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Necrophagist: The Search For Muhammed Suiçmez

  • Опубліковано 14 вер 2023
  • If you wanna be able to play Necrophagist songs, Check out Justin Hombach's ZEN OF SPEEDPICKING here: elopage.com/s/justinhombach/t...
    The search must rest for now, but it isn't over.
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  • @justin.hombach
    @justin.hombach 2 місяці тому +557

    Damn some of the BMW employees were rude…
    You know who is not rude? Me, when I‘m trying to teach you speedpicking…
    So you better check the link in the description box :P

    • @cannibalfan01
      @cannibalfan01 2 місяці тому +30

      Masterful ad pivot

    • @apendica
      @apendica 2 місяці тому +12

      @@cannibalfan01 "segue to our sponsor" levels

    • @xiphos0274
      @xiphos0274 2 місяці тому +8

      That was smooth lmao!

    • @frankthetankdrums
      @frankthetankdrums 2 місяці тому +16

      BMW: shit employees, shit product. Checks out.
      Speculating… He may have worked there for a period but if he’s really a skilled automotive engineer there’s so many opportunities available other than BMW…

    • @Omar24Music
      @Omar24Music 2 місяці тому +2

      They don't even indicate which direction the conversation's going!

  • @nescaudrummer
    @nescaudrummer 2 місяці тому +1290

    Necrophagist third album is the Half Life 3 of music

    • @justsomedude5727
      @justsomedude5727 2 місяці тому +25

      The winds of winter of music

    • @simonp9471
      @simonp9471 2 місяці тому +43

      HL2 and Epitaph released the same year! Except we did eventually get Half-life: Alyx, so Valve is in fact more reliable then these bands 🤣

    • @gozutheDJ
      @gozutheDJ 2 місяці тому +3


    • @tattoodan4277
      @tattoodan4277 2 місяці тому +15

      More like the Jazz jackrabbit 3 of music (anybody else even understand this reference that began all the way back in the MS-DOS era of PC with a sequel in the windows 95/98 architecture era!?!?)

    • @planecrazybuilder4234
      @planecrazybuilder4234 2 місяці тому +4

      And tf3

  • @ochaorobert1
    @ochaorobert1 2 місяці тому +429

    It's incredible that after 19 years after their last album, we are still talking about Necrophagist. 💕

    • @MrShadowflasher
      @MrShadowflasher 2 місяці тому +20

      This is the undeniable proof that Necrophagist is immortal, because it touched so many people.

    • @MetalDeathHead
      @MetalDeathHead 2 місяці тому

      its good but not that good, beneath the massacre is much better@@MrShadowflasher

    • @athraxis
      @athraxis 2 місяці тому +25

      @@MetalDeathHead this is an incorrect opinion

    • @MetalDeathHead
      @MetalDeathHead 2 місяці тому

      No its not, BTM is much better in every way, necrophagist isnt even technical in comparison.@@athraxis

    • @metalsadman
      @metalsadman 2 місяці тому +15

      @@MetalDeathHead lol

  • @d.minor_dissonance
    @d.minor_dissonance 2 місяці тому +711

    We should leave the man alone, also break into his house and steal the mighty necrodrive 😭😭

    • @yungcrisisactor
      @yungcrisisactor 2 місяці тому +103

      Based and diminished pilled

    • @JobForAMaxboy
      @JobForAMaxboy 2 місяці тому +151

      Diminished To (E:)

    • @batastrophic9762
      @batastrophic9762 2 місяці тому +39

      if Mohammed has another "Diminished to..." song on the necrodrive, but its not as good as Dimished to B, would you call that diminishing returns?

    • @leavingweakness9927
      @leavingweakness9927 2 місяці тому +34

      The NECRODRIVE…. That’s awesome 👏

    • @punxsutawneyphil3944
      @punxsutawneyphil3944 2 місяці тому +21

      No, that's illegal! ...Lets do it!!!

  • @themeat8624
    @themeat8624 Місяць тому +72

    I love how Christian just has a habit of being in some of the best tech death bands. Spawn of Possession, Necrophagist, Obscura, etc.

    • @astrmedeus36
      @astrmedeus36 Місяць тому +12

      i love that you said some of the best tech death bands and then named all of my favorite tech death bands

    • @themeat8624
      @themeat8624 Місяць тому +6

      @@astrmedeus36 they’re all of my favorites too lol.

  • @stevehunt914
    @stevehunt914 2 місяці тому +166

    Christian Münzner's diplomacy is as articulated as his solo's.
    I LOVED the way he was able to say that they didn't get along while making it clear he respected Muhammed's musical gift.
    He's just a fantastic human being, and a formidable musician.

  • @nickfoster9350
    @nickfoster9350 2 місяці тому +600

    I had the privilege of touring with Necrophagist back in 2008. It was an awesome time, and Moe and I actually became pretty good buddies. I have this memory of him seeking me out and telling me that he was feeling cold, and if we had hoodies. We absolutely did, so I hooked him up, and said that I can go to their merch booth have any item I want. Then he invited me onto his tour bus for beers. 🤘
    When I met up with him the following year, he seemed pretty dejected and burnt out. I don't think touring life is for him.
    If anyone is wondering, my old band was called Divinity, and we were on Nuclear Blast at the time supporting our first album: "Allegory."

    • @lucasmiguel4734
      @lucasmiguel4734 2 місяці тому +42

      Allegory is very good

    • @Dan16673
      @Dan16673 2 місяці тому +9

      What was his personality like?

    • @nickfoster9350
      @nickfoster9350 2 місяці тому +13

      @@lucasmiguel4734 Many thanks.

    • @nickfoster9350
      @nickfoster9350 2 місяці тому +44

      he was very approachable, and very nice. He just liked to shoot the shit during his downtoime. ABout an hour or so before he was due to go onstage, I always saw him walking around and stretching his fingers and loosening his wrists.

    • @MIKEPGH
      @MIKEPGH 2 місяці тому +24

      Hey Nick! I was FOH with them and toured with you as well back then. Hope all is well!

  • @fabrilax
    @fabrilax 2 місяці тому +318

    my guy drove 12 hours for a segment in his video, that's freaking dedication right there.

    • @sixstringtv1
      @sixstringtv1  2 місяці тому +56

      The GAS MONEY bro, buy a shirt or sign up for Justin's course 🤣

    • @FilthyPhilify
      @FilthyPhilify 2 місяці тому +5

      probably stopped for a Weisswurst and a Mass, too. That evens out

    • @sixstringtv1
      @sixstringtv1  2 місяці тому +21

      Bavarians put cumin in their sausage, I'd rather chew my own cud.

    • @FilthyPhilify
      @FilthyPhilify 2 місяці тому +4

      @@sixstringtv1 to each their own. But there's no cumin in Weisswurst, just a bit of parsley.

