How I Cooked 25 Pounds Of Potatoes

  • Опубліковано 13 кві 2021
  • With a surplus of potatoes from another recent video, Andrew embarks on trying various potato dishes for the first time in an effort to use up the lot. "Pommes Voyage."
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  • Jessica Wang
    Jessica Wang Рік тому +8

    Hey Andrew, about pomme soufflees that you were testing out. I had to make so many of these in France at my first job. It was the amuse bouche at the two Michelin starred restaurant I worked at. If you want to try again at your own time, slice the potatoes much thinner (paper thin), and yes you use a cookie cutter. We used a 3-4 cm diameter round cookie cutter. But the trick with the puff is that you dust a THIN layer of potato starch, on one slice. And the other slice of potato, you put a thin and even layer of egg white. Place the potato (starch side down), on top of the potato with the egg white side, essentially sandwiching them together (egg white and starch inside, with potatoes being outside of the sandwich). BEFORE cutting it with a round cookie cutter. place some oil in a pot (about 3 cm or so) heat it to 140 degrees celsius, and place your round potato sandwiches inside, and shake while tiling the pan a bit. Once it starts to puff, tilt the pot, and you continue to baste the pomme souflee to evenly cook it, so that it is evenly crispy and doesn't deflate. Having a laser thermometer really helps. Hopefully you get to see this.

  • D. Hill
    D. Hill Рік тому +1

    “This recipe uses for a lot of potatoes so it appealed to me immediately” overlaid on top of footage of him peeling said potatoes is just 👌🏽

  • Jonathan Davis
    Jonathan Davis Рік тому +1

    Freakin Andrew man. I didn’t expect him to go from a buzzfeed puppet to a cook of this caliber

  • R C
    R C Рік тому +1

    He boiled them. He mashed them. But he did not stick them in a stew.

  • FlipLeTape


  • melanie
    melanie Рік тому +887

    “This is a great way to turn potatos into something more without that much effort”

  • Anam Shaikh
    Anam Shaikh Рік тому +3

    Andrew sounds like a professor who knows his subject but is unsure if his audience is interested in it😅

  • NobodyReally
    NobodyReally Рік тому +1

    I feel like The Martian would have been a different movie with Andrew.

  • caribaozi
    caribaozi Рік тому +163

    I love how Andrew describes the smallest details... like how the cake tester allows you to feel each layer of cooked potato! I couldn't help but smile at this point: THIS is someone who loves what he's doing.

  • mrp
    mrp Рік тому +65

    I love how Andrew shows how he fails sometimes. Makes me feel a lot better about my own cooking

  • Katie Burnie
    Katie Burnie Рік тому +125

    Can we talk about how beautifully this whole video was shot?

  • Moon
    Moon Рік тому +105

    Andrew’s calm and centered attitude, focused yet laid back and humorous is very attractive. In addition to his aesthetic approach to plating and all of that in a beautiful kitchen with flowers - this guy is a catch ladies and gents and everyone who doesn’t define themselves through gender 💚

  • Simon Engel
    Simon Engel Рік тому +674

    It´s actually insane how much Andrew has improved with cooking. His approach to it, is, in my opinion the best way to become a really good cook.

  • A McConnell
    A McConnell Рік тому +324


  • Tatiana T
    Tatiana T Рік тому +87

    I really appreciate Andrew talking about fails, thank you for being crystal honest, that's very inspiring

  • Jacksta Crichton
    Jacksta Crichton Рік тому +20

    I appreciate so much, that you still included the pommes souffle, even though it wasn't a success. It's really interesting when you consider how little, a cooking show contains concept or even executionary fails, and i think it's really important to see! Great work man, this show is dope.

  • LB Walstrom
    LB Walstrom Рік тому +98

    andrew knocked this out of the park, this is like BAs 'every way to cook a potato' but more calm and more elegant

  • Regi
    Regi Рік тому +9

    Personal timestamp so I can come back to it later

  • Jason Moir
    Jason Moir Рік тому +1

    "It appealed to me immediately." I see what you did there...well done.

  • alaska washington
    alaska washington Рік тому +202

    I love that all these French recipes using the word pomme to indicate the potato-ness of the dish don’t use the rest of the name for potato, so when people think pomme they think potato instead of apple lmao