3 Ways We Use Corn

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  • Jakub Kozuch
    Jakub Kozuch 2 місяці тому +351

    18:10 the reason why the corn you used didn't pop into popcorn is that you would've needed a very specific strain of corn! Only the zea mays everta variety of corn has the perfect properties for popcorn. It is also much harder than normal types of (sweet)corn and so isn't used for typical consumption.

    • mas danar
      mas danar Місяць тому +1

      @Kavriel honestly the more dry your corn the more popping. I dont know how to explain. But something like that. You can make popcorn using regular. But you must dry it first. In here we using sun for traditional one

    • DrIsshan's Free Time
      DrIsshan's Free Time Місяць тому +4

      True. I learned that from Ann Reardon debunking series and thru Emmymade

    • Ryanrulesok
      Ryanrulesok 2 місяці тому +4

      @Kavriel there are multiple strains of corn that is exclusively used for popping

    • Anna Maria
      Anna Maria 2 місяці тому

      yeah sweet corn is actually really moist and soft compared to the corn used for making popcorn

    • Gabriel D'Artemius
      Gabriel D'Artemius 2 місяці тому +8

      Interesting. I thought corn needed to be dried to pop not that it needed to be a specific type of corn.

  • Pokhraj Roy
    Pokhraj Roy 2 місяці тому +888

    The fact that Sean goes to the library for reference material makes me happy.

    • kiko
      kiko Місяць тому


    • YeshTypeBeat
      YeshTypeBeat Місяць тому

      @M RD central america is still within the continent of north america lol central america isn’t its own continent

    • M RD
      M RD Місяць тому

      Sean was all wrong though, he said nixtamalización is from center and south America but it's from Mexico, which is part of North America

    • 90sIndianMisc
      90sIndianMisc Місяць тому

      Baarish ka mausum hai pakoda chutney khilade koi

    • 90sIndianMisc
      90sIndianMisc Місяць тому

      Indian grinding stone for chutney. Aur bhute ka pakoda.

  • Farzia Karim 30
    Farzia Karim 30 2 місяці тому +433

    the fact that Inga and Sean got so excited to hear Japanese style corn fritters is the same energy as when your dad says you're going to Disney today...epic
    Edit; thanks for the likes guys!!

    • NiNi Na
      NiNi Na Місяць тому +1

      And so supportive. I love the supportive energy on that channel.

  • JB
    JB 2 місяці тому +350

    For Inga's recipe I would imagine getting much more corn flavor if you blended the corn and steeped that. It might even add an extra level of thickness after straining. You can probably also go slightly savory with something like Dungeness crab on top and less sugar in the base.

    • Tessa T
      Tessa T 2 місяці тому +8

      @sisu The fact that I am allergic to crabs and lactose-intolerant does not in any way reduce my desire to try this combination. Creamy but savory corn, delicate seafood, crunchy, bright radishes and spicy, sour lime dressing? It sounds amazing!!! Hmmm...I could use lactose-free milk, add some of that plant cream and use fish instead of crab. This could really work!!

    • Robert Edwards
      Robert Edwards 2 місяці тому

      That Sounds so yummy!

    • sisu
      sisu 2 місяці тому +4

      Dungeness crab is a perfect pairing

    • GeneralFinnDK
      GeneralFinnDK 2 місяці тому +9

      I love the idea of a savory application! I could see a similar plating with thinly sliced radish and some spicy lime dressing/gel! 🤤

    • annalizer1992
      annalizer1992 2 місяці тому +23

      Oooh, a savory one might get a bit of a chawanmushi vibe. That could be really good too.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 місяці тому +148

    The audio was very low this episode. Otherwise, great job!

    • centurión
      centurión Місяць тому +3

      I thought it was just me and that I was going deaf lol

    • huahuahua
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    • Lisa Hinton
      Lisa Hinton Місяць тому +11

      @Kevin Yes! And then the ads come _blasting_ through! EEEEK!

  • H.A
    H.A 2 місяці тому +67

    Andrew: That's such a Sean thing to make.
    Sean: I've never made tortillas before.

  • Lylith
    Lylith 2 місяці тому +263

    corn fritter seems like bakwan jagung in Indonesia.
    but we're add pounded garlic, shallots, white peppercorn, and chicken stock powder (or you can replace it with MSG).
    put chopped cilantro and spring onion too..
    and it would be nice to add a shrimp.

