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The Saddest Theme Park Ever Created (Dismaland)

  • Опубліковано 26 чер 2023
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    In 2015, Banksy created arguably his most ambitious exhibition ever. Today we take a tour of the darkest theme park ever created, Dismaland.
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  • @AmandaabnamA
    @AmandaabnamA 7 місяців тому +327

    The fact that he purposively ripped his art when it was to be sold to destroy it, but the it is worth more encapsulates how vapid the art world is

    • @taffysaur
      @taffysaur 7 місяців тому +21

      Not “his” art after it was sold. It’s actually an interesting piece, post-rip, but I don’t know that I approve of selling someone something for millions of pounds THEN destroying it.

    • @okeus
      @okeus 6 місяців тому +12

      @@taffysaur it was a piece he gave to a friend. presumably, said friend sold it to auction

    • @taffysaur
      @taffysaur 6 місяців тому +4

      @@okeus I have to assume, though, that destroying it was Bansky’s idea. I mean, that’s the point; that it’s an art piece in itself. Both the act of destruction and the destroyed piece.
      Like I said, it actually is an interesting concept, I’m only saying the guy who paid millions of pounds for it would have every right to be annoyed. After it’s sold, it’s HIS property, not Banksy’s nor the friend’s.

  • @nemosthebandit
    @nemosthebandit 8 місяців тому +1318

    I like how people think Banksy is a one man operation. Did anyone see “Exit Through the Giftshop”. Banksy is an entity comprised of multiple artists designed to sell an idea.

    • @thecinematicmind
      @thecinematicmind 8 місяців тому +70

      They even had a reference of the documentary at the gift shop at Dismaland. Nice.

    • @MermaidMakes
      @MermaidMakes 8 місяців тому +56

      We call ourselves collectives. Mostly. You could say any famous concept was created by a group of artists, including bigger celebrities. How many pop artists have a team of people that write their music for them? How many actors have a team of people directing and marketing them?

    • @uzytkownik15
      @uzytkownik15 8 місяців тому +24

      Orrr it was bullshit and a play on the viewer. Personally I think it’s a team of collaborators working for one artist

    • @MermaidMakes
      @MermaidMakes 8 місяців тому +54

      @@uzytkownik15 it is!! I’m part of an art collaborative too. Banksy is an art collaborative…probably spearheaded by one or two people. It’s like how people say “the hacker known as 4chan”. media just can’t understand there’s an entire group working harmoniously towards a singular goal. They’re used to covering politicians 😂😂

    • @revimfadli4666
      @revimfadli4666 7 місяців тому

      ​@@MermaidMakeseven politicians can have hidden backers lol

  • @duncanself5111
    @duncanself5111 8 місяців тому +1357

    I went to that with my mate from Bristol. All the staff were purposely rude and unhelpful 😆

    • @Nixx0912
      @Nixx0912 8 місяців тому +161

      Sounds like a dream job for someone who used to work in hospitality 😂

    • @_Scintill8tor
      @_Scintill8tor 8 місяців тому +60

      I am rude and unhelpful! Could have been my dream job indeed, dammit.

    • @matthewszalkowski4719
      @matthewszalkowski4719 8 місяців тому +7

      Could you be rude back or just sarcastic

    • @duncanself5111
      @duncanself5111 8 місяців тому +59

      @@matthewszalkowski4719 it was obvious it was all part of the "theme park" so nothing they said should've been taken personally. Sure you could've had fun with it and given a bit of banter back if wanted

    • @mistypuffs
      @mistypuffs 8 місяців тому +13

      It’s the British way ❤

  • @Jordanmills93
    @Jordanmills93 8 місяців тому +584

    I just have to throw this in here because I don't know if it was attentional on the artist side but the way how the Cinderella Carriage is tipped over both the pumpkin and the wheels make a perfect Mickey logo. And even though one of the wheels is completely destroyed you can still make out a quote on quote Hidden Mickey.

    • @matiasdupree4834
      @matiasdupree4834 7 місяців тому +21

      That was definitely intentional

    • @genocidegames8423
      @genocidegames8423 7 місяців тому +5

      my thought too.

