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The Saddest Robot on Earth (Can't Help Myself)

  • Опубліковано 3 бер 2024
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    In late 2021, an art piece called "Can't Help Myself" went extremely viral. Today we'll talk about the piece and the controversial art duo behind it.
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    0:00 - Introduction
    1:20 - The Artists
    4:03 - Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other
    6:23 - If I Pass Away
    7:53 - Can't Help Myself
    12:26 - The Robot Goes Viral
    16:30 - Conclusion
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  • @deburke321
    @deburke321  11 місяців тому +4422

    This has been the stressful video I've ever made, not because of the actual creative process but because of everything that happened during it. My editing software crashed and was unusable half way through, my account was then breached and my channel was then banned. Luckily I was able to get it back but safe the say it has not been a fun week.
    I then had to render this video 6 different times because it kept rendering incorrectly. Even now, it still has a couple of flaws, there is a couple of random pauses around 5 minutes in that are not intentional and I had a swanky intro that I had to edit out but all in all, this is the best version of the video I could get out and honestly it's only a couple of small mistakes so I'm alright with it.
    I'm still happy with the actual video, but I'm much happier to have it released and to just have this weird chapter of the channel put behind me. Hopefully it's smooth sailing for the rest of the year.
    In case some weird nonsense happens again I recommend following me over on Twitter (Deburke321), I don't use it much but I used it a lot during this ordeal and it was actually a very handy tool to get the message out. I'll see you guys soon regardless, much love ❤

    • @ke_neil_we
      @ke_neil_we 11 місяців тому +21

      Is this posted Friday 31 March 2023? Feeling like I might have crossed timeliness

    • @Ghostman223
      @Ghostman223 11 місяців тому +4

      ​@@ke_neil_wedates are in video descriptions

    • @ke_neil_we
      @ke_neil_we 11 місяців тому +5

      @@Ghostman223 I know. But time travelling is weird, so I know what I'm asking sounds strange.

    • @Ghostman223
      @Ghostman223 11 місяців тому +8

      ​@@ke_neil_wetime traveling doesn't exist yet?

    • @ke_neil_we
      @ke_neil_we 11 місяців тому +4

      @@Ghostman223 it does, in Time-Space, not Space-time 😉 there's more to it than it may sound.

  • @kristopherguilbault5428
    @kristopherguilbault5428 11 місяців тому +4604

    I completely got this exhibit wrong ...i thought that the liquid was the oil that it utilized and when the oil disappeared eventually it died. And it was almost like it was bleeding and trying to stay alive by shoveling it back to itself

    • @ladylark10884
      @ladylark10884 11 місяців тому +611

      i don't think your interpretation is wrong per se! just different :>

    • @lounirs
      @lounirs 11 місяців тому +221

      I've seen many people online thinking the same thing

    • @doindaworst5824
      @doindaworst5824 11 місяців тому +403

      Oh interesting. The repetitive action is taken in a literal sense of desperately scooping your life physically back into your body. Imagine if it were a human with this interpretation instead of robot. Very interesting if not chilling.

    • @Asaspecimenyesimextraoddinary
      @Asaspecimenyesimextraoddinary 11 місяців тому +58

      @@doindaworst5824 morbid but fascinating

    • @cynxmanga
      @cynxmanga 11 місяців тому +32

      I like this interpretation

    @S0FIATH3CL0WN 10 місяців тому +652

    I always saw it as representing someone with severe depression trying to keep themself together, and to keep hope in a way. I got this from the exhaustion and the bloodlike fluid color. It made me see the shutoff of the robot as the person finally losing hope and killing themself

    • @skylarpeterson8798
      @skylarpeterson8798 9 місяців тому +6

      Yo I got a whole new image of that

    • @Hand-to-handWombatCombat
      @Hand-to-handWombatCombat 8 місяців тому +22

      Same, although I see the shutoff more like a death caused by some other cause, like a car crash.

    • @cheezicow8948
      @cheezicow8948 5 місяців тому +10

      Yes! thats how i saw it too. a person struggling so hard to keep things tidy, that in the end they make more of a mess and wear themself out.

    • @Sawrunner.
      @Sawrunner. 4 місяці тому +1


    • @rickwilliams967
      @rickwilliams967 2 дні тому

      Except the robots will kill us instead

  • @leila13dnd
    @leila13dnd 11 місяців тому +1746

    The dogs that cannot touch each other was actually pretty tame in my opinion. The dogs get to run, their owners are there to intervene and a medical team in case something happens and the treadmills aren't motorized so accidents are less likely.
    Now the curtain of crustaceans and snakes? That unsettled me far more.

    • @REC-L
      @REC-L 9 місяців тому +70

      You just explained basically the daily lives of animals like pigs, cows in tight spaces with bare or even minimum amount of living space

    • @Tser
      @Tser 8 місяців тому +203

      I'd completely agree with this except that they are dogs from dog fighting. "[S]cholar Meiling Cheng writes that the dogs were sourced from 'a provincial breeding and training institute for fighting dogs.' The animals were grandly transported to the site in eight separate limousines, with human trainers to keep them apart, because they were 'so territorial and violent toward each other.'" They're covered in scars because they've been used in dog fighting by their (disgusting) owners already; those are the people present to protect them, but obviously the health and wellbeing of the dogs is not something important to these people. They are bred to be genetically inclined to be aggressive towards other dogs and they've been trained to attack other dogs, so they are not running because they want to run.
      The thing is, these treadmills are already a training method for people who fight dogs. Other fighting dogs or bait dogs are used to incentivize the behavior. "Dogs that can't touch each other" happens every day in bloodsport facilities everywhere. Those treadmills weren't designed from scratch by the artists, they're the exact same type already used in dog training. I love installation art, and I totally can respect ready made objects as art when decontextualized, so my beef isn't with that. It's more that the whole thing feels *misleading*.
      So few people realize that these ARE fighting dogs that will live bloody, short, violent lives full of pain and abuse, and continue the cycle. So if the show was attempting to highlight the horrors of dog fighting, it didn't. Neither the museum's blurb nor the artist's statement mentioned this, but said something vague about people and "society at large". The dogs didn't earn a reprieve, they weren't removed from the situation. The museum even lied about why they were running. It's just... all around sketch.
      At first I thought it was harmless; dogs sometimes will run on non-mechanical treadmills on their own, just for the joy of running (and some cats will run on wheels, etc.); there are dog exercisers that have these treadmills in vans, and go to houses, and the dogs get *so* excited and run and leap up into the van and jump onto the treadmills ready to go for a run. There are some really cute videos of the mobile exercising on instagram and youtube and so on. But then I just kind of noticed that they were a bully breed, so I looked into it further. :/
      On the other hand, literally *spearing live animals with wires through them* and hanging them up is unfathomable cruelty. It's so sadistic. When asked about it, the artist replied that they were going to be eaten anyway. But if they had been purchased by people to eat, they would not have been stabbed with a wire and hung from the ceiling to die an excruciating slow death. I am horrified by it, personally, just like all the other killing-animals-live-on-stage-for-art that has happened in Chinese modern "animalworks" art (they are far far far from the only people staging animal abuse and animal killing art).
      But there are a lot of cultural aspects and political import of these art pieces that I simply have no experience of, with extreme censorship and curation of art and speech by the government, and this has definitely arisen in a culture where anger and frustration can't be directed at those that prompt it. So I have to admit my ignorance and that I can't really judge the situation fairly.
      Wary of that art piece, "If I Died", that the video creator loves either, personally. It's absolutely stunning, and quite a beautiful concept... but a lot of those taxidermied birds are extremely endangered. It may be (hopefully) that they were captive animals that were collected after natural death (quite common in vulture culture art and something I see no problem with at all! though as demonstrated by these other art pieces, their lives before death may not have been that great). But because of the track record of these artists, I don't know. They may have been killed specifically for this piece (especially since there are SO MANY of them required at once for this piece), or (far less likely?) they were vintage taxidermy pieces that predate CITES export laws (many of those can't legally cross country borders of origin without a permit). Worst would be if they were illegally poached from the wild, and I'm hoping that's the least likely scenario, even though China does have a major problem with poached animal imports. I can't find any information on the source of the birds from the artists or museum.

