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The Rapper Who Ate His Roommate

  • Опубліковано 9 гру 2021
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  • @EleanorNeale
    @EleanorNeale 2 роки тому +3112

    this was fking wild, i can't believe i've never heard of this case before!!

    • @lososcotti926
      @lososcotti926 2 роки тому +85

      You working on a vid now huh

    • @adonaiyah2196
      @adonaiyah2196 2 роки тому +29

      Ive heard it before like 7 years ago. One thing which always stuck with me was him apparently saying "Tenisha! Yous a sock" before attacking

    • @melmooooo
      @melmooooo 2 роки тому +22

      ELEANORRR love ur vids !!!

    • @2young554
      @2young554 2 роки тому +27


    • @Cami-dc9iu
      @Cami-dc9iu 2 роки тому +23

      Girl I'm surprised to see you here 😳

  • @josesosa3337
    @josesosa3337 2 роки тому +12146

    We stay hungry , we devour.
    My man took those words literally.

  • @Quantum973
    @Quantum973 2 роки тому +6786

    Shit's fucking terrifying. Imagine thinking you're gonna have a chill night with your roommate doing your drug of choice, and then you get murdered and eaten. At the same time, I bust out laughing when he talked about his songs being used as evidence with examples like "I did it to you" LOL

    • @tdogg6117
      @tdogg6117 2 роки тому +408

      Like bro tfff I thought we was just partyin why you gotta take my liver like thatttt?? Smh 🙄🙄

    • @haxplugin2870
      @haxplugin2870 2 роки тому +11


    • @ss4kaioken295
      @ss4kaioken295 2 роки тому +16

      I'm dead 😭 💀

    • @ricky-sanchez
      @ricky-sanchez 2 роки тому +257

      If your living in a house full of people smoking pcp daily, whatever happens to you, you did it to yourself.

    • @truartist5379
      @truartist5379 2 роки тому +44

      With certain drugs, anything can happen

  • @jeanierude7663
    @jeanierude7663 2 роки тому +3340

    It sounds like maybe the record label might have set this guy up. How can you ignore a bloody handprint that isn't the main suspect's handprint? Someone else was there, and they needed to investigate who it was and charge them at the very least. And with the CODIS system, there is no excuse as to why they can't find who's prints those were. Unless they aren't in the system. You take the prints of all those involved at the record label and the roommate's boyfriend. The investigation is sloppy. Just awful.

    • @meIatonin
      @meIatonin 2 роки тому +224

      plus the teeth marks on the victim didn’t match lurch’s

    • @sumthintuf
      @sumthintuf 2 роки тому +96

      I mean even if so man still had human flesh in his system and dude did pcp he most likely did it lol

    • @jeanierude7663
      @jeanierude7663 2 роки тому +205

      @@sumthintuf Well, maybe he ate human flesh while high, but it doesn't mean he actually murdered the victim. It could have been someone else since there was another set of prints, and he was given the flesh to eat. We really don't know what happened, just that he wasn't the only one there. The set of handprints in blood was not his. Most likely, the bloody prints are from the person who committed the crime. Since Big Lurch was really high, he may not have realized what he was eating when given the flesh. Most likely is not beyond a reasonable doubt. We need to identify those other prints and get the real story of what happened from that person. If Lurch committed the crime, there should be bloody prints from him all over the scene, yet there aren't. It just doesn't make sense. I am not saying he is entirely innocent, but it does seem something went on that we don't have the full story on. Since he doesn't remember or says he doesn't, we just can't determine what occurred.

    • @meIatonin
      @meIatonin 2 роки тому +218

      @@sumthintuf The roommate had an abusive boyfriend that she was about to cut ties with on the day of her death, and while they were high on PCP Lurch passed out, so the boyfriend and another guy proceeded to kill her then leave the scene. Lurch wakes up and sees her dead body, so still high, he assumes her body is raw meat and eats it. It sounds like a stretch, but even the victim’s mom believes to this day that Lurch didn’t kill her daughter and that evidence was tampered with.

    • @feenarvaez65
      @feenarvaez65 2 роки тому +7

      This is very close to my exact thoughts 💭 for sure this is all wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • @greenfroppy212
    @greenfroppy212 2 роки тому +5399

    As someone who’s into horrorcore I’ve definitely heard this story before. Also you earn a W for showing Brotha Lynch and Bizarre clips at the beginning.

    • @djangojenkins7019
      @djangojenkins7019 2 роки тому +6

      Ever heard of Dead at birth?

    • @Ismokefentanyl
      @Ismokefentanyl 2 роки тому +29

      Gangsta locc Lynch is og 😌

    • @alexanderfarley838
      @alexanderfarley838 2 роки тому +55

      When I read the title I deadass thought it would be brotha lynch lol

    • @follc1991
      @follc1991 2 роки тому +23

      What about NECRO?

    • @ryancephas4977
      @ryancephas4977 2 роки тому +4

      GreenFroppy Dude look like Brotha Lynch 2 mane no 🧢

  • @stephaniehanley1016
    @stephaniehanley1016 2 роки тому +180

    They also don’t bring up that he did the PCP with one of his male roommates. Where did that guy go while she was being killed?

