Cool 3 Octave Lick!

  • Опубліковано 2 сер 2022


  • Lee Duffield
    Lee Duffield Місяць тому +241

    Quick lesson…I like to take “Ricks” ideas/ quick lessons and slow them waayyyyy down and spend the next week or two trying to get the first two bars…lmao😂😂😂 LOVE IT RICK!

    • Isaac Ibanez Lopez
      Isaac Ibanez Lopez Місяць тому

      @The Tweakjunkie lol I feel your pain

    • Skadragon
      Skadragon Місяць тому

      @My name Jef Sounds like something an awful teacher would say.

    • My name Jef
      My name Jef Місяць тому

      @Skadragon and I bet your playing sounds like a unoriginal, jumbled, thrown together mess 🤡

    • Skadragon
      Skadragon Місяць тому

      @joyfull music exploring - thomas riedel is that supposed to be a gotcha? Is the only way to learn what to do in xxxx scenario is to brute force scale repetitions? I pity your students.

    • Musical Idiot
      Musical Idiot Місяць тому +1

      Or slow it way down and play it lower to make a chunky mcfunky riff😎

  • Alexander Malch
    Alexander Malch Місяць тому +98

    You should make a full length album with these Progressive Rock instrumentals!

  • Louiebee67
    Louiebee67 Місяць тому +60

    And THIS, ladies and gentlemen... the reason why I play drums!😎

    • loopyz
      loopyz Місяць тому +6

      @Toppaz I’d say that drums has a lower skill floor, but as high a skill cap as guitar (or any other instrument in that matter). The only limitation is one’s mind and body!

    • Toppaz
      Toppaz Місяць тому +4

      Ironic how drums is almost more complicated

  • Chad Champion
    Chad Champion Місяць тому +6

    It’s very hard to learn anything from lessons like this

  • fisch723
    fisch723 Місяць тому

    Rick. You’ve shown a lot of love to Alan Holdsworth and rightfully so. How about a video analyzing the a. Few of the scales he uses in his solos? Like specific phrases and where they’re coming from modally or harmonically.
    Keep up the awesome. The fact that I can ask this in this forum and it’s even possible you’ll read it shows the world is pretty great sometimes.

  • Rob Bodner
    Rob Bodner Місяць тому +2

    This is obviously a robot playing guitar in front of a blue screen! Lmao 😂 Awesome riffs. Thank you Rick

  • Gary Bradley
    Gary Bradley 26 днів тому

    Rick, you're a machine! Super quick shorts, goes great with your book! Tx from Northern Ireland!!

  • Arthur Vermaas
    Arthur Vermaas Місяць тому

    okay so this is actually a great tip for learning scales to play different licks or whatever you like at different positions or in different octaves, just look past ricks musical theory terms and his complicated scales and just apply the tip to learn the scale you are currently playing and trust me it will help! don’t be afraid to start at your own level :)

  • Bob Perrone
    Bob Perrone Місяць тому +2

    Rick, you are always such fun . Love that guitar by the way, nothing like great P90's

  • Paul Flood
    Paul Flood Місяць тому

    Probably the most helpful theory I've ever seen. Practice your known scales times three. It was so good maybe times four. You just advance me a lifetime and I've been playing for a lifetime

  • John
    John Місяць тому

    I kinda figured this out on my own just recently, and also I've been practicing following the scale up and down the neck rather than just using the box shapes.

    • SEAsUAS
      SEAsUAS Місяць тому +1

      @John i report him every time i see him. He follows music channels. I usually try to give the commenters a heads up so no one falls for the scam first then report the jerk afterwards. Have a nice weekend!

    • John
      John Місяць тому +1

      @SEAsUAS Cheers. I've been seeing these types of scam comments a lot lately, usually trying to tell people they won a guitar or money or something. I always report them, for all the good it does lol

    • SEAsUAS
      SEAsUAS Місяць тому +1

      Scammer impersonating Rick. Scamming for $$$. Don’t fall for it. It’s a heads up. Be safe.

  • Eirik Halvorsen @Bonnet Auto
    Eirik Halvorsen @Bonnet Auto Місяць тому

    Awesome! I can only dream! BUT! Make a song/tune of it! Great intro 👍 A follow up arrangement after that would be interesting 🤓

  • rico paxton
    rico paxton Місяць тому +1

    Man, I'm so glad, this little lectures end with this totally confident "Like that!". I still have no clue but at least I know, that was the correct way to produce this melodies harmony scale thingy.

  • StoneTribe
    StoneTribe Місяць тому

    As always, thank you Rick!! Can’t wait to meet u and record something!!