    • Gayatri Arifin
      Gayatri Arifin Місяць тому +5

      wow...so many kinds of bakwan jagung...I didnt realise some people use cilantro even kefir lime leave ^^ I add rice flour and some (a lot of) green onion and fry it deep fried...yum

    • C Stanley
      C Stanley Місяць тому +2

      yeees i definitely think of bakwan/perkedel jagung when i saw the thumbnail! It would be nice to also add a little bit of coriander powder, also I don't usually use eggs for the batter as they tend to make the bakwan not crispy...

    • aural archipelago
      aural archipelago Місяць тому +3

      Never seen cilantro (daun ketumbar) in bakwan jagung, though I'm sure it's good. When my wife makes it, she always uses daun jeruk (kafir lime leaves.) I think the kafir lime leaves are essential! Anyone who's reading this who's never tried bakwan jagung should try it.

    • Renfujisaki19
      Renfujisaki19 Місяць тому +5

      Tbh, at first when i saw the thumbnail, i thought it is bakwan jagung😂😂

    • Kenta
      Kenta Місяць тому +7

      I mean, corn fritters itself is just western bakwan jagung

  • Luis Palomar
    Luis Palomar 2 місяці тому +60

    I love how simple the editing is in these videos. Y’all just enjoy food and each other’s creativity and it’s all you need for great content.

  • GeneralFinnDK
    GeneralFinnDK 2 місяці тому +110

    I rarely comment, but I watch all the videos. I love the on-screen chemistry, interactions with each other and the different - but awesome - ways each of you approach cooking and the discoveries you (and us viewers) make along the way. 🤘🏽
    I think others may have mentioned it, but it would be so entertaining watching y'all tasting each other's dishes too!

  • Larry Sanderson
    Larry Sanderson 2 місяці тому +97

    For Sean, in a recent Epicurious UA-cam, a Mexican chef makes tortillas and he turns them three times in the press to even out the thickness. Who knew?

  • Aya Pamungkas
    Aya Pamungkas 2 місяці тому +67

    OMG corn fritters is also a thing in Indonesia. It's one of my most favorite fries (yeah, we're frying a lot of snacks here).
    My aunt recipe is my favorite:
    1. Have half portion of corn kernels and half portion of grated corn (the grated corn makes the flavor even richer)
    2. Add chopped scallions & cilantro
    3. The batter: flour, egg, water seasoned with garlic+shallots+salt+pepper+chicken bouillon powder.
    4. Mix them up together then fry it
    5. Serve with sambal sauce ✨

    • matchamine
      matchamine Місяць тому +2

      I never put cilantro in my corn fritters. Imma try your aunt’s recipe~!

    • aural archipelago
      aural archipelago Місяць тому +1

      Daerah mana sih pake daun ketumbar di Indonesia? Yg aku pernah lihat di Jawa selalu pake daun jeruk.

    • friday13thirteen
      friday13thirteen Місяць тому +5

      i've never heard of indonesian corn fritters before but your comment gave me corn fritter fever lol, i'm going to make these!!

  • ro pro
    ro pro 2 місяці тому +239

    Andrew: Cause we all know the experience of how corn does not get processed by your body.
    Inga: What?

    • ro pro
      ro pro Місяць тому +1

      @Lisa Hinton Ohhhh... tell me more... 😆

    • Lisa Hinton
      Lisa Hinton Місяць тому +1

      @ro pro LMAO! That woman is SO not innocent! But it's adorable you think so!

    • The Rated Oni Channel
      The Rated Oni Channel Місяць тому

      Nixtamalization baby!

    • ro pro
      ro pro Місяць тому +3

      @Jay Hom Hahaha, she's so innocent. I love her! 😆

    • Jay Hom
      Jay Hom 2 місяці тому +19

      We've learned about Inga's good chewing practise.

  • Itzel Angeles
    Itzel Angeles 2 місяці тому +48

    Japanese and Spanish pronounce vowels in pretty much the same way, Sean's Spanish pronunciation was excellent!
    One thing, the captions say molcajete but Sean keeps saying metate! Both are similar but not quite the same! In this case, it's metate that's right

  • Jasmine Lee
    Jasmine Lee Місяць тому +4

    3:44 I love how Sean and Andrew both go MMM at Inga adding marscapone 😂😂

  • B D
    B D Місяць тому +9

    To get really good Japanese style corn fritters use half dashi for the liquid or add powdered dashi to the batter! It should also be on the thin side.

