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The Scariest Rockstar of All Time (GG Allin)


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  • @jerrycarnes4531
    @jerrycarnes4531 2 роки тому +2851

    I was Kevin Allin’s counselor for a year while he was in a prison in Michigan (Adrian Temporary Facility; D Unit). Had many talks with him in my office, and although he was guarded and didn’t make much eye contact- at first, anyway- he loosened up enough after a while for me to see the person behind the image, at least to a good degree. Although he had obvious personality and mental issues, Kevin Allin was not very much the same as the stage persona GG Allin, which is how his fans knew him. Although there were some similarities, Kevin was rather quiet, could be found most of the time on his top bunk (in an open dorm-type setting; i.e., no “cells”), presented a somewhat timid persona, and as the corrections officers I supervised agreed, seemed to be intimidated by the black inmates. Pretty much none of the other inmates knew who he was, and he purposely kept it that way. At one point he came up to one of my officers while holding his face, and “snitched out” another inmate who had punched him. When it came down to it, and as evident in his stage shows, he wasn’t actually a real good “fighter.”

    At one point when he was nearing parole, I asked him “Kevin, you’re in your mid-thirties now, how long do you think you can keep doing what you do?” He responded that he was working on composing country songs, and seemed to suggest he would go in that direction, although he slid right back into his former persona and “career” immediately after parole. At that point I knew it was a matter of time for some kind of shit to really hit the fan, and it didn’t take long…
    My take on the guy is this: like so many people, he would have much preferred recognition and fame in the “traditional" rock star way, ala the Stones or maybe the NY Dolls. However, his limited vocal and musical skills (which are evident on “home” videos of him and brother Merle playing acoustic guitars and singing) forced him toward a more “punk” approach, and because even those attempts took him only so far, the music became increasingly irrelevant and “the show” became more about the only “talent” he had that set him apart from every other rocker on the planet- more increasingly bizarre behavior, actions, and words that nobody else would even attempt. Basically, it boiled down to this: at that point, either become GG Allin or fade into obscurity. Although there’s a lot of truth regarding record company weasels, Kevin wasn’t personally really serious about his “role” and “message”- after all, nobody except maybe his most hardcore fans ACTUALLY believed his schtick about “saving rock and roll”, especially by “spilling blood.” And no, we weren’t holding him as a “political prisoner” in order to stop him from this mission (as more than one letter to us from outraged fans claimed.) And yes, Kevin Allin had to have certain personality traits that would allow him to morph into GG when the show was on. But it all was very necessary to the caricature, the image, and wasn't how he would have written his own script.
    I come from a unique background myself and have known some real characters, so I actually liked the guy, and felt some empathy for him, because in the end, I’m pretty convinced of this- if Merle Allin (Sr.) had not been who he was, there would have been no GG Allin- only Kevin, and who knows, he might have turned out to be a rather sweet guy.

    • @deburke321
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      This is some incredibly interesting stuff Jerry, you should make a video or essay speaking more about GG and your experience with him

    • @Buster_Piles
      @Buster_Piles 2 роки тому +93

      So.... he didn't throw crap over you then?

    • @jerrycarnes4531
      @jerrycarnes4531 2 роки тому +163

      Oh no, he knew better, so no need to be jealous.

    • @danielmenjivar793
      @danielmenjivar793 2 роки тому +28

      Please share more.

    • @jerrycarnes4531
      @jerrycarnes4531 2 роки тому +384

      @@danielmenjivar793 A semi-humorous story: In 2016 I planned a three-week road trip for my wife and I through all of New England. At one point heading north out of the White Mountains to go eventually to Stove, VT I saw that it would take us right past Littleton NH, where GG is buried. I said to the wife, why not, and told her how some of his fans that visit leave things and/or do things to his headstone (there’s a video of Merle catching them peeing on it.) When we got there I found it’s not a big cemetery, so we drove up and down the lanes looking for it, but no luck. We then saw three cemetery workers who looked like they were getting ready to call it a day, and I drove up, got out, went up to them and the short conversation went pretty much like this: Me, politely: “Can you tell me where GG Allin’s grave is at?” The leader, who looked at me and gave a one-word reply: “No.” Me, again politely: “Oh… is there a reason you can’t?” Him: “They removed his headstone, because people were doing all kinds of things they weren’t supposed to.” Me: “I see, although I’m not really a fan or anything, I was his counselor when he was in prison.” Him, looking straight at me: “Well apparently you didn’t do a very good job.” Me, laughing pretty good, “Well, I can’t really deny that, can I?” I then said, “I wouldn’t pee or whatever on his grave, I would be respectful.” Him, nodding to one of the workers: “Take him up there.” The guy got in a truck, led us a short way to near the street adjoining the cemetery, and pointed to a bare spot (no grass) next to another headstone. I thanked him, stood there a while, thought a few things about Kevin Allin, and felt a sort of pity that I always had for him.
      So unless they’ve replaced it in the past five years or so, if you go to the cemetery, don’t plan on dumping drinks on his headstone, and good luck finding his grave.

  • @AstronomyDomine
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    One of the concerts where you pay more to sit far from the stage

    • @andrewbrown1936
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    • @Nightman221k
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      Right by the exit door so you can duck out and dodge the poopoo.

    • @vengance81108
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    • @AutotuneSucksBalls
      @AutotuneSucksBalls 3 роки тому +162

      Slipknot: Wear masks to be cool
      GG Allín front row audience: Wear masks to avoid getting hit in the mouth with sh&t

    • @troyswink5435
      @troyswink5435 3 роки тому +20

      What rock concert has seats of any kind

  • @johnnymoon
    @johnnymoon 2 роки тому +5690

    The craziest part isn’t that he shit on stage. It’s that he did it constantly and people kept going to see him.

    • @curtishanlon1781
      @curtishanlon1781 2 роки тому +164

      Just tells you how fucking stupid people were back then and they had kids and now you got what we have here today.

    • @jackmcgregor1983
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      He actually ate his own shit and described what it was like.

    • @thinlineofsanity1035
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      Exactly smh

    • @uncle1886
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      @@curtishanlon1781 back in the day? It’s never stopped! Whoever it was who would piss on the front row, Marilyn Manson I think, many hardcore death metal bands typically spit at the audience, I’ve even heard of cum being thrown, actual sex on stage, etc. It’s nothing too far out of the wheelhouse of rock.

