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  • Опубліковано 29 лис 2023
  • This is her Odyssey. #Furiosa - Only in Theaters 2024
    Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth star in Academy Award-winning mastermind George Miller’s “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga,” the much-anticipated return to the iconic dystopian world he created more than 30 years ago with the seminal “Mad Max” films. Miller now turns the page again with an all-new original, standalone action adventure that will reveal the origins of the powerhouse character from the multiple Oscar-winning global smash “Mad Max: Fury Road.” The new feature from Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures is produced by Miller and his longtime partner, Oscar-nominated producer Doug Mitchell (“Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Babe”), under their Australian-based Kennedy Miller Mitchell banner.
    As the world fell, young Furiosa is snatched from the Green Place of Many Mothers and falls into the hands of a great Biker Horde led by the Warlord Dementus. Sweeping through the Wasteland, they come across the Citadel presided over by The Immortan Joe. While the two Tyrants war for dominance, Furiosa must survive many trials as she puts together the means to find her way home.
    Taylor-Joy stars in the title role, and along with Hemsworth, the film also stars Alyla Browne and Tom Burke.
    Miller penned the script with “Mad Max: Fury Road” co-writer Nico Lathouris. Miller’s behind-the-scenes creative team includes first assistant director PJ Voeten and second unit director and stunt coordinator Guy Norris, director of photography Simon Duggan (“Hacksaw Ridge,” “The Great Gatsby”), composer Tom Holkenborg, sound designer Robert Mackenzie, editor Eliot Knapman, visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson and colorist Eric Whipp. The team also includes other longtime collaborators: production designer Colin Gibson, editor Margaret Sixel, sound mixer Ben Osmo, costume designer Jenny Beavan and makeup designer Lesley Vanderwalt, each of whom won an Oscar for their work on “Mad Max: Fury Road.”
    Warner Bros. Pictures Presents, in Association with Village Roadshow Pictures, A Kennedy Miller Mitchell Production, A George Miller Film, “Furiosa.” The film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, in theaters only nationwide on May 24, 2024 and internationally beginning on May 22, 2024.
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  • @soapybanana1
    @soapybanana1 23 години тому +1949

    Nobody builds post-apocalyptic war machines like George and his team. Absolutely incredible.

      @DARTHMAULGUYGUY 23 години тому +36

      Except for this movie they programmed it on computers instead of actually building them 😂😂

    • @favor8264
      @favor8264 22 години тому +13


    • @KanyedaWestaro
      @KanyedaWestaro 22 години тому +2

      incredible world building, very original that influences so many video games, and other films too

    • @Fitzian
      @Fitzian 22 години тому +26

      Most of them look to be CGI. Fury Road set the bar too high, it'll be jarring going back to Marvel-tier CG.

    • @CrapheadMoleman
      @CrapheadMoleman 22 години тому +11

      They didn't build them, it's CG and poor CG at that!

  • @JesusChristMarie
    @JesusChristMarie 21 годину тому +1024

    One of the things I love about this franchise is the language of the post-apocalypse. Running with the theme of the survivors of the apocalypse all having lost their minds, the meanings of words seem to have been forgotten or mixed up. There are a lot of instances of this throughout all of the films, such as “lady and gentlemens” “I should be in Valhalla, McFeasting with heroes” “The ayatollah of rock and roll-ah” and “It was your Manifest Destiny to not perish”. It adds so much character to the world. The Mad Max wasteland is a place where all of the norms and vernacular of our society have been abandoned, hence why people act and talk in the bizarre way they do. It gives rewatches of the films extra value just to try and spot all the weird apocalyptic slang.

    • @b00mcake
      @b00mcake 21 годину тому +43

      this is such a good point, and I love how postmodern the language is, it is exactly what would happen when you really think about it

    • @shubhamrana3606
      @shubhamrana3606 21 годину тому +23

      Ayatollah of rock n Rolla is one and only Chris Jericho

    • @TheEvOrAf
      @TheEvOrAf 21 годину тому +30

      Also how they start to worship things that are to normal to us like V8 engines or how they worship airplanes in mad max beyond thunderdome

    • @thejesse
      @thejesse 20 годин тому +29

      I assumed he was just addressing Furiosa and a bunch of dudes.

  • @Cal0rb
    @Cal0rb 17 годин тому +45

    As an Aussie I’m so proud of George Miller and the entire mad max franchise. This looks epic!

    • @clancypollard1474
      @clancypollard1474 17 годин тому

      Tell me about it. Love to see a blockbuster based around our country.. Apocolyptic or not

    • @EarthLads
      @EarthLads 17 годин тому

      ​@@clancypollard1474we need milk scene again

  • @AA-qb7ni
    @AA-qb7ni 19 годин тому +52

    I'll never forget how great Fury Road was to watch in the cinema. I can't wait for this!!!

    • @brickchef8282
      @brickchef8282 17 годин тому

      next jear i hope to get two double features in big cinema Fury road +furiosa and dune part1+2

  • @infinidetail
    @infinidetail 18 годин тому +16

    If you love Fury Road, take a (closer) look at Lorenzo's Oil and Happy Feet: the Mad Max universe doesn't make George Miller a genius, it's George Miller that makes this universe incredible. His talent has no limits except the ones we, the audience, put between action, drama and animation. Watch and rewatch his other movies, 'cause it's the most thrilling way to wait for Furiosa!

