Korn - Europe 2016

  • Опубліковано 14 лип 2016
  • Directed by Sébastien Paquet
    Narrated by Jonathan Davis
    Score by Zac Baird


  • revdavid11
    revdavid11 5 років тому +199

    I can't believe Jon has been doing PERFECT vocals on every show for 22 years!
    Almost every vocalist I know had already had a surgery or some kind of vocal chord problems....

    • 333 Tarot
      333 Tarot Місяць тому

      13:55 🤯

    • EyeShotFirst
      EyeShotFirst 11 місяців тому

      @michael chilner I don't think Tom's a good example, as vocals have never been a strong suit of Slayer in general.

    • Grim
      Grim Рік тому +1

      @Some Buddy He also got sober around the time Issues was released.

    • Darth Hater
      Darth Hater 2 роки тому

      Which vocalists so you know?

    • Kσяиbsblittrrells evanescenceLinkinparkdan
      Kσяиbsblittrrells evanescenceLinkinparkdan 2 роки тому

      Richard Savage it’s oxygen and he still uses it i’ve watched their shows on youtube and that’s how he’s able to still sing like he always has and screams on point

  • ZztehkingzZ
    ZztehkingzZ 5 років тому +83

    I gotta say, the screams/growls in 'Did My Time' were awesome!

  • Daniel Curi
    Daniel Curi 5 років тому +33

    fieldy is one of the best bass players on metal today, legend.

  • Ev
    Ev 5 років тому +19

    I saw Korn in Iowa. We were lined up early to get in and Fieldy drove by the gate. He actually got out and was blown away that there were like 30 people already lined up to see them (well duh!) He got out and said thanks to everyone and signed our shirts. They are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kornfreak78
    kornfreak78 5 років тому +81

    13:26 to 15:01... To this very day, 4U gives me chills... Ya know Jon, I have been a KoRn fan since 1994... Your lyrics have helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and even 20+ years later.. your words CONTINUE to help me. I know you hear this all the time and anymore it's the cliché thing to say, but your words have quite literally saved my life. I had a fucked up childhood and never had an outlet until I found KoRn in 94'. I always felt by listening to your music, you were reaching down within me and yanking out all the anger and pain that I had. KoRn was my therapy and what kept me going. Never in my entire life has another singer's lyrics got to me the way that yours have. Combined with the rest of the guys in KoRn (past AND present members)... You all have saved my life and given me a pillar to lean on. I will forever be grateful to the fact that you guys dedicated your lives to music. Without you guys? I wouldn't be here today. I can never thank you enough for what you all have done for not just me, but for ALL the KoRn fans all around the world. I will always be a KoRn fan until the day I die. Thank you, KoRn...

    • Иван Иванов
      Иван Иванов Рік тому


    • Dallion Koch
      Dallion Koch 3 роки тому

      Nothing to you if this all in our own way the whole band did with their music how they play it how they carry themselves I'm just guessing you're one of the Lost Ones like me Happy Thanksgiving

    • Fränk Fränksen
      Fränk Fränksen 5 років тому

      beautiful words brother

    PACK MAN 5 років тому +44

    JD's vocals have never pussified, still has the punch it had from the jump, I love that

  • jamieso7
    jamieso7 5 років тому +18

    Jonathan seems to be in a better place at the moment, its great to see. Seen them in glasgow for the first time in my life last night, What an amazing experience.

  • ‡ G҉A҉S҉H҉ ‡
    ‡ G҉A҉S҉H҉ ‡ 3 роки тому +7

    Many, or maybe most americans do not realize how wonderful Europe is. Thank you so much guys, for being aware and for being there!

  • Liberis Puritatem
    Liberis Puritatem 5 років тому +20

    Wow, JD still killing it with the vocals!

  • robotoda2000
    robotoda2000 5 років тому +7

    Korn, 20 years on, still full of energy and making awesome music!

  • Michael Boyd
    Michael Boyd 5 років тому +30

    I love that they referenced This Broken Soul. It's one of my favourite unreleased tracks.

