Metal Drummer Reacts to Riccardo Merlini | Fastest Hands in the World

  • Опубліковано 21 чер 2021
  • Metal Drummer 66Samus Reacts to Riccardo Merlini 😮
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  • 66Samus
    66Samus  Рік тому +415

    Ohhhhh Yurrrrrrrr!!

  • Riccardo Merlini
    Riccardo Merlini Рік тому +7

    Thanx Man 💣 what a huge honour 🙏🚀

  • Dan-Radu Talpalariu
    Dan-Radu Talpalariu 2 години тому +16

    You've got it right: he's actually not moving his hands at all because he instills fear in the drums. So, as he makes the drums tremble in fear, he just holds the sticks close and takes advantage.

  • wpherigo1
    wpherigo1 7 годин тому +6

    He’s incorporating a controlled nervous twitch, basically. Tighten up certain muscles just right and the nerves just make them buzz. He’s perfected control of that. Awesome.

  • Barry D
    Barry D  +24

    I'm not even a drummer, but your content is very entertaining. Mr Riccardo is a beast!

  • deepcterror 4881

    Soon this dude is gonna play so fast he can just play notes with his drums

  • Gabriel Santamaria

    We need this recorded at 120fps and replayed on a 120hz monitor to even attempt to follow, it’s all just motion blur at this framerate, so impressive

  • Cruzin
    Cruzin Рік тому +431

    This guy, El Estepario and Samus need to all collab and make the most technical song in the world

  • Luke Holmes
    Luke Holmes Рік тому +80

    Man, I had the fastest hands in the drumline in high school (and we had a good drumline), but holy hot damn, Batman, this guy's got at least 50% more speed and 400% more stamina than I ever had... Props to him. I know that took a lot of time and effort and good mentoring to get to where he is, and it's incredible to see people who are THAT good at a particular skill.

  • Skai
    Skai  +2

    If you properly tense the muscle group responsible for the hand, it will start to vibrate - you can control the frequency by gentle movement. He probably practiced it every day for many months. I practiced, because in some pc games you have to mash one key quite quickly - a useful trick

  • Thijs Schipper
    Thijs Schipper 19 годин тому +1

    Join a band, write a couple songs that involve this type of speed ... now that's job security. That band literally cannot exist without you anymore.

  • LachanceM
    LachanceM Рік тому +16

    He is using the vibrations that forms the world we live in to vibrate the sticks he is holding in a perfect symbiosis.

  • CodeCowboy64
    CodeCowboy64 2 години тому

    Dude, in the absolute best way possible, I'm not a drum guy, not remotely interested in who can drum how and you just entertained the everliving crap out of me! Loved seeing your love of awesome technique. God bless you, man! 🥁

  • Josie K
    Josie K Рік тому +351

    Physiologically - I think he has to turn off his muscles faster than most humans in order to get that fast. It's just not the muscle contraction, it's the relaxation phase that has to be so so so fast. That was very enjoyable to watch you react!

  • brOOtal_bananas
    brOOtal_bananas Рік тому +13

    Props to Samus for spreading love to other fantastic drummers such as himself 💜✌️ Very cool 👍

  • Mickael Azizi
    Mickael Azizi Рік тому +13

    He's amazing and you are extremely honest about giving him respect that he deserves. Thank you!

  • Joshua Fleischer

    Holy shit!!! This guy is an alien from another drum world sent here to share with us the extra terrestrial drum techniques of another planet.

  • werehold
    werehold Рік тому +37

    “He’s smiling while playing it!!”

  • Dharri

    I was always impressed with Ian Paice of Deep Purple fame he has really fast hands his left hand was off the charts, this guy is obviously very impressive.

  • Il Pooper Fiero
    Il Pooper Fiero Рік тому +104

    He can even blast beat on water, he's truly the Jesus of drum