. I've watched so many Nine Inch Nails that none of Trent's video content even phases me. Trent has a hidden passion for photography btw. Pretty Hate Machine and Broken were great records, but The Downward Spiral was by far my favorite album from Nine Inch Nails. Anyone familiar with its content or Lore knows that pulling teeth isn't the darkest theme explored by any Nine Inch Nails song or video. I honestly don't think Broken is his most disturbing work. But I respect the "urban legend" status of Broken.

    • @BCWasbrough
      @BCWasbrough Рік тому +9

      As a fellow NIN fan, I'm curious what you feel his most disturbing work would be, if not Broken? I'm assuming it's from his earlier years, as after he sobered up, he seemed more focused on making music and less on the theatrics bands of the 90s needed to get heard.

    • @cody2493
      @cody2493 Рік тому +9

      @@BCWasbrough Hmm hard to pick just one. Have you seen Pinion? Pretty disturbing. Brokens subject matter and storytelling is disturbing, but the early majority of his videos are. Just watched "Something I can never have"..less than 30 seconds in a kid watches his mom slit her wrists..ends with several attempts at suicide.."Closer" features a crucified monkey and a guy levitating and spinning lol. "Right Where It Belongs" features many nature scenes that might be "disturbing" . I honestly haven't watched all his videos, but just the subject matter of songs like "Somewhat Damaged" "Hurt" "Big Man With A Big Gun" " etc...basically anything before he sobered up...has potential to be very disturbing for some. The entire album of Downward Spiral was about suicide, so while Broken may be his most visually disturbing video, he has many that might be more subliminally disturbing. A little more "haunting" maybe. "Broken" reminds me of a lot of films like Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, etc.

  • @kittiemartinez4431
    @kittiemartinez4431 Рік тому +17

    I actually love this film. I watch it a lot. It's reaallly good. The metaphors, the symbolism... only a genius like Trent Reznor can make a film like that.

    • @jaygopinath1694
      @jaygopinath1694 Рік тому +5

      Stop Get some help

    • @kittiemartinez4431
      @kittiemartinez4431 Рік тому +10

      @@jaygopinath1694 LOL I've been interested in gory movies since I was a kid, I think I'll be fine. I don't actually approve of those actions in real life either. And, in fact, I beleive certain serial killers deserve a taste of their own medicine.

  • @DavidMiller-kv4we
    @DavidMiller-kv4we Рік тому +54

    ... and someone may have already stated this, but the man that got tortured and killed in the music video for Happiness in Slavery is Bob Flanagan... and everything that didn't rip something apart or cause SERIOUS harm was totally real.

    • @gemfyre855
      @gemfyre855 Рік тому +16

      And he was getting off on it. He was known to be a serious masochist.

    • @theslosh3059
      @theslosh3059 Рік тому +13

      You probs already seen it but there is a fantastic documentary about him called Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist

  • @rolmodel12.
    @rolmodel12. Рік тому +33

    My favorite album, from one of my most admired artisit's of any genre.
    Broken (H5), and it's companion album of remixes and reimaginings: Fixed (H6), are two of the most played albums in my life's soundtrack.

    • @tannermilliken1370
      @tannermilliken1370 Рік тому +3

      Hello there fellow nin enthusiast; I too love these back to back halos! I just wanted to share a little story about my first encounter with Fixed. My friend back in the day made me a copy of Fixed on cassette tape. And had swiped a tape from his mom who had a Kenny G album on there. And so very faintly in the back ground of all these amazing remixes there was an added layer of saxophone to each track and in between each song. It was weird hearing it that way for awhile until finally I picked up a copy of it on CD. But I did get a little used to it and kinda missed the way some of it sounded together. Anyway sorry this is a little long, take care. 😶‍🌫️

    • @rolmodel12.
      @rolmodel12. Рік тому +2

      @@tannermilliken1370 that's awesome! And hilarious. Kenny's smooth jazz, almost coming through like ghost notes... 😆
      Glad someone picked up on the Halo reference, for a while there I tried to collect them all (have most, some of 'em are haaard to find).
      It's funny how mix tapes, and homemade dubs, change our memories of some songs. I used to make mixes for my many moods, waaay before streaming music was a thing. The original playlists. Besides album copies, I would also record off the radio when a song I liked would come on. To this day, when I hear the GNR song 'November Rain', Alice In Chains 'Would' befina to play in my head afterward. Lol
      Never have to apologize for being wordy, or telling a long tale, to me duders. Thanks for sharing yours!

