• Опубліковано 9 лис 2020
  • In this episode I countdown my Top 10 Underrated Guitar Solos of All Time.
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  • Rick Beato
    Rick Beato  Рік тому +57

    For those non-musicians that have written to me you can donate to my channel through this link on my website

  • Jim181059
    Jim181059 Рік тому +180

    Lyndsey Buckingham has a unique style and is massively underrated as a guitarist.

  • Mo H
    Mo H  +29

    I remember taking that Lukeather solo to my guitar tutor for us to analyse and transcribe. Probably my favourite solo of all time… I think it’s also known as the "0 take" solo, as Lukeather was just warming up and didn’t know the tape was rolling. That’s a measure of brilliance, that he can come up with such a classic solo when just "warming up" … jeeeez!

  • Richard Davies

    Lowell George does a killer slide solo on the Little Feat song “Rock and Roll Doctor.” A very underrated guitar solo. Not too surprising that it’s underrated either. Little Feat, as many fans will point out, have been underappreciated far too long.

  • Crush Everything

    Nice to see Elliot Easton recognized. He always played perfect solos. What an amazingly tasteful and melodic player! His solos were the cherry on top of many an all-time classic song.

  • Nero7892
    Nero7892 День тому +2

    I like "Spoonman's" solo but the"Like Suicide" solo was always my favorite solo from Soundgarden and its definitely underrated.

  • Steve Searle

    Good to see Steve Lukather in there. He plays amazing solos in 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' that unlock the full rock potential of this great George Harrison song.

  • Alex Verikokakis
    Alex Verikokakis Рік тому +165

    For me the solo on Zeppelin's "Achilles Last Stand" is ridiculously underrated, and should be talked about more. The combination of the guitar and drums in that section is beyond epic.

  • Matt Rispin Music

    Eliot Easton (The Cars) “Tonight She Comes” - incredible pop/rock solo - almost perfect in all ways ♥️

  • Bucka90
    Bucka90  +1

    A bit late to the party but Dry County by Bon Jovi. Ritchie Sambora unreal storytelling through his melodies here. He just lets loose and slays all the solos. Just a masterpiece of a song full stop.

  • Shailesh Sharma

    That Lukather solo gave me goose bumps…. 83 was the year I was born and this dude was ripping this back then…. What a solo…. Had to rewind 3 times to really feel his plectrum attacks and Rick’s expression made it worthwhile… what a player! Damn!

  • D2T2
    D2T2  +8

    I am so glad you included Luke's solo. I greatly appreciated that on the album, so incredible and it was amazing they left it all on it. Saw Toto a few years ago and was hoping he would just play it.

  • FlightMedic

    I've never heard that Lukather solo before, but he's absolutely one of my favorite players...and it did NOT disappoint. Thank you for turning me on to that.

  • Victoria Krause
    Victoria Krause Рік тому +311

    Terry Kath has many great solos. He's the most underrated and the most forgotten. He was a monster on the guitar.

  • Valmir Melop da Trindade
    Valmir Melop da Trindade 21 день тому +2

    I really luv Scholz' solos. All of them are so creative and melodic!

  • malekmo62

    Anything off Parachute by The Pretty Things from 1970 is definitely underrated. Victor Unitt was only on the studio album, then the band found Peter Tolson who also was greatly underrated who played the album live. Victor joined Edgar Broughton Band.

  • J Bar
    J Bar  +3

    Lukather’s solos give me chills. Every song. Every time. And such a decent guy

  • Dottyb B

    Steve Lukather is one of the best guitarists IMHO. So freaking clean and his tone is incredible!

  • Nature and Physics

    I add Neal Schon's solo in "Who's Crying Now". He hated having to play that way and of course he wrung real emotion out of simple patterns.

  • Question It All
    Question It All Рік тому +226

    Richie Blackmoors’ solo in “Highway Star” is an excellent one. Richie Blackmore doesn’t get talked about nearly enough, for me.