Wolfgang Van Halen SHREDS at Taylor Hawkins Memorial Concert!

  • Опубліковано 5 вер 2022
  • A viewer wrote me to ask if I thought Wolfgang Van Halen was playing to a backing track of his dad on Hot For Teacher at the Taylor Hawkins Memorial Concert. Here's my answer.
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  • aliensporebomb
    aliensporebomb 21 день тому +3

    I remember Eddie once saying in an interview "if you think I'm good you should hear Wolfie" and I seriously think he wasn't just being a proud dad talking up his kid. Playing great guitar, great keyboards, great bass, and great drums and singing great in time to join your dad's band at 15? Yeah, he's a phenomenon.

  • JD
    JD 14 днів тому +44

    Just imagine having Eddie as a teacher for HOURS every day, not only teaching technique but passing on the passion and love. RIP Eddie.

  • ITSOKtheband
    ITSOKtheband 14 днів тому +57

    I taught my son to play guitar; what took me 40 years to learn took him six months. But the freaky part was that it was literally like listening to myself play - note choice, phrasing, chords - and his compositions sound & feel like my own. Musical DNA can run very deep in a family, I can attest to it. It is beautiful to see Wolfgang honoring his father so.

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin 14 днів тому +359

    His dad taught him music, and his mom taught him to be a kind, caring, person. He comes from a great family.

  • Steve Cowder
    Steve Cowder 14 днів тому +2

    Wow Wolfgang is astonishing !!

  • Rattlehead M
    Rattlehead M 14 днів тому +26

    Wolfgang Van Halen is the culmination of his father and uncle. If you live in a talented family, it's going to rub off on you. I love Wolfgang's album.

  • TDZ
    TDZ 21 день тому +1

    The two performances that did it for me were wolf and Shane. Wolf….he’s been criticized for a long time for NOT playing VH songs since his dad passed. People can now STFU I guess. You have to respect this guy. His father is one of the greatest guitarists in the history of music yet he forged his own direction instead of riding his dads coat tails. What we saw and heard was a guy who CAN play VH material. When I watched him play I didn’t see a guy playing his dads music…I saw a son paying tribute the to his father and doing it justice. I could never watch wolf do any VH song and NOT view it as paying homage to Eddie. Absolutely fantastic. As for Shane…beyond emotional.

  • Eric Wilper
    Eric Wilper 21 годину тому +2

    Great job Rick! You answered that question much nicer than I would've. In addition to all the points you made, don't forget he was playing one of his father's guitars, through his father's 5150 amps. Wolfie is a monstrous talent!!

  • Jeremy Thornton
    Jeremy Thornton 14 днів тому +14

    Amazing! I really hope you do get together with Justin Hawkins. The entire tribute was an enormous success on every level. Taylor would have been proud. Thank you for this one, Rick. Always a fan.

  • EddieLeeFunn
    EddieLeeFunn 14 днів тому +85

    WVH seems to have to always prove himself to some folks... He's nothing short of amazingly gifted. Did you mention his singing? Sweet Lord, that man can do it all...

  • SilentKnight43
    SilentKnight43 День тому +6

    Been following Wolfie since his solo work first dropped (his first song about his dad brought on the tears)...and he's just so multi-talented and as you say Rick he's a tremendously nice guy in all the interviews I've seen him in. It was great to see him on the Taylor Hawkins tribute and to a degree he was payin' tribute to his dad at the same time. No question in my mind the guitar work was all his with no backing track. You watch closely his fingers and the fret work and it all lines up perfect. WVH is the real deal - the dynasty lives on.

  • Bradley B
    Bradley B 14 днів тому +28

    I’m 62, I’ve seen Van Halen live many times since the 70s. Wolfgang absolutely blows my mind how good he is.

  • cpsedmonds
    cpsedmonds 21 день тому +305

    He wasn't just IN Van Halen, he IS Van Halen 🔥🔥🔥

  • Splandrocity8000
    Splandrocity8000 День тому +11

    I can't think of a much more awesome experience as a huge Van Halen/Nirvana/Foo Fighters Fan than to hear Dave Grohl and Wolfgang jam together in person.

  • King Jerbear
    King Jerbear 4 години тому

    I think WVH just has an extra level of respect that he puts into reproducing these songs. Almost anyone playing wants to try and give credit to the original track, but he's upholding the family legacy when he does it. I think he's also been able to pick the brains of few people we all wish we could talk to.

  • Screen Test Laboratory
    Screen Test Laboratory 14 днів тому +35

    Yes Rick, talk to Justin Hawkins! I saw The Darkness in 2003 and 2016, and they are better live than on the record. He hits every high note, screams through every guitar solo, and the spandex catsuit game is completely over the top.

  • 882952
    882952 14 днів тому +37

    Wow, I had no idea Wolfie was so good on guitar, too. I agree, he just has that same indefinable "feel" as his father. I'm glad Wolfie is here with us. Inside him, Eddie truly lives on today. And I think he will go on to create his own wonderful things, just as Eddie did.

  • David Durall
    David Durall 21 день тому +410

    Not only does he sound like EVH, I know that it's important to WVH to play it JUST like his dad did. Note for note. We've all got dads. Wolfie mimicking his dad on this song is his greatest tribute to pops.

  • Scott Cady
    Scott Cady 14 днів тому +12

    What I love out Wolf play is the smile! His dad always smiled while playing and Wolf does it too!

  • Steve Forte
    Steve Forte День тому +3

    His performance was incredible. Even more so in the stadium itself.