  • myusualnickwastaken
    myusualnickwastaken 2 місяці тому +19

    "Why are they called ears?" I know this one! The word "ear" as in the organ you hear with is actually completely unrelated to the word "ear" as in "ear of grain", they just coincidentally sound the same and are spelled the same. The former is a descendant of the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) word "h₂ṓws" with the same meaning; the later comes from PIE "h₂eḱ-" meaning "sharp", I guess referring the the spiky or pointed shape of an ear of wheat etc. It is related to the word "acute".

  • Suzy Arroyo
    Suzy Arroyo Місяць тому +9

    @ Sean this is awesome! I love seeing you guys try your hand at tortillas. If you can find a square metal press, those are the best. Also, if you flip the tortilla the first time as soon as you see the edges set and let it cook the majority on the second side your more likely to get the puff. Hope this helps!

  • Badgurlvenus
    Badgurlvenus 2 місяці тому +14

    i adore sean, i love how out there he goes to learn about stuff

  • bonzolvr
    bonzolvr 2 місяці тому +17

    I’ve not made this myself but an ice cream company here has very seasonal flavor releases and in the past at summer time has done a sweet corn ice cream (with black raspberry). They’ve also done popcorn flavors. Currently they have butterscotch popcorn which tastes like caramel popcorn 🤤

  • Kimberley Richter
    Kimberley Richter 2 місяці тому +6

    Absolutely love watching you guys! Really wish you would try each other’s food though.

  • Janani Kannan
    Janani Kannan Місяць тому +3

    Andrew's recipe is so similar to Corn bhajiya that we make in India. We usually don't add egg and instead of plain flour we use gram flour (aka chickpea flour) and rice flour. But flavour wise very similar - onion, coriander, ginger, green chilli, red chilli powder, asafoetida these are usually used in India. Corn bhajiya with chai on a monsoon evening, ah perfect!

  • Anna Klassen
    Anna Klassen Місяць тому +4

    Sean's Tortillas were absolutely mouth watering love to see his process

  • Emily Balan
    Emily Balan 2 місяці тому +19

    Technical comment: im watching this on my TV and found i have to turn the volume up 3-4x in order to hear your dialogue, especially Sean. It's not a mixing issue, just the entire video is very quiet compared to other UA-cam videos. I've noticed this on some other ATE videos too. Not a criticism, just something to note!
    Love your content!!!

  • Yael Guluarte
    Yael Guluarte 2 місяці тому +7

    In the English version of the subtitles, at the corn tortillas bit, everytime Sean says "Metate" it's subbed as "Molcajete", (molcajete is the pestle and mortar he was talking about grinding in circular motion, Metate is the flat curve ish stone) just to let you guys know, everything looks awesome as always but maybe you can fix that bit.

  • Federico
    Federico 2 місяці тому +24

    Hey Inga, try freezing the moulds, that'd help even with preparations that don't require gelatine. If you cannot freeze them, quickly dipping the mould in hot water could help as well.

  • Lauren Goldfish
    Lauren Goldfish Місяць тому +3

    i haven't had them for years, but when i was little, we'd add corn to pancakes, just like one would berries. it's a nice note with butter and syrup.
    lately i've been making a corn and black bean salad for dinner on nights that are too hot to do much cooking. a bag of frozen corn (either defrosted in fridge or microwaved) with a can of black beans, drained and rinsed. mix them with some diced cabbage, lime juice, salsa, tajin. add a little cho- or soyrizo if you want a little more savory bulk.
    finally, as a salad with romaine, bleu cheese dressing, and black pepper. so simple and good!

  • Virginia Buckles
    Virginia Buckles 2 місяці тому +20

    Great work making nixtamal! I got a victoria corn grinder on Amazon for it, but have been looking for an authentic metate for a while. Will probably have to travel to Mexico to find one. Loved the video! 😊

  • Lester Valentin
    Lester Valentin 2 місяці тому +4

    Inga's recipe reminded me of this Filipino dish called Maja Blanca. It's almost the same thing except it uses coconut milk instead and you leave the kernels of corn in for some texture. It's very delicious served with some toasted coconut on top 🤤🤤

  • Blu Herondale
    Blu Herondale 2 місяці тому +20

    So in my place, there is this drink called corn milk, which essentially is corn blended with milk then got strained through a very fine mesh sift, i was wondering maybe if inga used the corn blended milk then the corn flavor would come through more

  • ThisIsMyFullName
    ThisIsMyFullName 2 місяці тому +5

    I love the idea of a corn panna cotta! It made me think that it could be fun to make a salsa inspired panna cotta, so instead of putting strawberries on top, add some fresh cherry tomatoes, fresh mint leaves, and lemon juice. Maybe even some sweet red bean paste as well.