    • @gordonbeckgb
      @gordonbeckgb 2 місяці тому +3

      ​@@sixstringtv1Weißwurst doesn't have any noticeable cumin taste

  • @danielb.4817
    @danielb.4817 2 місяці тому +212

    The solos of Necrophagist are insane, like Malmsteen had a secret Death Metal child

    • @awguitarroom8033
      @awguitarroom8033 2 місяці тому +13

      Best guitar solos in metal music

    • @puffballbk2186
      @puffballbk2186 2 місяці тому +5

      @@awguitarroom8033if you think that then you need to listen to more tech death lol

    • @awguitarroom8033
      @awguitarroom8033 2 місяці тому +18

      @puffballbk2186 I've listened to just about everything tech deth has to offer on top of learning a lot of it on guitar. I really do like Michael Keene solos and pretty much anything involving Danny Tunker or Christian Muenzner. Dave Davidson and Brandon Ellis have some amazing solos as well but I just love that neoclassical evil sounding Muhammad Suicmez solo

    • @awguitarroom8033
      @awguitarroom8033 2 місяці тому +7

      @puffballbk2186 my personal opinion it doesn't get much better than the solo from Advanced Corpse tumor

    • @infinidominion
      @infinidominion 2 місяці тому

      @@awguitarroom8033 based on memorable music or just utility skill showcase?

  • @rahulmenon4357
    @rahulmenon4357 2 місяці тому +182

    Christian is one of the coolest guitarists in the scene IMO

    • @mikemakar2326
      @mikemakar2326 2 місяці тому +4

      He has an unfortunate name.

    • @HabAnagarek
      @HabAnagarek 2 місяці тому +11

      He was very honest, very articulate.

    • @sinistermephisto65
      @sinistermephisto65 2 місяці тому +1

      Not from my personal experience, He blows hot and cold

    • @inhumanityreborn4597
      @inhumanityreborn4597 2 місяці тому +1

      @@sinistermephisto65 you knew him? 🫨

    • @Mark___933
      @Mark___933 2 місяці тому +9

      @@mikemakar2326Mohammed is even more unfortunate

  • @cgrind3000
    @cgrind3000 2 місяці тому +183

    This is so epic, I applaud you efforts. Every time I listen to Necrophagist I think that if anyone could find Muhammed and get him on a podcast it would break the tech death section of the internet

    • @sixstringtv1
      @sixstringtv1  2 місяці тому +89

      I will be that guy.

    • @cgrind3000
      @cgrind3000 2 місяці тому +7

      @@sixstringtv1 I'm rooting for you, that would be so sick

    • @HabAnagarek
      @HabAnagarek 2 місяці тому +5

      It would be sick. He gave us such amazing music, it would be great to hear from him. I hope he knows how appreciated he is.

    • @RMZ-GTR7
      @RMZ-GTR7 2 місяці тому +3

      ​@@sixstringtv1Go, brother!🤘

    • @ctgslayer
      @ctgslayer 2 місяці тому +2

      @@sixstringtv1do you have private investigators in Germany? I don’t have any other ideas lmao

  • @bottlemanic
    @bottlemanic 2 місяці тому +134

    That interview where he states the new album should release in 2009 has haunted me for years and years

    • @moneybaggjo6234
      @moneybaggjo6234 2 місяці тому +10

      Enough to make a grown man cry

    • @FieldsOfFlesh
      @FieldsOfFlesh 2 місяці тому +6

      Same, I remember waking up from troubled sleep sometime in 2010 timeframe with that interview firmly in my mind. Thinking I had somehow let the arrival of that album come and go without marking it. I jumped online and looked and looked until the sun came up, I watched the interview again a few times to try and figure out if there was a language barrier issue that I wasn't remembering but ..... nothing. I think back to that time sometimes and just google Necrophagist and .... nothing. If its over then so be it but I for one am so grateful to have been exposed to them.

    • @davecrlo2462
      @davecrlo2462 2 місяці тому

      Espero no morir y nunca saber que si se publico el album...

    • @fredvaineo3509
      @fredvaineo3509 2 місяці тому

      He also talks about doing a side project w the drummer that for sure would happen and was a different genre altogether. I think even said would continue always writing necro stuff too ha

    @DRUMMERDAVEKINKADE 2 місяці тому +63

    I played drums for Malevolent Creation on that Bolt Thrower tour. We shared a bus and lived with the Necro guys for 7 weeks. I watched them every single night of the tour as back then, the music blew my mind. Needless to say, I recall quite a bit of friction between Christian, Hannes and Muhammad. The bass player Stefan was neutral with everyone. Christian, Hannes and Stefan were a great group of guys and they played phenomenally every night. Very hard working. I didn’t get along with Muhammad very well either lol…and I even remember a day or 2 where he wanted to kick my ass for whatever reason. I was also a young punk ass kid back then so I probably would’ve wanted to kick my ass too. Hannes and Christian have really built themselves into incredible players and inspirational figures over the years. I wish them all nothing but the best.

    • @alexstarovereem
      @alexstarovereem 2 місяці тому +7

      Don't want to prod but would love to hear more about this friction and Muhammad's personality I assume he was the type who wanted things his way all the time.

    • @zzzzzz69
      @zzzzzz69 2 місяці тому

      yo your band is/was dope, one of the bands that got me into death metal years and years back

    • @sebastianahrens2385
      @sebastianahrens2385 Місяць тому +8

      @@alexstarovereem I guess it is somewhat similar to how Chuck Schuldiner ran Death. They're both exceptional musicians with a very clear vision, and judging by their work, their insistence in control isn't entirely uncalled for.

    • @gameurai5701
      @gameurai5701 Місяць тому +2

      @@sebastianahrens2385 I'm a musician too, and exactly like them...when your music is your life, you don't make compromises. Outside of my own work I tend to be on the neutral, somewhat agreeable side, but not when it comes to composing/recording/mixing/mastering lol.

  • @Geshmaal
    @Geshmaal 2 місяці тому +37

    It's almost suspicious to me that these BMW guys don't want to be filmed... almost like they have something to hide. Perhaps BMW doesn't want us to hear the new Necrophagist album?

  • @resington
    @resington 2 місяці тому +98

    Saw them live in 07, probably the most tight and unbelievably amazing metal band I've ever seen play.

    • @Angstadillio
      @Angstadillio 2 місяці тому

      Same, I saw them at The Rave (the basement of the Eagle's Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin). I agree with you 100 percent.

    • @11III7
      @11III7 2 місяці тому +1

      Me too, in Cleveland for summer slaughter.

    • @rubyrod668
      @rubyrod668 2 місяці тому

      I still have the tour shirt !

