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The 5 Most Disturbing Interviews With Killers

  • Опубліковано 21 лют 2024
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    Thanks for watching guys! I'll be posting videos like this one every week on this channel, hope to see you over there!
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      Long time fan here! Love seeing YOU!
      P.S. Would you please turn on the "closed captions"

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      Hey man you're kinda cute new sub

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      @Thor Odinson I love everyone

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      Hi there! Thank you for all the wonderful content and 2 channels!!
      I was curious, how is your web series going?? I listened to your intro and ending statements in this video :) Are you still aiming to post weekly to both channels?? I love your videos and appreciate the time you put into them!! Keep up the great work and stay safe!
      Best wishes, Lani XX

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    You should record podcasts, your voice is really nice and clear.

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    @marksoquetjr4693 3 роки тому +40

    Edmund Kemper was so self aware.

  • @eliasmsv3156
    @eliasmsv3156 2 роки тому +9

    Ed Kemper is terrifying because of how self aware and chill he seems considering what he did

  • @alliecattlopez537
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    There's a documentary on the first clip. The mother stood by her son after knowing he murdered his younger sister, how her death transpired, & lied to 911, & his mother about giving his sister CPR. The mother took her son to several doctors, who all told her, her son was evil, a born killer, & the doctor told the mother if the son was ever released, she needs to move to the other side of the country, change her name, & never deal with him again. That the son would think nothing of killing her too. She didn't though. To this day she still deals with him.

  • @SOBEKCrocodileGod
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    Mindhunter did a great job portraying Ed Kemper

    • @shamirquinones8607
      @shamirquinones8607 3 роки тому +5

      I think they made him almost too likeable. But from what I understand of his case, guards and other people did like him.

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    Thanks for showing bits of the actual interviews! I hate when other channels just talk about the interviews and don’t show crap lol so ty!! 😃💜👍✌️

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    3:56 *buddy sound like a old black dude if u close ur eyes tho*

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    Super happy to see you back love your content already subbed to both keep up the good work

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    You look just like a human. That's so liberating for all people dealing with stuff like that. Very kind of you to be so brave!

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    You do good work, cover solid topics. Look forward to future content

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    Hey, what you're trying is a fantastic idea!! Hope it all works out for you. I'm curious to see what you can do without the constant worry of demonetization?? This should be interesting. Headed to sub your other channel, see you there. 🤗🥂

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      Thank you I hope you enjoy it!

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    Nice show bro, I'm subbed now

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    awesome stuff (Keep up the outstanding work!)

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    Ed Kemper sure likes to talk

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    Completely random to mention, but I used to live in two different apartment complexes that were down the street from one another....both are only a 5 mile drive from the correctional facility where Jodi Arias is currently held at in Goodyear, Arizona. I never knew about it until around 2018 when I just happened to watch a documentary about the case and it was mentioned that she's held at the Arizona Department of Corrections-Perryville complex. They showed some video of the facility and I recognized it from driving by a number of times while living around there. Little mind-boggling if I may say.

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    Ugh another channel to follow.
    Seriously this is the last 2nd channel im ever following. Your lucky man.
    Why wouldnt you post this to the main channel? Im super curious because yall tubers do this a lot.

    • @deburke321
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      Haha thank you I appreciate it! The videos over there will be less quality but easier to make so I can cover more topics and be more consistent, they will mostly be 5-7 minute lists where as this channel will be more tightly edited and scripted

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      It’s so he can keep one thing to one channel so he can work on more detailed stuff on this channel.

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    These crimes & statements prove the need for mental institutions..
    Hey! Been subbed to you for so long, but can't recall a face reveal before! Good to see ya! *:)*

  • @star3catcherSEQUEL
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    Yeesh, that Hughs guy. I didn't know it was possible for a murderer to be an edgelord, but here we are.

    @DJBIGCG 4 роки тому +9

    Hopefully here in February 2020, that 13 year old who killed his 4 year old sister is still in jail and never released.

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    I dig this channel...you have a good voice.

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    Excellent show, keep making more.... You should be on NBC,ABC or whatever on every night with these storys......

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    It's weird to think about but I wonder what goes on in the mind of a killer during the act...... I can't imagine taking a innocent life, I couldn't live with myself.

    • @false_idol__
      @false_idol__ 3 роки тому +8

      They're not human. They're monsters without hearts.