    • Trumpinator
      Trumpinator 5 років тому

      @Michael Boyd no probs

    • Michael Boyd
      Michael Boyd 5 років тому

      @Brandon Gutierrez Thanks for letting me know! I'll check it out right now.

    • Trumpinator
      Trumpinator 5 років тому

      @Michael Boyd yeah there heavy again. a new song just came out. Rotting in vain a live premeir, check it out its dope.

    • Michael Boyd
      Michael Boyd 5 років тому

      @Brandon Gutierrez Really? I thought they said they weren't gonna try to make a conscious effort to be overly heavy again after the band didn't like how KoRn III turned out.

    • Trumpinator
      Trumpinator 5 років тому

      dude i gotta feeling their gonna re-do this song. There making a heavy album and trying to go back to their roots, they did the same thing for TALITM, they remade Alive. I gotta feeling there doing the same thing for this album by remaking This Broken Soul.

  • Jack
    Jack 5 років тому +98

    Please release the new album soon! I'm getting blue balls waiting for it

    • 2K
      2K 5 років тому +2


    • wat
      wat 5 років тому +5

      Fuckkkkkk, it's coming out October 21

    • Jack
      Jack 5 років тому

      +HeadfirstLuke I'm so happy you found this. I've needed a new Korn fix for some time now haha

    • united authroity army Americans states us army
      united authroity army Americans states us army 5 років тому

      mr rawi remix rock

    • David Baeza
      David Baeza 5 років тому

      +HFL yes your totally right. "S.O.S" flyers are being passed out with new single info at the Korn shows.

  • Anonimorph Vlog
    Anonimorph Vlog 5 років тому +26

    Best band ever!!!!

  • Denny Council
    Denny Council 2 роки тому

    I love you guys! Korn will be forever in my heart, no matter what!

  • Savannah Trotter
    Savannah Trotter 5 років тому +3

    I'm so glad to see them come so far and be able to be happy (from what we know)

  • Fernanda Cristina Henn
    Fernanda Cristina Henn 5 років тому

    uma das melhores bandas do mundo. Amo Korn.

  • Vegan Crue
    Vegan Crue 5 років тому +9

    Korn home videos are the best I love these guys! I'm a huge Head fan though. I wish they would take on their original look for a tour. Their old beat up - taped up 7 string Ibanez's, baggy clothes, Jonathan's Adidas track suit, the dolls scattered all over the stage. I saw them for the first time on the Peachy tour early '97 in providence RI (Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel!) and I stood right in front of Head! He wore a windbreaker at the beginning of the show which read "sir Headly of Korn" on the front. The entire show they never engaged with the audience between songs. Korn made even that cool! Any other band did that it would have been snobby... Old Skool Korn fan for life!!!!

    • Vegan Crue
      Vegan Crue 5 років тому +1

      Oh fuck I left a comment too soon!!! Nikki FUCKING Sixx!!!! Wow that's so cool! I love Korn but it does NOT get better than Nikki & Motley Crue!

  • jakiś polak
    jakiś polak 5 років тому +1

    We are thank you,too,Korn. Greetings from Poland!/Też wam dziękujemy,Korn. Pozdrowienia z Polski! :)

  • José Antonio Campos Nelo
    José Antonio Campos Nelo 5 років тому

    Impressionante!!Após tanto tempo, a banda continua fodastica!!!

  • Rasul
    Rasul 5 років тому +3

    God Bless everyone from KoRn. After over 20 years, they still got energy and good vibes like they hadn't aged much. And they sound perfect, like on the records, if not better. Amazing.

  • Kenny Benny
    Kenny Benny 5 років тому

    Keep up the great music Korn! Us fans love it! Can't wait for the new album!

  • Noah Van haute
    Noah Van haute 5 років тому +3

    I was at the concert in Brussels and it was the first time i saw Korn live. One of the most amazing experiences of my life.