    • @Typhoon0627
      @Typhoon0627 2 місяці тому +1

      really? I saw them live probably 6 times and every time it was like listening to a fucking typewriter. Their live mix was constantly shit. All you could hear where vocals and Hannes's kicks... It was a little bit better with Marco, but still took 5-6 songs into the set for the sound guy to kinda figure it out so you could hear the guitars a little bit... but yeah, most sound guys at most venues don't know how to mix metal shows. 99% of the time it's all vocals and kicks like it's a hip hop show.

    • @DissYraiN
      @DissYraiN 2 місяці тому +1

      Summer slaughter? that was the first year of that tour. they had Marco Minnemann on drums and he did a solo every show. So glad I got to see them.

  • @kosmonument2682
    @kosmonument2682 2 місяці тому +27

    I got to see Necrophagist with the pre-accident Decapitated in 2007. Both bands were incredible and are dearly missed.

    • @joeoliver8545
      @joeoliver8545 2 місяці тому +1

      Man, Decapitated still exists and is awesome

    • @michaelmacdonald4093
      @michaelmacdonald4093 2 місяці тому

      Me too. It was so good

    • @therealpsychotrader
      @therealpsychotrader 2 місяці тому +3

      I bought a peavy cab off of Vogg when they were touring through WI in 2007. I think they were in Greenbay and a friend that was playing the show with them shot me message saying he had a beat up peavy cab he wanted to get rid of for $100. Of course, I drove 3 hours to get it and chill. Worth it.

    • @derekmartinez7134
      @derekmartinez7134 Місяць тому

      Same, I was blown away by Decapitated, RIP Vitek.

  • @darkinglory
    @darkinglory 2 місяці тому +44

    As someone who met and hung out with Muhammed all day in 2006 in San Francisco along with members of Cattle Decapitation and Neuraxis, I can tell you that Muhammed was a very nice guy, he signed all of our stuff, allowed me and my friend show him the city, and even gave us his first concert worn Necrophagist tee. That day in typical SF fashion, their tour van got broken into and I found myself stuck in traffic with a pissed off Muhammed in a van for over an hour. All things considered, he was super cool. A memory I will never forget.

    • @CodamATW
      @CodamATW 2 місяці тому

      As someone who met him casually, did you catch any hints of him being a control-freak, or any sense of why ppl say he’s so hard to work with?

    • @dudeguyman27
      @dudeguyman27 Місяць тому

      His main amp got stolen when that van got broken into, which explains why he was pissed

  • @BaBaBaBenny
    @BaBaBaBenny 2 місяці тому +32

    I think my favourite part was that, after driving 6 hours to Munich, you almost instantly realised that you probably wouldn't just be able to ask a random employee if he worked there due to date protection/security reasons.
    Still, a damn solid effort man. Hope part two goes a little better.

    • @sixstringtv1
      @sixstringtv1  2 місяці тому +7

      I knew that to begin with hahah, privacy laws and work contracts at big companies are both very strict

  • @unknownkingdom
    @unknownkingdom 2 місяці тому +37

    After learning that the songs were composed in Powertab, I nowbelieve that Muhammed was a memberof the Powertab Archive Forum, and that he aubmitted necrophagist tabs to PTA himself.
    I was active on the PowerTab Archive forum from 2004 to 2012 (or whenever it shut down. I learned of Neceophagst through the forum and the transcriptions thst were submitted there. In fact I listened to the powertabs long beforei heard actual recordings.
    Neceophagist was a popular band on the forum. The forum was a tight community of music nerds who loved progressive and technical music and learned from eachother. Posting ones' own compositions to the Archive was encouraged and commonplace.
    I wish he forum was still active or viewable. It could provide clues about the monikers heat Muhammed used/uses, and maybe a way to track him down.
    My suggestion is to download the original Necrophaist powertabs and guitar pro files (probably gp4 or 5) and look at the "information " section. He may have a moniker, email or other clues.

    • @boothbyaw
      @boothbyaw 2 місяці тому +1

      The internet archive (the way back machine) may still have the old forum on there.

    • @JohannesParra
      @JohannesParra 2 місяці тому +3

      I remember roaming the Rivers of something guitarpro tab site and finding pretty accurate Necro tabs, that where later reposted to ultimate guitar

    • @rauxh
      @rauxh 2 місяці тому +4

      @@JohannesParra Rivers of gore

    • @JohannesParra
      @JohannesParra 2 місяці тому

      YES!@@rauxh jesus my old brain couldnt remember hahaha, i remember i got invited by one of the mods to add my tab corrections.

    • @michaelmacdonald4093
      @michaelmacdonald4093 2 місяці тому

      PTA! Major flashbacks.

  • @Stevemariscal
    @Stevemariscal 2 місяці тому +125

    You should definitely talk to the other band members. Why call it a documentary if you’re not going all in?! Their interviews can lead somewhere closer to him.

    • @8ori5
      @8ori5 2 місяці тому +23

      The work done here is already great considering the subject...

    • @joshs.5384
      @joshs.5384 2 місяці тому +8

      Marco Minneman has said that Muhammed has stopped playing guitar. I'm not sure where I saw this, but I remember it was a pretty recent quote.

    • @8ori5
      @8ori5 2 місяці тому +7

      @@joshs.5384 "I heard s.o telling sth"...Sorry, but bring some sources or it does not exist.

    • @funnyberries4017
      @funnyberries4017 2 місяці тому +2

      This is the closest anyone has gotten in 15 years!

  • @ceobe7458
    @ceobe7458 2 місяці тому +54

    the fact u got an interview with Christian is so fucking cool. Ive never listened to necrophagist, but I watch all of your videos, and im also a huge fan of obscura, especially their album with him so, its just awesome you got an interview with him, glad I've been subbed for so long

    • @sixstringtv1
      @sixstringtv1  2 місяці тому +12

      Hahah, I told him off camera what a big Obscura fan I am.
      Super chill guy!

    • @ceobe7458
      @ceobe7458 2 місяці тому +2

      @@sixstringtv1 did you happen to ask him any obscura related questions? not sure what i would ask him but i know you would have some good questions, if u did happen to ask any

  • @gabrielvalcazar3794
    @gabrielvalcazar3794 Місяць тому +5

    I spotted Muhammed backstage at Brutal Assault 2019, same festival mentioned in the video. I was playing there with Wormed and he was one of the first people we recognized when we arrived. We all went "wait, is that the dude from Necrophagist? Are they playing or something?"
    All he seemed to do for the entirety of the festival was hang out in the backstage area, cause I saw him every time I went there lol

  • @warfieldwithin
    @warfieldwithin 2 місяці тому +25

    I recorded Bass for a german death metal band (Deadborn) back in autumn 2011 with Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios. Of course I asked about Necrophagist material too :-D Back then he told me Necrophagist had indeed recorded a few new songs (I think 2 or 3?) there and that Muhammed was quite a perfectionist and wasn't 100% happy with it yet. I never heard anything of the actual recordings though. Anyway, super interesting how a band can have THAT big impact on a genre and just disappear never to be heard from again.