  • @ryansinclair8203
    @ryansinclair8203 17 годин тому +7

    This is going to be one of the most beautiful, dynamic and unique cinematic experiences I’ve ever seen since the theatrical releases of the original Mad Max Fury Road, Alita Battle Angel and the space opera Dune. It’s an incredible miracle from Heaven that this movie was even made to begin with. I wasn’t even sure if Fury Road would get a sequel.; thank God it did. George Miller is a sacrament of grace. In the words of Martin Scorsese; “This is cinema.”

  • @lronhillbilly
    @lronhillbilly День тому +2514

    I like George Miller because the camera is always steady and the action is always centered. I don't know why so many action directors refuse to do those two simple things.

    • @morty4815162342
      @morty4815162342 День тому +205

      Ever since the bourne sequels directors have a hard on for fast cuts and shaking the camera, it really blows

    • @troillandford7679
      @troillandford7679 День тому +188

      Insert Liam neeson climbing a fence with 42 cuts in between

    • @jackred422
      @jackred422 День тому +65

      More expensive and harder to do

    • @expendableindigo9639
      @expendableindigo9639 День тому +32

      Bourne convinced people it was realistic and boots-on-the-ground.

  • @forbiddencolor
    @forbiddencolor 20 годин тому +130

    I can't believe it's almost been 10 years since the last one. After watching this trailer, it feels like we never left.

    • @likeorasgod
      @likeorasgod 20 годин тому +5

      It be 45 years since the first one if this comes out next year.

    • @PaulMDavidson
      @PaulMDavidson 18 годин тому +5

      It feels like a more plausible future with every passing year.

  • @Crossbones6732
    @Crossbones6732 21 годину тому +381

    I watched Fury Road three days straight when it came out over the weekend, invited someone new to see it with me each time. Watched it five times total in theatres, bought copies of the movie on dvd to “share the gospel,” it was amazing. I sincerely hope this movie is the same.

    • @Jeronnimooo
      @Jeronnimooo 21 годину тому +6

      Dude, I feel you, like a timeless classic like the Matrix I, but like that franchise they are not nearly as good as the original. We can only hope.

    • @maynardkeen85
      @maynardkeen85 21 годину тому +12

      Mate. That scene with the tornadoes in the sandstorm. Front row blazed off my skull it’s still the greatest spectacle I’ve seen at the movies. Did the same as you and took friends along on multiple viewings. This one doesn’t look as good, but it’s early days. We’ll see.

    • @stevemurrell6167
      @stevemurrell6167 20 годин тому +2

      Who buys DVD's? Blurays mate, blurays!

    • @Mygg_Jeager
      @Mygg_Jeager 20 годин тому

      I'm glad I'm not the only one. XD

    • @existenz01
      @existenz01 20 годин тому

      Agreed!!!! Amaze.

  • @jg5875
    @jg5875 19 годин тому +2

    CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!!!! Loved Fury Road just based off the trailers….and the actual movie delivered. Seen it at least 10 times incl every flight I’m on where they show it 👍🏻

  • @diegoortiz7104
    @diegoortiz7104 21 годину тому +148

    Sweet baby Jesus it’s finally happening ! 😱😱 I thought we’d never see a sequel this is going to be fantastic can’t wait to see what more amazing world building and just overall lore they’ll bring in this movie will definitely see this movie can’t wait!

    • @daniellewis4154
      @daniellewis4154 20 годин тому +13

      It’s actually a prequel that focuses on Furiosa’s backstory

    • @sparda9060
      @sparda9060 19 годин тому +7

      The sequel Wasteland is in production. Not sure when it's coming out tho. George Miller is still director than fvcking god.

    • @Packin-Heat
      @Packin-Heat 19 годин тому +4

      It looks like absolute garbage compared to Fury Road.

    • @GenJuhru
      @GenJuhru 18 годин тому +1

      @Packin-Heat such a drama queen 😆

  • @sandbox6959
    @sandbox6959 17 годин тому

    This looks really really good! I got blown away in 1979 by the first movie, the second one still is a classic example of solid moviemaking and a really cool ride, the third movie is fun and a bit cheesy here and there, the fourth is like the first and second one, I gotta see´em at least every fifth year because they are so utterly wellmade and entertaining, even if you know every frame and detail in them.... So I reckon I´ll be pretty flabbergasted by this fifth one, too!
    Wait for MAD MAX the series on Netflix in 2026, I am pretty convinced someone in the biz out there are going to have a go at Millers amazing franchise, oddly enough the post-apocalyptic interest is increasing globally. Is that a good sign, or...?

  • @blasphemous9693
    @blasphemous9693 День тому +2511

    Fury Road is still one of the best theater experiences I've ever had. Definitely checking this out.