    • @brewcitymike1
      @brewcitymike1 Рік тому +1

      Alot of people don't even know Fixed existed. Those were the first 2 cds of NIN I ever owned

  • @SlyHikari03
    @SlyHikari03 Рік тому +10

    Nine inch nails is one of my favorite bands of the last decades.
    Got into them during 2017 after finding the downward spiral on UA-cam.
    Also started guitar because of Trent Reznor (even had the same guitar model, Les Paul Custom except left handed because I can’t play right handed).
    Even got tickets to one of their shows in 2018 in Las Vegas, and collected almost all of their albums.
    So yeah.
    This video was pretty cool.

  • @michaelscriver5395
    @michaelscriver5395 Рік тому +16

    How are you not over a million subs I like to think I know things about music until I watch your videos

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  Рік тому +4

      Thanks man I really appreciate it!

  • @rickshearer
    @rickshearer Рік тому +94

    Excellent production, topic and narrative. Trent was ahead of his time!

  • @StandardUserFromEarth
    @StandardUserFromEarth Рік тому +33

    The Broken record & Downward spiral are two amazing examples of why music is the best media to show emotion, especially when it comes to gritty genres like metal. That music can only be made by true frustration, anger and depression, and the way Reznors music bottled that all up to be felt by a listener is a true mark of a musician. While I have never been near the dark hole Reznor found himself in, that signature pots and pans trainwreck instrumental he produced are some of the most comforting things I've heard since its what I could describe my own head to feel like at times. NIN just did the edgy music like no other artist has been able to come close to.

  • @midnightmosesuk
    @midnightmosesuk Рік тому +247

    I've seen Broken and it's a fascinating film. There's a lot more depth to it than most music video projects, a lot of it is S&M, ritualistic stuff. The scene of the man connected to the urinal and eating in a fly infested environment are consensual, they want to be there. The machine which tortures it's users and reduces them to mincemeat is presented as an ultimate sexual thrill, the logical conclusion to the most extreme masochist desires. I think the whole thing is summed up by the execution scene, the serial killer is smiling throughout. He's probably reliving his crimes but he's also looking forward to the pleasure he'll get from his own execution, just like the torture machine from earlier, it'll be his ultimate sexual thrill. Indeed, very sick stuff.

    • @elizabethpate9486
      @elizabethpate9486 Рік тому +10

      Insightful review, impressively insightful and without the usual cookie cutter comments that come from typical sheeple type person's!

    • @midnightmosesuk
      @midnightmosesuk Рік тому +5

      @@elizabethpate9486 That's kind of you to say. Thank you.

    • @themaidofmiddleearth
      @themaidofmiddleearth Рік тому +3

      @midnightmosesuk Thank you for this review also!
      You sound like a very intelligent person also.

    • @ActionYakPolice
      @ActionYakPolice 10 місяців тому +6

      fittingly then "help me I am in hell" is what Frank writes on the wall in Hellraiser 2

    • @chiefn0fun
      @chiefn0fun 9 місяців тому +2

      Very well put, thank you!!

  • @smasherkuehlem
    @smasherkuehlem Рік тому +16

    I remember watching this on the early 2000s. I've always loved his work

  • @colddraft8778
    @colddraft8778 Рік тому +12

    Yea , I saw it in early 90's . Stands to this day for me . Very powerful.

  • @user-fz5kf9bt4b
    @user-fz5kf9bt4b Рік тому +13

    I’ve still got a copy of the VHS. Unfortunately I no longer own a VCR. But it’s one of my favorite pieces of musical history.