  • @HadesKronosson
    @HadesKronosson 2 місяці тому +6

    At this point, somebody will just have to become an engineer at BMW to find him.

    • @V8Diese1
      @V8Diese1 7 днів тому

      That´s just what I thought haha :D

  • @rexrosal1863
    @rexrosal1863 2 місяці тому +24

    Thank you so much for conducting the interview with Christian Muenzner, trying to find Muhammed at BMW and uploading this for us Necrophagist fans to see. Muhammed may not be found but reading/watching interviews from Christian and Hannes about their time in the band is gold. For me it's like Steve Winwood talk about how he worked with Jimi Hendrix back in 1968.
    A few months ago, someone had commented on a UA-cam video that is Necrophagist related. The individual claimed that he is Muhammed's friend and that he lived down the street from him. He (the individual) stated that once in while, Muhammed picks up his guitar and plays but had no intention of getting back into the music business. If I could remember/find the exact Necro UA-cam video where I read those comments, I would point them out to you so maybe you could get any info from that individual about Muhammed but I simply can't remember which video is was because I watch a lot of Necro UA-cam videos.

  • @svne4t3r25
    @svne4t3r25 2 місяці тому +122

    During the last seconds of the video I thought that Muhammed would appear out of nowhere to say something like "do you want to know what happened to Necrophagist? Wait for the next video."

    • @HydenGuitarPlayer
      @HydenGuitarPlayer 2 місяці тому +14

      I swear I thought exactly the same

    • @mannym1635
      @mannym1635 2 місяці тому +10

      I was hoping desperately for this, I would’ve stood up in my chair and applauded

    • @Razor660
      @Razor660 2 місяці тому +11

      I thought he was going to casually walk past in the background eating a donut…

    • @Truth_Hurts_Bad
      @Truth_Hurts_Bad 2 місяці тому +6

      Too much dopamine-drip YT content. This didn't cross my mind after the logical reasoning of witnessing him being totally shut down all day, for 2 days, by BMW employees.

    • @FSATA
      @FSATA 2 місяці тому +3

      I was thinking that Muhammed would appear in the back. Like riding the bus or walking eating an ice cream or drinking coffe.

  • @DodoMaldo
    @DodoMaldo 2 місяці тому +29

    Awesome job ! The interview with Christian really is an exclusive piece of information, glad to learn form him. And nice attempt at trying to find him in Munich even though it was not successful.

  • @Gravijahz
    @Gravijahz 2 місяці тому +11

    I think we think artists need to live, breathe and die their art, but I think it's interesting when you have an artist who burns brightly for a short time and is happy. It seems like maybe he's living the life he wants to. He put out legendary music, now maybe he's focusing on other things, a family, his career, who knows?

    • @BrotherBrown.
      @BrotherBrown. 2 місяці тому +2

      He's just been doing side quests since 2004, or perhaps music itself was but a side quest to him 😮

  • @derickcutter8485
    @derickcutter8485 2 місяці тому +18

    i went through puberty listening to epitaph. a third album could most certainly help me with adulthood

  • @chaosclg
    @chaosclg 2 місяці тому +25

    I'm quite relentless with learning things on guitar, i learned meshuggahs bleed after 6 months with an 8 string but necrophagist even after 10 or so years is just so high a level i dont think it falls under the "enough time and effort you will get it" hahahah

    • @justin.hombach
      @justin.hombach 2 місяці тому +2

      With the right method… definitely ☺️

    • @grigoriraspoutine9298
      @grigoriraspoutine9298 2 місяці тому +6

      i can play necrophagist, but i feel like there is something i am missing for bleed...

    • @simonp9471
      @simonp9471 2 місяці тому +4

      I feel you. I still remember loading their songs in Guitar Pro and just thinking WTF at the solos. It was Alexi, Suicimez and Jeff Loomis who make me feel useless at arpgeggios. I'm still trying 15 years later LOL. That's when I knew to focus on riffing and alternate picking instead of sweeps that I'll never get down cleanly.

    • @Tsobe
      @Tsobe 2 місяці тому +3

      ​@@simonp9471its funny how different we as a people are in our proficiencies, I was gifted on arpeggios from the get go but riffing something like Bleed takes major effort

    • @Djent_Djenerator
      @Djent_Djenerator Місяць тому

      @@TsobeI’m the exact opposite 💀. I’m not good at soloing but I focus most if not all of my time on rhythmic playing for song from bands like Meshuggah, Periphery, Monuments, and Gojira

  • @ovivan79
    @ovivan79 2 місяці тому +5

    I used to listen to their 'Necrophagist' tape a lot around 95' since I grew up in Baden-Baden, played in bands myself, when a friend one day played the tape 'Necrophagist' in his car. It blew my mind at the time.
    Then I saw Necrophagist live at the old "Jube" in Baden-Baden where they played with a band called 'Forlorn Hope' which I eventually joined a few years later. Raphael Kempermann was Necrophagists drummer at the time and the brutality of their metal and that precision blew my mind.
    When a friend of mine, Daniel Silva, who also played drums at Forlorn Hope for a while, joined Necrophagist, he one day invited me to their rehearsal in the basement of the old "Jube". The approach to rehearsing their songs was remarkable and nothing I had ever experienced in my bands. It explains why a lot of musicians, even if they are the absolute top-tier, might get exhausted after a while. Precision and demand for 100% focus explain it best. Muhammed would break down parts to rehearse, set a tempo on a metronome, and 'go', over and over again. Then interrupt again, make a comment (sometimes quite snappy), and repeat. Don't get me wrong. I admired the dedication and professionalism at the time but it's an approach you have to love. Needless to say, sitting right in front of Mohammed and their bass player and watching them warm up and rehearse made me feel like I was at 'toddler level' on my instrument. :D
    Around 98 or 99 I then got the chance to Co-Produce one song on a sampler of Raphael Kempermann's band who ironically had switched to composing and singing Hip-Hop. Very nice guy and also dedicated and focussed personality but I could see how someone like him would burn out in a Necrophagist environment.
    We've all seen interviews of Marco Minnemann and he fits the profile. Top tier musician and talent, but also the nicest guy and had so much more to explore.

