Breaking Down The Strangest Phil Collins Hit Song

  • Опубліковано 2 вер 2022
  • In today’s video I break down Phil Collins’ strangest and most complex hit song. Can you guess which one it is?
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  • Leland Sklar
    Leland Sklar 21 день тому +5

    Loved all the years I played with Phil. He is a most gifted artist and a dear friend. Glad Rick did this song.

  • Operation: Fatherhood
    Operation: Fatherhood 21 день тому +75

    "Against All Odds" sounds just as beautiful today as I can imagine it did when it was released in the 80s. Collins' voice was amazing and paired with the piano makes the song tug at your heartstrings.

  • Michael Leary
    Michael Leary 14 днів тому +49

    When I saw Genesis at the Philadelphia Spectrum, Phil Collins was one of the most energetic, engaging, dynamic lead singers and frontmen I had ever seen, and that memory has stayed with me for decades, and he remains one of the best ever. Couple that with being one of the best drummers ever, and then throw in being a highly gifted songwriter, and you have one solid amazing artist and performer.

  • NintendianaJones64
    NintendianaJones64 21 день тому +448

    Phil Collins is a genius who's reputation got destroyed by inferior, jealous musicians. Anybody that can drum and sing at the same time live as well as write songs like this deserves much more respect.

  • Shavais Zarathu
    Shavais Zarathu 14 днів тому +3

    Rick's not dead yet, but watching this makes me suffer an urge to download all his videos and put them on some kind of imperishable medium to memorialize them. An urge to work with others to set up some kind of memorial museum somewhere in honor of him. Here's a guy who truly appreciated the incredible beauty he witnessed and was able articulate it for us.

  • Sean Cunningham
    Sean Cunningham 21 день тому +87

    I just love how Rick can pull out out a Bach reference to reinforce his analysis of Phil Collins. Rick’s understanding of both music theory and music history is fantastic

  • 007koko007
    007koko007 21 день тому +588

    It's tragicomic that Phil's solo career is considered to be crap by many deaf people simply because such pop is 'not cool enough' for them. He made brilliant pop songs through the 80s - exciting and fun to listen to, great ballads, great horn sections, great melodies, ambient sound. There's nothing like it today.

  • Karl Foxlow
    Karl Foxlow 19 годин тому +6

    Rick Beato, I'm 60 and love music and love the way you break down a song even though most of what you describe goes completely over my head . Your video's are compulsive viewing. Much love from London.

  • Mandi Ferrer
    Mandi Ferrer 21 день тому +43

    Phil Collins was handpicked by Sir George Martin to perform the Beatles' "Golden Slumbers Medley" in his Beatles tribute album. Collins was even prodded to play another 8 bars of drum solo, in addition to the existing 8... Martin even mentioned in the album's inner credits that Collins was so talented that he did all the backing vocals in that track, and if he weren't around to guard him during the sessions, Collins might have even played all the instruments himself 😁

  • Hadley Kay
    Hadley Kay 21 день тому +35

    Watching you break down a song is such a joy. Not just from a technical standpoint, but in the love for music you exude. We are blessed to have a spirit and teacher such as you, Rick.

  • Thomas Irwin
    Thomas Irwin 21 день тому +18

    Rick, this is far and away one of your best breakdowns. The detail involved is classic Beato, but the weaving of the emotional side of being an artist into it, and then expanding on how musical vocabulary allows the artist to reach those emotions makes this a cut above your usual weapons-grade AWESOMENESS.

  • Francois Primeau
    Francois Primeau 21 день тому +33

    Loved Phil, with and without Genesis, for the last 40 years. What voice. What drumming. What talent. You explain so well why it is NOT saccharine, Rick. Thank you so much

  • J T
    J T 21 день тому +425

    The sadness and pain are in the vocals. The anger is in the drums.

  • TeddyLeppard
    TeddyLeppard 14 днів тому +24

    Phil is a guy you really need to get a one-on-one interview with.

  • SAM coffey
    SAM coffey 14 днів тому +15

    My favorite part of these tune analysis videos by Rick is the excitement that suddenly comes across his face when he's playing along on his guitar and comes upon a really cool chord concept he wants to lay on us 😂😂😂 so good! The sheer joy Rick shows about quality songwriting of days gone by may still keep it alive for future generations to realize.

  • Phil Haynes
    Phil Haynes 21 день тому +27

    My dad played A Trick of the Tail in the house/car a lot when I was a kid. He passed away 5 years ago and I now find myself listening to the album several times a year.

  • Film Music Mentor
    Film Music Mentor 14 днів тому +14

    Gorgeous song! Phil Collins has one of the most incredible careers in music. He starts out as a very good drummer in Genesis. Becomes one of the REALLY special drummers in rock comparable to the best of the best. Then he becomes the singer of Genesis with similarities to Gabriel's voice and noticable differences which made for a wonderful transition in the band. He becomes a writer catapulting Genesis into the future while their peers became less relevant. Then he becomes a solo artist of huge magnitude further propelling Genesis' relevance and his solo career. Only he, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson sold 100 million records as a solo artist and as part of a group. Let's not forget his collaborations and work as a producer. So glad I saw the Last Domino Tour in December.

  • Rich OD
    Rich OD 21 день тому +15

    I just love how Rick gives a true big smile and really gets into the music which he's heard 1,000's of times. Rick does this for every song he breaks down.

  • Grous Grek
    Grous Grek 21 день тому +135

    Even drummers don’t realize how great a drummer Phil collins was. A complete drummer with unique style and chops

  • D C
    D C 14 днів тому +6

    It’s amazing that Phil Collins is not in the RRHF on his own. He’s got so many chart hits and great songs as a soloist.