• Опубліковано 27 лют 2020
  • In this episode I countdown the TOP 20 ROCK ROCK ANTHEMS OF ALL TIME.
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  • Advena
    Advena Рік тому +3

    Man, if I had a room like yours I would literally never go outside

  • zeppelin1134

    This singer is incredibly versatile, very talented.

  • Rumbleghost


  • R G
    R G  +114

    Jason is a superbly talented vocalist, with such great range and power! Absolutely ideal as a rock singer!

  • Minty Swirl

    The guitar parts on "We will rock you" truly slayed!!

  • Mikayla Chapman

    I'm surprised Rock You Like a Hurricane wasn't on here. It has all the makings of a perfect rock anthem. Although it might be a bit tough to sing, Klaus Meine has a pretty unique voice that's kind of hard to imitate.

  • Walter H. Porembski
    Walter H. Porembski 2 роки тому +1

    The guy doing the singing can really wail. He’s great as a lead singer. Unique voice

  • Null and Void

    Man, how could you forget the seven nation army by the white stripes? It's bassline is a no brainer. Arguably the most iconic. Definitely a rock anthem

  • Bad Boys Boogie

    Honestly the whole list could be made of acdc songs. They have so many anthems. Long Way to the top, dirty deeds, you shook me, tnt, highway to hell, hells bells, the jack, whole lotta rosie, back in black, thunderstruck, high voltage

  • Paul Braun
    Paul Braun  +103

    Fun and a great list. However, I must submit my nomination for "Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor. Also a standard at sporting events, in movies, in TV, is played every day on the radio somewhere after 39 years, and has been an inspiration to countless numbers of fans struggling with personal issues.

  • The Fat BeaR

    I still come back to listen to the singer’s voice ❤️ just chills 👍

  • duelist1954

    Thank you Dave. I’m 67 years old, but each of these songs takes me back to when I first heard them. I have always loved music, though I have no talent in that direction myself. Thank you for the time machine.

  • paradisel0st
    paradisel0st 2 роки тому +4

    ok this dude can sing everything.

  • UpperPalatine

    Objection, your honor! "We're not gonna take it" is definitely one of the most sing-along-able (don't know if this is a word actually, but I guess you know what I mean) tunes of all time. I was at a rock festival in Southern Germany in 2001 where Dee Snider was the headliner (this was before the grand Twisted Sister reunion). "We're not gonna take it" was the last song of his set and the band finished it after like 10 minutes, but the crowd did not stop singing. We stood there in the pouring rain and sang the chorus over and over again. Until the musicians returned to stage, Dee told us that we were crazy SMFs and they started to play again. The chorus could be heard all over the place even hours after the concert ended. One of the most amazing memories of my life.

  • Ben Plunkett-Reynolds

    The singer is actually unbelievable. After hearing him sing Pride, I don't know if I was more impressed with him or with Bono for singing it in the first place

  • Leão da Estrela

    Its amazing the impact of Queen... amazing eclectic band. Multiple styles, great performances from all 4 members and a lead singer who could bring a full stadium go crazy on his own

  • buildingAbiz

    Wow your singer is incredible! Just goes to show you how ridiculously good Journey was because that was the only one the singer looked like he had a hard time trying to duplicate with him trying to catch his breath afterwards 😅

  • Fyrside
    Fyrside Рік тому +770

    The greatest rock anthem of all time can faithfully be performed with no instruments, but only if you have enough people.

  • Griswold
    Griswold  +19

    Its always interesting to hear how different vocalists when covering a song add their own unique sound to a given song. Thought Jason doing U2's Pride was particularly good

  • Cody Cale
    Cody Cale День тому

    That is maybe the most impressive vocalist I have ever heard! The whole group of musicians is outstanding! I could watch this group all day.