  • @The_Real_Grandpa_Joe
    @The_Real_Grandpa_Joe 2 місяці тому +12

    Algorithm brought me here, first of thanks for a great video.
    Second of all, I learned about this band through this video, and I just finished listening to the album called “Epitaph”. Holy cow I’m completely blown away. Once in a while I find a band that stands out to me in a very very good way. Awesome music love the melodic aspects so much

    • @sixstringtv1
      @sixstringtv1  2 місяці тому +4

      Epitaph is life changing 😩

    • @rorz999
      @rorz999 Місяць тому +2

      Imagine how mind-blowing it was hearing it back in 2004... yes I was there 🤯

  • @unseenjungle5386
    @unseenjungle5386 2 місяці тому +32

    didn't knew Minnemann played for Necrophagist. crazy good drummer and muscian imo...

    • @gozutheDJ
      @gozutheDJ 2 місяці тому

      yep only live but i remember when that was big news

    • @JumpDiffusion
      @JumpDiffusion 2 місяці тому

      Yes. Check out Marco’s drumming on Ignominious & Pale (live). It’s way better than the studio version.

    • @j.pabloquinche3283
      @j.pabloquinche3283 2 місяці тому +4

      Half of the obscura members played for Necrophagist

    • @darrellh8890
      @darrellh8890 2 місяці тому +1

      I seen them with hannes and Marco. I remember being annoyed that Marco didn't play it the same. It didn't have the same tightness as the other times I've seen them. Met everyone but Muhammad after a show in Wisconsin. They were doing their own merch table I was too scared to ask for autograph. But I do have Muhammads guitar pick :) and i recorded the whole show from front row. My friend posted one track and it can be found by looking up ignominious and pale. Madison WI \m/

  • @richardz1216
    @richardz1216 2 місяці тому +10

    epitaph is up there with the best metal albums ever. insane composition and execution. I love it dearly like a unique gem

  • @inferno72229
    @inferno72229 2 місяці тому +4

    Necrophagist: Drop 2 of the greatest Death Metal album of all time
    Also Necrophagist: ADIOS

  • @plcmusic
    @plcmusic Місяць тому +2

    I saw Necrophagist in 2009 during the Summer Slaughter Tour and I remember them playing a new song live. It was insane!!!

    • @R3tr0v1ru5
      @R3tr0v1ru5 14 днів тому

      Have you heard the recorded version a band did of that song? It's Frickin sweet, sounds spot on.

  • @FilthyPhilify
    @FilthyPhilify 2 місяці тому +24

    great segment! The interview with Christian was really good. I liked the 'investigative' aspect a lot and you picked up some nice techniques of documentary film making. I'll definitely be back for the sequel!

  • @awguitarroom8033
    @awguitarroom8033 2 місяці тому +33

    I can see how having to play those songs every day would burn you out. Every one of those songs requires non stop practice every day. Imagine the burden of having to play a 8 - 10 song set of Necrophagist songs on tour live every other night. Also because the songs are so technical Everyone is watching to see if you mess up. Im just happy that we still have two Necrophagist albums that we can always go back to. Great video man

    • @soulbrother5435
      @soulbrother5435 2 місяці тому +7

      So Necrophagist is the answer to question "can god create a rock he cannot lift"

    • @rubyrod668
      @rubyrod668 Місяць тому +1

      @@soulbrother5435 facts

  • @bucknaked466f
    @bucknaked466f 2 місяці тому +8

    They played PERFECT live. It was insane.

  • @BS-se4yg
    @BS-se4yg 2 місяці тому +8

    Necrophagist was one of those bands that represented a before and after in their subgenre and I doubt we will see another band like them any time soon. It's a shame that the perfectionism and dedication that made it the cult band it was, was also probably the main factor of its downfall.... yet I refuse to lose hope, that 3rd album could drop at any moment and I will be ready if it happens

  • @ArmandNour
    @ArmandNour 2 місяці тому +8

    I randomly saw him at a Wintersun show back in 2013 in LA and everyone was too intimidated to talk to him. At the time we still had hope for a new album so I didn't really think anything of it, major regret not trying to talk to him.

    • @JohnDoe-rj8nd
      @JohnDoe-rj8nd 2 місяці тому +5

      Oof, the double whammy of Necrophagist and Wintersun.

    • @ArmandNour
      @ArmandNour 2 місяці тому +2

      @@JohnDoe-rj8nd It's a gamble at this point if we'll get a new Necrophagist or Wintersun first now lol.

    • @AdamFidget
      @AdamFidget 2 місяці тому +1

      Both bands are the absolute masters of technicality@@ArmandNour

  • @GamePlayMetal
    @GamePlayMetal 2 місяці тому +1

    I was lucky enough to play in a band that opened for Necrophagist back in 2006 or so. We already knew the band's music going in, but we were still mesmerized by how insanely good they were live

  • @scottyknows
    @scottyknows 2 місяці тому +13

    I regret not seeing them live when they came around El Paso. Such awesome music.

  • @TheEnderBand
    @TheEnderBand 2 місяці тому +5

    I actually prefer the original version of Onset personally- it sounds more jagged and mechanical. It's funny how big of an impact Guitar Pro and Necrophagist had on the underground metal world in the early 2000s; we used to use Guitar Pro for everything too. I believe the cabinet on Epitaph was actually an old black 80s Laney cabinet with a metal grille, mic'ed with an SM57 really far towards the edge of the speaker for a warm, spongy sound. I remember a photo on their old site with a title like "57 kisses Laney" specifically because I used to use the same cabinet. I'm really grateful to have seen Necrophagist twice and met the guys in the band- I really hope they come back someday. They basically made the blueprint for modern technical extreme metal

  • @rileylynch8368
    @rileylynch8368 2 місяці тому +3

    Man I really applaud your effort. Hopefully somehow MS will catch wind of this video and will consider reaching out to you for an interview. He's really become a unicorn of the metal world, so funny. \m/

  • @planetos
    @planetos 2 місяці тому +8

    wow man thank you so much for putting that much time and effort in trying to find the man himself and answers to the rumors! I met Muhammed during the Summer Slaughter tours dates in Toronto Canada back in 2007 and 2008. He was super nice and very humble. Please don't give up on this documentary!! Keep putting the word out here and hopefully someone will know someone and the universe will will open a path for you to meet him

  • @itsybitsyzombie
    @itsybitsyzombie 2 місяці тому +7

    No surprise the guy was difficult to be around, still an insane composer. I do hope one day he'll release the third album, live versions of Dawn and Demise sounded so promising and I want to hear the album version. I'm not holding my breath for it anymore though.

    • @R3tr0v1ru5
      @R3tr0v1ru5 14 днів тому

      Check out the band that did a studio version of Dawn and Demise. They nailed it.