  • Tiara R
    Tiara R Місяць тому +2

    17:00 in indonesia we have corn fritter similar to this called bakwan jagung (jagung mean corn) and we have instant flour for it😂

  • NJGluv
    NJGluv Місяць тому +2

    man, seeing sean throw in mushrooms for his corn tortilla taco made me kindaaaaa disappointed he didnt use the opportunity to cook up some huitlacoche mushrooms! they're an edible fungus that GROWS ON CORN (!) and eaten throughout mexico. corn smut! delicious in tacos or quesadillas, super yummy

  • Bexley Desimone
    Bexley Desimone 2 місяці тому +8

    Omg the fact that Sean watched Views from the road for help with his tortillas is so cool, I love that channel their recipes are amazing❤️❤️

  • emactivate
    emactivate Місяць тому +3

    "No amount of cheese in something can replace the satisfaction of cheese on top of something" this is sooo true hahah

  • twentytwo
    twentytwo 2 місяці тому +6

    Guys, you make a great work! 👌 You should try to make green chileatole, I'm sure it will blow your mind! Greetings from Mexico! ❤️

  • PeteyPistolDee03
    PeteyPistolDee03 Місяць тому +1

    Sean is such a good addition to the videos. Very soothing voice and knowledge.

  • Anjali Singh
    Anjali Singh Місяць тому

    I love how Sean researched everything. Really appreciate it. So the molcajete that he is referring to is probably the same thing that has been used in Indian Homes since ancient times to grind and make a paste out of things. Its usually not found in most urban families nowadays but our mom's still have it and use it. Its called a "Silbatta". It does the same thing that Sean is describing..like the motion is the same for grinding with this tool...not circular. So next time, you can visit an Indian Grocery Store and ask for it... They may have it or let you know where you can get it. Or probably someone may even lend it to you since it may be very costly in USA. Its made of stone and the consistency that was needed can be achieved with it because , although corn isn't crushed like that for any of the common Indian Dishes, we do use it to get this sort of dough thing with other grains using this SILBATTA.

  • Views on the road
    Views on the road 2 місяці тому

    Excellente 🌽🫶🏽😍

  • naturalforme
    naturalforme Місяць тому

    This video makes me so happy! The way you guys discuss food and your techniques and what you learned is so exciting to me. 😊

  • di butler
    di butler 2 місяці тому +7

    Andrew calling corn silks "corn hair," was great. :D

  • SAmaryllis
    SAmaryllis Місяць тому

    Love y'all's videos as always! This one and a couple others in the past have been a little quiet - usually I keep my computer volume at 14, but I turned it up to 50 to hear y'all today :,)

  • caribaozi
    caribaozi Місяць тому

    Loved this, as always! It's my favorite series in this channel ❤️ I would never think of these recipes!

  • Havohei
    Havohei 2 місяці тому +9

    I actually thought Andrew was going to say, “well you’ve all done a great job, I’ve made…. Corn on the cob 🤣”….

  • octopu5ie
    octopu5ie 2 місяці тому +1

    Andrew, your corn fritters look really good. I'm curious about the zucchini fritters as well !

  • s
    s 2 місяці тому +1

    Thank you for bringing this format back!! Nice to see the comments on each others' cooking.

  • arooj tahira🇵🇰
    arooj tahira🇵🇰 Місяць тому

    21:25 this looks so delicious i instantly added to my Ramdhan iftar list, and here in Pakistan we use chick pee flour instead of it and also add potatoes for flavour

  • Amber Daze
    Amber Daze 2 місяці тому +5

    sean pronouncing spanish with a japanese accent made me laugh cause in middle school i started to be interested in japanese culture and stuff but pronounced japanese words with a spanish pronunciation because that was the only non-english language i knew as a half-mexican

  • NerdyLuma
    NerdyLuma Місяць тому

    Coming into this video I thought I knew what they would be making but everyone took a completely different approach this episode and I liked it. Props to everyone’s hard work and for breaking their usual molds.