  • Morne Geldenhuys
    Morne Geldenhuys 3 роки тому

    Truly amazing band!!!

  • Zola DeLacey
    Zola DeLacey 5 років тому

    That was epic! I can't wait to see them live one day!

  • Grace Adams
    Grace Adams 5 років тому

    Super great video, big up Seb! Still thrilled by the two shows I had the immense pleasure to see on this European tour. Yes, those 20 years headlining are definitely an achievement to be prouf of. Thank YOU !

  • A- Wall
    A- Wall 5 років тому

    This next album should be amazing! they seem so tight together again, the live sound is just incredible.

  • Arm The Creative
    Arm The Creative 5 років тому

    14:46 my goosebumps exploded!!! LOVE YOU ALL ! Thank you for all the music!! All albums!!

  • EngliscBard
    EngliscBard 5 років тому +56

    He missed his first child growing up. You can't really ask anything more from a band member than that.

    • skyelark155
      skyelark155 9 місяців тому

      @outofthehole Lucky you , you get all the good things happen

    • mushy
      mushy Рік тому +3

      @outofthehole is he back with cigarettes yet?

    • outofthehole
      outofthehole 3 роки тому +8

      My dad voluntarily missed me growing up.

  • Susan Salyer
    Susan Salyer 2 роки тому

    You guys have seen so many incredible things. Thanks for the share💜

  • Cami Valur
    Cami Valur 5 років тому

    Los mejores 👏🏼👏🏼🤘🏼❤️😍🔥

  • Juliet November
    Juliet November 5 років тому +5

    We need a full cover of Another one bites the dust!

  • TrantaLocked
    TrantaLocked 5 років тому +18

    Jon sounds so fucking good holy shit

    • NorthTimo
      NorthTimo Рік тому

      Vocal lessons and overall passion paid off!

  • David Fakler
    David Fakler 5 років тому +18

    This is why I love youtube videos like this, when I was younger I watched the hell out of my Deuce DVD with both documentaries on it and all the music videos at the time plus little skits and stuff lol

    • Justin
      Justin 5 років тому +1

      @David Fakler Same dude I tried showng everyone I could.

    • David Fakler
      David Fakler 5 років тому +1

      @Justin Erra Definitely! I remember when I first got Deuce I put it in and thought holy shit they cant be this entertaining! But of course they where and I made all my friends watch the DVD too and turned them all into KoRn fans lol

    • Justin
      Justin 5 років тому +2

      @David Fakler Yea I wish there was endless footage of the good ol' days. They're just entertaining to watch off and on stage.

    • David Fakler
      David Fakler 5 років тому

      Watching them get blocked on jack and coke during follow the leader was hilarious too :P

    • HeelTaker7
      HeelTaker7 5 років тому +1

      "Who Then Now 2 bitch"!
      Fuckin LUVD that Deuce DVD :-D

  • Omar Rivera
    Omar Rivera 5 років тому +10

    Beautiful and perfect!

  • Gavin Rozee
    Gavin Rozee 5 років тому +6

    Awesome video. Nice to see JD narrating as it's normally Munk or Ray these days.
    Can't wait for the new single (Apparently Rotting in Vain) and the new album (Apparently Only the Crazy Get Out Alive).

  • Johnny Death
    Johnny Death 5 років тому

    Fucking love Korn, got me through alot of shit in my life. Will see them live again soon hopefully.

  • Marco Henrique
    Marco Henrique 5 років тому


  • Shawn Rowe
    Shawn Rowe 5 років тому

    You Guys Have Been Favorite band for 20 years.. I'm 36 now. I was 16 and working on my car in my parents garage and having "Blind" jamming so loud.. lol, Thank You Korn for all the Great Memories...

    ROBERT WARD 10 місяців тому

    I was at that show at Donington 1996 and Korn blow my mind, just awsome and raw

  • SABOTAGE.1973_
    SABOTAGE.1973_ 5 років тому +2

    koRn !!!! will always love this band \m/

  • FCD Studios
    FCD Studios Рік тому

    I mean korn are the best band in the world, and all the members make it special 🤘🤘

  • Renounced Equation
    Renounced Equation 5 років тому

    You guys really make me want to go live in Europe...

