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Nemo - The Code (LIVE) | Switzerland🇨🇭| Grand Final | Eurovision 2024

  • Опубліковано 10 тра 2024
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    Nemo from Switzerland performed ‘The Code’ in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2024 in Malmö, Sweden
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  • @floofyan6727
    @floofyan6727 10 днів тому +20414

    y'all be hating and have NO idea how insanely difficult it is to sing these notes while literally jumping, running and spinning in circles. beyond impressive.

    • @sander1645
      @sander1645 10 днів тому +1901

      @@crafty150 playback is not allowed, all vocals must be live

    • @chickennicken4459
      @chickennicken4459 10 днів тому +682

      Finally someone that doesn’t absolutely despise Switzerland

    • @marietheresebiliczki8529
      @marietheresebiliczki8529 10 днів тому +163

      Trop de gens devetus..trop de corps dénudés...trop de chansons pas top...criant voix .trop de manque de respect pour le public..et les enfants..regardant.l eurovision....changeons cela..pour l année prochaine...sinon on ne vas plus pouvoir juger ni regarder.!!!!!!!!.a part suivant.. armegnies...2 à 3.pouvant passer.portugal.stop svpl

    • @brownbeard7689
      @brownbeard7689 10 днів тому +261

      So a weightlifter could win the contest by combining singing and lifting?
      Is it a song contest or olimpic games?

    • @ayer6497
      @ayer6497 10 днів тому +186

      he might have had good vocals control, especially at unusual angles but the song was still pretty mediocre

  • @hermannivision6222
    @hermannivision6222 11 днів тому +25368

    The most neutral country ever winning the most controversial Eurovision ever

    • @svetlanafedorova654
      @svetlanafedorova654 11 днів тому +332

      Она уже давно не нейтральная

    • @user-zm4sh4tu2b
      @user-zm4sh4tu2b 11 днів тому +129

      @@svetlanafedorova654 Как минимум со времён Первой Мировой таковой не является, и уж тем более во время ВМВ.

    • @djangolee1
      @djangolee1 11 днів тому +348


    • @pasdpasse439
      @pasdpasse439 11 днів тому +99

      @@svetlanafedorova654 кто бы мог подумать что расия заставит Швейцарию выбрать сторону.

    • @user-hf7hq9sb3j
      @user-hf7hq9sb3j 11 днів тому +1

      @@pasdpasse439 укря негодует, не дали очередную подачку)))

  • @andrix_9469
    @andrix_9469 4 дні тому +2576

    American rapper:🥷🚬🔪😈
    Swiss rapper:🦄🌈

    • @lilithecat341
      @lilithecat341 3 дні тому +32


    • @musicbyimpulse
      @musicbyimpulse 3 дні тому +22

      bro stole one of the biggest comments lol

    • @philip2914
      @philip2914 3 дні тому +10

      Big Real 🥷🏻

    • @evabedzola6434
      @evabedzola6434 3 дні тому +8


    • @user-ve9pm5zb3j
      @user-ve9pm5zb3j 3 дні тому +7

      Кто предпочёл не переводить текст поймёт по наряду

  • @JJ666JJ
    @JJ666JJ 18 годин тому +173

    He rapped, sang opera, sang, all while dancing jumping, spinning and running, and people are still hating on him🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️❤❤

    • @Vyrion_Edits
      @Vyrion_Edits 13 годин тому +14

      I dont even watch Eurovision and i saw everyone hating this, now that i heard it i understand how it won, really beautiful, but i think the most constroversial thing about it is just the skirt actually.

    • @JJ666JJ
      @JJ666JJ 13 годин тому +2

      @@Vyrion_Edits I dont watch them either, i just saw the arguing on the Internet and got curious.
      Most people also seem to be upset that the blonde guy with the blue suit got disqualified? Idk

    • @Alyx-yc7lz
      @Alyx-yc7lz 12 годин тому +4

      @@JJ666JJ yeah, he got disqualified because there was rumour that he was a harassing a female camera person but it claimed not to be true but he was already disqualified the song was about his dead parents so I feel so bad for him

    • @isesdrenthe324
      @isesdrenthe324 11 годин тому +3

      this man is amazing if I run the stage like that I am out of breath and Nemo still sings like a Angel

    • @chrismclaughlin6323
      @chrismclaughlin6323 9 годин тому

      Why? They're fkn amazing!

  • @user-tk4ly5pi9m
    @user-tk4ly5pi9m 12 днів тому +27984

    This song is so Eurovision that not even Eurovision knows how to deal with it.

    • @xrayban2
      @xrayban2 12 днів тому +170

      Seems it will win ...

    • @LinusB03
      @LinusB03 12 днів тому +623

      Literally broke the code

    • @SaniWemi-pz2sx
      @SaniWemi-pz2sx 12 днів тому +191

      It's a nightmare..Ein Albtraum

    • @tabula.rasa.00
      @tabula.rasa.00 12 днів тому +209

      Eurovision celebrates diversity with music, so he broke the code wo ho ho😁

    • @robpattz7796
      @robpattz7796 12 днів тому +87

      He broke the Code 😉

  • @irmaramusovic8073
    @irmaramusovic8073 11 днів тому +18367

    Jury: Switzerland
    Public: Croatia
    No one: UK
    Croatia: Meow

  • @hazellevesque692
    @hazellevesque692 День тому +162

    The vocals are heavenly; the performance is cool, and this specific performance even had an old politician in my country raging about “the degradation of the Western society” in front of the whole council just because of the absolutely fire outfit. Loved it.

    • @noondarkly
      @noondarkly 13 годин тому +3

      Do you live in Hungary by any chance? 😂

    • @MiguelGonzalez-ov3xy
      @MiguelGonzalez-ov3xy 8 годин тому +2

      If anything, it's Western society acknowledging people's freedom to be true to themselves, but that is apparently a 'threat' to others.

  • @connrow252
    @connrow252 2 дні тому +104

    Шикарное выступление! Совместить несколько стилей (?) пения, взять такие высокие ноты, да и ещё активные движения на сцене, которые не отражаются на вокале. Это заслуженная победа 🫶

    • @almazalmaz7131
      @almazalmaz7131 15 годин тому +5

      Даже дыхание не сбил пока носился как лошадь дурная по сцене🤣

    • @user-np1xd4fj7y
      @user-np1xd4fj7y Годину тому +1


  • @samfisher7953
    @samfisher7953 7 днів тому +3651

    Do you want back vocals?
    Nemo: No.
    Do you want rappers?
    Nemo: No.
    Maybe, you want dancers or actors on stage?
    Nemo: No.
    So what do you want?
    Nemo: Have you a whirling and swaying disc?

    • @BvB09472
      @BvB09472 7 днів тому +39

      Yes because he is nemo😂

    • @Patbossa
      @Patbossa 7 днів тому +63

      There are back vocals🤣

    • @silviakonfuria4124
      @silviakonfuria4124 7 днів тому +5


    • @mr.weirdo69602
      @mr.weirdo69602 7 днів тому +11

      ​@@Patbossaonly in the start

    • @olya_lavrin
      @olya_lavrin 7 днів тому +70

      Bro, the joke is that they don't need any of this. They alone can literally make their show within the show, using only their shockingly clean and stable vocals, this disc and their charisma. And it looks very spectacular!

  • @LisaSimpsonRules
    @LisaSimpsonRules 4 дні тому +2211

    i don't know how they manage it, but in Eurovision is the only place where LIVE singers sound better than on a studio recording.

    • @theyuriy9995
      @theyuriy9995 4 дні тому +136

      I KNOW RIGHT???? I wanted to add this song on my playlist but the studio just doesn't sound like it. Same with Croatia actually, both just sound way better on live.