    • SEAsUAS
      SEAsUAS Місяць тому +1

      Scammer impersonating Rick. Scamming for $$$. Don’t fall for it. It’s a heads up. Be safe.

  • Bernard van Delft
    Bernard van Delft Місяць тому

    Kind of loud backing chords (can't really call it a backing track), but this does sound very interesting!

  • Ball
    Ball Місяць тому

    Bro, those effects are beautiful.

  • Euphoria
    Euphoria Місяць тому +4

    Sounds great man!

  • Dr Dave Witten
    Dr Dave Witten Місяць тому +2

    Freaking cool , very Holdsworth sounding

  • Ranius
    Ranius Місяць тому +2

    Rick , can you kindly add the chords names in the background on your reels ?

  • Big Willie
    Big Willie 29 днів тому

    Love ya, Rick…but in a roundabout way, you just described why I’m a drummer. (A “B” melodic minor what??? Scales huh? Chords excuse me? Timing…aaaaaah yes!!!)

  • Timi Haze (티미 헤이즈)
    Timi Haze (티미 헤이즈) Місяць тому +4

    Repeat phrases in different positions on the neck, nice
    Fun to use improvisation to practice in different positions too


    I so wish you were my guitar teacher when I started.

  • Jeremy Mcnelley
    Jeremy Mcnelley Місяць тому

    Beato shorts - “quick lesson, a great way to …..” *melts face* “like that” *grin*
    LOVE IT!!! 🤘🏻

    • SEAsUAS
      SEAsUAS Місяць тому

      Scammer impersonating Rick. Scamming for $$$. Don’t fall for it. It’s a heads up. Be safe.

  • Hasan Sankara
    Hasan Sankara Місяць тому +11

    It’s all about the “like that” for me 👍🏻

  • engineer909
    engineer909 Місяць тому

    Exactly how I played it👍

  • Markus Vakalis
    Markus Vakalis Місяць тому

    What guitar model is that? Is looks exactly like what I've been looking for lately

  • Robosing
    Robosing Місяць тому

    quick question: is he ONLY playing the BbMaj7#5 notes per octive?

  • Dammed Daniel
    Dammed Daniel Місяць тому +1

    Beato be like: 30 seconds of him shredding
    Hope you learned somthing :D

  • reapsoul
    reapsoul 25 днів тому

    the lesson itself isn’t hard and is actually really great for fretboard memorization but the examples he’s using are kinda distracting and extra. i see why a lot of people might get confused watching this

  • Large Coke
    Large Coke Місяць тому +9

    You have a real talent for making all solos sound the same.

  • Fried Rudibega
    Fried Rudibega Місяць тому +2

    That lick made me sea sick. Awesome!

  • eric backup
    eric backup Місяць тому

    Great lesson again

  • Den Robb
    Den Robb Місяць тому +8

    Sounding interesting!

  • serge Tonnerieux
    serge Tonnerieux Місяць тому

    any chance to find the tabs ?

  • Hikaru
    Hikaru Місяць тому

    As a bass player Rick's guitar stuff baffles me due to the way the B and high E shift the note pattern.

  • Pim Tool
    Pim Tool Місяць тому

    This is how I learned how to do it.

  • The Feel Button
    The Feel Button Місяць тому +7

    Cool Idea Rick!

  • xxcoltonxx
    xxcoltonxx Місяць тому

    The point of the video is not to copy the solo, its to take the principle of 3 octaves, and use them with different chords, this wasn't necessarily for beginners

  • John Braucher
    John Braucher Місяць тому

    I can already tell if you slow down and stop lifting your fingers so far off the board and practice finger independence you could be one hell of a guitarist man. Please don't ever call it "good enough" then the question "what if" starts popping up later in life. Keep getting better and better and practice economy of motion. I promise you'll be playing like Guthrie within no time.

  • Dean C.
    Dean C. Місяць тому

    Once a month, ONE really easy beginner scale pattern, mix it up a little🍺👍

  • Miljan Kostadinovic
    Miljan Kostadinovic Місяць тому

    Did you land on A instead of Bb?

  • monego1994
    monego1994 Місяць тому

    Let’s start simple with a basic chord like BbMaj7#5 😂😂

  • mindcontrol67 Guitar
    mindcontrol67 Guitar Місяць тому

    People are just not getting that he says take a repeating riff and play it in three octaves.He doesn't say learn this melodic minor riff note for note.