  • @haywoodj
    @haywoodj 2 роки тому +1408

    Man I would be so pissed if my friend just started chewing on me

    • @lokeyborders
      @lokeyborders 2 роки тому +116

      @Haywood J
      🤣🤣🤣 it's not funny it's just the way you said it. But I would be mad as hell too. Eating my ass up. Wtf

    • @daedae2356
      @daedae2356 2 роки тому +40

      It’s not funny but I laughed 😂😂😂😂

    • @megaamich
      @megaamich 2 роки тому +6


    • @realjqa
      @realjqa 2 роки тому +6

      Uhhh.. How if you will be dead 😑

    • @lokeyborders
      @lokeyborders 2 роки тому +20


  • @JetWindTV
    @JetWindTV 2 роки тому +710

    I don't think he's innocent but rather he is not the only guilty party involved. Someone is keeping their mouth closed about the remaining details.

    • @stingerjohnny9951
      @stingerjohnny9951 2 роки тому +19

      “Keeping their mouth closed”

    • @wtfimcrying
      @wtfimcrying 2 роки тому +1

      @@stingerjohnny9951 lmfao

    • @Sb-sl3xr
      @Sb-sl3xr 2 роки тому +8

      No i think none of them knows what happened it is very common to be in a daze and not remember anything during high doses of pcp

    • @shanebroussard6262
      @shanebroussard6262 2 роки тому +4

      He ate the chick. Stop tripping it’s plain and simple.

    • @chance2413
      @chance2413 2 роки тому +1

      @@shanebroussard6262 no. They think "Amerikkka" is framing the black man again

  • @princeekeson12
    @princeekeson12 2 роки тому +1535

    I've seen a few videos on this guy. This story has got to be the greatest anti-drug campaign ever. Edit: props to you for adding more details to this case (like the fingerprints, the footprints, etc.)

    • @subschillouteducationalcor2416
      @subschillouteducationalcor2416 2 роки тому +5

      If u searched round the internet you woulda found it all out ekeson this been public knowledge for years

    • @dandaadnad529
      @dandaadnad529 2 роки тому +26

      Along with that rapper that cut his penis off while on PCP

    • @_itssoul
      @_itssoul 2 роки тому +17

      @@dandaadnad529 Christ Bearer.

    • @moneyteam6464
      @moneyteam6464 2 роки тому +16

      He might really be innocent fr the court system all fucked up

    • @lashawnedwards1783
      @lashawnedwards1783 2 роки тому +6

      @@moneyteam6464 He is innocent, I grow up with him he my brother's best friend he didn't kill her! Her ex-boyfriend did..

  • @drelezar7745
    @drelezar7745 2 роки тому +577

    Assuming that he is absolutely innocent and did nothing. That would mean someone force fed him human flesh while he was high. That thought itself is horrifying

    • @rabidunion6949
      @rabidunion6949 2 роки тому +108

      Horrifyingly possible. Certain drugs, certain people. Absolutely possible. 😳

    • @kmidst_sk9630
      @kmidst_sk9630 2 роки тому +13

      Lmao yeah right

    • @1O2378tfnowwat
      @1O2378tfnowwat 2 роки тому +19

      Not likely

    • @zihn
      @zihn 2 роки тому +3

      tell me u ain’t ever had to step back and ask yoself why without telling me

    • @tatianatati9516
      @tatianatati9516 2 роки тому +1

      Boy bye he did use some damn common sense

  • @CherryCandySoR
    @CherryCandySoR 2 роки тому +471

    I did a project on Big Lurch in college for my Hip-hop and Heavy Metal class. The project was on street cred. No one in the class had heard of him

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  2 роки тому +139

      You had a Hip Hop and Heavy Metal class? That sounds amazing :P

    • @CherryCandySoR
      @CherryCandySoR 2 роки тому +35

      @@deburke321 It was a fun class. Great video!

    • @makmisfits8375
      @makmisfits8375 2 роки тому +21

      Heard this dude growing up Listening to the likes of Lynch,Raided,and others from Sac Town.Dude had a unique voice and was a decent rapper.Shame it all went to shit cuz of drugs

    • @makmisfits8375
      @makmisfits8375 2 роки тому +7

      Forgot to say,I think I first heard him on the West Coast Trippin album by AWOL Records .Song was "Monopoly",Cosmic Slop Shop,C-Bo,Marvaless.Dont have the tape no more but still have the cover.Good times.Miss those days of underground rap

      @SINLEADSTOHELL 2 роки тому +1

      And we still support these garbage music industries. Brainwashing men and children. To do evil things.
      We glorify evil for what. To destroy a world of people.
      No you can have that garbage.
      I'm going to serve the Lord and live holy. I'm not going to talk about murdering my enemies or doing any other crimes that God does not approve of.
      This is the message God approves of Christ is your only hope.
      Sin leads to hell

  • @genderfluidlygay7146
    @genderfluidlygay7146 2 роки тому +2122

    Im actually angry how so much information was looked over due to negligence, im not defending him, but he might be innocent. They should have looked into this case more.