    • @uncle1886
      @uncle1886 2 роки тому +151

      @@curtishanlon1781 now who goes to see that? I honestly don’t know. I feel like they hibernate in drug dens and brothels between shows. That’s such a weird thing to even purchase a ticket to in my opinion

  • @rocbarboza
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    “The venue cut the power to stop Allin from performing, he then trashed the club, defecated on stage and left” 😂😂😂

  • @jdt8983
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    People who don't understand basic psychology would say "he didn't care about what people thought.". No man who goes that hard in front of a crowd cares harder about his persona

    • @BlacksmithMMA
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      I think his entire thing was ‘why are you so shocked? Everyone does what I do on stage everyday so why is it shocking? Humans fight all of the time but you fear seeing aggression. Look how you’ve been made to conform and how it’s made you weak!’

    • @jdt8983
      @jdt8983 9 місяців тому +7

      @@BlacksmithMMA that might have been part of his gig sure. I think a lot of musicians want to change the world with their music...but I remember reading somewhere that the inspiration typically falls short. Take Rage Against the Machine...not sure they've really made much of a difference but then again - how could we gather those stats? Maybe they did?

    • @blipboigilgamesh7865
      @blipboigilgamesh7865 9 місяців тому +14

      People who understand psychology are way too quick to just replace one's reality with a diagnosis. Maybe he did want to make a statement to the world through his art, even with the drug-fueled mentally ill reality he had nurtured through his entire life.
      Psychological analysis itself is not enough to peek at someone's reality. Sigmund Freud used to diagnose women with 'hysteria' because they would feel sudden waves of distress and anxiety. Now, in retrospect, it could very well be that these women were feeling distressed by the fact they were aware of their precarious position in late 19th - early 20th century society.

    • @mike7652
      @mike7652 8 місяців тому

      Using edginess and poop in place of actual talent.

    • @TConder88
      @TConder88 8 місяців тому +1

      Yea, well he should have, or atleast cared about what God thought..
      cuz he's in hell now.

  • @surfsup5757
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    I bet GG's dna is still spattered on some wall somewhere.

    • @veronicawood8295
      @veronicawood8295 2 роки тому +23

      Exactly...that's not the kind of mess you clean up...that's the kind of mess you demolish. ICK.

    • @nignamedmutt7270
      @nignamedmutt7270 2 роки тому +21

      If I owned any of the venues he performed at(I actually live in peoria lol so for example, maybe I can buy his first gig's venue if it's still up and functional) I would splatter brown paint on some portion of the wall, and tack a false frame around it and just pass it off as his shit stain.

    • @surfsup5757
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      @@nignamedmutt7270 GG's notoriety was way more interesting than his music. People showed up for the shit-show and wondered if this gig would be the one where he committed suicide onstage.

    • @fragileomniscience7647
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      Which means... we could clone him...

    • @chrisward4576
      @chrisward4576 Рік тому +1

      That's f***** up.

  • @BigMike-ge8lb
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    FUN FACT: Tiny Tim (who was the guy who did "Tip Toe Through The Tulips") and GG Allin made a album together

  • @valras
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    GG Allin was the original "Florida Man"

    • @rynolascavio3381
      @rynolascavio3381 2 роки тому +42

      with that New York accent?

    • @regret7330
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      @DOOMJESUS 2 роки тому +22


    • @michaelannetts5839
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      People are dumb...

    • @valras
      @valras 2 роки тому +49

      in response to most of the morons “Florida Man” is a meme, google Florida Man and you see so much dumb stories about people who did crimes in FLORIDA that are MALES

  • @Ryanwilt444
    @Ryanwilt444 2 роки тому +239

    When life gives GG lemons, he shits on them then throws them at you.

  • @joshjuanfifarek7382
    @joshjuanfifarek7382 9 місяців тому +203

    I met him when i was 14. He was actually mellow and tried to get me in the show because it was 18 and over. The stage GG was totally different than the social man.

    • @mike7652
      @mike7652 8 місяців тому +24

      Literally the personification of "look at me, I'm so edgy!" to cover for having little actual talent.

    • @end.olives
      @end.olives 8 місяців тому +9

      ​@@mike7652you really hate this guy hun

    • @wade3976
      @wade3976 8 місяців тому

      @@mike7652you have a playlist called dark and evil stuff, shut up edgelord

    • @fennec1215
      @fennec1215 7 місяців тому +16

      ​@@end.olivesHate? Its "not glorifying a loser"

    • @end.olives
      @end.olives 7 місяців тому

      @@fennec1215its really easy to say a bunch of opnionated garbage and walk away on the internet. Go fowards, you people dont know nothing about nothing, just like to feel like you do.

  • @user-kp5zx4ut4r
    @user-kp5zx4ut4r 9 місяців тому +90

    Always felt so bad for this man. He tricked himself into believing he was in some great war against the world..99.99 % of the world never even knew he existed, and he never harmed anyone, except himself. He ruined, the ended his own miserable life for nothing but a delusion.

    • @022rty
      @022rty 5 місяців тому +15

      Tell that to the guy who got splattered with his feces

    • @JaaaayT
      @JaaaayT 5 місяців тому +1

      @@022rtyRussel Brand? 💀

    • @jacobkroehler9083
      @jacobkroehler9083 5 місяців тому +2

      you’re the one that’s buying into a delusion lol

  • @philstone3859
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    I saw this maniac live in the early 90’s because some friends said I had to see it. They told me the stories so I was on guard in the show. It was in a dive bar/small club. It was standing room only so we stood against one of the walls to the side. He was pacing back and forth naked across the stage and reminded me of a caged, not in a great mood, big zoo cat. I was standing right underneath a single, bare light bulb that was hanging from the ceiling. I’ve been to a lot of shows so I know how to handle myself. He was drinking beer and throwing the crushed cans around. I knew he could easily see me because I was kind of spotlighted under the bulb. We weren’t that close but close enough. I was waiting for it. I knew it was coming. I didn’t take my eyes off him. The crowd was chanting “ Cut your dick! cut your dick!” Sure enough, winged a crushed can straight at my head. He had targeted me but I was watching his every move. He tried several times to nail me in the face with a can but the closest he got was the first one that hit the concrete wall right above my head. It wasn’t his best show. I’d rather see GWAR any day. People just wanted the self destructive spectacle.
    I’d rather see a professional band than this tragic guy. I think he was dead within a few short years. So I can say I saw that maniac. Lost soul for sure.

    • @louisdogman9218
      @louisdogman9218 2 роки тому +24

      Holy shit dude that’s insane

    • @krystalriley10
      @krystalriley10 2 роки тому +8

      Thanks for sharing thats actually a pretty cool unique story

    • @philstone3859
      @philstone3859 2 роки тому +27

      @@krystalriley10, I’ve seen a lot of concerts and shows. I’ve got stories for days.