    • @2am-Darkk
      @2am-Darkk 4 дні тому +5


    • @zylas.950
      @zylas.950 3 дні тому +9

      Background, u can hear he the audience

    • @LisaSimpsonRules
      @LisaSimpsonRules 3 дні тому +49

      ​@@zylas.950 No, it's not that. At least not only that. Nemo sounds so much better, and he is not the only case. In general every one sounds better in Eurovision than recorded. That never happens anywhere else

    • @bzzzzzzzzzz32456
      @bzzzzzzzzzz32456 3 дні тому +16

      Nemo had backvocals too,these part of opera he has backvocals,but I agree that many LIVE from Eurovision sounds so much better and more powerful than music video

  • @InterpretacionesMusicales
    @InterpretacionesMusicales 2 дні тому +41

    Awesome voice. A incredible discovery for me. Very good Nemo

  • @lisa.3585
    @lisa.3585 2 дні тому +475

    8 years ago Nemo said in a song: “Keep doubting and hating and thinking you’re better, but I keep moving and running and winning the game.”

    • @stealthy-falcon2795
      @stealthy-falcon2795 День тому +3

      Maybe the length of the title is why no one remembers or knows it

    • @vitariio_
      @vitariio_ День тому +2

      Can you tell me which one is it? I've listened to em all but I don't understand swiss😂

    • @lisa.3585
      @lisa.3585 День тому +6

      @@vitariio_ Yeah. Actually it’s not a song, but a rap, the one that made Nemo famous in 🇨🇭at the age of 16. I’ll send you the link here.

    • @lisa.3585
      @lisa.3585 День тому +1

      @@vitariio_I can’t send you the link here. Go and look for Nemo Bounce Cypher 2016, the part I mentioned is around 3:20

    • @lisa.3585
      @lisa.3585 День тому

      @@vitariio_I can’t send you the link. But go and google Nemo Cypher 2016, and the part I mentioned is around 3:20

  • @howardwoollin3607
    @howardwoollin3607 12 днів тому +11655

    Eurovision is a cross between a Pride March and a Goth weekend in Bridlington.

    • @Luhvluxxe
      @Luhvluxxe 12 днів тому +197

      Fr he looks like James Charles

    • @MarzenaSta-om7lp
      @MarzenaSta-om7lp 12 днів тому +37

      A ty zapewne wolisz jarmarki i festyny w swojej wiosce?

    • @petero7937
      @petero7937 12 днів тому +159

      Who selects these songs? How is it that we stuck with voting for the best of the worst

    • @christal4117
      @christal4117 12 днів тому +74

      ​@@petero7937Have you ever watched Eurovision? How is it selected in your country?

    • @Buceesfanmaarten
      @Buceesfanmaarten 12 днів тому

      @@petero7937 Every country's public broadcasting network, which usually consists of crazy liberals. Either way the publics vote is reasonably decent, it's the liberal jury that let's wacko's like this guy win by rigging it to give him so many points that the public vote no longer matters.

  • @paul73242
    @paul73242 11 днів тому +5479

    What I find so funny is the fact that Switzerland wins the contest the year in which the stage is actually a + symbol just like their flag.

    • @ilmanxyd
      @ilmanxyd 11 днів тому +29

      Respect the persons

    • @eebbs
      @eebbs 11 днів тому +79

      Omg youre right!

    • @arlettehohener6438
      @arlettehohener6438 11 днів тому +44

      Mir gefällt der Song auch nicht,aber gleich gegen ein ganzes Land dumm quatschen🤷‍♀️
      Da spricht wohl wieder mal der Neid😉,denn die 🇨🇭hat viel zu bieten,beste Heimet,meine Heimat😊😇

    • @yamiraven_
      @yamiraven_ 11 днів тому +22

      I noticed that too haha

    • @bertbrezel8605
      @bertbrezel8605 11 днів тому +48

      It's really really funny! And it's not respectless, it's just a great coincidence.

  • @Gotta-be-camilla_vanilla
    @Gotta-be-camilla_vanilla 2 дні тому +15

    This is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. I even just listen to it for fun but one thing while it was live is that the rap was very unexpected but soo good
    Like if you agree 👍

  • @Eii22
    @Eii22 12 днів тому +10157

    He broke the code and the trophy🤣🤣🤣
    ”Give the other half to Croatia”❤️

    • @kairikallas5009
      @kairikallas5009 12 днів тому +248

      I thought I was only imagining it, but I think I heard some glass breaking too 🤭

    • @TheMochiPochi
      @TheMochiPochi 12 днів тому +80

      Hahaha I thought so too. Good to know I was not the only one :)

    • @Mm2goatgirl
      @Mm2goatgirl 12 днів тому +5

      @@TheMochiPochiYHH IKR

    • @markevans2280
      @markevans2280 12 днів тому +48

      Ye I saw it broken on stage 😂

    • @Arturas1244
      @Arturas1244 12 днів тому +185

      @@kairikallas5009 he left half on stage, croatia should won if you look at votes from people swiss only got like what 200 points, we should remove fully votes from judges

  • @chelli5567
    @chelli5567 9 днів тому +3579

    I am more fascinated by how they can jump and run around and then sing operas continuously at the end.

    • @queenofthedamned31
      @queenofthedamned31 9 днів тому +66

      I learned 10 years singing( I had been sopran). In singing is banned to hear gasping or breathing. My teacher told me to almost not to breath.

    • @trixie082
      @trixie082 9 днів тому +74

      He is hitting high notes and has good intonation, but this kind of screaming has nothing to do with opera singing.

    • @user-gj9um4yf1s
      @user-gj9um4yf1s 9 днів тому

      first comment im like:

    • @casiopeelinda3747
      @casiopeelinda3747 9 днів тому +40

      ​@@trixie082 ne cherche pas la petite bête c est de l opéra du classique rap et pop l équilibriste sur la toupie
      Il mérite la victoire il a le talent
      Il a quand même le droit de revendiquer ces choix d ailleurs sa chanson raconte the code
      Que de la jalousie de la méchanceté gratuite c est dégueulasse de toute façon si ont aime pas Némo
      Ont ne peut aimé Freddy Mercury prince Michael Jackson dépêche mode dead or Alive Marylin Manson etc

    • @maxzett
      @maxzett 9 днів тому +36

      i was so confused by the "they" lol. was like "who else did it?"

  • @owlofathena1247
    @owlofathena1247 2 дні тому +217

    I felt goosebumps at 2:54 when I heard the crowd cheering so loudly, this athletic performance while simultaneously singing was the most impressive part in the whole ESC

    • @henrytownsend6290
      @henrytownsend6290 20 годин тому +3

      Wow... you must be very easy to please 😂

    • @klausre91
      @klausre91 11 годин тому +1

      @@henrytownsend6290 facts lmao..

  • @brigittelikeslanguages8916
    @brigittelikeslanguages8916 2 дні тому +72

    Мне очень понравилось ❤❤ 🇨🇭
    Nemo you are so talented!! It's extremely hard to pull off different genres/ styles all in one song! They have won!
    Nemo have won! ❤ 🇨🇭 ❤

    • @user-rn7km4bv2r
      @user-rn7km4bv2r 18 годин тому +7

      ДААААААА я всё ещё удивляюсь как Немо удалось так чисто и красиво спеть! Тем более когда он так двигается и кружится

  • @McConnellsGuitar
    @McConnellsGuitar 11 днів тому +3177

    The real hero of this song is whoever designed the grip on the bottom of those shoes.

    • @a.mie.533
      @a.mie.533 11 днів тому +7


    • @jayk9777
      @jayk9777 11 днів тому +3

      indeed shoes

    • @toshiyaar7885
      @toshiyaar7885 11 днів тому +2


    • @Luke_05
      @Luke_05 11 днів тому +45

      Me and my mum were wondering the exact same thing. How did he not fall off??

