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Deftones Band Rehearsal #2 1996 Rare Footage

  • Опубліковано 19 тра 2011
  • Here is a Deftones band rehearsal from I believe 1996! I have a lot of Deftones footage to sort through and I am not as familiar with them as I am KoRn, but due to the overwhelming request coming in I will be posting some of my Deftones footage for you all. If anyone has any input on the Deftones stuff I greatly appreciate it!
    1. Bored
    2. Nosebleed


  • @niknarg8150
    @niknarg8150 8 років тому +209

    Abe's fuckin' beast on drums!!!

  • @Dontlettheworldrot
    @Dontlettheworldrot 9 років тому +222

    This version of Bored, so clean

    • @TheXxMidniightxX
      @TheXxMidniightxX 9 років тому +32

      That melody Chino threw in at the end of the first chorus was beautiful.

  • @MrDickedy
    @MrDickedy 11 років тому +310

    Chino rocking the red hat before fred durst

    • @melliot0700
      @melliot0700 3 роки тому +19

      How dare you mention Chino in the same sentence..lol

    • @Robert-rl7rd
      @Robert-rl7rd 2 роки тому +32

      Fred basically ripped his whole style from Chino

    • @antomusic7861
      @antomusic7861 2 роки тому +1


    • @syndrodome
      @syndrodome Рік тому

      what an insult to this earth that fred durst

    • @MoreThan_Bob1776
      @MoreThan_Bob1776 Рік тому +4

      I think everything was pretty much done before him 🤷‍♂️ lol

  • @johngarcia6065
    @johngarcia6065 4 роки тому +94

    Chino harmonizing is so hard! Wish he’d do that on more songs

  • @rjmarvin7533
    @rjmarvin7533 9 років тому +195

    RIP CHI, forever.

  • @BPoweredLove
    @BPoweredLove 9 років тому +66

    Even to this day, whenever I see Abe, I expect him to still be the skinny little kid like in this video. I guess I will always see them all as the young pups they were in the mid 90s.

    • @321doucheface
      @321doucheface Рік тому +5

      it's crazy cuz i thought they looked so old and mature back then lol

  • @Street-Shred82
    @Street-Shred82 3 роки тому +54

    Abe will always be one of my favorite drummers of all time

  • @n3vercool1337
    @n3vercool1337 9 років тому +149

    steph makes chubby look cool

  • @kornmemorabilia
    @kornmemorabilia  11 років тому +45

    To those of you who do not like the edit it was filmed that way with a Negative option on the camera. I did not film this, but I have the master recordings. Not much I can do with the Negative effect, but still a great video! Enjoy!

    • @amygreen1944
      @amygreen1944 4 роки тому +2

      kornmemorabilia how do u get these ? Buy at a auction or something ?

    • @eatingicepops
      @eatingicepops 2 роки тому +7

      It's very easy to reverse the negative effect. Literally just add it back on top of something that already has it and it's back to normal

  • @MickAshMetalMan
    @MickAshMetalMan 8 років тому +167

    Darn that stupid negative effect!

    • @legniak1
      @legniak1 7 років тому +7

      MickAshMetalMan I think the music video has that effect on it and the album sleeve does too

    • @MickAshMetalMan
      @MickAshMetalMan 7 років тому +1

      See your point! ;)

    • @vxrdrummer
      @vxrdrummer 5 років тому +19

      Alot of the Korn rehearsal stuff has that effect and it's annoying.

    • @GrungeIsN0tDead
      @GrungeIsN0tDead 3 роки тому +18

      its the 90s people abusing the new feature of the videocam

  • @hectoralonso104
    @hectoralonso104 11 років тому +165

    I still cant understand how they didnt go deaf without use ear protection, specially Abe.

    • @tenderbranson5167
      @tenderbranson5167 4 роки тому +102

      coz they are not the deaftones.....

    • @christianjohnson7228
      @christianjohnson7228 3 роки тому +7

      Tender Branson wow, amazing pun

    • @UrZNL
      @UrZNL 17 днів тому +1

      They probably have hearing loss like most (pro) musicians. Abe switched to in ears somewhere in 2000 I believe. Might have worn earplugs before that. Chino switched to in ears around 2009. Stef doesn’t use anything afaik. Maybe that’s why he keeps his distance from Abe 😂

  • @meya3521
    @meya3521 9 років тому +80

    Abe's drum part in nosebleed at the end is sick

  • @The90sGamingGuy
    @The90sGamingGuy 12 років тому +24

    I just want to say thank you very much for sharing this wealth of great videos,pictures and audio, and all for free. I have been a Deftones and Korn fan since 1999. Both bands hold a special place in my heart.As they have helped me through life's trials and tribulations.