    • @basicallybases
      @basicallybases 7 місяців тому +28

      also, the carriages left and right windows kinda represents mickey's eyes, and cinderella's lifeless body were used to represent his nose

    • @WobblesandBean
      @WobblesandBean 7 місяців тому +4

      Nice observation

    • @SpellboundWolf
      @SpellboundWolf 6 місяців тому +1


  • @DamperMoney
    @DamperMoney 8 місяців тому +651

    Holy shit I didn’t know that Paparazzi continued to take photos of Princess Diana’s corpse, that is beyond fucked up. I wonder what those people think knowing that people know what they did to cause her death.

    • @spidey1z
      @spidey1z 8 місяців тому

      That’s cute. You think paparazzi are human. They were probably thinking. “I hope, that I got her last picture alive and first dead picture.” The paparazzi are parasites

    • @mattd5240
      @mattd5240 8 місяців тому

      Paparazzi aren't human, they're parisytes who deserve anything bad that happens to them.

    • @Jakepearl13
      @Jakepearl13 8 місяців тому +54

      Knowing this makes me think even lower of the press

    • @CarlyCatharsis
      @CarlyCatharsis 8 місяців тому +8

      I Dunno. I Took MANY Photos
      Of My Annt; AFTER She Passed.
      Eventhough She Disliked Having
      Her Picture Taken in Life? It
      Was Actually A Way To Help ME
      Remember Her One Last Time!!
      For As WE ALL Get Older... Our
      Memories WILL Tend To Fade😣

    • @mochibunnyan6556
      @mochibunnyan6556 8 місяців тому

      ​@CarlyCatharsis yeah but Princess Diana died in a car "accident" and her corpse was probably EXTREMELY fucked up. Also, these weren't people taking pictures of their dead loved ones; it was press and paparazzi taking pictures of someone who had just died in a vicious accident that they themselves were a part of.

  • @averyeml
    @averyeml 7 місяців тому +334

    So Dismaland always messed with me extra hard specifically because of the Ariel statue in the big nasty moat. That statue glitches my brain out in a way I cannot stand but want to praise the artist endlessly for, and it also triggers this weird “kids are afraid of the most useless crap” memory I have of being an 8 year old at Walt Disney World, leaning over a railing and seeing a bronze statue of King Triton just… in the water that freaked little-kid me out to no end. It’s dumb, I’m embarrassed, but kids are afraid of useless stuff all the time and that statue just brings up an eerie ghost of that irrational fear every time I see it

    • @myaf3107
      @myaf3107 7 місяців тому +33

      from what i remember Ariel looks normal in the reflection of the water. i always thought that was rlly cool, but never thought abt what the meaning behind it could be

    • @beelzemobabbity
      @beelzemobabbity 6 місяців тому +19


    • @averyeml
      @averyeml 6 місяців тому +12

      @@beelzemobabbity yeah when that first became a thing I was like “YES! That’s ME!” But then it just kept going as this crazy trend almost like a creepypasta and I felt lowkey embarrassed to say I genuinely have it

    • @beelzemobabbity
      @beelzemobabbity 6 місяців тому +3

      @@averyeml yeah lots of stuff ends up like thats sadly

    • @medeucaa
      @medeucaa 6 місяців тому +1

      U might have submechaniphobia like i do lol

  • @Lungfish851
    @Lungfish851 8 місяців тому +1239

    I thought this was just what the average british amusement park was like

    • @Brieftrager_Pat
      @Brieftrager_Pat 8 місяців тому +12


    • @yup8865
      @yup8865 8 місяців тому +9


    • @just-dashin
      @just-dashin 7 місяців тому +13

      alton tow-

    • @rojin866
      @rojin866 7 місяців тому +10

      When he was talking about how grey and depressing the place looked the only thing i could think about was how literally every theme park I've ever visited in my country looks exactly like this.

    • @I_Was_Groot_2000
      @I_Was_Groot_2000 7 місяців тому +14

      Alton towers:
      Blackpool pleasure beach:
      Chessington worlds of adventure:
      Thorpe park:

  • @javiarcamaro7178
    @javiarcamaro7178 7 місяців тому +231

    It’s like a real life “Your childhood is over” meme as an entire park, I love it.