    • @deessy4595
      @deessy4595 11 днів тому +47

      Un grand merci à la communauté LGBT d’avoir fait gagner la Suisse et d’avoir mis une grosse claque à l’État de Israël merci a vous 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🧡 et soutien aux personnes Non-Binaire

  • @user-hu5uz7oh1u
    @user-hu5uz7oh1u 6 днів тому +2827

    you can hear how out of breath they are but they don't miss a SINGLE note

    • @cianmoriarty7345
      @cianmoriarty7345 6 днів тому +240


    • @-tv-5891
      @-tv-5891 6 днів тому

      Он небинарная личность поэтому к нему обращаются на "они"​ независимо от его пола@@howboutdis3908

    • @-tv-5891
      @-tv-5891 6 днів тому +103

      ​@@cianmoriarty7345Он небинарная личность поэтому к нему обращаются на "они" независимо от его пола

    • @IamSarahplays
      @IamSarahplays 6 днів тому

      He is non binary​@@cianmoriarty7345

    • @johnkanadjhg5557
      @johnkanadjhg5557 6 днів тому +115


  • @user-zk6uc4hc8d
    @user-zk6uc4hc8d 2 дні тому +17

    Немо конечно талантливый ❤

  • @mil_linae
    @mil_linae 3 дні тому +28

    Пишу только по одной причине...Каждый раз я буквально плачу с середины песни. Не от негатива, у меня так выходят эмоции. Это просто невероятная песня в очень близком для меня стиле, с близким мне текстом. Они невероятны...

  • @MikkiLGalloway
    @MikkiLGalloway 9 днів тому +1899

    This was not my favourite but it’s an impeccable performance, they rap, sing opera, run and swirl around at the same time without even noticing their breathing.

    • @DDR.GDR1949
      @DDR.GDR1949 9 днів тому +6


    • @Dukilein1984
      @Dukilein1984 9 днів тому +21

      What a coincidence that your profil exists since 01.05.24. So troll somewhere else bot.

    • @Peisari
      @Peisari 9 днів тому +59

      @@Dukilein1984 why do you think its a troll? its a perfectly condivisibile opinion, as a matter of fact it’s 100% my opinion

    • @carlo1164
      @carlo1164 9 днів тому +35

      who they, I see one person

    • @Dukilein1984
      @Dukilein1984 9 днів тому +4

      @@carlo1164 Dude, it is a bot. Dont bother. And besides reporting the profile and the link in the profile (pishing, dont click) youtube just lets it stay.
      Total Freakshow.

  • @qiqiarchon
    @qiqiarchon 11 днів тому +3691

    Nemo: Broke the code
    Switzerland: Broke the trophy
    EBU: Broke the fairness
    Croatia: Meow
    Edit: tysm for the likes

    • @meow966
      @meow966 11 днів тому +28

      I saw the trophy break....😭😭😭😭

    • @signebrummerstedt9205
      @signebrummerstedt9205 11 днів тому +13

      Found the best comment

    • @beefypugsleyschannel-kl4ru
      @beefypugsleyschannel-kl4ru 11 днів тому +59

      Netherlands: Broke the rules 😅

    • @byeonmave
      @byeonmave 11 днів тому +1


    • @cococream_
      @cococream_ 11 днів тому +22

      you never listen to music to find that Croatia was good? it was very poor musically

  • @chelli5567
    @chelli5567 4 дні тому +664

    Nemo is out of breath at the end and then sings another 25 seconds of opera.

    • @henryizus9943
      @henryizus9943 3 дні тому +12

      Thats what i call gay

    • @Xx_STRHMN_xX
      @Xx_STRHMN_xX 3 дні тому +32

      @@henryizus9943 You're not the one singing for your country here

    • @dellyspice
      @dellyspice 3 дні тому +5

      so gay XD

    • @flopsuma
      @flopsuma 2 дні тому +10

      @@dellyspice how does singing in opera/having talent make you attracted to the opposite gender?

    • @evexian
      @evexian 2 дні тому +4

      @@flopsumabro is literally non binary and gay too. Look at what he’s wearing, a goddamn skirt and a pink fur jacket. The song by itself is good, the singer is who I have a problem with.

  • @user-yi3yr6jk7n
    @user-yi3yr6jk7n 2 дні тому +13

    Very cool! Thank you for fantastic song. From Ukraine

  • @JustB3NJI
    @JustB3NJI 9 днів тому +1604

    It cannot be understated just how good that was for being live. Nemo has got some serious stamina. Seriously not easy for any good singer to keep their vocal quality when moving around like that.

    • @SvetlanaMasha
      @SvetlanaMasha 9 днів тому +25

      Which vocal quality ?!

    • @Isabelle-hv6ny
      @Isabelle-hv6ny 9 днів тому +167

      ​@@SvetlanaMashaClearly you have issues with your hearing

    • @zhye5588
      @zhye5588 8 днів тому +16

      Yes vocally it was very impressive. Lyrically meh but overall performance was great.

    • @jeanalva6924
      @jeanalva6924 8 днів тому +45

      @@SvetlanaMasha do you realize he's singing opera? Literally... the complexity is unmatched with anyone this year....

    • @daysymare1
      @daysymare1 8 днів тому +3

      Realmente impressionante sua voz e sua performance no palco. 👏👏👏

  • @pleasemeowback
    @pleasemeowback 9 днів тому +1406

    I am still very impressed how Nemo didn't get hurt doing all the performances on this Plattform, but almost instantly broke the trophy and a thumb after winning.

    • @user-hz2es6bf7t
      @user-hz2es6bf7t 8 днів тому +12

      Maybe he had magnetic shoes.

    • @oregano1246
      @oregano1246 8 днів тому +61

      ​@@user-hz2es6bf7t Nemo uses they/them pronouns ;)

    • @jelena92
      @jelena92 8 днів тому +26

      ​@@oregano1246 That s very crazy. How bored you must be to don t know who you are😅 He has some bag in his sistem

    • @oregano1246
      @oregano1246 8 днів тому +57

      @@jelena92 I'm pretty sure Nemo knows who they are and so am I

    • @adder09
      @adder09 8 днів тому +6

      ​@@oregano1246 Speak english pls

  • @user-my7dp4ei9z
    @user-my7dp4ei9z 3 дні тому +14

    Не следила за Евровидением, но когда случайно увидела выступление, сразу сказала , что он победит. Номер одновременно прост и сложен, молодец!
    Жаль , что Россия не участвует уже который год

  • @lyublyuzhizn
    @lyublyuzhizn 2 дні тому +15

    Мне так нравится как он поёт. Это супер ❤
    Голос и артист 🎉 Великолепно!

  • @dziosefina
    @dziosefina 5 днів тому +1432

    I have never seen a voice so clear and in tune throughout the performance, especially when moving. For a moment I thought it was a phonogram..

    • @owneddiagonal
      @owneddiagonal 5 днів тому +19

      Well that happens when you only see spotify rappers on stage

    • @krychel1263
      @krychel1263 4 дні тому +6

      its literally playback bro

    • @addractive_neverland
      @addractive_neverland 4 дні тому +53

      @@krychel1263 bro playback isnt even allowed at eurovision

    • @localphysicsenthusiast5315
      @localphysicsenthusiast5315 4 дні тому +27

      @@krychel1263 playback isnt even allowed lmao

    • @voul2948
      @voul2948 4 дні тому +28

      @@krychel1263 you can hear them breath , i dont think its playback

  • @kassiopea2019
    @kassiopea2019 2 дні тому +12

    Amazing singer and voice and entertainment! They have very big talent!They really broken cod!❤❤❤!Bravo Nemo!I like you very much!👏👏👏👍👍God bless you and good luck from Ukraine!🙏🙏🙏💛💙🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • @Samnamman
    @Samnamman 10 днів тому +1646

    Respect to Nemo for not falling on the spinning thing

    • @nataszapolasinska2577
      @nataszapolasinska2577 10 днів тому +26

      Was the thing somehow steered of he just made it move with his body weight? It looks impossible how much control he seems to be having over it

    • @Samnamman
      @Samnamman 10 днів тому +48

      @@nataszapolasinska2577 they probably just practiced many times until they finally got it

    • @tsakouannam3826
      @tsakouannam3826 10 днів тому

      ​@@nataszapolasinska2577I saw on tik tok that some men were going back and forth to change it position

    • @baronjutter
      @baronjutter 10 днів тому +56

      The fact that they could sing so well while also spinning and jumping and sliding around that contraption was really amazing. Didn't need any backup dancers. Really really impressive.