  • @gorillaparanormal6985
    @gorillaparanormal6985 2 роки тому +7

    Really miss you Chi. Thank you for your service.

  • @maxeypad
    @maxeypad 6 років тому +27

    The mid 90's. 'Twas a fun time.

  • @lumina621
    @lumina621 10 років тому +33

    thanks for this video ^^ Chino has the most beautifull voice in all the world

  • @rkulchar
    @rkulchar 10 років тому +19

    Abe is retarded great on drums. Thank you for posting this, i've never actually watched him play the badass drum fills during the interlude in Nosebleed, and it's one of my favorite parts of their earlier songs.

    • @dalekay9ine
      @dalekay9ine 3 роки тому +1

      richard kulchar without Abe they simply wouldn’t be that great of a band.

    • @headwound
      @headwound 8 місяців тому +7

      love reading these 9 year old comments with ppl just throwing around that word lmao. different times

    • @THETRASH153
      @THETRASH153 6 місяців тому +1

      @@headwoundit’s no a big deal unless you make it

    • @headwound
      @headwound 6 місяців тому

      @@THETRASH153 ...I'm not making it a big deal. I was laughing abt it. Come on

  • @methodically0mental
    @methodically0mental 12 років тому +4

    Thank you for uploading! Amazing, this is sooo cool! One love for Chi!

  • @Chris_yes
    @Chris_yes 9 років тому +79

    good drumming. big influence on me besides jimmy chamberlain and jon bonham and danny carey

    • @contactkeithstack
      @contactkeithstack 8 років тому +2

      Chris S. Check out Tony Williams Lifetime

    • @Chris_yes
      @Chris_yes 8 років тому +1

      contactkeithstack Oh brother I love tony williams too. didnt he play with davis?

    • @contactkeithstack
      @contactkeithstack 8 років тому +2

      yup in my favorite Davis period too.

    • @Chris_yes
      @Chris_yes 8 років тому +2

      this is a huge fucking faux pas on youtube but because i love drumming and mine was influenced by jazz and then rock second you may like it; under drumming playlist ; www.soundcloud.com/chris-stibrany sorrry if you hate it :D

    • @simonbarr9476
      @simonbarr9476 5 років тому

      Fuck yes - love Abe's drumming that suits Carpenters guitar riffs down to the ground

  • @marymorenomariposa
    @marymorenomariposa 9 років тому +12

    shit, i've watched this clip for years now. but EVERYTIME he starts to sing it gives me chills. magic

  • @Bleak
    @Bleak 10 років тому +18

    Woo! That Chino. That voice. Just damn.

  • @dftns19
    @dftns19 10 років тому +1

    Thanks for posting this and any Deftones stuff you have.

  • @trulyvanvan
    @trulyvanvan 5 років тому +7

    4:07 “get buuuuurd”

  • @sharinglungs3226
    @sharinglungs3226 4 роки тому +10

    I could watch a whole concert from an Abe drum cam. The guy is killin’ it on the kit.

  • @loiccodet8794
    @loiccodet8794 10 років тому +8

    See how he simply match the high note, great.

  • @ScaleCarModels
    @ScaleCarModels 10 років тому +5

    Nosebleed! Such a beast of a song my fav.

  • @godsmackhudejo
    @godsmackhudejo 12 років тому +3

    oh my god, your videos are awesome never seen them before, keep the deftones videos coming! btw. the beavis laughter is huge:D

  • @shadsc06
    @shadsc06 12 років тому +18

    Chi on the Bass killing it at 2:35-2:40

    • @syndrodome
      @syndrodome Рік тому +3

      think you meant the whole video haha

  • @deftfan_videos
    @deftfan_videos 12 років тому

    Thanks for another. this is great!

  • @mrpelon1000
    @mrpelon1000 12 років тому +1

    Keep it coming please...big time DEFTONES fan.....

  • @komafibre
    @komafibre 11 років тому +3

    Deftones - the band everybody loves to love!!!

  • @ShadowMaster713
    @ShadowMaster713 8 років тому +11

    This looks to have been at The Dome in Bakersfield. I have fond memories of playing there.

    • @ihj6536
      @ihj6536 4 роки тому

      I've never heard of the dome

    • @ihj6536
      @ihj6536 4 роки тому +1

      Well I just googled it and apparently they demolished it a few years back

  • @NavySealWannabe67
    @NavySealWannabe67 11 років тому +16

    Chino with his Butthead laugh XD.

  • @daanpauwels2280
    @daanpauwels2280 6 років тому +7

    Besides the fantastic "My Own Summer", Bored is my fav Deftones song. It is in a way very different from the other Adrenaline-songs.

  • @Mashtar
    @Mashtar 11 років тому +3

    Man... they look so YOUNG...!