  • @forestreader
    @forestreader 2 місяці тому +4

    I'm personally convinced nobody wants to reform Necrophagist because, y'know, the songs are really hard to play. It's hard to Necrophage, you gotta play so many notes

  • @oldones59
    @oldones59 29 днів тому +1

    Speaking of tech death, I saw Decapitated open for Meshuggah in Chicago about ten years ago. It was one of the best shows I've seen 🎸

  • @ibanezleftyclub4058
    @ibanezleftyclub4058 2 місяці тому +7

    One of the best tech-death bands to ever exist.

  • @vacuus9281
    @vacuus9281 День тому

    Christian seems very kind, and humble. Not wanting to disrespect or speak poorly of the situation. Class act lml

  • @sirefromtheshire
    @sirefromtheshire 2 місяці тому +4

    I was fortunate enough to see them perform on that Summer Slaughter '09 tour. They sounded just as good if not better than their recordings. Super tight and brutal. I wish they would've kept going but they're legends now.

  • @seriouslypeople5860
    @seriouslypeople5860 2 місяці тому +3

    I was fortunate enough to see them open for Cannibal Corpse in Denver around... idk... like 2005-2006. Dying Fetus was there also and I picked up a Cannibal Hockey Jersey. Dude, the only merch Necrophagist had was a tab book for Epitaph and you better believe I walked out of there with that shit. They were AMAZING live! If he didn't want to be found, I guess I'm glad you didn't find him because much respect. I hope whatever he's doing now fulfills him.

  • @off6848
    @off6848 2 місяці тому +20

    "Keeping Necrophagist alive"
    Keeping death eating itself alive is quite a conflict of interests

    • @fajaradi1223
      @fajaradi1223 2 місяці тому

      How's death be alive in the first place?

    • @off6848
      @off6848 2 місяці тому

      @@fajaradi1223 well if there’s something dead but it’s eating itself alive and I’m being tasked with keeping it alive like what should I do just kill it??

  • @espawna
    @espawna 2 місяці тому +9

    I applaud your effort, awesome interview as well. I can't believe I got the pleasure to meet him at a show and take a picture with him back in 2007.

  • @TwistOfTransistor
    @TwistOfTransistor 2 місяці тому +4

    Necrophagist along with Obscura are the two bands that for me got the actual sound of TECHNICAL death metal, with the sweeps and the shred. Like, they made me realise what Technical was about in Death Metal.

  • @handsdowndrumming9261
    @handsdowndrumming9261 2 місяці тому +10

    I was the drummer for Destroyer Destroyer and we played with them in Tulsa OK, Marco was drumming (blacked out DW). Absolutely RUTHLESS!!!

    • @rorz999
      @rorz999 Місяць тому

      Dude, your band ruled! So underrated

  • @Jeffmetal42
    @Jeffmetal42 Місяць тому +1

    I feel lucky i was able to catch them live numerous times and those albums are very important to the growth of Tech Death. That being said, I stopped caring about that band a looooong time ago, there are plenty of incredible bands out there still going strong, no need to hold onto that band anymore. Dude did his thing and moved on w his life, I respect the heck out of someone who has that much control over their life. 👍

  • @lukaszorzechowski8629
    @lukaszorzechowski8629 2 місяці тому +5

    What a investigation :D I was lucky to saw Necrophagist in 2006 in Cracow Poland, were I was studying those days, I remember that the band was quite shocking in terms "how many solos you can play in one song?" plus this guys were very focused on performance (almost not head bang etc.), song after song after solo after solo and then "Cristal mountain cover" - crowd moved a bit then. Anyhow it was new sound in 2006 - very technical and melodic, not such raw and dissonance like Yattering for instance. Regrading being cool musician and difficult person to work with - this is common characteristic of good musicians, good skills and terrible person and/or opposite wonderful person but crap musician, that is why good bands not existing forever or surviving very little percentage after few tours - strong personality and ego of leader and can be an issue. P.S. Try to find him on Brutal assault at Czech Republic, because it's quite easy to meat some musicians on sidewalk, or maybe at BMW local dealership :D ha ha ha

  • @HiteTricks
    @HiteTricks 2 місяці тому +2

    Necrophagist is on my mind atleast weekly, thanks for making this video. I haven't finished watching it yet but it's already scratching that itch!

    • @R3tr0v1ru5
      @R3tr0v1ru5 14 днів тому

      I have the Stillborn One in my head basically daily. Madness.

  • @ChaosPootato
    @ChaosPootato 2 місяці тому +5

    You know what would have been funny? Having Suiçmez bump into you during that outro, you having a Necrophagist shirt and him saying "Oops sorry man... cool shirt!" and he walked away

  • @dannygagne4693
    @dannygagne4693 Місяць тому

    Was lucky enough to see them live about 15 years ago, became an instant fan.

  • @mannym1635
    @mannym1635 2 місяці тому +26

    The rumor for a long time was that the record label (was it Nuclear Blast?) did Muhammed really dirty, and out of spite, he held the album back. Then, after so many years, he just said “fuck it” and gave up. I have no way of knowing if this is true or not.
    I only have 2 ideas where you can follow this further:
    1) write a letter to BMW corporate, ask them directly. Tell them you fully understand their employees right to privacy, but that this man im was an artist, who’s work touched many lives, and you’d like the opportunity to reach out and thank him for that. Tell them to simply ask the man if he’d be willing to have a conversation with you, and, if the answer is no, they can just deny his very existence.
    No harm no foul.
    2) write to their (presumably former) record label. You can still get officially licensed Necrophagist shirts and such - I just ordered one last year. Therefore Muhammed is POSSIBLY (hopefully) still seeing checks from them, therefore they must know where he is. Try a similar spiel as my idea for BMW corporate, and hope for the best.
    It’s been almost 20 years since Epitaph came out. Perhaps Muhammed is starting to feel a little nostalgic. Perhaps, just maybe, he’s finally ready to talk, if only to reminisce about past glory.
    Good luck to you, and please keep us updated. DO NOT GIVE UP.

    • @themitsos6669
      @themitsos6669 2 місяці тому


    • @lewisb85
      @lewisb85 2 місяці тому +3

      Have you considered maybe that he doesn't want his current colleagues knowing about his former life?

    • @praetor47
      @praetor47 2 місяці тому +6

      @@lewisb85"about his former life" haha, what? it's not like he was a pornstar or an Adolf sympathizer. he played guitar in a band and toured the world, lol

    • @AUM_-po9sc
      @AUM_-po9sc 2 місяці тому +2

      The last label Necrophagist was officially on was Relapse Records. And yeah, there is some knowledge that he had his gripes with the label.

    • @PedroHenrique-mj1mn
      @PedroHenrique-mj1mn 2 місяці тому +1

      Relapse Records. He mentioned on his FB in 2014 I think that he had problems with the label.