  • Nick Burgoyne
    Nick Burgoyne 26 днів тому

    B flat major 7th sharp 5 - Yeah, Rick, no problem! 😆😆😆

  • Retro VI
    Retro VI Місяць тому

    "A great way to learn how to play the neck is by playing the neck"

  • klavisha
    klavisha Місяць тому

    like kiko lourerio does with a lydian arpeggio on his morning star solo

  • timecode37
    timecode37 Місяць тому

    That chord at the beginning sounds just like in a deftones song dk which one though

  • Corey Radtke
    Corey Radtke Місяць тому

    Damnit Rick! When is that guitar going to be available?!?!?

    • SEAsUAS
      SEAsUAS Місяць тому

      Scammer impersonating Rick. Scamming for $$$. Don’t fall for it. It’s a heads up. Be safe.

  • Chris H
    Chris H 20 днів тому +1

    dude you’re an amazing musician but your guitar effects are waaay excessive

  • Braxton Gary
    Braxton Gary Місяць тому

    great stuff

  • Brian Partridge
    Brian Partridge Місяць тому

    I love rick ...but i learned nothing from this clip except "thats melodic minor" (run a scale up 3 octs s and hold the seventh on the first 2 then("LEARN THEM") thats not learning thats "practice what you "know") imo "like that" lol

  • Thomas Sudia
    Thomas Sudia 22 дні тому

    Does Eric Johnson do this a lot I feel like he does

  • James Erenberger
    James Erenberger Місяць тому

    Cool grip!

    • SEAsUAS
      SEAsUAS Місяць тому

      Scammer impersonating Rick. Scamming for $$$. Don’t fall for it. It’s a heads up. Be safe.

  • Kurt Williams
    Kurt Williams Місяць тому +1

    "me who can only "play" in drop D"
    Hmmm yes interesting

    • Kurt Williams
      Kurt Williams Місяць тому

      @Jossian Lilley I literally don't, hence all the quotation marks

    • Jossian Lilley
      Jossian Lilley Місяць тому

      @Kurt Williams you do sound like you have no idea wtf you're talking about

    • Kurt Williams
      Kurt Williams Місяць тому

      @Jossian Lilley cos I'm a drummer and my fingers do not make chord shapes
      I basically just play melody's with bar chords 🤣
      But I always try incorporate "scales" (I have no idea what I'm doing) but ultimately just play one finger "chords"

    • Jossian Lilley
      Jossian Lilley Місяць тому

      wdym only in drop d?

  • Satellites in the City
    Satellites in the City Місяць тому +1


  • 핻알런
    핻알런 Місяць тому

    Level: easy, for experts. Sorry, I had to. Good tip, BTW 🤠

  • Cliff Davis
    Cliff Davis Місяць тому

    Like that❣️👍🏼🙏🏼

  • Nicolas Corre
    Nicolas Corre Місяць тому

    That was faster than a Jacob Collier lesson

  • Jimmie Dean
    Jimmie Dean Місяць тому

    I studied guitar. Then decided I didn't like the way cords/scales sounded. So I have my own way of playing. I think people should just play the way they want to.
    And not even worry about that. Unless they want to learn orthodox methods.
    As a song writer. I just use it mainly for timing anyway.

  • Musical Idiot
    Musical Idiot Місяць тому

    Not bad old man😅

  • CapeAndCrown
    CapeAndCrown Місяць тому +2

    Hate to say it and might be alone here but I actually hate these quick lesson videos lol it feels more like Rick is just trying to show off and less like good, practical tips. Unnecessarily complex as well. Like you just had to start on BflatMaj7#5? Lol

  • Shane Deel
    Shane Deel Місяць тому +1

    So simple…. Lol

  • Les Whynin
    Les Whynin Місяць тому

    Rick just wants to shred

  • Mizzdr111
    Mizzdr111 Місяць тому

    Sure, BbMaj7#5, cause your starting in the third degree of the harmonized G m Melodic scale, as an idea. Then arpeggiating the degrees of that scale in three different octaves. But why the #5? Because that is F# and F# is the M7th degree of Gm Melodic, because that scale is just the major scale with a minor 3rd. See, I'm not a moron like my prof said in college...

  • tommy
    tommy Місяць тому

    Gotta love those SG's :D

  • JoshVanV
    JoshVanV Місяць тому

    Sounds like a Mario kart scale

  • B-Ran
    B-Ran Місяць тому

    If you can do that you’ve already learned it

    • SEAsUAS
      SEAsUAS Місяць тому +1

      Scammer impersonating Rick. Scamming for $$$. Don’t fall for it. It’s a heads up. Be safe.