    • @krystalriley10
      @krystalriley10 2 роки тому +2

      @@philstone3859 Hell yea concert stories are the craziest stories

    • @philstone3859
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      @@krystalriley10, seriously, I’ve seen a stupid ridiculous amount of concerts over the decades. Most big bands numerous times, over and over. It’s basically all I did in the 80’s. I started with a lot of these bands from their first tours on up. Late 70’s to mid 90’s before I slowed down at all. Looking back, I can’t believe I did all that. It was decades and it was much cheaper. I’m a human library of the Rock and Roll lifestyle. I was an extremist. Just to give you an idea, here are ONLY 3 of the bands I saw live. RUSH 18 times, IRON MAIDEN 18 times, QUEENSRYCHE 21 times. That’s just 3. It goes on and on. Stupid ridiculous amount. PANTERA 6 times, AC⚡️DC 6 times, Z Z TOP 6 times, YES 6 times, PINK FLOYD 3 times, JUDAS PREIST 18 times. Still, that’s just a fraction of what I’ve seen.

  • @MonsterMacLLC
    @MonsterMacLLC Рік тому +38

    It’s weird to see someone I met as an adolescent at my second Ramones concert at Club Casino in Hampton NH with my friend Mark from high school. He was walking up and down the strip screaming “scum fuck for a buck” selling 45’s. Mark and I were out of money but he traded a record for some costume jewelry we’d bought. He came to visit Mark once and brought him over my house. True to form he was completely normal offstage. I will never forget this guy standing in my parents bedroom doorway. Wearing these ripped shorts with fishnets and no underwear, his junk half hanging out...I remember clearly, him just standing there completely normal meeting my mom already in bed, and him saying in a friendly voice...”hi Mrs. Walsh!” I’ll always remember that even though the end was truly a sad time, from what I heard from mark the funeral was a spectacle too.

  • @wingnutmcspazatron3957
    @wingnutmcspazatron3957 2 роки тому +2809

    "Jesus Christ Allen" poor kid never had a chance.

    • @kenlieck7756
      @kenlieck7756 2 роки тому +143

      Funny thing is, everybody tells me his brother Merle is the sweetest guy you could hope to meet. I asked a guy why he
      had so many GG live DVDs in his little shop and he said "Merle brings 'em in and he's so nice you just can't tell him no..."

    • @poisonberry2166
      @poisonberry2166 2 роки тому +115

      @@kenlieck7756 with an awful life like him and GG had, I'm happy Merle sounds like he's stayed stable and I wish him the best

    • @Adam-qv2bd
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    • @brazenlilhussy5975
      @brazenlilhussy5975 2 роки тому +54

      Lol..."Jesus Christ Allen, stop shitting on my rug"

    • @ykshay
      @ykshay 2 роки тому

      Wdym 😠

  • @sandracaputo2408
    @sandracaputo2408 Рік тому +656

    I saw them a few times my brother was a hard core fan. After my brother passed away I went to the next show to keep up his tradition of having the same T-shirt autograph every year. So I get to the front of the line and I'm crying like a baby. Well GG gave me a confused look so I told him that Mike had passed a few weeks earlier, he looked at the shirt and he totally remembered my brother. They went up and dedicated the next set to Mike. So I did it! I went into the most intense Pitt ever. It was brutal AF! But I had to do it. I even had my mom at the show. Mom was a badass! 🤘 Oh yeah and fortunately there was no shit involved but they did come out on stage bare ass naked. The looks on my family's faces when we would sneak in a GG tape during a holiday get together. 😂 Live fast die young!! GG's memory will never die!! 🤘💯🎯

    • @SHDW-nf2ki
      @SHDW-nf2ki Рік тому +53

      I think thats why GG is the greatest punk of all time.
      He was completely insane but somewhere under it all lived a man. He wasn't some made up fake persona, he was a real human being who was just fucked up beyond recognition.

    • @criscasore
      @criscasore Рік тому +10

      What a heartwarming story, GG was truly devouted to the people that loved him, and what a way to dedicate an entire set to someone so dear to you. Tho your family's faces during the band's tape played LOL non native speaker so that's all. Hope you're still close to your family, one of the pillars for happyness is to remember with gladness and gratefulness those who perished, less no forget the people still walking on this earth. Wish you a great weekend. Tho I believe your brother's with you, maybe because of my upbringing, anyways, aknowledge his love towards you because I'm sure if you cared so much for him the feeling was reciprocal. Thank you for making many souls have such an experience. Bless

    • @oscargonzalez1614
      @oscargonzalez1614 Рік тому +4

      Why would he shit? And why would he throw it on people?

    • @danielwilson9724
      @danielwilson9724 Рік тому +2

      Thats an awesome experience!! Im sorry u lost ur brother, i know the feeling i lost mine 15 yrs ago and we were thick as thieves as they say as he was also the guitar player of all of our metal& punk bands we did since 7yr old kids ( he was about 9 then 😂) but just wanted to say I been a HUGEEEEE GG fan for 25 yrs now at least and im 43 and i think he had some amazing music tht people just write or dont even listen and ge was the most intense true rock n roll artist the world had ever and probably will ever see as he took EVERYTHING to the most insanity driven performances possible. Merle and I been friends at least 20yrs too, I truly believe GG was one of the most misunderstood people in music history and to anybody interested should check the newest film on him and his brother& mother called " The Allins" cause its sooo good!! Cheers fuckas

    • @ilovegot7754
      @ilovegot7754 Рік тому

      You are a fan on a 39 year old man who Sand about r'ing high school girls? I guess birds of the same feathers flock together.

  • @nevereverville
    @nevereverville 2 роки тому +293

    I actually opened for him in 1985. I was only 15 at the time too! We didn’t know what to expect as we had only read about his shows in MR&R but it was very early on. It’s completely true that before his performance he was completely nice. He just talked about Iggy Pop a lot and hung out with everyone. The minute he hit the stage though..complete transformation.

    • @MyKneeGrows2
      @MyKneeGrows2 Рік тому +1

      Glad this creep is no longer with us.

    • @sus-it5tr
      @sus-it5tr Рік тому +1

      What band were you ?

    • @thisisgettingold
      @thisisgettingold 11 місяців тому +2

      Came real close to signing that soul contract to Satan, eh?

    • @MyKneeGrows2
      @MyKneeGrows2 11 місяців тому +6

      @@sus-it5tr Freddie Fishstick and the 3 finger bourbon band.