  • @haogwasakura
    @haogwasakura 2 місяці тому +2

    Thanks for this

    • @sixstringtv1
      @sixstringtv1  2 місяці тому +3

      Trying to get hold of a few more ex members right now. Glad you enjoyed the video!

  • @Chris-Ian
    @Chris-Ian 2 місяці тому +5

    As a Necrophagist fan I look forward to any new video related to the topic.

  • @jagmetal
    @jagmetal 2 місяці тому +5

    I wish there was Necrophagist live album like Entangled In Chaos by Morbid Angel. Necrophagist live videos sound so much more brutal and visceral than the over polished albums.

  • @derekmartinez7134
    @derekmartinez7134 Місяць тому +1

    Necrophagist was hands down the most violent pit Ive ever been in, and I saw Slayer and Pantera play together.

  • @grimpsych3836
    @grimpsych3836 2 місяці тому +4

    For a small channel able to interview Christian Munzner is insane :D His solo album are crazy X). Apart from that, great video not gonna lie. Sub'd!

    • @sixstringtv1
      @sixstringtv1  2 місяці тому +3

      It's not about channel size, it's about who you know ;)

  • @artvandalay7632
    @artvandalay7632 2 місяці тому +3

    At the time this was one of the most exciting, mysterious, and interesting metal projects at the time. His solos are probably the best in the genre.

  • @DanielHarms
    @DanielHarms 2 місяці тому +7

    I met Muhammed around 2002 or 2003 at a Suffocation show, it was the tour where Terrance couldn't come to Germany for visa reasons, Muhammed told me that he was supposed to fill in for him, but it didn't work out for some reasons, he worked pretty confused during the conversation, I hope he's okay

  • @guillotinedeath
    @guillotinedeath 2 місяці тому +5

    Let’s find the man! Greatest tech death composer of all time!

    • @donquixote8462
      @donquixote8462 Місяць тому

      That title belongs to Jonas from Spawn of Possession. Close though.

  • @inhumanityreborn4597
    @inhumanityreborn4597 2 місяці тому +45

    Not sure Muhammed would ever want to talk to you after this 😅

    • @salottin
      @salottin 2 місяці тому +9


    • @inhumanityreborn4597
      @inhumanityreborn4597 2 місяці тому +8

      ​​@salottin right?, he and his guest both kept dissing the man throughout the video and called the rest of the members useless towards the end wtf 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • @nathanaelsylvia6538
      @nathanaelsylvia6538 2 місяці тому

      I think you're confused

    • @inhumanityreborn4597
      @inhumanityreborn4597 2 місяці тому

      @@nathanaelsylvia6538 nah

  • @FeartheKlown
    @FeartheKlown 2 місяці тому +2

    I saw Necrophagist with Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, and Unmerciful (who were playing in their home town that night). It was easily the best show I've ever been to.

  • @maninayurt
    @maninayurt 2 місяці тому

    Awesome video. Necrophagist was huge for me in my musical learning curve. Would LOVE to hear that third album along with all the other fans. I guess it's just something he's not proud to release.

    @BUFFALO_ALL_THE_WAY_THIS_TIME 2 місяці тому

    Necrophagist will always hold a special place in my heart. First death metal band I ever saw live. They opened for Cannibal Corpse in Buffalo. The guitar playing blew my balls off. I’ll never forget it

  • @Barmastarf
    @Barmastarf Місяць тому

    so hard to believe one of my favorite guitarists of all time just quit playing? i bet he still plays and can write a few new albums for easily but it must be boring to him. the guy is a genius. Shame he doesnt at least join another band or do a solo project!

  • @groovyhat9282
    @groovyhat9282 Місяць тому +1

    Sami Raatikainen's Radiance was a cool side project he did many years ago, I think The Burning Sun is definitely worth checking out for those that haven't heard it.

    • @PHIllip324
      @PHIllip324 Місяць тому

      That album helped me out in some really tough times in my life. I really wish Sami would release new music, but he's just as reclusive as Muhammed.

  • @DJTheMetalheadMercenary
    @DJTheMetalheadMercenary 2 місяці тому +5

    Man, I really, really, REALLY want to hear that 3rd album. C'mon Mo, have a chat with the man!!!!
    Nice reminiscence-- Saw Necrophagist at a local 2-day festival called Robot Moshfest way back in the day (also one of the last US shows Decapitated played before going back to Europe and the Bus Accident, RIP Vitek), it was held at a Skate Rink in the middle of nowhere (burned down a couple years after that fest, RIP), Mo was on point although looked very tired-- he nailed the solos and had the crowd going hard, it really was a great set from them alongside all the other killer acts that were on that bill (Decapitated, Cattle Decap, Cephalic Carnage, Ion Dissonance, The Faceless, Beneath the Massacre, Veil of Maya, etc.). Good times.

  • @Icedsymphony7
    @Icedsymphony7 2 місяці тому +16

    I have been listening to those 2 albums for past months.i feel suicmez atleast needs to say something to the fanbase since he has been given so much of respect by the fans i am ok with not realeasing an album since that is his artistic choice but speaking to the fans i think is his duty atleast one long interview

    • @MrNecryptic
      @MrNecryptic 5 днів тому

      He doesn't owe us anything, nor is he bound by duty to us.
      I'd be thrilled if he even put out a short statement but using language like "he *needs* to" or "is his *duty* " seems uncalled for and even rude, as well as generalizing the fans as entitled with unwarranted self-importance. Please be more cautious with language if what I noted wasn't your original intent. Cheers!

  • @reachrika
    @reachrika 2 місяці тому +1

    Awesome video!! Hearing all from Christian himself is great! he is an awesome guitar player and looked that is a great guy too

  • @Black94z28
    @Black94z28 2 місяці тому +1

    I had the pleasure of seeing Necrophagist live along with with Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse headlining on December 6th 2006 in Orlando FL during the “Bloodletting North America” Tour. What a heck of a show.

  • @yungcrisisactor
    @yungcrisisactor 2 місяці тому +4

    Great work man this was a great watch. Hopefully, you'll find him some day!!

  • @fredvaineo3509
    @fredvaineo3509 2 місяці тому +1

    Half speed was a myth, love it!

  • @AzenBerries
    @AzenBerries 2 місяці тому +7

    Christian is and always will be my favorite guitar player and inspiration for as long as I'm alive

  • @hannesv0id
    @hannesv0id 2 місяці тому +2

    I think there will never be a new Album, cause there is so much expectation loaded up over the years... and that point added to the point that there is always that fkn masterpiece before.. If he released that third Album, it would be a big disappointment, even if it would be a great piece. So i think some Stories are simply told to an end. Enjoy their legacy, its unique.🎉

  • @techdeth
    @techdeth 2 місяці тому +1

    I saw them play "Dawn and Demise" live in philly. They only played on 1 or two tours i believe before they fell off. I remember just being froze still trying to absorb every second of the song. Wish we had modern phones back then to record it!