    • @ThatKingNoob
      @ThatKingNoob 10 днів тому +7

      @@baronjuttertotally agree, its amazing.

  • @user-ux4qh2cn6l
    @user-ux4qh2cn6l 2 дні тому +136

    Litterally as soon as I watched the eurovision a day later this song was stuck in my head 24/7 and this is like the 10th time i’m watching this performance, and i cannot even imagine how hard it is to sing all these notes while running,jumping and spinning around in circles, a big congratulations to nemo ❤ i love nemooooo ❤

    • @kingep3754
      @kingep3754 День тому

      While I understand your enthusiasm for Nemo's work, I must interject with a dissenting opinion regarding "The Code." Frankly, it's a trite composition devoid of any semblance of originality or artistic merit. The track's repetitive structure and banal lyrics fail to elicit even a modicum of intellectual or emotional engagement. I find it rather perplexing that 'The Code' by Nemo garners acclaim. The lyrical narrative appears excessively abstract and convoluted, rendering it arduous to decipher or engender any genuine emotional resonance. The production quality, regrettably, seems disorganized and unduly intricate, obscuring any semblance of a discernible melody beneath layers of cacophony. Furthermore, the absence of a memorable refrain or melodic motif contributes to a sense of musical forgettability, devoid of any enduring hook or distinctive chorus. So yeah stfu, croatia is better

    • @DaveMathewslayer0345
      @DaveMathewslayer0345 22 години тому +1

      ​@@kingep3754how hateful can you be to not see that this comment is not about comparison?

    • @kingep3754
      @kingep3754 18 годин тому

      @@DaveMathewslayer0345 very

    • @DaveMathewslayer0345
      @DaveMathewslayer0345 17 годин тому

      @@kingep3754 understandable, have a nice day 👍

    • @kingep3754
      @kingep3754 16 годин тому

      @@DaveMathewslayer0345 oke

  • @Zeepjeliefs
    @Zeepjeliefs 2 дні тому +18

    Nemo has nerves of steel to pull this off under so much pressure 😂 the song is cool and the voice is so good imo. Good winner. ❤🎉

  • @slaptaslapta7334
    @slaptaslapta7334 9 днів тому +2645

    Eurovision: what do you want to break?
    Nemo: trophy

    • @dieZera
      @dieZera 9 днів тому +13


    • @Ky0k0_k0ku
      @Ky0k0_k0ku 9 днів тому +35

      And thumb (Based on what I heard, they* also broke their* thumb)

    • @meunome2445
      @meunome2445 9 днів тому +4


    • @lVideoWatcherl
      @lVideoWatcherl 9 днів тому +26

      Funnily, I remarked that the trophy looked very fragile and that I'd bet Nemo would break it the moment Nemo got handed it, and then left the room, and just a minute later my partner was laughing hysterically... pretty funny.

    • @riina___
      @riina___ 9 днів тому +10

      Not the first time it happened they gotta improve it 😂

  • @wonkyuness
    @wonkyuness 11 днів тому +2459

    “I broke the code and I broke the trophy, the thropy can be fixed, maybe the eurovision needs a bit of fixing too”
    - Nemo

    • @renab7
      @renab7 11 днів тому +142

      Yes, definitely need fixing, since now it is unwatchable.

    • @fredhasopinions
      @fredhasopinions 11 днів тому +207

      honestly, I think Nemo as a winner and Eurovision in Switzerland next year was the best chance of fixing this contest that we could've gotten. Let's hope their words when accepting the trophy can somehow, with a lot of work, hold true.

    • @jedanlik5597
      @jedanlik5597 11 днів тому +39

      Everyone that agrees lets just all stop watching until they kick juries out

    • @Jelena2022
      @Jelena2022 11 днів тому

      I will for the rest of my life be anti lgbtq rights because of this theft. This is disgusting.

    • @talarad1571
      @talarad1571 11 днів тому +13

      agree the jury stop being scammers

  • @jeanjacquesrousseau1955
    @jeanjacquesrousseau1955 3 дні тому +31

    Just hearing it the first time with zero expectations and the song actually is surprisingly good.

  • @AgonizingDemise
    @AgonizingDemise 3 дні тому +15

    Damn, that was impressive!

  • @aartt_eimie
    @aartt_eimie 10 днів тому +1857

    Someone is a rare case when a rapper can sing and even a really outstanding vocalist

    • @ernagi12
      @ernagi12 10 днів тому +28


    • @filink2008
      @filink2008 10 днів тому +23

      bro is not a rapper

    • @olandoblen5791
      @olandoblen5791 10 днів тому +9

      Not so rare in Nu Metal and some new Metalcore songs 🤘 there are some one man army vocalists doing clean and heavy vocals + rapping or combined

    • @Soax
      @Soax 10 днів тому +62

      @@filink2008 Nemo is a swiss rapper actually

    • @davidarjon2551
      @davidarjon2551 10 днів тому +28

      He is a rapper??? he's got an amazing voice🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
      I supposed he was a singer who raps, not a rapper who sings

  • @stasyafokina5171
    @stasyafokina5171 2 дні тому +13

    Дуже професійно, емоційно і сильно! Браво! Nemo=love❤️

  • @Kvibze17TeamProH
    @Kvibze17TeamProH 2 дні тому +10

    Bro stop breaking a satellite nasa needs it for cosmic photos

  • @rijadcub2208
    @rijadcub2208 10 днів тому +1186

    It's funny, that the stage looks like switzerland

    • @a.p.9562
      @a.p.9562 10 днів тому +18

      Yes! I notice that too!

    • @baronjutter
      @baronjutter 10 днів тому +34

      I was saying the contest was rigged because they made the stage the swiss flag lol

    • @meow966
      @meow966 10 днів тому +3


    • @Pinin-nf5lk
      @Pinin-nf5lk 10 днів тому +11

      I am from switzerland😂

    • @londonostudentas
      @londonostudentas 10 днів тому +3

      Everybody knows the dice was loaded....everybody knows 😉😘😊

  • @biggestlakestan
    @biggestlakestan 4 дні тому +374

    Nobody, absolutely nobody..:
    "Hey nemo whats your singing style?"

  • @GhostlyDogg
    @GhostlyDogg 2 дні тому +285

    You can't watch that and tell me it's not an absolutely iconic performance

  • @omegothic
    @omegothic 2 дні тому +179

    y'all better stop hating. this year both the winner and the runner-up deserved the win, you cannot deny it. i was supporting baby lasagna from the moment he was chosen to represent croatia and he never stopped being my personal winner. but there's no way y'all see nemo's performance and go "they cannot sing" or "this song is bad". nemo's song is phenomenal and their vocals are perfect. their personal style is different but it doesn't make them less of talented artist. and their gender identity is not something grown adults should bully them for. nemo is like the sweetest person ever and doesn't deserve the hate.

    • @Zeepjeliefs
      @Zeepjeliefs 2 дні тому +6

      I have difficulty using the right pronouns, you are doing it awesome:) I love how this performance is so active and all while hitting all the notes.... Omg! And the song is fun!

    • @frenchtoast4491
      @frenchtoast4491 2 дні тому +4

      Thank you

    • @angelwebss
      @angelwebss День тому +2

      Exactly !! You worded my thoughts perfectly.

    • @bolg892
      @bolg892 День тому +3

      No. It's trash and so is this entire song contest at this point.