    • @sarahgee7498
      @sarahgee7498 Рік тому

      Make me a copy and I’ll give you a vcr!!! That sucks dude

    • @kevinbeck5912
      @kevinbeck5912 11 місяців тому

      Sell it burn VHS copy onto a DVD player and make copies I'll play and pay it

    • @josephrusso275
      @josephrusso275 11 місяців тому

      What would it take for you to make me a copy. Would love to see and own it even a copy. Please let me know if you happen to read this. I'm in Colorado Date today is 3/25/2023 just so you know this is a new question and request.

  • @daviddorger6916
    @daviddorger6916 Рік тому +19

    Starting around 1993 going clear into the 2010s, barely a band ever came out that was not heavily influenced by Trent Reznor. This guy is forever a legend. His level of pure talent, technical prowess and his willingness to trash boundaries made some of the best music in rock history. My personal favorite by him is Every Day is exactly the same

  • @0therun1t21
    @0therun1t21 Рік тому +4

    I thought The Downward Spiral was too commercial when it came out, lol., since then I've become more and more of a fan of Trent .
    I didn't know when I clicked that this would be r ight up my alley, you mafe my morning, much better, thanks!

  • @DavidFrancis24824
    @DavidFrancis24824 Рік тому +37

    I remember watching a bootleg copy of the broken movie on VHS when I was like 13 or 14. It was freakin wild. It circulated around everywhere like Faces of Death and it created a perfect buzz to hook people into wanting to see what the hell NIN was all about. It was genius.

  • @ShortbusMooner
    @ShortbusMooner Рік тому +20

    NIN is one of the best concerts I've seen..

  • @woodsgump
    @woodsgump Рік тому +12

    Man I love NIN and Trent Reznor he’s the bomb!

  • @donrusnak7230
    @donrusnak7230 Рік тому +11

    Trent also did music for a vietnam war documentary. I was watching it and hearing the music, and knew it sounded very familiar! It was a good documentary too

  • @diditombstone3268
    @diditombstone3268 Рік тому +10

    Huge NIN fan so i appreciate this alot 🖤

  • @tadweird1766
    @tadweird1766 Рік тому +6

    I bought the Closure VHS on a whim from a Tower Records-esque store in NYC at some point in the early 2000's. My NIN adoration before that point was just from what I heard my sister play and Reznor's music videos on MTV, but I was woefully unprepared for "Happiness In Slavery." I didn't get queasy, but I did vow to fast forward past if/when I watched it again.

    • @bryanmitchell8638
      @bryanmitchell8638 Рік тому +3

      I purchased it when it came out and had it for a while. Then like an idiot I got rid of it after moving to DVDS. Thinking there would be a dvd of it on dvd format.

  • @n0t.r341.y3t
    @n0t.r341.y3t Рік тому +7

    all 20yrs of my life listening to Nine Inch Nails and I've never once even knew this EP existed

    • @snomberry
      @snomberry 11 місяців тому

      You're not alone - my ex was a lifelong fan and hadn't heard of it before meeting me. And I only knew Broken and Downward Spiral when we met 😅

  • @greganderson1590
    @greganderson1590 Рік тому +10

    I had the tape back in 1997. I lent a long hard road out of hell book to a kid a school. I completely forgot about that tape. What a blast from the past. 🤘🤘

  • @tmamone83
    @tmamone83 Рік тому +14

    The film is on Internet Archive--allegedly leaked by Trent himself. I watched it a few years ago. I fucking loved it! My only complaint is that there's no video for "Last," my favorite song off the EP. Maybe they couldn't come up with a good idea for a video.

    • @snomberry
      @snomberry 11 місяців тому +3

      I did too! And I agree, I love Last. I do think its inclusion would cut the tension a bit too much; the existing flow of the movie is pretty seamless. We already get a slower breath (though not a comfortable one) with Help Me I Am In Hell between Wish and Happiness. At least personally I love the way you're thrown into Gave Up immediately from Happiness

    • @supra107
      @supra107 4 місяці тому

      It's highly likely he originally leaked it a day before New Years Eve in 2006 on The Pirate Bay under the pseudonym "seed0". There is a torrent of a DVD rip of the film, including the DVD menu, which is probably the highest quality copy of the film around.