  • Hellscream
    Hellscream 5 років тому +3

    12:45 what a beautiful effect and melody

  • unwichtig
    unwichtig 5 років тому

    god the entire band is so sweet
    im actually tearing up

  • Alfian Hopper
    Alfian Hopper 2 роки тому +1

    Holy Shit! That's Nikki Sixx played with you guys! That's fuckin' awesome! You know my two favorite bands are Motley Crue & Korn. This is so fuckin' great!

  • William Balkwill
    William Balkwill 3 роки тому

    this broken soul is an amazing song, fucking wish theyd play it live again one day :(

  • Sander Johansson
    Sander Johansson 4 роки тому

    Me and my dad went to download 2009 all the way from Sweden to see you guys! I was 15 years old, I will never forget it. Thank you Korn!

  • aj101pf69
    aj101pf69 5 років тому +1

    European metal fans are the best! Been to Holland and it was amazing! Cant wait to go back someday.

  • Renounced Equation
    Renounced Equation 5 років тому

    You guys are a band I've always wanted to jam with and hang out...

  • Lee Hackett
    Lee Hackett 5 років тому

    I'd never seen them live before I did at Download..they were the support act just before Rammstein headlined on the Friday but for me they were the standout band of the weekend. It was pissing it down yet they were outstanding. If it wasng for Korn then that weekend would have been a bust for me. Jonathan was fantastic

  • Andrew Apodaca
    Andrew Apodaca 5 років тому +54

    I really wish this video was way longer 😞

    • 2K
      2K 5 років тому +2


    • Cmikament
      Cmikament 5 років тому +5

      I feel with you...

  • Akumako
    Akumako 5 років тому

    They are such good human beings. Love them.

  • Diana Román
    Diana Román 5 років тому +1

    I'm not from Europe, but.... that's so beautiful, I love you Jonathan ♥ I love you Korn. And I wish to see you in Venezuela. I don't want to die before see them, i'm 18 years old but i'm feeling like i never will fulfill my dreams to see them sing. It's too sad :'(. And if my English is bad, sorry.

  • Danielo Art
    Danielo Art 5 років тому

    eres un grande !! korn !!

    OMAR VALDEZ 5 років тому

    Korn for life!

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson 5 років тому +9

    12:35 totally the Cure type guitar :) awesome!

  • Ambermpater
    Ambermpater 5 років тому

    I just wanted to say after hanging out with these guys twice this year I wish I could see them in the UK. I cant wait to see yall again next year. Have a safe and great trip guys!!

  • Andreas Obertegger
    Andreas Obertegger 5 років тому

    One of the Best Bands!!!!

  • eliane correametall
    eliane correametall 5 років тому +1

    agora vou ver tv -- foi otimo domingo com korn -- yes - yes ?

  • Alfredo Roman
    Alfredo Roman 5 років тому

    you guys are the best!!!! hope to have you here again in Ecuador, that show was awesome! !! god bless you

  • Marshmallowking54 Roasted
    Marshmallowking54 Roasted 5 років тому

    Sweet im a huge fan I need a new album even though I'm not getting tired of listening to all the other albums

  • Mike Seaquest
    Mike Seaquest 5 років тому +8

    Jon Davis. .. the guys sounds better every year. props

  • Brett Bachand
    Brett Bachand 5 років тому

    Love the band and metal gods willing please do another twenty years ☣😎👍😜

  • 0bscurE
    0bscurE 5 років тому

    YESSSSS! I can't wait for you guys to hit Idaho this month with Rob Zombie and In This Moment!

  • AI
    AI 5 років тому

    I was at the show in Utrecht, it was fucking amazing! Can't wait until you guys come back to the Netherlands! :D

    • Medua
      Medua 5 років тому

      Was indeed a great fucking show

    ALEXANDER V.T. 2 роки тому

    korn es el mejor :) lastima ke no este david silveria :(

  • merqury5
    merqury5 5 років тому +3

    Wow Davies voice is even better than before. And Head is using a UV7 PWH!!!