  • @thecinematicmind
    @thecinematicmind 8 місяців тому +331

    The Cinderella artwork in the Castle is a masterpiece.

  • @caramelo479
    @caramelo479 8 місяців тому +130

    I went there and I just remember how horrifying it was for me when I was a child. It definitely hurt a bit of my childhood seeing the ‘Disney’ castle like that and seeing a dying Cinderella.

    • @TheSapphireLeo
      @TheSapphireLeo 6 місяців тому +1

      But accurate to the facade and to the logical brain?

    • @roldirevan2130
      @roldirevan2130 6 місяців тому +5

      Welcome to the real world.

  • @redrasegarden
    @redrasegarden 8 місяців тому +201

    Banksy should look into Halloween mazes, this gave me abandoned by Disney vibes

  • @NovaDraconis
    @NovaDraconis 8 місяців тому +1002

    Art critics : This piece definitely has a deep meaning. We should recognise that the oil industry is bad and do something about it!
    Actual artist : Hahah, trucks in air go broom broom.

    • @Urm0mz
      @Urm0mz 7 місяців тому +63

      Most artists make art because they find joy in it.
      I don't know an artist who is as depressing socially as the anti social art they create😂 it ain't that deep. The blurbs are what sell the art

    • @caetano9567
      @caetano9567 7 місяців тому +9

      There are a lot of depressed artists...

    • @mintyflores7378
      @mintyflores7378 7 місяців тому +22

      I actually experienced this recently in a writing workshop. Everyone thought my short story about a person just chilling was about fear and lost memories.

    • @tophatring8445
      @tophatring8445 6 місяців тому +4

      @@caetano9567no one said there wasn’t

    • @caetano9567
      @caetano9567 6 місяців тому +2

      @@tophatring8445 i know, i was just saying...

  • @KrazyKuno
    @KrazyKuno 7 місяців тому +109

    To be honest as someone who knows the place this was based on pretty well he was spot on with how the employees feel, are treated, etc. Yeah, they say everything is all happy and great, but when you scratch the surface there's a lot of stuff you uncover; stuff they wish to keep hidden. Homeless employees, a system where one has to come into work sick or get penalized to the point of being fired, and a number of other issues. And their faithful cult of attendees don't care unless it affects them personally. I honestly wanted to buy a shirt and wear it to the (redacted) parks and see if I would cause any disturbance.

    • @WobblesandBean
      @WobblesandBean 7 місяців тому +12

      Oh yeah, I have friends who were "cast members" who all have horror stories to tell. One I find the most disturbing is how the "face" characters, like the princesses, enjoyed a cult like status among the performers. All were barely 18, but were lusted after and frequently engaged in... activities that youtube will delete my comment if I say, in the tunnels beneath the park that they use to traverse from area to area.

    • @KrazyKuno
      @KrazyKuno 7 місяців тому +14

      @@WobblesandBean the irony is they only get to be a princess for a few years, and then replaced by another younger person. So sad to then be reduced to either a mascot or shop minion.

  • @legallyrequired
    @legallyrequired 8 місяців тому +253

    This was first released when I was 13, I was absolutely fascinated by it. I’m still so upset I wasn’t able to see it in person. It is just so amazing and well done, I still think about it. Every time I see a video or article about it I feel obligated to watch it.

  • @quintinbrakebill8875
    @quintinbrakebill8875 8 місяців тому +114

    This park needs to make a return in the near future. Bring back some previous art pieces while adding some new ones based around more recent events. Come to think of it, have a sub-section of the park based around the dark sides of social media and internet in general.

    • @blxxdbvrn
      @blxxdbvrn 5 місяців тому +2

      God that’s what I think when I first saw this.