    • @CIeaner23
      @CIeaner23 День тому +1

      you mean he

  • @LenkaHatakeRAWR
    @LenkaHatakeRAWR 6 днів тому +373

    This may not be everyone’s tastes but it’s insane how well nemo sang and performed this whole song. They absolutely deserved the win.

    • @_McCormickProductions
      @_McCormickProductions 4 дні тому +10

      I voted for Croatia but I'm not disappointed that the winner is Switzerland!!

    • @mirkom4599
      @mirkom4599 4 дні тому +9

      perfect song, elements of pop, rap, opera, arrangement, lyrics, persuasiveness in text delivery, composition, singing, energy.... simply flawless...

    • @paresse7863
      @paresse7863 4 дні тому +10

      ​@@user-id1uy8qv5j They're non-binary so yes, it's they

    • @greenkitty82
      @greenkitty82 4 дні тому +2

      ​@@_McCormickProductionsSwitzerland got my vote this time round as I liked the song and how Nemo was able to sing spinning and balancing on that plate. Well deserved winner ♥️

    • @Skaevs
      @Skaevs 4 дні тому +3

      ​@@user-id1uy8qv5j they has always been used as a singular pronoun. It is how you refer to a person who's gender you don't know.

  • @Cavm19
    @Cavm19 8 днів тому +1159

    It’s a James Bond theme on acid

    • @federalbureauofinvestigati186
      @federalbureauofinvestigati186 8 днів тому +18

      You're on to smth.

    • @genx156
      @genx156 8 днів тому +46

      I was thinking James Bond movie when I heard it too - but to mix in Drum n Bass & also a Rap is pure genius 💞

    • @TheNecrozoid
      @TheNecrozoid 8 днів тому +20

      okay now I can't unhear it! Those high vocals coming straight down, very Bond-esque actually. Plus going to hell and back and breaking codes is pretty on brand for Bond I guess lol

    • @soifong1334
      @soifong1334 8 днів тому +7

      HAHAHHA i agree with u exactly my thought when i heard it for the first time!

    • @MrTuas
      @MrTuas 8 днів тому +33

      its Pop, its opera, its rap, its drum n base, its bond, very deserved win, the haters are wilding.

  • @dimage6602
    @dimage6602 2 дні тому +12

    Ладно, он заслуженно получил 1-ое место

    • @mnp_1
      @mnp_1 11 годин тому +1

      Согл, думал получил первое место из-за его перфоменса, но когда послушал аболдел

  • @dvdeus1
    @dvdeus1 2 дні тому +11

    Although I had to force myself to listen to this (because I was sure this would be garbage) I find myself liking this performance a lot.
    Cudos to all participants, to the songwriters, the producers and the performer. Stay grounded. Stay human.

    • @PolishRedPanda
      @PolishRedPanda 2 дні тому +1

      I forced myself to listen to baby lasagna and it turned out well aswell😅

    • @dvdeus1
      @dvdeus1 2 дні тому +2

      @@PolishRedPanda I listened to that one, too. Immediatly I thought "Laichzeit" which is my second favourite song of the first Rammstein album.

    • @PolishRedPanda
      @PolishRedPanda 2 дні тому +2

      ​@@dvdeus1Power of Eurovision :)

  • @senauyar6265
    @senauyar6265 9 днів тому +1497

    He deserved. He did rap, opera and pop at the same time. Even though he ran, his voice never trembled.

    • @sindar5964
      @sindar5964 9 днів тому +38

      Did you ever hear opera?

    • @TotallyCtalker
      @TotallyCtalker 8 днів тому +23

      did you listen to croatia? that dude danced Hopak and still sang, didnt stop dancing, didnt even stand still for a second

    • @hildegardkuhne3211
      @hildegardkuhne3211 8 днів тому +20

      Are you shure, the song is a live performance?

    • @TotallyCtalker
      @TotallyCtalker 8 днів тому +9

      @@hildegardkuhne3211 nemo - the code is a live performance but it sucked tbh, the only thing that he did that was cool was running and singing at once, but croatia outclassed him by dancing hopak while screaming out of his lungs

    • @elejniex
      @elejniex 8 днів тому +8

      Don’t forget about the sick Drum&Base dance beat beneath all of that!

  • @jackmcdonnell7566
    @jackmcdonnell7566 11 днів тому +1813

    I love how Eurovision is supposed to promote diversity yet nearly everyone sings in English 😂😂

    • @Nikkikoo99
      @Nikkikoo99 11 днів тому +141

      Exactly, thats why i enjoyed more with Ukrainian, Armenian and French songs

    • @Luvxpawszq
      @Luvxpawszq 11 днів тому +33

      Only Greece was in Greek😂

    • @milosjovicevic6083
      @milosjovicevic6083 11 днів тому +10

      Serbia not 😎

    • @irynayarova8343
      @irynayarova8343 11 днів тому +107

      only like 10 songs in the grand final were in english tho

    • @sofiabruiz17
      @sofiabruiz17 11 днів тому +42

      ​@@Luvxpawszq naa many countries like Spain have always sang in their own language. It's not common but greece isnt the only one

  • @user-kf1bv4vj1b
    @user-kf1bv4vj1b 2 дні тому +59

    Как замечательно что Евровидение открывает для нас таких талантливых артистов, даёт им возможность прославиться на весь мир🎉🎉🎉🎉

    • @zazanozadze605
      @zazanozadze605 2 дні тому

      где же вы талант увидели в немо? куда катится мир

    • @user-tu4ll7md2m
      @user-tu4ll7md2m 2 дні тому +4

      ​@@zazanozadze605 объективно, вокалист он сильный. Одеть в нормальную одежду, и будет хорошо

    • @user-nl8hs6qt6z
      @user-nl8hs6qt6z День тому +10

      ​@@user-tu4ll7md2m, какая разница в чём он одет, поёт ШИКАРНО)

    • @user-kf1bv4vj1b
      @user-kf1bv4vj1b День тому +7

      @@zazanozadze605 во первых ,ну если нет таланта, тогда давайте вас туда на сцену пригласим вы повторите.....во вторых не только я увидела, но и вся Европа))))

    • @VivaLaOptimisma
      @VivaLaOptimisma 23 години тому +1

      @@zazanozadze605 не нравиться - просто не смотрите

  • @user-yq9zj6tu9m
    @user-yq9zj6tu9m 3 дні тому +95

    I'm amazed. This guy is a talent. This is a well-deserved win, both the singing and the acting, it was wonderful...the more you look, the more you listen, the more you listen, Nemo sent positive emotions to all of us. Bravo.😊😊

  • @EdjeMr1975
    @EdjeMr1975 9 днів тому +817

    Switzerland 🇨🇭: we must win again afther 1988 Celine Dion
    Nemo: give me my skirt "

    • @DragonWarrior11-px5rl
      @DragonWarrior11-px5rl 9 днів тому +7

      And ? He won.

    • @filink2008
      @filink2008 9 днів тому +5

      @@ZampanooFloothe is NOT a rapper

    • @k.c.1065
      @k.c.1065 9 днів тому +4

      😂 definetly, the skirt was the most.

    • @YesImAYoshiFan
      @YesImAYoshiFan 9 днів тому

      @@ZampanooFloot it was not a critic, i just made a little joke, no need to take it personally I didn't mean to offend you. Btw, no, english is not my mama language, I'm Spanish.

    • @YesImAYoshiFan
      @YesImAYoshiFan 9 днів тому

      @@ZampanooFloot idek what this whole comment is supposed to mean so I'm taking it in a friendly way. Sure, not everyone has the same English level, ik. anyway i think this is the end of our conversation.

  • @marhaanzorova2815
    @marhaanzorova2815 8 днів тому +417

    Какой же мощный у него контроль дыхания. Чувак с оперы переходит на вокал, с вокала на рэп и обратно, при этом прыгает по вращающейся штуке, а голос остаётся стабильным.