    • @diamondburt7910
      @diamondburt7910 2 роки тому +162

      They don't care to this is america

    • @TheSupradvr
      @TheSupradvr 2 роки тому +45

      Especially California is a pos state

    • @IPODsify
      @IPODsify 2 роки тому +207

      This unfortunately happens a lot with rappers. The prosecution uses (typically fantastical) lyrics as evidence for conspiracy to commit a crime, and the audience of idiots in the pulpit take the bait

    • @kittykittybangbang9367
      @kittykittybangbang9367 2 роки тому +33

      @@diamondburt7910 don't even get me started on the prison system

    • @bateman8688
      @bateman8688 2 роки тому +2


  • @TamarSaysHi
    @TamarSaysHi 2 роки тому +2694

    the fact that the record company was called “black market records” and some of her parts were missing

    • @nyxx7813
      @nyxx7813 2 роки тому +201

      You do realize its more likely he consumed the missing parts right

    • @dertnap
      @dertnap 2 роки тому +98

      I don't think its a common thing for severed body parts to be a product that is bought frequently on the black market/dark web

    • @strallay
      @strallay 2 роки тому +3


    • @aaron-_-tate5694
      @aaron-_-tate5694 2 роки тому +22

      @@nyxx7813 no the record label sold it

    • @jt-pq4dv
      @jt-pq4dv 2 роки тому +74

      @@dertnap lmao you must never been on the black market

  • @joeysands8893
    @joeysands8893 2 роки тому +482

    Woah, I never knew Big Lurch could really be innocent. This makes the whole situation way more complex and worth-investigating.

    • @joeysands8893
      @joeysands8893 2 роки тому +13

      @Rowan Short undeniably, but it seems like it could’ve actually been planted there. Imagine that shit, mind-wiped on pcp for self-medication, he awakens to human flesh in his stomach that me might not have put there himself. That idea alone is so disturbing and compelling that it’s worth exploring just to entertain the notion.

    • @joeysands8893
      @joeysands8893 2 роки тому +1

      @@pandaangry1267 probably, it’s definitely the most obvious answer, but if there were handfuls of PCP shoved into her mouth by some unknown 3rd person in the room, the whole situation calls for re-examination.

    • @pandaangry1267
      @pandaangry1267 2 роки тому +8

      @@joeysands8893 it’s unlikely he was set up but it is possible, slim chance but possible. And proving it would be highly improbable especially after 2 decades has passed.
      Lets assume he’s innocent for a moment and he was framed by an angry bf who took advantage of a situation. Why was the suspect found on the street screaming and why didn’t he recall anything that would exonerate him? The waters are murky here and i dont think hes ever getting out

    • @joeysands8893
      @joeysands8893 2 роки тому +5

      @@pandaangry1267 yeah, he definitely went on a pcp rampage, but the idea that he could’ve been set up is starting to seem likely enough for some further investigation. And yeah, it might be hard to prove, but at the same time, maybe someone else new something.
      Just the idea that he was framed for murder is really horrific though, and if I was a reporter I’d probably try to dig around a bit. I don’t really think he should be exonerated or anything crazy like that, but the story is already interesting enough that if there’s really this much more to it, I’m compelled and want to know more.

    • @pandaangry1267
      @pandaangry1267 2 роки тому +2

      @@joeysands8893 well lets start off by saying if everyone in the room was high, even if they somehow knew something, they would hold no credibility in court (with being high and all). If there was someone not high at all (the boyfriend) he definitely could’ve had the wherewithal to frame someone or at least coax someone. Either way, its a horrific case and one that will forever raise eyebrows

  • @oyagyal2187
    @oyagyal2187 2 роки тому +107

    All of this screams "Setup". He definitely deserves a retrial.

  • @palmerfry7198
    @palmerfry7198 2 роки тому +64

    If the victims mom is defending u, must mean something

  • @vanessajohnson6660
    @vanessajohnson6660 2 роки тому +459

    This whole story is so crazy. PCP is one crazy drug ,and it's way too powerful for so many people use it as much as they do. I have seen ,and heard people do some really weird shit ,and dangerous crazy shit on PCP. It takes you outside of reality and blurs the lines ,and sometimes makes you not realize you're actually doing what you're doing (unless you come down in the middle of committing whatever Act it is that you would never have done if you had been sober.) If you do enough you're not going to remember anything ,but it does sound like they had strangely large amounts of PCP in their systems ,and for her to have it poured down her throat is just awful. It makes you wonder if he did it on purpose ,or if it was some kind of setup ,like he said but there is no explaining flesh in your stomach that isn't yours. Freaking human flesh. I mean come on bro ,you did do it ,you just don't know why because that's what PCP does. Really sad ,I mean she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that's just being Captain Obvious , but can you imagine? Especially if you were fucked up on PCP too? I can't imagine what that poor girl went through ,no matter what happened ,no matter who did it ,and the point is being "under the influence" means something. Some people really don't get it ,they just get used to hearing it ,and think it means being "fucked up"... no. It means the way you act because you used a drug ,and the things that you do that you would never have done had you not used that drug. Tragic shit fr.

    • @djinnxx7050
      @djinnxx7050 2 роки тому +29

      The drugs are just an excuse. If you'd do something like that whilst high, it would have had to have been in your mindset to begin with. The only difference is the removal of inhibitions. So you know, when he told her he wanted to eat her out... 😬

    • @lexyshannon9428
      @lexyshannon9428 2 роки тому +7

      @@Elektrikkiss technically that would be the more accurate use of the insanity defense

    • @tacklefatkids1195
      @tacklefatkids1195 2 роки тому

      @@Elektrikkiss when u take drugs that doesn't work

    • @pseudophp
      @pseudophp 2 роки тому

      Wrong, you girl you. Obviously you have never done heavy insane drugs. You almost always have a choice or a moment of lucidity to act before you give in. This degenerate rapper is just that - degenerate. No wonder he did it, too weak, too little self-awareness, a dumb degraded society, this is what you get. I can (have not) drive under heavy amount of LSD, act totally normal. Yet most people would go insane. This is because of experience and conscious awareness of what I am going through. These druggies? This society? You people? You just do drugs to turn off your mind. Bad things happen when you turn off your mind, ye ignorant people... we all have demons, especially men id say, you cant ignore them or identify with them, yet this is what society is doing, especially moronic millenials and gen z-ers. Clueless living in fantasy world. I spit. I spit and insult and spit on your faces.