  • @mattnobrega6621
    @mattnobrega6621 Рік тому +6

    My first Nine Inch Nails album was the broken album. I found it in a thrift store I'm glad I found it

  • @karenbuckley5842
    @karenbuckley5842 Рік тому +9

    It definitely wasn't easy to come by but I had a copy of this yeeeeaaaars ago! It's amazing, still

  • @flowergirl4612
    @flowergirl4612 Рік тому +7

    I absolutely love 9 inch nails. That was my jam in my middle and high-school days.

  • @thebranchise
    @thebranchise Рік тому +4

    When I first saw the Wish video late night on MTV, I was so excited. I loved the broken ep and wish is one of my favorite songs. To be a teen again.......yeah.

  • @mauriceb.1578
    @mauriceb.1578 Рік тому +11

    Trent is a Legend🙏🖤💯

  • @ibeanjerkinov5325
    @ibeanjerkinov5325 Рік тому +6

    I met Trent once at the plus 5 lounge in Plantation FL. He was there to see Marylin Manson and The Spooky kids. My roommate knew him from NYC. Well the rest is history isn't it?

  • @jborden18
    @jborden18 Рік тому +8

    Went to the lemonade stand and got me a Capri Sun, now I'm ready for some Debutk321!!

    • @mudlark4099
      @mudlark4099 Рік тому +3

      Capri Sun lemonade is the best.

  • @LifeHappens83
    @LifeHappens83 Рік тому +11

    NIN is one of my faves...along with TOOL. Nine Inch Nails r the length of the nails that were used to hold people onto crosses when crucified. Peter Murphy is amazing too. He does a version of Reptile with Reznor...badass. NIN & TOOL r bands that change ur life if u get into them

    • @RancidCheeks
      @RancidCheeks 11 місяців тому +1

      This is all facts

    • @candacetempleton3099
      @candacetempleton3099 10 місяців тому +1

      Ever since I heard Hurt on the radio several months ago, my life is on an upward trajectory. NIN songs make me cry and I am starting to deal with repressed memories and beginning to understand why I've hated myself for so long. I've gotten strength to not be cowed by my husband's depression. It's so strange, because I've never really identified with a musician until I discovered Trent Reznor. Understanding him helps me understand myself better and I'm getting the courage to fight depression and anxiety. This is the best therapy I've ever had! Ironically, Closer is what kept me from exploring NIN sooner. The intensity of the song scared me, because of childhood sexual trauma. I now appreciate Closer in all its complexity. I could write a book about all this; life-changing, indeed!

  • @Serpentandtherainbow
    @Serpentandtherainbow Рік тому +6

    Downward spiral is such a gem of an album much respect for Trent Reznor as an artist...idk how I didn't remember this I had all kinds of access to all crazy dark music I had a pretty hate machine shirt I remember but this was even news to me im 41 I been a collector of dark music dark movies everything my local cd store had access to everything, might of been because I was only like 13 14 at the time I just missed it

  • @iwatchtoomuchtruecrime
    @iwatchtoomuchtruecrime Рік тому +3

    “Broken” came out the year I graduated high school. This is literally the music I grew up on.

  • @sluggish222
    @sluggish222 Рік тому +3

    amazing vid, thanks for the warning on the Broken video. I hopefully will never see it in my lifetime, I don't want anymore horrifing images burned into my eyes.

  • @yvesrongy4355
    @yvesrongy4355 Рік тому +6

    I have discovered NIN via Broken. It was in rage at this period (20 ish) and I was listening it in loop!

  • @LouKiss
    @LouKiss Рік тому +10

    The guy that gets ground is in a Sado masochist documentary called SICKO
    Makeup fx were done by Michael Burnet Productions in Los Angeles
    The whole video is inspired by the Genesis P Orridge PSYCHIK TV “underground” vhs video. Do some research on that. It’s right up your alley.