    • @narikKill
      @narikKill 7 днів тому +73

      Просто потрясающее выступление. Полностью согласен. Заслуженная победа

    • @dianaa7743
      @dianaa7743 7 днів тому +11

      У меня каждый вызывает недоверие, что поют вживую.

    • @buraqq
      @buraqq 7 днів тому +2

      @@dianaa7743 так они и не поют вживую, я был на евро в 2020, та все под фанеру, это нормально

    • @feimayu
      @feimayu 7 днів тому +14

      @@buraqq так фонограмма же запрещена вроде... в этом и смысл Евровидения

    • @lianazombieone2584
      @lianazombieone2584 6 днів тому

      ​@@dianaa7743Есть видео с репетиций, не поленитесь и посмотрите) Это вживую, это талант.

  • @iamgroot8598
    @iamgroot8598 День тому +12

    It's been a long time, I think it's been 10 years. A Eurovision song came to my mind and I liked it very much. The acoustic version is very nice, thank you Nemo. Greetings and congratulations from Turkey ❤

  • @t.cderyaakten6603
    @t.cderyaakten6603 3 дні тому +7

    My two favorite song this year.1.Nemo-the code 2.Silia kapsis -liar👏🏻🤌🏻💛

  • @TIME-fe6ne
    @TIME-fe6ne 7 днів тому +875

    This live version has so much more emotions than the studio version. I honestly prefer this one xD

    • @77satoru
      @77satoru 7 днів тому +13

      i thought i was the only one

    • @thathonkvision
      @thathonkvision 7 днів тому +4

      @@77satoru frrr

    • @angelvasquez5730
      @angelvasquez5730 7 днів тому +10

      Y para que una versión en vivo sea mejor que la del estudio tiene que ser bastante increíble

    • @Paulxl
      @Paulxl 6 днів тому

      The song sounds pretty the same.

    • @user-uk5xd3tc9s
      @user-uk5xd3tc9s 6 днів тому +1


  • @aspasia-angelikikatasarkou
    @aspasia-angelikikatasarkou 5 днів тому +319

    Singing these HIGH notes while they spinning running climbing and doing ALL THAT thing in that platform IS INSANE for me. Actually when i listened to the song a second time i was like, they rapped, they did opera AND pop, all these up there!! That's brutal! Just for their amazing performance and staging and that incredible versatility of its voice, they deserved the winning. It wasn't unfair. INCLUDING its amazing personality and character, which is the most important!

    • @azrasosic1302
      @azrasosic1302 5 днів тому +1

      Bro its all playback hahaha whats happen with you xd

    • @user-cw5fn9zk1q
      @user-cw5fn9zk1q 4 дні тому +22

      @@azrasosic1302it’s absolutely live performance

    • @adrianolmoshernandez5223
      @adrianolmoshernandez5223 4 дні тому +15

      @@azrasosic1302 in Eurovision no playback is allowed

    • @Sarii_MD
      @Sarii_MD 4 дні тому +10

      @@azrasosic1302In Eurovision the voice is ALWAYS live, what is a playback is the instrumental base

    • @user-zg5ew2bm7l
      @user-zg5ew2bm7l 4 дні тому +4

      He has talent but the song is trash. Just because he can sing while balancing around a table doesn't make the song any better. I thought this was a song contest, not a talent show?

  • @user-pz2jw7jk8e
    @user-pz2jw7jk8e 2 дні тому +16

    Очень круто поёт и очень милый ❤❤❤

  • @starryact4
    @starryact4 2 дні тому +12

    Lots of love from Turkiye❤

  • @hotdevil2112
    @hotdevil2112 12 днів тому +2411

    "The jury will not come to my concerts, but the audience will", Marko ❤❤❤❤❤

    • @user-cy6wm4ts8j
      @user-cy6wm4ts8j 12 днів тому +192

      *I’m from Russia 🇷🇺🪆 and I think it’s a well-deserved win. The winning song is catchy AF and the vocals are absolutely off the charts.* 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

    • @vitorferreira6062
      @vitorferreira6062 12 днів тому +73

      "the audience" Will quickly forget about him. There really isn't nothing to want to remember about this thing...

    • @zrinkaskarec6294
      @zrinkaskarec6294 12 днів тому +30

      Greetings from Croatia!Thanx for support!

    • @minecesar0879
      @minecesar0879 12 днів тому +69

      ​@@vitorferreira6062most creative song this year atleast (except maybe ireland idk)

    • @pcelicamaja6660
      @pcelicamaja6660 12 днів тому

      You wish... 😂

  • @damianp7024
    @damianp7024 11 днів тому +303

    Probably the very difficult vocal performance wasn't enough for him. He had to do an acrobatic performance in addition😂.
    Amazing artist!

    • @CookieKatt10
      @CookieKatt10 10 днів тому +9


    • @malagatravel
      @malagatravel 9 днів тому +1

      ​@@CookieKatt10 I see a man, the other guy saw a man too, so we have the right to name him the way we identify him 😈 If he wants to be they he has to look like they 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @thespiritschild
      @thespiritschild 6 днів тому

      @@malagatravelWhat’s a "they" supposed to look like to you? Lmao

    • @libbeytds
      @libbeytds 2 дні тому +1

      @@CookieKatt10 No. Wrong. Obviously.

  • @user-rj8se2yb3b
    @user-rj8se2yb3b 2 дні тому +10

    желаю счастья всем котикам, кто пришел сюда получить удовольствие от выступления
    и насылаю понос на всех пещерных людей, которые пришли сюда выливать свою ненависть ❤️

  • @chaspar
    @chaspar 3 дні тому +85

    To everyone who tells that Nemo sings playback, please listen first to the mic feed version, before spreading this lie.

  • @jadasistjohn
    @jadasistjohn 9 днів тому +546

    I used to be a fan, but after this masterpiece I'm a whole air conditioner. 🌬️

  • @Zenny_Cat24
    @Zenny_Cat24 5 днів тому +318

    Bro their voice literally sounds like heaven and not to mention they didnt miss a SINGLE note whilst spinning, running, dancing and how short of breathe you can hear them in. This is actually so impressive to me that they can also sing in rap, opera and ordinary singing in different parts of the song. Deserved win 1000%!!

    • @user-ks1kz2ir9l
      @user-ks1kz2ir9l 4 дні тому +2


    • @CowayestsUper
      @CowayestsUper 4 дні тому +3

      ​@@user-ks1kz2ir9l he is nonbinary or something like that

    • @seriousgamer1308
      @seriousgamer1308 4 дні тому +17

      @@CowayestsUperthat’s m3ntal illn3ss 🤭

    • @CowayestsUper
      @CowayestsUper 4 дні тому +1

      @@seriousgamer1308 fr

    • @beetlejuice5416
      @beetlejuice5416 4 дні тому +23

      @@seriousgamer1308 even if it were mental illness, why on earth would that make you want to laugh about them? That's seriously messed up

  • @nataliacieslak9752
    @nataliacieslak9752 2 дні тому +9

    Cieszę się, że wygrał. Byłeś w moim top 5 😌🥹👌👌👌

  • @leonora3935
    @leonora3935 3 дні тому +71

    I still can't believe I've seen it here, on planet Earth. This is so out of this world.

    • @PolishRedPanda
      @PolishRedPanda 3 дні тому +2


    • @leonora3935
      @leonora3935 3 дні тому +2

      @@PolishRedPanda I don't know it is not rational, rather subconscious, I just felt that

    • @nikeventus3756
      @nikeventus3756 День тому +1

      It’s a coded song with lots of meanings. Nemo- no name, opposite Omen-Antichrist. “I went to hell and back on track”. “I broke the code, broke chains”
      Long story but it’s out of this world, yes.

