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KoRn Working On New Material 1996-1997 Rare Footage

  • Опубліковано 14 тра 2011
  • Here is Jonathan Davis and Munky working on new material playing guitars! This song was never released, but it is still awesome to see their writing process. Sounds like early "Justin" riffs!


  • @nenofalletta
    @nenofalletta 9 років тому +34

    This was when they were recording Follow The Leader.

  • @MacTheVicious1
    @MacTheVicious1 4 роки тому +10

    0:35 is Justin and after that is some early version of Freak on a leash break down and pre chorous

  • @kornmemorabilia
    @kornmemorabilia  12 років тому +16

    Unreleased KoRn jamming! Hell Yeah! :)

  • @Norg1
    @Norg1 3 роки тому +19

    I always wondered just how many guitar riffs or ideas jonathan wrote for korn ..??? that made the final cut

    • @somerandomarmydude
      @somerandomarmydude 2 роки тому +2

      Alone I Break is one of them.

    • @warriorwithfire
      @warriorwithfire Рік тому +1

      Always wonder why you put question marks in the middle of the sentence

    • @rawkguy4896
      @rawkguy4896 11 місяців тому

      Are You Ready to Live? Is a JD song and so is Take Me. Its a shame he hates AYRTL cause its one of the best songs off that album

    • @drummerdoingstuff5020
      @drummerdoingstuff5020 3 місяці тому


  • @xAWAMx
    @xAWAMx 9 років тому +13

    This was the spring of 1998.

  • @Tia_Bro
    @Tia_Bro 12 років тому +5

    thanks for uploading...awesome and rare footage as always :D

  • @RegalCheers
    @RegalCheers 11 років тому +19

    Fieldy himself said that he was jamming a funky bass line and Munky and Head started making weird sounds to it, and that's how Freak on a Leash was made. You're also proving my put more that it was based around the bass.

  • @willeng84
    @willeng84 12 років тому +8

    @ThaTruth223 It would be right after the "go" part in the song, the heavier part, it's probably not exactly the same but definitely the rhythm of that walk up.

  • @pillarsofserpents
    @pillarsofserpents 11 років тому +28

    I swear the riff at :38 to :44 is the intro part to "Justin", but with regular distortion and no effects.

    • @hre2stay
      @hre2stay Рік тому +1

      Yes it is

    • @slipknotmfkr3
      @slipknotmfkr3 Рік тому

      It is, love that tune

    • @backfirerecordings
      @backfirerecordings Рік тому

      @@hre2stay no its not, its the song "It's On"

    • @backfirerecordings
      @backfirerecordings Рік тому

      @@slipknotmfkr3 no its not, its the song "It's On"

    • @slipknotmfkr3
      @slipknotmfkr3 Рік тому

      @@backfirerecordings yeah no, listen to Justin then listen to it’s on. I think you’ll stand corrected

  • @TheBigdev23
    @TheBigdev23 12 років тому +3

    more of this plzzzz

  • @jwhite50421
    @jwhite50421 11 років тому +5

    Love this shit fucking KoRn is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Wickedblackjuggalo19
    @Wickedblackjuggalo19 12 років тому +2

    Awsome wicked.

  • @hank-scorpio
    @hank-scorpio 5 років тому +7

    Any more from this session?

  • @jFrenetic
    @jFrenetic 11 років тому +8

    Starting from 0:58 sounds like Seed)

  • @SirHeadly84
    @SirHeadly84 2 роки тому +4

    Idk what you guys are hearing..but most of this clip is what would become Justin and the bridge section (after "go!") from Freak on a Leash .

  • @IvanLjubesicljubax
    @IvanLjubesicljubax 12 років тому

    @bassist4life1234 its an intro for ''Justin''

  • @Londeton
    @Londeton 2 роки тому

    Justin and Freak on a Leash

  • @hate6687
    @hate6687 7 років тому +8

    0:37 Munky

  • @danclyrogaming85
    @danclyrogaming85 11 років тому +3

    the riff at 36-44 sounds kinda like the intro riff to Right Now

  • @marlonivancifuenteslopez5773
    @marlonivancifuenteslopez5773 2 роки тому


  • @PHVNT0ML0RD81
    @PHVNT0ML0RD81 10 років тому

    It is, i was just about to say that haha

  • @hotboxking420
    @hotboxking420 12 років тому

    of course its only 1 min long.. damn it

  • @RegalCheers
    @RegalCheers 11 років тому

    It couldn't be since Freak on a Leash was based around a bass line.

  • @ryanbubba1000
    @ryanbubba1000 12 років тому


  • @imnick93
    @imnick93 12 років тому

    :36 to :43= Earliest recording of Justin from FTL?

  • @SuperAggresor
    @SuperAggresor 5 років тому

    jajajajaja the snaredrum ajjajaa

  • @ThaTruth223
    @ThaTruth223 12 років тому

    @MacTheVicious1 i dont hear anything that sounds like FOAL

  • @lalo02korn
    @lalo02korn 12 років тому

    That riff sounds very similar to These Walls from Dream Theater, but that song is 2003 i think, amazing how 2 different people in very different situations make similar things, i love KoRn and Dream Theater!!!! lml

  • @VANITY80
    @VANITY80 Рік тому

    That’s 1998

  • @Luluboy-eq3mn
    @Luluboy-eq3mn 5 років тому +1

    0:50 Sounds Like spike in my vein or the past?

  • @bassist4life1234
    @bassist4life1234 12 років тому

    at 0:37 it sounds like right now

  • @IvanLjubesicljubax
    @IvanLjubesicljubax 10 років тому