  • @1977Yakko
    @1977Yakko 22 години тому +458

    Seems a bit more CGI heavy than the first which used a lot of practical effects but hopefully it's just used to augment the use of practical effects on open world sets. I mean George Miller has to know what helped Mad Max be so successful in the eyes of fans was the use of practical effects so hopefully he didn't abandon them entirely. Also, ATJ being in this is a huge selling point. Yeah, her big eyes are uniquely spaced so she's very noticeable in any scene she's in BUT she is also a very talented actress. I've only seen her in a few movies like The Witch or The Northman but she's legit good. She's the new Noomi Rapace or something.

    • @mikecronis
      @mikecronis 21 годину тому +53

      Let's hope the CGI here is only a temporary thing before the actual shooting takes place? The practical effects are what made the universe amazing. CGI will make it feel like a cheap video game.

    • @oop2805
      @oop2805 21 годину тому +34

      @@mikecronisThe movie is finished. It’s in post production now. The CGI here aligns with what Miller did with Three Thousand Years of Longing.

    • @karlepaul6632
      @karlepaul6632 21 годину тому +24

      ​@@mikecronisYeah...I agree... honestly, there's nothing wrong with CGI, so long as you CAN'T TELL it's CGI...

    • @karlepaul6632
      @karlepaul6632 21 годину тому +5

      ​@@SuperBlazeOfficialLighten up on the guy... he's probably thinking you can take parts of what's already finished, and construct it into a trailer...to hype it up, keep it in people's minds if it should happen to take awhile for it to be shot...

  • @TheMrSlyxx
    @TheMrSlyxx 20 годин тому +43

    This director is so awesome! This is truly a movie to wait for. I hope there are many more of these.

    • @donsandrano1429
      @donsandrano1429 17 годин тому

      “Do you have in you to make it epic?” I really hope you do Anna Taylor! I really hope you are not to light for this… I wish that they would have used Eva Green or Florence Pugh do this role

  • @falsejanke5099
    @falsejanke5099 21 годину тому +193

    As long as it's all practical stunts and explosions like the first one I'm pretty excited

    • @somnolentSlumber
      @somnolentSlumber 21 годину тому +140

      looks like it won't be, judging by the amount of sloppy CGI in this trailer

    • @MisTTwisted
      @MisTTwisted 20 годин тому +47

      All practical? Did you watch the trailer? lmao

    • @neo4102
      @neo4102 20 годин тому +28

      Yea half of that looked CGI which is disappointing - inflation and all you know =\

    • @marshallandroxy
      @marshallandroxy 20 годин тому +40

      The trailer is full of crappy polished CGI.

  • @thecreator2073
    @thecreator2073 17 годин тому +2

    Anyone complaining about another origin story, know that this is a passion project for George Miller, which instantly makes it a win in my book

  • @MadamInsanity88
    @MadamInsanity88 День тому +437

    I do hope we can maintain what made Fury Road great. Good use of practical effects and less reliance on CGI, it really made it a memorable experience.

    • @saxdave1
      @saxdave1 22 години тому +123

      You know that won't be the case, you watched the trailer. Pure CGI. Lame.

    • @sasquatch4liffee
      @sasquatch4liffee 22 години тому +6

      Underrated comment

    • @JR-qx6xi
      @JR-qx6xi 22 години тому +62

      agreed, might be just me but this looked like it had a lot of cgi

    • @OsaculnenolajO
      @OsaculnenolajO 22 години тому +15

      ​@@JR-qx6xiThere did seem to be quite a bit of CGI. Which is totally fine if the actual action remains mostly in camera. If I have faith in anyone it's George Miller.

    • @Hudson316
      @Hudson316 22 години тому +16

      @@saxdave1It's likely more reliant on CGI because of the terrible experiences Miller had filming Fury Road that made him want to never make another Mad Max film. Also they can't use the same on-location area as Fury Road because the local government sued them for destroying important nature areas they had promised to leave as they found them. Also the whole thing that happened with a stunt performer in Fury Road might make them a bit more iffy about some of the bigger stunts.
      (or they just used a lot of the CGI heavy stuff in the trailer)

  • @romilrh
    @romilrh 20 годин тому +60

    If this can match the gorgeous and violent energy of Fury Road, then it's a worthy edition to the Mad Max canon. And Anya Taylor-Joy looks awesome

    • @asdqqweq
      @asdqqweq 18 годин тому +1

      *addition, not edition

    • @donsandrano1429
      @donsandrano1429 17 годин тому

      She looks like a light weight to me I hope she can pull it off to be epic…

  • @TerranIV
    @TerranIV 22 години тому +33

    This trailer is so stylish and fun! This movie has so much potential to be one of the best of 2024. Very much looking forward to it!!!

    • @szeltovivarsydroxan9944
      @szeltovivarsydroxan9944 17 годин тому +2

      It's actually been 11 years, since Fury Road was shot in 2012.

    • @paulwoodford1984
      @paulwoodford1984 17 годин тому

      Age has not been kind to this new prequel. Looks like 2012 lame cgi. this film will be MEDIOCRE!

    • @chrisbarnett5303
      @chrisbarnett5303 17 годин тому

      Fury Road had such a stylish and fun trailer too, I'm so hyped for this!

