KoRn Band Rehearsal #4 1996 Rare Footage

  • Опубліковано 22 кві 2011
  • Here is a KoRn Band Rehearsal from back in 1996! This is ony of my favorites because of how much joking around the guys are doing (they definetly put a twist on some of their songs, especially Jonathan's singing) and it features the never before heard guitar version of "If Your Happy and You Know It", yes, I'm serious. This is extremely rare footage of the band performing some of their songs off of the Self Titled and Life Is Peachy Albums! The highlights are another version of Lost Live and "Bury" the demo version of Chi with the different intro! Again, this is unedited footage! This is one of my favorites! Enjoy KoRn fans!
    1. Misc. Jamming/Swallow
    2. Lost
    3. Fake
    4. If Your Happy And You Know It
    5. No Place To Hide
    6. Good God
    7. A.D.I.D.A.S. Riff
    8. Bury (Chi Demo)


  • PeachySick
    PeachySick Рік тому +14

    oh my god head look so high....

  • Eric Rieger
    Eric Rieger 6 років тому +31

    Wow, their live version in this video sound exactly like the studio versions. Soooooo good.

  • imnick93
    imnick93 11 років тому +7

    Thanks, Roger for these amazing videos, again! But im confused, Korn rehearsed Lost at two different places before playing live....So would that mean they played Lost live more than once? I know just because they rehearse it, it doesn't mean they will play it. But still, if assuming they did play what they rehearsed that would mean they played Lost live twice, at least. I hope there's a few more chances of Lost played live.

  • JD Knux
    JD Knux 11 років тому +2

    You always make my day with these videos!

  • Joey Wahl
    Joey Wahl 11 років тому +1

    Awesome! Thanks for uploading man, much appreciated.

  • Jose Reina, Jr.
    Jose Reina, Jr. 10 років тому +4

    This is a sick video. I miss this sound so much!

  • geez Rrez
    geez Rrez 9 років тому +5

    Id love to get my hands on a copy of the soundboard recording !!!!

  • Adrian Hawkins
    Adrian Hawkins 8 років тому +83

    Ahhhh. I thought to myself "maybe this isn't one of those videos with all the negative effects, and all the crappy zooming". Then

  • goldotom
    goldotom 11 років тому +2

    David hits drums fucking hard

  • Jozef Chrenko
    Jozef Chrenko 11 років тому +1

    great job!

  • tanderson
    tanderson 11 років тому +6

    Fucking Awesome. Always Love watching this stuff Mr. Roger.
    By the way, who recorded all of this back in the day? Carebear?

  • goodwill lover

    Love when Head let his curls out. His curly hair looks good

  • pizza
    pizza  +2


  • wobrennts
    wobrennts 10 років тому

    first time i heard lost live.. but still in a rehearsal. thnx for upload.

  • CHE
    CHE 2 роки тому

    Boss! Love it

  • Trace zach daniels
    Trace zach daniels 3 роки тому +1

    SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}

  • Julopolo
    Julopolo 11 років тому +12

    Haha the guy filming the waitress' ass at the end of the video. Plus, Head's face at 17:24 is hilarious. He's SO stoned !

  • kornmemorabilia
    kornmemorabilia  11 років тому +1

    @imnick93 I'm not sure how many times they have played it live, but I know for sure they rehearsed it at least twice!

  • patrick galvin
    patrick galvin 2 роки тому +3

    man i miss high korn lol

  • ᛗauᚱi Waᚱis
    ᛗauᚱi Waᚱis 10 років тому +66

    Why have they replaced Head with Shaggy from scooby doo?