    • @lexyshannon9428
      @lexyshannon9428 2 роки тому

      @@pseudophp You are right about the moment of lucidity before taking the drug (at least for the very first time). Whatever happens after that can vary greatly on the individual. Anyone can have a slightly different experience from another while on a drug, and some are more prone to addiction than others overall. Some might have a stronger will, while others might've had their will worn down over different periods of time from certain pressures (life hardships, peer pressure, desperation, lack of education, poor decision-making, little regard for personal safety, etc.). Of course, that definitely doesn't excuse their actions while on the drug, and this rapper certainly doesn't have my pity. I think he greatly underestimated the power of the drug from the very beginning.⁰

    @DRUNKWOLFSOFFICIAL 2 роки тому +416

    It's always interesting hearing about this story, and it must've sucked being set up by his friends.

    • @JordanSantana.
      @JordanSantana. 2 роки тому +2


      @DRUNKWOLFSOFFICIAL 2 роки тому +3

      @@JordanSantana. Big Lurch is a girl?

    • @JordanSantana.
      @JordanSantana. 2 роки тому +3

      @@DRUNKWOLFSOFFICIAL thought you were talking about the girl, because we don’t know that.

    • @darylwilson9124
      @darylwilson9124 Рік тому

      Who cares about the girl? She's a nobody. That's why her name is "the girl." She wasn't important before and she's not important now.

  • @Elyricist746
    @Elyricist746 2 роки тому +3972

    Can u imagine doing something and not remembering cause of the drugs u took...u just wake up in jail with a murder charge 😔

    • @bigmona2741
      @bigmona2741 2 роки тому +537

      Happens to a lot of drunk people. I’ve thought about how crazy it must feel to wake up in jail not remembering what you did or didn’t do.

    • @geovannirios7565
      @geovannirios7565 2 роки тому +291

      That's some horrifying shit

    • @finallyfree1973
      @finallyfree1973 2 роки тому +200

      Right, like how could one defend themselves if they don’t even remember doing it 🤨

    • @sager3388
      @sager3388 2 роки тому +86

      I know someone who did.
      He got 59 to life. He was 20

      @SINLEADSTOHELL 2 роки тому +89

      And we still support these garbage music industries. Brainwashing men and children. To do evil things.
      We glorify evil for what. To destroy a world of people.
      No you can have that garbage.
      I'm going to serve the Lord and live holy. I'm not going to talk about murdering my enemies or doing any other crimes that God does not approve of.
      This is the message God approves of Christ is your only hope.
      Sin leads to hell

  • @EquiusSexual
    @EquiusSexual 2 роки тому +457

    It’s very suspicious that there were extra prints and evidence that was found. I know the mom said that she didn’t think he would kill her because that would include hatred and he never hated her. My brother tried to kill me while high on drugs. When he is sober, he loves me. When he is high, he wants me dead in the worst way. I think drugs change people in a way that’s incomprehensible. It’s almost hard to believe that someone who loves so hard is a killer, but people’s intentions change when under the influence of hardcore drugs. (Especially after repeated use )

    • @jada3956
      @jada3956 2 роки тому +67

      Merry Christmas to you! But I think you should get away from your brother and go find him some help but get away as soon as possible because if not you will died and that won't be good.

    • @Weedfacemonkey
      @Weedfacemonkey 2 роки тому +63

      Definitely should seek help or get out of that extremely bad situation you shouldn't have to worry if your brother is ganna kill you or not that just ain't right

    • @timevans8870
      @timevans8870 2 роки тому +81

      Hey man I think your brother wants to harm you all the time.. especially depending on what he takes he may only use being high as an excuse for the hatred

    • @jada3956
      @jada3956 2 роки тому +13

      @@timevans8870 I was thinking the same thing

    • @abeltesfaye_
      @abeltesfaye_ 2 роки тому +71

      I have NEVER wanted to harm anyone sober or not. Drugs bring out what's already there.. get away from your maniac brother

  • @orvilleredenpiller338
    @orvilleredenpiller338 2 роки тому +266

    If I had a nickel for every time a horrorcore rapper ate their roommate, I’d have a nickel which isn’t a lot because it’s weird it’s happened only once.

    • @zlch4021
      @zlch4021 2 роки тому +1

      I’ve got glue on my fingers- I’ve got records on my hands-

    • @shanebroussard6262
      @shanebroussard6262 2 роки тому +1

      It’s called angel dust smart guy. This ain’t the first time some one did this on angel dust. Do some research.

    • @foreverfreddie
      @foreverfreddie 2 роки тому

      That we know of…

    • @shanebroussard6262
      @shanebroussard6262 Рік тому

      @HEY!YO!IT'S!RAZORCLA(E)W some homeless guy didn’t do it. LURCH did it period. No ways around it

    • @AliasOnlyTV
      @AliasOnlyTV Рік тому

      Or so you think lol

  • @tristencox5914
    @tristencox5914 2 роки тому +706

    "He was quite talented."
    *actual gibberish ensues*
    Man some of y'all really can't take a joke

    • @siroui4239
      @siroui4239 2 роки тому +34


    • @ReaLzEdits
      @ReaLzEdits 2 роки тому +73

      Legit couldn't hear anything he said in that clip.