  • @GloomyFish
    @GloomyFish 8 місяців тому +427

    I went there! It was honestly amazing. So happy to see someone talking about it
    EDIT: this video is bringing back so many memories. I really wish Dismaland was still there, i would love to be able to see it again

    • @badlarry172
      @badlarry172 8 місяців тому +7

      yeh you were lucky, wish i had seen it

      @GARFIELDENA 7 місяців тому

      ENA PFP🤯

  • @cuppa_joe935
    @cuppa_joe935 7 місяців тому +69

    Fun fact, Dismaland was a big inspiration for an art project that I made a little while ago. The art project was about a theme park inside of a criminals mind and I thought the vibe of Dismaland fit that. I even made my own knock off Mickey Mouse (:

  • @Guyfrom2001
    @Guyfrom2001 8 місяців тому +101

    “My artfart mother, Karen, brought me to a shitty parody of Disneyland.” Yeah I bet I’d be let down too.

  • @onesiewoman2357
    @onesiewoman2357 8 місяців тому +142

    It was incredible. The security staff were so funny. It was only 10 miles from my home.

  • @ZefDavenport
    @ZefDavenport 6 місяців тому +16

    Oh gosh, I remember the "horse meat" situation back then. It was actually huge, and I remember my mother and grandmother stopped buying meat from the supermarket for years. heck, my grandma never again bought meat from the supermarket because she didn't trust it, instead she went to a store where she could see the meat cut and treated. The fact that a merry go round referenced this is both unnerving and satisfying.

    • @waddledottz
      @waddledottz 6 місяців тому +1

      why would people disguise horse meat as cow? horses are expensive HAHHAA

  • @allystitcheskurta
    @allystitcheskurta 8 місяців тому +218

    Dude! This just sounds like a dream come true!! A dark Disney theme park!
    Man…I wish it’ll go on, maybe make it more interesting and create it like a horror theme but Disney.

    • @selfishstockton6123
      @selfishstockton6123 8 місяців тому +18

      It doesn’t need to be horror themed. Reality is horrifying enough

    • @MuerteMorrison
      @MuerteMorrison 6 місяців тому

      They have disney haunted park mazes in hong kong, it's basically horror themed Disney characters

    • @creepersonspeed5490
      @creepersonspeed5490 3 місяці тому

      you are kind of missing the point though, this would just make it another piece of entertainment. which is not the point

  • @myaf3107
    @myaf3107 7 місяців тому +8

    I was very lucky to go when i was 13. from what I remember, the squiggly-ness of the ariel statue meant that she looked normal and non-squiggly in the reflection of the water! very cool!

  • @Wooshey_Wooj
    @Wooshey_Wooj 8 місяців тому +21

    I like how Cinderella’s chariot is in the shape of the Mickey logo.

  • @midwaygamer-ou3my
    @midwaygamer-ou3my 8 місяців тому +56

    I always felt banksy might be more than one person it's just an alias for all the people who portray him.

  • @0therun1t21
    @0therun1t21 8 місяців тому +41

    No explanation needed for any of this art, it's all very direct and gets the point across immediately, no room for interpretation. I think the messages would come through loud and clear even if you don't get the references.
    I'm not critiquing your video, I very much appreciate your tour, it's the first time I've seen some of it, including behind the walls of Dismaland, that was incredible!
    Basqiat comes to mind as well, but he was the opposite, kind of mysterious and cryptic, imptessionistic and abstract in a lot of his work but the messages still came through. I really wish he was still with us.
    The saddest robot would have fit right in with Dismaland too, total bummer!

  • @thewilliamsanimationprojec822
    @thewilliamsanimationprojec822 7 місяців тому +19

    If this was still open, a fun challenge would be try to make the staff break character and act like you’re having the time of your life in the park.

  • @legoc-3po845
    @legoc-3po845 6 місяців тому +10

    Dismaland is my favorite Amusement Park, not because it has stunning attractions or visuals but literally the polar opposite, it is so effective on making the visitants so dissapointed and upset with how delusional everything is.

  • @somebum4087
    @somebum4087 8 місяців тому +41

    I’m just curious: Did that Cinderella piece cause any outrage in the UK?

    • @skootergirl22
      @skootergirl22 8 місяців тому +10

      Don't think anyone cared

    • @thecinematicmind
      @thecinematicmind 8 місяців тому +51

      More from the media press than the public. The public knew the artwork was about criticism of the paparazzi and how they treated Princess Diana.