    • @donsandrano1429
      @donsandrano1429 17 годин тому

      “Do you have in you to make it epic?” I really hope you do Anna Taylor! I really hope you are not to light for this… I wish that they would have used Eva Green or Florence Pugh do this role

    • @donsandrano1429
      @donsandrano1429 17 годин тому

      “Do you have in you to make it epic?” I really hope you do Anna Taylor! I really hope you are not to light for this… I wish that they would have used Eva Green or Florence Pugh do this role

  • @coyley31
    @coyley31 17 годин тому

    Effin dope!! Gave me goosebumps watching this. Taylor-Joy looks amazing _(as usual)_ and I didn't recognise Hemsworth at all, then the trailer put his name up. I was like "Whoa!!"
    Cannot frickin' wait!

  • @matthew2734
    @matthew2734 17 годин тому

    Wish we'd get more #madmax video games. Avalanche Studios did a Mad Max game back in 2015, I thought it was very repetitive but also awesome & underrated. Can't wait for #furiosa !

  • @kannan4007
    @kannan4007 16 годин тому

    Congratulations in advance to the whole team for the #Oscar for production design, Stunts, n etc., 💐👍🏼
    This trailer is 🔥

  • @Henrik.S8
    @Henrik.S8 День тому +853

    Whether it be the aesthetics or how the scenes are shot, no one does post-apocalyptic films like George Miller.

    • @TvGunslingeRvT
      @TvGunslingeRvT День тому +8

      Anya Taylor joy is amazing

    • @MellowMutant
      @MellowMutant День тому


    • @lamar310
      @lamar310 День тому +5

      You speak facts...pure eye candy that immediately draws you in

    • @motherplayer
      @motherplayer День тому

      He and the production crew always know how to get that hobbled together look the best. Between how items are improved for various tools like the skull for a helmet or just the general sense of harshness in the environment.

  • @Tommskyy
    @Tommskyy 22 години тому +1

    I like how this doesn’t give anything away. The action will likely be a rollercoaster ride.

  • @africansupe1934
    @africansupe1934 19 годин тому +2

    A "Mad Max saga" to remind us that it's connected to a beloved 80s movie. Nice touch guys

  • @Fartballs12
    @Fartballs12 20 годин тому +27

    I’m so excited for this movie! The world building is just absolutely brilliant. When I saw Fury Road I just couldn’t stop thinking about everything I had seen. Truly a fantastic piece of cinema and the camera work is top notch. I have no doubt this sequel is going to be amazing as well. I can’t remember the last time I was this pumped for a movie.

    • @wanderersuvo1990
      @wanderersuvo1990 19 годин тому +1

      It’s actually a prequel

    • @Packin-Heat
      @Packin-Heat 19 годин тому

      Get ready to be disappointed.

    • @Medik_0001
      @Medik_0001 18 годин тому

      Yeah cuz fury road had so much world building 😂

    • @paulwoodford1984
      @paulwoodford1984 17 годин тому +1

      What have they done. this will be far far inferior. Looks like so much more cgi. Not looking good!

  • @chaseorosco9017
    @chaseorosco9017 22 години тому +2

    Aww. I was really hoping to see Hardy's Mad Max again. But this looks stunning.

  • @lefankadimeng307
    @lefankadimeng307 18 годин тому +8

    I love that they stuck to that very vibrant,stark and harsh colour palette. It makes the whole post-apocalyptic thing so visceral. It’s going to be another visually stunning 2024 release. I’m so excited!

  • @andyk939
    @andyk939 21 годину тому +2

    As a fan of the first movie and even the third... this looks SICK! I saw all but the first in theaters. I love the bright, colorful clean look of this film, a great stylistic choice I normally detest, but in this world it's perfect. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the best one of the five.

  • @P3rryTh3Pl4typus
    @P3rryTh3Pl4typus День тому +1863

    George Miller is in his late 70s and still pumping to make a huge big budget action movie like this is absolutely crazy and amazing. This man deserves his "legend" status

    • @taajwarpope2708
      @taajwarpope2708 День тому +20

      I'm surprised that he hasn't retired yet

    • @DOOMStudios
      @DOOMStudios День тому +13

      And the car designs look sick as well.

    • @MrTaylor1964
      @MrTaylor1964 День тому +21

      @@taajwarpope2708great filmmakers never retire

    • @christianmichael3120
      @christianmichael3120 День тому +32

      He has openly said he plans to do even MORE using Tom Hardy again!!! He is an unstoppable force

    • @ArthurZakaryan23
      @ArthurZakaryan23 День тому +19

      @@christianmichael3120 Tom Hardy was amazing in the last Mad Max especially with Charlize as Furiosa. I like Anya Taylor-Joy and I'll still definitely see this cause you never miss a George Miller Mad Max epic but I liked Charlize as Furiosa more.

  • @johngalactus4014
    @johngalactus4014 22 години тому +1

    Fury Road is one of the best action films ever made. It's a rarity for me to watch a movie more than once in cinema, and I watched Fury Road 3x times!!!

  • @kostiskanaridis6815
    @kostiskanaridis6815 19 годин тому +1

    George Miller is almost 80 years old and stll gifts us with movies such as this! God Bless you Sir!!

  • @reddy272
    @reddy272 18 годин тому

    Just the way the intro is at the beginning of the trailer with the words coming at you one after the other.....Beautiful! Not all chopped up so you can't remember what you read.

