KoRn Clown Video Shoot Behind The Scenes

  • Опубліковано 1 кві 2011
  • This is very rare behind the scenes video footage from around early 1996 of the Clown Video Shoot from KoRn's personal tapes! Enjoy KoRn fans!


  • Shopski
    Shopski 2 роки тому +144

    Girls' Locker Room: "Ugh, I hate PE, now I'm all sweaty"

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay 2 роки тому +206

    No one:

  • AltFreak25
    AltFreak25 6 років тому +140

    I'm just going to say that Jonathan looks soooooooo young in this. WOW.

  • Jeff Castor
    Jeff Castor 8 років тому +40

    Korn is by faaarrrrr the coolest band in every way!!!

  • Pistol Pete Tommaso
    Pistol Pete Tommaso 5 років тому +278

    Johnathan still twists his hair

  • TemporaryFamineShip
    TemporaryFamineShip 3 роки тому +21

    Footage like this would have been everything to fans back then. I was obsessed with them from the self-titled, till Issues, then I just lost interest. It was just too watered-down and repetitive by then. But I sure did love them for a good half a decade. Everything about them fascinated me. I remember it fondly.

  • Jeff Castor
    Jeff Castor 8 років тому +11

    I Love Korn no matter what they do as long as they stay true to their fans and they always have...

  • Modomadness
    Modomadness 10 років тому +44

    "Here's a quarter. Go on, get outta here" Hahaha Munky is awesome

  • Jose Luis Paraná
    Jose Luis Paraná 10 років тому +12

    Excelente documento, muy buen video. No tenía conocimiento que existieran estas imágenes.

  • Alyus Dickey
    Alyus Dickey 4 роки тому +63

    i never noticed how much different Jonathan looks today

  • Jeff Castor
    Jeff Castor 8 років тому +10

    one of the best MUSIC VIDEOS ever love it and I can relate!

  • Josh S
    Josh S Рік тому +6

    Damn I miss the mid nineties such a great time to be alive

  • Mimi
    Mimi Рік тому +9


  • kornmemorabilia
    kornmemorabilia  10 років тому +39

    Very rare unedited footage behind the scenes of KoRn filming their Clown music video off their Self Titled release back in 1996!

  • BulletValentineFan 98
    BulletValentineFan 98 7 років тому +29

    This song relates to me because I've been called something like that to I'M KoRn FAN4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg Keen
    Greg Keen Рік тому +2

    David Silveria, again, is the star of this clip.

  • Trevor Hodge
    Trevor Hodge 4 роки тому +25

    seems like the cameraman knows Munky more than anyone else

  • Suryo Ardi
    Suryo Ardi 3 роки тому +63

    God, i use to like to wear clothes like head, baggy pant, big size shirt 😁

  • Nick Perez
    Nick Perez 7 років тому +4

    Self Titled and Issues are the best KoRn albums. Everything else ain't bad, but it isn't too great