  • ZL3xtr4
    ZL3xtr4 Місяць тому

    Q: for Andrew, how many different ways have you tried making fritters? & what is the comparison to pan stove top v.s. baking?

  • Crime Cast
    Crime Cast Місяць тому

    There’s a Mexican ice cream shop I’ve visited that makes all of their ice creams in house. They have a sweet corn and raspberry ice cream that is absolutely delicious! Raspberries and corn = unexpected, delicious combo!

  • Nataline Gloriana
    Nataline Gloriana Місяць тому +1

    In Indonesia we have the similar corn fritters like Andrew’s we call it perkedel/bakwan jagung, but usually we make 2 textures of corn, the whole corn kernels and the soft one (usually my Mom would blitz half of the corn to make it mushy) and to avoid the batter to become too thick, my Mom mould put the flour into the corn mixtures (green onion, red chillies, salt, pepper, garlic, MSG, and a lil bit of sugar) and add the water to adjust the consistency, instead of making the batter first.
    Another dish from corn is the corn mylk, similar to the corn juice that Andrew drank, but it is not as popular as the fritter, and only few people enjoy it.

  • Aleta Jean
    Aleta Jean Місяць тому

    My mom makes "Mac and corn" And its my favorite thing ever! It is crock pot mac and cheese with a ton of corn. So comforting!

  • OberK
    OberK Місяць тому +2

    If I recall correctly, fresh regular corn won't "pop" into popcorn. It needs to be dried for it to pop. And generally we use a different kind of corn for popcorn, although you could make popcorn out of regular dried corn kernels.

  • Vienna Jeffery
    Vienna Jeffery 2 місяці тому +3

    I worked at an ice cream store in vancouver that over the years featured seasonal corn flavours like Sweet Corn and Chipotle Corn, and I s2g I've had the exact same interaction as Andrew trying to explain the flavour using Corn Pops as an analogue lmaoooo

  • thanh dinh
    thanh dinh Місяць тому

    Excellent representation of how the chef kind works, how the pastry mind works, and the food scientist works

  • garetz
    garetz 2 місяці тому +3

    I would love to see avocado as a theme.

  • Mark Evans
    Mark Evans 2 місяці тому +1

    definitely need those fritters. I use fresh sweet corn in a salad. raw off the cob with red onion and peppers and cilantro and lime , etc. the sweet corn should be the star.

  • OnlyInBoston
    OnlyInBoston 2 місяці тому

    Great episode and a really good spread of variety between the three dishes! I found the audio for the video annoyingly low, just my 2 cents.

  • Jersabelle Lim
    Jersabelle Lim 2 місяці тому +2

    Omg Great job this time too! It would be awesome if you guys do a "3 ways to use browned butter" XD

  • hypersapien
    hypersapien 2 місяці тому +1

    My favorite corn recipe (which I'm about to make after i leave this comment) is a Corn and blueberry salad. It sounds weird, but put some feta cheese and white balsamic vinegar on it, and oh man is it tasty. I only make this in the middle of the summer when i can harvest my blueberry bushes, and there is fresh corn at the store- I once tried it with previously frozen produce and it was not nearly as good.

  • Stasia
    Stasia Місяць тому +1

    I think you can use culinary ash instead of lyme. The Sioux Chef cookbook has a chapter on it.

  • Rafaela Verdan
    Rafaela Verdan 2 місяці тому +1

    Here in Brazil we do A LOT of different stuf with corn. Cuscus and pamonha are really great

  • PhoenixxSixx
    PhoenixxSixx Місяць тому +1

    “Doing kind of a lot but also not a lot” - Andrew, and also my life motto

  • Charmaine Costosa
    Charmaine Costosa Місяць тому

    Inga, have you tried maja blanca? It’s a Filipino dessert made with corn and coconut milk, and it’s a gelatinous smooth pannacota-y consistency :)

  • Tess T
    Tess T 2 місяці тому +2

    The sound volume is really low in this video. I'm watching it with subtitles on and the part where the subtitles say "molcajete," Sean actually says "metate." Molcajete is similar to a mortar and pestle, used to grind ingredients, while a metate is kinda similar but also different. I'm not sure. I'm not Mexican, just a Spanish speaker... :)