    • @vampirasmokezz420
      @vampirasmokezz420 2 роки тому +2


    • @amyvivas9001
      @amyvivas9001 2 роки тому +34

      idk, i heard everything just fine tbh it’s just the style of rap he chose for that song that tends to run the words together

    • @ijustbevibin0425
      @ijustbevibin0425 2 роки тому +13

      @@ReaLzEdits cause his voice deep as shit I don’t like it at all but I can understand him clearly it would be hard if you don’t live around a place where you hear lost of accents cause any accent you can understand at that point

    @STEVENWHELAN1 2 роки тому +499

    Sean as a close friend of yours, I thank you for sharing such tales of perilous horror. Its a like from me

    • @CaveDDECanem
      @CaveDDECanem 2 роки тому +10

      Scuba Steve! DAMN YOU

    • @cbrreezzyy69
      @cbrreezzyy69 2 роки тому +12

      Lol this dude is having delusions of grandeur thinking himself and the UA-camr are best friends.

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  2 роки тому +209

      @@cbrreezzyy69 He’s my friend in real life 😛

    • @IT-rc5xg
      @IT-rc5xg 2 роки тому +109

      @@cbrreezzyy69 so much for delusional😂

    • @johnwick1841
      @johnwick1841 2 роки тому +64

      @@cbrreezzyy69 🤡

  • @yoursurgerysister
    @yoursurgerysister 2 роки тому +37

    Drugs. He actually was on a program that warned against drugs and told his story. When they found him they thought it was a woman wearing a red dress because he had so much blood on himself. Terrifying

  • @shygirlflygirl
    @shygirlflygirl 2 роки тому +1234

    How can you find unknown finger prints and footprints and not investigate it. That should have been foundation for an IMMEDIATE retrial!!!

      @SINLEADSTOHELL 2 роки тому +21

      And we still support these garbage music industries. Brainwashing men and children. To do evil things.
      We glorify evil for what. To destroy a world of people.
      No you can have that garbage.
      I'm going to serve the Lord and live holy. I'm not going to talk about murdering my enemies or doing any other crimes that God does not approve of.
      This is the message God approves of Christ is your only hope.
      Sin leads to hell

    • @user-or4ud6ow9w
      @user-or4ud6ow9w 2 роки тому +80

      @@SINLEADSTOHELL im studying forensics dude being a murderer has nothing to do with music

      @SINLEADSTOHELL 2 роки тому +19

      @@user-or4ud6ow9w it has something to do with it. It's influencing young people.
      200 rappers were killed in 2020
      And if it's not murder, it's fighting, arguing theft, adultery, jealousy. It's more than just murder.
      It's becoming a culture
      This music isn't helping.
      And I noticed you did not disagree with the music being garbage.

    • @lordflako5324
      @lordflako5324 2 роки тому +112

      @@SINLEADSTOHELL you’re right! Murder didn’t exist before this music! Murder was recently invented by the music industry to sell records!

    • @user-or4ud6ow9w
      @user-or4ud6ow9w 2 роки тому +45

      @@SINLEADSTOHELL yea music taste is subjective, i don't listen to rap i listen to metal mostly but i think your Christian bumpkin shit isnt good but that doesn't make it trash it means i dont like the song, also there will still be muderers whether or not theres rap music, i don't listen to " the devils music" and then decide oh time to worship satan i just enjoy the music, you gotta be sick in the head for that anyway

  • @tylerthecreation998
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    I cant tell you how long I've been waiting on this one

  • @3minutestill
    @3minutestill 2 роки тому +211

    He needs a retrial. With the changes of tech since then I feel like it needs to be looked into again.

    • @timo.8617
      @timo.8617 2 роки тому +28

      He literally ate someone

    • @piss7610
      @piss7610 2 роки тому +16

      He ate a man, what the hell are you saying. He needs psychiatric help

    • @3minutestill
      @3minutestill 2 роки тому +25

      @@piss7610 True, but there where a few things brought up in this video (that should be in evidence) that I think needs to be looked at more. Was there an explanation for it? I may have to look at the case myself but there are questions that I have which makes it hard to not support the re-trail. I know it may seem silly to you but we've seen how the justice system back then use to just say "You. Guilty" and that was it. I would like to see new eyes review this case.

    • @OfficialJuggaloJesus
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      @@3minutestill you guilty, 😂

    • @3minutestill
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      @@OfficialJuggaloJesus 🤣🤣🤣

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    bro took munchies to a whole different meaning

  • @xChaosReignsx
    @xChaosReignsx 2 роки тому +1322

    PCP really is a messed up drug. The few times I smoked it I felt crazy, like in a dream state where I would try to do something but just couldn’t do it (kind of like when your dreaming and try and hit something/someone but keep missing?) For the most part tho it made me feel sick so I would just go to sleep and I decided it’s not for me. However I’ve seen other people get “stuck” for hours in one spot just staring at the ground, trying to talk or reason with someone high on dust is pretty much impossible and the more and more an individual smokes it I think it has an effect on them even when they are sober. I know people personally who don’t seem right from that sh*t, everyone tries to say that about every drug (in particular ecstasy and acid) but in my opinion tripping on acid or rolling on Xtc are a walk in the park compared to PCP but hey maybe that’s just my opinion.

    • @joeygouda
      @joeygouda 2 роки тому +64

      It's like your on a mission and you don't know what the objective is, imo yea I been Za Za d b4,

    • @makavelimusolini1036
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      Were you also in Deebo's pigeon coup?