  • Backslabbath
    Backslabbath 5 років тому

    Man, Korn...I have lost touch with this band. I was 15 when the self titled album came out. Blew me away...ill always have a soft spot for these guys \m/

    • NorthTimo
      NorthTimo Рік тому +1

      Check out The Nothing. That album is fire.

  • Deborah Tempski
    Deborah Tempski 5 років тому

    ***Awesome style*** I love...

  • Сергей Лавров
    Сергей Лавров 5 років тому

    My favorite band

  • Cmikament
    Cmikament 5 років тому +2

    KoRn existed for so many years and is still existing. Not just because of the fans, but because they love music. I mean doing something that you don't like is making you a liar to yourself. I know them since guitar hero world tour with "freak on a leash" what was a long time one of my favourite songs, but Korn itself I didn't enjoy that time. Than I was just like "Metal si screaming like an idiot into a microphone" but back nearly 2 years ago I got back to enjoy metal \m/ I still just knew freak on a leash although I heard never never one time in the TV at Viva, I knew taht this is from Korn but I forgot the song:c Then I tried to enjoy more songs than freak on a leash, so I was searching for more Korn songs to hear them one time, my reaction : Great! So Korn got to be the first metalbamd I enjoyed for myself. I don't judge people or bands anymore it doesn't make sense. That is why I love KoRn. Cause they're all like this I think.

  • Mark Vaughn
    Mark Vaughn 5 років тому +8

    Whoa. Never heard Jon say God Bless before. That's pretty cool.

    • EET FUK
      EET FUK 5 років тому

      this isn't tumblr...

    • Trumpinator
      Trumpinator 5 років тому +4

      @Adson Henrique hey why did you feel the need to put your two sense in? Stop trying to prove something, all of yall. All he said is that JD seems to be in a happier position in his life and him saying God bless which ive never heard him say that before or anyone else , really shows that he is more positive.

    • Adson Henrique
      Adson Henrique 5 років тому +1

      The point is you're saying he is on the right track now because he said God bless... I mean, I'm 21 years old and never had any gods in my life and I totally feel like I am on the right track.

    • Trumpinator
      Trumpinator 5 років тому +7

      @f1123581321345589144 So becuase someone mentions God bless to someone you get all offensive? Atleast thats the vibe your comment gives off.

  • Edgar Adan Tellez
    Edgar Adan Tellez 5 років тому

    we love koRn

  • ComaInferno
    ComaInferno 5 років тому

    Thanks guys. This is awesome!

  • about the metal
    about the metal Рік тому

    I went to Auschwitz, and I have never felt so much psychological weight over a place like it was there, I understood that I'd feel emotional when I arrived there and I was, but one of the most sickening things I have ever seen was people and couples who were taking selfies and smiling and hugging and kissing like they were at a romantic tourist place.
    I couldn't hold my disgust back, I literally asked for the attention of the people in my group, and I told them all that they needed to re assess their reasons for visiting former death camps, and they were totally shocked and upset with what I had said, and just as I finished what I was saying, a little old man and women walked over to me and said thank you for showing understanding and respect to the place and the people who were murdered there, then they proceeded to tell the group about their own personal stories about Auschwitz,
    Later that day everyone who was in my group thanked me for opening up showing my frustration and I had changed the way they will think about the second world war from now on.

  • Marty McK
    Marty McK Рік тому

    I was there at Donnington and 96’. Is Scottish boys went nuts for the pipes. ❤️🤘

  • Wojtek Rachwał
    Wojtek Rachwał 5 років тому +1

    "Dziękuję Ci" Ahhhh ale ładnie :)

  • Selkeä
    Selkeä 5 років тому

    I was somewhere in the crowd in Brussels (and Download Paris, but there was no pictures of that one). Best shows of my life, thank you so fucking much for that!! ♥

  • Cami Valur
    Cami Valur 5 років тому

    Gracias por existir son los mejores del jodido mundo los amo

  • FA-RIZZO 1
    FA-RIZZO 1 3 роки тому

    That was fkkn sikk mann good documentary shout out to korn there styles always been hype to me !!!