    • @random.49870
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      "I wasn't born a monster, Hollywood made me one" Boris Karloff , hold that thought...

    • @maxblak7446
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      ... I believe tht anyone , any human being n wthever their essential nature might be, CAN kill.

    • @vintaqe_vibez5978
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      I heard serial killers get off when killing. That's why most of them will have sex with the bodies or in Kemp's case, the head. It's also a huge addiction for them, like a heroin addict. They HAVE to get their "fix" to feel normal, or better. It's crazy.

    • @alexandriafitts9262
      @alexandriafitts9262 2 роки тому +4

      Probably get a rush from it....like a person who gets off from doing dangerous things, like base jumping. Or free climbers. I don't understand THAT rush at all....probably same kind of rush with killers.

  • @gregyoung9687
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    Quantity has a quality all its own. - Stalin

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    put that so called lion in a cell with Kemper.. and watch a lion turn into a mouse.

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    Love this

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    Great video! You should check out "Mindhunter" on Netflix. It's a fictional series about FBI agents investigating real life serial killers. The actor who plays Edmund Kemper absolutely nails it. It's a really good show.

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    Nice to see you again!

  • @gandalf_thegrey
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    I dunno but, he's freaking honest
    he openly admits the he is not in the place to be in civil life, he says time and time again that he's a killer (Lion), he is "soulless" etc.
    That's some interesting stuff. I wouldn't expect a remorseless killer to be that "MiNdFuL" that he wants himself behind bars. At least not like this.

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    Ohhh another channel? OMW😁 BRB🙃

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    John Hughes was the most interesting one.

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    You go seanie 💕

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    I think I'm going to be on a federal watchlist

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    When Kemper said he hated his mother, he was NOT kidding. What he did to her was horrifically brutal and intensely disgusting. He's the worst on this list.

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    “I hope we’ll have a fantastic 2020” little did we know that this year would’ve turned into a shit show.

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    Jodi is FIRE ASF

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    Pretty good vid mate 👍

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    Nice to see you!

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    Dude sounds like the Cajun killer

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    Great video thnx for sharing👍

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    Kempers high IQ, what a waste of a briliant mind :(

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    I want to have a party with all these people

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    Where are you from? I can’t place your accent, sounds like an American/British mixed kind of. It also sounds like it could be from Maine, or I’m completely wrong for both lol

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    Poll: Bring back the Beard!

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    Big Edd is my favourite Serial killer 😇

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    face to the voice nice!

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    POG with the Justin Bieber haircut...nice !

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    Where is your accent from?

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      Yes I can hear Northern Irish as well as American Sheila DMJ

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      I was pondering the same thing American or Irish maybe southern Ireland his accent is quite soft not as harsh as the N.I accent. I like it very soothing.

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      @@MrsMagpie Yeah its not northern irish, well at least I don't think it's is

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      It sounds pretty neutral but it's Irish, western Ireland specifically

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    Almost 400k

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    John Hughes veered off a bit from directing Brat Pack movies.

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    Jodi enjoyed killing dude, go look at the pics of the corpse after she got done killing Alex, she had a blast.

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    They say we walk past on average 8 serial killers throughout our lifetime

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      Jacob Shaffer Good

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    U look like 1 of a 1000 serial kllers

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    Idc what anyone says these killers talk like they are so strong. Lmao u can see they are scared deep down .

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    How sad... a bunch of insecure demons talking trash and lying on their poor victims.

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    crazy people

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    First guy has a dirtstache

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    He showed his face?!?!?!?!!?

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    A lot of serial killers have very high IQs

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    wow cool

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      They would probably go AWOL and start killing and r@ping civilians

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    I wonder where all the "believe all women" people are for Jodi Arias 🤔

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    The dude who wanted the death penalty but got life instead. And when he does die he will have to explain himself in front of our creator and God wont take lighting to someone killing on of his creations

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    For the record man is the worst animal on earth worse than lions

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    What's the point. Gives no insight at all!

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    omg face reveal... you’re really cute ngl

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      Your pfp freaks me tf out

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    Guys with thick glasses alway turn out to be psycho or killers

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      ANTHONY BERRIOS What an utterly inane comment.

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    Why are you using a second channel with less subscribers to post more frequently and your main stuff to? Sorry I'm nosey lol

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    I love your videos but I'm going to be honest, your voice kinda doesn't match your face in my opinion.....
    But you're hella cute. ❤

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      Had us in the first half, not gonna lie.