  • @kimackerman2183
    @kimackerman2183 Рік тому +6

    Haha without seeing the thumbnail I knew it would be Nine Inch Nails👏🏻 their old content and videos were creepy but very artistic in a way. I remember being creeped out but that usb audio found in a bathroom i used to think it was real.

  • @Youmartyrme
    @Youmartyrme 8 місяців тому +2

    Gave up is one of my favorite music videos just because of how good the music actually fits with the visuals, it’s just so good

  • @unwxnted3675
    @unwxnted3675 Рік тому +9

    love this! im trying so hard to get a copy of it on dvd or VHS. so morbidly fascinated by this

    • @kittiemartinez4431
      @kittiemartinez4431 Рік тому +2

      Best username and pfp you got there.
      I met Heather Baron-Gracie.

    • @unwxnted3675
      @unwxnted3675 Рік тому +5

      @@kittiemartinez4431 omg tysm, i love her and the band!!

    • @GangrelDj
      @GangrelDj 9 місяців тому

      404 there's More to life than this shikari subliminal postmortem voodoo Green spell negative burning hell awaits led no Creep plastilina Venom sumo once social sudno purple music

  • @sotirismarista3155
    @sotirismarista3155 Рік тому +3

    Always good and enjoyable content...just upload more videos if u can :P! cheers

  • @ptbempire
    @ptbempire Рік тому +30

    One of the greatest bands to ever exist. A true genius that started a revolution

  • @Enriquez520
    @Enriquez520 Рік тому

    Been a long time since I watched your videos. Happy to see this particular one

  • @crackasmilezenpyre7901
    @crackasmilezenpyre7901 Рік тому +6

    I remember when I first heard if it and then finally got to see it on MySpace of all places.

  • @jasoncombs3232
    @jasoncombs3232 11 місяців тому +3

    Nails completely changed my life when I saw him tour with Marilyn Manson in 1994 tripping on acid. I still have my original copy of this broken VHS.

  • @themaidofmiddleearth
    @themaidofmiddleearth Рік тому +20

    You can understand why Bowie wanted to work with Trent Reznor. Both very interesting, groundbreaking and cultured individuals.

    • @KlausBahnhof
      @KlausBahnhof 5 місяців тому +3

      Definitely. It was a symbiotic creative partnership that yielded excellent results (check out the NIN remix of Hearts Filthy Lesson). Bowie was re-invigorated after artistic stagnation in the 1980's, as well as being introduced to a whole new generation of music fans, while Reznor had the chance to work with one of his major influences and receive some spiritual guidance from someone who had been to hell before and found a way out.
      The 1995 Dissonance tour is the stuff of legend. Most people didn't appreciate it at the time. The duets on Subterraneans, Scary Monsters, Reptile, Hallo Spaceboy and Hurt are incredible.

  • @guesswhat-chickenbutt
    @guesswhat-chickenbutt 8 місяців тому

    I love that you pronounce film like fillem.
    ❤️ Your content!!!

  • @Litch016
    @Litch016 3 місяці тому +1

    Gave Up probably has to be my favorite video from this entire film honestly.

  • @asneakylawngnome5792
    @asneakylawngnome5792 10 місяців тому +2

    People tend to forget that art is made to disturb the comforted, and comfort the disturbed.