  • Jean Kim
    Jean Kim Місяць тому

    "Quick Lesson" (huh????) "Like that"

  • joyfull music exploring - thomas riedel

    a nice augm. scale with tritonus as a tonika proxi ? or as 5th step tritone sub of natural minor with a maj 7? 🤣

    • Brian Partridge
      Brian Partridge Місяць тому

      Wow......really...faux latin ... Try melodic minor... Your trying too hard lol

  • RedM39
    RedM39 Місяць тому

    Damn maybe less effects

  • Kevin McGuire
    Kevin McGuire Місяць тому

    blows me away

  • Burning OldSage
    Burning OldSage Місяць тому

    Don't. Blink. Kids. :D

  • Joe Knecht
    Joe Knecht Місяць тому

    Quick is right! What just happened here? 🤣

  • tdrum21
    tdrum21 Місяць тому +2

    Part of last bit reminded me of Spain

  • Navneet
    Navneet Місяць тому

    It’s nothing but charukeshi raag 🤣

  • Walter Bernard Ho
    Walter Bernard Ho Місяць тому

    Like that!

  • osoreo
    osoreo Місяць тому

    /srs can someone explain how to memorize the notes on the fretboard there’s just so much

    • SEAsUAS
      SEAsUAS Місяць тому

      Scammer impersonating Rick. Scamming for $$$. Don’t fall for it. It’s a heads up. Be safe.

    • Ian Connell
      Ian Connell Місяць тому

      There are videos that give you shortcuts, I think. I haven't watched them, but if you search "learn fretboard" there's a lot of content

  • BigIron Fist
    BigIron Fist Місяць тому

    ...what's an octave?

  • Quandale
    Quandale Місяць тому

    quick lesson smh

  • cLAW
    cLAW Місяць тому


  • faerae666
    faerae666 Місяць тому

    Melodic minor? What’s that?

  • Matthew Gatson
    Matthew Gatson Місяць тому +1

    That b flat chord gave me hella deftones vibes

    SEAsUAS Місяць тому

    What guitar is that Rick? Or anybody?

  • Stephen Douglass
    Stephen Douglass Місяць тому

    That had some Satch to it.

    • SEAsUAS
      SEAsUAS Місяць тому

      Scammer impersonating Rick. Scamming for $$$. Don’t fall for it. It’s a heads up. Be safe.

  • anthony 23
    anthony 23 Місяць тому


  • Hip-US
    Hip-US 28 днів тому

    What is that guitar

    JOEYWHO Місяць тому

    Yeah yeah…get right on that

    • SEAsUAS
      SEAsUAS Місяць тому

      Scammer impersonating Rick. Scamming for $$$. Don’t fall for it. It’s a heads up. Be safe.

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown Місяць тому

    Boss Terra echo?

  • giblaz
    giblaz Місяць тому

    Poggers riff

  • J Villa
    J Villa Місяць тому

    Like that!

  • Garren Dannish
    Garren Dannish Місяць тому

    Rick "Like that" Beato

  • Denson Hamilton
    Denson Hamilton Місяць тому

    Where do I go to make a request, have a song (Jeff Beck) I would like you to dissect

  • Brian Driver
    Brian Driver Місяць тому

    Just like that. Lol

  • J. Cesar.
    J. Cesar. Місяць тому

    There's a melodic minor now? 😥

    • SEAsUAS
      SEAsUAS Місяць тому

      Scammer impersonating Rick. Scamming for $$$. Don’t fall for it. It’s a heads up. Be safe.

  • Christian Shipley
    Christian Shipley Місяць тому

    Explain how you've trained your ear to hear the note. That when you hear it you know it's a Bb or an E#. This far I can only do that with the open E on guitar only. Mostly in part because of Metallica's nothing else matters.

    • Dan McCoy
      Dan McCoy Місяць тому +2

      I believe you are misunderstanding. Rick is simply saying he is playing in the key of Bb...he is not just plucking a Bb and hearing it and saying oh that sounds like a Bb...rather it is interval training which is essential. This is hearing the difference between two notes regardless of key and has nothing to do with hearing a single note with no context and naming it. I don't know if that makes sense

    • freezingcathedral
      freezingcathedral Місяць тому

      experience and practice.

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case Місяць тому

    Show off!! 👍

  • Hambone3773
    Hambone3773 Місяць тому

    Like that...

  • gaboogablah
    gaboogablah Місяць тому +2

    Why not play faster and make it even more a waste of time watching

  • Nolan villemaire
    Nolan villemaire Місяць тому

    Cmon rick

  • Mairead Ajisola
    Mairead Ajisola Місяць тому +2

    Patiently awaiting a Prince video 💜💜

    • Nick Burgoyne
      Nick Burgoyne 26 днів тому

      Prince is/was massively overrated