  • @andyzhang7890
    @andyzhang7890 20 годин тому +1

    After all these years… i never got to watch the masterpiece that was Fury Road in theatres, but I won’t make the same mistake twice…

  • @emanueloliveira7997
    @emanueloliveira7997 18 годин тому

    I hope they still have used mainly practical effect on this one too. Those rigs look brutal! Not so sure about Anya on the role but we'll see. I thought I've read that Furiosa would be a sequel to Fury Road, with Charlize and Tom carrying on.

  • @michaellacy3699
    @michaellacy3699 23 години тому +816

    45 years after the collapse... so Mad Max really is like some kinda mythical ageless person in this universe. Very cool

    • @ryanlennox
      @ryanlennox 22 години тому +33

      Thinking the same thing bro that’s my only issue with it

    • @dungeonmaster16
      @dungeonmaster16 22 години тому +20

      @@ryanlennox unless it might be mild retcon and next mad max movie they do they get mel gibson back as max. if so then that lines up with the world falling and how old max is.
      so retcon maybe is young furiosa meets mel gibson/mad max, tag along with max annoyed with her but in time watch over her, she learns about him and what he been doing in the last 45 years with also audience learning more of his sotry. eventually if max dies due to age or dying from a fatal fight furiosa may become the lead, gets his car and become the next road warrior.
      to add: another retcon be immorlan joe maybe just a lesser lord during this time but eventually becomes a highlord and become a major antagonist to max and furiosa i nfuture media with clans he runs and bounties set up.

    • @Dan-ud8hz
      @Dan-ud8hz 22 години тому +91

      @@dungeonmaster16 Remember that the Mad Max movies are told in retrospective from an unreliable narrator, the "First History Man":
      “Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves?”
      ― The First History Man (George Miller)

    • @michaeleverest3487
      @michaeleverest3487 22 години тому +41

      The first Mad Max was in the "collapse" too, we just aren't privy to how long after the so apocalypse any of it started

    • @loganmoore8394
      @loganmoore8394 22 години тому +20

      In the timeline of mad max universe it doesn’t make sense, but maybe it is referencing that the first film was released 45 years ago?

  • @TheAlphaDingo
    @TheAlphaDingo 22 години тому +48

    rather we got a proper Mad Max sequel but no denying Miller can build stunning cinematic and visuals in film like few others can

    • @trashl0rd
      @trashl0rd 19 годин тому +1

      Agreed with Max needing the spotlight after practically playing second fiddle in FR. Though I wouldn't say this has stunning visuals since this looks littered with bad CGI.

    • @kipuchino
      @kipuchino 19 годин тому +1

      Hopefully this isn't just more GIRL POWA nonsense and actually done well. I'm so jaded at this stage that even this film doesn't excite me.

  • @b00mcake
    @b00mcake 21 годину тому +1

    Im so ready for this, we need more films that are just chaos

  • @KnightlyNZ
    @KnightlyNZ 20 годин тому +2

    All I know that the soundtrack is going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @jonathanwelchbmnc7615
    @jonathanwelchbmnc7615 20 годин тому +2

    Omg I am so excited for this. Mad Max Fury Road is my favorite movie of all time. Sad that Max won’t be in this one, but this still looks awesome.

    • @donsandrano1429
      @donsandrano1429 16 годин тому

      “Do you have in you to make it epic?” I really hope you do Anna Taylor! I really hope you are not to light for this… I wish that they would have used Eva Green or Florence Pugh do this role

  • @OrionInSpace
    @OrionInSpace День тому +7948

    I don't know what's more crazy, the fact that we are getting another one of these movies, or the fact that it has been 8 years since Fury Road... What a day! WHAT A LOVELY DAY!!

    • @P3rryTh3Pl4typus
      @P3rryTh3Pl4typus День тому +185

      You know what's more crazy? A late 70 year old man directed this big budget loud action movie, you don't see that much these days

    • @NeoConnor1
      @NeoConnor1 День тому +71

      Fury Road came out in 2015.

    • @DOOMStudios
      @DOOMStudios День тому +58

      Actually it’s been 8 years.

    • @DarkyX95
      @DarkyX95 День тому +19

      It hasn't been 10 years

    • @MrJuanitos9
      @MrJuanitos9 День тому +15

      Jesus...I the back of my mind i would say 2019 was its release...time flies

  • @MagicSwagget12
    @MagicSwagget12 20 годин тому

    Finally! I completely forgot they were making this, it was announced so long ago

  • @intzbk1
    @intzbk1 18 годин тому

    They should do a double feature and play Mad Max before this film. That would be great to see in theaters again and I can't wait for this one!

  • @smackerlacker8708
    @smackerlacker8708 18 годин тому +2

    They want you to think they made this insane action epic about a post-apocalyptic future, but really, this is just how people in Australia live every day.

  • @toxicmustardwasabi
    @toxicmustardwasabi 17 годин тому

    Fury Road was the greatest cinematic experience of my life. I cannot wait for this. ATJ is going to be a megastar after this release.

  • @user-zp5ql2xi2s
    @user-zp5ql2xi2s 20 годин тому +9

    This franchise never disappoints me.