  • HeelTaker7
    HeelTaker7 5 років тому

    Absolutely luv these guys' personalities and how ridiculously down to earth and funny they are. You can really tell the enduring love they have for each other too.
    I would kill for a Duece style documentary blu-ray...
    They still bring the SHIT live after all this time too and JD's unbelievable roars still give me chills.
    Fucking incredible guys and thank you for this channel.

  • Simon Lopez Hidalgo
    Simon Lopez Hidalgo 5 років тому


    BIKRAM SINAM Рік тому

    Perfect metal vocalist is Jonathan Davis who's agree?

  • builderbar
    builderbar 5 років тому

    korn is life!!!

  • Dejna4
    Dejna4 5 років тому

    THX for concert in POLAND. The amazing show, so much power and signed Untitled album by Jonathan.

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C 5 років тому +1

    Love this video. Thanks for being part of HellFest

  • Oman Oado Drummer Official
    Oman Oado Drummer Official 5 років тому

    Obrigado " from Brazil
    Korn very cool \\m//

  • Boy Aditya
    Boy Aditya 5 років тому +1

    still the best detuning seven strings band ever!

    • NorthTimo
      NorthTimo Рік тому

      They popularized the seven strings in metal for sure!

  • Paul Lukas Die Veggie-Mann
    Paul Lukas Die Veggie-Mann 5 років тому

    a great concert korn That has made ​​in Europe , I sincerely liked by all , hopefully soon come to South America .

  • Joman Joe Razonable
    Joman Joe Razonable Рік тому

    Forever Rock nRoll 🤟🤟🤟

  • Cheryl Makhani
    Cheryl Makhani 2 роки тому

    The very best l Love ❤️❤️ korn

  • Aarthurnax Plays
    Aarthurnax Plays 5 років тому

    New album is coming out 21st October, my birthday! Probably the best birthday present!

  • mikeekorn
    mikeekorn 5 років тому

    So you know that there are a lot of fans who are following you on the whole tour , or like 9-10 shows, and you still play the same setlist every night.

  • Mauro Patella
    Mauro Patella 5 років тому +3

    I suggest playing "Embrace" at conterts, I love that song

    • Nikomanuel96
      Nikomanuel96 5 років тому

      +Roy David en un sub reddit dedicado a korn postearon un video de la banda ensayando para un concierto que darian hoy en chicago, y andaban tocando oildale.. lo se, no significa que vayan a tocarla pero lo mas probable es que si xD

    • Roy David
      Roy David 5 років тому

      +Manuel Alejandro (Nikomanuel96) Como saves que van a tocar oildale?

    • Nikomanuel96
      Nikomanuel96 5 років тому +1

      sry bad english i think that is pretty dificult for jonathan.. but guess what, looks like oildale is coming back to the setllists (tomorrow concert)

  • Michał
    Michał 5 років тому +1

    dziękuję :'3

  • Joey D.
    Joey D. 5 років тому +32

    munky and kirk hammett could be brothers lol

  • Kilo
    Kilo 5 років тому

    I always like to see your rock am ring performances atleast on videos :) You have to come to Guatemala again!, its been 6 years! :)

  • Ice Kold Killa
    Ice Kold Killa 5 років тому

    Can't wait for the new album: The Serenity of Suffering coming October 21st. New music video already out!

  • Jeordie Dahmer
    Jeordie Dahmer 5 років тому

    I love you guys so much💕💕💕 can't wait to see you on October 15th life is peachy's 20th birthday!!!

  • nippelkiff
    nippelkiff 5 років тому

    I missed you at Rock am Ring. :((
    Please come back 2017!!!