  • @nigelgrim
    @nigelgrim 7 місяців тому +1

    Those are some amazing cymbals.

  • @BonassinN
    @BonassinN 11 років тому

    MORE DEFTONES You rock man keep em commin

  • @justincider4375
    @justincider4375 8 років тому +69

    If it's on the internet, is it still rare footage?

    • @deadeyes2803
      @deadeyes2803 7 років тому +8

      +Justin Cider i think the time it was posted it might had been rare to see but i guess now years later is not as rare

    • @BrandonChaunceyOfficial
      @BrandonChaunceyOfficial 5 років тому +7

      It's rare when the person is nice enough to post it. Then it's not when it builds traction

    • @MDE-11-84
      @MDE-11-84 4 роки тому

      Yeah that is a good point

    • @MDE-11-84
      @MDE-11-84 4 роки тому

      I think it really depends on what you compare it to

    • @chillykaia
      @chillykaia 4 роки тому


  • @paulwalkert2915
    @paulwalkert2915 6 місяців тому

    A true, raw rock n roll experience. I saw these guys in '97 as the Ninjas of the stage, had no idea who they were.

  • @theproblemwithkidsthesedays
    @theproblemwithkidsthesedays 4 роки тому +1

    Miss ya, Chi

  • @gnicole420
    @gnicole420 12 років тому

    oh my god this is amazing

  • @IceKoldKilla
    @IceKoldKilla 11 років тому +3

    More Deftones please. Wish there was DeftonesMemorabilia :( So much dedication to my favorite band would be dope. Korn is my second favorite band. Hell I think they're tied to be honest ON MY LIST!

  • @JordanTheGoat
    @JordanTheGoat 3 роки тому +2

    so sick

  • @MDE-11-84
    @MDE-11-84 4 роки тому +2

    Haha Bored is still to this day my favorite Deftones song

  • @lumina621
    @lumina621 10 років тому +7

    RIP Chi

  • @mgthaundergroundnumetalkid3940
    @mgthaundergroundnumetalkid3940 3 роки тому +1

    This Version Of Bored Is So Clean

  • @BeauFerchaud
    @BeauFerchaud 10 років тому

    It's true. I just took a screen shot of the video. You have to do some mild color correcting after putting a negative effect on the negative image because the picture comes back as a greenish color, but it can be fixed :)

  • @61610x
    @61610x 11 років тому +5

    1996!! the voice of Chino sound pretty good.

  • @heatvisuals
    @heatvisuals 3 роки тому +2

    Finger picking on the bass = flawless

  • @edgara195
    @edgara195 7 років тому +1

    this is goldie

  • @saveferris5862
    @saveferris5862 Рік тому +1

    I don’t anything about the drums or guitars. But I believe that Abe is one of the best drummers in a top ten list somewhere, bc his rhythms has made their songs have substance.

  • @eyelesscrown7346
    @eyelesscrown7346 3 роки тому +1

    Where did you get this footage? I must see more deftones stuff like this!

  • @seanvolALT
    @seanvolALT 10 років тому +35

    lmao butthead at 0:55

    • @jawshwaa
      @jawshwaa 3 роки тому +2

      this is the coolest thing i have ever seen

    • @Rodzilla97
      @Rodzilla97 3 роки тому +3

      he did it perfect, lol

  • @rdsls100
    @rdsls100 11 років тому +1

    Love oldschool videos

  • @salemtheapaidi808
    @salemtheapaidi808 10 років тому +11

    Lmao! Chino sings with an Opera voice in Bored

  • @mondele0n
    @mondele0n 11 років тому +2

    i loved the negative effect... so 90's... so SASSY!

  • @michaelucas13
    @michaelucas13 11 років тому

    To somewhat reverse the negative image, if you have a mac press:
    It sets your monitor in negative mode, somewhat reverting the video edit.

  • @missyr0402
    @missyr0402 12 років тому +1

    SO SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Zrosum
    @Zrosum 10 років тому +1

    Deftones 4 Life. Freakin awesome!

  • @95dank
    @95dank 10 років тому +1

    what a gem

  • @Thrasher_Abbatoir
    @Thrasher_Abbatoir 8 років тому

    Good shit! Miss my 90's and y2k's years...

  • @bmoneyrancidfan91
    @bmoneyrancidfan91 2 роки тому +1

    Chino was the sickest back then. The way he looked

  • @plague1313
    @plague1313 10 років тому +1

    Chi we miss you

  • @mirrasosa
    @mirrasosa 3 роки тому +1

    Abe is too sick !! Addictive

  • @LouSassles
    @LouSassles 11 років тому +2

    R.I.P. Chi!

  • @dylanedwards2056
    @dylanedwards2056 8 років тому

    Hell yeah Stephen shredding!