    • @aeddiefarmer
      @aeddiefarmer 7 місяців тому +3

      It might have if the sculpture was released closer in time to the actual event, but as it was it didn't make any waves.

  • @nyekomimi
    @nyekomimi 8 місяців тому +18

    Let's not forget that the upside-down carriage doubles as most grim Hidden Mickey!

  • @plwushii
    @plwushii 8 місяців тому +22

    Honestly this would be awsome if it was there for longer, the messages in it are amazing.

  • @eko9554
    @eko9554 8 місяців тому +12

    Reminds me of Epic Mickey and Kingdom Keepers. I remember hearing about this park around the mid 2010s on a video compilation.

  • @VixNickNacks
    @VixNickNacks 7 місяців тому +16

    I went there with my partner, I bought a t-shirt, program and won a meaningless rubber band for failing to hit a anvil off a table with a ping-pong ball.
    My partner also ended up with a golf ball from the "Crazy Gulf", you could say it was a "Hole in One!"

  • @ShortbusMooner
    @ShortbusMooner 8 місяців тому +30

    Well, I guess I didn't know much about Banksy! Thanks for filling in the gaps! 😁👍

  • @vantavarmint8212
    @vantavarmint8212 6 місяців тому +11

    Its cool to see this covered after so many years! I'm a local and I still have my shirt from when I went with my family, though I was just 11 at the time. I think its important to meantion something about why Weston-super-Mare was chosen in particular, its because its a real life version of what Dismaland is a parody of. Obviously, the direct inspiration was Disneyland but Weston has always been a tourist town and has been in decline for over a hundred years it feels like. The tides are deadly, the sand is more mud than anything else, Birnbeck pier is abandoned and inaccessable, the Grand Pier has burned down twice and is currently filled with overpriced attractions and cheap memorabilia. Every year buisness' open and close down and tourist season brings less and less people. The town is Dismaland. I grew up with it and so I am naturally fond of it because of and in spite of its many flaws but its a truely miserable place.
    As for the exibition itself, I was a particularly smart ass child so take this with a grain of salt but even back then I felt that the entire messaging of the place was a bit surface level. But thats fine, art with obvious messages has its place. My favourite part was actually the miniature city, the level of detail in that thing is truely off the charts, I'm glad I got to see it in person. Cheers for the video mate

  • @MrOnewallatatime
    @MrOnewallatatime 8 місяців тому +7

    I commented a few years back that "still my all time favorite youtube channel"... and you still don't disappoint.
    And still my all time favorite youtube channel.

  • @kexard
    @kexard 8 місяців тому +11

    This entire park reminds me of the “Mouskewitz” (or however you spell it) urban legend about the employees at Disneyland who considered it the least-happy place on earth.

    • @nickythehickey
      @nickythehickey 8 місяців тому +1

      isn’t mouskewitz the family from american tail

    • @kexard
      @kexard 8 місяців тому +1

      @@nickythehickey oh yea! It is. But, I think that was also the name of the urban legend. I don’t know if it was confirmed or not.
      Then again, maybe it was “Maushewitz”. Been a long time since I heard the legend.

    • @carminecdinoproductions
      @carminecdinoproductions 6 місяців тому


    • @kexard
      @kexard 6 місяців тому

      @@carminecdinoproductions I think it was due to harsh working conditions. Been a while since I looked into it.

  • @paulwilliamson3211
    @paulwilliamson3211 8 місяців тому +14

    As someone who lives in Weston-super-mud and has been to both Disneyland in Paris and Florida, Dismaland was the best by far.

  • @storr5313
    @storr5313 8 місяців тому +21

    I remember doing a project for this at art in school, it was a strange but awesome art installation with lots of political pieces, was left in awe with my teenage brain.

  • @StefanoAraneda
    @StefanoAraneda 8 місяців тому +39

    I always love to look at this kind of art. Thanks for an awesome video Man!!

  • @LocalTreeFort
    @LocalTreeFort 8 місяців тому +17

    I'm not usually a fan of Banksy but that Cinderella piece is amazing.