      @MARTIYAKHVARCHIVE 10 місяців тому

      ​@@thisisgettingold not how it works

  • @user-ps4gv7ge6t
    @user-ps4gv7ge6t Рік тому +68

    He was pretty much the embodiment of punk music - trashy, wild, anarchistic, doesnt care about rules or restrictions. Love him or hate him, but you cant deny that some of his songs are catchy. Whether his image was just show or he was truly sick I am not able to tell, just read that he was pretty normal in everyday life.

    • @mike7652
      @mike7652 8 місяців тому

      Also kinda shitty.

  • @thomas45081
    @thomas45081 2 роки тому +73

    Thank You for this video. I talked to him in depth the same year he died, over a fifth of Tarantula Tequila I shared with him, which was the first time he ever drank it, from what he told me. What he says, regardless of how you may feel about it, is just common sense and a truthful view of our so called "civilised society", I heard him out, and he was honest of the condition. A friend owned an old warehouse in a warehouse district close to downtown Dallas, that he made into a BYOB underground venue (unlicensed), GG was booked there, I worked the door collecting money and stamping hands, and as security. After the show in the wee hours of morning, we hung out backstage, GG ran some heroin (IV), and I offered him some of my bottle, in a more laid back environment, and he was relaxed, he had views of the condition that made sense ... or at least questioned much of our system, something we should all do more of.

  • @yankeetoolrevival1977
    @yankeetoolrevival1977 Рік тому +31

    This guy used to come into the Guitar store I worked at (before my time a bit) and the owner of the store told me despite everything else, he was a brilliant musician.

  • @pricklycats
    @pricklycats 3 роки тому +8823

    Imagine if this guy had internet access

    • @Bullheadrecords
      @Bullheadrecords 3 роки тому +559

      I got the perfect reaction to that
      Oh hell no. If he had the internet this dude would have a small army of maniacs by the time he was done!!

    • @JoaoVictor-rg5ix
      @JoaoVictor-rg5ix 3 роки тому +222

      I thing this guy would have been cancelled already.
      Crazy times.

    • @sleepyrowdy1826
      @sleepyrowdy1826 3 роки тому +142

      He is maximillianmus

    • @Bullheadrecords
      @Bullheadrecords 3 роки тому +76

      @João Victor knowing this dude he would find a way even if he got canceled

    • @Joe-ww8uw
      @Joe-ww8uw 2 роки тому +1

      @@sleepyrowdy1826 ^

  • @Steve_P_B
    @Steve_P_B 2 роки тому +158

    Considering his childhood, his family lived in a log cabin with no running water or electricity in Groveton, New Hampshire. His father was an abusive religious fanatic who threatened his family with death, digging graves in their cellar and threatening to fill them in the near future. In an essay titled "The First Ten Years", Allin wrote that Merle Sr. wanted to kill his family in a murder-suicide. He "despised pleasure" and allowed his family "very little contact with others". They lived a "primitive existence" and "were more like prisoners than a family". Allin also stated that his mother attempted to escape before she filed for divorce, but Merle Sr. thwarted the attempt by kidnapping Allin. What he ended up being was probably the best possible outcome.

    • @coochiecoo68
      @coochiecoo68 9 місяців тому +5

      And what does society expect eh? You or me would probly have turned out the same or even worse if we'd had the same in childhood. Least he never killed anyone. If you abuse kids, this is what happens when they grow up. Love is all, get that in the membrane people.

    • @bunkbeds3001
      @bunkbeds3001 9 місяців тому

      Bro we know all this from the first 5 minutes of the video that we all JUST watched, who the fuck did you write this for?

    • @LathropLdST
      @LathropLdST 8 місяців тому +2

      ​@@coochiecoo68 nah, abuse does not do that. As an emotionally, socially, mentally and physically abused individual, I can confirm.

    • @HollyFox-ji5wz
      @HollyFox-ji5wz 8 місяців тому

      I grew up with less than that.

    • @Steve_P_B
      @Steve_P_B 8 місяців тому +7

      @@HollyFox-ji5wz it's not a competition

  • @JustALaw
    @JustALaw 2 роки тому +113

    I actually got to hang out with Merle Allen GGs older Brother after my Band had opened up for the Murder Junkies several years back. However this was years after GGs Passing, but surprisingly Merle was a really nice laid-back guy.

    • @brandondunn5685
      @brandondunn5685 2 роки тому +5

      Yeah bro, my band opened for them "the murder junkies" in 2004, in Lawton,Oklahoma.... Merle traded me GG Allin patches for old country vinyl, anything but Willie Nelson, bc he f*ckin hated hippes... haha!

    • @JustALaw
      @JustALaw 2 роки тому +3

      @@brandondunn5685 yes we actually played that tour we did 2 shows as co headliners. I don't know if you saw the tour info but we did Boston & NYC. My band was The Automatons.

    • @JackQNielsen
      @JackQNielsen 2 роки тому +5

      Judging from his demeanor in interviews Merle surprisingly seems like a really chill dude. I mean to be fair when he wasn’t in character being a full on lunatic even GG had his moments where he actually seemed pretty down to earth himself.

    • @gregz6700
      @gregz6700 2 роки тому

      Someone had to be

    • @danielwilson9724
      @danielwilson9724 Рік тому

      Merle is a super nice dude, ive known him probably 25 yrs now and we talked on the phone quite a bit honestly back in the days of first getting to know him, back in the ol home phone days 😂 Ive played shows with M.J's 3 ot 4 x and even got to sing outlaw scumfuc on the 10 year Deathiversary tour ( i was actually soooo fucked up by then tht i fucked the lyrics up some towards the end 😂 wht can u do??? I seen Merle most recently in Indy on a M.J's tour a couple years ago?? Maybe a lil longer like 3 ir 4? Im terrible with timelines these days 😂 well my short run punk project at the time opened tht too and Merle kept wanting my GG Doctrine of Mayhem shirt cause its a custom limited 10-20 shirt run so he kept offering me anything on the merch table for it but the only thing tht interested me in a trade compacity was this badass GG tapestry type thing but tht apparently was NOT on the market for trade lmao 😂 he wasn't even considering it 😂.. And I don't blame him cuz tht shit was so fuckin sick, my awesome shirt was no match lmao

  • @viktoreisfeld9470
    @viktoreisfeld9470 10 місяців тому +2

    Great job on this video! His brother, Merle, is touring around with his band r/n.

  • @aerocatmusic3020
    @aerocatmusic3020 2 роки тому +95

    I recorded two of his records on Orange Records. One in my parents basement in Dedham and one in my studio at Active Sound on a 1/2 inch 8-track recorder. He scared my parents. I just got interviewed for a biography that's coming out about GG. next year. I also found an old unreleased song and some alternate mixes from the old sessions.