    • @donsandrano1429
      @donsandrano1429 16 годин тому

      “Do you have in you to make it epic?” I really hope you do Anna Taylor! I really hope you are not to light for this… I wish that they would have used Eva Green or Florence Pugh do this role

  • @felipebraga1625
    @felipebraga1625 День тому +811

    I hope this movie does well enough at the box office for another Mad Max sequel to be made (and please bring back Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron)

    • @uwcb1
      @uwcb1 День тому +46

      I don’t think Theron would ever work with him again. Apparently he was a complete prick during the shoot.

    • @damagar8
      @damagar8 День тому +36

      Charlize Theron definitely did not like working with Tom Hardy so that's more than likely going to be a no to them working together again.

    • @UndeadSlayer5
      @UndeadSlayer5 День тому +19

      And Mel Gibson

    • @dadarkknight36310
      @dadarkknight36310 День тому +12

      Heard it was the opposite

    • @unknown0560
      @unknown0560 День тому +76

      She was actually the problem. The director doesn't want to work with her again. Tom hardy might come back. This is basically her replacement and the reason that this movie took so long was because of wb. Wb owed George Miller more money and did not pay so he basically had to fight with wb to get paid fairly. George said he wasn't in no hurry to make another one for wb after the way he was treated.

  • @knightonart8886
    @knightonart8886 22 години тому

    I am so ready for this movie! What a lovely day!

  • @beachfan1278
    @beachfan1278 20 годин тому +1

    I can't believe after 9 years, we're finally getting another Mad Max Masterpiece from George Miller.

  • @realchocochoco
    @realchocochoco 20 годин тому

    Excited for this one!

  • @zanfear
    @zanfear 18 годин тому +3

    I never wanted a Furiosa prequel, I wanted a Fury Road sequel… but holy moly was I wrong!

    • @kendall1042
      @kendall1042 17 годин тому

      a sequal will come out eventually called Mad Max The Wasteland

  • @dublindutch6346
    @dublindutch6346 17 годин тому

    i am very pleased with what i saw. I think Taylor Joy has that Post Apocalypse thing down. Excellent supporting cast as well, can't wait, even if more cgi will be used. So this will take place just before Thunderdome era?

  • @junkiexlofficial
    @junkiexlofficial День тому +282

    What a lovely day!!! Really excited for you all to hear the score in 2024!

    • @Cam-ts3pi
      @Cam-ts3pi 22 години тому +12

      Woah! Big fan junkie 🤘

    • @SirAndacar
      @SirAndacar 21 годину тому +6

      I recognized your stuff instantly when the trailer started. I put your music on when I'm driving home on the highway after a bad day at work. Just zoggin' shooty stuff. Furiosa wouldn't be right without one of your scores.

    • @VeryImportantPepe
      @VeryImportantPepe 21 годину тому +6

      WITNESSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @josephkitchens1644
      @josephkitchens1644 21 годину тому +5

      We're ready for it!!!

    • @ellej.winsett3701
      @ellej.winsett3701 21 годину тому +4

      JUNKIE I AM SO EXCITED MY GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @GlamourGirl_Critique
    @GlamourGirl_Critique 20 годин тому +1

    Best surprise ever! Can't wait to see it.

  • @joshuaburgess5705
    @joshuaburgess5705 22 години тому +46

    Omg I just got chills, I already know I'm going to see this at least 5 times in theater.

  • @StarPopyful
    @StarPopyful 18 годин тому

    Looks… epic!🎉

  • @BIGLU102
    @BIGLU102 22 години тому

    Now this is a freaking beautiful trailer!!!!! Can’t effin wait!!!

  • @mubaraqabolaji118
    @mubaraqabolaji118 16 годин тому

    Really love and thrilled to see the movie.i can't wait to see the world George Miller create ❤❤
    Much love from Nigeria ❤❤

  • @justachump2415
    @justachump2415 День тому +723

    Me and my mother watched the original movies and she absolutely loved FURY ROAD. She passed away in 2021, however I know for a fact she would have loved to have seen this film. I may not be able to see it with her, but the memory of us seeing the films together will always be there.

    • @expendableindigo9639
      @expendableindigo9639 День тому +8

      I’m sorry to hear that.

    • @jasonvaillancourt2724
      @jasonvaillancourt2724 23 години тому +11

      Sorry for your loss. May she R.I.P.

    • @uLFrIcH1
      @uLFrIcH1 23 години тому +3

      dam bro

    • @dariontaylor8562
      @dariontaylor8562 23 години тому +12

      Same for me , may your mom rest in peace , I lost my father late 2021 and he was also a big fan of the mad max movies, me n and him watched fury road countless times, much love ❤️

    • @ggood4339
      @ggood4339 23 години тому +8

      Mine in Feb...
      This sucks....
      Sorry for you loss

  • @tedflanc1024
    @tedflanc1024 21 годину тому

    I must confess, when I first heard Chris Hemsworth was gonna be in this film, I was concerned. Chris is a household name, everyone knows him for who is as a person and I didn’t think he had it in him to play a post apocalyptic warlord or even a villain, especially in the Mad Max universe. However, the burned skin, the fake nose and the fact that he will not be play a young Immortan Joe tells me this film deserves a chance!!!