    • @leonora3935
      @leonora3935 День тому

      @@nikeventus3756 I understand lyrics and its depth as well, but I meant the performance

    • @clairduffy60
      @clairduffy60 День тому +1

      So addicted to this song and the performance. If they hadn't won, it would have been a travesty of justice.

  • @marsyo2760
    @marsyo2760 5 днів тому +776

    I know them winning didn’t make people happy but their technique is INSANE. Absolutely unmatched. Very VERY well deserved!

    • @carstenlem6331
      @carstenlem6331 4 дні тому +27

      Is he a King or why do you use the royal designation form?

    • @yellowjoe_
      @yellowjoe_ 4 дні тому +51

      @@carstenlem6331 "royal designation form" get a life, using "They" to refer to a singular person does NOTHING negative, grow up

    • @Lucas-wj8mg
      @Lucas-wj8mg 4 дні тому +23

      They? There is only one singer

    • @marsyo2760
      @marsyo2760 4 дні тому +52

      @@carstenlem6331 no, they’re just a human being who chooses to go by they/them pronouns, and I, as another human being, choose to respect their wishes. Whether you agree or disagree with this whole pronoun thing is irrelevant. Being respectful really isn’t that hard.

    • @pinknotts
      @pinknotts 4 дні тому +18

      I thought they were brilliant and deserved to win I thought the song was great

  • @possesed_beans
    @possesed_beans 4 дні тому +57

    They totally deserved the win, the live vocals are absolutely amazing - like they have such a stable voice even while running around the stage

    • @kroket.599
      @kroket.599 3 дні тому +1

      Why they? I only see one person

    • @Crao-rn8wk
      @Crao-rn8wk 3 дні тому

      You mean they has?

    • @silly.patootie
      @silly.patootie 2 дні тому

      @@kroket.599 tell me you’ve never been in school without telling me

    • @kroket.599
      @kroket.599 2 дні тому

      @@silly.patootie Ain't doing anything on school that's right

    • @silly.patootie
      @silly.patootie 2 дні тому

      @@kroket.599 i can very much tell! anyways, they/them has been used as a singular pronoun for centuries. when you get mail, do you say “who sent me this mail? he must be very sophisticated” or “who sent me this mail? they must be very sophisticated”?

  • @WastermanColli
    @WastermanColli 3 дні тому +26

    Это ВЕЛИКОЛЕПНО! Заслуженный победитель!!!

  • @user-SERPZ
    @user-SERPZ 2 дні тому +13

    Of course I'm Russian, but he's my winner.

  • @user-rl1cj7vf6u
    @user-rl1cj7vf6u 10 днів тому +443

    My food in the microwave waiting to be ready to eat

  • @antsalberta7526
    @antsalberta7526 6 днів тому +400

    I think this song is amazing live, their voice didn’t crack and even when moving or jumping it sounded so pure. The opera my god, deserved the win, a solo performance not needing any extra stage members, gold.

  • @user-hu5uz7oh1u
    @user-hu5uz7oh1u 3 дні тому +9

    I love Nemo's little "yeah!" at 1:00

  • @atnterks3061
    @atnterks3061 2 дні тому +13

    I fell in love with this song. It is kind of new bohemian rapsody. Thank you nemo for your great music, great voice and great show. You are so beautiful❤❤❤❤

  • @user-du4ml8gc6r
    @user-du4ml8gc6r 5 днів тому +34

    Талант чистой воды! Глянула другие его работы, где он читает рэп на немецком и поёт душевную народную песню, у него просто нереально широкий диапазон голоса, он хорош в любом жанре.

    • @user-rj8se2yb3b
      @user-rj8se2yb3b 5 днів тому +8

      ❤ рада встретить тёплый комментарий, а то обычно от кириллицы в комментариях к евровидению ждёшь сразу гадостей

    • @user-du4ml8gc6r
      @user-du4ml8gc6r 5 днів тому

      ​@@user-rj8se2yb3bА пожалуйста! И доброго воскресного утра!❤

  • @lauraastarita6966
    @lauraastarita6966 9 днів тому +775

    Guys, this is an excellent performance. The singer is hitting the highest notes jumping on a rotating platform and could be perfectly on tune. The falsetto was used in a very clever way and the technic was out standing! Even if the song wasn't the best in the contest, Nemo made the best performance and deserved to win. Even if you don't agree you should stop sending hate to Nemo.

    • @DieCuber
      @DieCuber 9 днів тому +6

      Croatia was better he won the heart of everyone so it is not bad but croatias was better

    • @Maax_im
      @Maax_im 9 днів тому +18

      I totally agree with you!!

    • @sonja4123
      @sonja4123 9 днів тому +1

      Si supierais que es fácil alcanzar las las notas por un motivo bastante cuestionable ..y así todas las canciones de los países...si pensáis que no hay truco en el sonido....poco de música sabéis. Si realmente cantaran todos sin efecto...ni en broma sonaría igual ni tan perfecto sin esos retoques sutiles ...no señores puro engaño.

    • @nataliemartin7338
      @nataliemartin7338 9 днів тому +6

      А это кто он, или она? новерно ОНО, какой ужас 😱 😱 😱

    • @Maax_im
      @Maax_im 9 днів тому +31

      @@nataliemartin7338 Come on, grow up and shut up.

  • @mariamartin6078
    @mariamartin6078 3 дні тому +96

    I will thank you all my life, for having voted en masse for this work of art, I felt relief when Switzerland won this damn Eurovision.

    • @lisakakashi
      @lisakakashi 3 дні тому +1

    • @CYBERMIK4056
      @CYBERMIK4056 3 дні тому +5

      Public voting its nemo only place 5

    • @lisakakashi
      @lisakakashi 3 дні тому +3

      @@CYBERMIK4056 the rules of this contest are as they are

    • @CYBERMIK4056
      @CYBERMIK4056 3 дні тому

      @@lisakakashi yes the public is not important,only inside the lgtbq bubble is important

    • @musicbyimpulse
      @musicbyimpulse 3 дні тому +5

      I was glad Switzerland won, an amazing overall performance.

  • @gela2212
    @gela2212 2 дні тому +12

    Хорошо спел 👍 мне песня напомнила диснеевские мотивы

  • @that.kategirl
    @that.kategirl 8 днів тому +371

    Eurovision: What do you want to break?
    Nemo: Yes.

  • @MisterFilOfficial
    @MisterFilOfficial 8 днів тому +688

    y'all didn't get the real meaning of this song, this song is dedicated to all the programmers around the world that go to hell and back to find themselves on track when they make a program work, and after weeks of sleepless nights and rage bursts, when they make the code work, they can proudly say "I broke the code uoh oh oh".

    • @turkanvalizada
      @turkanvalizada 8 днів тому +16

      Underrated comment 😂

    • @Furscaped
      @Furscaped 8 днів тому +2


    • @akgakg2426
      @akgakg2426 8 днів тому +3

      😂😂😂 made my day

    • @user-cf6lc9xd2y
      @user-cf6lc9xd2y 8 днів тому +3

      ну хорошо, давай без сарказма - о чём эта песня?)

    • @TheNecrozoid
      @TheNecrozoid 8 днів тому +7

      I was coding while listening to this and checked the comments on a break. You hit the nail on the head lol

  • @tanyafedorova1874
    @tanyafedorova1874 2 дні тому +16

    Это великолепно!👏😊

  • @dinaelenabensimon1332
    @dinaelenabensimon1332 2 дні тому +11

    he's voice is beautiful

  • @SelfieQueen-Waiting
    @SelfieQueen-Waiting 9 днів тому +152

    Yes, many other songs were also good this year but whether it fits your personal taste or not, Nemo‘s vocal performance was by far the most impressive and their stage performance one of the most innovative in recent years

    • @trixie082
      @trixie082 9 днів тому +4

      the perfect freak show

    • @sophiesticated7143
      @sophiesticated7143 9 днів тому

      @@trixie082 better freak or whatever else than being you.