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      @@makavelimusolini1036 😂😂😂😂

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      @@makavelimusolini1036 "that's why I been like FUCK HECTOR"

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      @@yungmeatmarine1395 😂

  • @jaredmn8580
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    A lot about this case still bothers me, definitely needs to be reopened

  • @eagleman1542
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    "That's a lot to digest" - bruh, you didn't go there!

  • @jaydensheppard6373
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    You gotta think, this lad was writing and rapping this sorta dark stuff for a living, so it woulda been flowin threw his thoughts a fair bit, when u mixin tht with certain drugs especially ones tht make u hallucinate the 2 are gonna open sum doorways to sum different feelings. And especially if this lad was already suffering from any other mental conditions befor it. Plus mixing it all with no doubt alcohol and who knows wat other drugs or prescription drugs. Makes u wonder if it was all in his head an the drugs makin him see and hear what he did or if he just become weak minded and spiritually from it all and was vunerable to real evil.

    • @jaydensheppard6373
      @jaydensheppard6373 2 роки тому +7

      Thats if this lad even done the murder though and wasnt framed.

    • @nathifawaziri8664
      @nathifawaziri8664 2 роки тому +18

      The case scenario you make is valid however, hearing statements from the mother and additional evidence at the crime scene that was ignored makes me go hmmmmmmm. It sounds like a very well orchestrated set up and cover up. Big Lurch is not completely innocent but I think there are additional key players in this crime.

    • @jaydensheppard6373
      @jaydensheppard6373 2 роки тому +6

      @@nathifawaziri8664 yeah no doubt man, none of us really no the answers we probs never will. Either way sounds like the whole situation was pretty messed up haha.

    • @zaynes5094
      @zaynes5094 2 роки тому +2

      @@jaydensheppard6373 Yeah, and there was no justice for that woman that got her guts ripped apart (Pause!).

    • @agridulce3532
      @agridulce3532 2 роки тому

      Exactly, justice for the victim

  • @dmoney0102
    @dmoney0102 2 роки тому +71

    Feel how you want about lurch. Thomas Moore (The victim’s boyfriend) should be in prison for murder. Police are way to focused on just closing a case vs justice. That man should not be free

      @SINLEADSTOHELL 2 роки тому +2

      And we still support these garbage music industries. Brainwashing men and children. To do evil things.
      We glorify evil for what. To destroy a world of people.
      No you can have that garbage.
      I'm going to serve the Lord and live holy. I'm not going to talk about murdering my enemies or doing any other crimes that God does not approve of.
      This is the message God approves of Christ is your only hope.
      Sin leads to hell

    • @InsertSomethingStupid2002
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      @@SINLEADSTOHELL Holy shit an actual bot that spews religious garbage

    • @generalbucknaked3080
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      Yeah nah... That aint how an investigation works buddy. Lurch guilty AF

  • @horrorstew3577
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    Very appreciated your covering this story. I remember when this happened and it seemed like even the hip hop journalists at the time tried to ignore Lurch's case.... It was only through the streets word really got around.
    You should cover Christ Bearer next... Dude was an MC who cut off his own Dork 😂

  • @WorthyDirtyJersey
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    Every hip-hop head should know about Big Lurch and the PCP incident. Good video to cover bro!

    • @OwlCapone8630
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      I known for years about his appetite

    • @maze-nc1ut
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      I didn’t remember his name but my homie Used to talk about this dude and the incident all the time back in 07

    • @BJ-qk8sq
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      That's like saying every movie lover should know about certain porn stars. Nope, no way.

    • @WorthyDirtyJersey
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      @@BJ-qk8sq not at all the same lmfao weirdo

    • @WorthyDirtyJersey
      @WorthyDirtyJersey 2 роки тому +1

      @@BJ-qk8sq and did I say they should ALREADY know? No. I didn't. Sit down kid and learn about the culture

  • @Alyrulz421
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    After hearing the mom's version of events and her conclusion, it's bone chilling. I think she was right and Lynch was set up

    • @shanebroussard6262
      @shanebroussard6262 2 роки тому +16

      Mom is biased that’s a dumb way of looking at it. Jeffery dohmer folks didn’t say anything bad about him either. Matter a fact everyone they interviewed said he was the nicest guy they ever met. Lmmfao

    • @garrysmith5562
      @garrysmith5562 2 роки тому +1

      The mom could just be an idiot

    • @sundigest1121
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    • @generalbucknaked3080
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      I dont know why people keep commenting this, as if its some form of solid evidence.. Who tf is her mom? Lmao. Is she a homicide detective? Oh ok then

    • @grimmmm
      @grimmmm Рік тому

      Pcp overdose

  • @smokeyallfire4576
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    Crazy, he was in that car crash with my sister Eboni Foster, she shattered her ankle, he broke his neck. The rest is history…damn….

  • @Nefarious_Bread
    @Nefarious_Bread 2 роки тому +201

    I smoked pcp in a blunt once out of curiosity. Idk if I’d call it “highly addictive”, because it gave me what I could only describe as “evil thoughts” and I never even thought of touching that shit again.

    • @STEAKnyfeCYRUS
      @STEAKnyfeCYRUS 2 роки тому +28

      ....boy the stories I could tell about THAT shitt....😬😬😬

    • @bobbyshmurda5225
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    • @whodat1884
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      Yeah man, drugs tend to effect each person differently, it's clearly addictive that's why people keep doing it lol if it gave everyone "evil thoughts" it wouldn't be a thing.