  • @hendricksroshane
    @hendricksroshane 20 годин тому

    I'll definitely remember this trailer, that's for sure.🔥

  • @grandpasbag
    @grandpasbag 19 годин тому

    We've been waiting and finally we weren't disappointed at all ❤❤

  • @howardtausk8042
    @howardtausk8042 20 годин тому

    I have been waiting 8 long years for these, well for Wasteland tbh. But I'm so excited to watch this. The trailer looks great!

  • @Goldenk496
    @Goldenk496 18 годин тому

    What a beautiful day for me, a visual masterpiece is on the way ❤

  • @cb_2887
    @cb_2887 День тому +223

    I hope it's just as good. Fury Road had a great blend of not knowing what was CGI and what was practical effects. I hope this does the same.

    • @danielsolnit9656
      @danielsolnit9656 День тому +27

      Most of it was practical. The flames and the dust storm were the biggest CGI.

    • @faded1to3black
      @faded1to3black День тому +109

      I'm really not sure how well it'll play out for this one. During this trailer, there were way more noticeable spots where it shouted "CGI". More than I remember noticing during the entirety of Fury Road. I hope its just the trailer for whatever reason.

    • @andreimileti
      @andreimileti День тому +13

      ​@@faded1to3blackYeah, I get that. I'm hoping that it's because the VFX in trailers tend not to be the finished product. Also, Fury Road has a ton of CGI but it's barely noticeable, so I'm hoping the final product of Furiosa will be comparable.

    • @Wilfrid.Robarts
      @Wilfrid.Robarts День тому +81

      CGI looks terrible in this trailer. I'm honestly shocked rn

    • @tommacdowell3328
      @tommacdowell3328 День тому +15

      @@Wilfrid.Robarts reminds me of Spy Kids 3

  • @jbusta8548
    @jbusta8548 21 годину тому

    Can't wait to see this movie!!!

  • @CollideFan1
    @CollideFan1 22 години тому

    Can't go wrong with a nuclear post apocalypse movie. Wish Miller would get a couple more Mad Max movies out, he's getting up there in age. Fury Road was epic, sure this movie won't disappoint.

  • @sarangss0603
    @sarangss0603 17 годин тому

    As a huge fan of Mad Max : Fury Road, I'm eagerly waiting Furiosa 🔥❤️

  • @trexhamm4247
    @trexhamm4247 22 години тому +5

    This looks sooo epic, gonna rewatch the first one now!

  • @grahamnelly3491
    @grahamnelly3491 17 годин тому +1

    Finally. They've been talking about making this since Fury Road hit and became a success. Only took 8 years.

  • @Revenant7n
    @Revenant7n День тому +909

    One of the beauties of Fury Road was the prioritization of practical effects. This looks great, but does feel far more CG at first glance.

    • @fernandohcsilva
      @fernandohcsilva День тому +162

      I had the same feeling and it doesn't look great in this first trailer

    • @JasonRonimous
      @JasonRonimous День тому +99

      My first thought was the same. This looks like CG.

    • @dknuth20
      @dknuth20 День тому +79

      Yeah I was looking for this comment, my thoughts exactly. Looks a bit too “wonky”.

    • @netherworlde
      @netherworlde День тому +70

      Agreed. Fury Road is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I'll definitely see this, but I worry that some "compromises" may have been made for this film.

    • @rayrayy841
      @rayrayy841 День тому +41

      The practical effects were so amazing in Fury Road. That was my 1st thought watching this too. The CGI arm really breaks the immersion. It's early, but so far, I'll wait for the Max release

  • @kegrgn4912
    @kegrgn4912 22 години тому

    Hands down Fury Road brought the bar to another stratosphere and the modern MM series has a thrill like no other action films (imho). Been waiting too long, sir!

  • @anasshahid224
    @anasshahid224 18 годин тому

    Furiosa looks epic, loved Mad Max Fury Road!! :)

  • @alexsmith3332
    @alexsmith3332 18 годин тому

    It looks amazing. I'm excited. Not sure about the look. Too clean. Kinda looks like 300 sequel/prequel cinematography. I'm sure it will kickass 😊

  • @sreesub
    @sreesub 21 годину тому

    Technically it looks brilliant. If this has the reception of the last movie, I am expecting bigger BO for sure.

  • @davidribet6357
    @davidribet6357 18 годин тому

    Can't wait! 🤩

  • @Chihaya13
    @Chihaya13 23 години тому +67

    I loved the originals. I loved fury road. I’ll definitely go see this as well.

    • @mopedman666
      @mopedman666 20 годин тому +3

      Oh yeah. I grew up watching the first 3, and had to see fury road in theaters. I will absolutely see this in the theater

    • @Packin-Heat
      @Packin-Heat 19 годин тому

      Same but this trailer doesn't inspire any confidence, it actually had the opposite effect.

  • @johnmaverick1211
    @johnmaverick1211 17 годин тому

    I love Anya Taylor Joy. Im definitely going and taking all my family and friends with me!