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  2 роки тому +13

      Wow interesting stuff, is there any chance you could Email me that song? And would it be possible to ask you a couple of questions through Email?

    • @danielwilson9724
      @danielwilson9724 Рік тому +3

      Wht about GG scared ur parents?? Lol genuinely curious wht it was..

  • @shootie5764
    @shootie5764 5 місяців тому +8

    You have people like rage against the machine who hate conforming, but then you have people like GG Allin, who literally cannot conform

  • @danielalejandro8881
    @danielalejandro8881 3 роки тому +4637

    Ozzy: Bites the head off a bat
    GG: Hold my poop

  • @herboffour8594
    @herboffour8594 2 роки тому +75

    There's nothing to lionize about this guy but he is admittedly fascinating. I'd love to see a movie biopic done on him but always draw blanks about directors and who might star in the lead.

    • @booognish
      @booognish 8 місяців тому +6

      Directed by Harmony Korine and Staring Johnny Depp

    • @Savitra
      @Savitra 8 місяців тому

      @@booognish Harmony Korine is the only correct choice

    • @peterpipe9015
      @peterpipe9015 5 місяців тому

      @@booognish yeah johnny depp was my first thought too

  • @pr3modeling239
    @pr3modeling239 2 роки тому +421

    To be fair... one of those last things he said here... "If you seek death, you accelerate life." "You lay down the roadwork, you say what you gotta say, you make your purpose known, and then you leave."
    I don't think truer words were ever spoken.
    Why does some of the greatest wisdom come from the mouth of madness?

    • @spacemiezy
      @spacemiezy 2 роки тому +4

      Cuz nothing you saw is real

    • @jessicacarver3503
      @jessicacarver3503 2 роки тому +22


    • @scrapperstacker8629
      @scrapperstacker8629 2 роки тому +24

      Because madmen don’t get caught up in the everyday bullshit that the rest of us do. They just live their emotions.

    • @nanchanger
      @nanchanger 2 роки тому +9

      You call that "wisdom"? He had no purpoae...

    • @Juice545
      @Juice545 2 роки тому

      @@jessicacarver3503 😂😂😂

  • @chrisbotts8334
    @chrisbotts8334 10 місяців тому +9

    It’s astonishing that GG wrote that essay.

  • @taquito2606
    @taquito2606 2 роки тому +121

    Those words from the essay are full of grit and power. I can't imagine living through what he lived through. Shame to his damn father, man. RIP GG

    • @TConder88
      @TConder88 8 місяців тому +3

      GG is responsible for his actions too..
      he's not resting in peace my guy.

    • @taquito2606
      @taquito2606 8 місяців тому +1

      @@TConder88 Lol your profile picture is all I need to see, and know. You don’t know how he’s resting. He’s dead. I never said he wasn’t responsible for his actions. I said I can imagine what it must’ve been like to become that way, and I understand.
      Do unto others as I have done to you (empathy).

    • @TConder88
      @TConder88 8 місяців тому +1

      @@taquito2606 Hell is real, and he's there- unless he made some last minute prayer to Jesus.
      If you understand his desires/actions, you probably, need to repent and turn to Jesus as well.
      He will judge everyone, including you.
      Please turn from your sin, unto Him, to experience true love and cleansing power before it's too late.

    • @TConder88
      @TConder88 8 місяців тому

      @@taquito2606 If you don't, hell will be your fate.

    • @taquito2606
      @taquito2606 8 місяців тому +1


  • @Terribleathletes
    @Terribleathletes Рік тому +10

    "Always Was" is such a great album. It really is a shame that it didn't catch on. As far as punk is concerned, it's every bit as good as Nevermind The Bollocks and Bad Brains's debut in my opinion.

  • @ems6706
    @ems6706 3 роки тому +4830

    GG Allin being friends with a guy named johnny puke is the least surprising thing I've learned lately.

    • @TheMurderBird
      @TheMurderBird 3 роки тому +86

      In other news the rain is particularly wet

    • @JamesF
      @JamesF 2 роки тому +30

      I thought he said Johnny Pubes 🤣

    • @NaneuxPeeBrane
      @NaneuxPeeBrane 2 роки тому +17

      Shit i found out this year that he was friends with John Wayne Gacy...

    • @d1ndark25
      @d1ndark25 2 роки тому

      @@JamesF same here

    • @karnagefails333
      @karnagefails333 2 роки тому


  • @pandabearmadness6263
    @pandabearmadness6263 Рік тому +26

    Wow this is great I knew eventually I would stumble on a video about this guy. I grew up in 90s as teen in San Francisco, and I use to go into this book store on Haight Street and I remember flipping through a book about this guy and it shocked me. It's really crazy for me to finally figure out who this guy was. The images from that book were burned into my brain. I can't believe how crazy this guy was

    • @thisisgettingold
      @thisisgettingold 11 місяців тому +1

      You mean EVIL. Crazy is one thing. Evil is another.

    • @HughCorbyCruick
      @HughCorbyCruick 6 місяців тому

      There is a full length documentary on him called “Hated: G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies.

  • @TheJodilicious6
    @TheJodilicious6 2 роки тому +3

    You put this video together really well. Great job

  • @SonicVision
    @SonicVision 11 місяців тому +4

    Well done video. No all repetive clips etc like so videos.

  • @jayonez137
    @jayonez137 2 роки тому +53

    I was never really into GG but I Hung out on the lower Eastside of NYC in the 80s and was a part of the New York hard-core scene.
    I ended up seeing GG play a few times.
    He was a wild dude for sure.

    • @JohnSmith-mk1rj
      @JohnSmith-mk1rj 2 роки тому +2

      I miss CBGB's, L'Amour (Brooklyn), the Ritz, Roseland...so many great gigs.
      I saw bands like Agnostic Front and Adrenaline Overdose so many times.
      I'm still in the Bronx, but the whole NYHC scene kinda came and went.
      Good times tho.

    • @sonyaweinreis6530
      @sonyaweinreis6530 9 місяців тому

      ​@@JohnSmith-mk1rj the Ramones!

    • @TheBigMclargehuge
      @TheBigMclargehuge 5 місяців тому +1

      Wow great fuckin story

  • @nevadatan7323
    @nevadatan7323 11 місяців тому +8

    I feel sorry for all he had to go through.

  • @jeremygunther9403
    @jeremygunther9403 2 роки тому +6613

    I think naming your son Jesus Christ is an excellent way to put him on the path to grandiose narcissism.