  • @booterscooch5105
    @booterscooch5105 Місяць тому +1

    I think one of the best touches is that the birds are tweeting at almost the same frequency as the camera flashes so they blend together

  • @lucario719
    @lucario719 7 місяців тому +3

    I appreciate the dark humor of Diana Cinderella's upturned carriage also being a hidden Mickey

  • @onegrlindawrld6297
    @onegrlindawrld6297 8 місяців тому +12

    This is fascinating . Best footage I've seen of it .

  • @carlapowell4864
    @carlapowell4864 8 місяців тому +19

    I love this art work!!

  • @minteaskullz
    @minteaskullz 8 місяців тому +23

    Honestly...that sounds like my dream job that i'll be definitely good at.

  • @welcometomybrain7385
    @welcometomybrain7385 7 місяців тому +7

    I was lucky enough to see this when it was open. Me and my family just happened to be in the area at the time on holiday, when we stumbled upon the exhibition. Of course we had to go in. I’ve still got the t shirt and pocket money loans leaflet. Being about 10 and a half, it was more just a cool and interesting attraction, if not a bit, well, dismal 😂
    But now I’m older I can understand and appreciate it even more. Still one of the coolest places I’ve been to!!

  • @pamelaapgar8184
    @pamelaapgar8184 8 місяців тому +15

    Man I would of loved to have seen Dismaland

  • @Dogflamingo
    @Dogflamingo 8 місяців тому +5

    Dope vid bro, you should add it to the playlist

  • @feehloif3
    @feehloif3 7 місяців тому +5

    With all seriousness, this is incredible.

  • @princesskristan
    @princesskristan 8 місяців тому +5

    I'm sad I never got to see it. I live on the other side of the world, and every video, picture, or article that I read about it, it intrigues me

  • @Spooks._.
    @Spooks._. 7 місяців тому +4

    I so badly wanted to go there! My old art teacher did a presentation on it and I begged my parents to take me as it wasn’t too far from us

  • @class37thrash
    @class37thrash 6 місяців тому +2

    I was lucky enough to be able to experience this in person. I will forever be thankful of that.

  • @Dimension137
    @Dimension137 8 місяців тому +7

    actually there was no alcohol found in the drivers system with princess Diana. no evidence to prove he was drinking

  • @carriemummy
    @carriemummy 4 місяці тому +1

    That's amazing! How did I never hear of this place? BTW, the kids on the carousel are totally joining in on the spirit of the place!

  • @TheTrumpReaper
    @TheTrumpReaper 8 місяців тому +3

    1:48 I posed for that bumper car shot. 😁☠️

  • @callmeanon660
    @callmeanon660 6 місяців тому +3

    My art teacher in elementary school showed a sort of trailer of it to the class, I dont exactly remember the lesson or the reason why but I thought it looked really cool

  • @Slikx666
    @Slikx666 8 місяців тому +9

    What an excellent idea, wish I could have gone there. 🤔👍

  • @rickshearer
    @rickshearer 8 місяців тому +68

    Why would you "highly recommend to explore the park" when it is gone? haha jk Yes, even on the internet it looks creepy...so much so I will explore the park further. As always, your many many hours of hard work with research, production and script/narration is fantastic! 📽🎬🏰

  • @blxxdbvrn
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  • @gemstone108
    @gemstone108 6 місяців тому +7

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  • @sockjems2558
    @sockjems2558 7 місяців тому +2

    I was lucky enough to go, it was a great experience. I loved the bumpercar death routine. The security guards confiscated my unicorn upon entry - it was fantastic!

  • @ladyofthelake93
    @ladyofthelake93 7 місяців тому +2

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    @MarkWilson-qx8yh 7 місяців тому +1

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  • @darrenjarvis2118
    @darrenjarvis2118 8 місяців тому +3

    Am interesting fact, once the park closed and was torn down all the material used was sent to calais to help refugees heading to England build shelters

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    • @kaitlando636
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  • @anxiousoptimism5517
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    I think that's a lot more disturbing than this thing
    I remember the horse lasagne story Princess Anne thought it was ok

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    • @Snappy650
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  • @astridmyst
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