Crazy Guitar Trick

  • Опубліковано 11 сер 2022


  • Chris Wright

    It’s finally happened - a Quick Lesson that I understood! Time to turn in early - day = conquered.

  • Iskaral Pust

    wow this sounds amazing, Rick .

  • Ray Otberg

    Keep it going. Sounds like the start to a great song.

  • evadesc
    evadesc 28 днів тому +4

    This pattern you play along with the synth sound has a real nice feel to it. It legitimately sounds like part of some epic song.

  • Robert Chan Russell

    That is beyond f-cking cool and amazing. I couldn't tell you the chords but it's amazing! That would make a great intro/pre-chorus.

  • imglidinhere

    Very Satriani sounding. Love it. Wish I had you as my guitar teacher.

  • Ricky
    Ricky  +6

    God thats guitar sounds beautiful

  • g10ronaldinho

    That sounds awesome AND I understood it!

  • Mutorcsym1391

    You're awesome Rick! All love to you and your family.


    Normally these are too fast for me to really get whats going on but this is a great lesson and such a neat technique good stuff!

  • Anders Røndum Frederiksen

    Learning so much from watching these 🔥🙌

  • Michael McCaffrey
    Michael McCaffrey 21 день тому +1

    Rick you are probably the most talented guy in the music industry. You have the command many instruments

  • HurtboxTV

    And thus a cool sounding melodic death metal intro was created lol

  • David Evans
    David Evans 28 днів тому +1

    Love that wild P90 tone you get in these videos.

  • Moe Ball

    Rick I could listen to these for hours!

  • Joe T
    Joe T  +2

    LOVE your tips Rick. Said it last time, said it again

  • Adam B.
    Adam B. День тому

    Add some drums, and I would listen to that every day! Top 10 hit!

  • Gustavo Cesar Rodriguez Estevez

    Beautiful chords behind the melody ❤

  • Christian Gibbs

    Congratulations Rick 👏 You got the gig 😎🎸

  • Andy R
    Andy R  +3

    Jeez Rick. Amazing as always! Keep em coming!