  • Pablo Quiñonez
    Pablo Quiñonez 2 місяці тому +1

    As a person from Guatemala (Central America if you're wondering) I 100% can say Molcajete is the extremely OG way of doing it, my great grandmother used to do it that way and we still have the equipment stored up, IT'S EXTREMELY RARE TO SEE so, immensely appreciate Sean actually trying to find it, but, sorry my man, these are almost extint now, very few people use it nowadays. Amazing video tho, must say, loved it! BTW, pretty sure it's available in the US, but if it's not, just cook the corn in steam and then add butter, salt, ketchup and mayo, we call them Elotes Locos in Central America an mexico, crazy good

  • Safo Mora Robinson
    Safo Mora Robinson Місяць тому +1

    Im from Costa Rica and there are so many ways to use corn. In here existed tortillas, tamal de elote, chorreada and so much more. Everything is so good with corn.

  • Phos Poplizz
    Phos Poplizz Місяць тому +1

    In the Philippines, we have corn in halo-halo, and some versions of halo-halo is corn-heavy. Mais con yelo is a cold corn-topped shaved ice with milk. Corn cheese icecream is also a popular icecream flavor. We have similar corn panacottas that have kernels inside. And boiled corn in very commercial cheese powder was a common streetfood where I grew up. We also have the usual roasted and steamed whole corn cobs, but we also add corn in some soups.

  • GhostGirl
    GhostGirl 2 місяці тому +1

    The amount of enthusiasm with which they talked about non-American corn dishes was heartwarming.

  • NiNi Na
    NiNi Na Місяць тому

    For the corn fritters I might have pureed some corn into the batter or used some (toasted) corn flour to get more corn flavour. And now I am wondering how they would taste with cereal milk in the batter...

  • Beats
    Beats Місяць тому +5

    We need more of Andrew and Steven's worth it episodes. Please !!!!

  • PrashK
    PrashK 2 місяці тому +1

    I liked the corn fritters.. all recipes looked great though 👌🏼

  • Ashley Lynne
    Ashley Lynne Місяць тому

    I was in Tokyo in December 2019, and ever since I've been back, I have been CRAVING the canned corn soup from the vending machines you could find all over the city. I have tried recipe after recipe and several corn soup mixes from Japanese grocery stores, but nothing takes me to the same place or flavor of that hot canned soup. Maybe someday I'll figure out a way to recreate that ridiculously good corn soup, but until then, I am excited to try these corn recipes!

  • 물건
    물건 Місяць тому

    Korean also has corn tea! The taste of corn is so subtle and sweet.

  • David Darkstar
    David Darkstar 2 місяці тому +1

    These are awesome and I love the great ideas you guys give me to try out...but is worth it ever gonna come back or is that just dead.

  • André Vieira
    André Vieira Місяць тому

    2:13 the thought of andrew going to some place like castelinho da pamonha and getting the corn juice is so awesome

  • Shantanu Saha
    Shantanu Saha 2 місяці тому +6

    Inga and desserts, a love marriage so good it's worth a case study

  • Tessa T
    Tessa T 2 місяці тому +2

    Native American corn can be grown, dried and stored for years. Indigenous people needed a way to get the thick, non-nutritive pericarp hulls off from the nutritious endosperm and germ of the dried corn kernels. By soaking the hard seeds in the lye solution, they were able to break down and separate off the hulls, but also to change the molecular and chemical structure of the resulting ground paste, called nixtamal. This process had the serendipity to also make the niacin, Vitamin B3, in the maize available to the human digestion. It means that human populations can live off of a high-corn diet without getting niacin deficiencies. When European settlers started eating and living off of the maize, if they didn't know that this was a necessary step to make maize a staple and when they tried to live off of ground corn that had NOT been turn to nixtamal, they, and particularly their young children, literally died from eating diets too high in non-nixtamalized corn. They had enough calories but lacked the necessary vitamins.

  • queenbeemo42
    queenbeemo42 Місяць тому

    I love corn silk tea! So delicious!

  • Sky
    Sky 2 місяці тому +1

    i wonder if the corn juice that andrew had in brazil is the same with the corn drinks we have here in malaysia's stalls

  • Lidya Corry
    Lidya Corry Місяць тому

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    Dent: (used to make tortillas and masa). Nixtamalization not only softens the corn but makes it digestible. Without it you will have lots stomach problems.
    Flint: Used for making Cornbread, Polenta and Grits.

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