    • @codyleslie478
      @codyleslie478 2 роки тому +451

      Unless you're mexican

    • @IzayoiArwena
      @IzayoiArwena 2 роки тому +72

      Exactly and especially when he is the total oppose

    • @michaelj8582
      @michaelj8582 2 роки тому +61

      yes because a name is the only factor in someones emergent personality

    • @cdescario8174
      @cdescario8174 2 роки тому +45

      as someone named Christ, I second this statement

    • @IzayoiArwena
      @IzayoiArwena 2 роки тому +48

      There is a Greek singer whose name is Christos Mylordos, I think his parents did it on purpose

  • @NelsonStJames
    @NelsonStJames 2 роки тому +66

    I got to see a GG Allin concert. I knew something was up when the people in the front brought plastic sheets to cover themselves. Man if you'd been outside the venue during that concert and seen the unsuspecting tramuatized people running out of the building, it would have looked like the crowds running from Godzilla in a monster movie.

    • @thisisgettingold
      @thisisgettingold 11 місяців тому +2

      You got to see an evil shell of a human. Super cool.

    • @spencerkleiman5035
      @spencerkleiman5035 11 місяців тому +2

      ​@@thisisgettingold yeah calling him anything other than a lost soul is a cop out. He was a degenerate who is a great xample of why our future is doomed, when children don't receive love and Guidance and are instead show immoral garbage this is what you end up with. Is it a coincidence most people in prison listen to rap or other negative shit or had absentee fathers, I think not

    • @dominicturner77
      @dominicturner77 11 місяців тому

      Why would you go to concert in which you could get shit thrown at you?

    • @sadboat1657
      @sadboat1657 8 місяців тому

      ​@spencerkleiman5035 GG Allin is a product of his parenting and has nothing to do with the big scary world warping his mind or some shit, stop worrying about the fucking world and worry about what goes on in your four walls

    • @sealteamsix1784
      @sealteamsix1784 5 місяців тому

      his gigs actually seemed WAY less violent than modern ones...
      the fun simply comes from dodging his bodily fluids, meanwhile even modern sellout bands with songs in commercials and disney movies are leaving kids injured and dead in their mosh pits.
      i would honestly prefer to get some poop on my shoes from GG. than a caved in head from 3000 travis scott fans.

  • @treasalynam8940
    @treasalynam8940 2 роки тому +66

    Well say what you want, but that description of his early life was incredibly poetically written and descriptive 😊😊😊😊

  • @poopiedartz
    @poopiedartz 2 роки тому +7

    I actually hung out with Merle and the murder junkies... My friend Malcolm was “friends” with GG, and although he died a few years earlier, the Murder junkies still played. Bizarre show!

  • @charlesfields8715
    @charlesfields8715 Рік тому +5

    No one has or ever will top him in the category of degenerate rock star. No one will ever have the self destructive behavior or aggressive behavior on stage as him. No rock star is going to choose to suffer on that level. He set a real high bar for front men that think their hard.

  • @marugg78
    @marugg78 2 роки тому +4975

    There's a very thin line between genius and insanity. Then GG came around and pooped on it.

    • @ayyblyat9450
      @ayyblyat9450 2 роки тому +187

      And then ate it

    • @stereosanctity7
      @stereosanctity7 2 роки тому +34

      There is also a thin line between him and his brother…who ever flips heads gets to do it…

    • @Hedonkeviik
      @Hedonkeviik 2 роки тому +72

      Where's the genius part

    • @willybones3890
      @willybones3890 2 роки тому +1

      Thats about the sum total of it.

    • @calinfus80s
      @calinfus80s 2 роки тому +34

      Too bad GG wasn't even slightly talented to begin with.

  • @poserdisposer6460
    @poserdisposer6460 2 роки тому +35

    “He’s been described as a genius and a degenerate” can he not have been both?

    • @michaelegan3522
      @michaelegan3522 6 місяців тому

      I would say GG Allin was more of a retard than a genius

  • @Ben-lr4tp
    @Ben-lr4tp 2 роки тому +30

    My art teacher lived next to him for a number of years, from his stories he was a scary guy to be neighbors with

  • @spencerderosier6649
    @spencerderosier6649 9 місяців тому +3

    Wow. Most attention holding video I’ve watched in a while. A true madman

  • @wheelywonka1
    @wheelywonka1 2 роки тому +11

    Did anyone here ever actually see GG perform live? Would love a story

    • @tromaz12
      @tromaz12 2 роки тому +2

      There's like 20 of them in the comments

  • @OmegaWyrm878
    @OmegaWyrm878 Рік тому +8

    wow this was really well made. say what you want about gg but he was one of a kind. I own a lot of his records and to this day can enjoy a lot of what he made. even among the more insane stuff there are good things to be found.

  • @Janon48
    @Janon48 2 роки тому +2213

    G.G. would have definitely blown his brains out onstage eventually

    • @niksatt4843
      @niksatt4843 2 роки тому +45


    • @KissMyFatAxe
      @KissMyFatAxe 2 роки тому +36

      Wouldn't put it past him...

    • @voodoocustompickups2547
      @voodoocustompickups2547 2 роки тому +185

      His plan was to commit suicide on stage

    • @miacrow9480
      @miacrow9480 2 роки тому +8


    • @BB-se9bl
      @BB-se9bl 2 роки тому +112

      Nah he didn't have the balls. He planned for years to do it and then died of an overdose. Poser.

  • @apancher
    @apancher 2 роки тому +10

    I had a beer with GG's brother Merle, once. He was surprisingly down to earth, all things considered.

  • @pktrainerpk5supersus459
    @pktrainerpk5supersus459 2 роки тому +3

    the fact that he corresponded with gacy and he made him an artwork shows he just wanted to make music but also shock because people will notice him

  • @Anabsurdsuggestion
    @Anabsurdsuggestion 9 місяців тому

    Loving the WCPX TV Orlando. Mike Storms with sports. Shep Smith with the report. Defecting in his own hand.

  • @kellyhiggins4234
    @kellyhiggins4234 2 роки тому +2

    A fantastic job on this video thank you !

  • @customedge1
    @customedge1 10 місяців тому +1

    GG Allin shows, where the back seats are more expensive then the front seats

  • @nightmarishcompositions4536
    @nightmarishcompositions4536 2 роки тому +2937

    Imagine if a group of scat fetishists attended one of his concerts. It would be a real shitshow.

  • @pheonix5597
    @pheonix5597 2 роки тому +10

    Actually, his stage antics were reminiscent of a style of performance art called "Actionism".