    • @rubyy.7374
      @rubyy.7374 8 місяців тому +26

      @@REC-L You just explained how you didn’t read the original comment

    • @Roz4628
      @Roz4628 7 місяців тому +13

      The fact the dogs are 'encouraged' is weird.

    • @glenmchargue5461
      @glenmchargue5461 7 місяців тому +56

      ​@@Tserthat puts so much more perspective on the dog piece, why didn't this creator explain that? It explains why people were upset... I was wondering about this too.

  • @extrathings3981
    @extrathings3981 7 місяців тому +181

    Sisyphus in robot form.
    The constant cleaning was enough to complete the programming. One must imagine it happy.

  • @jeni4288
    @jeni4288 2 місяці тому +39

    What truly pisses me off to no end (as someone who lives with a beautiful and chill corn snake) is how everyone is so angry over the dogs that were in no danger but almost no one bats an eyelash over the reptiles and crustaceans strung up and left to die. This is how things always are. The shit people tell me when I tell them I have a corn snake is ridiculous. If someone told me they had just gotten a new dog I wouldn’t tell them about how someone’s cousin’s uncle’s sister’s mother in law saw a dog in their yard earlier and beat it over the head until it died. Artistic my ass. Animal abuse is animal abuse.

    • @idontcare1102
      @idontcare1102 Місяць тому +4

      exactly and justifying it as "art" is a cop-out

    • @Mukyuify
      @Mukyuify Місяць тому +2

      Both are bad

    • @darksoals
      @darksoals 22 дні тому +2

      Yeah the curtain is disgusting and shows the artist has no regard or respect for life. Maybe that was the true artwork all along “vulgar demonstration of a budding psychopath”

    • @rubyy.7374
      @rubyy.7374 10 днів тому

      @@darksoals​​⁠​⁠ Those kinds of animals are commonly consumed in East Asia. Unfortunately simply just “food” is how a non-negligible portion of the population sees them, particularly the older generations, and they don’t see them as anything more like with dogs or cats.
      This is an unfortunate symptom of a culture that had only “developed” recently, when killing anything that moved for your next meal only dates a few generations back. China, relative to Korea and Japan, is the new kid on the block, so there are many people still alive who think this way.
      Hopefully this outdated mindset continues going the way of the dodo for the sake of these poor critters.

    • @darksoals
      @darksoals 10 днів тому

      @@rubyy.7374 I don’t know how valid of an excuse this is. Chickens are regarded as food here on a “lower value” to cats and dogs, but it would still be absolutely appalling to the community in North America to have a display where they were strung up alive as a curtain.
      In China there’s a lot of Buddhist culture which regards all life as equal and requests balance with nature to obtain enlightenment. I’m not exactly sure how they can get away with this since such a large part of the community is supposedly following Buddhism and Buddhist values. Which an artwork like this absolutely violates.

  • @saberfang6329
    @saberfang6329 9 місяців тому +437

    I’ve seen that robot on tik tok and hearing the screeching on the unoiled metal broke my heart. I may have never got to see it in person but it will never be forgotten. That Robot didn’t want to give up on trying. It kept trying till the end. I can have a lot of meaning even for people who struggle with depression

    • @saberfang6329
      @saberfang6329 9 місяців тому +12

      And I know I could be wrong on the meaning but I feel like it could have multiple meanings

    • @grovecitysirens_GCS
      @grovecitysirens_GCS 6 місяців тому +14

      The screeching is actually just the motors. The motors aren't screeching but its just their motor sound

    • @2fingacriminal
      @2fingacriminal 6 місяців тому +8

      its a robot dude

    • @Cyyruzz
      @Cyyruzz 6 місяців тому +7

      @2fingacriminal it's a piece of interpretative art.

    • @Royce1982
      @Royce1982 6 місяців тому +1


  • @huldrrrr9486
    @huldrrrr9486 11 місяців тому +9534

    Even though it wasn't the artist's intention, the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this was OCD and coercive actions. This robot being forced to repeat this endless task for years on end due to it's very own "nature", getting increasingly worn out and desperate, was pretty relatable to me...

    • @doindaworst5824
      @doindaworst5824 11 місяців тому +227

      I clicked on the video after seeing the little preview because I have ocpd and the older I've gotten the worse I've gotten with coping. I've had to stop working due to many psychotic breaks and I'm only 30... This robot made me very emotional.

    • @bridghamgray
      @bridghamgray 11 місяців тому +29

      And thats what should matter

    • @huldrrrr9486
      @huldrrrr9486 11 місяців тому +72

      @@doindaworst5824 I'm so sorry you have to go through that, all my best wishes

    • @LushiaKyobi
      @LushiaKyobi 11 місяців тому +37

      I have OCD and that's exactly how it feels.

    • @seb1520
      @seb1520 11 місяців тому +41

      I like your interpretation a lot, I personally saw it as how machines are in a perpetual state of replacing humans and are “cleaning up” after us. It’s honestly an incredibly morbid piece

  • @rileyf.838
    @rileyf.838 11 місяців тому +610

    honestly, for the longest time, i thought it was about OCD and constantly trying to control a part of your surroundings that doesn’t really affect you until it destroyed you.

    • @Someone-zn4dh
      @Someone-zn4dh 11 місяців тому +65

      It's art, you can interpret it as much as you want even if it is different from the artist own interpretation

    • @Youareaidiot
      @Youareaidiot 11 місяців тому

      As someone with huge ocd symptoms I find this very interesting

    • @joenfdurmom
      @joenfdurmom 8 місяців тому

      ​@@Someone-zn4dhlol that ain't art it's a robot

    • @HelloHSR
      @HelloHSR 8 місяців тому +20

      @@joenfdurmom anything can be art wdym

    • @Constantine_Cvl8
      @Constantine_Cvl8 7 місяців тому +2


  • @lelduck6388
    @lelduck6388 11 місяців тому +21

    Making “the curtain” was an evil act. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t art, that it doesn’t have a message, it means that its creation was evil. If it was meant to show how we disregard those animal’s lives it fails at the for the same reason that “Cuties” failed, it’s hypocritical and it does exactly what it’s meant to protest against. It actually does worse because those animals died for no tangible reason. They didn’t die for food, it wasn’t an accident or it wasn’t because they were in the way. It was because the artists wanted to get a message across, which they could’ve done without causing needless suffering. They could’ve made a painting, a sculpture or waited for technological advances to use animatronics. It should’ve never been made, at least not with live animals with their suffering the point of the piece.