  • @brendakrieger7000
    @brendakrieger7000 Рік тому +3

    Thanks for sharing

  • @Miadoe-fd8cj
    @Miadoe-fd8cj Рік тому +4

    Unfortunately I just typed my opinion about this subject and lost it w/o saving. Because I stand behind my comments I'll retype a shorter version. Damn it.
    Artists of all genres create and I appreciate new gifts to us fans. I feel almost every singer, producer, band members, actors & actresses, writers, fans, inventors, stylists, directors, painters, etc. have unique talents above and beyond what they're known for. I've noted throughout my life that some of these lovely people and their creative sides are marred or broken by their past or their genes. How unfortunate is that? But many of us continue on as fans.
    I believe that may be the case with Trent Reznor and NIN. I respect them all, specifically those I stuck with. What a mind!
    Look at Keith Moon, Billie Holiday, Sly Stone, Jimi Hendrix, David Crosby, Janis Joplin, the Kennedy deaths, Jim Morrison, Marilyn M, Elvis, Sid & Nancy, Trent R, Chester Be, Chris C, Taylor Hawkins, Whitney Houston/daughter, and dad Bobbie Brown. And I know you fans are going to add more.
    I look at the genius in these people and decide who I enjoy and follow. Who I can relate to. Lyrics & music, & how they respond to fans.
    My point is, if that most of these films & their very good actors are not perfoming real to life murder scenes. If so, many people would be in prison. Including Trent Reznor. Broken & 8mm, Pam &Tommy Lees sex tape, and porn, plus other sketchy films from say the last 100 yrs.
    I still have much to contribute. I can say this because the death of Chester Be was one that brought my past to reality again.
    Life is predermined and precious now that I have too much experience with mental health.
    Peace and love to all. Believe what you choose and move on.

    • @fuhrersi4439
      @fuhrersi4439 Рік тому

      Don’t forgetChris Cornell!! Him & Chester were “suicided” by the same ones who suicided the lead singer for the cranberries… the elites and politicians who sex traffic kids… u know they realeased Epstein flight log list. If u haven’t seen it I can put a link to who all was on it. But I won’t believe who all was…😳…anyways Cornell and Chester Bennington we’re about to start a foundation for sex trafficked kids and obviously John Podesta was Chester’s real dad…. Have u ever seen their pic next to each other. Almost identical…

  • @Sniff738
    @Sniff738 Рік тому +7

    I hope Trent collaborates with Tsutomu Nihei if there ever is another adaption of Blame.

  • @amaccama3267
    @amaccama3267 Рік тому +6

    I actually have a copy of this. It's a VHS version in Pal format. And yes it really is pretty full on.

    • @Victor-Rojas
      @Victor-Rojas Рік тому

      I have one too. I have no idea where I have it stored - probably in a box with other junk. I remember being fascinated and shocked by it when I first saw it. I was just a teen.

  • @kelseycoyote6576
    @kelseycoyote6576 Рік тому +6

    I'm on the hunt to find broken movie! Trent has always looked directly into the darkness that resides in all of us. He is unapologetic about diving into the abyss, what it feels like, looks like, sounds like, directly addressing death with brutal honesty. His music is a mainstay in my home.

    • @catz9932
      @catz9932 Рік тому +1

      I had found it on a Dangerous Minds site earlier.

    • @kittiemartinez4431
      @kittiemartinez4431 Рік тому +4

      It's on Internet Archive.

    • @jktech2117
      @jktech2117 10 місяців тому +1

      ​​@@kittiemartinez4431 what isnt? XD

  • @w4shep
    @w4shep Рік тому +2

    DeBurke321 I'd really like to see you do a dive into "The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black". Picture this: a former Penthouse Pet, wearing only body paint onstage with a Japanese Elvis impersonator on guitar. And numerous other ladies wearing body paint in the background as the moving set.
    Kembra led the band and was an avante guard artist into genital body mutilation for a while - amongst other things.
    They had a great live show. Saw them many times and interviewed Kembra before one show for our arts paper back in the day.
    Another band that comes to mind is "The Genitorturers". They had a very amazing live show as well. The band name tells you all you need to know.
    Love the channel!

  • @goth8012
    @goth8012 Рік тому +12

    The story went that this was a real life snuff film that Trent got his hands on, thought it was a badass fake movie, made his short film around it (the music videos and b&w footage) but was unable to release it after the police took it as evidence. You had clout depending on what generation your VHS was, because every time it got transferred the quality got worse and worse and it took on even more of that authentic feel. Mine was supposedly a 5th gen, lol.

    • @jktech2117
      @jktech2117 10 місяців тому +1

      eh what 4chan post u found? dont believe in what random anoms says online

    • @ActionYakPolice
      @ActionYakPolice 10 місяців тому +3

      @JK tech I think they mean the rumors circulating about the video about the time, not the actual story

  • @klownck
    @klownck Рік тому +8

    Bob Flanagan being a complete goat.