  • @toddbennett7157
    @toddbennett7157 2 роки тому +4

    Many years ago, shortly after moving to Milwaukee Wisconsin from Ames Iowa, I hired an attorney to assist me with some "B.S." charges (public trespassing/ disorderly conduct). He turned out to be G.G's lawyer in 1989 or so. Upon my exit from his office in harness boots, moto jacket and 19" tall, fully blasted mohawk, he was approached by excitedly amused and amazed colleagues inquiring if I was "G.G.Allin's little brother"! He had also represented Wendy O. Williams of the PLASMATICS, quite sometime prior to that. "Where do you MEET these people"??!!, was the biggest wonderment. Klaus Naomi passed through town as well once . . . . . !

  • @SaccidanandaSadasiva
    @SaccidanandaSadasiva 8 місяців тому +2

    A squid eating dough
    in a polyethylene bag,
    is fast and bulbous, got me?

  • @TheWisestWizards
    @TheWisestWizards 2 роки тому +8

    A small part of me wishes I could have seen GG in concert. From way way back though.

  • @scottbowling58
    @scottbowling58 Рік тому +1

    Everyone talks about all of his albums and music, but I've only heard about 5 seconds of one of his songs. No one seems to want to hear any more than that.

  • @SOBEKCrocodileGod
    @SOBEKCrocodileGod 3 роки тому +3243

    GG was like a real life rockstar version of Trevor Philips

    • @thatsatanist1220
      @thatsatanist1220 3 роки тому +212

      dont you mean trevor phillips is a video game version of GG?

    • @SOBEKCrocodileGod
      @SOBEKCrocodileGod 3 роки тому +22

      Just A Tarkov Rat yes

    • @jackapples1
      @jackapples1 3 роки тому +88

      I think Trevor might've had a little more sense

    • @ethanvern4600
      @ethanvern4600 3 роки тому +7

      Dam son nailed it

    • @uncleruckus3149
      @uncleruckus3149 3 роки тому +9

      And how smart would you have to be to be able to tell gg was exactly who they were thinking of when they made trevor? Lol you suck

  • @sunseraph1919
    @sunseraph1919 2 роки тому +4

    Wow. This guy is the very picture of the proverb: “The child who is not embraced by the village will burn down the village to feel its warmth.”

    • @highlovevibration
      @highlovevibration 5 місяців тому

      Insightful comment, he definitely took it to another level.

  • @trentwinston2914
    @trentwinston2914 2 роки тому +21

    My ex-wife's badge of honor was that she had been to see GG when he came to Knoxville during the '80s. She was a journalist with "the Beacon" which is the University of Tennessee's college newspaper. She had been assigned to cover the show. She said that the show disgusted her because of the stuff he ate on stage. Let's just say that there wasn't a commode on stage, and GG had to go. Dinner was served. Her co-worker that went to the show with her got punched in the nose by GG. She said that it literally made her sick.

  • @boosterbrosllc4681
    @boosterbrosllc4681 Рік тому +1

    I arm wrestled GG in Orlando and he broke my arm

  • @raelockletree3858
    @raelockletree3858 2 роки тому +4

    "You make your purpose known and then you leave". Thank you GG♥️

  • @fritzpollard266
    @fritzpollard266 10 місяців тому +1

    My GG Allin story, 1991 a kid who delivered pizza for the restaurant I was running told me he was going to see his show and when he comes to work the next day another employee said “you have to say something to Dave” why, I asked “I’m not going to tell you, just come look” he had actual 💩 smeared on his face that GG Allin personally put there and when I said wash it off or you no longer work here he quit rather than clean another persons excrement off his face. He’s a moderately successful real estate agent now and I actually bought a house from him.

  • @westsideisdabest7825
    @westsideisdabest7825 3 роки тому +6883

    GG was the personification of punk. He was an actual non-conformist with zero limits, but he also served as a living example of why exactly there needs to be limits.

    • @vision955
      @vision955 3 роки тому +168

      That is true

    • @jellyacc
      @jellyacc 3 роки тому +79

      yeah id agree to that, total personification. its too bad his music sucked literal ass

    • @beeatoms
      @beeatoms 3 роки тому +140

      @@jellyacc nah man some of his songs were pretty good. its just he overshadowed any sort of talent

    • @jellyacc
      @jellyacc 3 роки тому +80

      @@beeatoms ive only heard a few songs a long while back, it was nothing memorable. sounded generic. bland. like background music for a biker scene in some crap movie

    • @daynebullion3231
      @daynebullion3231 3 роки тому +178

      I don't know...
      He clearly had a limit in respect to heroin

  • @fukcensorship9395
    @fukcensorship9395 2 роки тому +2

    Something that was left out of this story about his childhood is that his father dig up graves to buried them

  • @amandaredd3057
    @amandaredd3057 2 роки тому +4

    This is cool. Not too much coverage on him that I've found

  • @SeanCrowley-ks1mu
    @SeanCrowley-ks1mu 6 місяців тому

    Saw GG at City Gardens in Trenton. One of the most insane shows Ive ever attended and I've been to well over 100 shows.

  • @Steve-gq5zy
    @Steve-gq5zy 2 роки тому +3

    In black metal there are a couple of singers who are similar to GG Allin, Niklas Kvarforth of Shining, and Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest.

  • @blazed85
    @blazed85 7 місяців тому +2

    8:06 those moves were sick 😎

  • @davedavidson9996
    @davedavidson9996 2 роки тому +555

    I know a guy who loaned him a mic at a gig. When he returned it he said "sorry I stuck your mic up my ass"

    • @majorsimmons2633
      @majorsimmons2633 2 роки тому +6


      @ROUGH-RICHARD 2 роки тому +5


    • @jimmyfreeman5235
      @jimmyfreeman5235 2 роки тому +35

      Should've known better. All he did was talk out his ass.

    • @yingle6027
      @yingle6027 2 роки тому +32

      That mic would now be a collectors item

    • @davedavidson9996
      @davedavidson9996 2 роки тому +19

      Haha. The guy who the mic belonged to and told me the story is Andy Crack of the Crack Babies.

  • @charlespittsjr604
    @charlespittsjr604 2 роки тому +27

    I agree with the comment that he was more of a performance artist than a musician . He was a definite guy who knew how to push the envelope . He would have killed someone or his self if he'd of lived longer for sure . But what an artist I say the scene needs guys like him . And what friends he had to party like that at his funeral . Nice run GG Allin

      @J0SHUAKANE 5 місяців тому

      i find his music far more interesting than his antics.

  • @alejandrocurado5134
    @alejandrocurado5134 2 роки тому +5

    Today there are millions like him, voiced through social media

  • @justinnmai8903
    @justinnmai8903 Рік тому +4

    Damn GG looked like he was in his early 50’s

  • @myapalmer4206
    @myapalmer4206 2 роки тому +2

    There's something poetic about GG Allins dad thinking he was gonna be the next messiah versus what he turned out to be.