  • @Radwalls
    @Radwalls Місяць тому

    I saw the first couple songs of their set at metalfest when I was 16. My friend dragged me away as him Mom had to take us home. I was in utter aw of Muhammed's skill singing and playing those riffs live. He truly was a legend. Wish I caught the whole set.

  • @jasonmooney5897
    @jasonmooney5897 2 місяці тому +2

    I had never heard of necrophagist when I saw them in 2006 they opened for dying fetus and cannibal corpse and I remember just being absolutely blown away.

  • @jessiehawkins77
    @jessiehawkins77 2 місяці тому +3

    Met him in 2006. Got his autograph on a tab booklet for epitaph. Great fella

  • @MetalMassacre666
    @MetalMassacre666 2 місяці тому +7

    If someone like him wanted to be found, he would make an appearance. Maybe he doesn't care anymore for music, life gets in the way and you wake up and realize you hate it for one reason or another. If anything you probably left Munich and some security guy went into his office and laughed saying they were trying to find him again and he just laughed it off and went and ate a sandwich and drove home.

  • @morgulark
    @morgulark 2 місяці тому

    Great interview! And research, its nice to hear and watch, revealing details about how albums where made and all the stuf!! Cheers for this video. Definitely following you.

  • @jak9990
    @jak9990 2 місяці тому +3

    Necrophagist one of my absolute favorite bands ever!!!
    What a guitar Player Muhammed is!

  • @chopholtz4950
    @chopholtz4950 2 місяці тому +12

    I like how rich Christians' memories are. He remembers so many little details even its 20 years ago. He also remembers what year he gigged or who the other people were that gigged temporarily with necrophagist. He remembers which other bands were on tour and that it was an european tour. Also stuff like powertab, what amp was used and he seems quite sure which songs have already been written by muhammed.
    He says "I dont remember" but then mentions several song titles. And he remembers when guitar pro was released which doesnt have to do with necrophagist. Or he says he remembered his friend Hannes and then says "whom I met a couple years earlier". So again he remembers the time quite accurately. He doesnt mention a specific year but what he said implies he remembers it clearly and could narrow down which year it was. "A couple of years" is few years.
    Remembers Hannes friend "Stephan Fimmers". Christian says its not his friend but a friend of Hannes. He remembers the recording equipment they bought. Remembers the guitarist that played guitar in necrophagist before Christian joined the band.
    Remembers the little control room. The room was very humid and when it was raining and cold outside it got cold in the room. So he remembers the "climate" of that small room and he remembers the weather and its effect on the room temperature. "We got some coffee".
    Well...and son on.
    Its really interesting to me how great his memory is. I wouldnt wonder if he has perfect pitch hearing. In fact Christian meets all the criteria of having above average intelligence. A very common sign of above average intelligence is that people who have it are calm people. They are so intelligent that they basically can use cognitive skills for everything and this prevents emotions taking over control.
    No wonder Necrophagist is so legendary. Its like the band members all have/had above average intelligence. Like some "nerds" working together. The result was music that completely changed a part of metal music forever. Basically Necrophagist was some niche band and now Necrophagist is so legendary. Its an important part of electric guitar metal music.
    I mean what kind of metal music would be the result if there is a band of people who are all highly intelligent? It would be the music of Necrophagist.
    I think that the band just disappeared and no reason was given could be a sign that what I wrote above is true. Most people that are in bands that are suddenly very popular are usually continuing to make music to gain even more popularity.
    Muhammed disappearing seems odd on first sight. But if you think of him being more intelligent than most people his disappearance makes sense. He decided to follow a different career path because his intelligence could allow him to plan in advance. Clearer and more complex perception in general.
    Looking back that the band just disappeared isnt something bad. Because Necrophagist is legendary. Its like Muhammed and the others didnt write more music because they knew that decades later their music will still be just as awesome as 20 years ago when it had been released for the first time.
    Now how is that not a sign that the band members have above average intelligence? If somebody can pull off something like this then its surely the really intelligent people.
    Christian doesnt play bass but just wrote some tapping bass lines and tells it so casually 😅 Like he doesnt even need to play bass to compose better bass lines than people who are actually bassists.
    necrophagist is just amazing

    • @MrNecryptic
      @MrNecryptic 5 днів тому

      You have incredible perception, also an indicator of above average intelligence :) I enjoyed reading your analysis and completely agree for the most part. This is the most plausible explanation while keeping the mythos intact. Thank you!

  • @miaouew
    @miaouew 7 днів тому +1

    Muhammad is one of my favorite musicians and composers of all time.

  • @alittlebitgone
    @alittlebitgone 2 місяці тому +8

    OMG don't cut off the person you are interviewing's answer to the question YOU asked to ask ANOTHER question! GAHHH. Let them talk as long as they want, edit it down to what works. (also, great stuff, really!)

  • @sarahdedrick79
    @sarahdedrick79 2 місяці тому +3

    Man, I fucking love you for doing this, I'm happy someone is trying! Honestly I'll even take a bootleg of that third album. Whether he gave up or not Muhammad is the best and I still listen to those two albums every week!

  • @Angelstealth
    @Angelstealth 2 місяці тому +2

    I feel very fortunate because I saw them on a gig in Spain, and I have a picture with Muhammad, Hannes and Samy. I also bought an Epitaph copy and they signed it gently for me. I was like in heaven and enjoyed very much the show. The became one of my favourites and still are, Epitaph is an absolutely masterpiece every way, and even nowadays sounds like that. Pure gold. I wish some day they reunite and make a gig or something like that. Thanks for the video and your efforts in finding Muhammad!! It was surprising to find an interview with Christian 😍

    • @panduro37
      @panduro37 2 місяці тому +1

      I like your anecdote (and all the other anecdotes in this comment thread) I envy you all for having seen them Live. But I gotta know... How do one sign an album gently? 😂😉 Was it done with canadian goose feathers and ink? Or signed normally but with a gentle song accompanied? 😉

  • @JV-rx3ov
    @JV-rx3ov 2 місяці тому +1

    Love this video!! I've been fascinated with the disappearance of Muhammed & Necrophagist. Those 2 records are great & the best proto-TechDeath albums. It sucks that Muhammed has no desire to keep the band going. BTW, there's always emails to BMW's engineering staff or public relations email or start dialing those phone numbers until you get someone who might be helpful.

  • @blakemoore1905
    @blakemoore1905 22 дні тому

    Damn i actually been listening to them alot lately again and had questions. This is a good interview

  • @AlexT0210
    @AlexT0210 Місяць тому

    What a nice surprise to bring Christian. I met him at an Obscura show in Toronto over 10 years ago.