    • @Lordzilla
      @Lordzilla 11 місяців тому +1

      It ain't art maybe they should use you to make you're so called "art"

    • @spicymeatballs2thespicening
      @spicymeatballs2thespicening 11 місяців тому +1

      @@Lordzilla he's literally agreeing that it was evil and should not have been created

    • @viv_twins3460
      @viv_twins3460 Місяць тому

      I’m sorry, but I wish to put a few words into this. I don’t really agree with what you said, living rats and animals in experiment labs are experimented on for more breakthroughs and ways to cure diseases in our society no? Scientists don’t really experiment on dead corpse of animals much because there’s really no impact or benefit. So like how most people experiment on animals and not dead animals for result, the way Sun Yuan and Peng Yu hanged the living insects to die isn’t really useless, it was actually impactful and memorial. If they used already dead corpses there wouldn’t be as much of a attention to the insects anyway, so in a way it was actually not useless. It gathered more emotions and attention to it. Plus, have you considered the living organism you killed? Is there really a difference between the insects you killed and the insects in the video that are dying? I don’t really think so to be honest, so I can’t really seem to see your perspective on how your so up and high about it, but this is just my opinion due to my perspective on the world. 😅

  • @EPE77U
    @EPE77U 8 місяців тому +113

    When I first saw about this robot and it being "the saddest robot", my first honest reaction was that red liquid is supposed to be blood and this robot's job is to clean crime/accident scene which feels like pretty sad job to have. It's interesting how many different interpretations can this art piece cause

    • @Foxy02016
      @Foxy02016 Місяць тому

      For me it’s war. The endless bloodshed, blood being replaced with more blood as lives are lost in a war that is going to end how it was always going to end, by sitting down and talking. It will ALWAYS end with the two sides talking, it’s just about the amount of lives taken in the time before it

    • @matos.3398
      @matos.3398 7 днів тому

      That was the dumbest interpretation I’ve ever heard. You may be slow and don’t see the forest through the trees

    • @EPE77U
      @EPE77U 7 днів тому

      @@matos.3398 Different interpretation is now considered being slow? At least my head isn't growing a dick

  • @yeethittter1285
    @yeethittter1285 11 місяців тому +471

    Insane to me how ppl reacted to the Living Curtain vs Dogs Who Can't Touch Each Other. So many animals dying in pain for the sake of art is just a bit shocking, but making some dogs run is an outrage? Not even treated individually, just by how much they weigh in total. I guess if it's not cute and fluffy it doesn't matter 😐😐😐

    • @spicymeatballs2thespicening
      @spicymeatballs2thespicening 11 місяців тому +93

      As a reptile lover I fucking hate people who are like that, you'd expect children to think that way

    • @JurassicGlitchy
      @JurassicGlitchy 11 місяців тому +87

      I get chills seeing all the comments praising the artists for the robot and their ‘unorthodox methods’ while disregarding everything they did to animals in other works. Complimenting the artists on their methods only further encourages them to use unethical methods of doing their art.

    • @yeethittter1285
      @yeethittter1285 11 місяців тому +63

      @@JurassicGlitchy I like most of their art and how they experiment with stuff most artists wouldn't. But actual deaths are the line that should not be crossed

    • @BennyLlama39
      @BennyLlama39 9 місяців тому +22

      To my way of thinking, furry vs. non-furry is irrelevant. BOTH those pieces should've been pulled, and the "artists" exterminated on the spot.

    • @littlehorn0063
      @littlehorn0063 8 місяців тому

      You wouldn't be better than them if you killed these two people. I'd argue you'd be worse since there isn't any planned ritual before the murder. Connect to Ninush or at least Gro-goroth before killing anybody. Animals are biological automata, so killing them, the ones with less sentience (hope I spelled right), is less bad than killing more capable humans, even from pragmatic sense.

  • @bearintraining
    @bearintraining 8 місяців тому +45

    I love when you said red viscous liquid as vicious liquid it made me imagine the liquid being sentient and attacking the robot lol.

    • @iconifyme
      @iconifyme 4 місяці тому +2

      I noticed that too. A serendipitous misstatement.

  • @DubYuhGChoppa
    @DubYuhGChoppa 11 місяців тому +4915

    The saddest robot is the one that hacked your channel the other day 💀💀

    • @PEPPERslim_
      @PEPPERslim_ 11 місяців тому +125

      Im sorry i thought itd be funny, it was a goof my guy

    • @cutecatsara123
      @cutecatsara123 11 місяців тому +11


    • @Juuulpod
      @Juuulpod 11 місяців тому +8


    • @GumbyGoons
      @GumbyGoons 11 місяців тому +5

      @PEPPERslim were you actually the one who did it?

    • @stormah
      @stormah 11 місяців тому +19

      @@GumbyGoons probably not

  • @Mini3x3
    @Mini3x3 11 місяців тому +67

    Imagine how cool it would have been if the robot pushed all the liquid away from itself in an act of protest on the final day.

  • @pump-kin
    @pump-kin 11 місяців тому +110

    Dude, this hits all of my favorite things I’ve seen in art! Psychological concepts, robotics, and a sense of helplessness and personification.
    I love this so dearly, and I would trade the world to be able to watch it work.

  • @wumbumbaroo404
    @wumbumbaroo404 8 місяців тому +69

    The thing that strikes me the most is the fact the fluid looks a ton like hydraulic fluid which would be the fluid that normally allows a robot like that to move. Now im not sure if that’s what the fluid is or even if that type of robot uses it, but imagining if that robot had a leak and is frantically trying to push it all into a pile to where it can still use it makes it a hundred times more grim too me.

    • @6764TLM
      @6764TLM 2 місяці тому

      The robot ran on electricity

    • @Justin.P
      @Justin.P Місяць тому

      That's what I thought was trying to be conveyed at first also, whether it actually is or isn't, that's how I choose to see it and hits hard emotionally.

  • @anonomooose
    @anonomooose 11 місяців тому +35

    This is the kind of piece that means something different for every viewer. To me, it reflects struggles with mental health. Trying desperately to keep itself contained, dancing to show that’s it’s ok to those who care. Becoming more tired as years of its struggle have worn it down. Sometimes you need to ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness. Sometimes you truly can’t help yourself

  • @youwantmyname9208
    @youwantmyname9208 3 місяці тому +9

    I think what makes Cant help myself robot so special is, We are the machine. It somehow reflects on us. People thought we're just sympathising on the robot, but what makes us really emotional for the robot is because this does happens, and its very common

  • @srbrant5391
    @srbrant5391 11 місяців тому +9950

    This is an SCP waiting to happen.

    • @romk__kuzoma2169
      @romk__kuzoma2169 11 місяців тому +226

      I am saving this vidoe just in case

    • @thatonedumbguy6969
      @thatonedumbguy6969 11 місяців тому +51

      Lol fr

    • @TheRealHand
      @TheRealHand 11 місяців тому +38


    • @OG_ElGato
      @OG_ElGato 11 місяців тому +68


    • @alek100001
      @alek100001 11 місяців тому +46

      Are we cool yet?

  • @nerdypenguin9164
    @nerdypenguin9164 11 місяців тому +54

    I can't pinpoint exactly why, but this piece inspired genuine fear in me. Maybe because I see myself in the movement of the arm, the slight uncanny valley nature of its dancing (again, just what i feel when i see it) and performing. The complete state of depression by the end, just struggling to do what its meant to. And it instills fear in me. Beautiful amd haunting.

    • @sekiezkogg
      @sekiezkogg 7 місяців тому

      The substance also strongly resembles blood when it's pooled across surfaces, especially in grand quantities

  • @roastedscorpion
    @roastedscorpion 4 місяці тому +1

    I've looked all over and seen all kinds of content covering this subject, and your video is the most informative and thorough that I've found as of yet. I just wanted to thank you for covering it. Well done!

  • @Twiddle_things
    @Twiddle_things 11 місяців тому +266

    The curtain is proof of us being the evillest creatures alive. No level of "art" will express my disgust towards this duo for that fucking atrocity.

    • @ivanalves8506
      @ivanalves8506 8 місяців тому +51

      And How people got more upset over the dog one compared to the curtain

    • @arcturus4762
      @arcturus4762 8 місяців тому +68

      ​@@ivanalves8506 I've thought about this before. I eat both guinea pigs and octopi. It's my culture and I've done it my whole life. But people get horrified when they find out about the guinea pig but a lot are unphased by the octopus. Then again, eating a hairy little animal is more disturbing than eating this lovecraftian slimy floating thing with tentacles, an alien-like head, and suckers?