  • @mariojenkins8913
    @mariojenkins8913 29 днів тому

    I saw this video when I attended Texas Tech University in the early to mid 90s! it was amazing then and I never was able to wrap my head around it fully. However, I was able to purchase a double disc DVD of it in the 2000s and it was even better then! Good luck finding this video, but if you find it, you will thoroughly be disturbed and pleased all at the same time. FYI, IT IS DEFINETLY WORTH THE SEARCH AND WATCH and yes, it looks like an actual SNUFF FILM (so there is that)!

  • @alisterfolson
    @alisterfolson 5 місяців тому

    I had the VHS tape ( of the music videos) back when Industrial music was life. Sold it all when it was time to move on; but the VHS tape was epic. No regrets. New sub.

  • @snowqueen_8958
    @snowqueen_8958 Рік тому +2

    Hell yeah! NiN
    I enjoy a lot of their music when I'm drawing or just relaxing
    My fav album is downward spiral

  • @TheMetalAllfather
    @TheMetalAllfather Рік тому +3

    Broken is on par with the original Faces of Death, and grindhouse classic Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Absolutely disturbing shit.

  • @robertcaffrey6097
    @robertcaffrey6097 Рік тому +1

    The best art is the art that draws you into its world.......

  • @lsudx479
    @lsudx479 Рік тому +25

    Trent Reznor was, and is, the real deal. He did what he did for art. Not for clicks, views, likes, or follower numbers. I saw his final show on the final tour in 2009 at the wiltern theater. He was so focused on his fans getting tickets to his final shows that he ran tickets sales from his website, which was revolutionary at the time. No ticketmaster. Imagine only a few thousand people, all true everyday fans, watching their favorite band at small venues in a handful of cities. You'll never see that again. Ever.
    Go back and watch the video for Survivalism. He knew where society would end up. He was so far ahead of his time.

    • @leth2753
      @leth2753 Рік тому

      What you mean is that Reznor is NOT a narcissist. It's those with narcissistic personality disorder who are so desperate for likes and public admiration. Reznor has Borderline Personality Disorder, it is NOT "the real deal" and I wouldn't wish it on my absolute WORST enemy. It is a lifetime of misery and feeling broken beyond repair.
      Now, if that is what you are calling "the real deal" you need to develop some empathy for others so that you can grasp that the amount of extreme suffering he endured is something no human being should have to endure. That's why they turn to heavy drugs like heroin...so they don't have to feel that overwhelming misery.

    • @seanissofresh
      @seanissofresh Рік тому +1

      Every show is their final show. They e done more since.

  • @tiny5500
    @tiny5500 Рік тому

    Great video! Didn't know all that about the second album. Dug NIN since the first album. KFJC in the bay played it so bought and was hooked ever since. It was a different sound and took me from speed and thrash to industrial sounds. Fun time to be 21! Clubs in the city were full of live thrills at that time as well✨✨✨✨

  • @NerevarineKing
    @NerevarineKing 29 днів тому +1

    I watched it a few years ago and thought it was an incredible piece of art

  • @chemergency
    @chemergency 11 місяців тому +5

    Trent Reznor pioneered the horror subgenres of found footage, torture p*rn, and analogue horror all in one go. Gotta give props for that.

    • @Roberto-nm8sw
      @Roberto-nm8sw 10 місяців тому

      Props for bringing more darkness into the world ?

    • @ActionYakPolice
      @ActionYakPolice 10 місяців тому

      like actual literal torture prn. video didn't mention all of the dong on full display

    • @therealg4197
      @therealg4197 9 місяців тому

      Props? How does any of that sound good to you

    • @chemergency
      @chemergency 6 місяців тому

      @@therealg4197 Filtered.

  • @Ryo_777
    @Ryo_777 Рік тому +6

    It's crazy how many great bands and solo artists Jimmy picked up at that time.

    • @liammcnicholas918
      @liammcnicholas918 26 днів тому

      There’s an HBO docuseries about him called The Defiant Ones

  • @blazingstar9638
    @blazingstar9638 Рік тому +2

    Dang I kinda forgot about this until I saw your thumbnail!