  • @neuro3423
    @neuro3423 11 днів тому

    I was not expecting Shepard Smith to be a part of the GG Allin lore

  • @charlesmocata4845
    @charlesmocata4845 3 роки тому +3177

    GG knew exactly what he was doing. He's been dead since 93 and he's still trolling people from the grave.

    • @HoursFreeAOLsp
      @HoursFreeAOLsp 3 роки тому +44

      Absolutely agree.

    • @sirphineasluciusambercromb9114
      @sirphineasluciusambercromb9114 3 роки тому +105

      Axl Rose wished he was even 1% as edgy as GG Allin

    • @laa0fa502
      @laa0fa502 3 роки тому +71

      His chats with his parole officer and phone calls with his friends are on spotify if you want to be proved wrong.

    • @Schwertfisch13
      @Schwertfisch13 3 роки тому +37

      When shit hit the Fan - The GG Allin Story

    • @ericisprobablyfullofshit7797
      @ericisprobablyfullofshit7797 3 роки тому +19

      @Munt Conkey
      If you make a habit of dancing on the edge of a cliff when you do fall I guess you could call it an accident, but wasn't it inevitable?

  • @forevermetal2464
    @forevermetal2464 2 роки тому +6

    Gesus... with a "G" Allin succeeded in leaving his mark and legacy in the music industry is a lot more than most people strive for in their entire life!!!
    NYC 🤟

    • @johnhareiel5118
      @johnhareiel5118 2 роки тому

      Oh he left his mark allright, all in his drawers, on the stage, on the chairs, on the walls, on the bar, and on folks heads, on his own head, and all over his own body. Skid marks all over the club!

  • @lewismulvihill7424
    @lewismulvihill7424 2 роки тому

    Great topic!! Keep it up!

  • @FunkSoulBrother7
    @FunkSoulBrother7 6 місяців тому +2

    UA-cam used to have sick videos of his performances but they got taken down

  • @kaseybersin1824
    @kaseybersin1824 Рік тому

    what song plays at the very beginning? like when the title is displayed?

  • @joecoonan3931
    @joecoonan3931 2 роки тому +1

    (11:21) Had they listened to the madman's words at that point in time, the artist's themselves might still hold real power and sway in the industry...( bar the "blood must be spilled" part, of course).....
    It is interesting how much foresight and insight can be found in the words of such souls. The timing of this statement from his manifesto couldn't be more applicable....

  • @bucksexton321
    @bucksexton321 Рік тому +1

    Partied with them, Antiseen and others a few times. Wild and insane. Had to fight him twice.

      @BOOTLICK_BILL Рік тому

      @Balthasar Krause thats wild you are clearly very much cooler than me!

  • @mariannetaylor4293
    @mariannetaylor4293 3 роки тому +936

    "Nobody wanted to go near the shit covered psychopath" no kidding. 😂😂😂

  • @staystrongjoseph
    @staystrongjoseph 2 роки тому +7

    Wow, i'm really sad to hear about his childhood, i mean it's obvious that he wasn't 100% sane and this video explained why.

  • @webbie1891
    @webbie1891 2 роки тому +1

    Every night, Satan checks under his bed to make sure, GG isn't there before he goes to sleep

  • @splotbang8296
    @splotbang8296 11 місяців тому +11

    A friend once told me, most people when they die only leave behind them a pile of sh-it. GG took that concept to whole new level.

  • @reefk8876
    @reefk8876 2 роки тому +2

    “So long silly boy” - Kurt on GG

  • @mr.orange2233
    @mr.orange2233 10 місяців тому +1

    What’s the song in the very beginning

  • @Jim-be8sj
    @Jim-be8sj 2 роки тому +2686

    I saw a GG show a few weeks before his death. I talked to him before the show and he seemed fairly normal and polite. As the soon as the music started he turned into a animal. He was throwing shit and he chased about 3/4 of the crowd out of the venue at one point. It was actually scary because one had the sense he could do anything.

    • @tmdaze9281
      @tmdaze9281 2 роки тому +118

      Bruh no it’s not, it’s literally documented and well known

    • @tmdaze9281
      @tmdaze9281 2 роки тому +46

      Unless you meant him being polite is cap

    • @willybones3890
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    • @veronicawood8295
      @veronicawood8295 2 роки тому +72

      You're a brave man...or a shit fetishist. I don't wanna know!

    • @jrzsfnst609
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      @Mason Snchez 😅🤣🤣🤣

  • @vladimirpoutine7522
    @vladimirpoutine7522 2 роки тому +4

    Been a GG fan since the 80's. He was unique to say the least.

    • @Girlhead
      @Girlhead 2 роки тому +2

      Interesting! Would you have let him throw shit at you? I am asking this question honestly and genuinely and am very curious. I don't understand the appeal of a person who would do that. What do you like about him?

  • @thesausagecontinuim1971
    @thesausagecontinuim1971 2 роки тому +16

    love him or hate him... he defined the LEGEND

  • @johnparrott4689
    @johnparrott4689 11 місяців тому +1

    Good video...thanks

  • @t.m.1537
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    I love his carmalita cover. Best version imo

  • @LundinSebastian
    @LundinSebastian 11 місяців тому +1

    He was even named GG. Like it was over before it even started.

  • @dogbite341
    @dogbite341 3 роки тому +1088

    Should have called his band "The Gee Gees".

    • @Nightman221k
      @Nightman221k 3 роки тому +55

      More like the Ca-Cas. Or the Poo-poos

    • @user-oo1yi2us6b
      @user-oo1yi2us6b 3 роки тому +11

      @@Nightman221k or "the cock lovers"

    • @ToolforOffice
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      The Bee Gees have left the chat

    • @katybug6572
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      @@ToolforOffice lol

    • @JubeProductions
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      I can see the hits now...."how deep is your shit" and "Shit Fever" who could forget "More than a Shit to me", wait there's more "Shit Talkin" , "Tragdooty" "Stayin Dead"

  • @dirtyharry5320
    @dirtyharry5320 2 роки тому +4

    GG Allin must have been the inspiration of Trevor Phillips from GTA V.

  • @BlueSkyCountry
    @BlueSkyCountry 2 роки тому +5

    I always said, and I stick to this opinion, that GG is the reincarnation of Diogenes, the original, OG patron saint of "I don't give a F". I don't always listen to GG Allin's songs but when I do, all of my neighbors and those on the highway next to me listen as well.