    • @sager3388
      @sager3388 2 роки тому +62

      It's called KJ: Killer Joint
      or at least where I'm from
      People in Fresno and Central Valley smoke it.
      It's PCP in joint form but dipped in elephant traquilizer.
      It makes you feel as strong and invincible as the Hulk.
      My Uncle smoked it once when I was 12 and fought 4 dudes, whooped em and even got shot in the leg. He didn't notice til it wore off and then went to the hospital due to blood loss. he survived tho.
      Shit's crazy as shit!

    • @Nefarious_Bread
      @Nefarious_Bread 2 роки тому +43

      @@sager3388 Sounds really similar to watch happened to me. Back in 2008 I was robbed at a house party when I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. I handed over all my stuff with no resistance. Then he asked me where I lived. I told him that lived about 40 minutes away on foot (neither of us had a car). So, he says "Okay, we're going to walk there." Despite having a gun pointed at me I was pretty calm up to this point but this is when I started to worry. He told me to walk in front of him and as I started to walk, I saw him take his gun and put it back in his waistband. At this point I immediately turned around and attacked him. I tried to take his head and smash it again the waist the concrete wall we were near. But he reacted quick enough to his hands on the wall and push back first. At this point he backed up and went for his gun. I lunged forward and grabbed his wrist, and the gun went off. I took a .22 through the thigh but didn't realize it at this point, the adrenaline was pumping too high. At this point we start wrestling, I'm yelling for help. Someone comes from inside (his name is Jeff Marshall) and helps me hold this guy down until the cops came. Atthe time I was about 180lbs all muscle (I worked out back then), and Jeff was about 210lbs mostly muscle. This kid we were holding was 19 years old (named Daquan Ellision) was about 150lbs wet and it took all we had to hold this guy down. We found out later that he was out on parole, from a different armed robbery and was high on PCP at the time.

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    Your videos just keep getting better and better my friend. I appreciate all of your hard work. Bringing us all of this great content. Thanks Man !

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      Thanks for watching Michael I really appreciate it!

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      You're absolutely right!! He keeps out doing himself!

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    The fact that Horror Core exists proves that Death Metal and Trap have a ton in common

  • @trippy4674
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    I began to get into the story at the end. Dude was set up by some real evil. Good is naive.

    • @celesteciresi3096
      @celesteciresi3096 2 роки тому +41

      That's just what I was saying!!! I believe that he could have possibly eaten some flesh because he was on PCP, but I don't believe that he killed her ...I believe that his label was probably involved in Organ trafficking and they killed her and they took her organs ,and it was easy to set him up because he was on such a hallucinogenic drug that makes your mind crazy!!! what made them decide to pump his stomach??? that makes no sense to me ...what made police even think that he ate her ??one would assume the dog did it... not him!!!

    • @genehill2452
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      Facts I heard the story too it don’t add up

    • @user-gi6mq2qf5w
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      @@celesteciresi3096 Why would a secret organ trafficking organization kill the roommate of their most popular member

    • @eciyahsmalls-sanders8880
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      @@genehill2452 to be honest it was probably just the pcp

    • @nakiadavis9638
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      Real Talk he was set up

  • @mrjackelbox4418
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    I'm so glad you talked about the case and the record company I never knew any of this wow! Thank you for the information

  • @freddymurcury1036
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    “Boy, my back sure does hurt. Better take these hallucinogenics to make it go away.”

  • @ThatThrashGuy99
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    FINALLY!! BIG LURCH GETS A VIDEO ABOUT HIM! By the way, much love for using Brotha Lynch clips in your intro
    Edit: sorry, I left that comment at the beginning of the video cuz I was so excited. As I go further in and you started talking about Black Market and mentioned X-Raided. I actually rap and got to open for X on his first tour out of prison. Most down to Earth and articulate guy I've ever met, especially from that life.

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    If you had a better mic you would be indistinguishable from the higher sub creators. Great video really enjoyed it.

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      Thanks really appreciate it! Actually just got a much better mic ordered so starting next month there should be an increase in audio quality

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      It’s not funny tho

  • @Esoteric.K1d
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    The amount of CSI negligence in this crime is appalling.
    Premiere Gang!

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    5:50 imagine being in the court room and they play that song , I would Die 🤣

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    Normalizing evil ...never !

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    Great video. I'm a hip hop head but never heard of this story.
    Will check your channel for more content. I've subscribed 👍🏽

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      Thank you! Hope you enjoy some of my other videos :D

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    That PCP shit ain't no joke that shit gives you super human strength I remember seeing a video on cops with this black dude that was high on it and it took almost 10 cops Too bring him down

    • @STEAKnyfeCYRUS
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      ...yea that was here, in Cleveland.

    • @angelripper_420
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      Yeah he punched a hole in the fence and the cop Chick had his blood on her

    • @robertjoseph5206
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      @@angelripper_420 Yaaa shit was wild lol

    • @robertjoseph5206
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      @@STEAKnyfeCYRUS Was it I didn't know exactly where it was it didn't say in the cops episode unless I missed it

    • @STEAKnyfeCYRUS
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      @@robertjoseph5206 was it a naked black dude?

  • @Vilizio
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    I remember reading about this on wikipedia back in my early teens when I would just scroll through the internet looking for interesting things to read.
    Thank you for making this video because I almost forgot about this. Well done.

  • @hollowpoint3188
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    I will say this pcp and Lsd has the most gruesome stories I once read about a guy doing Lsd and ended up eating a pickle jar almost killed him.