  • @reel
    @reel 22 години тому

    Fury Road is one of the greatest action films of all time. I can't wait to see Furiosa in IMAX! 🔥

  • @IlsSontIci
    @IlsSontIci 18 годин тому

    This seems like it's full of adrenaline again 👍🏻

  • @marcsghostycorner4336
    @marcsghostycorner4336 19 годин тому

    Looks AWESOME 😍

  • @supermon2265
    @supermon2265 18 годин тому

    Goosebumps loading 🔥💣

  • @christopherleon84
    @christopherleon84 23 години тому +9

    We're getting a whole Mad Max universe. I can't wait to see this.

  • @Addy0401
    @Addy0401 19 годин тому +2

    Oh what a trailer! WHAT A LOVELY TRAILER !

  • @hugenerd8994
    @hugenerd8994 20 годин тому

    The hype is so god damn unreal. 8 years later! LETS GO

  • @poopnukem8954
    @poopnukem8954 19 годин тому +2

    While being wary of the CGI I see being used (I’m sure it’s a compromise made with how bad Warner bros has been for film artists as of late), I do feel like it could actually serve to benefit the story if this is furiosa’s story being told in an almost mythological context. With how mad the world has gone, I feel that the story could really play into it well.

    • @poopnukem8954
      @poopnukem8954 19 годин тому

      I’m also curious as to how this may canonize certain aspects of the game

  • @thugnasty1984
    @thugnasty1984 20 годин тому

    Fury road is a masterpiece. I expect nothing less.

  • @jamesn7156
    @jamesn7156 День тому +366

    Looks awesome! Sad it took 8 years. I hope we can get at least one more Mad Max out of George Miller and Tom Hardy.

    • @gruntsrule1
      @gruntsrule1 День тому +32

      Blame it on the studios. If they had've paid the amount they'd agreed on with the production companies, then George Miller wouldn't've had to sue to get the money.

    • @cubs1908wsc
      @cubs1908wsc День тому +30

      Mad Max: The Wasteland was up coming forever and keep being push back every year, I hope it gets the green light after this.

    • @Insanepie
      @Insanepie День тому +1

      @@cubs1908wscthe reason it keeps getting pushed back was because he was working on this movie…

    • @oceanman7063
      @oceanman7063 День тому +6

      @@Insanepienah it was cause the lawsuit with Miller and wb

    • @wcw2793
      @wcw2793 День тому

      I hope so too!

  • @centechcentennialtechnolog8277
    @centechcentennialtechnolog8277 21 годину тому

    i remember watching Fury Road on IMAX, it was spectacular. Hope this will be the same.

  • @Addy0401
    @Addy0401 22 години тому +1

    The filth is crystal clear in this one. This looks like it's gonna be the greatest action movie of all time mate !

  • @peachstate08
    @peachstate08 17 годин тому +1

    Finally!! Cant wait!

  • @turmturm5421
    @turmturm5421 22 години тому

    Still excited for this, but I will definitely miss Charlize in this role

  • @spextrekid9410
    @spextrekid9410 19 годин тому

    Well, now there's a solid reason to go to a movie theatre!

  • @chidanandabadatya9651
    @chidanandabadatya9651 День тому +579

    This seems like a refreshing role for Chris Hemsworth.

    • @nexusgunter
      @nexusgunter День тому +40

      Finally proving he can properly act

    • @stredyboal
      @stredyboal День тому +20

      @@nexusgunter he already did in movies like black hat and bad times at el royale

    • @Killgore-ip2yq
      @Killgore-ip2yq День тому +38

      He can always act. But there's very few movies where he can test his range.

    • @smallies7154
      @smallies7154 День тому

      HE CANT@@nexusgunter

    • @Franiac32
      @Franiac32 День тому +6

      He finally gets to use his real voice in a movie!

  • @adityaadi2116
    @adityaadi2116 21 годину тому

    I like how Anya had to say "I'm Furiosa", as if she was saying, "There's no Charlize Theron, just me"

  • @homerhat420
    @homerhat420 21 годину тому

    This is going to be so great. 🔥

  • @ciscoe007
    @ciscoe007 19 годин тому

    Can't wait!

  • @APatchofSeaweed
    @APatchofSeaweed 21 годину тому

    It'll be a lovely day when I witness this film in the theaters.

  • @blizzchill1183
    @blizzchill1183 День тому +149

    So pumped for this film! The universe of Mad Max has been my source of inspiration for writing stories and creating a dystopian post-apocalyptic world of my own. Been watching these movies since the first film as a child! 👏👏👏

    • @rhettpeter83
      @rhettpeter83 День тому +9

      Oh that’s cool man where can we read your work

    • @blizzchill1183
      @blizzchill1183 День тому +10

      @@rhettpeter83 Been trying to turn it into a comic series for years now and I’ve been scrapping ideas and creating new ones along with adding new ideas to the world. I’m hoping eventually it can become It’s own comic series and capture the same magic that Mad Max has. I’d love to release some of the stories in work in videos and go into detail about the world that not only I created but with the help of a lot of friends and other supporters. I appreciate your curiosity and I hope I can deliver a story you can all enjoy sooner rather than later! 😁❤️

    • @MellowMutant
      @MellowMutant День тому +2

      that's awesome

    • @blizzchill1183
      @blizzchill1183 День тому +1

      @@MellowMutant Thank you 🥲