Very funny: Head and Munky play 'How well do you know your band mate' | Q&A from Facebook

  • Опубліковано 13 чер 2017
  • Los guitarristas de la banda KoRn, Head y Munky, contestan algunas preguntas que los fans de facebook hicieron para ellos


  • JP Tyson
    JP Tyson  3 роки тому +43

    subscribe to my other channel, Im going to upload more videos like this one about Korn and other bands!

  • Nathan Gamboa
    Nathan Gamboa 3 роки тому +712

    "I don't want to go on stage with poop in my body."

    MARSHAL BAEK Рік тому +109

    The magic of Brian and Munky is that they're true friends.

  • grahamt19781
    grahamt19781 3 роки тому +290

    When Munky is describing the first time he heard Van Halen and how he didn't really get it.... That's exactly how I felt when I first heard Korn's debut album back in the 90's.... I just didn't understand it, hadn't heard anything like it before, it just sounded so raw, dark and disjointed somehow but... funky at the same time. Little did I know how much I'd grow to love it!

  • LAs Palmas
    LAs Palmas 4 роки тому +215

    Munky comes to my job fairly often and I've spoken with him. He is honestly a really nice guy.

  • General Reaper
    General Reaper 2 роки тому +101

    Head has always been a comedian. Especially back in the 90s he had self esteem issues so he'd make light of those issues by joking them off rather then dealing with them. Glad he's happy and healthy now

  • Laura M
    Laura M Рік тому +31

    How awesome are these guys. So chill. So humble.

  • Maggot Boi
    Maggot Boi Рік тому +28

    Munky is my spirit animal. he's just so chill and easy going. he seems like the type of person who in every situation, like, in stressful situations, he's just cool as a cucumber. he's my second favorite member. my first is Jon, my second Munky, my third, Head, my fourth David (i know he's not part of KoRn any more, but i just like him more than Ray. nothing's really wrong with Ray, but David had more personality than Ray, not dissing Ray though) and my fifth is Feildy. i don't hate him, he just so happened to be that last one on my list, because that's the order it goes in.

  • Katherine Garcia
    Katherine Garcia 4 роки тому +242

    when brian said"BACK IN BLACK!",i was shocked! like,i didn't know what to say. i was just surprised. that was amazing.🤘❤🖤

  • Tgunzz
    Tgunzz 5 років тому +118

    That was awesome. We need more of this type of stuff. Korn, I love those guys. Grew up with them. Real cool interview and real good questions.

  • BaSs4cE11
    BaSs4cE11 5 років тому +239


  • Taylor Coates

    Rob Zombie and Kirk Hammett sure seem like cool dudes! Great interview 👍

  • Blake Janowicz
    Blake Janowicz 5 років тому +156

    It would be EPIC if RATM & Korn toured together.

  • Giulorma1121
    Giulorma1121 21 день тому

    Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved Munky. I love his vibe and even the sound of his voice is so appealing. Definitely one of my childhood crushes behind Johnny Depp of course.

  • Clint Crain
    Clint Crain Рік тому +15

    These two were my teenage superheroes.

  • gothicalphase
    gothicalphase 5 років тому +152

    That acdc impression was spot on

  • grahamt19781
    grahamt19781 3 роки тому +8

    It's so fucking awesome to see these guys back together, with their shit together and enjoying life. Not only that but they're still producing amazing music. They're so humble and REAL as well, I love the comment about distortion covering up mistakes etc. I hope they must keep going until they're 90.

  • anggera prasetyo
    anggera prasetyo 2 роки тому +23

    i swear, ive just realized that Munky's style is soooo cool and inspiring, i means the way he dressed, simple but cool

  • Shahab Uddin

    The way how Munky describes his experience listening to Van Halen is exactly word by word how I felt when I first listened to Freak on a Leash and then I couldn't stop listening to it.

  • PaleBlueDot
    PaleBlueDot 5 років тому +67

    These guys are super funny! Especially Brian.