  • @jredf1
    @jredf1 3 роки тому +1

    That drumming though

  • @kensmith316
    @kensmith316 5 років тому +5

    listen to those triplets on the KICK jesus!

  • @lumina621
    @lumina621 10 років тому +1

    fucking love Deftones foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!

  • @eltipo6651
    @eltipo6651 7 років тому +4

    that green guitar, and Hughes n' Kettner? These guys are de pinga.

  • @k5lta
    @k5lta 12 років тому


  • @Martiizzer
    @Martiizzer 12 років тому

    ha! i like the way the DJ stood behind the amps and no one saw him 10 90s. now hes almost at the front!

  • @xmutanrashenx108x
    @xmutanrashenx108x 12 років тому +2

    Old Old School... Bored !

  • @MildredPierce-bd5cw
    @MildredPierce-bd5cw 3 роки тому

    Abe’s fucking killin it as always

  • @realldife
    @realldife 8 років тому


  • @PSNDaSingh
    @PSNDaSingh 12 років тому +3

    Abe laid it down on this one, damn.

    • @dalekay9ine
      @dalekay9ine 3 роки тому

      Hum. S. Every song man!!! All of them he “lays it down!”

  • @DeftonesLiveChannel
    @DeftonesLiveChannel 12 років тому +1

    This is definitely from 1996. Given Chino's hair length, I'd say this was shot between September and December.

    @BOGOTAROCKSTAR 12 років тому


  • @rickbentley7042
    @rickbentley7042 2 роки тому +3

    Back when he could hit the notes right

  • @TheLifelessNight
    @TheLifelessNight 12 років тому


  • @kaistitch2967
    @kaistitch2967 4 роки тому

    Chino wearing a cap...really rare🤘🎶

  • @JonnoThomas
    @JonnoThomas 11 років тому +2

    I wish it was 1996 again.

  • @LouSassles
    @LouSassles 11 років тому

    What guitar cabs are Steph using?

  • @rkulchar
    @rkulchar 10 років тому +26

    input: why add the public access-style effects and jump-zoom bullshit? I want to see the rehearsal, just play the video. You don't need to make it more interesting. Oh, and that doesn't make it more interesting.

    • @mattcribbin1570
      @mattcribbin1570 7 років тому +11

      richard kulchar cause mid 90's camera happy.

  • @istvanrozsits3136
    @istvanrozsits3136 5 років тому +1

    Abe killig it!

  • @DS-fi4hf
    @DS-fi4hf 3 роки тому +1

    Abe tearin shit up!

  • @AfroRedMusic
    @AfroRedMusic 12 років тому +6

    LMMFAO at 4:07!

  • @MobyDong1
    @MobyDong1 11 років тому

    what amps are stephen using?

  • @emiliosanchez803
    @emiliosanchez803 3 роки тому

    1:00 Bored
    4:11 Nosebleed

  • @danielvanhorssen1325
    @danielvanhorssen1325 6 років тому +1

    when abe actually tried to keep time instead of fucking with "the dog"

  • @ryanbubba1000
    @ryanbubba1000 12 років тому +2

    nothing beats korn...

    • @dalekay9ine
      @dalekay9ine 3 роки тому


  • @defthe1s
    @defthe1s 10 років тому

    Thank you! If you have any doubts maybe I can helpp!

  • @HolyCity2012
    @HolyCity2012 11 років тому

    Too bad about the "special" effects. Otherwise this is THE BEST mid 90's, amateur VHS video/audio of Deftones in existence.

  • @IlSH2
    @IlSH2 12 років тому

    i already downloading it!!

  • @Niloy63
    @Niloy63 6 років тому

    For all the drummer's out there... is Abe using a double bass pedal at 1:39, 1:45, and couple other times? I never thought he used a double pedal in his recordings, but I know that he has a double pedal on his set. Never understood that.

    • @dalekay9ine
      @dalekay9ine 3 роки тому

      MYTOCHON he uses double kick on a few songs, and the right foot left foot quickly just one stroke each followed very closely by a snare and crash hit. The only song where the double kick is super noticeable is on the chorus of when girls telephone boys

  • @XxxHelicesxxX
    @XxxHelicesxxX 11 років тому

    Both of the songs almost sound better here then on the album.

  • @ismaelsouly1994
    @ismaelsouly1994 3 роки тому

    01:00 Bored
    04:11 Nosebleed

    @THEUNHINGEDSANITY 11 років тому +1

    holy shit! can ABE be more bad ass, or wha?
    underrated drummer

  • @ldvr1
    @ldvr1 6 років тому

    Abe!!! 😍🤘🤘🤘

    @SEIJITV 12 років тому

    trippin' off Steph's rig back then....epicalness lol