    • @Rinoalessa
      @Rinoalessa 7 днів тому +2

      Couldn't have said it better, most complex song, difficult to sing, banger, heartfelt and innovative af.

  • @eileenkjeserud3847
    @eileenkjeserud3847 11 днів тому +876

    Norway didn't expect to win, but what the hell. Last place. We did not deserve that.

    • @tobio6496
      @tobio6496 11 днів тому +44

      Funny, I found Norway to be by far the worst song, and I am actually a rockmusic fan.

    • @mats8131
      @mats8131 11 днів тому +12

      Agreed, but better than getting disqualified.. 😢

    • @rolfdemarchi6381
      @rolfdemarchi6381 11 днів тому +11

      That‘s the ploblem with contests, there is always a last place and it‘s always unfaire!

    • @DemosthenesKar
      @DemosthenesKar 11 днів тому +5

      ​@@james-angelAs a greek, it doesn't even compare, the music theater opera here is just top notch

    • @anastasiaabyrvalg1936
      @anastasiaabyrvalg1936 11 днів тому +5

      Agreed, one of the best performances in my opinion, I am definitely adding Ulveham to my playlist.

  • @ppmm8769
    @ppmm8769 21 годину тому +10

    This song gave me weird James Bond vibes, it was so cinematic !
    Much love from France 🇫🇷 !

  • @xtinochka
    @xtinochka 2 дні тому +6

    I don't know why but this reminded me of Prince's "U got the look" video. It might be the furry coat, the curly hair, the jumps and runs. And I love Prince ❤ Nemo nailed the stage and they definitely got the look!

  • @atropin3502
    @atropin3502 10 днів тому +372

    Impressive how he manages to run around the podium while keeping his voice clean

    • @CookieKatt10
      @CookieKatt10 10 днів тому +41


    • @leiineskaufmann
      @leiineskaufmann 10 днів тому +6

      fake life recordings

    • @azerashirov1897
      @azerashirov1897 10 днів тому +15

      ​@@CookieKatt10 Are there new update in English grammar?

    • @flatterkatz
      @flatterkatz 10 днів тому +8

      it's probably prerecorded and he just lip synced

    • @marmottesoprano7561
      @marmottesoprano7561 10 днів тому +18

      @@azerashirov1897 It's been years, and misgendering people is definitely problematic.

  • @user-em3vp1tk5q
    @user-em3vp1tk5q 12 днів тому +2063

    Not only did they break the code, but they broke the throphy too.

    • @jayk9777
      @jayk9777 12 днів тому +14

      they have no idea how to break codes

    • @user-em3vp1tk5q
      @user-em3vp1tk5q 12 днів тому +28

      @@The_SafeKeeper Yea, not to mention Croatia has never won an Eurovision contest

    • @charlieblockclocksnow
      @charlieblockclocksnow 12 днів тому


    • @Gamo-SCPMobileTaskForceE-11
      @Gamo-SCPMobileTaskForceE-11 12 днів тому +27

      ​@@The_SafeKeeperthe hell, Nemo isn't a god damn groomer.

    • @AG7comingsoon
      @AG7comingsoon 12 днів тому +5

      ​@@The_SafeKeeper maybe HE is the groomer

  • @Super_real_me
    @Super_real_me 2 дні тому +9

    I admire you, you are very talented

  • @eleneva
    @eleneva День тому +24

    This guy is EXTREMELY talented 😮🤯 it's literally ART OF PERFORMING at all its perfection 👏👏👏 well deserved victory 🙌❤️♥️

  • @lVideoWatcherl
    @lVideoWatcherl 9 днів тому +45

    This was easily the best performance that evening. Strongest, most technically skilled voice, while moving and dancing. This was a very deserved win, and I'm frankly shocked to see that so many people are disagreeing with this one. There was no doubt in my mind who deserved the win after I had seen this performance, and none of the others before or after it could really compete. Frankly, only Ireland, due to the novelty, I could actually have seen beating out Nemo, but it seems that was _too_ crazy for a win.
    But overall, a highly competitive Eurovision, unlike many other times!

    • @olli2591
      @olli2591 9 днів тому +3

      I would't call this Eurovision highly competitive. It was the worst ESCs in many years and this was the best of the very few decent entries.

    • @lVideoWatcherl
      @lVideoWatcherl 9 днів тому

      @@olli2591 Wow, I thought that other than some very weak songs and performances for example from UK and Sweden, and with the exclusion of the pity points for Israel, it was a _very_ good competition, with France, Italy, Armenia, Croatia, Ireland and more all bringing very good acts.

    • @zeljko2234
      @zeljko2234 9 днів тому

      You are noob

    • @lVideoWatcherl
      @lVideoWatcherl 9 днів тому

      @@zeljko2234 Brilliantly insightful commentary, really! You must be an author, with such a multi-faceted and exciting vocabulary! Truly, your articulation is a sign of outstanding intelligence...

    • @axelleparadis5363
      @axelleparadis5363 2 дні тому

      ​@@lVideoWatcherlFRANCE 👍🏻

  • @joeldavidgauna4259
    @joeldavidgauna4259 10 днів тому +348

    Rap, opera, pop WoW...

    • @the_narik1189
      @the_narik1189 10 днів тому +12

      Its a clearly Drum&Bass, one of the best I've heard

    • @DeezyGleezy1926
      @DeezyGleezy1926 10 днів тому +2


    • @thaliaogsean1691
      @thaliaogsean1691 10 днів тому +5


    • @jimmy9381
      @jimmy9381 10 днів тому +1

      @@thaliaogsean1691 like it was something bad... 🥱

      @SPFX_BEATZ 10 днів тому

      @@the_narik1189The singing is rap, opera, pop and this on a DnB type beat.

  • @memoriedicarta
    @memoriedicarta 2 дні тому +30

    This is so impressive! It's like hearing ten different genres of songs and all of them beautiful, both the music and the lyrics. Kudos to Nemo for this masterpiece!

  • @definitelynotabot1743
    @definitelynotabot1743 2 дні тому +9

    Deserved winner and a breathtaking performance. It's really disappointing to see that some people are incapable of letting go of their bigotry and can't even show some basic human decency by using the correct pronouns. How much does it cost you to be respectful? Seems like openly queer artists can't be open about their identities and do well in the contest without being accused of using their queerness to gain points. It happened 10 years ago with Conchita, and it happened this year with Nemo. I find it absurd that two songs that have quality and winner written all over them will get written off by some people because they can't let go of the unhidden queerness. The absolute audacity to think they won because they presented themselves unconventionally! 12 points from Norway go to Switzerland❤

  • @thetmes6133
    @thetmes6133 10 днів тому +463

    this is not as bad as I expected to be honest, not a fan of the music but I can appreciate the singing qualities

    • @highdefinist9697
      @highdefinist9697 10 днів тому +54

      Yeah, after a bit of initial scepticism, I got really into the song, and for me it is the number 1 in this contest.

    • @spicrown
      @spicrown 10 днів тому +3

      @@highdefinist9697clearly not

    • @AnnaBien-pl6wz
      @AnnaBien-pl6wz 10 днів тому +18

      The more I listen, the more I like it ❤

    • @Piotrula2212
      @Piotrula2212 10 днів тому +9

      His vocals are undeniable, best singer in this contest in the past years (vocally). It's just the song that's a bit annoying but still - if this is like 100% live, there are no backtracks of his voice or choirs singing above his voice then jesus christ - he's doing almost acrobatics on the stage and his voice did not even miss a single tone.

    • @highdefinist9697
      @highdefinist9697 10 днів тому +4

      @@Piotrula2212 Yeah; Nemo missed the first high note in the beginning, but the rest was extremely good, performance-wise, both musically and acrobatically. I also liked the style of the song, and the simple but effective lyrics were the finishing touch, basically.