  • @fivepoint5sicks
    @fivepoint5sicks Рік тому +4

    I had a copy of this in the 90s when I was a kid. The cop in this video is the named Robert Patric(brother of Richard Patric former guitarist of NIN and later front man of the band Filter).
    Anyways the cop is a famous actor that played the metal guy from the terminator movies called T200 or something like that. He also played the father of Johnny Cash in the movie Walk the Line, along with countless other movies.
    Years later, Trent pulled another publicity stunt by dropping flash cards at music venues that contained tidbits of information to decipher. For all who followed the trail and figured it out realized theinformationnwas an address and date that to their surprise, was a personal underground concert that he hosted for the very few who conquered the task.

  • @TheVioletBunny
    @TheVioletBunny Рік тому +12

    Edgelord - the music video

  • @notvcinema8741
    @notvcinema8741 Рік тому +2

    I watched Broken during the mid '90s. One of my friends found a copy of it at Infinity's End. There were a lot of people that thought it was a real snuff film, a fan mailed Trent. Have you heard of Psychic TV First Transmission? From what I remember, it was a pretty messed up film. That one came out in '82. Peter Christopherson worked on that one as well.

  • @SerenaConcertina
    @SerenaConcertina 4 місяці тому +1

    My sibling came home from multiple NIN shows in a row. They basically followed NIN around like people did with the Dead. I was so jealous because I was just 13-14 and my sibling was 6 years my senior and the friend group didn’t want to be responsible for my underage behind, despite the fact my dad had just died and my mom might as well have - as she left me to my own devices and gave me free reign. My disappointment was made up for when my sibling whipped out three VHS tapes gathered from this long concert going trip. Sat me in a dark living room at 3:00am and there we both watched Broken and some other bootlegs for the first time. What a time to be alive! While I appreciate the way we have such access to media these days - There was something to be said for all the side quests for these Holy Grail type media projects. It certainly felt more rewarding when we’d find things and got to share them with our friends and pass them around in hushed reverence. Maybe this same feeling can be achieved still, if something hasn’t made it to digitized conservation. All I know is I miss it and it’s one part of my youth I’m the most nostalgic about.

  • @Durkhead
    @Durkhead Рік тому +3

    Broken is my favorite nin album the guitar sound is amazing heavy but not muddy and the perfect amount of reverb

  • @d011p4rtz
    @d011p4rtz 5 місяців тому

    his has been my inspiration and idol since my mom introduced me to NIN in the 90s as a kid

  • @mikesmelon5714
    @mikesmelon5714 8 місяців тому

    I brought this into "health class", before the teacher would arrive, as the VCR/TV was always in that class. I got a little following and brought in videos from "Traces of Death" to Richard Kern films with Rollins or Lydia Lunch. Those were the good days. 🔥🤘🏼

  • @PSNProperty_Damage
    @PSNProperty_Damage 13 днів тому

    I vaguely remember watching these videos when i was a young kid, they were hard to watch i remember that, Trent made a remix album to Broken called Fixed where he used actual audio from Bob Flanagan’s ‘experiments’ and you can hear his actual screams, hes credited on those tracks

  • @youravantgarde
    @youravantgarde Рік тому +1

    I used to own the original vhs copy back in the 90s. Used to watch it all the time. This video doesn't even describe how much graphic it really is.

  • @lisakuntzman7017
    @lisakuntzman7017 Рік тому +2

    I would love to talk with Trent, Marilyn, and Maynard all three of them Amazing Dark Music 🎶

  • @comfortablynumb9342
    @comfortablynumb9342 11 місяців тому

    I'm glad I missed that one. Thanks for the warning.

  • @JSLeeds
    @JSLeeds Рік тому +7

    I remember this airing on mtv, late at night, uncut. Maybe I am misremembering. 🤔

    • @palazzo1113
      @palazzo1113 Рік тому +6

      I absolutely remember Happiness in Slavery airing uncut on MTV back in the day. But I don't think the whole movie was shown.