    • @rubyy.7374
      @rubyy.7374 8 місяців тому +45

      @@arcturus4762 I’m a lifelong guinea pig owner but I’m not going to ignore the fact that they were originally domesticated to serve as livestock. And besides, I’d prefer them as food over being unethically experimented on any day.

    • @I_Dont_Believe_In_Salad
      @I_Dont_Believe_In_Salad 7 місяців тому +14

      ​@@arcturus4762 Because Humans loves to sympathy with things that looks "Cute" ans puah ugly things aside.

    • @lucas_19486-Intruder
      @lucas_19486-Intruder 6 місяців тому

      not funny@@mogusamoggus-4112

  • @pnghumor
    @pnghumor 6 місяців тому +7

    The interpretation for OCD really works, but this first struck me as being about Dementia.
    Dementia essentially has you doing the same things every day, clinging onto what little memories you have, without even being aware of it, meanwhile it makes your health worse and worse every single day.

  • @_foxpuppet
    @_foxpuppet 11 місяців тому +5639

    I was lucky enough to see Old People's Home in person, and it was amazing. The chairs had sensors to keep them from running into each other or anyone viewing so you could walk among them. Watching these old men blunder around mindlessly, making it awkward to navigate the space they occupied, was very powerful to witness.

  • @HomingVibe
    @HomingVibe 11 місяців тому +29

    When art displays monotony better than monotony itself

  • @tereza1959
    @tereza1959 11 місяців тому +12

    The fun part about art is that every person looking at it has a different reaction and interpretation and all of them are valid

  • @Lyzi.B
    @Lyzi.B 6 місяців тому +3

    This is the beautiful thing about art. It's subjective to the people viewing it. An artist can design a piece, sculpture, or a painting with a specific idea and story in mind. Once that piece of art enters the public the idea or concept might not resonate equally, or at all. Two separate people can view the same piece and both can have completely different feelings and ideas about that piece. Neither perspective is right or wrong, even if it differs from the creator. Art is meant to invoke feelings and make us think. The artist can attempt to control or create a narrative surrounding the art, but it's inevitably variable based on our own perception and consciousness. It's always subjective. Even if two people are present for an event or share an experience they'll still have different feelings and ideas about it in the end. Their perception of the exact same thing might not be anything alike. It's human nature and human experience that determines how an art piece makes us feel and what we take away from that experience with it. Imo that's amazing and beautiful. I love hearing different opinions on the same piece or exhibit.. It forces me to think outside my own ideas and comfort zone.

  • @ShianVideos
    @ShianVideos 11 місяців тому +46

    This can be boiled down to the concept of "Death of the Author" (is the Birth of the Reader)--basically, once a work is produced, the author "dies" and the viewer takes the reigns of how the work is interpreted. They take their own personal experience, society and culture and view the work in their personalised frame of reference. For someone with haemophilia (blood doesn't clot), this work might conjure up the emotions of a time that they sustained a major injury and couldn't stop the bleeding. This is somewhat unlikely to be the authors' intent, but who, including the author, has the right to devalue a person's experience and emotions when viewing art?

  • @belle2238
    @belle2238 7 місяців тому +2

    i found you through dark music history and that was interesting but i love the branching out you're doing and hope to see more of it in the future. love the vids o:

  • @soupos
    @soupos 11 місяців тому +1572

    I know everyone's talking about 'I can't help myself' but "if I died" is really the piece I love the most.

    • @Calicat3672
      @Calicat3672 11 місяців тому +19


    • @krisismav
      @krisismav 11 місяців тому +60

      i started tearing up when i saw it, and having the added context made me straight up cry. a very moving piece.

    • @A-1412
      @A-1412 11 місяців тому +68

      It's the most "human" piece in their collection. No controversial materials or harsh cruelty. It was simply turning someone's dream into a reality for everyone to see, and it was a beauty.

    • @WOTBS
      @WOTBS 10 місяців тому +5

      Where can I find it

    • @jayzenstyle
      @jayzenstyle 8 місяців тому +6

      Of course, because it had something to do with someone very close to the artist... their mother. I feel how much the artist wishes their mother to be sent to that particular afterlife she aspired to have once she's passed.

  • @deusprogrammer_thekingofspace
    @deusprogrammer_thekingofspace 11 місяців тому +29

    First thing that pops into my head with the blood robot is the futility of life. Just working so hard to stay alive even though death is inevitable.

    • @gergomarton5194
      @gergomarton5194 11 місяців тому +2

      We're trying to keep the liquid in so hard but then we die and the fluid flows away.

    • @deusprogrammer_thekingofspace
      @deusprogrammer_thekingofspace 11 місяців тому +1

      @@gergomarton5194 Exactly.

    • @spicymeatballs2thespicening
      @spicymeatballs2thespicening 11 місяців тому +1

      Exactly. If you think about it, almost everything about our lives from our goals to why we suffer, stem from our inherent biological drive to continue existing at all costs.

    • @endieisfridgeconfirmed
      @endieisfridgeconfirmed 11 місяців тому

      So might as well die immediately right?
      Im just kidding

    • @RongDMemer
      @RongDMemer 8 місяців тому

      True. True.
      But we gotta keep on living till we can't

  • @Hbnyg
    @Hbnyg 11 місяців тому +45

    The SR-1 easily had one of the most brutal robot “deaths” ever, it was sent to Chernobyl where it literally died from the radiation whilst cleaning the reactors roof

    • @maesaliva
      @maesaliva 6 місяців тому +5

      Wall-e but worse

  • @silviopina_111
    @silviopina_111 4 місяці тому

    Wow! I was looking online for some visual reference of robot arms in motion and came across this video. I first thought you were one of those "robo-voices" that narrate news on you tube. Slowly I got dragged in, realized you were a human and watched the whole thing. I had zero knowledge about this project or the artist duo. So than you for enriching my life, I will check out more of their work and more of yours. Great work!

  • @roliuu
    @roliuu 11 місяців тому +9

    it feels like a real version of "AWCY? (Are We Cool Yet?)" from the SCP universe. They too constructed art from humans, furhermore, they even made art that influences others and it feels sooo similar in some spaces... which is interesting

  • @wyattpielow2065
    @wyattpielow2065 4 місяці тому +2

    I despise how a lot of people tend to put down and deject how others interpret works of art, in my mind art is somethings thats made to be seen from as many angles as possible and interpreted in whatever way it speaks to you.

  • @alexandredesouza3692
    @alexandredesouza3692 11 місяців тому +10997

    A tired robot, struggling to stay alive?
    A broken mind, picking up the pieces?
    An authoritarian state, trying to stop the bloody truth from escaping?
    A labored worker, dying of monotony?
    A machine preserving spoiled blood of its owner?
    Or doomed to do so, and fail?
    Does it replace a janitor, factory worker or a guardsman, a superfluous job or nothing at all?
    Or perhaps, something entirely different?

    • @failsafe-ready_circuit
      @failsafe-ready_circuit 11 місяців тому

      "A tired robot, struggling to stay alive."
      Im just surviving in this society.
      "A broken mind, picking up pieces."
      I seem forgetful whatever I daydream.
      "An authoritarian state, trying to stop the bloody truth from escaping."
      I tried to lie because I was scared.
      "Or doomed to do so, and fail?"
      If I kill a person, His/her friends and family are involved. if I killed His/her family, The community is involved. if I destroyed the community, The Police is involved until I reached the level where the World's Governments are trying to wipe me out.

    • @failsafe-ready_circuit
      @failsafe-ready_circuit 11 місяців тому +92

      I just can't, You wouldn't understand.

    • @alexandredesouza3692
      @alexandredesouza3692 11 місяців тому +81

      @@redfo3009 Thank you!