    • @Jewel_Screaming_Chango8387
      @Jewel_Screaming_Chango8387 2 роки тому +34

      My dad had a friend who got high off of lsd once in the mid 80s dude was huge into weight lifting and wrestling some guys talked him into trying to stop a rig comming down the rd while he was fuked up guy tried to stop it like super man and got mushed and dragged

    • @Jewel_Screaming_Chango8387
      @Jewel_Screaming_Chango8387 2 роки тому +10

      They told
      Him if you’re so strong stop that camión 🚛

    • @hollowpoint3188
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      Damn that's awful man sounds like ole dude was brave asff

    • @chrisandersen9605
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      @@Jewel_Screaming_Chango8387 some friends your old man had

    • @Jewel_Screaming_Chango8387
      @Jewel_Screaming_Chango8387 2 роки тому +7

      @@hollowpoint3188 from what I heard he was kind of crazy

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    I’ve never heard of your channel before but your videos are pretty good keep up the good work

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    I heard the term starving artist, but jeezs. This is when keeping it real goes wrong… really, really wrong.

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    You the real MVP for this, aside from what took place, Big Lurch was a Great Talent, Naturally.

  • @brazenlilhussy5975
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    "Aggravated Mayhem" I'd never heard of that charge. Great name for a group..would certainly fit into the genre you're discussing too!
    Edit-- "I did it to you"? I thought self-snitching was a more recent hip-hop trend. Wild. I wonder was the label tryina find a new 'ODB' 🤔 (if there's any truth to them 'putting the drugs down his throat) one thing I know, I and all the other addicts I know never needed any help getting em into us!

    • @ajstacks41510
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      Bay shit!

    • @mtk1808
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      A very simple answer to this would be the dude had an affair with his roomates girlfriend and they were both caught after being together, they were high and since they were high the jealous bf tried to overdose them. Once it didn't work he proceed to kill his gf out of spite and blame the dude. Of course, that would be a very simple conclusion to draw if they were both drugged.

  • @Rodney17302
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    Too bad Johnnie Cochran wasn't his lawyer... "He didn't hate her, he only ate her"

  • @charlespranio6279
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    I'm almost positive the scene was set up to make it look like he ate his roomy mate. Especially after learning about all the ritualistic murder that take place in the world of rap and hip hop. The ones running the show always have alternative motives which usually end in shaming or death or both. Stay well ya'll.

    • @OhWowThatsDumb
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      You’re slow ain’t ya homie

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      @@embearasedbear3694 you don't read at all

    • @gorgeouslyjen
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      Remember it’s not just rituals happening in rap & hip hop it’s all around

    • @bre705
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      @@gorgeouslyjen and it's definitely not just ritualistic things taking place. There's a lot more baggage

  • @kaykay-sq6rh
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    The energy you put out will come back

  • @kasperromero5818
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    She wasn't his roommate and they only found a small portion of her lung in his stomach. Even the woman's own mother suspects of him being set up

    • @jama3997
      @jama3997 2 роки тому +43

      He was literally wondering around with her blood and stuff all on his mouth. If there was her lung in his stomach, he def ate her

    • @kasperromero5818
      @kasperromero5818 2 роки тому +9

      @@jama3997 Yaa and yu "literally" don't know any details regarding any of the circumstances surrounding this event other than wut was told to yu from a 15 minute video for which the sources used was wikipedia 🤦🤦🤦

    • @jama3997
      @jama3997 2 роки тому +58

      @@kasperromero5818 you literally don’t know how to spell. and I knew about Big Lurch years before this video was a thing. Y’all think he was set up, fine. But even if he was it doesn’t mean cannibalism was okay. He ATE her lungs. Even if you’re stuffing food down someone’s throat it has to actually be swallowed to reach the stomach, where lung pieces were found. Or the bits of flesh found within his teeth. I love being black but y’all got loyalty issues. Y’all the same people sticking by r Kelly and OJ Simpson😂 I don’t care what you say bc it’s ridiculous

    • @kasperromero5818
      @kasperromero5818 2 роки тому +2

      @@jama3997 no matter what the discussion is about, black Amerikans somehow always find a way to make race relevant to it. No wonder this country's such a fuucking joke. Iono what you being black had anything to do with this ahaha

    • @jama3997
      @jama3997 2 роки тому +42

      @@kasperromero5818 I include race bc it matters. Too many people have their loyalty put in the wrong place bc they share the same skin color as someone. Funny that’s all you noticed I said. The ignorance. Find better idols. Or better yet stope idolizing people anyways.

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    Even her mom doesn’t believe it. Truly a bizarre case with so many loose ends

  • @mkyle7343
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    I remember reading an article online like 15 years ago about this guy that was on pcp and police shot him 52 times and somehow this guy survived

    • @HlfEtnBread
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      Well I mean PCP does make you entirely numb so I think it's plausible

    • @memoXX1
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      heard some crazy stories from a LAPD officer about people who would literally cut their entire hands off from trying to break free from handcuffs while high on pcp

  • @matty7006
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    Cbo, Killa Tay, B Legit, Mac Dre, E40 and other artists that he hooked up with are my favorites

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    This takes the rappers is food line to a whole new level.

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    Rapper: *participate cannibalism*
    Studio: " I can milk that "

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    I've heard this story before, but they didn't go into detail like you. They said he was on pcp and he's locked up for life.
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      @BIGBABYHAIR 2 роки тому +13

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