    • @lemon-414
      @lemon-414 11 місяців тому +12

      no :>

    • @kr1tikalh1t92
      @kr1tikalh1t92 11 місяців тому +111

      Since when did you turn into Shakespeare?

  • @BombSwan
    @BombSwan 11 місяців тому

    Thank you for the video! I really liked that you provided different perspectives on the piece and talked about the duo’s other work.

  • @donkeylord6579
    @donkeylord6579 11 місяців тому +5

    We must imagine Cyberphus is happy

  • @rilynnmiller
    @rilynnmiller 8 місяців тому +15

    I honestly relate to the robot. I want to give it a hug

  • @kwanruanpromdeesan3514
    @kwanruanpromdeesan3514 11 місяців тому +86

    The saddest thing is someone thinks animal torture is an art. 😢

  • @meh3247
    @meh3247 6 місяців тому +3

    Fascinating how I hear tell of so many items that have been viewed millions of times, and become "viral sensations", yet I have never heard of them.
    I must be doing something right to be able to ignore such trivialities.

  • @vespan.a4839
    @vespan.a4839 11 місяців тому +3186

    That living curtain thing isn't even animal cruelty
    It's animal torture

    • @TheLooneyGhost
      @TheLooneyGhost 11 місяців тому +136

      they are already dead

    • @vespan.a4839
      @vespan.a4839 11 місяців тому +681

      @TheLooneyGhost they aren't, they were still alive as they were put on the curtain, that was part of the "art piece", that they were writhing and moving, therefore "living"

    • @hilariousskullnamedcatzo647
      @hilariousskullnamedcatzo647 11 місяців тому +47

      Time stamp?
      Seriously time stamp people

    • @doindaworst5824
      @doindaworst5824 11 місяців тому +443

      I know it made me feel sick. I'm just... in shock. I understand the concept, the hypocrisy in how we as everyday consumers turn a blind eye to farms and restaurants. The piece illustrates it in such a way that it should disgust even the most unempathetic people should they see it in person. I see how it could perhaps illicit change in some people to be more conscious of animal rights... but the means of making this piece was henious and sick. These artists... are terrifying people. Truly horrible and disgusting what they did. Just... horrible.

    • @vespan.a4839
      @vespan.a4839 11 місяців тому +56

      @@hilariousskullnamedcatzo647 3:04 is where it starts

  • @austin5259
    @austin5259 11 місяців тому +24

    I've always seen this piece as (whether intentional or not) an excellent parallel to the inevitability of death and the futility of fighting it.

  • @nyct0phile
    @nyct0phile 11 місяців тому +121

    literally will NEVER get over this robot. i see myself in it more than any other piece of art i have ever seen

    • @EgonMaric
      @EgonMaric 8 місяців тому

      You'll get over it.

    • @-Spring-Trap-
      @-Spring-Trap- 6 місяців тому

      @@EgonMaricget over something that you can deeply relate to? Yeah right

    • @-Spring-Trap-
      @-Spring-Trap- 6 місяців тому

      @@EgonMarickeep dreaming

  • @eduardocarranza4333
    @eduardocarranza4333 11 місяців тому +6

    Thought this was a joke, started realizing this was actually something about artistic talent, yet, their art does tell a good story.

  • @scotu7075
    @scotu7075 10 місяців тому

    I love the thorough explanation of the artists’ other works, and the video clips. It helped paint the picture

  • @seriouspotato_420
    @seriouspotato_420 6 місяців тому +7

    I don't really know what this piece actually means , but to me it felt like a person who was trying his hardest to keep his life in order, but no matter how hard he tried. he couldn't keep everything under control and kept losing stuff closest or dearest to him. If you try to control something with total authority, sooner or later all of it would come toppling down .

  • @gaburieruR
    @gaburieruR 6 місяців тому +3

    Came for the robot, discovered the Curtain...
    I'm disgusted, really. Torturing hundred of animals for art, isn't art, it's pure sadism and a crime. Oh my...

  • @CurtTheHero
    @CurtTheHero 11 місяців тому +4233

    The thing about an art piece is that noone's interpretation is necessary wrong. It may not align with the creator's intention but the piece takes on a life of it's own when it's released and that's part of what makes it beautiful. There's this interesting futility that comes with trying to perfectly preserve a creators vision but people viewing it through their own lens of experiences and emotions is simply inevitable

    • @AnonymooseWasMyName
      @AnonymooseWasMyName 11 місяців тому +33

      Interpretation doesn't matter.
      It's just a dumb term people who use expensive paintings to launder money made popular because it made the money they spent on the trash they bought more believable.

    • @CurtTheHero
      @CurtTheHero 11 місяців тому +167

      @@AnonymooseWasMyName so it does matter. It served its purpose of laundering money. If you truly believe that it's fine but you dont have to like it to matter. Someone's interpretation of it brought them to the point of buying it. There is no inherent, measurable value in anything until someone wants it
      Now NFTs are certainly a racket. Maybe all art is. I dont really agree with that philosophy but I respect your opinion and can appreciate that it made you feel strongly enough to engage

    • @TallicaMan1986
      @TallicaMan1986 11 місяців тому +59

      I think when an artist comes out and saying what their art is about is when Interpretation should take a backseat. Art isn't About Us at all times meaning the viewer. Art isn't always a mirror in which you project your own ideas onto. Art is a window into someone else at times and If you relate to their ideas and journey yeah, but remember that is their voice, their journey and it's their unique intangible thing compelling them to do what they do.
      The way I see it. Sentimentality has it's place and it's time, but you must remember that subjectivity also has it's place and time. If a "dance" track has some lyrics about some dark topics, maybe it's not what you thought and your interpretation of it being dance was actually wrong and it being danceable was the only way to make it reach as many people as possible.
      Something like The Caretaker's Everywhere At The End of Time which is an album about the Stages of Alzheimer's. This isn't really open for interpretation. All you can really do is sit back and probably relate and Fear this illness and while everyone may have a different alzheimer story. The Art that was made is talking about Alzheimer's.

    • @CurtTheHero
      @CurtTheHero 11 місяців тому +46

      @@TallicaMan1986 I agree that it does matter what the artist intended and for the artist it's absolutely an outlet for those ideas or feelings. But art outlives the creator and inevitably takes on a life of its own. You can't always ask the creator what it meant and part of the beauty is that people can derive what they want or what they feel from it.
      But even with the album you talk about that was explicitly about alzheimers is inevitably going to have people hear or see it through their lens. And it's more powerful to have a personal connection to something than to try and get it to fit in a box. Sure it's about alzheimers but there's no need to limit it's scope. Maybe someone heard it that has had a part go through a similar degenerative disease and they applied the album to that situation. It's great that they could find catharsis through the music regardless of intention ya know?

    • @MyDearGhoul
      @MyDearGhoul 11 місяців тому +32

      I always use this example when talking about the subject about interpretation an an artist's actual meaning:
      A fan met her favorite singer in a group setting at a tv interview and told her how a certain song got her through some very difficult situations in her life because of how she interpreted the meaning.
      However, the artist told her that the songs meaning was something completely different and apologized, officially removing any further meaning that girl would hold for that song.
      I personally feel this was the wrong move on the artists part. She did not need to crush that girls connection to something that she created. While I do agree that the personal reason for why they create their art is important, at that moment she could have simply let it go and allowed her to have her feel good moment and told her that the inspiration for the song was different but her interpretation is what is important and not tell her.
      That's just me though.

  • @cecilia8762
    @cecilia8762 11 місяців тому +1

    I'm glad I stumbled across this video, this was really well crafted, really educative thanks !

  • @starheirxero
    @starheirxero 11 місяців тому +1

    this robot hits me in the heart soso bad and the title of it makes it something that resonates a lot with me. something about having something that’s always been a part of you, something that bleeds into every action and word you speak but being forced to “clean it up”, to keep what’s a part of you tucked away, and the longer you do this the more exhausting it gets. ultimately, you can’t help yourself, it’s just something you were made with :(

  • @diegograjeda7611
    @diegograjeda7611 6 місяців тому +12

    14:53, I couldn't disagree more with this comment. As you well said, whatever the original meaning was, it is art at the end of the day; it is opened to interpretation.
    The Mona Liza was Da Vinci's least favorite art piece (there are rumors it was even left unfinished), yet it has a great influence in modern culture to this day.
    Art isn't plain, it has corners, curves and edges; and must of its shades are unseen even by their creators.

    • @GarryDumblowski
      @GarryDumblowski 6 місяців тому

      Wait, it was his least favorite? I thought it was a commission that Da Vinci spent the last four years of his life trying to perfect it, leaving it "unfinished" by dying.

    • @diegograjeda7611
      @diegograjeda7611 6 місяців тому +1

      @@GarryDumblowski Quite the opposite really 😅, if you take a closer look at the Mona Liza's background, it doesn't look even.

    • @GarryDumblowski
      @GarryDumblowski 6 місяців тому

      @@diegograjeda7611 ...Huh, I can kinda see what you mean. A bunch of sources are still saying he really liked it though, but I guess i can't exactly go back in time and ask him.

    • @EmeraldAshesAudio
      @EmeraldAshesAudio 5 місяців тому +1

      @@diegograjeda7611 Apparently the uneven background causes a bit of a visual trick, so it's almost certainly intentional.

  • @lazuardinadziva1298
    @lazuardinadziva1298 11 місяців тому +3

    seeing that robot is eerily, oddly, relatable.

  • @Dr.TaxEvasion
    @Dr.TaxEvasion 8 місяців тому +1

    “What is my purpose?”
    “To scoop a blood looking substance”
    “Oh my god”

  • @mooblerthomson9851
    @mooblerthomson9851 11 місяців тому +1757

    Honestly this exhibit makes me think of a new employee, happy he got hired and eager to go above and beyond to impress his employer, later the monotony sets in and the realization that the employer doesn’t care and there’s no future at there job soon follows. Then they slow down depressed and just “going through the motions” to get a paycheck and survive until they retire old and not useful for cooperate exploitation or just as likely with increasing retirement age, they die.

    • @Coco-bl8zg
      @Coco-bl8zg 11 місяців тому +72

      I really love your interpretation. This robot represents life. We are always exited and looking forward to it until we realize how depressing it actually is. Just doing jobs for other people to stay alive. I can relate to this poor robot so much and I'm only 17 lol. I want to give it a hug.

    • @marcelocoutinho1476
      @marcelocoutinho1476 11 місяців тому +9

      @@Coco-bl8zg if you think life is about doing jobs for other people so you can """"""""simply say alive"""""" I highly suggest you reflect on how you perceive the things around you, your necessities and the Other.
      You sad.

    • @caymansharp623
      @caymansharp623 11 місяців тому +10

      @@marcelocoutinho1476 this is exactly what life is

    • @Sheltur_0311
      @Sheltur_0311 11 місяців тому +25

      @@marcelocoutinho1476 what is there to do except live, what freedom do you have if you do not have the funds to do anything else

    • @marcelocoutinho1476
      @marcelocoutinho1476 11 місяців тому +5

      @@Sheltur_0311 Good points... the thing I'm trying to talk about is exerting the maximum of freedom you can whenever you can according to your own guidelines which are always changing and in relation to the external. Sure we end up in some cages along our lives, most of them in a daily basis, but still inside them we can Be. It doesn't have to suck that much is all I'm saying...

  • @QueenSunstar
    @QueenSunstar 11 місяців тому +2

    I see the robot arm as a never ending struggle of survival.

  • @brainwashingdetergent4322
    @brainwashingdetergent4322 11 місяців тому +5

    To me, all I see is a machine which is programmed to swipe at the ground. It happens to have a squeegee attached to it, and it’s been programmed, by a human, to “act” out whatever the artist is trying to depict.

  • @M4D0GG0
    @M4D0GG0 6 місяців тому +4

    "One must imagine the machine happy."

  • @SunflowerLilyPlays
    @SunflowerLilyPlays 11 місяців тому +3

    The robot with the fluid reminds me of my struggle with mental illness- my adhd in particular.
    Life is my fluid and I'm always struggling to keep everything tidy and be on top of what comes. Sadly, much like the fluid, life is messy and hard to contain. Regardless of how long i spend scraping, it'll leak out again, and I'm not entirely sure how long I'll be able to keep it up.
    Hopefully I'll have a happier end than that robot.

  • @skeletonemoji
    @skeletonemoji 7 місяців тому +2

    Everyone: Saddest robot on earth
    Me: *One must imagine sisyphus happy*

  • @katietaylor8314
    @katietaylor8314 11 місяців тому +535

    A quote from my favourite TV show of all time springs to mind: "Isn't the point of art less what people put into it and more what they get out of it?"

    • @marcelocoutinho1476
      @marcelocoutinho1476 11 місяців тому +2

      nice quote. didn't hear that one before, loved it.

    • @delbertamadeustan6932
      @delbertamadeustan6932 11 місяців тому +27

      Ah bojack horseman, the show for the tormented, great show

    • @BrodyLuv2
      @BrodyLuv2 9 місяців тому +2

      Insufferable vapidity

    • @georgejohnson-vu2zm
      @georgejohnson-vu2zm 9 місяців тому


    • @biggiechungus784
      @biggiechungus784 8 місяців тому

      "You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. *You turn yourself around*. *That's* what's it's all about."

  • @dylandreisbach1986
    @dylandreisbach1986 11 місяців тому +1

    It would have been cool for them to let the robot run itself until broken, until it’s essentially a statue in a pool of its failed impossible task.

  • @thebruhmoment5866
    @thebruhmoment5866 11 місяців тому +2

    I understood this artwork as a person, who try to stop the violence and fail again and again. A person, who was forsed to watch violence and remain helpless to do anything with it.

  • @Ajcutzz17
    @Ajcutzz17 3 місяці тому +1

    Crazy how much empathy this robot getting and I can’t even get a text back frl 😢

  • @conk9990
    @conk9990 6 місяців тому +1

    One can only imagine the saddest robot happy.

  • @noreencadavedo2742
    @noreencadavedo2742 3 місяці тому +1

    Oughh that ending line gave me chills lol "eventually, there will come a day where we all can't help ourselves"

  • @janemiettinen5176
    @janemiettinen5176 11 місяців тому +885

    As an artist, I gotta say something. I may have a particular idea in mind when Im painting, but as soon as the piece leaves my studio, its open to interpreting. No interpretation is wrong, its up to you what you see, Im just the mirror holder. As long as Ive made you feel or think, Ive done my job. I think most artist think this way, but of course I cant be sure and Im certainly not talking on behalf this couple in question. Ive talked about this with my artsy friends from different fields (dancers, poets, painters, musicians, you name it) and we seem to have consensus, tho my polling pool is quite limited. Just thought I throw this out there; art can be intimidating and it shouldnt be, I hate it. Art is for everybody. Theres no wrong answers, whatever you experience is right.

    • @thatonedrainedplatter5421
      @thatonedrainedplatter5421 11 місяців тому +23

      Absolutely correct, Art is for interpretation. Some artists say how they want the piece to be seen which is alright but a lot leave it up to the viewers.

    • @marcelocoutinho1476
      @marcelocoutinho1476 11 місяців тому +5

      the more technical and flamboyant a piece gets, easier it is for its creator to forget what art is and make everything about them. It's a sad and pathetic behavior that at best deserves some well put laughs. After all, why get mad at something so pathetic?

    • @Thalatash
      @Thalatash 11 місяців тому +4

      I am glad to hear you say that. I've always thought that but never said it as well. I always would say it's like a Rorschach test that tells just as much about you (the consumer) as the artist. It's funny, too, because with art, people can show their true colors, especially with what they are offended at. My favorite example is the moral panic over the Kingsmen song, "Louie, Louie." There are some nonsensical lyrics that were never meant to say anything, but people heard all sorts of things that they claimed were "perverted and sexual" lol. It keeps happening, too, so I think all the loudest of the "Morality Police" just have the dirtiest minds.

    • @janemiettinen5176
      @janemiettinen5176 11 місяців тому +3

      @@Thalatash I remember reading about it. Same thing happened with the bored housewives-board that gave us those parental advisory content stickers. I cherish the moment forever in my heart, when Dee Snider told Al Gore his wife has dirty mind; the song in question wasnt about S&M, but a throat operation. If you go and look for something dirty, you will find it, every single time. And Als face.. I really thought for a second his head was going to explode, priceless! Then there was the whole debacle of playing rock records backwards.. well before intentional back-masking was a thing. I guess these things will always pop up, always in the “wont someone think about the children”-context.

    • @janemiettinen5176
      @janemiettinen5176 11 місяців тому

      @@thatonedrainedplatter5421 I think the title of the piece is like guide, that points you to the direction the artist wanted. But if you see looming death in a painting called “Two girls picking wild flowers”, that is a ok too. To me the different explanations are exciting, form of mental richness. And trying to curb that freedom would be just silly.

  • @constantiddentitycrisis
    @constantiddentitycrisis 11 місяців тому +3

    I've always thought this art piece was a representation of an addiction, at first it's happy and fun, but the longer the addiction lasts the more it realizes that it's damaging. But it can't stop. And eventually it dies, either it got over its addiction, or it died with it.

  • @rthorofthehillppl
    @rthorofthehillppl 11 місяців тому +3

    What makes a piece great to me is when it can have multiple meanings for different people, but there is still a common theme among it. That's what I really like about this one.

  • @YippingFox
    @YippingFox 8 місяців тому +1

    As a technician, I can't help but feel they didn't follow the maintenance schedule of the manufacturer.

  • @chelsie1450
    @chelsie1450 11 місяців тому +93

    The robot piece made me sob like a baby for an hour straight. I felt so many emotions including empathy and understanding. I’ve never seen an art piece that evoked so many intense emotions all at one time. Unbelievably beautiful.

  • @danser_theplayer01
    @danser_theplayer01 8 місяців тому +1

    That wall of snakes and crabs is alive?! The guys are just straight up psychopaths.

  • @detox3036
    @detox3036 11 місяців тому +325

    When I read the title I immediately assumed you made a 20min video about the bot that hacked your channel.

    • @deburke321
      @deburke321  11 місяців тому +78

      That one would take at least an hour

    • @boznsjbruhstudios6383
      @boznsjbruhstudios6383 11 місяців тому +12

      ​@Deburke321 can you make a video about it

  • @0vision44
    @0vision44 11 місяців тому +1

    I'd watched a video of this piece years ago when it was first revealed, and I thought that it was sad now. Seeing how it deteriorated makes it that much more sad.

  • @crimsonrealm7
    @crimsonrealm7 11 місяців тому

    9:49 Its pronounced as vis·​cous | \ ˈvi-skəs
    Viscous is a something ussually liquid that has a thick or sticky consistency
    What you pronounced on the other hand is Vicious (vi·​cious | \ ˈvi-shəs) meaning aggressive
    But anyway thanks, i remember studying this piece for our Contempopary Art subject. Brings back memories. I didn't know there was something else about it other than the piece itself, I never knew that its creators had more interesting things. We only talked about that its a kind of Kinetic Art not that the artists were controversial. Thank you for introducing the creators, there other art pieaces and analyzing the contribution of the critiques, which i actually did not expect because i thought you will just say something about the piece. Its a good new thing that i learned, i will adapt this as a writing technique. Again, thank you, I learned a lot.

  • @on1xafeR
    @on1xafeR 7 місяців тому +1

    It gets rustier and rustier until it can't do it anymore. Similar to how as we hide it more and more, we get sadder and sadder until we break down.

  • @phuckyoucensorme
    @phuckyoucensorme 11 місяців тому +5

    We are taught you have to work a meaningless job/task to stay alive. You dance and have fun when you can but eventually you get tired and wore down until you no longer have time for fun. Life.

  • @pumpulumyt
    @pumpulumyt 3 місяці тому +1

    its 3am and this is in my feed. i actually liked this video.

  • @Knight-rous
    @Knight-rous 6 місяців тому +1

    finding joy in a hell forced onto you by gods would be a pretty metal story for this robot almost like Sisyphus

  • @diogenemj9406
    @diogenemj9406 11 місяців тому +1

    I like to interpret this work as a potrayal of our reliance on machines to keep us away from the ugly things in life, such as a distraction in the form of entertainment online, on tv, radio etc., or as a litteral way of keeping us alive, like in the case of medical equipment, heating, light source etc.
    The decay of the machine could be used as a way of showing that in the end the rot and uglyness of certain parts of life will eventually catch up to everyone and that the distraction is only temporary.

  • @SMG6-
    @SMG6- 8 місяців тому +2

    ngl the robot looks like its trying too hard to pick up its blood to survive💀💀💀💀☠️

  • @Greedman456
    @Greedman456 8 місяців тому

    Great artwork. I wasnt aware about it. Thanks for the video

  • @sahanasen1322
    @sahanasen1322 6 місяців тому

    Any idea where I can find their "Archive" of their pieces.....I have grown curious, thanks to this video!! 1:44 ?

  • @carrotswordgaming3483
    @carrotswordgaming3483 11 місяців тому +729

    5:02 I'm sorry, but there is a clear difference between art and animal abuse.

    • @QuakeGamerROTMG
      @QuakeGamerROTMG 11 місяців тому +95

      Animals die all day every day to support your lifestyle, their art piece isn't even a drop in the bucket in regards to animal suffering but it manages to get so many people talking about it
      I don't even really like that they did it or agree with it, but it's a bit weird to act like this one art piece is evil when the house you live in necessitated the deaths of hundreds or maybe thousands of animals clearing the land and getting the building materials to make it. Not to mention the electricity you use every day and the food you eat.

    • @circle4602
      @circle4602 11 місяців тому +218

      ​@@QuakeGamerROTMG to be fair, no one's making rows of animals run on treadmills until they die, and most of the time an animal dies for food, it's done as painless as possible

    • @trighyjock5415
      @trighyjock5415 11 місяців тому +13

      Sir, I have sad news. Did you ever heard about dog fights?

    • @1unartic
      @1unartic 11 місяців тому +56

      @@circle4602 this, the thing here though as well is that people need to stop supporting corporation that DO make environmental harm and animal abuse to their products. I’m personally a Locavore, there is respect in the people I talk to that butcher their own animals, this (the snake wall) is not respect at all. The problem isn’t our diet, it’s the people behind the product for our diet that we choose to continue to support.
      People who support vegan animal rights yet also support corporations not local to them is hypocritical to their statement. It should be ignored.

    • @clownworld4655
      @clownworld4655 11 місяців тому +143

      @@QuakeGamerROTMG there is a massive difference between killing animals to eat or harvest something from them and stringing them up on a wall just for fun. The fact that you can’t see that difference is concerning

  • @RealmsSMPStudios
    @RealmsSMPStudios 10 місяців тому +2

    Even though the Robot never know it was impossible, it never gave up no matter how impossible it was, it sends a message that you should never give up even if your life is on the line…

    • @sejozwak
      @sejozwak 10 місяців тому

      Then he was plugged out, how does it send a message that you should never give up lol

    • @RealmsSMPStudios
      @RealmsSMPStudios 10 місяців тому +2

      @@sejozwak because it shows that even if your starting to reach your end, you can still try and make it to your goal no matter what…

    • @apyr1439
      @apyr1439 9 місяців тому +1

      ​@@sejozwak Does the knowledge that you will eventually stop you from doing anything? Same goes for this machine

  • @eshleyyy
    @eshleyyy 11 місяців тому +3

    With how this liquid is so viscous and bloody red, and with how stiff the robot arm's movements are, at first glance it felt to me like it was almost trying to pick its own guts up, but being eternally unable to
    Creepy asf

  • @AyeCanMakeThat
    @AyeCanMakeThat 6 місяців тому +1

    Incredible artists; thank you for all the work that went into highlighting and explaining their vison.
    I hate to be a stickler here, but it's 'vis-cous', not vicious. Though that also works ironically, but yeah, gloopy red stuff.

  • @9sssss
    @9sssss 8 місяців тому +3

    *Robots have no feelings.*

  • @exosproudmamabear558
    @exosproudmamabear558 11 місяців тому +1058

    The living curtain is straight out animal cruelty.They are just attached to the curtain alive thats just a line that should be not crossed in my opinion. Ethic is a important subject in art and science.There are multiple lines you shouldnt cross even it is means restricting artistic endeveours. Where those lines start and end is a question but there should be definitely some.

    • @ah-sh9dw
      @ah-sh9dw 11 місяців тому +135

      I think the line is that the subjects need to consent and something tells me those aninals did not consent. As far as I'm concerned the living curtain is as much an art piece as the black dahlia murder was. I wish animal abuse laws weren't so lax, had to hug my kitties extra tight after this video

    • @exosproudmamabear558
      @exosproudmamabear558 11 місяців тому +147

      @@ah-sh9dw Even with consent you shouldnt torture someone to death.Even in bdsm if you torture someone to death you will be punished since even with consent it is murder

    • @carved_cuts
      @carved_cuts 11 місяців тому +145

      Thank you! I had to look away from it because it disturbed me so deeply. I feel sick. It's interesting how people cared about the dogs because, dogs. But nobody bats an eye when anything that's not a cute fluffy mammal is strung up alive, to suffer a slow death. I did research and they actually meant to show the dying struggles of these creatures.
      I looked it up because I so badly wanted to be wrong, but I wasn't. They were put there to suffer and slowly die.

    • @exosproudmamabear558
      @exosproudmamabear558 11 місяців тому +29

      @@carved_cuts Oh God this makes it even worse.

    • @ah-sh9dw
      @ah-sh9dw 11 місяців тому +7

      @@exosproudmamabear558legally it probably depends on the country and circumstances, ethically it's way too complicated for me to express myself properly in a comment. I was thinking the human equivalent would be more like suspension but yeah, unlike those animals when people do it they don't just hang til they die

  • @Putingy
    @Putingy 11 місяців тому +3

    6:09 Might also mean that the powerful don’t want to ever give up their influence.

  • @CrusaderKing
    @CrusaderKing 7 місяців тому +3

    One must imagine Sisyphus happy

  • @insidenightmare
    @insidenightmare 10 місяців тому

    Your use of practical effects in your horror videos is outstanding

  • @laith8116
    @laith8116 7 місяців тому +4

    One must imagine Sisyphus, happy.

  • @ah-sh9dw
    @ah-sh9dw 11 місяців тому +260

    I feel so bad for those snakes. That's some vlad the impaler shit there

    • @desastrnarrations
      @desastrnarrations 11 місяців тому +80

      That's what I was thinking. It's good the dogs had their owners there, and other pieces were just use of the dead (whether or not someone agrees or disagrees it is okay, we can agree there was no living things suffering in those cases). But the snakes were still very much alive and the disregard for them makes me sad. I hope it's just a case of snakes hanging out there after being put there as opposed to writhing and being uncomfortable/in pain.
      Edit: Nope my hopes are wrong. After looking through other comments, the snakes and frogs and eels (I think I got all three ) were meant to be displayed dying a slow death. That's pure evil.
      Edit 2: Given some idiots are trying to twist my words, I'll say I initially thought the dogs were just pets being watched by owners running on treadmills. The video was misleading. I didn't know the full context - obviously I am completely against dog fighting and them hurting each other, that's just as horrible. I can't believe I even had to say that, but people apparently can't see context clues these days.

    • @doindaworst5824
      @doindaworst5824 11 місяців тому +6

      @ah I was thinking it had to be something like that. Something that would be scary and shocking to see and be around. I've been mauled, dogs are very powerful animals and could of killed each other or a bystander. (I still love dogs and think they are inherently good)

    • @ah-sh9dw
      @ah-sh9dw 11 місяців тому +36

      @@desastrnarrations yeah, the video was kind of vague and that made everything seem better than it was. I did some googling and even the dog thing was a lot worse than the impression I got. They were actual fighting dogs trying to maul each other and were visibly distressed
      Also sorry about redoing this reply so many times. Turns out I'm really bad at checking for typos

    • @desastrnarrations
      @desastrnarrations 11 місяців тому +22

      @@ah-sh9dw No worries at all. Also yeah I'm sort of disappointed how much the video downplayed it, because I figured (and wrongly hoped) it was this:
      The snakes were hanging out on the vines to be given back to their owners if they were pets following that, snakes sometimes hang out and such, which would be fine if they were not stressed and there temporarily.
      Big nope... gods it's horrible, they were meant to be dying there. Also the fact the the dogs were in a way worse situation also breaks my heart, that was also downplayed as well in that case.
      Had to edit cause I reread what you said, and wow. That is WAYYYY Worse than what I was led to believe regarding the dogs. I thought they were just pets running on treadmills, that is evil as well.

    • @jebbsredemption
      @jebbsredemption 11 місяців тому

      @@desastrnarrations So you'd rather the dogs be brutally mauling eachother in pain. Sounds really moral to me..

  • @offbranddorito9668
    @offbranddorito9668 4 місяці тому +1

    I thought it was about workload. People work constantly to keep themselves alive. But as they work they aren’t living. The robot cannot keep up with its work forever and it becomes drained. Even when it shows "joy", that joy is for other people. It is always performing until it dies.

  • @kiratorasei6227
    @kiratorasei6227 11 місяців тому +1

    The fact that I feel like I can relate to this speaks volumes to this project

  • @fhagalliciogomes
    @fhagalliciogomes 7 місяців тому +2

    One must imagine the machine happy...

  • @Pandamaxx
    @Pandamaxx 11 місяців тому +1

    It's a beautiful artpiece that can be seen in so many different ways, personally, I look at it as a way to describe the connection we as humans have to our mechanical creations, we give them tasks that are monotonous, filthy, and even impossible, and we expect them to be content or even happy while doing it, and how this as a concept is impossible to continue, ESPECIALLY with recent developments. As AI develops, we've seen empathy and emotion already, so when do we start treating them as another being? When comes the moment where people stop seeing them as tools but as a mechanical being that thinks, something worth seeing equal? because it might just be time to ask ourselves that question, before we make a mechanical being that thinks, and end up treating them like a slave. To say their lives would be worth nothing purely due to being artificial would be self-serving and egocentric, even hypocrytical, because if we were to say that about animals that have been bred, or even lab created animals, people feel bad for them. Once something can think for itself, it's on the same level as us, deserving of respect, and I hope this artpiece makes people think about that.

  • @yume2727
    @yume2727 6 місяців тому +2

    We just want to imagine Robo Sisyphus Happy 😔